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JYJ News Week of 5/28- 6/3/2018

What's New With JYJ?
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[NEWS] Jaejoong's appearance on TV Asahi and Nippon TV's Shows! Pic cr. jj0610tomomi

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Happy 6002 Day!
Happy Birthday Park Yoochun!

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Jaejoong on IG Live
Oh hello dear J

180603 JAEJOONG ジェジュン IG LIVE



JJ on Japanese TV show...
Lies!!! LOL

Jaejoong said that he lied about eating all of that spicy ramen.

JJ said he lied about taking train. he doesn’t know how to take train. only took train once in Jpn 14yrs ago. He went down the subway n tweeted but once he got to the tic gate he realized he doesn’t know how he can get thru the gate w/o ticket or cards/phone apps n how it works

Jaejoong said he lied about working out hard. In fact at first he was gonna work out. However, all of the sudden he felt like it’s troublesome, so he quit

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Jaejoong on Mini magazine

Q"What are you doing while STAYING in Tokyo?" Jae says, "As I LIVE in Tokyo, I do not have anything to do particularly, if I am traveler I would like to go somewhere and to do this or that. They say people who live in Tokyo have never been to Tokyo Tower, maybe same as that."

Jae "When I came to Japan in the past, I was looking for delicious food and eating it, but recently it's OK at a convenience store lol Tokyo has become a place to live, so I just work. I seldom go out for fun. "

About new songs Jae "It's a very very good song of ballad that are melancholic, melody is so beautiful! Please look forward to it."  

Q "What are you going to do in the second half of 2018?" J "It's 15 years since my debut, for example, many 15 years old children do not know about me, I want people of different ages to know my existence.

Q "15 years! you are still shining unchanged. Wonderful!" J "Thank you, but it is said that my impression has changed. My eyes seemed to be strong before, but it seems to be gentle these days...looks like a cat before and now looks like a dog? "Lol

Q "Have you changed in 15 years?" J "I think there is not much change, just age. lol In the past, there were lots of pressure that I must do this and that, or I have to respond to fan's expectation.., but recently I don't think so. Now I'm not impatient.”

J"I used to run hard all the time, but now I keep walking slowly step by step. Someone might think Jaejoong is not trying hard anymore, but it is not right, I think that you can understand why I'm walking slowly if you look closely."

J"I carefully listen to the opinions of my fans and think about making use of it in the future, but I feel strongly that I do not want to rush. In the past I had worked too much and thought that I wanted to finish early, but now the activities in Japan have finally started,
so l will take care of each work carefully and l want to cherish them."

Q "What type of women do you like?" J "Every year my type change. lol No matter how beautiful she is, if her personality is not pretty, No. A woman with beautiful inner face is my type. A neat and clean lady than a tomboy this year. Last year I liked unique lady "

Q "What kind of girls fashion do you like?" J "It would be nice if both mature and casuals looks good on her, for example, one day with firmly makeup and another day with a natural makeup. It's good for her to have a fashion sense."

Q"You are very popular with girls, aren't you?" J "No, it really is not. Not at all. Never. I rarely get a gift for Valentine's Day. I guess my friends and fans think "he is popular because he is doing this kind of work and there are many girls' friends,
so it seems like I do not have to give a Valentine's gift?" Even though I do not have a lover for a long time. Even though I am always boarding at home, nobody believes in my story! All my fans, do not worry." 

Q "Which one are you? Dump your girlfriend or are dumped by her? J "Well ... I do not want to choose either, but may be a type is dumped." Q "Have you ever had a love at first sight?" J "Of course I have, but I can not make a first move."

Q "OMG, you look like a playboy....what would you do when you fall in love?" J "I never get too crazy about love, I will divide my work and romance, if my lover has any job, I want her to give priority to that job."

Q "What do you want for love?" J "It's a balance, I do not like being unilateral, even in behavior or feeling. I want to keep in balance with her. " Q "Do you own initiative?" J "It is also a balance."

Q "What would you do if your lover cheated on you?" J "Don’t say anything, but good-bye.I don't want to hear from her, 'Why?' or 'Who'? If we end it would be better to see her directly but I don't want to meet her who was cheating on me, I think love will end without meeting. "

Q "Please tell me the most memorable experience to get the butterflies ever?" J "When I was singing on the stage before, it was not a sad scene at all, but I saw a woman in the front row crying a lot.

