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JYJ News Week of 12/26/16- 01/01/2017

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[ENG SUB] Oppa doesn't want to look like a soldier on stage after army discharge (161231 Jaejoong Fansign)
Sofia L. jaetaku

Jaejoong shares a hilarious anecdote abt naturally keeping up w/ kids' language while in the army(cr: )
Sofia L. jaetaku

[FAN ACCOUNT-Jaejoong's right-after-discharge FM] Imagine JJ eating chocolate bars after every meal just too cute to handle
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Scroll down for more HQ pics and vids from Jaejoong's mini fansign at COEX


Mini video of Jaejoong greeting friends and staff (CJES End-of-the-Year & Welcome Back JJ Party)

[IG TR] "Let's celebrate Jaejoong's discharge!" "We love you!" 

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Wonka BornfreeoneKiss

Another video from the party...
Jaejoong with veteran actor Park SungWoong
【jsroroさん Instagram ジェジュン】



Kim Jaejoong Instagram Updates!!!

Yeah! indeed! Our is back!!!

Ref. It's a traditional Korean custom. We think we can get a year older as eating rice cake soup.
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Jaejoong (bornfreeonekiss2) IG update: 17/01/01

Wonka BornfreeoneKiss

Jaejoong's sister shared this adorable video as well... Nephew Gunnie kisses Uncle Jae

삼촌이 너무 좋아요.♡♡♡

Wonka BornfreeoneKiss


Oh hello there

[JYJ LINE TR] Second day after discharge, On my way to Fansigning Event. Was happy to see you ^^

[INFO] Though only 200 lucky fans were selected to get 's autograph, 2000 fans from all over went to see JJ


Jaejoong is back
JYJ added 6 new photos.
"I feel It's time to pay back the love and support you guys have given to me. I hope to see you more often from now on. Thank you for waiting for 2 years!"
#KIMJAEJOONG #KimJae-joong #December31 #SigningEventforFans #WaitedforYouJaejung #ExcitingReunion #ThankYou #ForWaiting #HopetoSeeYouMoreOftenFromNowOn
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JYJ's Jaejoong revealed his weight fluctuation while serving in the military.

Jaejoong was officially discharged from his military duties on December 30, and he met fans through the 'V' app the following day on the 31st on his way to his fan signing event. 

He stated that he tried to manage his weight and looks while in the army because he knew he had to see his fans again in the future. 

Fans requested he start an Instagram and he stated that he would. After talking about not having many photos, he talked about his weight while in the army and stated, "When I was in the army I gained 19kg (41 pounds), but now I've lost 14kg (30 pounds). I didn't want to look too old so I had a diet of eating high sodium and low protein foods. It's a bit silly, isn't it? So I lost weight and now I weigh around 65kg to 66kg (143 to 145 pounds). I lost a lot of weight, didn't I?"

Check out his full 'V' live below!


나는 장조~ 나는 단조~ 나는 화음~ 나는 멜로디~
준수의 '나는 나는 음악'과 함께 행복한 2017년

TVCAST ▶ http://tvcast.naver.com/v/1344926
Xia Girl21
2016 XIA Ballad & Musical with Orchestra Vol.5
Vlive: http://m.vlive.tv/video/19972/

Photo published for 김준수 - '나는 나는 음악' 공연 실황 공개 ! (Happy new year!)


Kim Jaejoong Responds To Those Who Assume He Had It Easy In The Army

A day after being discharged from the army, JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong greeted fans through V Live while on his way to a fan signing event.
During his quick broadcast, Kim Jaejoong mentioned how he’s getting used to speaking conversational Korean again after two years of using military speech. He then admitted to fans how awkward it feels to step back into the celebrity life and apply makeup again.
He started out by asking, “What do you call it again? Eyeliner? Putting on makeup again after two years feels so awkward. During my time in the army, I only applied camouflage cream, but here I am with makeup on again. I’m not used to it, so I was planning on only wearing BB cream for the event.”
The JYJ member also talked about his time in the army, stating, “Some people look at me and think I had an easy service, but I really did try my best. Because I enlisted a bit later than most people, I felt a huge responsibility to work even harder. I can proudly say I was the only Special Class Soldier from my unit.”
When talking about maintaining his looks, Kim Jaejoong said, “While everyone else was eating ramyeon, I didn’t. I lost 14 kilograms. Through a high-salt, low-protein diet, I lost body weight but maintained my face. I think I aged less during those two years. Currently, I weigh around 65 kilograms.”
Kim Jaejoong ended his V Live broadcast by telling his fans, “I’ll greet you again soon!”
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Jaejoong: I'm the only special warrior in my division.

재중이를 기다리는 한나(Hannah) Retweeted BlueSquid

특급잔사 criteria: 
1. Shooting: Hit the target more than 90% 
2. 72 push-ups in 2 min 
3. Sit-ups 82 times in 2min 
4. Run 1.5Km in less than 5m48
Amazing Jae

The insignia above the left breast pocket is for "Special Warrior"

[INFO] How to be a special combatant/warrior:

The physical capability-3 kinds of physical measurement..
– Sit-up (more than 86 for 2 min)
– Push-up (more than 72 for 2 min)
– 3km Running (within 12min 30s as walking with quick steps in full gear-about 20kg (44lb))

Can have a qualification to be a special combatant if he passes * The combat capability
– Shooting (hit the target 19 time out of 20-it can be different from division)
– First aid
– Alert order
– CBR training-Chemical, Biological, and Radiological)
– Psychological aspect
– Military fundamental law

Can be a special combatant if he marks a score of 90 or above all these things

JYJ3 Team’s Note: “Special Class Warrior/Special Class Soldier” is bestowed to only 1% of the ROKA! *proud*

Shared by: JYJ3


[OTRO INSTAGRAM] 170101 IG de smi.ryoo: "Welcome Back JJ"

[Other IG] June.shin1's instagram - Jaejoong is so Handsome!!


