Wednesday, April 26, 2017

ChunsaMagz Vol.2


The time when finally I could fulfill my promise.

I chose June 4th, 2016 at 06.04 am (Sunrise/Morning) for the 1st Volume & I choose to release this project Today. The 264 (April 26th) at 6.24 pm... (Sunset/Afternoon) coz it's my last project. 

It's faster than the original plan n I seriously never thought that after he finish his enlistment, We will get a wedding in September so I think today is the best time. ☺☺

This project has been become my consolation while waiting for him.  A lot of up and down moments n I really treasure it.

From the beginning when I became a Chunsa, I don't know why that writing about him is really like a something that I should do n from that time a lot of new things that I've tried for the 1st time and for this last project, I try to make an origami with Double Heart shape for our Love letters to Yu Chun.

U could read all the letters here... 

Actually,  TGWSS's recap was my last project but then I changed my mind n decided to make these #waitingfor6002 as my last project. There was mix feelings when decided it's really the last ones but I'm happy that the final project is like a memory lane of everything he's done.

So I think it's the right time for me to retire especially when I think the magic to make myself as a Writer has already disappeared n I want to starting a new chapter of a Chunsa.

Thanks to all who like everything I've made before  n I really hope on the new chapter of Yu Chun's life as an artist after his enlistment, there would be another Chunsa who likes writing about his project with their own style. I'm really looking forward for it.

Retire word only from Me.... It's a NO for him.... So really looking forward for his come back.

I don't have anything to say anymore... Just PRAY the Best for him and..

So, here it is... ChunsaMagz Vol.2....the last volume of the #waitingfor6002 project...

I love that I could make that Beige ( it's look similar with his Solo Album's colour, hehehe) handmade box so I could put all of themes into it. Sunflower, Butterfly & Cherryblossom's petal. n I really like to could put the Flash Disc into the box. It's something like a secret place, hahaha...Love the BLUE Butterfly on the Card n especially the Purple & Blue colours for the project. 

n my bookmark origami with LOVE shape. PURPLE is my FAV colour beside Blue n coz I use Blue for the 1st Vol, so for this 2nd Vol...Most of All are in PURPLE, hehehe....

U could download the project in here :

The pdf's file
The png's file

U could read the 1st Vol in here...

n we also send pullover for to Lizzie.

For this project, We also made 2 FanVid for 2 characters...Credit to NMF.

For Han Tae Kyung

For Choi Moo Gak

 We're gonna STANDBYYU & LOVE YU 4EVER...

n also BIG Thanks to all contributors.

Happy Reading and Please read it with open minded.


These are the links for all Videos that we use for Song's review & Credit to all the owner of those vids.

#Walking with her in Spring

Tokyo Dome’s & Asian’s Concert - Seoul

Housewarming Party 2014 Shanghai

JYJ Membershipweek 2015 – Korean (choose)[did not choose.. I mix both as one gave me a better close up]


2014-08-16 JYJ HK concert-5~Dad, You There (Yuchun focus) 

[FANCAM] JYJ-DAD YOU THERE (2014 Beijing con) 

140906 청두콘 05JYJ成都演唱《Dad, You There? Yuchun Focus 

20140911 JYJ Taipei Concer 朴有天박유천 - DAD, YOU THERE? 

20140920 JYJ The return of the king tour in ShangHai - Dad, you there


JYJ - "Empty" LIVE

MTVK JYJ EMPTY acoustic ver.

20110904 대구세계육상대회 JYJ – empty Daegu

JYJ - Empty [Yoochun Focus] ~ [Live at ICAAP10 Concert - Busan]

140919 인천AG 개막식 JYJ EMPTY [@JYJ_inToday] *don't re-upload & re-edit.

[LIVE] 130225 JYJ - Korea's Inauguration Ceremony (Found you,Empty)


12 Oct 2010 Showcase - Seoul

17 Oct 2010 Malaysia

07 Nov 2010 Showcase – Shanghai

27 Nov 2010 Worlwide Concert - Seoul

Spring 2011 Busan, Gwangju, Tokyo

15 Oct 2011 Japan

02 Agustus 2014 Membership

11 Sept 2014 Taipei

13 Des 2014 Osaka



[직캠] 140803 JYJ "JUST US" Showcase Back Seat 박유

[직캠]140809 JYJ ASIA TOUR in seoul BACK SEAT YUCHUN

August 30, 2014Back Seat - JYJ Concert (Asia Tour 2014) from Vietnam