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JYJ News Week of 10/24- 10/30/2016

What's New With JYJ?
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Jaejoong Army Life


Crystal Moon'◡' Retweeted DC_Jellery
Story of Idol's Military Service: is serving faithfully until the day of discharge! So proud of him!

  k-pop best idol vol.2 에서 재중 부분 cr.   

Koreans vote on which idol in the military they miss the most

Photo published for Koreans vote on which idol in the military they miss the most — Koreaboo

Watching their favorite idols go to the military is always a huge pain for fans since it means they won’t be seeing them on-screen for a few years.
Also from the idols side, going into the military means they won’t be able to remain in the public’s eyes for a long time, which unfortunately, is sometimes enough to hinder their career progress and popularity. This is why lots of idols, especially those in their peaks or rising, tend to delay their military service as much as they can.
Currently, there are quite a number of male idols serving military service and according to a recent survey done up by netizens, these are the top 6 most highly-anticipated celebrities by public for army discharge.
1.  JYJ Jaejoong – 1,005,156 points
JYJ’s Jaejoong, who enlisted in the army on 31st March 2015, crowned the first place with more than a whooping 1 million points!

4. JYJ  Yoochun-481,95 points
Despite the recent controversies surrounding him, following in fourth place is JYJ’s Yoochun, who enlisted on August 27, 2015.

Source: OneHallyu 

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Old pic of Jaejoong but newly shared...

JJ with a JYJ/ IDMYO dancer
minhyund ins


Dorian Gray's Final show...

2 PM show

7 PM show

Junsu comes out for final bow...


[PHOTO] cjesculture님의 사진  


Junsu's mom's IG Update

"Our Junsu~Congrats on 300 perfs, XIArian~You've work hard for 57 perfs!! To fans' support during this period, TQ all! We'll meet again~~♡"



161029 CJES IG Update: "300 performances! Received warm congratulations in the waiting room! Thank you everyone! :)"

[INSTAGRAM] 161028 Kim Junsu Instagram Update: Requesting send-off for ‘Dorian Gray’ final performances

[PHOTO] 뜨거운 여름날을 달려오다보니 어느덧 내일이 도리안 그레이를 보내줘야 할 마지막 날이 되었습니다.그래서 특별히 커튼콜 곡 레퀴엠에서의 맨마지막 파트를 도리안 헨리 베질뿐만아니라 내일 세미막과 막공 2번다 객석에 와주신여러분과 꼭 같이 부르며 도리안그레이를 보내고 싶습니다.꼭 숙지하셔서 자신있게 같이 합창해주세요 ‘꿈결같이 짧았던 우리의 소풍은 끝나고 항상 뜨겁던 여름 사라졌네..’ 도리안 그레이의 뜨거웠던 여름을 함께 해주셨던 모든 관객분들
진심으로 감사 드립니다.

[TRANS] I have been bounding across the hot summer days and before I knew it, tomorrow will be the last day you have to see ‘Dorian Gray’. So I’d like to send ‘Dorian Gray’ off by not only Dorian, Henry, & Basil singing the part at the tail end of the special curtain call song Requiem together but also with everyone who’s coming in your seats, both 2 times at the semi-final and final performances tomorrow. Please get very familiar with it and let’s do the chorus confidently together
‘Our dream-like, short excursion is ending and the always heated summer has disappeared..’
All of the audience members who shared Dorian Gray’s burning summer with me,
Sincerely thank you.
 photo 14659254_617778271732792_5542981283505766400_n.jpg
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Translations by: rilanna of JYJ3  
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Jaejoong Update

Oct 28
[Jholic FB] Myeongdong branch will close on 11/10 cos lease agreement is over. JHolic will relocate in Samseong-dong, Gangnam in Dec 2016.

Oct 28
Seoul Subway Map: J-Holic Myeongdong (old), J-Holic Samseong-dong (new) & Moldir (Cheongdam-dong Station: Seoul Subway Line 7, Exit 8)


JYJ′s Kim Junsu Sells Out Solo Concert Within 2 Minutes

2016.10.28 15:30 CJ E&M enewsWorld Susan Min

JYJ′s Kim Junsu has sold out of tickets for his concert in 2 minutes.

