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J*J News Weeks of 6/3- 6/16/2019

What's New With J & J?
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Jaejoong's Q&A Interview: "I consider Rock as the best way to share the "intensity" with all my fans". JJ: There are fans who have supported me up to this point.. I'm grateful for each one of the activities in Japan.

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[REPLAY_XIA] 김준수(XIA) 사투리 만렙 전국〰준수 노래자랑🏆

[ALLDAY_XIA] ㅣ김준수 (XIA) 뮤지컬 '엑스칼리버' 첫 연습/청음회 현장 ⚔️


190614 아세안위크 개막식 XIA 김준수 - 사랑은 눈꽃처럼

How Can i Love You

Loving You Keeps Me Alive

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Everyone is ready for # / 👍🏻
It's been a long time since I've been outdoors
Please look forward to the wonderful congratulations of Jun-Jun
Opening ceremony of the opening ceremony #watch 📡

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the musical



Jaejoong as a panelist for Chosun Taste of Love Season 2




The gorgeousness of transcends everything! Chosun Taste of Love Season 2 This face needs to be seen everywhere. This man needs to be heard all the time. is life!

contributed a great deal as a dating coach.. Crowned as the new sympathy fairy

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The successful appearance of the new sympathetic fairy Kim Jaejoong! A perfect successful appearance on TV after 10 years! Today, Jaejoong's charms attracted a great wave of reactions and laughter! IG: FB:  
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Kim Jaejoong boosts TV show ratings!

is Thursday night’s No. 1 show! Surpassed the 5% viewer rating barrier, breaking their own best record for 3 consecutive weeks

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The Taste of Love, show where Jaejoong appeared for the first time achieved the viewership rating of 4.484%. The highest ratings of the same time slot in cable channels!  

4.484% is also The Taste of Love's highest viewership ratings on its Season 2!! We hope this brings more opportunities for Jaejoong's appearance on TV in Korea. His charming personality, plus his interesting and smart comments make him a great entertainer!

According to another source (HeraldPOP) the viewership rating was of 5.0% (based on Nielsen Korea in Seoul). The highest rating of 5.9% was recorded at 0:33. On daily viewership rating the show achieved 2nd place according to Naver!

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Not knowing the problem is the problem - the Comment Collector  

“Can we hug one time?” Comment by Chun Myunghoon made fall off his chair and the chair was broken 😆 Culture shock for him, he’s speechless, no more


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Talks About His Ideal Type During 1st Korean Variety Show Appearance In 10 Years


Kim Jaejoong shared stories about his love life and described his ideal type on TV Chosun’s “Taste of Dating.”
On the June 13 episode, the singer appeared as a special guest and marked his first appearance on a Korean variety show in 10 years.
The MCs welcomed Kim Jaejoong to the show and asked him if he was currently dating. “I’m currently not able to date,” answered Kim Jaejoong. When asked about the last time he dated, he coyly pretended not to remember.
As for his ideal type, he replied, “I honestly don’t really look at appearances. You know how Park Na Rae appears a lot on TV these days? I asked [comedian] Lee Jin Ho if I could meet her personally and Lee Jin Ho said, ‘You may be disappointed if you meet her in person.'” When MC Choi Hwa Jung asked why he wanted to meet the comedienne, Kim Jaejoong answered, “I like charming people.”

As for his thoughts on what “Taste of Dating” is, he stated, “I think the ‘Taste of Dating’ is the taste of lipstick. You kiss and get physically affectionate when you have a partner. You can only taste that when you’re dating.”
While watching footage of a couple on a date, the MCs asked if Kim Jaejoong had ever invited a partner to his space. He answered, “I previously had a grand piano in my home. There are times when I want to play the piano after having a drink. I unintentionally began developing those feelings.”
He added, “I really like cooking for others. I even released a cookbook in the past. I can basically cook any Korean dish.”

“Taste of Dating” airs on Thursdays at 11 p.m. KST.
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Netizens comments on 's first appearance on a Korean variety show in 10 years ❤ The article is No.2 in the most viewed news on Naver TV Entertainment Ranking


[Other IG] 1st and 2nd generation idols met on Taste of Love If you’re curious about the taste of love the iconic idols have to share? !! Don’t miss TV Chosun’s Taste of Love Season 2 tonight (6/12) at 11PM
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[UCC] JYJ's Kim Jaejoong will have his first appearance on a Korean entertainment program after 10 years on 'Taste of love 2'

Kim Jaejoong will appear on 13 June (Thursday) at 23:00 KST on Tv Chosun’s ‘Taste of love 2’ as a panelist. This will be his first appearance in 10 years in a Korean entertainment program.

