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JYJ News Week of 2/20- 2/26/2017

What's New With JYJ?
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KJJ Twitter Update

思い出を食べて来ました。 懐かしい…


[Cjes IG] Special news from for Chinese fans! JJ can even write Chinese characters well..
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heads to Hong Kong in March to meet Chinese fans after Japan
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'Rebirth of J' Japan Concert Tour: Jaejoong performed for an audience numbering more than 120,000 ~


CJEStagram Update

[Cjes IG] It was a happy February! Thank you for protecting me, I'll protect you See you soon in HK


KJJ Twitter Update


[trans]Thank you so much fans in Japan! I love you all! I was happy
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Our and his beloved family...


[Cjes IG] Festival like atmosphere at Saitama concert venue, the last stop of Japan tour
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[JYJ Line Update] Yokohama, Osaka, Nagoya, until Saitama! Jaejoong special concert together with 100,000 fans in Japan has came to a close yesterday, at Saitama's concert, "The moment your voices became one, I got goosebumps. I became really happy." telling fans his feelings of gratitude. Please send lot of support to Jaejoong's Asia tour that will start in March!
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[Cjes IG] I'm looking forward to how we'd turn out in 5, 10 years! I'll do my best for future so pls supports me for long time Thanks
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[COMPILATION] 170226 Kim Jaejoong – “The Rebirth of J” in Saitama (Day 2)

Day 1
  • Outside The Venue – Official Goods Sales

  • Jaejoong’s Family attended

  • Inside The Venue – Red Ocean ^^

  • Start! One Kiss

  • JJ: Everyone is on high energy today. Will today be good? Of course!
  • JJ: It’s sad that today is the last Live in Japan. Tho we didnt originally have yesterday and today, but thanks to everyone Encore happened
  • JJ: I am about to change now. A bit embarrassed to do it in front of you. I don’t like to do this.
    Fans: ehhh
    JJ: who do you think I am?!Lol
  • Jaejoong changing into his gold jacket on stage
  • JJ: I lost about 16 kgs in 60 days.
  • The venue is full to the rafters. JJ was able to fill the arena without promotion and with only 20 days from the encore announcement.
  • JJ: it’s not embarrassing to wear sparkly costumes because a lot of fans today are wearing flashy clothes as well.

  • JJ: Yesterday is 3.5 hours? I have to do 3.5 hours today as well
  • JJ: about 4:30 pm, people went to the toilet. I also did. It’s refreshing. Did you wash your hands?
  • JJ: I lost a tooth cos I hit my teeth with my mic.
    He’s been hitting his teeth with the mic for so long, didnt mean he lost a tooth this live tour
  • JJ: I really got good info before the show today. “Metcha Ikemen” very handsome. I only listen to good feedback.
  • JJ: Day before yesterday, i felt something is itchy on my face. Seems like an acne appeared in the middle of the night. Can you see it? No?
  • JJ: I think if you drink 3-4 cups of whiskey before a live, the body condition will be better. I didnt drink yesterday.
  • JJ: But today is the last day so I get drunk for everyone.
  • JJ: When everyone jumps, the equipment at the venue shakes. So please jump. Let’s break the con venue.
  • JJ: cute? I am happy when people say it even if i’m in my 30s. But if in my 40s it will be a bit awkward to say i’m cute
  • JJ: next song.
    Fans: ehh
    JJ: huh? No? A bit longer?
    Fans: a bit more (they want JJ to talk)
    JJ: but there are still a lot (of parts) left!
  • JJ: it’s important to make people laugh but I have to go the next song. it will be interesting if I can talk for 30 mins. Yes, next 2 songs.
  • JJ: The next song is…
    fans: ehhh
    JJ: I will continue with the next song and I want to let you hear it. Please listen to it~
  • JJ: My friends say that even Japanese musicians do not have ments as long as this.
  • Today the camera is not good and can’t see JJ clearly.
    JJ: sorry my aura is strong
  • JJ: My dream is to live happily everyday and forever with everyone.
  • I think cos of the equipment problem, JJ can’t also see clearly the messages from the fans’ board
  • He sang part of Melody and Harmony~~
  • Lots of fans went crazy when JJ kissed the screen.
  • JJ: you’d like me to throw a kiss? Recently I can’t do it since I’m shy. (But while he is saying that, he kissed the screen)
  • JJ: somehow I feel lonely today and I feel weird. I’ve been so happy to be able to come so many times. I feel like we can meet again.
  • VTR: I was a bit scared cos it’s been a long time and I don’t know what to do if you will not come to the Lives but I’m glad so many came.
  • Breathing
  • Jaejoong introducing the bassist

  • Good Morning Night
  • Might be awhile since we will hear Good morning night in Japanese~
  • JJ is singing while sitting on stage.
    JJ: tired. Pls give me time to rest a little.
  • JJ: Am I rehearsing before the Live? it is not fun to rehearse “good morning night” alone. It’s fun to do it with everyone.
  • JJ: I am ok to do it 1 more time but it might be hard for the band.
    (Drum roll?)
    Band seems ok.
  • Good morning night – one last time!! xD
  • JJ: I caught a cold so I have a runny nose.
  • JJ: One song can’t be 30 minutes. It’s almost the same time as having 4 or 5 songs finished
  • JJ: pls enjoy the last 2 songs. I will wait backstage to hear everyone’s voice (for encore)
  • JJ: (the shout for encore) seems a bit louder than usual. I had goosebumps backstage when I heard it.

  • JJ: i’m having difficult time now. cos the ash (from the firework?) entered my throat. Live is ending as well
  • JJ: People usually eat delicious food when the Live is over, right? I only ate salad yesterday cos of the Live today.
  • JJ: if you eat alot, you can’t drink. I will eat a lot starting tomorrow.
  • JJ: i’d like to do a Zepp tour
    t/n: Zepp are small concert venues and are located around JP.
  • JJ: Fans from the start will understand, but for new fans may think that this live is really done by a foreigner?! I’m trying my best.
  • JJ: everyone is my amore
  • JJ: I’m just being playful but seems like 10 mins have already passed
  • JJ drank water before throwing kisses.
    JJ: everyone can’t feel but my lip is mochi mochi (squishy?)
  • JJ: Sarangheyo. I’m a bit shy to say it in Japanese.
  • JJ: Today is the last day. I finished (the live). I feel like I can come back soon. I will see you again
  • JJ: it’s hard. Really. I want to say 100% of my feelings, from my heart, but there are things I can’t say.
  • JJ: I think there are lots of things to understand even without saying.
  • JJ: i have a past that I never forget. There are those who liked me from 10 years ago and there are those who liked me last year
  • JJ; let’s look forward to seeing each other 5, 10 years from now. i will work hard. Can I please count on you (yoroshiku onegaishimasu)
  • I’ll Protect You

  • Jaejoong waving goodbye with teary eyes
  • Ending, Fans didn’t left the venue and keep shouting Jaejoong’s name
  • JJ appeared again
  • JJ shouted without mic: thank you! everyone! Let’s make a promise. See you again!
  • Yokohama 2/7 3h3m*2/8 3h14m*2/9 3h42m
    Osaka 2/13 3h45m*2/14 3h18m
    Nagoya 2/21 3h08m*2/22 2h49m
    Saitama 2/25 3h26m*2/26 3h53m
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Credit: @rubypurple_fan
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@Lookkaew_SK, @gomsile_v, @monaiyo, @anne0626, @Pierrot_in_JYJ, @Rinmaze (Audio)
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@Lookkaew_SK, @pop_popster, WRui123456, Yuki, @0613amasajj
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[Other IG] You shined until the last moment! Good job, cool brother, squid 




I'm so happy. Concert is like drug store. When I'm little sick or having hard time, I get healed by you here.