Kim Jaejoong IS BACK!

161231 CJES IG Update: "Very blessed to see everyone after so long~ We'll be meeting real soon again yah "

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Was the #greatest moment indeed for 4 hours! Thank #U all to come #tonight for #KimJaeJoong See #u again #very SOON!

Mini FanSign event at COEX



Scroll down for more videos and HQ pictures...

Fans waiting for Jaejoong... Only the select 200 fans will get to be up close with JJ



I weighed almost 80Kgs(weight training) but wondered if that body would fit concept of my concert... 
Fans: we love muscular JJ~~~~
  if I want, I can gain back 14Kg easily

Please don't ask me to pet your head... I feel really embarrassed

A couple married while was serving MS, the bride got interest in her future husband when she saw background photo of his phone was JJ!
Anybody with my face as his phone background image must be of good character! 
All the soldiers in his base and soldiers who performed with him in other bases contacted on the day of his discharge
Exactly 197 people visited during his MS
What do you think are the reasons for your popularity among soldiers? I can't say w my mouth. I want them to post comments on internet ^^
plans to donate the entire salary he saved as a soldier
He already donated everything back to army to help out soldiers

made 2 goals while playing soccer in army!!!! Hurrah

A lot of you guys got married... (while I was away) What will you say if I get married? - Fans: Boo~~~

What special star we have! takes sweet time w each (lucky)fan...He knows it's that one moment they will cherish for rest of their lives
Cjes rented this venue till 10PM but seems like the fansigning will continue past 11PM at this rate 
Our ex-soldier baby must be signing half asleep. It is way past his bed time... 





various type of head gears lol
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Do they sell flower wreaths on streets? So many..only saw flower beggar wear it-  
Fans: Other idols wear them 
JJ: Then must I? I'm idol

Claudia C. 
I was eating dinner with family in Coex and suddenly saw pple screaming. When I got close I realized it was a fansign event with JYJ's Kim Jae Joong. Just one day after he completed his military service~


The pink tag: My man ...




Pictures as tagged

161231 Jaejoong Pinky Promise with Fan!!! (Cr my 佳)


Please be careful not catch flu... I did recently and suffered a lot
I have to get ready fast for concert, I don't want to look like soldier on concert stage, wanted to look exactly same as 2 yrs ago
many male fans, fans from various age groups including middle schoolers, many overseas fans... thank you so encouraged


Huyền Nguyễn

Fansign lasted for almost 4 hours. took his sweet time with each of the 200 lucky fans  thank you


Jaejoong LIVE on V App (on his way to the mini Fan sign event)

click on link:

Nana Jaejoong Nj

[V Live] A lot of people are making comments. is it not strange? I only got discharged yesterday.

I was able to eat regularly and exercise too.

I feel strange putting make up now. It's been a long time.
It's good not put make up. You saw me without make up on yesterday right?
As I just got back from the army, it's embarrassing to put eyeliner. I put BB cream at home instead. kkk

I have to learn words from other countries (seeing as he has a lot of msgs in different languages)
Bec I was in the army, I seem to have forgotten Korean (wordings in the army is different)

When I was in the army, training was severe and it is often painful.
It might seem like I live comfortably while I was in the army but I really tried hard in the army until the end
Towards the end, we get a lot of holidays. I still worked hard until the end.
Even at the army, I thought I should keep my body in shape when I meet you after

I lost 14kg while on a diet so i'm about 65-66 kg right now
I enjoy eating ramen at night when I was in the army. But had to stop and manage my physical condition as I have to meet you all

I'll try to take more photos and share my daily life with you (people are asking him to update instagram)

It's been so long since I put make up on...weird feeling, I told makeup artist unlike younger idols, I don't need to put eyeliner on
Ramen noodles I ate in military tasted so good
I gained 19 Kg at one point after enlightenment but lost 14 Kgs recently through low salt+low carb diet... at 62Kg now  
I tried a diet method that keeps fat on my face, if not, my face could look old
Easy military life? I tried really hard!!!!
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161231 CJES IG Update: "Jaejoong on his way to meet fans!  
See you on V-LIVE now!

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Junsu...Dazed and Confused Pictorial

161230 Kim Junsu "Dazed Korea" Behind the scene

Xia Girl21
JYJ added 3 new photos.
“내가 바로 김준수다” 를 여실히 보여주는 #패션매거진 #DAZED 화보 비하인드부터
김준수의 #화보 #촬영현장 A to Z 총정리!

NAVER POST ☑ http://naver.me/558GA1AF

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[JYJ LINE TR] Record of 10 days after Jaejoong's discharge: Day 1

Trans via crystalmoon64

드디어 NO.X라이브 들을 수 있는건가요????
무대 위 반짝 반짝 빛나는 별🌟 김재중을 직접 만날 수 있는 기회!

#김재중 #KIMJAEJOONG #The_REBIRTH_of_J #2016년_재중의_마지막_선물 #팬사랑은_영원하다 #새해부터_열일예약 #2017년_1월_2일 #월요일 #저녁8시 #티켓오픈 #멜론티켓

Finally no. Can you hear the x live????
A chance to meet up the stage with twinkle twinkle twinkle twinkle stars!
#Kim Jae #Kimjaejoong #the _ rebirth _ of _ J #2016 _ of _ 2016 _ gift _ last _ gift #love _ Permanent #2017 years #2017 YEARS 2 Work #Monday #evening #ticket open #melon ticket

[CONCERT INFO] 'Rebirth of J' Kim Asia Concert Tour 

Yokohama Arena 2/7,8,9 
Osakajo Hall 2/13,14 
Nagoya Nihon Gaishi Hall 2/21,22


[ENG SUBS] 161230 Kim Jaejoong's discharge from the military...



