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JYJ News Week of 10/9- 10/15/2017

What's New With JYJ?
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JJ Pic while in Paris

lky325800さん Instagram
& and Charlie!!

JJ with photographer (and PhotoPeople mentor KT Kim


JJ attending the musical Napoleon

’s got Nice support from cast (, w/ fellow CJES artists & KHS

bboleさん Instagram 을 보았다고 식구들한테 말했다.. 방심하고있다 한대 맞음


JJ Update
Vogue Korea November 2017 Issue to feature who entered Paris as a photographer
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JJ IG Updates

Another recommendation from our

SAAY - CIRCLE ft. Tish Hyman

JJ and his parking tickets...

[IG] Mr. Parking Attendant Why did you charge me whopping 200,000 won for parking? Please take away...
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(KIM JUNSU) It's XIA TIME! - 4th [XIGNATURE] 앨범 자켓 촬영현장 Behind by V Live

V Live Station
[NEW VID] 171015 XIA TIME Episode 4 - Junsu behind the scenes of <XIGNATURE> Album!
Photo published for [V LIVE] It's XIA TIME! - 4th [XIGNATURE] 앨범 자켓 촬영현장 Behind

[V LIVE] It's XIA TIME! - 4th [XIGNATURE] 앨범 자켓 촬영현장 Behind


JJ at a friend's new restaurant...

jungyoukeun IG Update

[Other IG] Please come often, dear customer
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JJ IG Updates

Glorious is

JJ at the dentist!

Precious Take care




Ahhh supporting the new musical Napoleon starring lots of CJES artists: JeongSunAh, Kang HongSeok (GooGill), HongSeoYoung & more

heebon717 Fan Acc about Jaejoong Translated by 171014 jaejoong at charlotte theater
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Hey JJ!

[Other IG] With our Jaejoong who only talks about music and acting anywhere he goes
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jk_4eva is a restaurant owner...


JJ IG Updates
Working out...

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[IG] Heard this is an ab workout

[IG] Heard this is biceps exercise

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Jaejoong asks fans to cosplay for his upcoming fan meeting

Jaejoong encouraged fans to dress up for his upcoming fan meeting.

On October 13, he hosted a live broadcast on Naver's 'V' Live where he wanted to introduce some of the ideas that fans sent in for his upcoming fan meeting which will be held just a few days before Halloween. 

During the broadcast, the idea of dressing up to the fan meeting was brought up and he commented, "A lot of you may be wondering whether or not you should even bother dressing up, thinking it would be too embarrassing.  Many fans often dress up and then end up taking off the makeup while on their way, stopping by the public bathroom. But please, just come. Many people cosplay these days and it doesn't have to be for a particular reason. It's a way of freely expressing oneself. I believe it'll be fine," assuring his fanbase.

The JYJ member also added, "I'll be dressing up too. But let's say if I dress up as a clown, wouldn't it be weird for me to talk about something sad? But I also can't be talking about the same thing the whole time so...", and continued talking about dressing up for the fan meeting. 

The event will take place on October 29 at Kyunghee University in Seoul.



JJ Weibo Update

金在中_Official weibo 我刚回到韩国,就开始想念你们... 很想快点跟你们见面。

Weibo 171013: Start missing you all as soon as I'm just back in Korea.. Really want to see you sooner


Our adorable is

click link and give hearts...

Photo published for [V LIVE] 김재중과 함께하는 팬미팅 VLIVE 반상회!

Gorgeous as always I could watch him 24/7! 

I only got to eat bread and things in France when everyone in Korea enjoyed Chuseok food  
If everyone dresses up no one will be embarrassed 
Absolutely no beer party during fanmeeting 
People would think I’m drunk? No no I didn’t drink at all!
Let’s all show up dressed up at the fanmeeting (I’m not ticked off for you guys not wanting to dress up)  
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Get ready for Jaejoong LIVE!

[Cjes IG] Ready for the town hall meeting? Let’s bring a snack and gather around! “I’m so hungry” “Want to do VLIVE fast”
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Policeman Junsu at another Police Public Relations event...


Golden Star

It's Over



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JJ IG Update

Japanese comedian women doll


JJ (when he was in China)

[Other IG TR]

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Weibo Asia-Pacific ranking list (12 Oct) : No.1

JJ at airport on his way back to Korea...

JJ arrives back in Korea

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Bonus...Jaejoong looking the same...


JJ IG Update

[IG] appreciates Chinese fans’ great manner

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HongKong Newspaper article...