On October 28, tickets for Kim Junsu′s end-of-year solo concert 2016 XIA Ballad and Musical Concert with Orchestra vol.5 went on sale at 2PM KST and sold out within 2 minutes.

Kim Junsu′s end-of-year concert tickets have sold at a record breaking speed for the last 5 years and this year was no different. This year, Kim Junsu′s concert is especially gaining attention as it was revealed that the star would perform numbers from his musical appearances from the last 6 years.

Additionally, the battle for tickets may have been more fierce as Kim Junsu revealed plans to join the military next year. On occasion that Kim Junsu joins the military next year as planned, there will be a hold on his end-of-year concert for the next 2 years.

Meanwhile, the second round of ticket sales for Kim Junsu′s end-of-year concert will open on November 3.

Photo credit: C-JeS Entertainment


5년째 초광속 매진!!!!!
지난 300회의 추억, 12월에 나눠요💕

#김준수 #XIA #XIAJUNSU #연말콘서트 #2016_뮤지컬_발라드_콘서트 #2016_XIA_Ballad_Musical_Concert_with_Orchestra_vol5 #12월10일_11일 #잠실실내체육관
It’s been 5 years-sold-out! The all #tickets of #KimJunSu the end of #year #concert was #completely #soldout Thank #U for #all Let’e be #with on #Dec 10th & 11th


[NEW PIC] Junsu at <Dorian Gray> Musical Backstage

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Update on Junsu Year-end show...



's Junsu To Enlist Next Year Following End Of "Death Note" Musical's Revival Production

The sad day when JYJ’s Kim Junsu will have to enlist is quickly approaching.
On October 27, various news outlets reported that the singer will be reprising his role as “L” in the revival production of the musical “Death Note,” which is set to open next January. Following the end of its run, Kim Junsu will reportedly be enlisting sometime in the first half of 2017 in order to fulfill his mandatory military service.
A source from his agency C-JeS Entertainment confirms that “Death Note” will be the singer’s last production before his enlistment, but clarifies that the exact date of when he will go has not yet been finalized.
Kim Junsu is currently finishing out his run as Dorian Gray in the musical of the same name, and will soon begin full-blown preparations for both his end-of-the-year concert as well as the upcoming “Death Note” musical once “Dorian Gray” closes with its last performance on October 29.
Meanwhile, fellow JYJ member Kim Jaejoong is set to be discharged after finishing up his service in December of this year.
Source (1) (2)

Junsu will enlist after re-performing <Death Note> Musical in January 2017  His last musical 
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Photo published for [단독] 김준수, 뮤지컬 ‘데스노트’ 끝으로 군대 간다


준수 SNOW LIVE (섹시한 가을남자의 화보)

junsu ful


161027 Junsu 'Harper's Bazaar' Magazine MAKING FILM

Vichelle Wong


Photo published for 김준수, 나른한 포즈+강렬한 눈빛으로 몽환 카리스마 폭발


Vote for Junsu...Popularity Award for Yegreen Musical award...
'제 5회 예그린뮤지컬어워드' 남우 주연상 후보에 노미네이트 된 김준수, 너무나도 자랑스럽습니다

인기상 투표에 참여해 주신 팬분들께도 감사 인사 드립니다.
오는 28일(금) '2016 예그린뮤지컬어워드' 티켓 오픈이 있어 매니지먼트팀에 참석 여부를 확인한 결과, 아직까지 기존 스케줄 조정 여부가 정해지지 않아 김준수의 참석 여부는 차주가 지나서야 최종 결정이 된다고 합니다.
아직 김준수의 시상식 참석이 확정되지 않았으니, 팬 여러분의 참고를 부탁 드립니다.
인기상 투표>https://goo.gl/MQw7eW
Definitely, it’s such an honor for Kim Junsu to have been nominated for the Best Actor Awards of the upcoming the 5th edition of Yegreen Musical Awards. Furthermore, we have truly appreciated all fans with regard to your support toward his getting the Popularity Award that is entirely decided by the vote thru your bullets.
As you may know the ticket releasing date would be the upcoming 28th. Then, here is something we would like to share with you. Our checking through the management team for the possibility of his attendance on that day, we could not make sure of it at this point because of his hectic schedule these days. Please let it be confirmed during next week.
We would like you to keep that in mind that his attendance would not be firmly confirmed yet. Thank you as always.