25,000 fans gather in Saitama, Japan to transform his concert into a great festival

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[SNS/PICS/NEWS] 170227 Kim Jaejoong is still so hot: met 100,000 fans in Japan

JYJ Line Update:

[JYJ LINE JP] 横浜、大阪、名古屋、さいたままで! 日本での10万人のファンと共にした特別なジェジュンのコンサートが幕を閉じました。
昨日、さいたま公演で彼は “皆さんの声が一つになった瞬間、 戦慄を感じました。僕は本当に幸せな人です” と言い、ファン達に感謝の気持ちを伝えました。
Yokohama, Osaka, Nagoya, until Saitama! Jaejoong special concert together with 100,000 fans in Japan has came to a close.
Yesterday, at Saitama’s concert, “The moment your voices became one, I got goosebumps. I became really happy.” telling fans  his feelings of gratitude. Please send lot of support to Jaejoong’s Asia tour that will start in March!

CJeS Instagram Update:

[VIDEO] 행복했던 2월!
지켜줘서 고마워, 내가 지켜줄게
#김재중 #재중 #KIMJAEJOONG #아시아투어 #ASIATOUR #アジアツア #콘서트 #Concert #コンサート #2017_KIMJAEJOONG_ASIATOUR_in_JAPAN #The_REBIRTH_of_J #일본 #Japan #日本 #일본투어 #Tour #지켜줄게 #행복했어요 #최고 #다시만나요 #홍콩 #Hongkong #곧만나요 #씨제스타그램
A Happy February!
Thank you for protecting me, I’ll protect you too.
#Japan #Japanese tour #Tour #I will keep you happy #It is best #see you again # HongKong #Japan #See you soon
[PHOTO] “앞으로 5년 후, 10년 후에도 우리의 모습이 너무 기대돼요. 그때를 위해서 열심히 할 테니 오래오래 응원해 주세요. 너무 감사했습니다”
10만 일본 팬들과 함께한 왕의 귀환👑 함께해주셔서 감사합니다~
10万人の日本のファン達と共にした王の帰還👑 共にしてくださってありがとうございました~
#김재중 #재중 #KIMJAEJOONG #아시아투어 #ASIATOUR #アジアツア #콘서트 #Concert #コンサート #2017_KIMJAEJOONG_ASIATOUR_in_JAPAN #The_REBIRTH_of_J #일본 #Japan #日本 #일본투어 #Tour #성료 #함께해주셔서감사합니다 #홍콩 #Hongkong #태국 #Thailand #마카오 #Macau #대만 #Taiwan #우리 #곧만나요 #씨제스타그램
I’m looking forward to how we’d turn out in 5, 10 years! I’ll do my best for future so please supports me for long time Thanks
#The_REBIRTH_of_J #Japan #Tour#Construction #Thank you for joining us #Hongkong #Thailand #Concert # 2017_KIMJAEJOONG_ASIATOUR_in_Japan #The_REBIRTH_of_J  #Macau #Taiwan #See you soon

CJESJYJ Facebook Update:

I’m looking forward to how we’d turn out in 5, 10 years! I’ll do my best for future so please supports me for long time Thanks
Kim Jae Joong breaks the 100,000 spectators tour ▶ ️
Kim Jae-joong, Taking Japan and going to Hong Kong  ▶ ️
#Japan #Saitama #Encore Concert #2017_KIMJAEJOONG_ASIATOUR_in_JAPAN #The_REBIRTH_of_J #Tour continues #March 11 #Hong Kong


Headlines News

Kim Jaejoong  is still so hot: met 100,000 fans in Japan <Link>
Kim Jaejoong heads to Hong Kong in March to meet Chinese fans after Japan <Link>
Sources: JYJ Line, cjes.tagram, CJESJYJ Facebook
Translated by: @rubypurple_fan, @crystalmoon0213 + JYJ3
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[Eng JP Sub] Jaejoong I`ll Protect You Japanese Ver.Full 2017.2. 25. Audio

Angel Wing


[Cjes IG] Last rehearsal for Japan tour. Let's have more fun tonight!! Real fun!

C-JeS Entertainment IG update: 17/02/25

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[SNS] 170225 Kim Jaejoong SNS Updates: Thank You Saitama!

CJeS Instagram Update:

[PHOTO] 여러분들의 큰 성원 덕에 다시 함께하게 된 사이타마 콘서트!
고맙고 사랑합니다~ 곧 봐요!
#김재중 #재중 #KIMJAEJOONG #아시아투어 #ASIATOUR #アジアツア #콘서트 #Concert #コンサート #2017_KIMJAEJOONG_ASIATOUR_in_JAPAN #The_REBIRTH_of_J #일본 #Japan #日本 #사이타마 #Saitama #埼玉県 #앵콜콘서트 #Concert #곧만나요 #もうすぐ会いましょう #오늘 #행복한공연 #만들어요 #씨제스타그램
[TRANS] Saitama concerts are possible coz of your great support!
Thank you and love you~~ See you soon

Kim Jaejoong Twitter Update:

[TRANS] It was fun Saitama^ – ^ I’m counting on you tomorrow too! Yahoo

Kim Jaejoong Instagram Update:

[PHOTO] 잘자요~^^
#おやすみ #埼玉#잘자유#goodnight #ピ
[TRANS] Good night Let’s meet tomorrow #goodnight (JP) #Saitama #goodnight (KR) #goodnight #pyon
Translated by: @crystalmoon0213, @rubypurple_fan
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[COMPILATION] 170225 Kim Jaejoong – “The Rebirth of J” in Saitama (Day 1)

  • Outside The Venue – Official Goods

  • Flowers Bouquets

  • Inside The Venue
  • Start
  • JJ: I tried dyeing my hair today. How is it?
    Fans: kakkoii (cool)
  • Saitama jacket is gold.

  • JJ: I am nervous today. Maybe because it is encore? I feel like it’s my first live in Japan
  • JJ: do you know why I go blond every Live? Cos I want to shine
    But today the jacket is shining~
  • JJ: since I started 1 hour today, I think I can make the Live 1 hour longer
  • JJ: Everyone is amore for me
  • JJ: everyone on the 2nd floor, everyone at the back, you are my amore
  • JJ: I talked for so long. When I went to an Exile Live a long time ago, there’s no ment. I thought it was cool.
  • JJ: It seemed cold when the venue is silent, isn’t it? It’s fun when we have this talk, right? I like having ment in the gaps bet songs.
  • JJ: please get used to this for 100 years (meaning he’s always have ments during Lives)
  • JJ: I completely forgot the next song
    Fans: Ehhhh
    JJ: Don’t say Ehhh. Please believe in your Jejung (that he forgot )
  • All I Desire

  • Backstage Ment + Dress Code
  • JJ: I tried changing the dress code for today. Halloween cos I didnt get to experience halloween when I was in the military.
  • A fan came from Sendai and she rode the Shinkansen (bullet train).
    JJ: I want to go to Sendai. I really want to eat beef! I will go!
    He wants to eat cow tongue
  • JJ: Where are you from? Myanmar? Everyone in Myanmar thank you so much. Someday I want to go there.
  • JJ: are you really 50 years old? You look young.
    (With a cute voice) I am still 20 years old
  • JJ: The venue is a pharmacy. When my condition is not good, I will get better if I stand on stage.
  • Board: I want to see JJ dance
    JJ: I will dance if I’m in a group. In 5 years? Sexy dance? Pls dont let me do it.
  • Board; I would like to show red ocean to JJ
    JJ: you are already showing me
  • There’s a couple and the bf board shows: Pls do not take her away.
    The venue and JJ exploded with laughter.
  • JJ’s Video message changed. His impression of the Japan tour so far.
  • VTR: I missed seeing you for 2 years cos of military service. I am very happy with this tour. How about everyone?
  • VTR: Saitama became possible, thanks to everyone. I was a bit scared of this Live but I’m happy being able to meet everyone.
  • All That Glitters
  • JJ came out to introduce the band members.