Jaejoong in China...

Chow Hin Yeung FB
(Director, producer for Hangeng's new movie)


Waiting for !

[Cjes IG] will hold a town hall meeting to introduce ideas on fan meeting fans sent in via VLIVE 10/13 9PM KST
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Jaejoong and Hangeng in China
Note: Hangeng was a member of Super Junior (SM group) but he sued to leave the group/company due to 'Slave labor' among other things... He and JJ have a lot in common...

[ TR ] 171012 IG & Weibo

shares a photo with ex-Super-junior member Han Gyung via his Instagram... “Meeting in 10 years...”

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's Jaejoong reunites with former Super Junior member Hangeng

JYJ's Jaejoong recently shared photos of himself with former Super Junior member Hangeng.

Jaejoong recently traveled to China and he decided to visit his old friend Hangeng. On October 11, the idol star shared photos with Hangeng and this is the first time they met up after nearly a decade!

The caption read in Chinese, "We haven't seen each other for about 10 years, but today we meet again after a long time."

Hangeng also shared the photos on his Weibo and thanked Jaejoong for visiting him at work.


JJ in China

Yes...He comes to China! In a seaside town in Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province.
麻辣烫 in pic means a kind of spicy hot soup/pot.


[JJ IG] I thought they were JJ but they were chinese chars Ting Ting? Look very similar 
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BTW, it's said JJ comes here to visit Hankyung, who's working for some filming recently.

Fan saw him and her said about Jaejoong my unnie translated
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171011 Jaejoong via ichikinosama

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JJ IG Update
Promoting his friend's song/video
Note: 'mondaykiz' was in the army with JJ as well.

  • jj_1986_jj형 신곡 축하해~!

  • https://www.instagram.com/jj_1986_jj/

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    Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people sitting, drink, table and indoor

    Lee Jin-sung  (2nd person from the right/opposite JJ) is a member of the male band MondayKiz.
    He was part of 55th Infantry Division Band along with Jaejoong



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    Note: We learn later that this beach is in China...


    Director Jaejoong of Moldir Korea

    MOLDIR TRAVEL CARRIER COMING SOON! image source>@ luna.mayu.jj @ ccchaeone /instagram


    Buy tickets starting 21 Oct. Our hearts are pounding

    2017 KIM JAE JOONG Asia Tour Fanmeeting in Taipei


    JJ Twitter Update


    "Jet-lag. I have been sleepy"


    [OTHER SNS] 171010 CJeS Instagram Update: Hiro + Chuseok

    [PHOTO] #히로 오늘 미용해쩌염
    #추석맞이 #미용한 #히로 #팬분들께 #인사드려요 #오랜만이에요 #형아_어디갔져 #아이컨택 #수준급 #개스타그램 #멍스타그램 #씨제스타그램

    Hiro got groomed today to celebrate Chuseok
    Greetings, fans! Where did my hyeong go? A professional at eye contact

    Source: cjes.tagram  
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    JYJ Junsu's mother debuting as a singer

    JYJ member Junsu's mother will be debuting as a singer.

    She will be releasing a digital single called 'My Story' with title song "Sweet Memories," which is a remake of the Japanese song by Matsuda Seiko. The single will also include "Cocktail Love," a remake of the 1990s song by Marronnier and "Hope," which is also a remake of No Sa Yeon's song. She will be donating all proceeds from her single.

    Her debut single will be revealed at noon KST on the 11th.

    171010 Junsu's duet with his mom, <Cocktail Love>, will be released tomorrow around 12pm KST!

    171011 Junsu's duet with his mom, <Cocktail Love>, IS OUT! 

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    JJ IG video updates
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    [IG] Good morning ~

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    [IG] Weather has been unpredictable, hot one day and cold the next day... Pls be carful not to catch cold everyone Don’t get sick

    Peek a Boo from our Our always wants us to smile


    More silly Jae
    A little too much time on ’s hands now that hectic drama filming is over! I’m sure he’s very busy though 

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    JJ IG Updates

    Handsome blogger & kind photographer of

    JJ showing off Botanist products (no news if he is an official endorser...But he has promoted these products on his IG) 

    This little girl 'modeled. for Jaejoong and PhotoPeople crew in France!

    [IG] Our model’s profound gaze~!
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    prior IG update


    JJ News

    boasts wax doll-like handsomeness in a rare frontal selfie that showcases his fair skin and dark eyes

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