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SPY Episodes 5-6 Highlights

Spy Episodes 5-6 
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Spy: Episode 5

by | January 25, 2015
While being a spy comes with its own set of responsibilities and dangers, it’s a whole other thing when an entire operation rides on our young secret agent’s shoulders. In all of his experience in the field, Sun-woo learns that keeping secrets is nothing compared to the difficulties of keeping a secret. Thank goodness then that there’s at least one person who’s got his back and whom he can rely on, because the guy could use a few people on his side who doesn’t have it out for him.
Spy: Episode 5 Complete Recap From Dramabeans 

Spy: Episode 6

by HeadsNo2 | January 27, 2015
The relationship between mother and son comes to a head this episode, though surprisingly it’s not just about Mom disliking Sun-woo’s girlfriend over a silly thing like financial status. In this world of spies and espionage, Mom actually finds some solid reasoning to reject her son’s true love—I’d give you a hint as to why, but if you’ve seen even one episode of this show, you already know. Hopefully it’ll be Sun-woo’s turn to find out soon; it’s not like his whole job revolves around finding stuff out or anything.

review: Spy Episode 5

It is a different ball game between knowingly putting your own life at risk and knowingly putting an innocent life at risk, thereafter causing her death. Seon Woo learns what it feels like to have someone die on his watch. His parents are cornered and have no choice but to let KC rule them for now – so that their son won’t die on their watch.
HR oozes defeat as she realises there is no way she can talk her way out of this with KC. We cut to SW getting questioned for the failed mission: does he acknowledge that he failed to protect SY and that led to her death? SW admits as much.
Rewind. SW is still in shock over the disastrous mission – blood stains his face and he thinks back about what happened. SY is dying in his arms and choking blood, and begs him to save her family. She finally passes away. SW stumbles out of the café dazedly, unable to get over the horror. Meanwhile, HR seeks KC out.
She immediately admits it was her mistake and tries feebly to lie her way out of it. Her reasons are as solid as Jello: She was going to report everything to him after and she didn’t think the mission had anything to do with KC. That earns her two slaps from KC and he bites out that she should just tell the truth. HR confesses she was worried that SW will get hurt somehow if KC knew about the mission.
KC reiterates that SW is now his to deal with and HR begs him to give her another chance – she’ll do anything he asks of her now. KC drawls whether that includes killing herself and throws a knife at her. HR asks whether he’ll leave SW alone if she dies. He replies he would and she instantly flicks the dagger against her neck. KC stops her in time and there is bizarrely charged moment as he gazes her with a mixture of love-hate-pity. He slips the knife from her fingers and orders her to remember the feeling of almost death. He passes her a picture of JH – he wants her to bug his phone. Ah. We all found know JH is crooked but we just don’t know for what cause.
SW is still taking a breather when YJ calls him and inquires worriedly whether he is fine. He assures her he is, but asks whether he can head over to her place to rest. YJ replies that she’ll head home as quickly as she can. SW goes over and has a MacBeth moment trying to scrub away the blood stains from his shirt. The poor boy is tortured by guilt.
The parents meet up and HR informs WS that the person KC is really targeting is not SW, but JH. They have to find some way to bug his phone, which is pretty much an impossible mission if you think of it. HR swears that there is tracking device/bug somewhere in her car. She does a sweep but finds nothing. Meanwhile, HT calls SW and asks him to hurry back to report. SW states that he’ll take responsibility for everything. HT instructs him to watch the news. KC turns on the TV and well, SY’s death has been swept under the carpet. SW recalls that SY telling she knows that if the mission fails, it would be taken as if nothing happened.