J"At that time, I could understand why she was crying, I also cried. The woman who is crying is beautiful, I got the butterflies. Perhaps other people were crying where I was not watching. Lol Q "Is that in Korea? In Japan?" J"In Japan."

Q "What kind of good things will be there if you become a boyfriend?" J "There are lots of good things! I can cook well, I can drive well, I will give her a nice present because I can understand her preferences.

There is a story that gifts got from boyfriends often are disagreeable, but I think I have quite a talent as a boyfriend. "

There is a story that gifts got from boyfriends often are disagreeable, but I think I have quite a talent as a boyfriend. "

J"By the way, it was written before on a weekly magazine that "Jaejoong enjoyed the date in Shibuya", but it was a lie. I have never done such an ideal date!"  

Q "Please tell me your ideal proposal." J "It is important to celebrate our anniversary and girlfriend's birthday, so if I marry I would like to make a dramatic and special proposal that we can remember for the rest of life."

J"It's often said that Korean men are romantic, but recently it's not, it's only in the dramas. Lol. but I want to." 

Q "From now on, can we see the actor Jaejoong?" J "I have not decided the specific work yet, but I want to do if I can, I think the character is important in the dramas. I am not a Japanese person, so I would like to act if there are a well‐fitting role." 

Q "Singing, dancing, acting, which one is your best?" J "After all, singing. It is singing that expresses my emotions obediently. The most important thing when I sing is emotion. But I also like acting.

J"When I concentrate on acting, I want to act in the next drama as soon as a drama is over, but when I stand on the stage, I think I like singing, I like dancing. It's difficult to choose one. Some like my music and became a fan, others also knew me in acting. I like both.


180603 cjes.tagram lG + JYJ FB UPDATE

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“Finally, begins!”

“In order to take the best cut we are running around again today!”

“A week of photo essay unfolds in Tokyo”

“6 men travel to Tokyo to become photographers” and “Collect memories together as taking photos”

Friendship+Travel+Photo =

“Everything I see turns into the subject of my photos!”

The captain of embarks on another journey leading a team of new crew members

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포토피플 시즌2 선공개 (출처 : 포토피플 | 네이버TV) 2 with and friends

포토피플 시즌2 타이틀 (출처 : 포토피플 | 네이버TV) 2 little preview💚👌💚


YC going back to Korea for his Birthday FM



Fan Goods

2018 Park Yoochun Fanmeeting & Mini Concert Hall Tour - Reunion 2nd Story (Nagoya, Japan)

YC: i wanna grow my hair and tie it as i used to do. not good? (asking fans) how about this permed hair. i think perming damaged my hair. so i don't really wanna do. growing hair, budle it, and then have it cut short. is it ok??? (asking fans) so cute

YC: i used to pay no attention to junior groups. but recently i listen & watch young ones such as BTS, thinking that we were like them before. i do so in order to recall the way i felt at early days, to make fresh start.

YC: the other day i was drinking at home alone, looking back on his life, he felt sorry for himself and cried. but recently i feel better little by little thanks to you and wanna believe in my future even though still a bit scared. i really want to do my best going forward.

YC: "Jaejoong and Junsu are trying very hard, so I will do my best, too." very very happy that he mentioned their names and sang "Found You" I felt so encouraged to hope for their comeback😭

Last song was "Found You'💕 We sang together with Yuchun, and he was very very happy❤️

YC greeting fans after the FM

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YC arriving in Japan

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[IG] My face looks puffy... Reason is... Why did I eat right before going to bedㅠㅠ Why did I make fried chicken at dawn and eat and sleep? I should work today with this puffy face. People say eating delicious food doesn’t make you fat but your face puffy
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Trans: Giving up now I walked too much, and I’m hot...  

