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JYJ News Week of 3/27- 4/2/2017

What's New With JYJ?
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Congratulations on successful tour! Looking forward to & a new album & more! 

[Cjes IG] "To me, Asian fans are like family instead of overseas fans" Happy Asia Tour is over now! Will go see you again
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  completes successful Asia Tour that he met 130,000 fans "I will do my best to meet fans' expectations"
met 130,000 fans in 9 cities in 3 months with a phenomenal concert tour, turning concert goers into JHolics

Finishes Asia Tour successfully, proving his global popularity and signaling his comeback
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Successful come back of “I want diverse overseas activities in future ” 
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  I worried about my tour after MS but was so moved by fans
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  Return of the king! Wrap up of a grand Asia tour with 130,000 fans
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"오래 기다려 주신 만큼 저에게 거는 기대와 바람에 보답하는 재중이가 될게요"
#김재중 #재중 #KIMJAEJOONG #아시아투어 #ASIATOUR #亞洲巡演 #콘서트 #Concert #演唱會 #재중의_다음_활동도_기대해주세요 #곧_만나자 #JJ #홀릭 #Holic

"thank you for a long time to wait for me and the wind is expected to return to the re-trying to be"

#김재중 #재중 #KIMJAEJOONG #아시아투어 #ASIATOUR #亞洲巡演 #콘서트 #Concert #演唱會 #재중의_다음_활동도_기대해주세요 #곧_만나자 #JJ #홀릭 #Holic

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[JYJ FB] "For you waited for me so long, I'll try my best to meet all your expectations and wishes"  
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's Kim And His Fans Engage In Prank Battle During Concert On April Fool's Day

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong and his fans had a little fun at the singer’s most recent concert in Kaoshiung, Taiwan, which happened to fall on April Fool’s Day.
Ahead of the concert, Kim Jaejoong posted an audio clip on his personal Instagram account that had him asking his manager for ideas on what to do for April Fool’s Day. He can be heard complaining that he doesn’t have any ideas, which might have been him trying to throw fans off his scent as he prepared quite a surprising prank.
The singer also pretended to be close friend Jang Geun Suk for the day, changing his display picture to one of his friend. He even expressed his anticipation for the Taiwanese concert with a picture of his friend and a caption that read, “I’ll see you at the Kaohsiung Arena in Taiwan.”
C-JeS Entertainment revealed that after the singer’s opening number, Kim Jaejoong’s Taiwanese fans all held up banners that read, “We’ve actually been fans of An-chan (Kim Jaejoong’s manager) all along.” Kim Jaejoong burst into laughter when he saw what his fans were up to and played along, bringing his manager on stage to introduce him to everyone. The fans even cheered for his manager, calling his name like they do for their favorite idol.

But Kim Jaejoong wasn’t going to go down without a fight. After his upbeat rendition of “Good morning night” during his encore, the singer suddenly collapsed onto the floor. The concert was stopped and the security team rushed to the stage, creating a heart-stopping moment for fans who didn’t know what was going on. However, the music soon started again and fans breathed a sigh of relief when they caught on to what had actually happened. The last leg of Kim Jaejoong’s Asia Tour ended with an unforgettable memory between the singer and his fans as they pranked each other on April Fool’s Day.

The night was filled with cheers and applause as Taiwanese fans were treated to a perfect live performance by the singer. During his performance, Kim Jaejoong took time to thank his fans and said, “The finale to my Asia tour has been so special and fun thanks to you all. I hope to come back here as soon as I can. I was so excited to come here because it’s my first time in Kaohsiung, and I’m really glad I came here.”
Kim Jaejoong has been wowing fans with his vocal range and tone on his “2017 Kim Jaejoong Asia Tour – The Rebirth of J” tour, traveling to nine cities with an eight-member band. This was the singer’s first tour since being discharged from the military, and he made the most out of it, creating a jam-packed setlist that showcased everything from melodious ballads to powerful rock numbers.

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Sweet ! Looking forward to

[Other IG] 5 seconds of Jaejoong 5초 재중 (Taiwan ver.) Thank you all my fans

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[Cjes IG] "There's no time" whispers in 5 Second Taiwan Version    
And look at that concentration on the other guy's part 
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Jaejoong: The Rebirth of J in Taiwan


Rotten Love
Let the Rhythm Flow

All That Glitters


Welcome to My Wide World

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JJ's sorry to fans...

Jaejoong passes out during his Taiwanese concert

JYJ's Jaejoong collapsed during his Taiwanese concert.

..Or he pretended to, anyway. He collapsed after performing the rock song "Good Morning Night". The concert was halted and security and staff rushed to the stage, frightening and worrying all the fans who were present. However, Jaejoong got back up soon enough and the music started again, and fans were relieved to find out it was just an April's Fool's joke.