'Taste of love 2' is about a celebrity and non-celebrity who date for 100 days, under contract. After the 100 days has passed, the couple decide whether they want to continue dating or not. The MC’s are Park Na-rae and Choi Hwa-jung (wikipedia).
Fans will use these hashtags on Twitter in support of his appearance:#김재중 #연애의맛시즌2


[TRIPLE_J] EP.9 Master of Spicy Jaejoong❤️Spicy Food Mukbang Challenge 🌶ㅣ김재중(KimJaeJoong)

[TRIPLE_J] True king/master of spicy food challenges himself ❤️ Foods JJ ate right after he arrived in Korea!? To the master these foods were just... low level nothing Challenge turned fast into plain eating 😰 Check it out now! GOGO ~!
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JJ on FB
Will appear as a panelist  in Chosun Taste of Love Season 2

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[ALLDAY_XIA] ㅣ김준수 (XIA) 뮤지컬 '엑스칼리버' 첫 연습/청음회 현장 ⚔️

JUNSU_XIA Official


shows his friendship with Japanese stars

[hideaki_tokunaga_official] #/Tokunaga hideaki #/Utacon #/Jaejoong Utacon Yay! I also collaborated with Hikawa! It was fun to be between two wonderful people.

[team_kanji] Jaejoong's high tone is great!
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Jaejoong's appearance on NHK 「LIFE!」will be rebroadcast on June 28 at 22:00!!🎊🎉   

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20190612 ジェジュン Kim Jaejoong - Cjes Instagram

Only Jae

We're delightful to announce the news of Jaejoong's Korean variety show panel appearance! Please look forward to his wonderful appearance! A TV appearance after 10 years! Date: June 13 at 23:00 (KST) Show: Taste of Love 2  
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목요일 오후 11시 TV조선 “연애의 맛”시즌2 많은 시청 부탁드립니다^^

Please watch TV Chosun’s Taste of Love Season 2 on Thursday at 11 PM, everyone^^  

[tv_lovedate2 IG]
[Other IG] Taste of Love Season 2 Flew over to Korea to taste love First appearance in Korean variety show in 10 years!! What will Jaejoong’s Taste of Love be like?  
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[Cjes IG] We are going to meet at 11 PM tomorrow night 📺 as a panelist on TVChosun’s Taste of Love 2 ✔️ JJ’s appearance in a variety show in 10 years! Really, really pleasant news 🎉 Please look forward to what JJ will do as a dating coach 💖😎


to appear on 6/13 episode of Taste of Love 2 as a panelist... His first appearance in a Korean variety show in 10 years

returns to Korean variety show in 10 years as a panelist in a reality dating show  

“Please watch the show (Taste of Love), I come out and heard season 2 is really fun” -  

to appear on Taste of Love 2 as a panel... His return to Korean variety show in 10 years

to play an active role as a panel in Taste of Love 2··· Pay attention to a blue-chip of variety shows with both gift of gab + wit  

Don't miss Jaejoong's appearance on Korean TV for the first time in 10 years!!!! June 13 at 23:00 on TV Chosun "The Taste of Love 2"!! Links to stream: • (check same site for more links options) • 
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A recruitment for the 1st KIM JAEJOONG-FANSHIP has just started today! VCHANNEL:

[FANSHIP] You can view as much as you want at JaeJae and V LIVE! for Kim Jaejoong's which has just OPENED ❗️🥳 Contents only available for FANSHIP members and exclusive message board~ Meet FANSHIP right now~😘💕 ▶


A V-Channel provides its members of exclusive content that includes videos, Lives, photos,chat rooms, etc. Price: $16.78 Period: 1 year membership  

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[FANSHIP] Junjjang's FANSHIP which appears completely satisfactory has opened‼️🎊 Enormous contents and broadcasts which only FANSHIP members can enjoy~🙊💕 Let's not miss out❗️ this chance~🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️💨 ▶  