Mini Fan account... Dorian Gray starring Kim Junsu
by darcydevenus

I am posting this before I let it simmer after a night's sleep.  I don't know if you want spoilers for the storyline... but I was suprised... if you do want it... look under the tab.  
All in all Junsu is alive and well.  I got to see him in Dorian Gray.  Very very cool.  There is even one part that seems like a music video, so yeah, WOW!!! I liked the first half more than the second half... but that was expected by myself...... if you don't know the story of Dorian Grey, well.... we'll leave it at that.  Look at a synopsis.  
His singing is amazing.  It was my first time to see one of my boys.... LIVE.... ever.  So, when he went up on stage, it was very surreal.  I was in the third tier, so the people on stage were very small... and I didn't get opera glasses... I tried, but surprise!  you had to have cash.... so I didn't get them.  Instead, I got the collectible program book and the OST.  They were even decently priced.... I was very happy to know that.  It started at 8pm, and ended at 11pm.  Problem for me.. it took me 2 hours to get there, and 3 hours to get home.  Still, I'm so glad to be home. HAHA.  Okay, back to Junsu... umm.... The plot was familiar, I've read the story and watched the black and white version.  So, I've seen some variations.  
Maybe it's because of the rasp of his voice, but he seemed to so sincere with his emotions. I was super far away, but could hear super welll.  There were some really fun Konglish expressions.  And funny... One of the main songs is called Beautiful World.  I thought they were singing about a Beautiful Boy.... and the lady who was singing it was looking for the prettiest boy in the room... this was before the introduction of Junsu.

The most shocking thing, to me; is that they have him actually seduce the painter... who is a man.  They even kiss on stage.  It was so far away, but I heard a definite pop. ^^  but still the implications!!!  I have no problem with the homosexual community, but I was surprised.  After it happened, I realized that if Oscar Wilde had written the novel now, it would have mentioned something exactly like that.  i am still not very comfortable with it though.  I think he did it because he was bored with everything else.
There were two japanese ladies sitting next to me.  During intermission, I noticed that one of them... had a neck strap with TVXQ on it.  Obviously, she was a fan. ^^  And on the way back to the subway, I bumped into a lady who is a HUGE fan of JYJ.  She has been to all of Junsu's musicals, and his concerts... Apparently, he has an end of the year concert?  For three days......  She encouraged me to go.  But, I hadn't heard of it.... I am out of the loop.  Anyways, here are some pictures..... in spoiler mode

Junsu is in the fluffy hat and parasol.  I didn't realize it until later.  This is the cover of my OST.
inside the OST.  17,000 KW though.  Not bad at all!!!
The script came with the program book... all song lyrics are included, as well as stage directions as well. ^^
program.  With the script and program book, 15;000KW.
Outside the venue
posters with characters
Cool desk?  It might have been the info desk at one point.  Not sure.
I could have taken a picture by Junsu.... or this picture, but I was by myself, so it didn't happen.

Those are some of my highlights.  I'm so tired, I can't think straight.  But, wanted to share my experience.  It was a kind of... once in a life time... kind of thing.


Junsu's enlistment  Happy for him, sad for us

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[OTHER INSTAGRAMS] 161025~26 Photos of Junsu backstage with friends and cast member

Nam Woo-hyun (Infinite’s Woohyun)’s Instagram Update:

[PHOTO] 오랜만에 친구들과 문화생활
뮤지컬 도리안그레이 최고!!
#도리안그레이 #소름 #준수형

Cultured life with friends after a long time
Musical Dorian Gray is the best!!
#DorianGray #goosebumps #Junsu-hyung
 photo 14693902_1716364385355201_1092633104507469824_n.jpg

Musical Actress Son Ui-wan’s Instagram Update:

[PHOTO] @ 성남아트센터(Seongnam arts center)

@ Seongnam Arts Center
 photo 14676656_1111181209002119_3654652444568190976_n.jpg
Sources: nwh91 + xwanyx  
Translations by: rilanna of JYJ3  
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161025 CJES IG Update! Junsu in <Harper's Bazaar> Magazine November Issue! Omg so alluring! 