  • Good Luck
  • Good Morning Night
  • JJ: one more time? Then let’s do it one more time
  • JJ: ahh it’s so hot. Isn’t it hot, everyone?
    Fans: hot!
  • JJ: personally, it’s not fun when you say one more time. But since everyone is having fun, I am enjoying it as well.
  • JJ: I’m sweaty. I’m tired. Huh? What did you say? What did you say? To do it one more time?
  • JJ: Thank you. Do it one more time? This is difficult even for a person whose physical strength is good. I have a runny nose.
  • JJ sat at the end of the 6th time. But fans are still cheering for one more!
  • JJ: next song is.. oh I forgot to sing “J”. To fans who don’t know, I changed the lyrics. Pls add J after Good morning.
  • JJ: even if I sang it before, it’s amazing to sing with “J”.
    Fans: one more time
    JJ: it’s enough. We’ll exceed the time if we go on
  • JJ: There are two more songs left this time.
    Fans: Ehh
    JJ: As long as you are in this venue, this live is not over
  • JJ (after good morning J): my Live is actually short. But thanks to you saying One more time, I got to do a long Live.
  • Love you more (JP version)!

  • JJ: Thank you for shouting encore. I made mistakes (in singing Love you more). Sorry for that. I wrote the lyrics when I returned to Korea.
  • JJ: I was short of time to do it but I did my best in time for the encore performance.
  • JJ: Can you understand my feelings?
  • JJ: I made it for everyone who made the encore concert possible.
  • JJ: Tomorrow is the last day. I am lonely
  • JJ: If today is not over, tomorrow will not come. I don’t really know where to grow – drama? Singing? Pls see the changes in me.
  • JJ: I will do my best to be able to work in Japan.
  • JJ: being an adult, your responsibilities get bigger
  • JJ: I hope to see more of you. I will do my best.
  • JJ: Even if the situation is difficult, I am trying hard. I feel like I can do anything if there are allies on my side
  • JJ: I bought an eyeliner. If I sweat, I lose the eyeliner but this eyeliner is good,did not came off. My makeup artist did it for me
  • JJ: Yesterday I did not do anything. I was taking selca with a timer. I’ll post on my SNS next time
  • JJ before the last song: people who want to go to toilet? Can’t hold it? Pls endure. Just a little patience.
  • JJ: The longer I talk in Japanese, it gets difficult. How much brain power do you use? 10%? i feel like i’m using 90% right now.
  • I’ll Protect You (JP version)

  • JJ: I’m glad that I can sing this song in Japanese with everyone.
  • Ending

  • Ruby: As promised, he sang 5 songs in Japanese:
    1. One Kiss
    2. Good Morning Night
    3. Love You More
    4. Just Another Girl
    5. I’ll Protect You
  • Ruby: He had a good ment about changes and growing up as an adult and what it means. Don’t try to solve everything by your self.
  • 김재중 #TheRebirthofJ (via @anne0626)

Credits: @rubypurple_fan
Fancam Credit: 
@zzaizzong, @monaiyo, @anne0626, @Angel33Wing
Pics Credits: @pop_popster, @Rinmaze, @anne0626, Yuki, @tamanobu11281, @Lookkaew_SK. Tiffany, @MAMAchan417, @pop_popster
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[RADIO] 170224 JAEJOONG "Refill Korea!"



[ENG SUB] ALL ABOUT YU (2015): Yuchun’s Letter


Video Credit: 6002 tamanidoonatsu
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[VIDEO] XIA Kim Junsu- 예뻐 (Pretty) [/Eyes on You]. Practice video


Source: Hyejin Joo  
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[PICS] 170224 Kim Jaejoong Featured in Japanese Magazines with JYJ – Jaejoong Focus

Welcome Back Jaejoong K★STAR JYJ SPECIAL – JYJ Special Photo Collection (EIWA MOOK)
Buy this Magazine via [Amazon] [Rakuten] [HMV]
Buy this Magazine via [Amazon]
JYJ3’s Note: Photo taken in Japan ^^ Hanryu 韓流 T.O.P Magazine featuring Kim Jaejoong <Link>
Credits: @okke126, @jj_jyj0126  
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JJ IG Update

t/n: Posted around 2am on Feb. 25th

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Jaejoong Twitter and IG Updates

皆んな早く明日会いたいよ^ ^

[IG]"connecting..." No issue w WI-FI but can't make a call, why?Anybody want to videochat w me? Put your hand up! (Buddha handsome?) 


A little parody of the film "A Moment to Remember" (one of 's fave movie)


[IG] "We are dating if you drink this up" It's a famous line from 's favorite movie 'A Moment to Remember' reinterpreted by cartoonist
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C-JeS Entertainment IG update 17/02/24

C-JeS Entertainment IG update 17/02/24


Kim Jaejoong - Yokohama Concert Making Film

Published on Feb 24, 2017
Kim Jaejoong - Yokohama Concert Making Film
김재중 - Hello YOKOHAMA! 요코하마 콘서트 메이킹 Film

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Feb 22

talks about singing "I Will Protect You" with his fans

Official Goods for Saitama


From Cjes Weibo



【CJES_Official weibo】 Kim Junsu 



[NEWS] 170220 The real reasons that ‘Lucid Dream’ tried to conceal Park Yuchun as its hidden card