But he wasn't the only one with an April's Fool's joke. His fans also played one on him by holding up banners that said, "We're actually fans of Jaejoong's manager," and made Jaejoong burst out laughing. He brought his manager up on stage and the fans cheered his name.




Love You to Death 


Run Away


Just Another Girl

Welcome to My Wide World

Good Morning Night

Press pics and Fan Pics

JYJ added 3 new photos.
“아시아 투어 피날레, 여러분 덕분에 특별하고 즐거웠어요.
최대한 빨리 다시 찾아올게요”
아시아 투어 종료!
곧 좋은 모습으로 돌아올게요, 조금만 기다려주세요
#김재중 #재중 #KIMJAEJOONG #아시아투어 #ASIATOUR #亞洲巡演 #콘서트 #Concert #演唱會 #대만 #Taiwan #Kaohsiung #오랜만이라 #더욱_반갑고_행복했던 #투어 #고마워요 #다시만나지만_다시만나겠지만 #보고싶을거야 #JJ #홀릭 #Holic
It’s ended up! so sad, right? Thank you for your #love & #support toward him & his #Asian tour concerts! See you #again very soon!

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[JYJ FB] Asia Tour Finale! It was special/exciting because of you Will try to come back ASAP so please wait just a little  
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Image may contain: 1 person, standing, concert and night

Image may contain: 1 person, on stage and standing

[PRESS PICS] "Rebirth of J" in Taiwan : April Fool's Day event by JJ & Fans (Fans: We're actually fans of Anjjang; JJ: Fake Fainting Spell)

met 4,000 Taiwan fans in Kaohsiung, pulls off an April Fools' Day Event

faints during Taiwan concert? It was an April Fools Day Prank

Asia Tour Finale: Phenomenal success for 1st tour right after discharge: JJ exchanges April Fools events w fans




JJ: You all like An-chan?? (Then asked An-chan go up onto the stage..) JJ: it's my first time to introduce my manager during my concert

An-chan:(CN)Hello, I'm An-chan...........feeling shy... -chan's debut stage! 
Cr. As tagged

Fan projects: 
P1:Actually..we're An-chan's fans 
P2:waiting for 640 days and we'll never be apart again 


Dress code:
Are you really female?Korean?That's tattoo? Ah..corsetry! How old are you? Tho you dressed like an old woman, you look young.
Fan: Dressed like Elsa coz JJ recognized her in Seoul concert.
No.3 JJ: Where's your costume from? 
Fan: Mom helped prepare! ]
JJ: Does your mom know you come here? 
Fan: No!
JJ:Why are you all wearing trencher caps? 
Fan: will graduate this year! 
JJ: oh, I thought you won't love me after graduation!
JJ: I understand zombie costume, but what about the "Taoist"??????? And the girl in red is really beautiful!
Fan:came here from Shanghai, and knew I'm pregnant yesterday. 
JJ: Congrats! 
Fan: Pls sing forever! Will take my baby to your concert!
JJ: Such an interesting and touching dress code. I saw all you costumes. Thx!

JJ fainted on stage just now and bodyguards took him backstage. Fans even cried. Translator: don't worry. We're checking his status.
But he came back soon."It is April Fool!Many staff and band also didn't know.Sorry!Sorry!Won't tease you anymore like this
JJ:Apologize again for scaring you.Sorry!But when the music restarted before I came back,you seemed happy.Saw through it?
I came back quickly coz I was afraid you would go back home
And when staff performed CPR just now, I thought "I'm fine but will truly faint coz they pushed so hard

JJ: Are you happy?This is happiness, right?Let's go on together, let's sing together. Would you sing for me? (Fan sang together) 

JJ:Last concert of the Asia tour. I'm very happy. See you all next time! -End-


[Other IG] Asia Tour is over Clothes I put on him Take a look at his fashion at once

kimjaejoong @bornfreeonekiss

우리 다시 금방 만나자!대만 너무 행복했어♡ Taiwan...!We'll meet again!


20170401 cjes.tagram IG




Prankster JJ teaching wrong korean translation of fruits honey dew = oi (cucumber) cherry tomato = te chu (dates/jujube) apple = pe (pear)



He said it’s a bit nervous coz it’s the #last one of this #tour Let’s make it #unforgettable Are #U ready? then #put your hands up in the #air

Image may contain: 1 person, standing

[Cjes IG] I feel more nervous than usual coz it's the last stop for this tour, let's make this concert more unforgettable!
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金在中_Official [weibo] 이제 한 시간 뒤면...! ^^ 가오슝, 준비 됐나요? kaohsiung, Are you ready?