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[VIDEO + TRANS] 161014 Park Yuchun to attend as witness next month at trial of his ‘sexual-assault female accuser’

[Translated Transcript]
Singer-and-actor Park Yuchun will be brought forward as a witness in the trial of Ms. Lee, the 24-year-old who is being indicted under charges of making false allegations from when she said she was sexually assaulted by him.
At the legal processing held in Seoul Central District Court’s 15th Criminal Investigative Division hearing, Judge Choi will be appointing Mr. Park as the key witness of the incident and holding an examination of witnesses on November 24th.
Ms. Lee’s defense said, “Mr. Park is the one who sexually assaulted Ms. Lee forcibly,” in a written statement sent to the justice department and denied the charges of false allegations.

Source: Yonhap News | Video Credit: 연합뉴스 TV  
Translations by: rilanna of JYJ3  
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Junsu with a couple of Dorian Gray's Ensemble cast...
[NEW PIC] Junsu making funny faces at <Dorian Gray> Musical Backstage!


[NEWS] 161024 Kim Junsu to hold year-end solo concert in December “Japan Tour is also in order”

Kim Junsu’s year-end concert will continue this year too.
C-JeS Entertainment, on October 24th, stated, “Kim Junsu expects to hold his year-end solo concert, spent together with fans at the end this year, too, at Jamsil Indoor Stadium for two days on December 10th and 11th”.
 photo 117103_142102_1311.png
Continuing they said, “This performance where Kim Junsu –who’s become a see-it-to-believe-it actor as a singer, as a loved vocalist, as a musical actor– will be presenting his own ballad, OST, musical numbers together with an orchestra has been passionately loved at the end of the year, every year. The first ticket open will be held via MelOn Ticket on October 28th at 2 PM [KST]”.
Presented first in 2012, Kim Junsu’s Ballad & Musical Concert and the special stage setup conducted every year, of course, has continued for 5 years amid praises calling it a banquet of harmony created by a full orchestra and Kim Junsu as an all-live. The performance this year has become known to be a time where, for the past 6 years, Kim Junsu covers gem-like numbers with on a musical stage that was presented.
 photo 2016102410062920693.jpg
The representative stated, “The performances this time will have Director Kim Moon-jung –who’s undertaken musical ‘Dorian Gray’’s compositions– holding the baton and keeping in tune with Kim Junsu once again. The orchestra & live band, and musical ‘Dorian Gray’ ensemble and Kim Junsu are expected to give a super-exclusive concert with a wide array of emotions. Before we knew it, they are in the middle of preparing performances that cannot compare with the previous performances, as much as it has been welcomed the five times. We hope you look very much forward to it”.
Meanwhile Kim Junsu’s year-end concert is slated to be held starting in Seoul in December and up to a Japan tour.

Source: Newsen  
Translation by: rilanna of JYJ3  
Shared by: JYJ3

2016 XIA Ballad and Musical Concert with Orchestra Vol. 5 will be held on 10 & 11 December, 6pm KST! 

1st Ticket Open: 28 October, 8pm KST! Ticket Prices: • VIP:143,000 • R: 132,000 • S: 110,000 • A: 99,000 • B: 77,000
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Chinese Producers eyed JYJ Jaejoong for action-fantasy film?

Discussion in 'Celebrity Gossip' started by lavendergurl, Sep 29, 2016.


Rumored that Korean and Esp. Chinese Producers Eyed Jaejoong and said he was best to play to main role for action-fantasy film rumored to be in 2018 (since they will undergo training and film process will be long)
they said Jaejoong has that vibe of the an real human anime character

the concept will be!!! more into anime and cosplay outfits but in reality and in action-fantasy film (believe me Chinese films looks great doing this)

(cast will be undergo intensive martial arts training)

He will be casted along with AngelaBaby and her trainee mate before, a Chinese model (known to be a former gymnast and ballet dancer) and there's also lots of cast

trivia : Phoebe is a Fan of JYJ (she even posted a fangirl acting moment on her IG)

credit pic IG : phoebe.92

other eyed cast the main role is TOP (since he used to work with chinese producers before too) and one Chinese unkonwn actor



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[ENGSUB]161022 'Dorian Gray' - Kim Junsu a drawing class.

Xia Girl21

Vlive: http://www.vlive.tv/video/15795/

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