 photo 201702201616278352691_20170220170032_01.jpg
‘Lucid Dream’ has its reasons for choosing Park Yuchun as its hidden card.
When it came to choosing the “hidden card” in movie ‘Lucid Dream’ (directing by Kim Joon-sung/production by Road Pictures), they decisively were able to choose Park Yuchun and Park In-hwan. ‘Lucid Dream’ is a memory-trace SF thriller movie where Dae-ho(Go Soo) uses lucid dreams to look for his son who was methodically kidnapped 3 years ago, to look for clues hidden in his memories and chases after the criminal.
Commonly appearing in the dreams of many people around the world, it is Park Yuchun who leaves a strong presence with the role of “This Man” in the set-up of shared-dreaming being done. Why did ‘Lucid Dream’ choose Park Yuchun as their hidden card?
This Man acted by Park Yuchun is the mysterious character who suddenly appears in Dae-ho’s lucid dreams. This Man takes off from the scene in haste when he is discovered by Dae-ho inside the dream, and vanishes abruptly at the end of Dae-ho’s chase with him. Dae-ho experiences confusion at the appearance of This Man; and then one day, he happens to come across This Man in the real world. This Man lets Dae-ho know about the existence of shared-dreaming.
‘Lucid Dream’ had its crank-in [T/N: start of filming] on April 6th, 2015. On his casting back then, Park Yuchun swept Newcomer Awards debuting on the big screen with movie ‘Sea Fog’. He won a septuple crown in the (Best) [Male] Newcomer Awards; from the 51st Baeksang Arts Awards’, the 35th Blue Dragon Awards, the 34th Korean Film Critics Association Awards, the 15th Busan Film Critics Association Awards, the 51st Daejong Film Festival Awards, and the 10th MaxMovie Best Film Awards up to the 6th This Year’s Film Awards[/the 6th Korean Film Reporters Association (KOFRA) Film Awards]. Amid there was a lot of interest focused on his next work because of that, Park Yuchun had decided on not starring as a lead in ‘Lucid Dream’, but instead making an appearance as a little character of the special appearance-type.
Director Kim Joon-sung revealed a casting behind-the-scenes story in an interview with Herald POP: “In the case of Park Yuchun, he was sweeping Newcomer Awards with ‘Sea Fog’ at the time of casting. So I didn’t think Park Yuchun would accept since This Man is a small role. But while I was doing the project with Sol Kyung-gu hyung-nim, C-JeS Entertainment CEO Baek Chang-joo recommended Park Yuchun. Naturally I am very thankful to Park Yuchun for making an appearance”.
Continuing Director Kim Joon-sung expressed his satisfaction in Park Yuchun’s casting: “I was searching for a young actor to act as This Man; and naturally seeing that it was the concept not for a lead but a special appearance, I was wondering about who will be able to do it. Meanwhile there was talk of giving the script to Park Yuchun. I found out that he personally likes SF[/science fiction (sci-fi)] genre. Of course I am grateful to him and he was interested in reading  the script when given it”.
In particular Director Kim Joon-sung attracted attention at disclosing his casting intention in the early stage, saying, “Truthfully I tried to hide Park Yuchun’s appearance. Like how Matt Damon suddenly appeared in ‘Interstellar’ in the middle of it or U-Know Yunho had a cameo in ‘Ode to My Father’, I wanted to hide the fact about ‘Lucid Dream’’s Park Yuchun’s appearance. Fans will like it when they watch if they didn’t know about it. But it shortly became known since Park Yuchun is very popular and highly sought out. I’m glad he is shown in the movie as originally intended”.
Continuing Director Kim Joon-sung praised: “In the case of This Man, he is the person who does shared-dreaming entering into people’s dreams. If you look closer at This Man’s home, there are images where he is wearing different clothes with various hairstyles besides the computer. Whenever you enter into dreams, you can enter changing yourself with the image you wish,” and, “I wanted how This Man would fit long hair in the real world, not in dreams. But it was a hairstyle that had been very Micky Yuchun from his early days and rather looked pretty. It feels like fans would also like it, too. I was afraid it would be awkward, but it worked well. Truthfully there are only a few whose (outer) looks are able to assimilate to all sorts of hairstyles”.
‘Lucid Dream’ with Park Yuchun appearing as its hidden card will open on the 22nd.

Source: Herald POP  
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3  
Shared by: JYJ3

【CJES_Official weibo】 Park Yuchun 



[V LIVE] [KIM JAE JOONG] 이번 방송 테마는 (JAEJOONG the ultimate handsome)

KIM JAE JOONG: This broadcast theme is JAEJOONG the ultimate handsome


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Jaejoong IG and Twitter Updates

25,26日埼玉スーパーアリーナでの ドレスコードはハロウィンです! 僕たちだけの2月のハロウィンを楽しめよ!

The dress code for Saitama super arena on 25, 26 is Halloween! Enjoy Halloween on February for only us!
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using app ~ Halloween theme's Corpse Bride

[Jaestagram] これ最近の人がしてるあれでしょ

[IG] This is what ppl these days do
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[jj_1986_jj IG] 이 어플 지워야겠다ㅋㅋ

using app 
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[JYJ LINE] 夕食ちゃんと食べてね~ モグモグ


[NEWS] 170223 Sports Chosun Exclusive: Enlisted Kim Junsu’s new song is coming..Duet song with Lim Chang-jung to be released

 photo 2017022401002109500148431.jpg
JYJ Kim Junsu will be releasing a special new song that was recorded before his enlistment.
According to a representative in the music industry on the 23rd, Kim Junsu will be releasing a single, a collaboration he sung together with senior singer Lim Chang-jung, as early as March. It is a gift for the fans who are waiting for him during his military service term. Kim Junsu had done the recording in the middle of his busy musical schedule.
The while he was immersed in his busy schedule like making appearances in musical ‘Death Note’ along with JYJ activities, Kim Junsu had worked on this project before his enlistment to give fans a special gift. It became known Lim Chang-jung also readily accepted to the collaboration with Kim Junsu.
Because of the meeting of the two vocalists who represent the music industry, fans’ reactions are expected to be hot. The two’s collaborative single is a new song where Kim Junsu’s soulful vocals and Lim Chang-jung’s authentic ballad are in harmony with their two different colored timbres, and is in the middle of tuning up its specific sales schedule with the goal for the middle of March.

Source: Sports Chosun  
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3  
Shared by: JYJ3

[FAN ACCOUNT] Junsu's comrade's comments + he's doing well in army training  
(source: )
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[Cjes IG] Unforgettable time in Nagoya! I was really happy. See you in Saitama~
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JYJ added 3 new photos.
"여러분이 보내주는 에너지에 전 더 큰 사람이 된 기분이에요. 가끔 ‘나는 지금 무얼 하고 있나’ 그럴 때가 있는데, 오늘처럼 같이 하나가 되고 서로의 마음을 교환하면 잘할 수 있다는 자신감에 생겨요. 무슨 일이 생겨도 포기 안 하고 더 열심히 할게요!"

Image may contain: 1 person, standing

Image may contain: 1 person, standing

Image may contain: one or more people and text

More Press pics

Media headlines

Nagoya is JHolic

mesmerized 15,000 fans in Nagoya

wrapped up Nagoya concert successfully, turning audiences into JHolics  

's powerful energy captivated Nagoya, even a 80 year-old lady gave him standing ovation

"When I'm not in my best condition, I get energized once I get on stage. I get healed when I am face to face with you" Nagoya

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talks about singing "I Will Protect You" with his fans


HQ Pics as tagged

Nagoya Day 2

One Kiss

Found You/Chajatta

I'll Protect You

Ment and I'll Protect You
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Jaejoong...Treasure Book...
Available as preorder now and will be available everywhere soon...

Jaejoong in Malaysian newspaper...

Because it's always nice to see in the papers. Star2, The Star today. My contribution is just the headline & photo selection

hyejinjung1025 INS


Kim Jae Joong Is A Home Masterchef + Hosts Live Cooking Show

By  | 

He’s perfect husband material!

Kim Jae Joong may be known as a strong singer and actor, but he is also a good chef to boot. On February 21, the singer showed off the culinary skills he has honed for the past 16 years on ‘House Cook Master Kim’ via V-Live.
On the premiere episode, Kim Jae Joong transformed into a home chef and prepared squid radish soup for the viewers at home.

The idol shared on his live show: “I will be embarking on a tour this year, so before that, I wanted to greet fans in a new way. Hence, I decided to do it through cooking.”
Kim later expressed that he has been cooking for himself for the past 16 years. Occasionally, he would even cook meals for the JYJ members during promotional activities. He said: “When I’m alone, I tend to eat only whenever I feel hungry. But in the military there’s a set time for meals.”
The singer was indeed comfortable in the kitchen, and even demonstrated how to clean up the squid right.


[JJstagram] it's the spiciest ramen in Nagoya But I'm absolutely fine  (?) 
It was delicious! 
Translations via rubypurple_fan

the spicy ramen of misen has some taste types. mild type is called 'American' and 'Mexican' JJ ate is most spicy.