Kakao talk between Jaejoong and previously discharged soldier...

More comments from other soldiers...


[OTHER IG] Arnoldhong46's Instagram:

[OTHER IG] Ah Hyuck's Instagram:


Jaejoong is asked about JYJ's reaction to his being discharged from the military

By alim17  

Yay, JYJ's Jaejoong has finally been discharged from the military!  The ceremony for the completion of mandatory service took place on December 30, where he addressed the press.

When asked, "What did the members say about you getting discharged?" Jaejoong replied, "When I was on break last year, the members told me, 'Until the end, until it's over, you aren't done,'" and laughed. So guess it's now over for you!

He then said, "I have plans to greet my fans tomorrow.  I probably will see them in future plans for concerts or tours.  I will promote with a cool image even after being discharged." And fans cannot wait!

Meanwhile, Junsu will be enlisting on February 9.



7 Reasons Why We’re Excited For Jaejoong’s Return To K-Pop via

The two long years have gone by and the wait is finally over, Jaejoong is back!
With Jaejoong‘s release from the army today, there is definitely an air of excitement as one of Korea’s favorite Hallyu stars comes home. Fans are very excited as his return from the army means that their favorite idol can make a comeback into the K-pop scene. Here are five reasons why we’re
Here are five reasons why we’re excited to have Jaejoong back!
1. His amazing vocals
 As a former member of TVXQ and a current member of JYJ, Jaejoong’s vocals skills are on another level. His solo releases demonstrate his amazing vocal abilities. After two years of waiting, it’ll be great to hear him singing again!
2. His Unique Music Taste
Unlike others, Jaejoong does not conform to the standards around him. For his solo debut album, Jaejoong strayed away from the typical pop sound and pursued a darker rock-themed sound for his album I. It’ll be exciting to see what kind of music and concept he has planned out for his next release!
3. His incomparable beauty
Amongst all idols in the industry, Jaejoong is known to be one of the most handsome/beautiful faces within K-pop. His slim face and perfect facial proportions, make him quite the fatal attraction.  With or without long hair, he’s still handsome, he even makes the standard military uniform look amazing. It’ll be nice to see his beautiful face.
4. His Acting
Before his enlistmentJaejoong had quite the roster of dramas and movies he was in. From the 2011 drama Protect the Boss to the 2012 movie Jackal is Coming to the 2015 drama SPY, Jaejoong had built up his acting credibility. Hopefully, we will be able to see him starring in dramas soon!
5. His SNS 
One thing that has definitely been missed by fans is internet user bornfreeonekiss’s Twitter and Instagram updates. Jaejoong’s last tweet was back in 2015 when he cut off his hair for the military.
His Instagram has also been pretty lonely, with no adorable dog pictures being uploaded in over 92 weeks.
Maybe now that he’s free he can finally get back to updating his SNS!
6. His Fanservice
Jaejoong is known to be very genuine and caring towards his fans. He always tries to interact and talk with fans to the best of his abilities. Fans must be excited to know they’ll be able to interact with him again soon!
7. His quirkiness
Kim Jaejoong
Overall, what we miss about Jaejoong, is Jaejoong himself. His quirky and bright personality is something that has been greatly missed!
It’s nice to have this hunk of a man back!


161230 Junsu IG: "Faints.. In this case.. I wear M.." L: "I'm L." Light: "I'm XL." L: "Really? You're quite big sized then."


Golden disk award nominees: Kim JaeJoong

Let us all keep voting and with consistency...

Netizens Comments

Article: "Oppas are back" Kim Jaejoong and Sungmin discharged from the army today
Source: Sports Donga via Naver
1. [+3,058, -100] Wow Kim Jaejoong's visuals are no joke

2. [+2,165, -117] But is anyone welcoming Sungmin back? His fans have completely turned their backs on him... I used to like him too, he should've been better to his fans while he had them..

3. [+1,712, -47] Kim Jaejoong's discharged already??? Congrats to both ㅋㅋ

4. [+1,005, -45] Wow, time flies...

5. [+424, -20] Glad to have Jaejoong back, and Lee Sungmin needs to leave Super Junior if he has any shame left

6. [+325, -10] Look at that difference in visuals...

7. [+327, -14] Kim Jaejoong looks a lot cooler, seems he gained some muscle tone while serving

8. [+303, -10] With the two side by side, one looks so ugly by comparison ㅋㅋㅋ


Article: 'Looking more dependable' Kim Jaejoong's confident discharge ceremony

Source: Mydaily via Nate

1. [+314, -65] His face looks so handsome, he looks like some European man off to duty ㅋㅋㅋ and his body definitely looks like it has gained some muscle tone too ㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+235, -32] Congrats on your discharge~ always grateful for the soldiers still serving today in this cold weather

3. [+213, -37] I always thought he looked like a big headed elf, he's still so handsome

4. [+24, -6] He's damn handsome

5. [+20, -2] He actually looks more handsome

6. [+20, -2] Omo, he looks more handsome

7. [+16, -7] Wow, first time seeing someone look so good in an army uniform. Even most celebrities can't pull it off.

8. [+12, -0] There's no better mood than the day of your discharge. He's probably in the best condition he's ever been in his life.


