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JYJ News Week of 1/14- 1/20/2019

What's New With JYJ?
Will Update Continuously...

Note: I will be traveling to South Korea on Wed, Jan. 16th to attend JParty 2019 on Jan. 20th.
This blog will be affected but will try to update as I'm able.



We appreciate you ⁦⁩ !!!

with ! Amazing time ! (Naver)

spends special birthday with fans from 15+ countries “Happy to be together”

"Explosive 4-hour-long fan service".. mesmerizes fans from 15+ countries with another legendary birthday party  
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My coworker who attended concert for 1st time reacts: It was really good I’ve never been a fan of an artist who sings well and handsome so I almost fainted He truly understands his fans, is such a professional and does everything well all by himself Real professional

어제 재중콘서트처음 가본 회사동료의 반응. 😍😍😍
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[1/20/19] Jaejoong's J-Party in Korea 🎉 I took notes while listening to the livestream, but many parts are missing because I couldn't hear properly & I forgot to take notes after a certain point. But still, enjoy the short summary 😊 

Kim Jaejoong celebrated his birthday and spent a special time with fans from 15 different countries, "Happiness can be done together"!

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JJ with his sister

오랜만에 한국팬들 만나는 자리가 너무 행복하다는 이쁜 재중이^^♡♡♡

Translated from Korean by
Hot Babes ^^ ♡♡♡ are so happy to meet Korean fans in a long time

Nice father and son moment.

[ syyg1104 IG ] Jaejoong's sister shared some pictures of Kim Family^^💜👍

[Other IG] Some attendees to J-Party shared some backstage pics with our Jaejoong! Cr. l22_ay, dongyeop0326, 

190122/21/20 cjes.tagram IG,JYJ FB,JYJ LINE UPDATES



JParty 2019

Now is definitely Good!

Happy Birthday

Doing the fan meeting segment and I don’t do Korean LOL! looks great though haha

just did aegyo then did a sexy dance and went writhing on the floor and lifted his shirt to show his abs.. sorry no video TT



We are measuring JJ lol for the TMI segment! Lol
Waist is 28 inches (we are the same when I was younger haha

Somebody wrote asking about size of his butt and size of his .... LOL He wants to get those thoughts out of his head
I guess he really likes the movie A Star is Born!!! ’s  

mentioned Koko and Nene. They don’t listen to him most of the time LOL

Cute!!! looks so serious!
Fans are laughing coz he’s concentrating so much!


Doing X and O game and I have no idea what they’re saying. But ’s smile and smirk and various explanations are everything!!!


Winners are up on the stage with and they were told to bring their cell phone!
They’re playing charades with words and JJ can’t hear. He has to guess by just looking at the fan’s mouth!
The Indonesian And Chinese fans can read Korean! I’m more impressed with that!
I’m also impressed that these fans are able to stare at for a long time with his big ol eyes staring back!

The winner just high fived . Everyone get to have a selfie with JJ. The winner has JJ taking a video with her. And he sang Protect You! Nice interaction!

is signing this canvas bag with different colored pens. Whoever gets it is lucky!
is drawing flower in another bag And I see a ‘dot’ tattoo on his right hand! 

doing a flower bouquet arrangement. Cute how he’s so serious about it!
The flower bouquet is pretty but is confused about wrapping it and it looks awful now LOL
Oh? came through and mage it look nicer now! True artist in the house! (whispers: still kinda looks bad haha) 

And he’s signing a large paper to go in bouquet container and he placed the gloves he was using In the bag! Lucky fan 

JJ is making coffee, Using the grinder and saying it should be slow grind ;) It’s cold in this venue. I wouldn’t mind winning a cup of coffee!
But he says he cheats because if the dripper takes too long, he uses/drinks instant coffee while waiting LOL


Coffee tumblers are special edition and signed by JJ Four winners get the expensive coffees and one winner gets the instant. No matter as long as made it! 😊
And my friend is one of the winners!
Lucky fan.

Showing JJ Vlog now... Daily life of at  

Mini Concert
Rock on ! got brighter!

Rotten Love at


Sexy Kiss B at
It’s hot in here! Kiss B

Good luck to all of us!

Welcome to my Wild World at

says he messes up the lyrics so he’s trying to sing Kiss B again but he messed up again and blaming us coz we didn’t jump as high!

Just wanna day I’m not big on animal prints but leopard looks great on at

Just Another Girl at

My favorite MINE!

Waiting for at

Here we go Good Morning Night!

picking on the guys LOL

Uh oh thought he was done with GMN but he still has to do the J at  
That darn man just let the fans sing on their own LOL
We’re still at it! Good Morning J! At


190120 JAEJOONG JPARTY 2019 BY jj 1994 hui

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I’ll Protect You of course

Bye !

Posts and Pics as tagged

More Pics from Cong

[2019 KIM JAEJOONG J-PARTY] •Summary


We are inside out of the cold but the line to the toilet is atrocious. Aigoo!!! we might have to use the men’s room if we are allowed!!!

JJ in Rehearsals 


김재중 콘서트 '2019 KIM JAE JOONG J-PARTY&MINI CONCERT' 김재중(Kimjaejoong 金在中) 응원 드리미 쌀화환: -joong



Enjoyed the musical with yesterday was amazing as Death/ DerTod 👌 Our faves were the death ‘angels’ dancers! Great performances from everyone!!!