YJ returns home but SW is ready to leave. She grabs his wrist twice: she asks whether he is really okay and asks him to stop doing dangerous things. OKAY. It’s getting repetitive – she asking him whether he is okay, she asking him to stop putting himself in danger, he replying that he is fine, he replying he is doing nothing dangerous. Urgh. Their scenes are my least favourite because they are so predictable. And sadly, GSH wears the same furrowed, worried expression throughout the drama.
Parents continue their spying on their son and as they watch him from afar, their hearts ache at the thought of what their son is going through. SW calls a contact and says he wants to meet him. JH barges into the café looking for SW and takes out his anger on everyone else when SW is nowhere to be found. HT defends SW and gets yelled at. JH pulls him aside and barks at him to stop defending SW. Would HT prefer that himself or JH take the blame instead? I do hope HT suspects something is amiss with JH.
KC is with his contact and shares his request: he wants to find SY’s family and save them. JS is up to no good again. Sigh. He bumps into SW and surprisingly, he doesn’t reprimand the younger man. Instead, he advises SW to get over it and move on since such things do happen. SW brings up he wants to save SY’s family and JS replies he’s going to pretend he doesn’t know anything, leaving a very frustrated SW.
HR waits up anxiously for SW and when he returns home, she fusses over him as he tries to keep up a cheerful front. Later, she spots the faded blood stains on his shirt and nags him to change his clothes. She washes his shirt for him. Later, she hears SW shouting “This can’t happen!” from his room. He is having nightmares about his ordeal. HR makes an educated guess but decides against comforting him even if her son’s pain is killing her.
SW goes to the office the next day and finds HT waiting for him. HT advises him to be meek and obedient during the questioning later. SW takes his advice. Meanwhile, JS remembers that SW’s father works for an IT firm. HR is in semi-disguise again and this time, she’s off to YJ’s house to sweep the place for bugs. JS changes his tune and defends SW, to the surprise of HT and No Eun (NE), telling their superior to just drop the case. Meanwhile, SW’s contact has a lead on the whereabouts of SY’s family.
HR sweeps YJ’s place thoroughly but it’s clean. But she finds a phone in the drawer. One of the contacts listed is “Mom”. HR recalls YJ saying that both her parents have passed away. HR dials “Mom” but no one picks up. Just then, she hears the sounds of YJ’s impending return and scans desperately for a place to hide. The doorknob turns slowly as HR stares it with growing panic.
Jae Joong isn’t really my type in terms of looks but I do admit he’s very pretty and easy on the eyes on screen. And he has been more than decent in this drama when it comes to acting chops. I actually like him very much as SW and his emoting has been convincing, especially in this episode. I didn’t watch his previous dramas so I can’t compare but he is definitely an idol-actor I wouldn’t mind parading across my screen
I just love the fact that the parents are in this with him together, albeit secretly from afar, and holding hands all the way. Though it must be ripping their hearts to watch their baby boy suffer and not being able to do anything about it. Well, except to spy on him and now, his boss.
The most boring aspect of the show is actually SW’s relationship with YJ. Or to be more exact, YJ is boring. Her lines are boring, too. Her 24/7 anxiety over SW is unnatural – she is definitely aware of the dangerous nature of his job and thus, I figure she knows he is an intelligence agent. She is either a North Korean one herself sent to distract and spy on SW and/or somehow related to KC.