Jaejoong's appearance on "Taste of Love 2" is confirmed!! Jaejoong will join the panel and watch the blind dates and dating process in the studio. The show is broadcasted every Thursday at 11pm!  
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to appear on TV Chosun’s Taste of Love II... Returning to TV variety in 10 years

confirmed as a panel on variety show “Taste of Love” Kim Jaejoong will join the existing panel and observe the current casts’ dating process in the studio
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To Appear On Korean TV Variety Show For The First Time In 10 Years

Kim Jaejoong will appear on a Korean TV variety program for the first time in a decade.
On June 7, a representative from TV Chosun stated, “Kim Jaejoong will be appearing on the TV Chosun variety program ‘Taste of Dating 2’ as a panelist. He will join the other panelists in the studio to watch the cast members go on dates. We plan to air his appearance sometime this month.”
“Taste of Dating 2” is the second season of the dating reality show in which cast members go on blind dates with their ideal types and try to find true love.
Kim Jaejoong appeared on the web variety show “Photo People in Tokyo” last year, but this is his first TV variety show appearance in about ten years. He recently wrapped up his Japanese tour for his latest solo studio album,” Flawless Love,” which also topped the Oricon charts.
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[ENG SUB] 김재중은 어떻게 했길래 일본어가 유창할까? [한류 연예인의 일본어 실력 분석]

Channel SeeHa

[ENG SUB] How does Kim Jaejoong speak fluent Japanese? Jaejoong's dedication to his work and his love for what he does is something we're proud of! An amazing artist who always does his best!
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20190606 ジェジュン アリーナツアー 2019 Interview 新浪音乐

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Sina Music's interview with Jaejoong! ? It’s been a year since Kim Jaejoong restarted his activities in Japan. His 1st solo album won #1 in Oricon weekly chart! We go behind the scenes and see him Interact with the band
communicate with the staff to adjust the details, confirm the stage effect in the audience, etc. In the interview He talks about his album "Flawless Love" interpretation, his long absence and fans who have supported him over the years. 
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Jun 7

[사진] emk_musical IG "상상조차 할 수 없는 놀라운 무대"   가 온다!! 2019 WORLD PREMIERE OPEN D-7⚔️ 암흑의 시대, 찬란하게 빛나는 영웅들의 이야기 뮤지컬 <엑스칼리버> 2019.6.15 - 8.4 세종문화회관 대극장

Translated from Korean by

[Photography] emk_musical IG "Amazing stage that you can't even imagine" Come!! 2019 WORLD PREMIERE OPEN D-7 ⚔️ Tales of the Dark Ages, radiant heroes Musical < Excalibur > 2019.6.15 - 8.4 Sejong Cultural Center Main Hall




[REPLAY_XIA] 김준수(XIA) 콘서트 VCR ㅣ미키마우스가 된 지니준수🧞‍♂의 댄스 한마당


Junsu update on JYJ FB

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Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, selfie and indoor

#도리안...당신인가요 ⭐️
2019 #김문정 <ONLY>
두 번째 공연도 #김준수 가 함께 합니다✔️
잠시후! 무대에서 만나요💁🏻‍♂️
#김준수 #준수 #KIMJUNSU #JUNSU #金俊秀
#キムジュンス #ジュンス #XIA준수 #김문정ONLY
#음악감독 #김문정콘서트 #LG아트센터 #도리안그레이
#오후7시30분 #씨제스타그램 #Cjestagram

#Dorian... is that you ⭐️
2019 #김문정 <ONLY>
The second performance is also #junsu is together ✔️
In a moment! See you on the stage
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Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, selfie and closeup


JJ back in Korea

as tagged

20190606 ジェジュン Kim Jaejoong at Gimpo

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[TRIPLE_J] EP.8 재중Vlog❤️/ 오랜만에 마트에서 장보기🛒 ㅣ김재중(KimJaeJoong)


Jaejoong: But who's paying for this? ~ Staff's company credit card 💳 JJ: Ah, really?? Wait a second, let me back up again. Because you're paying for me, the way I see things has suddenly changed. *proceeds to add everything into his cart*


JJ on IG Live

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[ Jaejoong's IG Live Summary ] Jaejoong: Oh! Cute!
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*Rough translation! - Only the Korean parts. (This is based on my memory from last night when I watched the IG live. The translations may not be in the correct order.)

Jaejoong's secret phone call with Kyungtae 🤫 He told Kyungtae not to watch his IG Live because he said he would be embarrassed, but then he kept looking for him. “Kyungtae-yah, are you watching?" Jaejoong is so persistent 🤣


[Jaejoong's TV Schedule] •

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About Jaejoong...

