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JYJ News Week of 12/11- 12/17/2017

What's New With JYJ?
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Boss Jaejoong at KAVE mall in Japan

kavemall_jp ins


JJ Twitter and IG Updates!

Hello Jaejoongah! What are you up to ?

[JJstagram] I’ll be there soon!

彼女とディズニー行って来ました^ ^ @東京ディズニーランド (Tokyo Disneyland)

[Trans] I came to Disney with her^^  

今日の俺の彼女とデート❤️ 楽しかった ヤッホー 

[Trans]Today’s date with my girlfriend ❤️ It was fun Yahoo


즐거웠다 정말 오랜에 동심으로 돌아갔다 😊 
[Trans] It was fun going back to the same place after a long time


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미니야.. 너 참 좋다만 너 참 무겁다ㅋㅋ

[Trans]Minnie-yah... you were great but you are heavy hehe

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드디어!!! 내일이닷!! 💛
항상 채고채고인 김재중 8년 만의 예능 첫 방송 날!
내일 저녁 9시에 네이버TV <포토피플>에서 만나요 👏
#김재중 #KIMJAEJOONG #ジェジュン #金在中 #12월18일 #첫방송 #매주_월요일 #밤9시 #네이버TV #웹예능 #포토피플 #PHOTO_PEOPLE #포토그래퍼_재중 #파리여행기 #많은_시청_부탁드려요
Are you ready to watch JaeJoong’s first variety show in 8 years? Stay tuned! #NaverTV #9pm #December18th #Photo_People

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[IG] Tomorrow is the day that we get to meet handsome 👍🏻👍🏻 See you all at 9 PM KST tomorrow NaverTV
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Junsu IG Update

171217 Junsu IG: " yay!!!!" ⛄😅


Excellent balladeers and

[cjes IG] he looks so good  more  



Our always amazing at ...   
Shown on Japan's broadcast TV

Click on link



tv asahi DREAM FESTIVAL 김재중 - Good Morning Night  


JJ Twitter Updates


[Trans] motsunabe (hot pot with internal organs of cows or pigs plus veggies) is too delicious


[Trans] Regularly eating lots of delicious food makes me feel I’m becoming healthier😏
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JYJ's Junsu & Lim Chang Jung drop MV for tearful ballad 'We were..'

JYJ's Junsu and Lim Chang Jung have dropped the music video for their tearful ballad "We were.."

In the MV, a woman with a cloud over her head takes a solo trip and is met with an unexpected storm. "We were.." is a sad ballad that reflects on the end of a relationship, and Junsu is reported to have recorded the track before enlisting for his mandatory military service this past February.

Check out the "We were.." MV above! 


WATCH: ’s Kim Junsu And Slay With Their Vocals In MV For Duet “We Were”

JYJ’s Kim Junsu and Im Chang Jung have finally released their duet track “We Were”!
Kim Junsu recorded the song before enlisting in February. The sorrowful ballad “We Were” features Kim Junsu’s and Im Chang Jung’s powerful and harmonious vocals.
Watch the music video below!



[M/V] 김준수(XIA) X 임창정(Lim Chang Jung) - 우리도 그들처럼 (We were..)

XIA (Junsu) X Lim Chang Jung 'We were..' Music Video 

1theK (원더케이)
[MV] XIA(준수), IM CHANG JUNG(임창정) _ We were..(우리도 그들처럼) 
***** Hello, this is 1theK. We are working on subtitles now! Please come back and watch it again within a few hours. Thank you for your waiting and continuing interest :) ***** [Notice] 1theK YouTube is also an official channel for the MV, and music shows will count the views from this channel too. [공지] 1theK YouTube는 MV를 유통하는 공식 채널로, 1theK에 업로드된 MV 조회수 또한 음악방송 순위에 반영됩니다. :: 
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171215 XIA TIME Episode 6 - Gyeonggi Nambu Provincial Police's performances BTS


Vichelle Wong

[V Report Plus] shares his life as a conscripted policeman

[V Report Plus] Junsu shares his life as a conscripted policeman

Updated : December 15 2017

(Naver V app)

Xia Junsu on Friday shared the behind-the-scenes of his performance at the Gyeonggi Nambu Provincial Police Agency, for the Gyeonggi Police’s promotions unit.
The clip uploaded on Naver’s V app was watched over 4,000 times within an hour.

Junsu, dressed in a crisp sharp police uniform, sang the songs “Love is like snow,” musical piece “Fresh Blood” and a song from the animated film “Death Note.”

Singer Gummy also graced the event, on a special request from Junsu.

Junsu sat among his fellow conscripted policemen after his part was done, and marveled at the veteran songstress’ singing.

“Singing is what really defines a singer,” said Junsu, deeply moved. He thanked Gummy for coming so far to take part.