Jaejoong's New Profile pic in his IG


[SNS] 170401 Kim Jaejoong’s Instagram & Twitter Update: April Fool’s Day + Jang Geun Suk

Kim Jaejoong Instagram Update:


Kim Jaejoong: “..April Fool’s Day but there’s nothing fun to do?”

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Note: Kim Jaejoong profile changed to Jang Geun Suk
“I am Asia Prince Jang Geun Suk ♡”


[PHOTO] 대만 까오슝 아레나에서 만나요♡ https://www.instagram.com/p/BSVt5y9Bbec/

See you at Taiwan Kaohsiung Arena♡


Kim Jaejoong Twitter Update:

Jaejoong pretending to be his friend Jang Geun Suk xD

“Jaejoong ssi, your Taiwan concert performance will be successful”

Credit: @mushroomee
Translated & Shared by: JYJ3


JJ IG Live


Mar 31

[IG Live] In celebration of April Fool's Day, See you tomorrow, Good night (No voice) photo cr:


[OTHER INSTAGRAM] 170331 C-JeS Instagram Update 2 – Jaejoong over Flowers

[PHOTO] 너도 JJ니?🖐😄
#김재중 #재중 #KIMJAEJOONG #아시아투어#ASIATOUR #亞洲巡演 #콘서트 #Concert #演唱會 #대만 #Taiwan #Kaohsiung #환하게_웃는_재중 #세살재중#꽃보다_네가_더예뻐 #JJ #홀릭 #Holic #씨제스타그램

Are #U also #JJ Look at this #sweetest moment, his being #ready for the upcoming #concert in Taiwan Enjoy every mins w/him! instagram.com/p/BSTBtq8Bxgm/

Are you like JJ too?🖐😄
#KimJaejoong #Jaejoong #KIMJAEJOONG #AsiaTour #ASIATOUR #AsiaTour #concert #Concert #concert #Taiwan #Taiwan #Kaohsiung #Jaejoong_who’s_smiling_brightly #3-year-old_Jaejoong #you_are_prettier_than_flowers #JJ #holic #Holic

Are #U also #JJ Look at this #sweetest moment, his being #ready for the upcoming #concert in Taiwan Enjoy every mins w/him!

 photo 17587289_1771655626484063_6913376992561725440_n.jpg

Source: cjes.tagram  
Translations by: rilanna of JYJ3  
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170331 JJ at street food market by Natsu_0126

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JYJ FB update

Thank #U for welcoming him at the #airport in Taiwan! Heart beats #super fast, don’t we? See #U all #tmrw having a #quality time!

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Have fun in Taiwan

Can’t believe it’s the #last #tour spot of him! Let’s go & catch up w/him thru his #upcoming #performance at Kaohsiung Taiwan. Bye for now, see #U soon!

Jaejoong at airport heading to Taiwan

MoreForms Media 魔方全媒







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Jaejoong IG Updates

jj_1986_jj's video Oh my !

JJ added: Good chemistry between Leon Lao and Luodan Wang
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is watching movie The Secret the actor is Hong Kong's Leon Lai


Looks like this 'new' pic from 's IG was taken in for photoshoot.  Sexy


Jaejoong Interview

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[Preview TR 1] Iqiyi interview Kimchi Fan: Caught off guard(딱 걸렸다)

[Preview TR 2] Iqiyi interview Kimchi Fan: Caught off guard(딱 걸렸다)

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Serious and silly ... We love both!

This coming 1AM! KJJ's IQYI 'Kimchi Fan' interview will be released *claps* Please anticipate Jaejoong telling u about NO.X & his Asia tour!

[IG] Roar? Woof? Meow?

[jj_1986_jj IG] 


Gorgeous ... coming up!

His tour keeps going on! This week, see #U all at Taiwan Kaohsiung!


[TofuPopRadio FB] Full.ver▷


[NEW PICS] Junsu's 3rd week training in 1084th unit!

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Junsu gave autograph to camp mate's friend. Camp mate said he's very kind, sang 1 musical and 2 ballad songs, read fans' letters everyday.
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[IG] "Don't cry. Tears don't suit you, drool instead if you must"
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Mar 28

[TR] Baby participated in real_jinhyuk's instagram live chat



[Other IG] My shoulders go up and up in pride coz showed up in chic black leather jacket You r always do cool

[Other IG] looks great even from behind ... left in just 5 minutes of arrival
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10꼬르소꼬모 9주년 punk in britain 전시 오프닝 with 바조우, 김재중 (출처 : 모던 블랑 | 블로그)

[Naver Blog PT TR]Handsome/tall spotted at 10Corsocomo's 9th Anniversary Celebration Exhibition Punk in Britain  
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[julia__y_ IG]

[Other IG TR] A fan encounters Her reaction is hilarious but then... we would react the same
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salon_de_nevaeh Instagram ジェジュン


JJ IG Updates

Uri being incognito and Not!