Welcoming Jaejoong back...JYJ FB Update
JYJ added 2 new photos.
병장 김재중! 전역을 명 받았습니다!
우리 내일 만나요~

'전역' 김재중, 팬들 곁으로(종합)

JYJ 김재중, 전역 소감 "팬들 가장 만나고 싶었다"

김재중, 제대 후 첫 활동은 팬사인회X투어 "응원 덕분에 잘 마쳤다"

#김재중 #KIMJAEJOONG #전역 #축하합니다 #빵빠레를_울리자 #이제_막_전역한_군인맞아요? #비주얼쇼크 #남신님의_귀환 #기사사진도_화보로_만드는 #내일 #6시30분 #V앱 #VLive #코엑스 #팬사인회 #곧만나요
Our #all time #fave Kim Jaejoong! He’s #comeback It’s #incredible indeed! See #U all #tmrw his #fan meeting & #Vapp #live broadcasting!
Image may contain: 2 people, outdoor

Image may contain: 2 people, people standing, crowd, sky, child, tree and outdoor

[IG] 함께 전역한 알동기들과 재중이


Return of the King
Welcome Back Jaejoong

[Congrats] Kim Jaejoong Discharged from the Army
Dance with shoulders! Play the music~💃
#KIMJAEJOONG #kimjaejoong #SergeantKim #Discharge #December30th #I_was_honorably_discharged_from_the_army #Everybody_wear_flowershoes #To tread on all the waitings and run @and_narrow_the_distance_to_hug_you #BigKim_Comeback

Scroll down for more glorious pictures and videos...

Even his breath makes a masterpiece
via crystalmoon64

reports completion of his MS to many of his fans gathered in front of the base
via crystalmoon64

1st activity chose after discharge is fan signing/tour: was able to finish successfully coz of fans' support
Via crystalmoon64

JYJ′s Kim Jae Joong Plans Fan Meeting After Discharge from Military

JYJ′s Kim Jae Joong has been discharged from the military on December 30.

On December 30, Kim Jae Joong, who received basic training beginning March 31, 2015 at the 1st infantry Division in Paju before serving as an active-duty soldier under the 55th Infantry Division, officially completed his military service.

On this day, Kim Jae Joong shared, "The JYJ members continued to cheer for me. Even when I came out for vacation last year, the members said, ′It′s not over until it′s over, so work hard and don′t get hurt.′"

Kim Jae Joong plans to meet his fans through a mini fan meeting on the day after his discharge, December 31.

Meanwhile, Kim Jae Joong′s agency congratulated the star by sharing through their SNS channel, "Congratulations on your discharge. Congratulations Kim Jae Joong! We missed you. Thank you for waiting for 640 days."

Photo credit: C-JeS Entertainment


On December 30, Kim Jae Joong, who received basic training beginning March 31, 2015 at the 1st infantry Division in Paju before serving as an active-duty soldier under the 55th Infantry Division, officially completed his military service.

On this day, Kim Jae Joong shared, "The JYJ members continued to cheer for me. Even when I came out for vacation last year, the members said, ′It′s not over until it′s over, so work hard and don′t get hurt.′"

Meanwhile, Kim Jae Joong′s agency congratulated the star by sharing through their SNS channel, "Congratulations on your discharge. Congratulations Kim Jae Joong! We missed you. Thank you for waiting for 640 days."


JYJ’s Jaejoong and Super Junior’s Sungmin complete military service

Photo published for JYJ's Jaejoong and Super Junior's Sungmin complete military service — Koreaboo

After at least 21 months of military service, JYJ’s Jaejoong and Super Junior’s Sungmin have been discharged today. 
On December 30th, Jaejoong was discharged from his mandatory military service having served as an army soldier. Jaejoong enlisted in the army March 31st, 2015, and was placed under the 55th Infantry Division. He served as an active duty soldier for the last 21 months and was also an active member of the military band.

After completing his military service, Jaejoong is set to meet with his fans first through a mini-fan meeting on December 31st. No other information about his upcoming activities as a singer or actor was revealed.

A first glimpse of Jaejoong outside the military.
There were a few tears shed as Jaejoong met his fans after his discharge.

JYJ's Jaejoong and Super Junior's Sungmin return from their mandatory military service!

By beansss 

Two of our favorite oppas/hyungs have returned from their mandatory military service! 

On the morning of December 31, JYJ's Jaejoong and Super Junior's Sungmin were both officially relieved of their military service duties. The two stars showed up in front of reporters and fans at different locations each and saluted onlookers dutifully. Both stars enlisted back on March 31, 2015. 

It was reported that approximately 500 fans were present to see to Jaejoong's return! The JYJ member plans to meet with 200 pre-selected fans at a fan meeting event on December 31. Sungmin was also greeted with gifts from fans during his return. 

It's so good to have you both back!

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong Discharged From The Army, Thanks TWICE And BLACKPINK

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong was discharged from the 55th Infantry Division of the army in the Gyeonggi Province in the morning of December 30.
During the ceremony, he stated, “I’m thankful that so many people came. Thanks to my comrades, I have been safe and sound. Those outside who waited and supported me until the end have given me strength to work hard during my service. I’m older than the friends I trained with, so I tried to work even harder.”
He shared, “There are too many people I’d like to see, but I want to meet up with my family, staff, and friends. What I’ve wanted to do most was to see my fans. I’m glad there will be a fan meeting tomorrow,” referring to a fan meeting to celebrate his discharge on December 31 at the COEX Live Plaza in Gangnam, Seoul.
Furthermore, Kim Jaejoong expressed that he gained a renewed attitude toward his country, saying, “I didn’t know this before I enlisted, but I realized that I exist because of my nation. There are citizens because there is a country.” He continued, “I hope the remaining soldiers will be able to safely conclude their military life.”
He also confessed that he watched many girl group performances throughout his service in the army and said with a laugh, “I liked many girl groups like TWICE and BLACKPINK. They gave me a lot of strength.”
With various events lined up for his fans from the start of the new year, the singer explained, “I’m scheduled to see and greet my fans tomorrow. I’m also thinking of holding a concert or a tour in the future. I will continue my promotional activities well even after being discharged.”
On the day of the ceremony, around 500 local and foreign fans powered through the freezing weather and stood by in front of the base from early morning to be able to congratulate Kim Jaejoong on his discharge.
Kim Jaejoong enlisted in the army on March 31, 2015 as a new recruit in Paju city. After finishing basic training, he began fulfilling his duties in the military’s 55th Infantry Division.
He is the first JYJ member to have completed his military service, with Park Yoochun currently serving as a public service worker and Kim Junsu set to enlist on February 9, 2017.
Source (1) (2)


Welcome Back Jaejoong!