JJ Twitter Update

今日めっちゃー最高だった! 皆んな本当に最高の最高の最高! 愛してる<3

Ruby ルビー Retweeted kimjaejoong
[Trans] Today was the best! Everyone is really the best of the best of the best! I love you


[COMPILATION] 170222 Kim Jaejoong – “The Rebirth of J” in Nagoya (Day 2)

  • JJ: I ate udon before going to sleep and when I woke up, my face is swollen
  • JJ: so i did some face exercises.
    Fans shouted to for him to demonstrate the exercise lol
  • JJ: I’m having a lot of fun! I am very happy!
  • JJ: I’m a bit embarrassed of this jacket cos it’s too flashy
  • JJ: my voice is lower than usual. Eating salty food like ramen make my throat bad. But when I sing it’s ok.
  • JJ: when I stand on stage, it gets better. The venue is like a hospital. If you stand here, you will heal.
  • All I Desire
  • JJ: I seldom see Hiro. He’s at Anjjang’s house. I made this song for Hiro since I feel bad. I feel sorry if Hiro was my girl hence the lyrics
  • Backstage Ment

  • Chinese fan requested for JJ to sing Chajatta chorus.
    JJ: saranghe
    Fan: neol saranghe
  • Male fan: Pls make me your apprentice.
    JJ jokes: don’t like
  • There are many young male fans with boards saying ; I like JJ hyung.
  • Board: Can I call you Oppa even if I’m older
    JJ: Oppa? Yes you can call me oppa
  • The ments are shorter today.
  • JJ is personally introducing the band
  • JJ: i’m super tired. I’ll sleep now
  • After good morning J, JJ said thank you in Korean. He must be so tired he forgot to say it in Japanese
  • JJ: today I had the most fun ever in Nagoya.
  • JJ: I’m a hot man!
  • JJ: 2 more songs… It feels lonely to be away from people I like
  • JJ: I’ll say hello again after these two songs (reminds everyone there is an encore)
  • JJ: Please look forward to Kim Jaejoong’s growth and what will come next from me.
  • JJ: Because everyone’s mood is so high today, it’s influenced me too.
  • JJ: Thank you for the encore. I heard your voices clearly from backstage. With this kind of atmosphere, I can do it many times.
  • JJ: Seriously, this is so much fun. My neck hurts because my energy is higher than usual.
  • JJ: Today is a weekday, right?
    JJ is in awe of the energy of the audience.
  • JJ: My first Japanese friend who is a girl “Hikari-chan”, friend of one of our dancers. Think it’s during the rising sun PV?!
    JJ: Thanks to her, my Japanese proficiency improved. But she’s not my first love!
    (Edited, reference Link)
  • JJ: I’m preparing for an new surprise for Saitama.
  • JJ: Saitama’s dress code is Halloween because I have not experienced it for the last 2 years. Pls spread this info!
  • JJ: Korea’s economy is bad. Eh? Japan too? Everyone, let’s work hard starting tomorrow!
  • JJ: we sing this song together.
  • JJ: a lot has happened in the past 7 years. I wanted to do a lot of things but I can’t.
  • JJ: Even if I experience more hardship in the future, I will think about this song and I know it will give me hope.
  • JJ: we have each other so I will try hard and show you my best.
  • JJ: with everyone sending me energy, it will give me power to overcome hardships.
  • JJ: I want to protect everyone and I know that everyone will protect me too.
  • JJ bow longer than usual today. In my opinion, this is one of the best lives ever. JJ is laughing all the time~~
  • Ending Ment

Translation Credit: @rubypurple_fan 
Fancam Credit:  @anne0626, @heart_jkk
Pics Credits: @pop_popster
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jj_1986_jj Jaejoong's Instagram Update

[JJstagram] Gunhee-hyung, sorry I didn't read your comment ㅋㅋㅋ (Bottom of the screencap: Gunhee wrote "Kim Jaejoong sarangheyo")
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Handsome LIVE V app

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communicates w fans until 1 hr before concert: crazily beautiful service to fans

broadcasting live right before concert, overflowing w love for his fans

expresses his fondness toward Naver during VLive: "Naver I love you" hilarious  

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More Scaps

[V Live] Please watch all of 's V-Lives and give him lots of hearts! Download v-live app ~ press ♡♡♡


[OTHER IG] Cjes.tagram Update

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as always 

[JJstagram] I will do my best for the 2nd time in Nagoya! Let's meet in the V app^^


[NEWS] 170222 ‘Lucid Dream’, Netflix bought beforehand and sign distribution contract

 photo 113679_139857_3905.jpg
Movie ‘Lucid Dream’ signed a licensing contract, domestically and overseas, with Netflix.
‘Lucid Dream’ plans to be exclusively offered in 190 Netflix-serviced countries all around the world, except for Korea, through Netflix; and can be seen on Netflix in Korea after its theatrical premiere. It is the second time, following ‘Pandora'(2016), that Netflix bought in advance a Korean film’s global copyright and decided on distribution all around the world.
‘Lucid Dream’ undertook many short film directing and was awarded at all sorts of distinguished film festivals domestically. As the first screened movie of Director Kim Joon-sung whose name is known, it totally mobilized esteemed actors of Chungmuro, the likes of Go Soo, Sol Kyung-gu, and Kang Hye-jung.
Vice President of communications for Netflix Asia, Jessica Lee, said: “We are looking forward to ‘Lucid Dream’ becoming a movie that’ll receive great love from audiences all around the world through Netflix”.
Meanwhile movie ‘Lucid Dream’ is currently playing in theaters.

Source: SPOTV STAR  
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3  
Shared by: JYJ3

[PIC] 170222 Next Entertainment World (NEW) Facebook Update – ‘Lucid Dream’: Who’s This Man?

한 마디로 남의 꿈을 해킹하는 거예요. 수많은 사람들의 꿈에 공통적으로 나타나는 디스맨! 공유몽의 존재를 알리며 중요한 단서를 제공하는데...

“In a word, I’ll be hacking a person’s dream.”
This Man who commonly appears in a lot of people’s dreams!
He instructs the presences in shared-dreaming and provides vital clues…

Source: NEW FB  
Translation by: rilanna of JYJ3  
Shared by: JYJ3


JYJ LINE Updates

[Line] pork curry, fried chicken, steak over rice!! I ate them well before going to the venue. Let's meet at 610 at V live!



[Line] Bought Ebi bento (shrimp &rice) that came from a convenience store. Have a wonderful lunch everyone :)
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[OTHER TWITTER] 170222 Comment of Scriptwriter for variety programs about “House Cook Master Kim” Jaejoong

Reminded me of the sadnesss I felt when I was doing a cooking program coz I couldn’t even name Kim Jaejoong as a prospective guest in meetings

Source: @vinzib
Translated by: @crystalmoon0213  
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[Other Ig]

[OTHER IG] Cjes.tagram Update:


Catch 2nd Ep of "Homemade Food by Master Kim" on Feb 25th!
오징어 손질에 초집중하는 재중!
그가 알려주는 알짜배기 오징어 손질법! 다시 한번 만나볼까요?

'집밥 김선생' 다시보기 ▶
#김재중 #재중 #KIMJAEJOONG #네이버 #티비캐스트 #NAVER #TVCAST #단독공개 #집밥김선생 #The_Homemade_Food_Master #1화 #첫화 #1st #쿡방 #Cooking #새로운 #품격 #셰프 #Chef #알짜배기 #오징어 #Squid #손질법 #AtoZ #다시보기 #2월25일 #2화 #공개 #CJeS_TVCAST #JAEJOONG_Vlive
It’s, of course, different level of #joy having #moments w/him! Let’s learn how he #trims squid so well! Check the bio to recap his home-made cook #Vlive #broadcasting The 2nd version will come on 25th! Stay tuned in #CJES #TVcast channel!