“I’m tooting my own horn, but please take a listen to my duet with Im Chang-jung sunbae,” Junsu told the V viewers.

Junsu and Im’s duet titled “We Were” is slated to release at 6 p.m. on Friday.

Naver’s real-time broadcasting app V allows fans to interact with their favorite K-pop stars through live broadcasts. The app is available for Android and iOS. For more information, visit

By Lim Jeong-yeo (

171215 Junsu IG: "Very regretful that I'm unable to spend this year's birthday with everyone. Will spend next year's birthday with everyone! Stay tuned to <We were..> at 6pm KST today!"

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JJ Updates

Nice to wake up to showing me his perfect imperfections! You’re the best

[JJstagram] My skin is getting better.
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[171214] Jaejoong IG UPDATE From KAVE ---LOVE U MORE #김재중 #Jaejoong



Happy Birthday !

171214 Junho IG Update: "Twin's birthday🎂" Look like horror movie 😂

[JYJ FB] I bet his new duet is a big present for all of us! Check out the post for stories of XIA! 포스트 GO

[VIDEO] 추운 겨울엔 XIA 발라드가 제격!
준수의 BEST 발라드 모아~모아 같이 들어요
다른 곡도 궁금하다면! ▶
#김준수 #XIA #XIAJUNSU #KIMJUNSU #1theK #BEST #발라드 #모아모아#여러분의_BEST5는? #11시그적당함 #12월 #꼭어제 #사랑은눈꽃처럼 #howcaniloveyou #노래는_김준수 #우리도그들처럼 #음원발매 #15일은_파티파티 #씨제스타그램 #Cjestagram XIA’s #heartwarming #ballads are a #perfect fit for #winter What are your 5 #favorite XIA ballads? Follow the link and enjoy the best #Kpop #songs

[VIDEO] 여전히 꿀이 뚝뚝 떨어지는 달달한🍯 목소리!
오늘은 이 노래에 누울래요🕺🏻
The #sweetest voice ever! Stay tuned in the #Kpop #song #WeWere that will be out on 15th! It’s his #HBD as well, let’s #keep that in mind! #yay
#김준수 #XIA #XIAJUNSU #KIMJUNSU #경기남부경찰 #홍보단 #이번주_금요일을_기대해주세요! #12월15일 #준쮸생일 #우리도그들처럼 #음원발매 #15일은_파티파티


JJ Twitter and IG Updates

Always gorgeous  

[JJstagram] Pa... Pa... Pa... Pants are too cold... (trousers)

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Smoking! 28 hottest male K-pop idols of 2017!

The year is nearly out and that means it's time for the only list that really matters: the hottest male K-pop celebs of 2017!
We won't waste your time with words, just feast your eyes on 2017's 28 most handsome male K-pop idols right here (in no particular order) and try not to look away!

1. JYJ's Jaejoong

The man himself is finally back and looking HAWT!
Image result for gif 2017 jaejoong


Tokyo FM video

171210 Jaejoong FM in JP 싫어도 But I~嫌でも "TRIANGLE"OST’’


received Hallyu Award in recognition of his contribution in uplifting Hallyu’s status around the world as the most iconic K-pop singer  

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Jaejoong in Photo People

WATCH: ’s Kim Jaejoong, , Jung Hye Sung, And More Transform Into Photographers In “Photo People” Preview

The upcoming web variety show “Photo People” has shared a preview featuring its cast traveling in France while learning how to master the camera!

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong, Samuel, actors Jung Hye Sung, Lee Jun Hyeok, and Kim SunA, comedian Jo Se Ho, model Shim So Young, and hairstylist Gunhee are the cast members of “Photo People.” The new show follows the cast on their trip to France after learning about the art of the camera from their photographer mentor KT Kim for several months.

They traveled to France to take on the challenge of being fashion photographers, and they took photos at Paris Fashion Week 2017. A newly released preview for the show reveals the cast on their eight days and seven nights trip, passionately modeling and taking photos.

“Photo People” also released a video of the cast telling fans that if they’re curious to see what their skills as photographers are like, they should tune in to the show. Kim Jaejoong cracked up the staff when he made a gesture at the camera at the end and then asked them, “Is that too old-fashioned?”

“Photo People” will be premiering on December 18 on Naver TVCast, with 12 episodes in total that will be released every Monday at 9 p.m. KST.
Source (1)

Photographer of Follow the link!

Main Preview: I discovered a new world as a photographer  
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You say you’re curious about my transformation into a photographer?  