Click links for more photos:
69 pics

Today's Photo: December 31, 2016

liveen 라이브엔



161230 Jaejoong Army Completion Greeting


Photo published for [写真]ジェジュン除隊を喜ぶファン(聯合ニュース) - Yahoo!ニュース

Photo published for 김재중의 군생활에 위로가 되어준 트와이스-블랙핑크? (김재중 제대)

as tagged

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Fans waiting for Jaejoong in the cold!!! 



Welcome Back! Finally he’s really back! We’s all missed #U Kim Jaejoong a lot! See you all #tmrw at the #fan meeting!


JYJ’s Jaejoong, Super Junior’s Sungmin to be discharged from military Friday

Updated : December 29 2016

(Twitter account of @yys0602, Jae-joong's brother-in-law/ Defense Media Agency)
Two boy band members, JYJ’s Jaejoong and Super Junior’s Sungmin will be discharged from the military Friday.

Jaejoong enlisted in the Army on March 31, 2015, the same day that Sungmin enlisted.

They have both served their mandatory military service for 21 months, with Jaejoong serving in the 55th Army division’s military band and Sung-min in the 17th Army division’s military band.

Jaejoong will hold a fan meeting Saturday.

Both singers are expected to have solo careers for a while, as their bandmates are still serving their military service.

By Kim So-yeon (syk19372@heraldcorp.com)


[FANCAM + TRANS] 161227 XIA Ballad & Musical Concert with Orchestra vol.5 in Osaka – Last Talk after encore


Note: After finishing the encore stage, Junsu came out again.

Everyone. I knew that today everyone wouldn’t leave. Thank you very much.

For one, really today, really I cried, with the event as well.

Well, a bit, about 2 years we’ll be separated but they say that the me who will be inside (T/N: in the army) feel it longer.

but the audience who are outside don’t (feel it) so long. When I look at Jaejoong and think ahh that’s quite fast, Jaejoong says IT’S NOT FAST! IT’S SLOW! The time doesn’t seem to move, he said. He said it felt like twice or thrice (the time). For me maybe I will feel it’s long but i think I will come faster than what everyone thought. (Applause)

In those 2 years, if you were not able to do things like dating, umm studying, hobbies, while doing those. Me? ah, Junsu is your hobby? 

When I return make [your hobby] again me, increase it one more (T/N: I’m assuming increasing your hobby) Other artists is prohibited. Honestly, over here all the women, go to and fro with KPOP, but honestly I am fine with that. I am quite fine with that. It is okay to go (T/N: to other artists). You can go, but when I come [back], going back and forth, ah. going back and forth is not allowed. But other artists.. well… umm.. it’s okay if you go (to them). But the time when I return, you have to Paaa! (T/N: in Osaka con day 1, Junsu used Paa to illustrate break up, so I’m assuming that’s what he means here). There is No Problem then! (Applause)

xiahjunjjyu side note: This is very true, in Japan at least. Most of the fans are essentially KPOP fans, they support many other KPOP artists as well though there will be many of those who only support one artist. Junsu really knows many things.

Ah, this Paa is nice, everything can be conveyed. A conversation this long, with Paa! everything with just Paa! (laughs) Ya, because I will become like an idiot. 

Anyways, but well the concert has ended, but the real last work is the Death note musical work, it’s now very soon, from January 3rd for only 3 weeks, When that ends, I will immediately go, well really I will go all in and do it. 

If you want to meet me, please come to see it. I will come back quickly, I will return quickly so please wait for me!

Marriage is also okay. it’s okay to have children, If you have children come together with them. If you get married come together with your husband. I will be a bit jealous but.. If you date then come with your boyfriend. 

Bye Bye. Please return back safely. Let’s meet quickly [again]

Video credit: XIARU 시아루
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER


[Part TR] Kim Jaejoong gets discharged tomorrow (12/30) Huge gathering of Hallyu fans are expected
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Huge gatherings of Hallyu fans at the base, JHolic, Moldir, and COEX

JYJ Kim Jaejoong SuperJr Seongmin complete Active duty MS of 21 months on same day(12/30), signaling their return


[NEW VID] 161229 XIA Ballad and Musical Concert with Orchestra Vol.5 MAKING FILM!

Vichelle Wong

Photo published for 김준수 - 2016 발라드&뮤지컬 콘서트 포스터 촬영현장 Making Film


[RANKING] Park Yuchun placed 3rd as a male actor who suits historical dramas

Male Actors in their 30s who Matches Well with Historical Dramas

(11.8% voted for ‘Others’)

Picture Credit: @hong1606
Shared by: JYJ3

Kim Ji Min shares her reactions to close friend Yoochun's sexual assault controversy

By yckim124  
Comedian Kim Ji Min shared how she reacted to JYJ Yoochun's sexual assault controversy. 

During the December 26 broadcast of 'Heard It Through the Grapevine', Yoochun's sexual assault controversy became a topic of discussion. Regarding the issue, Kim Ji Min revealed, "I was really shocked because I know Yoochun. We were actually kind of close."

