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N here we go, our 2nd food of the day, hehe....MuRim eating on sync n it looks yummy...

I don’t know if the connection really playing game with me or not, coz it was always loading on every important moment. Hahaha.....Like I didn’t know what happened before coz suddenly the thing that I see was MG’s hand on CR’s hair.....OMG.....

But then MG destroy that moment, hahaha....

N CR, never ever tell about ur friend’s friend story, haha..

I like that she didn’t waste time to confront MG about what she really wants but unfortunately she did that on the right time.

ChuNi did amazing sleeping scene n I like that CR heard his msg to his sister n finally she know his sister name.  Hear his msg kinda like hear his heart n CR remember everything he said before. His precious sister n she can answer her own question before....yes, something bad happened.


MuRim using the same phone? MG change his phone. No longer THAT BLUE.

Is it the same bus stop? Or all bus stop in Seoul has that Butterfly? LOL


There U go the missing diary....ahhh....unfortunately Dr. Chun just believe everything JH said. But yeah, as a friend....he just give him that help but won’t interfere. So, he just keep it.

So, is it just a mistake or Det. Oh change CR’s year of birth? So, CR only 21 years old.....the difference age with MG is 8 years. It’s good. XD....

But I hope when he knows that CR is that Choi Eun Seol, he wont think CR as the replacement of his sister.  

Aigoo... JH will always as my suspect. The drastic change of his epression. It’s different with MG and added with that creepy background song. Aisshh...

N another ChunNi’s crying scene to be reviewed on my next article.

N wow....great acting ChunNi....

I’m glad she didn’t discharge him from the team n didn’t obey the rule.

N FINALLY....This scene...ahh...Love it...Thank You Writernim for give Us this scene.

Do we really need to know CR’s secret how she can take MG into that park? Hahaha...

It’s the reversal scene with the previous eps. Now it’s MG’s turn to sleep on CR’s lap n she’s fine with it. N I didn’t see this scene coz as always, loading on important moment. So I didn’t know the reason why suddenly CR’s face was so close to MG’s face....

LOL, why I didn’t think its because of the petal. Off course CR won’t dare touch his face coz it maybe can wake him up, so she think the better thing to do is blow it away. But for a “sensitive” guy like MG, yes, it can wake him than just a touch. XD

An ending that made our heart beat so fast like CR’s heart. XD 

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Just write it n U will get it. But not in Death Note 's style. XD..That's my motto now. LOL...I got the piggyback scene last week n this week I got the cherry blossom scene. It was Spring 2011 when I watched my BIAS's drama (before I found ChunNi) n I saw A Cherry Blossom scene that made me decided to go next spring to see that Cherry Blossom. n yeah it's so beautiful.  ChunNi got 2 Spring dramas before but "unfortunately" never get a scene that show that beautiful Cherry Blossom. So, when I knew TGWSS is a RomCom, I had hope that finally he will  get it n YEAH he get it. HOOORAYYY.....

I make this episode review  without looking at what happen on next eps especially coz the mystery has been solved.

N for ChunFace of the Day (5)....I chose this one.

My streaming was bad so I didn’t know what happen before I saw that pic on my screen n I also heard snore so I thought “ahhh, the pic that I see isn’t on sync with the voice that I heard” but then I realize it’s really on sync. So.....OMG.....He fall asleep while his eyes still open. Hahahhaha....It’s really a funny scene but also sad scene coz MG really only can sleep when his body feel exhausted. His body works by itself not by his mind. Hope later we will see another sleeping scene but a normal sleep.

Choi Mu Gak

N we got another Mickey....XD

We got a funny scene between these 2 before but this time is a heartbreaking scene.

I like that Det. Tak did enjoy his short time with MG. He even doens’t mind that no more towel on his handcuffed n say Thank You. I like that MG take it n put it again after he shake Det. Tak’s hand n MG “lose” his “friend”.

N then we got a funny scene from our daily life. Parking Scene. LOL

I wrote on the last review that MG kinda an animal trainer n now he looks like the animal itself. LOL....MG is like a DOG. Hahaha....who usually doing like that. U know what I mean? XD....He looks so cute when saying STOP n after that back to sit again n No expression. LOL....After he cares enough about how to do the right way when parking. Hahahaha..... 


N these 2 Dets are so LOL.....

How they can be a Detective will always a mystery. LOL...n MG really2 suit with this job, hehe..

We also got another cute scene from The Choi’s.....I thought we won’t get another ones so I’m happy that we got another ones.

Started by heartbroken scene. MG went to ES's altar. I think this is the 1st time I see  a drama using an altar on that table. Usually on the wall n he bring a doll that made him remember about his happy life before.

Thanks for the person who make the subtitle but sometimes I don’t like it when they write the name instead “oppa”  coz I think it can give another meaning (shade) for the dialogue.

The Choi’s in BLUE. I really like MG’s hairstyle like that. A green umbrella now, hehehe n I hope So Hyun will stop growing. LOL....So if someday she has another project with ChuNi, she wont be taller than ChunNi. Hahahaha......

Their convo is a normal thing happen in our life. Bickering about what we wanna eat. 

Each other don’t wanna succumb with what they want n off course we want to know who is the winner, hahaha...n then I saw ChunNi n So Hyun Not The Choi’s....LOL coz it’s ChunNi’s smile. XD


Ahhh, like my 1st scenario, CR just leave the resto without saying anything. The writer actually can just give us a scene when she leave ( we will just see her back only) but he add this scene.