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting, kitchen and indoor

C-JeS Entertainment IG update: 17/02/21


Just 5 seconds needed! He takes your breath away! Enjoy the moments & keep staying tuned in his #Asia tour #concerts

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Jaejoong in Nagoya, Japan

Nagoya concert, 7,500 fans went wild

“Happy..." Standing ovation of 7,500 fans: spectacular

“It's been 3 yrs since I sang on this stage Today will become a happier memory”  

“It's been 3 yrs since I sang on this stage Today will become a happier memory”

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KJJ, 1st time in Nagoya after 3 yrs, 7500 fans standing from start to end, "electrifying"  
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[Line] 1/2 The very show that Nagoya fans enjoyed and gave standing ovation! Hot scene showing Nagoya fans and JJ who met for the1st time in 3 yrs. Let's meet at Nagoya Gaishi Hall today at 7 PM 
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during Japan concert: To me, communicating w fans is important
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[OTHER INSTAGRAM] 170221 Lie Sang Bong shared a photo of Jaejoong on the day of his army dischargement

[PHOTO] #김재중 작년 12월 제대를 앞두고 부대앞에서^^
당당하고 늠름했던 멋진 모습이 자랑스러웠다 일본을 왕래하며 공연하는 재중의 콘서트 많이 사랑해주세요

#KimJaejoong In front of battalion ahead of getting discharged last December^^
I am proud of his imposing, dignified, cool image. I love very much the performed Jaejoong’s concert when I came to Japan and went back

 photo 16789870_207212179754832_4967233813601058816_n.jpg

Source: liesangbong  
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3
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今日ありがとう^ - ^ 明日も楽しもうぜー 名古屋!

Ruby ルビー Retweeted kimjaejoong
[Trans] Thank you for today ^ - ^ Let's have fun tomorrow Nagoya!

[COMPILATION] 170221 Kim Jaejoong – “The Rebirth of J” in Nagoya (Day 1)

  • JJ: 1st time in Nagoya after 3 years. tadaima (i’m home/i arrived)
    Fans: okaeri (welcome back)
  • JJ: I return to Korea after Osaka, did not speak any Japanese at all. I arrived in Nagoya and seems like I forgot Japanese?!
  • Changing clothes on the stage

  • Nagoya’s jacket is white~
  • White jacket for purity in Nagoya!

  • JJ: Jacket is white for Nagoya. I tried to match the pure feelings of the people of Nagoya.
  • JJ: I’m a bit shy when I wear a white jacket. For some reason I can’t talk
  • JJ: it is only the 3rd song but the atmosphere seems like it’s encore already.
  • Fans said they like the jacket~
    JJ: I’m shy to admit it but I also like it
  • JJ: I forgot the next song  (looks at the monitor) The set list is there~
  • JJ: I feel like my hair has gotten darker
  • JJ: the next song is really awesome. If you don’t like it, people might whisper please go to next song.
  • JJ: I don’t think everyone knows but singing on stage makes you sweat. Sometimes sweat goes to my mouth when I sing.
  • JJ: the taste may be salty but it does not smell.
  • JJ: It really does not smell!!
  • Jaejoong said “my sweat gets in my ears can’t hear the band hahaha I still smell good overflowing with Jermon”

  • JJ: My fans call my sweat Jaeromones ( Jaejoong pheromone)!!
  • JJ: Jaeromones means Jaejoong + Pheromones. (He really explained it lol)
  • Backstage Ment

  • JJ can read kanji for work and housewife. Sugoi~
  • JJ: If I live a long life, might be ~80 years old
  • JJ: Please smile all the time until this live ends
  • JJ: I like reading. Read what you want to read~
  • JJ on this emoticon (´༎ຶོρ༎ຶོ`): I like it because no one else uses it
  • Fans: Kamisama
    JJ: Do not say that. I’m not god
  • Board from a 10 yr old girl: I like you since I was 3 years old. I did not cheat on you with Japanese idols.
  • JJ: I have lots of friends that are with Johnny’s Ent. hey say seven… ah there is no such group? Lol
  • JJ to 10 yr old fangirl: Become a good adult. Dont stop listening to your mother.
  • Ruby: Ahh there is a hey say 7 which is a sub group of Hey Say Jump. Think most fans were not aware.
  • Lmao fans are researching about hey say 7.
  • JJ: Don’t say mo ii kai(one more time)! My KR staff who dont know Japanese before, the 1st JP phrase they learned is Mo ii kai
  • JJ: Last Valentine’s day, I did this 10 times.
  • JJ: Is anyone having their birthday today?
    Fans: me! Me!
  • JJ: you are joking right?! Seems like half of the venue have their birthday today
  • JJ; you guys dont fully know the depth of my feelings, it’s deeper. Everyone is my amore~
  • JJ: it’s been 2.5 hours since the live began. Still early so let’s just have fun~
  • His bang coming down = getting younger

  • JJ: last 2 songs
    Fans: ehhh
    JJ: everyone knows it’s not last 2 songs. It’s painful for me to tell such a lie
  • JJ: did you have fun today? i also had fun~
  • JJ: I wanted to sing a song with JP lyrics but I ran out of time. Everyone in Nagoya, I’m sorry.
  • JJ: I’ll work hard for Saitama. I’m going back to Korea.
  • JJ: There is no pressure to do well on stage in JP cos I want to do it happily.
    To include 2 more songs in Japanese, that’s the pressure!
  • JJ: After the live tomorrow, I have to practice. I have not sang the songs after I recorded it in KR.
  • JJ: If I practice at hotel, I will get complaints
  • A fan can clearly see the monitors on the stage. Lyrics to Japanese songs are written in Hiragana, not Hangeul.
    Proud of JJ~
  • JJ: It’s a bit daunting to sing acapella alone.
  • JJ: so let’s sing together~~


  1. Intro
  2. One Kiss (JP Version)
  3. Ment 1
  4. LuvHolic
  5. Kiss B
  6. Ment 2
  7. Rotten Love
  8. Let The Rhythm Flow
  9. VCR
  10. Drawer
  11. Love You To Death
  12. Ment 3
  13. All I Desire
  14. Run Away
  15. Ment 4
  16. All That Glitters
  17. Breathing
  18. VCR
  19. Welcome To My Wild World
  20. Good Luck
  21. Good Morning Night (JP Version)
  22. Ment 5
  23. 9+1#
  24. Mine

  1. Love You More
  2. Ment 6
  3. Just Another Girl (JP Version)
  4. I’ll Protect You

Credits: @rubypurple_fan, @crystalmoon0213
Fancam Credit:  @anne0626
Pics Credits: @crystalmoon0213, @pop_popster, @bornfree_reico, kirakirajj
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Wink from Jae

Good Luck

I'll Protect You

20170221 Kim Jaejoong The REBIRTH of J in Nagoya



JJ in rehearsals ahead of The Rebirth of J in Nagoya, Japan

The time before we meet!
I'll see you in a while.
How exciting the time we meet before we meet!
I'll see you later.