She continued, "The Yoochun I know felt like a non-celebrity when I first met him. Unlike an idol star, he was easy to approach. He was simple, carefree, and easygoing. Rumors about him were also good. He's very mannerly to elders. So I was really really shocked about the sexual assault incident and even wondered if this is the Yoochun I knew."

In the summer of 2016, Yoochun was accused of sexually assaulting 5 women. 


Note Park Yuchun has been deemed "Innocent of all Charges"


Junsu relaxing

161228 JS IG: "Arrived in KR. B4 rehearsal..feels like it's been long since I look at the sky. Sunny weather, warm sun, pretty rays too."

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161228 Junsu arriving at Gimpo Airport from Japan


The 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2016


Ballad and Musical Concert with Orchestra in Osaka, Japan
Day 2

From Death Note

Genie Time








Hello Hello (Fan Event)

End talk

161228 Junsu's mom instagram update! BACKSTAGE PIC!!!

Junsu thrills fans in Japan with musical gala concert

Updated : December 27 2016

CJES Entertainment
Junsu of JYJ, also known by his stage name Xia, treated his fans in Japan to a year-end concert for the first time.

The tour “2016 XIA Ballad & Musical Concert with Orchestra vol.5,” is Junsu’s fifth annual year-end concert, but it’s the first time for the k-pop star to take it to Japan.

On Monday the 30-year-old singer opened his performance at the Osaka-jo Hall with popular numbers from the musical “Mozarts!” where he made his musical debut.

He also portrayed all the other characters he has performed on stage, playing show tunes such as “December” and “With the heart to forget you” from the musical “December.”

As a special tribute to his Japanese fans, Junsu also sang a Japanese-translated version of “The Last Dance” from the musical “Elisabeth.”

It was not his first time to have a concert in Osaka but he considers this one particularly special. “I think the reason why I could sing up until now is because of your love,” he said conveying his gratitude toward his fans.

It is his last concert before he begins his military duty in February.

“I will be away from you for next two years, but I will soon be back safe and sound so please give me a chance to return your love after two years. I think I will keep remembering this moment before I go to sleep,” he said closing his concert.

Junsu will finish his tour in Japan with tonight’s show in Osaka.

By Kim So-yeon (syk19372@heraldcorp.com)

[NEWS] 161227 Kim Junsu “I am able to keep singing, thanks to fans’ loves”

 photo 2016122710362032294.jpg
Group JYJ Kim Junsu (XIA Junsu) heated up Osaka hotly with his musical gala concert.
Kim Junsu was gifted a warm year-end by Osaka fans through ‘2016 XIA Ballad&Musical Concert with Orchestra vol.5 in Japan’ held at Osaka-jo Hall in in Osaka, Japan the past 26th. Kim Junsu, who spent a meaningful time with 50,000 fans in Seoul and Tokyo, coated Osaka concert hall with a special performance and caused hot shouts.
After performing an opening with gem-like numbers from his musical debut work ‘Mozart!’, Kim Junsu imparted his impression upon starting his performance with Osaka fans, saying: “This is the last concert for 2016. Through the performance this time, I plan to show you bit by bit all the characters I’ve undertaken in musicals for the past 7 years. I have visited Osaka-jo Hall so many times, and it seems really cool every time I come”.
 photo 2016122710363210981.jpg
The concert hall befitting of the year-end was filled with a warm atmosphere. As Kim Junsu heated up the atmosphere passionately singing ‘December’’s number ‘December’ and ‘With a Heart that Should Forget’ with his emotional voice that thawed out the cold; and had presented an extra-special fanservice for Japanese fans, singing numbers like ‘Last Dance’ rendered into Japanese.
Like at every performance, Kim Junsu exuded his different charms in a ‘Genie Time’ which does add fun to the performance with fans’ ingenious wishes, showing such things like dance medleys and an on-the-spot quiz with fans. Although he pieced the dances together without a snag as the music for the dance medley flowed out, he showed an embarrassed look shortly afterwards and asked for help from a dancer. The two people added to the fun by presenting a dance medley exploding with excitement. Following, Kim Junsu started a quiz game together with his fans. Fans guessed right the correct answers in bursts to the questions put out personally by Kim Junsu; and the concert hall was jam-packed with hotter shouts after he demonstrated in fullness the rapport and deep relationship between an artist and a fan.
 photo 2016122710363421093.jpg
Like this, captivating Osaka with fanservice and his stage that communicates his emotions for fans, Kim Junsu completed the performance and received fans’ hot cheers after conveying to everyone his gratitude and apologetic heart when he said, “This Osaka performance is a special performance for me. I think the reason that I am able to keep singing songs up to now is thanks to a great deal of love everybody has given me. Although I will be a short distance away for 2 years in the future, I will come back healthy soon so I would appreciate you giving me the opportunity to return for everybody’s love after the 2 years. Right now it feels like I will keep thinking about this moment before I fall asleep”.
Meanwhile, Kim Junsu will bring down the splendid curtain of his year-end concert for the last time with his performance at Osaka-jo Hall in Osaka today (27th).