[Cjes IG] “Coming soon in December! Is this too old fashioned?” Call him a photographer now So looking forward to see photographer JJ next Monday Can we time warp to 12/18?
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Junsu Updates


Stay tuned for the duet <We Were> with LimChangJung that will be released tomorrow, which is his birthday. #December15th #WeWere

171213 JYJ LINE & FB Update! 2 more days to Junsu's duet collaboration with Lim Chang-jung, <We Were..>, FULL RELEASE! 


Jaejoong IG and Twitter Updates


[Trans] The world’s spiciest ramen

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Restaurant is called Yagura-tei in Hatsudai, Shibuya. JJ ate the “Uchu-ichi karai miso ramen hotaru (the spiciest ramen in the universe).

[JJstagram] I can see Mt Fuji It’s a beautiful landscape 


完食しました! 黒いから辛くなさそうに見えるけど今まで食べて見たラーメンの中で一番辛い! でも味はすごく良かったです。 辛さに弱い人はぜひ気をつけてください😭 辛さ…ヤバイっす まぢ…ヤバイっす ちなみに僕は食べながら鼻水を1.5リトルかみまし🤣🤣😂😅😂🤣😂🤣

[Trans]I finished it! Seems like it’s not spicy, but it’s the spiciest ramen I’ve eaten! But the taste was very good. Pls be very careful if you are sensitive to spicy. Spicy.yabai Really.yabai felt like 1.5 liters of mucus came out while eating


ミルクミルクミルクミルクミルクミルクミルクミルクミルクミルクミルクミルクミルクミルクミルクミルクミルク🥛🥛🍼🍼 は…やっと落ち着いたわ😆

[Trans] Milk x 17 Wa... finally calm down 😆

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[CJES_Official weibo] #JYJ# #CJeS杂志# #金在中# #朴有天# #金俊秀#


Please follow this V app channel for starring

 [Cjes IG] ‘s photo travel story, which unfolds for 7 nights and 8 days in Paris 📷 Everyone should wait in front of computer monitor every Monday night at 9 PM KST Web Real Variety Show Premiers on 12/18 via
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You're going to #absolutely #love JaeJoong’s seven nights and eight days in #Paris See you #every_Monday #Photo_People #December18th #9pm #NaverTV

171212 Cjes.tagram IG UPDATE--Jaejoong's 7Nights 8Days in Paris

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171211 FULL Preview Of Photo People --KIM JAEJOONG

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Star of , Kim ! 💚😊💚 Follow on

Handsome photographer of 💚😊💚 Follow on app


Excited about this show with on app


[CJes IG] turns into an avid fan of photography! Please look forward to premier of on 12/18 via NaverTV Gi watch the preview clip 포토피플 선공개 영상 / Preview on Photo People
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#Cjestagram #Enjoy the #highlight_clip of #Photo_People and don't miss out the first #episode on #December18th #NaverTV

Please follow this V app channel for starring

on Naver’s

포토피플 선공개 영상 / Preview on Photo People (출처 : 포토피플_00 | 네이버TV)   in

They dropped the title “celebrity” Want to be called photographers!

[SVideo] JYJ , "Appears in a variety show, his first reality, in 8 years, first reality" (Photo People Press Conference)

Parade of his mesmerizing facial expressions (Photo People Press Confidence)

[SVideo] Samuel Jung Hyesung Cho Seho “We are Photo People” (Photo People Press Conference) 


'Photo People' "Doesn’t feel awkward though it’s been 8 years since he appeared in a variety show" 

[TDVideo] 'Photo People’ "Appears in a variety show in 8 years but don’t feel awkward" 

 [liveen TV] (kimjaejoong), Breathtaking visual 

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JJ IG and TW Updates

[Trans] Finally I’m on a train
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171211 Jaejoong IG UPDATE

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[Trans] it was delicious! My stomach is full full full full!
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[Teaser] 김준수(XIA) X 임창정(Lim Chang Jung) - 우리도 그들처럼 (We were..) via

The #MV #teaser of Junsu’s new #duet w/ #LimChangJung just dropped. Let's #enjoy it until the #song comes out #December15th


Yoochun Update

Chinese posting gave more tiny details. Rough trans, if you are interested, that is~😉

JaeChun 😍 John egg IG (elbowyeish) (He deleted this post)


KimJaejoong In on Hwaiting !

"The web entertainment 'Photo People' will show highlights through the Naver TV cast 'Photo People' channel today (Nov 11) at 9 pm. " PhotoPeople 💚💚💚


Hello gorgeous ! Hope you have a wonderful day!

[IG] Photo looks blurry coz it’s taken in a moving car Weather is still sunny today How’s the weather in Seoul? I’m in Tokyo
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Other Update:

[TR Notice] The premiere of reality web variety show Photo People, which was scheduled to air today, will be postponed to 12/18 due to some issues with broadcasting company
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Jaejoong Stylist Update
nohmy1118 IG 🙋 다들 수고했어요~~! @xxngdx


171209 Asia Tour Fanmeeting in Tokyo

Click link below for more Jaejoong in Tokyo!

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