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This is my 3rd time making recap for ChunNi's drama but this is the 1st time that I knew about the concept that I want before I even decided to make it. LOL....Usually just flow with whatever his drama give it to me n it's none other than ChunFace. I knew that I want to chose 1 ChunFace on each episode, hehe....especially when I knew that his character is emotionless. But it's kinda hard to choose coz there are soooo many ChunFace. hahaha...
So this is my ChunFace of the day (3)...

OMG...Could U believe that just a blink of eyes, he can do that? hahaha...The moment when I was kinda “WOW....ChunNi kinda looks different" then BAM....the ChunFace. hahahahha......Speechless....XD

Choi Mu Gak
It’s NOT being PERVERT, just he gave Us something to see, XD...Kinda hard to make this screencap so I’m glad I can make it. LOL..........................

I really like this scene.

Wahh, their destiny. So, after 2 months coma, Det.Oh took decision to move CR into another hospital in Seoul. Coz we saw on 1st eps that MR's room still under guard. So, I think we can take conclusion, that time he still a Detective. I know that they put CR under witness protection program. But why Det. Oh is no longer as Police now? I think if someone under that program, the police whose responsible about the case, still working as a police. Not make a new identity. Does he has hidden agenda for adopt CR and saying that she died, beside wanna protect her ?  If he hasn't, he's really an angel.

n Oh Cho Rim really blessed to has someone like that,  n I really like to hear MG so often call her name, haha....7 times in this eps. XD

It’s sound cute. XD...Looking forward to hear, she calls MG no longer as Det. Choi.

n wow, now she even can see MG’s smell. Not because he eat something or touch something. His own fragant. It's so pretty.
MuRim’s couple growing rapidly on this eps n I think because of this.

Like what Mu Gak said, he feel that his body is empty. On his subconscious, he was just shut down all the feeling he has. But it’s only relate to his body. So the emptyness - like Cho Rim said- perhaps its his heart so he still can feel something. Like what we see on this scene.

Though maybe he still doesn’t know what kind of feeling. He even looks like waiting for Cho Rim’s reaction. He was looking at her eyes. It was different with the 1st hug. XD

But our Cho Rim break the moment. LOL...

But at least she can help Mu Gak to achieve his goal.

But please Mu Gak doing that, It can make someone curious.

N coz our Mu Gak is so gentleman n like her, even though he was kinda “angry”, he bought her a genuine one. XD

This scene is funny. XD... MG just standing there n watching CR’s rant n when he’s talking. It’s really so flat expression...haha. Do U notice the  little “ckckck” from CR? I like that little detail. Hehe... n OMO...I don’t know if we’ll get hungry when we talk too much. LOL....n we really can’t hide the sound of our hungry stomach. always, like to write this again. Writernim is really good to use little something like that n give us a good laugh. XD

So, let’s get fav Korean food. XD but I can’t believe what I saw. XD

He just eat, eat and eat....LOL...n yeah, Cho Rim....U’re cool, U don’t even bother to ask that. LOL...

See, MG still has his heart. Saying sorry n thanks in 1 sentence.

N if he has no any kind of felling to CR. Don’t think he will buy the genuine one. It’s his gift to her.

Don’t think this just a gentleman thing to do. XD...

N then , it’s just yesterday that I wrote about I want MG see her beautiful eyes n tada...we got it ( I like the pace of this drama) I’m so curious to see MG’s reaction. N fortunately he didn’t disappointing me. Yeah, he was shock but he didn’t show it n not freak out. I think if the boy didn’t say anything, he will keep silence & will waiting for CR to tell him about it.

I really like MG took the lense. Off course it can’t be use anymore but it’s something important for her.

N this one was the moment when their relationship change. I really love this scene. It’s not easy to tell someone that U’re different but he did that to encourage her. They are the same. I like they use the wind to uncover her left eye when MG said, he just like her. The meaning of it, yeah....he also has a different thing. N then when MG said –I’m a monster and Alien too – the wind uncover her 2 eyes. It mean when we see the normal n the different at the same time. People think that U’re a monster and Alien. Hmmm...Hope U all get what I mean. XD

I like that both of them share their own story. People can say, wahh...they’ve just met....but it just time. If U don’t trust someone, no matter how long , U still can’t tell ur secret. I think this is the 1st time MG tell his story to someone. N the good thing about this drama is we got the sentimental moment but ended with LOL....XD

N another speechless moment. XD....

OMG....Mu Gak.....Switch his expression just a blink of eyes. He’s like a Robot. LOL....When we turn on the button, He became soo funny n when we turn off the button, he’s back into Flat expression. Btw, I can’t believe we got this scene, hahaha...but coz Writernim is a ChunNi’s fanboy, he know about it. LOL
N then can’t believe that we got more LOL on the scene that I thought will be so serious. XD

MG is a responsible man, he even still practice while work but unfortunately he can’t keep his promise. Felt sorry to see CR did the gag alone.

Then we got a heartbreaking scene. Laugh n Cry at the same time. Didn’t blame MG coz he’s only standing there n say nothing. She’s drunk n it’s useless if he say something.

N don’t forget, this drama is a roller coaster. XD...coz after that we got this scene. LOL....

LOL at MG’s face when CR push him. Haha...n then after we got the “get in to the car” moment from MG. This time we got “get out of the car” moment from CR. Hahahhaa......OMG....this couple. LOL....
N then the moment that I can’t believe that finally we get from ChunNi....PIGGYBACK scene.

The moment when MG said Stand Up, I said to my self, “Mu Gakssi...u better piggyback her”. N yeah, He DID that. XD.... OMG....As U know that this scene kinda a MUST scene on Kdrama so I wonder why ChunNi never did that. I even think that he didn’t want get that scene. Though he got that on Ripley but we can’t count it coz he did that with an ahjumma. LOL...n it’s because this drama is his last drama before enlist, finally he want to do it. LOL....But whatever reason U have ChunNi...Thanks for doing that. So I got what I want n now looking forward for my other wish happen. XD
N it’s not just a common piggyback scene coz we saw something in his eyes.

N when ChunNi said OK for this scene, he got a long scene. LOL....and Stair. XD

He didn’t feel pain coz of CR’s smack but he feel angry. LOL...
N the funny thing is they made the U Turn right in front of her house. LOL

N even she’s drunk but CR really helpful for MG.

The Number
Hehe, my number...

So, his dad doesn’t like her acting business. Maybe coz of scare someone will recognize her?

What was the reason JH call Dr. Chun to come? So, Dr. Chun heard that he’s the suspect? 

I don’t think he wanna hurts CR. Maybe he wanna show her a picture or something?

N this eps ended with Mu Gak between 2 ladies face. XD...They had a different expression coz of different reason. I like that YM so quickly recognize Choi Eun Seol’s face.

N Line’s sticker for Eps.03

What a roller coaster eps.....LOVE it. 
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