review: Spy Episode 6

How to do you tell your son he is sleeping with the enemy? Hye Rim grapples with that and her own mission to complete to ensure Seon Woo’s safety. Thank heavens Seon Woo is beginning to suspect something is fishy with his Team Leader and I’m happy that he has some chummy team members he can count on who are intelligent as they should be.
HR manages to slip out of the bathroom window just before YJ enters the apartment. But YJ senses someone has been in the house and starts checking. But HR, with some of her spy skills still intact, manages to get away. Though I will never understand how a simple newsboy cap is considered a camouflage.
Back at Spy HQ, JS offers to help SW transfer SY’s family into South Korea. He later asks SW whether he can contact his father for some IT issues. Meanwhile, HT and NE are busy scrutinising the CCTV footage. Something catches HT’s eye – it is KC walking through the all throwing something into the garbage and jumping into a black van seamlessly. HT muses that the action seems too well-orchestrated. He asks NE to check the timing and realises it happened just few minutes after SY’s murder. He instantly figures there is a link somehow. He rushes off, taking SW with him.
They hit the alley where KC was and SW finds a silver pen in the garbage. Ah. It must be one of those poison pens – that’s why SY was coughing up blood in her dying moments. JS is trying to break a password code on a programme but to no avail. He finally calls WS and requests for help. WS is reluctant at first until he realises who JS – don’t forget they are supposed to plant a bug in his phone. He quickly suggests they set up a meeting.
It’s SW’s turn to scrutinise the CCTV footage and finds the way KC’s habit of scratching the side of his face familiar – he suspects that the man in the CCTV footage is the man he is looking for. He orders NE to find the van. NE asks whether she can do that in her own time….hahahahha. SW grabs her coffee and leaves. Cute. I like their interactions waaaay more than the SW-YJ loveline.
WS is relieved and pleased that JS has put unwittingly pulled himself on a platter and serving himself to them. SW returns home and WS informs him that JS contacted him. SW assumes JS called WS’s office but WS answers that JS called his mobile phone – wasn’t SW the one who gave JS his number? Aha. HR seizes the opportunity to search through SW’s bag and spots the blurry pics he has printed of KC. SW walks in on her and asks her what she is doing. She lies that she was just looking through his bag for trash. Ha. Feeble excuse but I guess SW has too much on his mind to bother. He tells her not to do it again.
His mobile phone rings and SW asks HR to hand it to him. When she sees it is YJ, she keeps a firm grip on the mobile phone and refuses to give it up. SW is bewildered at her actions and is even more so when she begs him not to see YJ for awhile and urges him to think whether he is confident that he knows everything about YJ. SW is hurt and frustrated as to why HR dislikes YJ so much, and gets even madder when she doesn’t provide a proper, valid reason. When he repeats that YJ is like HR, HR screams that the younger woman isn’t. He asks her to leave his room angrily. WS gently chides HR that she’s just being sensitive but HR swears that’s something strange about YJ.
YJ digs that mysterious phone from her drawer and sees the time – 8:02. Simple deduction is that she gets a call everyday at 8pm. The phone rings and a male caller tells her they have to meet. YJ frets whether something has gone wrong. The caller then reprimands her for calling him first – she should never do so. YJ is puzzled and checks her call log, but there’s no evidence of a previous call.
SW’s sixth sense is telling him something is amiss with JS. He dials WS and asks whether he has set a meeting with JS yet. When WS says he hasn’t, SW requests his dad call JS in three minutes. SW reaches JS’s office and WS calls JS. SW watches JS carefully as he talks to WS. I guess the question would be what could be so urgent that JS had to call WS directly on his mobile phone.
HR is spying on YJ when KC calls. He reminds her of the mission and she snaps that she’ll definitely get it done. Anyway, she follows YJ from the office to the mall to the bookstore, and finally to a café were YJ resumes to read. HR wonders whether she is really being paranoid…but when she looks back towards the café, KC is sitting back-to-back on the next table. Oh no. Immediately, the café closes shop and rolls down its shutters. Oh no, oh no.
Inside, KC addresses YJ as “comrade”. Argh. So she is a North Korean spook planted to spy on SW. Poor SW. YJ shakily suggests that she should just stop spying on SW and rattles of rather weak reasons. KC demands to know whether YJ has actually fallen for YJ – she quickly denies that she has. Yup, right. She points out that “eo-mo-nim” – but hastily corrects herself and refers to HR by her original name – is beginning to suspect something is not right. YJ claims she can break up with SW.
KC questions whether YJ can hang in there throughout the mission or will she end up like SY – YJ and SY knew each other. He murmurs that completing the mission win ensure the happiness of her family. YJ states that she can complete the mission. The South Korean agents are in the middle of a meeting when JS gets a call. He indicates to SW that SY’s family has been brought into South Korea.
SW rushes to receive them and has to break the news that SY is dead. HR is sitting listlessly in her car, still upset and in shock over YJ’s real identity. SW texts her an apology – for raising his voice at her the night before over YJ. HR sighs that she should be sorry instead.
YJ arrives home that night and dutifully digs for the hidden phone to wait for the phone call – only her phone is nowhere to be found. It rings as per expected and HR steps out of the shadows holding the phone. YJ is stunned. HR coolly inquires, “Is this what you are looking for?” All hail the Bad-Ass Mom.
Sigh. It’s a watered down Mata Hari tale though YJ is far from being as compelling as Mata Hari. It was pretty obvious from the start that YJ was a North Korean spy but to confirm it just feels so meh though it doesn’t dilute my interest in the drama. HR is now caught between a rock, a hard place and a mountain. And sadly, all three are linked. And all affects SW and his safety. The poor woman is stuck no matter where she turns.
In the preview, YJ admits to HR that her feelings towards SW are sincere – but it doesn’t help the situation in any way. The point is she was sent to spy and distract SW. And she is working with KC – who killed SW’s comrade and SY. To his credit, SW hasn’t given up any state secrets but I can imagine the awful pain when he finds out YJ’s real identity and she got close to him on purpose. I would think HR will ask YJ to disappear without a word – better that then SW finding out he has been sleeping with the enemy.
I’m glad YJ’s worst-kept secret is now out in the open because…there isn’t exactly a point in hiding her identity anymore. Hopefully, she’ll play a more instrumental part than just being a clucking mother hen around SW from now on. Now I’m trying to guess when SW is going to find out about YJ and how he is going to find out. HR isn’t in a position to tell him since that will expose her own mission from KC. Just a wild guess: KC will lure SW into a meeting and expose YJ then. Fingers crossed we’ll be spared the whole she-takes-a-bullet-for-him-and-dies angle. I want something better than that. 

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