Image may contain: 1 person, on stage, concert and night


[TRANS] 170204 Junsu’s letter to the fans at XIA Toscana Fanmeeting


When did I [last] write a letter, it seems it’s been a long period to the point that I can not remember that I didn’t write. It’s a bit awkward and embarrassing too. However, the passed time, I’m thinking of recalling each single moment with you all, who have always been there together with me and express in sentences even if a little the emotions that are difficult to put in words. The word ‘it’s the Last’ is a bit that but now when coming to the last schedule that is in Jeju, my chest is somewhat like packed, I am happy to see everyone’s smiling faces again too, it seems like a day [where] the heart is complicated in many things. The time amongst the busy performance schedule and every day [life],  how was a day spent to the extent that I don’t even know, days spent hectically continued but not knowing when I’ll be able to see Jeju’s sea and again seeing everyone’s limitless beauty my heart seems to feel refreshed, really many memories have accumulated right? To open each single one, there are far too many things that I don’t know talking about which one would be good. Delightful happy times as well, tough and painful moments as well, because you all, who without change walked together with me, were there that I was able to always work hard. Thank you. Honestly the words that I wanted to tell you all may just be all with this. To say and express in detail what I am thankful for is difficult, to that extent thank you. Just be receiving like this, what should I be doing. This, again asking a question with no answer, it’s the hopeless me, for a short while I will be separating from you all but even with that like it had always been, myself like I will firmly accomplish so properly send your love and support in the time from here on, meeting again with a delighted and strong form, like having met yesterday and meeting today, just, in that way like nothing happened, I say ‘Anyeong!’ that’s why. Ah wrong it should be ‘Chunseong!’? (T/N: Salute) ^ ^  To say short it’s short, to say long it’s long but.. till that time. Remain like this okay. Thank you, really. = From Junsu

Source: @angel_xia
Jap translations by XIAwonderland
Eng translations by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER


Handsome cook

via Nj

V-app looks good in apron "Mr. Kim, an expert at eating alone: he's been doing it for 16 yrs"


JYJ LINE Updates

[JYJ LINE] 今日と明日、名古屋ガイシホールで開催されるジェジュンのコンサート! 期待してください~ 週末はさいたまで会いましょう

[Line] Jaejoong's concert will be held at Nagoya Gaishi Hall today and tomorrrow! Please anticipate~ Let's meet in Saitama this weekend

[JYJ Line] 昨日の夜、ジェジュンが食べた名古屋の名物は?! 
What Nagoya specialty did Jaejoong ate last night?

[JYJ LINE] 昨日の夜、ジェジュンが食べた名古屋の名物は?! [正解] 手羽先 名古屋名物 お昼ごはん、美味しく召し上がってください~:)

[Line] Tebasaki Nagoya specialty 
 Pls have a delicious lunch ~ :)


C-JeS Entertainment IG update: 17/02/21

Wonka BornfreeoneKiss

Cook Jaejoong Update

[FB] "Homemade Food by Master Kim" ~ Today, FEB 21 5PM KST on V-LIVE 

Cjes.tagram Update

Guess what would be his cook that he made of things in #refrigerator Don't miss today at 5pm thru #Vlive It's only available there. Come & join him

[!] Have you subscribed to Jaejoong's V-Live Channel yet? Click ☆ 
Follow ☞ Don't miss his upcoming V-Lives!
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ジェジュン ライブ後語った復帰の喜び「日本は第二の母国」(女性自身) - Yahoo!ニュース

JJ: "Japan is my 2nd home"
I didn't train after being discharged so I lost 14 kgs, almost same as 2 yrs ago. When I was in the army I weigh ~80 kgs, 90% was muscle
( In the article, most of JJ's answers, he already mentioned during the Ment portion of the Lives.)
He plans to act after the tour finishes in April. He is trying hard to be able to do activities in Japan but it is difficult.
Via rubypurple_fan

[PARTIAL TRANS] 170220 Yahoo Japan News: Kim Jaejoong “Japan is my 2nd home”

Last December 30, JYJ’s Kim Jae-Jung (31) who finished military service for about two years and started a concert tour over 8 Asian cities as soon as possible. After the performance in Yokohama held from February 7th for three days, he was interviewed
<Japan tour of Asia tour began. Please tell me the impression of Yokohama Arena performance?>
JJ: It was a really lively show in Japan, so I was happy to see everyone and it was fun. I was like “I came back!” But, honestly, I still feel strange. Even if I return from the army, I am not used to this life yet (laugh).

<There were a lot of calls from the audience seats, “Welcome back!”>
JJ: When a lot of people said “Welcome back!”, I felt like “I’m home!”.

JJ: Since Japan is also my second home country, I kept asking to return here as soon as possible.
<Talk about Military Enlistment>
JJ revealed to read 140 books in 1 year and 9 months, during his military service in Army.

<About the Live Concert and singing 19 songs>
JJ: My songs are generally high in key, so it’s tough to be honest. It goes from Ballads to Pop, R & B and Rock.
Because the genre’s range is wide, the way you use your voice depends on the song. The burden on the throat is also great.
JJ wants people enjoy the live concert and the fanmeeting, he value alot the interaction with everyone (fans).

<I think that you will be active in solo for a while from now, but what kind of figure do you want to show as an artist?>
JJ: I’m thinking that I have to show the appearance as an actor after the tour finishes in April.
Of course, as an artist I am trying hard to be able to do activities in Japan, but it is quite difficult.
<Do you have any genres or characters you want to challenge?>
JJ: The character I’ve played so far seems to have a lot of heavy feelings, so I’d like to do somewhat comedy-like things too. Fresh, bright, gentle character and so on.

<You became 31 years old on January 26th, what are your plan in you 30’s?>
JJ: After discharge, I feel like I can do everything. I want to act, make new album if i have time. I want to also release a Japanese album because fans hope so.

<In the live show, You wore a jacket and showed a splendid pectoral muscle.>
JJ: It is not superb (laugh)
JJ: I didn’t train after being discharged so I lost 14 kgs, My current weight is almost the same as 2 years ago. When I was in the army weight was around 80 kgs, 90% was muscles.

<It’s been 13 years since your debut. what are your thoughts about your future?>
JJ: I want to run in the future 30’s with the feeling like a rookie! (to work harder like when he was a rookie)

Source: Yahoo News  
Translated by: Vshock2j
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jj_1986_jj INS Update


Tomorrow is Nagoya Let's have fun ~^-^
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Cosmopolitan Korea


[NEWS] 170216 Park Yuchun, two distinct faces as ‘Lucid Dream’ This Man

 photo 112232_138093_5522.jpg
Movie ‘Lucid Dream’ will be released. The part people are interested in as much as the fresh material on lucid dreaming is actor Park Yuchun’s performance.
Park Yuchun will be appearing as This Man in movie ‘Lucid Dream’. He turns up in the dreams of Dae-ho(Go Soo) –who tries lucid dreams to look for clues about the criminal who kidnapped his son–. But as a mysterious man who appears in Dae-ho’s dreams, he takes off in a hurry and causes Dae-ho to be more confused. Afterwards he comes to face-to-face with Dae-ho in the real world, and as the person who divulges about shared-dreaming, he is the hidden character in the movie.
At Park Yuchun’s return to the big screen, interests in it were gathered since last year. Although Park Yuchun, who is in the middle of serving his military service currently, could not be in attendance at the movie’s official promotions, the interests in his ability and acting have been amassing.
According to Director Kim Joon-sung, there wasn’t additional editing in respect to Park Yuchun. Director Kim said, “This Man is an interesting character who drifts between the dreams of people who are well-informed about lucid dreaming,” and, “Park Yuchun immersed himself well into the role of This Man. I am grateful to him. I didn’t attempt to make additional edits”.
In the movie Park Yuchun demonstrated 100% of his ability as an actor he’s proven up to date. From different visuals in reality and dreams to his acting tone[/style], he completely immersed him in different characters. He expressed a unique character who is close to an eccentric person and doesn’t stand out; and moving freely as he pleases among dreams, he subjectively creates the mysterious character This Man.
Although there is a small amount of him compared to Go Soo, Sol Kyung-gu, and Kang Hye-jung in ‘Lucid Dream’, Park Yuchun unquestionably demonstrated his imperative presence. He will unfold acting worthy of the title of an actor who is paid attention to by Chungmuro.
Now there is only the public’s evaluation left. There is much attention indeed with Park Yuchun as an actor through a more mature acting shown in ‘Lucid Dream’, receiving the public’s interests.
Meanwhile movie ‘Lucid Dream’, including Park Yuchun, stars Go Soo, Sol Kyung-gu, Kang Hye-jung, Park In-hwan, and Chun Ho-jin. It is set to be released on this coming [February] 22nd.