[IG] Oh, sorry... The name of the studio is PTS... Cut the name in half for no reason... See you soon tomorrow, everyone^^ Let’s have a long conversation and enjoy the concert together^^!

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Handsome for atstar1 magazine


Jaejoong JJang

JAEJOONG_JJ Official on youtube


Jaejoong and his KDash family
Pics from twitter

Jaejoong fans, Happy New year! Hope you'll stick with me for this year as well.The big star put the Tokyo Tower on his shoulder.JJ said his problem is  his agency banning him from having a romantic relationship although he is 33. I answered to him "That's a good agency ❤ "

ジェジュン君ファンの皆様、 あけまして本年もよろしくお願い致します。さすが大スターは東京タワーを肩に乗せておられます。 ジェジュン君のお悩みは33歳なのに恋愛禁止を言い渡されていること、だそうです。「いい事務所じゃない❤️」って答えておきました。


KDash New Year’s Party
2018 and 2019
Solo artist Kim Jaejoong in Japan

[ yunataira_official IG ] She shared a pic with our Jaejoong at K-Dash New Year's party!^^

[ Takahashi-katsunori blog ] "Jaejoong who became an official associate from this year"

[Bicsmallen-chiro Blog ] "The insanely gentle and cool Jaejoong-san"


 JJ with the cherry is life which we didn’t know we needed! #Jaejoong’s #JParty2019
Mini Concert fan goods


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KJJ Asia Tour Fan meeting's dates confirmed
JJ goes to see you with his 2019 KIM JAEJOONG J-PARTY & MINI CONCERT
✔1/28 Japan
✔2/16 Taiwan
✔2/23 Thailand
✔3/9 Hong Kong
Various events & special stages!Please look forward to it



Long flight ahead... From California with love! here we come. Excited to see friends and of course!!! Hello 💚😊💚


[ eskey_choi IG ] "My always loyal and cool younger brother Jaejoong-ah..."

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I’m glad I kept my subscription then! is life!


Kim Jaejoong Update

“데뷔 16년차…日서 신인처럼 활동” [화보] (출처 : TV리포트 | 네이버 TV연예) Go

Translated from Korean by
"debut 16th year... Work like a rookie "[Pictorial] (Source: TV Report | Naver TV Entertainment) go


Kim Jaejoong "Preparing to appear on IHQ entertainment channel... Returning to the digital screen after a long time"

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Talks About Being In His 16th Year Since Debut, Japanese Promotions, And More

The February issue of @star1 magazine featured Kim Jaejoong as the cover model. The singer managed to impress by posing for stylish photos, showing off his skills as a veteran.
Kim Jaejoong said, “I’m in my 16th year since my debut, but it doesn’t feel like it. I think it’s because I’ve been promoting hard in Japan as if I were a rookie. I enjoy the feelings I get when working with a rookie’s mindset.”
The singer then talked about promoting in Japan for the first time in a while. He continued, “I was thankful to finally be able to freely participate in [Japanese] promotional activities like I wanted for the first time in eight years. I was glad many staff members greeted me with such welcoming arms.”
This year, the singer promised to meet with domestic fans more often. Kim Jaejoong said, “I’m currently preparing for a variety show on IHQ. I’ll be making a return to the small screen for the first time in a long time, and I think it will be a fun variety show.”
Lastly, Kim Jaejoong briefly mentioned his upcoming event “J-Party & Mini Concert,” which will take place on January 20. The singer said, “It will be a place for me to hold both a concert and a fan meeting.” He also commented on the fact that the event sold out in two minutes. The singer said, “I thought it was a lie at first. I’m just thankful for my fans.”
Kim Jaejoong’s upcoming variety show “Give Me a Break” will also be available on Viki!
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ジェジュン Instagram 20190115

 Gorgeous as always... with ・・・ 일

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190115 JPARTY 2019 UPDATES (LINE,Cjes.tagram IG, JYJ FB)

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[FB] 재중이에게 J-Party 도착했습니다 💌 (당신의 선택은..? YES or YES..😳) ✔ 우리가 함께 하는 그 날까지 D-5 🎉 1월 20일 (일) 오후 6시 ! 평화의 전당에서 만나요 ❤ -

Translated from Korean by

[FB] has arrived J-party to the Jae-in 💌(your choice is...? Yes or yes. 😳) ✔ until the day we are together, D-5 🎉 on Sunday, January 20, at 6pm! Meet Me at peace ❤ Hall -


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“I’m so jealous Why does it have to be on the day I’m coming to Japan?”
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...a gathering of Photo People Tokyo (in Korea while JJ flew to Japan)

Jaejoong arrives in Japan!



1/28 ANNIVERSARY EVENT's title has been decided! Today we start issuing/delivering the first round of tickets!

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Junsu update
Taeyang (child actor) made this Junsu character on his play station after meeting Junsu @ their first rehearsal together (hence the pink hair). His mother explains so on her ig, adding he was too shy to tell Junsu what it was and that's so precious i can't😩

Junsu IG Update

190113 Junsu's IG "It looks like it's waving it's hand~ Hello! 🙋‍♂️"

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JJ IG Update
Nephew Gunhee

20190113 ‪jj_1986_jj IG

20190113 ‪jj_1986_jj IG Story



Our ... Excited in what’s in store in the near future and beyond. Fighting!!!

instagram.com/jj_1986_jj?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid=akctww3qpr7b …

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