[jj_1986_jj] Jaejoong's Instagram Update:



Jaejoong at an exhibition

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jacquelinehyj IG UPDATE

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Jaejoong IG LIVE


Scroll down for more videos...

Crystal Moon'◡' Retweeted 김재중귀엽다봇
What do you mean "luckily" there is only one tooth brush in my house? Lucky for us fans?   He empathizes that point several times


I usually get clothes from sponsors for events but some I buy Jacket I wore at GD I bought so Ironman holds it by his thumb always

This used to be my signature guess fans liked it(printed on a handkerchief) a fan gave it to me

I have a lot of clothes so I give them to my friends and manager time to time


POTTER sungje 


[Part TR] Rebirth of J in Seoul receives a rave review in radio program "Play-to-Stage"


[NEWS] 170328 Kim Junsu completes training tomorrow (March 29th)..scheduled to serve in Gyeonggi Nambu Agency’s Public Relations Unit

 photo 201703281139534296064_20170328114452_01.jpg
Kim Junsu will be serving as a full-fledged conscripted policeman.
Kim Junsu will be released from Gyeonggi Nambu Provincial Police Agency’s Conscripted Policemen Education Center on the 29th and start his service in Gyeonggi Nambu Provincial Police Agency’s Public Relations Unit.
Kim Junsu received basic military training for 4 weeks after entering Chungnam’s Nonsan Army Training Center the past February 9th.
Since this [March] 9th, he received conscripted policemen on-the-job training for 3 weeks upon entering into Gyeonggi Nambu Provincial Police Agency’s Conscripted Policemen Education Center’s 1084th unit.
Having passed the classification for Gyeonggi Nambu Provincial Police Agency’s Public Relations Unit before enlisting, Kim Junsu will be fulfilling his duty in the Public Relations Unit and is expected to be discharged [from the army] in November 2018.

Source: Herald POP via Naver  
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3  
Shared by: JYJ3


Caterers for Seoul Concerts uploaded photos of Sandwich Lunch Box served to JJ/staff More photos ->>

Mar 26

Caterers for Seoul Concerts uploaded photos of food served to JJ/staff(1st day, will upload 2nd day later)->>


20170327 tofupopradio IG 

Jaejoong's greetings...in English!

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Jaejoong in Macau

One Kiss
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Run Away
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Welcome to My Wild World
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jaejoong jooota

Just Another Girl
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Just Another Girl 
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I'll Protect You
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Click link for more fancams and pictures...Jaejoong: The Rebirth of J in Macau
JYJ CAFFEINE: JYJ News Week of 3/20- 3/26/2017 http://jyjcaffeine.blogspot.com/2017/03/jyj-news-week-of-320-3262017.html?spref=tw


JYJ’s Jaejoong Becomes First Korean Celebrity To Release a ‘Treasure Book’

JYJ’s Jaejoong was recently selected as the first Korean star to be a part of the ‘Treasure Book’ series.
The ‘Treasure Book’ is a publication that includes rare photos and personal recollections of notable celebrities. The series has covered legendary names such as, Audrey Hepburn, Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Star Wars, Mickey Mouse, and Japanese baseball player Sadaharu Oh. It’s quite an honor to hear that Jaejoong will be be featured in such a prestigious publication series!
Jaejoong’s ‘Treasure Book’ will be themed ‘LOVE & REBIRTH,’ and will contain stories about his childhood and current life.
Officials of the publishing company stated, “We wanted to work with an artist who has a worldwide influence. Of course there are worldwide musicians in Japan as well, but we selected Jaejoong for his leadership in K-POP that left a big impact on the global market.”

Congratulations Jaejoong! Be sure to pick up a copy of ‘LOVE & REBIRTH’ by Kim Jaejoong once it is released!
Follow Officially KMUSIC for all the latest news in Korean entertainment!

Source: Korea Daily US
Written and edited by: Gigi


Backstage with JJ

[Other IG] A grateful weekend

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Other IG
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Already # ONE...The Jaejoong effect!

3/27/17 Japan Rakuten Magazine Raking #1: Harper's BAZAAR 2017 June Issue Special Edition



[Cjes IG] Is it true June issue of BAZAAR Japan will be Special? JJ will be on cover! This is a preview! Will be legendary! Sexy/Cute

[INFO] Harper Bazaar JP Special Edition up for Pre-order on Amazon JP, ships overseas 4/20 release

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