Source: SPOTV STAR  
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3  
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[OTHER INSTAGRAM] 170220 BTS photo of Yuchun on the set of ‘Lucid Dream’

[PHOTO] @ 코엑스 메가박스
핸드폰에 꽁꽁 숨겨놨드만 #말도많고탈도많고
현수기사님,김박감독님 지2,종자이,누리 모두 고생하셨슈👏
#루시드드림 #고수 #박유천 #시사회 #22일개봉

@ Megabox COEX
Kept hidden tightly in my phone #somanyproblemsonends
#LucidDream #GoSoo #ParkYuchun #preview #opening_on_22nd

 photo 16583856_735005933343130_1928041124463640576_n.jpg

Source: cantabilegram  
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3  
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CJES IG Update

[Cjes IG] Arrived in Nagoya! Thank you for coming out to welcome me~ Let's meet tomorrow!

Fan Goods in Nagoya...


[V Report Plus] Kim Jae-joong takes over kitchen

Updated : February 20 2017
Kim Jae-joong might be as talented at cooking as he is singing.
Kim’s agency on Sunday shared a video clip showing Kim donning an apron. The star took kimchi and squid and made something he declared was very delicious.

(Naver V app)
“Can you tell what I’m making? Watch to find out,” Kim teased.

Apparently satisfied with his cooking, Kim beckoned to the camera, “I want to share this. Come and have some.”

The full clip will be available to watch Tuesday.

Naver’s real-time broadcasting app V allows fans to interact with their favorite K-pop stars through live broadcasts. The app is available for Android and iOS. For more information, visit
By Lim Jeong-yeo (

Kim Jae-joong talks about what fans mean to him

Updated : February 20 2017

JYJ’s Kim Jae-joong recently revealed what fans mean to him in an interview with a local media outlet.

“Fans allow me to shine just by being who I am. They’re the light and warmth in my life,” he said. He added that he appreciated fans for their love and support.


Kim, 31, talked about what kind of person he wants to be.

“I want to be someone who changes,” he said. “I know it may sound contradictory, but I wish to be a person who’ll always be in one spot without changing, so people can come find me anytime.”


Tickets for Kim’s latest concert, being titled “The Rebirth of J,” in Seoul sold out within a minute of their release. Tickets for a Thailand concert also sold out within three minutes.

By Jie Ye-eun (


Jaejoong Twitter Updates


Nagoya after a long time (́༎ຶོρ༎ຶོ ')

雨男が現れた…雨めっちゃ好きやけど… 毎回なんかスゲーこのタイミング^ ^

[Trans] Rain man showed up...I like rain but... everytime, this timing is somehow unreal^ ^
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ikumi mikuiku

Jaejoong arrives in Nagoya, Japan

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Kim Jaejoong at airport on his way to Nagoya, Japan

liveen 라이브엔

Eye catching broad perfectly square shoulders
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Looks perfect in just plain white T-shirt and pair of jeans
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JYJ’s Jaejoong opens up about his military life and future plans ➜ Read more:


170209 [NEWS] From Nonsan② Kim Junsu, worked hard even alone… 13 years without resting

Kim Junsu will be putting a rest to his activities of 13 years without resting.
Today (9th) morning Kim Junsu will be entered through Chungnam Nonsan Army Training centre. Once the basic army training ends he will be serving at the Gyeonggi Nambu Provincial Police Agency’s Policemen Public Relations Unit for the period of 1 year and 9 months. It was a private enlistment but Kim Junsu’s fans visited the Training centre and cheered and encouraged Kim Junsu who had bid goodbye for a while to the fans for the 21 months’ period.
Kim Junsu, as the member of the group JYJ, as a male solo artist and as a musical actor, broadened his without any resting time activities.
Informed of a new start called JYJ starting with the 2010’s first album ‘The Beginning’, ‘In Heaven’ in 2011, ‘Just Us’ in 2014 was released, with the World Tour, Asia Tour etc., met up with the fans from around the world.
The power of solo singer Kim Junsu was also amazing. In 2012 released for the first time. the solo full length album ‘TARANTALLEGRA’ in that year recorded sales of 120,000 copies, that same year successfully [had] his first World Tour as a domestic male solo singer, and left a footprint in the history of the World of Songs and Ballads.
Following which, he released his 2nd album ‘Incredible’ in 2013, with the Asia Tour revolving around 7 Asian cities mobilised 100,000 people and proved his popularity. In 2015 released his 3rd album ‘Flower’, with the Asia Tour gathered a total of 164000 fans. Additionally, appeared on broadcast after 6 years through EBS ‘Space Empathy’ as well.
‘Musical’ is definitely a crucial word while describing Kim Junsu. From his debut work ‘Mozart’ till ‘Tears of Heaven’, ‘Elizabeth’, ‘December, the unending song’, ‘Dracula’, ‘Death note’, ‘Dorian Gray’, in each starring work he is recognized for his perfect thorough understanding of the character and surpassing singing skills and became established as a South Korean representative musical actor.
Began with the 2010 ‘The Musical Award’Korea Musical Awards’ Male Newcomer and Popularity Star, in 2012 ‘Korea Musical Awards’ won the Male Lead Actor Award and even till the 2017 ‘Golden Ticket Awards’ Popularity Award, every year won the popularity award at the Musical Awards ceremony and proved his popularity. Additionally, from 2014 for 3 consecutive years rose to the No.1 musical actor chosen by the audience and secured his seat of the ‘believe and see Musical Actor’.
Since 2004 debut without resting ran forward Kim Junsu, due to the military enlistment bid goodbye to his fans for a short while.
Kim Junsu just before enlisting in the morning of the 9th through his personal SNS, with the short words of, ’13 years of unwavering love. Thank you very much for all the unforgettable memories.’ and, ‘I feel like I haven’t greeted you properly before going. So here’s a proof shot. Be healthy and let’s meet with a smile next time,’ and posted together a picture with the hair cut short and conveyed his greetings to his fans.
21 months is by no means are short period. Additionally, Kim Junsu just before his military enlistment wrapped up in discussion. Farewell for a short while, the 21 months in the military may become a revitalising like time for him. For 13 years doing activities without any rest, Kim Junsu it is a relief period where he can re-prepare himself and is a preparatory phase in order to jump further the distance. Fulfilling the obligation of national defence, gallantly return back, together with the fans, becoming stronger, looking forward to [that] tomorrow’s Kim Junsu.

Source: OSEN via Naver
Jap translations by XIAwonderland
Eng translations by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER
Junsu SNS cap trans by @ohmyjunsu


Teaser....Chef Jaejoong

아시아의 슈퍼스타 김재중★ 무대가 아닌 주방에 등장한 사연은?
먹방, 쿡방 안되는게 없는 '집밥 김선생'의 매력 속으로 드루와 드루와~
2월 21일! 씨제스 네이버TV로 단독 공개!

예고편 보러가기 ▶
#김재중 #재중 #KIMJAEJOONG #네이버 #네이버TV #NAVERTV #단독공개 #집밥김선생 #The_Homemade_Food_Master #티저 #Teaser #공개 #쿡방 #Cooking #전도사 #김선생 #등장 #스포일러 #Spoiler #재료 #오징어 #Squid #벌써재밌다 #2017년 #2월21일 #본편공개 #CJeS_NaverTV
The #Asian super star has come to you! It's only available thru #NAVER channel! Kim Jaejoong will surprise #U by #his #awesome cook! Upcoming 21st, come & join us on #CJES Naver channel!


Jaejoong attending a party...

20170219 tonyhong1004 IG


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