Source: Tenasia  
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3  
Shared by: JYJ3

Umm.. (hesitating)
Here, on this stage, today till this moment, always.
Always sang songs. Always sang songs, the reason for this miracle is i believe thanks to the many love that everyone gave. (Applause)
From here on, a bit for 2 years we’ll be separated. I will soon return healthy so after 2 years, from here so that I can answer back (T/N: return or repay back) the love, I will be grateful if you could give me the opportunity (to do so). (Applause)

Will you wait for me? (Fans: Yess).
2 years is quite, if you think it as short, it’s short and if you think it as long, it’s long?
If you think it as long, it’s quite long but.. it’s quite long!
To say why, even in Korea couples who are dating, if the guy goes to the army, then it’s quite.. Paa!! (T/N: sound effect word)
they break up. More than 90% break up. (Fans: ehhh??)(Fan: it’s ok, it’s ok)

I feel uneasy (Fans: it’s ok!)
But, the love I received till now I was happy enough, when i return even if a bit of everyone are left. (Fans: ehhhh)
Ahh um but whichever me, I will work hard. Right now’s everyone, i believe before falling asleep I will remember. (Applause)
Always everyday I will think (about) [everyone].
Thank you very much!

The last song is from musical Dorian Gray. The lyrics of this song has the contents that I wanted to say to everyone so I choose this song. I would like to bid goodbye with this song. Please listen to it, requiem.

Video credit: lejxiah
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

[OTHER INSTAGRAM + INSTAGRAM] 161227 Jung Gun Young shared a past photo with Junsu + Junsu comments on it

[PHOTO] 준수의 모든 투어가 오늘로서 끝났다~
당분간이지만 그 동안 준수도 수고많았고
모두들 수고했어요~
다시 또 신나게 합시다!!
12년전-The Way U Are!!

Junsu’s whole tour has ended as of today~
Even though it’s been for a while, Junsu also has worked hard all the while
Everybody, you’ve worked hard~
I am getting excited once again!!
Um..The picture is..
(from) 12 years ago- The Way U Are!!
#not (the)

 photo 15535546_1335889966464008_7347388042027466752_n.jpg


오..이땐 나보다 잘생겼네..근데 지금 확실히..많이 상태가 .....형 고마웠어 앞으로도 힘내!화이팅^^

[TRANS] Oh..at this time you were more good-looking than me..But surely now..I am in better condition …..Hyung, thank you and cheer up from now on! Fighting^^

@xiaxiaxia1215 I love you

Translations by: rilanna of JYJ3  
Shared by: JYJ3

JYJ added 7 new photos.
기억해...우리가 김준수에게 반한 시간...
모차르트부터 도리안까지... 김준수의 7개의 인격속으로!
네이버 포스트▶ http://naver.me/xuoSeasx

#김준수 #XIA #XIAJUNSU #연말콘서트 #2016_XIA_Ballad_Musical_Concert_with_Orchestra_vol5 #준수의_비밀 #킬미힐미 #도_울고갈 #7가지_뮤캐인격 #대공개 #네이버 #포스트
... See More

Remember... we have to comply with Kim and half an hour... <3
Mozart from Dorian... XIA ITS 7 personality!
Naver post ▶ http://naver.me/xuoSeasx

#김준수 #XIA #XIAJUNSU #연말콘서트 #2016_XIA_Ballad_Musical_Concert_with_Orchestra_vol5 #준수의_비밀 #킬미힐미 #도_울고갈 #7가지_뮤캐인격 #대공개 #네이버 #포스트

Can’t help but falling in #love w/him! #KimJunSu Check the #released #NAVER #post for it NOW! #U won’t miss the #seven #different #gorgeous #characters of him from #Mozart to #DorianGray

Image may contain: 1 person, on stage, standing and concert

Image may contain: 1 person, standing

Image may contain: 1 person, standing and night

"여러가지 걱정이 있을 때마다 포기하지 말라고 저의 손을 잡아준 것은 팬 여러분들입니다.
2년 후에 돌아와서 여러분이 행복해질 수 있도록 노력할께요."

김준수 "음악 포기하지 않은 건 팬 덕분, 2년 후 행복하게 해줄 것"

Golden Ticket Awards


Congratulatory Flowers to Jaejoong and his JHolic from Im Siwan (Triangle costar), Jang Geun Suk, Yuchun/Junsu

Flower stand from Im Siwan to his Jaejoong-i Hyung for Jholic opening
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Jaejoong-hyeong, become rich and buy me cha(car or tea, homonyms) instead of coffee-Siwan

From JS and YC: "Please love Jaejoong hyung's cafe"

From Asia prince to Kim Jaejoong Trans:welcome back brother


Countdown...3 more days until Kim Jaejoong is back!

 cjes.tagram's video

Super #glad it’s finally D-3! #Congrats Kim Jaejoong, his #comeback on upcoming 30th! Can’t believe! #YAY

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Junsu's Thank You message after winning Best Musical Actor at SACA

[JYJ FB] 일본에서 날아온 준수의 '2016 SACA' 수상소감! "감사합니다 사랑합니다"



161226 2016 XIA Ballad&Musical Concert with Orchestra in Japan

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From Dorian Gray

From Elizabeth

From Dracula
Fresh Blood


Dance Medey

Genie Time

Song Medley 





Scroll down for more pics and videos...


Note Park Yuchun has been deemed "Innocent of all Charges"

[★BREAKING] JYJ Yoochun’s first rape accuser sentenced to 2 years in jail

Published: December 24th, 2016

The escort that first accused JYJ‘s Park Yoochun of rape has recently been sentenced to 2 years in prison.

On December 22nd at the Seoul Central court, Ms. Lee  – who formerly accused JYJ Yoochun of raping her – was sentenced to 2 years in prison for false accusations and attempted extortion. Her boyfriend was sentenced to 1.5 years in jail, and a Korean gang member who claimed to be Ms. Lee’s older cousin was sentenced to 3.5 years in jail. screen-shot-2016-12-24-at-3-22-24-pm  
Ms. Lee being escorted to a holding facility in a police vehicle.
Korean Gang Member” who initially claimed to be a cousin of “Miss Lee” but was found to be a simple accomplice.
Miss Lee has also submitted 3 letters of apologies on December 14th, 15th and 16th requesting for a lighter sentence.”