“The main vocal boy who was standing next to me () Was very beautiful! Really beautiful!” “I’ve met may idols but he has power! Beautiful! Like fresh natural spring water from the Alps.” - Tokunaga Hideaki

Many covers my songs but ‘s rendition of “Rainy Blue” touches my heart the deepest. I’m waiting for the day Jaejoong sings again in Japan - Tokunaga Hideaki 
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There will be a rerun of "Covers" from ground wave, regular TV channel instead of premium cable channel this time. More ppl can watch Jaejoong, get to know him, and fall in love with him. I'm so happy for JJ. 

Coz many Jaejoong fans tweeted about JJ's appearance on Covers, NHK decided to rerun Covers. They have encore TV shows on June 6 at 23:50, called "NET BUZZ". It's encore program of the show which became a hot topic on the internet. They thanked everyone for the hot tweets.
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Junsu Updates

Dance + song + talk famous restaurant #junsu 👍🏻
Jun-Jun and our happy th day ⭐️
This way back xia angkon-eun is
Really #thank you to Jun-Jun 💖
Good energy got fest so I got a charge 🔋
Now join the musical #Excalibur!
I'm so sorry for the 3 days that I've been happy with junsu 😞 I'm so sorry, but that's the most important memory! Let's collect the good energy we have together and recharge with the musical "Excalibur" too! Thank you all (♡˘▽˘)

Image may contain: 2 people, people dancing and night

Image may contain: 1 person, standing, suit, night and concert

Image may contain: 2 people, people standing and indoor

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Image may contain: one or more people, night and concert


Junsu's Encore Concerts

It's the last day of #angkon 😭
I'm afraid of everyone, but I'm ready to have a lot of fun. 🤹🏻 ♂️

The charm of #junsu is the charm of #junsu 💝
Starting at that last stage of the year!
Let's play together today too let's go 🔥

It's already the last day of the encore concert (*'-') it's a shame, but it's the last time, so let's play more fun! Let's meet up after this 🙌🏻

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190602 WAY BACK XIA ENCORE CONCERT 김준수 지니타임 - 돌고 돌아도 ~ Beautiful Thing


190531~0602 XIA 김준수 - Empty


With English subs



Junsu in concert
Encore concerts in Seoul

Thank you so much to all of you. #Thank you 💝
Perfectly perfect for the jungkondo #clear 💯
#Junsu with the 🧞 ♂️
#Ohu5si the #final stage of the # #!
🔥 enjoy hotter than anyone 🔥
Yesterday, we had a fun stage in the world. The most cool of the world is our JUNSU 9 (ᐛ) w let's get ready to play fun today and get together at 5 ♡

Image may contain: 1 person

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing

Image may contain: one or more people, concert and night

Image may contain: one or more people and crowd


190601 WAY BACK XIA ENCORE - 김준수 [ Out Of Control ]

190601 WAY BACK XIA ENCORE - 김준수 [ Fantasy ]


190601 WAY BACK XIA ENCORE - 김준수 [ 꽃 , Flower ]


190601 WAY BACK XIA ENCORE - 김준수 [ Dance Medley ]




JYJ FB updates

Are you ready⁉️
🗣 I have a lot of fun today, so I'm going to have a surprise
The second day of the #angkoleukon #angkoleukon 🤸🏻
I'll be with Jun-Jun in a while 🔥
Just a few more to go! Today's Junsu concert is also very exciting ☆ ~ (∂) Let's play together for fun today!

Image may contain: 1 person, closeup

Image may contain: 1 person, closeup

#Chodingjunjjyu in the waiting room again! A surprise 👼🏻
You're so cute, sangkeumae.. you're the one..
Enjoy with compliance today too 🙆🏻 ♀️
Get ready to play for fun today and get together at 5 ♡

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[ jj_1986_jj IG stories ] 
1.Let's eat 
2.Let's cook & eat 
3.I can't eat everything 
4.Eating Sukiyaki alone 
5.Dip it well in the eggs


Jaejoong will hold a Fan meeting in Paradise City on July 21!!  
Fan meeting Special Events: 
1. Fan meeting 
2. Handshake 
3. Group photo 
4. Mini Concert 
5. Presents Lottery 
6. Photo exhibition

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