I like it. It really show Us how CR’s feel. It say “Why I should put this lipgloss when he wont notice it” and Pfff to herself....”CR, what were U thinking?”

N then our MG did his promise. Wanna do a practice.  N MG has GPS on CR’s phone or he has sixth sense? LOL....He make a right deduction. It’s nigt already, she must be not on her gag show. He can hear the TV n ramen is a common food. LOL..

Before the cherry blossom no longer exist, Hope we can get more scenes on  this place.

LOL....A Hyperbola from MG. Wonder what will he say when finally he know where is CR’s home. XD

N this one is a classic scene when the man look at the lady from toe to head can make the lady embarrased. XD n I want this scene.

But can’t believe the moment when I wanna say “MG, U really don’t know about a Lady”...He said this. LOL

Wkwkwkw.....So, U really know. Hahaha...

N yeah, it’s time for his 2nd dinner (unfortunatelly we didn’t get his 1st dinner scene with YM)....n,hehe....even she complains but she still follow him lah...

N now our 1st culinary tour on this eps. Yummy Fried Chicken...XD

I think it was their 1st  “convo” at the resto. LOL...So, it’s kinda CR’s “fault” , without saying anything she just right away started the practice. Off Course MG also jump into his act. Gosh...those Chunface....hehe, n the way he say 20 millions. LOL....A new gag gesture. XD.... Btw, Cho Rim....U wear a dress but U sit like that. hahaha...

N their “convo” still continue. Hahaha....MG’s face in the middle of this pic looks like that SCREAM’s mask. LOL....He open his mouth too large. XD

N the “convo” ended with Poker Face. Hahahaha...

N hahaha....their gag really looks real. Btw, I hope MG get high salary coz much he should pay for his foods....

Btw, if CR didn’t call JH’s name, will MG notice CR in there? I don’t think so. He was really surprise to see CR there n know JH. A thing that he doesn’t know. He must be curious what is their relationship.

N we saw a different MG’s attitude toward a man n lady, hehehe....Shoulder vs Head. XD

Maybe some of U kinda dissapointed when see this scene.

Why MG won’t listen CR’s words? But hei, we should  trust MG like MG trust CR.

Coz later we got this scene. My fav “Oh Cho Rim” scene. XD

He listen her words. N for the middle pic, I prefer they wrote her name than just “she”....MG call CR as Uri Cho Rim-ie....It sound cute. Can’t wait to hear Moo Gak-ie from CR ( Oh yeah, forgot if I already write this or not. ChunNi’s character name wasnt MG before. I like the thpught that it was ChunNi’s idea to change his character name. Hehhee....Beside it fit the character with no sensory n also we can change it into Moo GAG....XD) n he change his name on her phone. formal, hahaha

I like that CR didn’t only tell what she thinks to MG  but  she also investigate it by her own.

But yeah, this time is too dangerous. This creepy moment really made me shock coz after the loading the thing that I see was the murderer climb up the wall. Aishhh...

N I don’t really want to know how MG can find CR that fast. XD...... He even didn’t use his car (he’s back with Bus). He’s our Superman, so he has his own GPS to find CR. as long as he can save CR, it’s fine. Hahaha....n his expression kinda LOL....n  I like that he chose to not chase the murderer but back to CR.

N we got this scene....ahhhh

She still a normal girl who can scare n it's time for MG to comfort her. So we got this...

Our MuRim’s 1st skinship....hehe... n MG who was initiate it.

n then cos he care so he nag. Actually it wasn’t her 1st time to do it. While did the investigation for the Trainer ‘s case, she also alone but yeah not till that far.

But I like that CR still can counter MG. Hehe...Not just sit & crying. XD. .....n made MG speechless, hahaha...

But ehhh....the more we get NO, the more we want to do it, Moo Gak-ie...

Though it’s nice that after those bad word, U came back with the medicine. U still have heart...

But unfortunately Cho Rim-ie....U made a mistake by saying that, hahhaa....

I like that MG didn’t do anything about CR’s wound coz I don’t want to see a romantic scene when before that I got THAT moment. LOL.....Hope U all understand what I mean. XD

I like all CR’s expression here.

Yes, before it was just mutual relationship, but now it has already changed. No longer coz of that. Coz being a partner of investigation mean more time can see him n she also can use her ability, not just thinking she’s a monster. Even a monster can help people. N she was just shock to hear it till she couldn’t say anything.

But though the last time they met ended not really well but I like that CR still happy as always everytime she see MG’s scent. Btw, how long he was standing n waiting her? Hahaha...

LOL.....Moo Gak-ie....U act like a jealous boyfriend. Too many “WHY”...hehe...U became like Mr.WANT TO KNOW.....XD.....n compare JH with Santa Claus, hahaha.....U’re funny.

Are U saying this for yourself ChunNi? Hahaha.....

Sorry, I don’t believe U Moo Gak-ie, hehe....It’s so nice that he give that for her. Yeah, we saw him place it on his sister’s altar but I think he knows that his sister want him to give that to someone as special as her. N it’s so lovely too see MG’s expresion when CR loves it.

We know that MG doesn’t has friend so it’s nice that he ask CR to accompany him. This time he ask her not because of she’s his partner in gag or investigation. He ask her as a “friend”. It’s a stressfull day for him so it’s better for him for not alone. Btw, our MuRim is on sync even their clothes colour. A lovely BLUE..... The same colour with MG’s precious moment with her. Many meaning about Blue so I just quote this one:

This is a color that seeks peace and tranquility above everything else, promoting both physical and mental relaxation.

MG really need that n it’s nice that CR know it.


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