First Accuser
Ms. Lee was the first of six separate accusations of rape made towards Yoochun, claiming that Yoochun had taken her into the bathroom of an adult establishment and raped her. Her boyfriend submitted her underwear and clothes that Miss Lee was wearing at the time as evidence. It was later discovered that she had contacted Yoochun’s company C-JeS Entertainment and offered to try to settle with them before reporting the alleged rape to the authorities.
According to reports, Miss Lee explained, “I can no longer stay in Korea after being sexually assaulted, and wish to move to China,” asking for a one billion won ($863,000 USD) settlement.
Shortly after news about the accusation broke, Ms. Lee withdrew her assault charges against Yoochun. Ms. Lee revealed that she took legal action because of Yoochun’s alleged condescending attitude and the general air of superiority Yoochun and his company had towards her.

Second Accuser

Later that week, a second woman came forward with similar accusations against Yoochun. The woman alleged that in December of 2015, Yoochun raped her in the bathroom of the adult establishment that she worked at. She explained, “He said let’s go talk in the washroom because it was too loud in the room. When we were in there, I was thinking about how far I should let things go on for and then he raped me.” She added that he had sexual intercourse with her after she repeatedly expressed her refusal to participate.

Subsequent Accusations

The next day, a third woman filed sexual assault charges against Yoochun. She alleged that Yoochun raped her two years ago on June 12, 2014, claiming that he raped her in his house after a group went to Yoochun’s house for drinks after a night at an adult entertainment establishment.
A fourth, fifth, and sixth accuser eventually came forward as well, all with similar stories and backgrounds.


Despite detailed accounts from the accusers, Yoochun was revealed to have been in China for two separate events during the dates that two of his accusers claimed the assaults had occurred. Park Yoochun was then found innocent on all charges of rape in July and began a legal suit against Ms. Lee and her accomplices for false accusation and attempted extortion.
Yoochun has not yet taken any actions against his other accusers.
Source: OSEN


Sergeant Jaejoong Update

[IG TR] Night watch together, April 28 -


Indonesia Air Force twitter account mentioned Kim 's name

Awww Official twitter of Indonesian Airforce mentioned Kim Jaejoong's name  
Jaejoong is famous in Indonesian Military. Thank you!

KimJaejoong Indo Retweeted Count D-007

He's the most handsome soldier in South Korea  hope he can visit Indonesia Airforce one day. Thank you, admin
It seems Indonesia Airforce admin is a male and he loves Jaejoong's rock music


Kim Jaejoong and JHolic news:

[Blog TR] Coop that installed lighting for new Samseong location help create jobs/support elderly

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Junsu in Osaka, Japan
Ballad and Musical Concert with Orchestra

Fresh Blood (Dracula)




Life After Life
XIARU 시아루 


End song...Goodbye

[TWITTER] 161226 Junsu Twitter Update – I am okay so dont worry!

[PHOTO] 오늘 고마웠어요~그리고 나 정말 괜찮으니까 걱정마세요^^きょうありがとう~そしてぼくほんとうにだいじょうぶだからしんぱいしないでね^^あしたあおう!!!! バイバイ。
Thank you for today~ and I am really alright so don’t worry^^ (T/N: in Korean)
Thank you for today~ and I am really alright so don’t worry^^ lets meet tomorrow!!!! Bye bye. 

Source: xiaxiaxia1215
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

161226 Junsu fell during "the game begins" and the fans heard him say "ah ah ah" then he got back up quickly
But couldn't remember the jap lyrics, n instead of singing the korean lyrics, he still went ahead with singing with jap lyrics
161226 Even after the fall, Junsu's singing did not change nor did his expressions and he continued to show a perfect performance.

What exactly happened to Junsu today...
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[OTHER INSTAGRAM] 161226 C-JeS Instagram Update 2: Junsu – Looking forward to seeing Osaka fans

[PHOTO] 後ほどお会いしましょう~

#김준수 #XIA #XIAJUNSU #연말콘서트 #2016_XIA_Ballad_Musical_with_Orchestra_vol5 #Japan #오사카 #OSAKA #大阪 #재밌게놀아봐요 #지니타임 #기대할게요 #무궁무진 #준수의매력 #준수와_함께_훈훈한 #연말 #씨제스타그램

See #U all in a bit later! Can’t wait today’s #concert #2016 XIA #Ballad #Musical w/Orchestra vol.5 in Osaka Japan! Let’s be w/him & happy #new year! instagram.com/p/BOeXm8GD9J9/

See you again later~

#KimJunsu #XIA #XIAJUNSU #year-end_concert #2016_XIA_Ballad_Musical_with_Orchestra_vol5 #Japan #오사카 #OSAKA #Osaka #let’s_have_fun_playing #Genie_Time #Looking_forward_to_it #immeasurable #Junsu’s_appeal #together_with_Junsu,_warm #year-end

See #U all in a bit later! Can’t wait today’s #concert #2016 XIA #Ballad #Musical w/Orchestra vol.5 in Osaka Japan! Let’s be w/him & happy #new year!
 photo 15538988_352454088462070_7738655783121846272_n.jpg
Source: cjes.tagram  
Translations by: rilanna of JYJ3  
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[ENGSUB] 161224 XIA Ballad & Musical with Orchestra Vol.5 - Making Film

Vlive: http://www.vlive.tv/video/19557/
Naver Tvcast: http://tvcast.naver.com/v/1327932 

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Previous Week's News:
JYJ CAFFEINE: JYJ News Week of  12/19- 12/25/2016 http://jyjcaffeine.blogspot.com/2016/12/jyj-news-week-of-1219-12252016.html?spref=tw