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[EN] 20180518 Harper’s BAZAAR: Jaejoong’s AllAboutLove



180601 mini_tkj IG #김재중 #Jaejoong #ジェジュン #金在中

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JJ IG Update

[IG] Sort of regretting (wondering why I showed it) showing it on TV. Did I drive it around 10 times? Let’s sell it

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JJ Weibo update

【ジェジュン JJ860126JJ weibo】 今天也是美好的一天~ 明天也是美好的一天~ 오늘도 좋은하루~ 내일도 좋은하루~^^ ​​​​ (訳) 今日も良い一日~ 明日も良い一日~^^


Jaejoong [Popular Singer VS Enthusiastic Entertainer Super Quiz Show True or False ?

JJ in a Japanese variety show



Oh will THIS body be back this summer as well? Just politely asking 💚😇💚

[IG] Summer is coming! Summer is all about being cool 😎
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[TR} "Summer is coming!"…JYJ reveals his 'luxurious' six-pack

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☆Jaejoong's June Schedule☆ Streams 
Nippon TV: • 
TV Asahi: • 
Fuji TV: • 
Hulu: •  

More Links: 
Nippon TV: • 
TV Asahi: • 
Fuji TV: •


There are great Jaejoong photos and interview at MINI JP Magazine This released today.  
Source. mini_twjp photo cr. Magnitude_jj

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Cr. rijoong

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180531 Jaejoong first cookbook update: [General sale] Jaejoong's first dish book photo collection "JAEJOONG'S ROMANTIC RECIPES" General reservation: 28/06/2018 Time:17:00 (JST) Price:9,720円 link: ınfo cr: furufuruold


JJ in a Japanese newspaper...
Upcoming TV appearance

“Preview of Popular Singer VS Enthusiastic Entertainer Super Show Quiz True or False"


180530 Preview of Super Quiz Show True? False ? at PON! program of Nippon TV



Special Photo People episodes...
Click link and give hearts

“Pretty”... Photographer in special episode.

Photographer of special episode   
Wanna have your photo taken by this man? of



Harper's BAZAAR Japan


本日公開のオリジナル動画、 お待たせしました! 本誌未掲載となる 4つの質問に答えるジェジュンを お届け。 動画を見た皆さまの感想もお待ちしてます!   JAEJOONG'S ALL ABOUT LOVE    

Harper's BAZAAR Japan Question Cards - Jaejoong's All About Love * I translated this part using the Korean subs from DC_Jellery. There may be some mistakes in the translations but I did my best to translate what Jaejoong said.

Harper's BAZAAR Japan Question Cards - Jaejoong's All About Love HB: Please show us pictures of your cats. 
JJ: I have taken a ton of pictures these days. They are cute. They are best friends and they are sleeping together ^^



JJ...Upcoming Japanese TV appearance

[Ariyoshi's Self-reflection] Jaejoong, cool image to protect... Reflected on lies on SNS!

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[ JJ860126JJ Weibo] 오늘도 즐겁게 촬영했어요~ 여러분도 고생했어요~


Looks delicious! Eat more 💚😊💚 Looking forward to !


UMBRELLA EVENT Available in stores and online >



180526 [Everything! JAEJOONG] hulu! TV



180530 Junsu promoting <Red Circle Project> at Anyang University! 😍 Lucky students! 😫

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Jaejoong Twitter Update

おはよう😃 今日も頑張ろ!
[Trans] Good morning😃 Let’s do our best today!
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Too adorable for words! ’s And Looking forward to by

仲良し^ - ^
[Trans] Close friends ^ - ^
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[SUMMARY] Weekly Women Magazine -Kim Jaejoong Interview- "In the future, I'd like to go to other areas & cities where I didn't go before. Please, look forward to it!" Official link: Cr pics:


Watch new special Photo People episodes...

Handsome chef of Watch and give hearts!💚😊💚

Prankster ! Such a great actor. special episode. Watch here 💚😊💚


[JAEFANS FC UPDATE] Magazine publications and TV's appearance information!
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Some info regarding International fans' help with Billboard HOT 100: Read carefully and fighting Jaefans!♡

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Jaejoong on a cover of a Japanese magazine

週刊女性 2018年6/12号 (2018年05月29日発売) 〈特写〉ジェジュン(32)休日のパートナーは…/日本での活動が本格化 の雑誌・定期購読 から


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Jaejoong is the Weekly Women Magazine's cover on its 6/12 Issue (release date on May 29, 2018) "A holiday partner.../ Activities in Japan in a full-scale"
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JUNON 07/18

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