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JYJ News Week of 8/29- 9/4/2016

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Number ONE: Kim Jaejoong

Top 6 anticipated comebacks from Idols about to finish military service - No.1

Top 6 anticipated comebacks from Idols about to finish military service

Photo published for Top 6 anticipated comebacks from Idols about to finish military service – Koreaboo 

Watching their favorite idols go to the military is always a huge pain for fans since it means they won’t be seeing them on-screen for a few years.
Also from the idols side, going into the military means they won’t be able to remain in the public’s eyes for a long time, which unfortunately, is sometimes enough to hinder their career progress and popularity. This is why lots of idols, especially those in their peaks or rising, tend to delay their military service as much as they can.
Currently, there are quite a number of male idols serving military service and according to a recent survey done up by netizens, these are the top 6 most highly-anticipated celebrities by public for army discharge.
1.  JYJ Jaejoong – 1,005,156 points
JYJ’s Jaejoong, who enlisted in the army on 31st March 2015, crowned the first place with more than a whooping 1 million points!

4. JYJ  Yoochun-481,95 points
Despite the recent controversies surrounding him, following in fourth place is JYJ’s Yoochun, who enlisted on August 27, 2015.



Junsu update

[PHOTO] cjes.tagram님의 사진

  • cjes.tagram(내일 킹키 못보니까 합성해줘-)
    합성 하기 아까운 특급 귀여움!
    오늘도 성남에서 만나^^ #김준수 #도리안그레이 #샤리안 #브이 #행복해요 #오늘도_만나요 #이렇게_귀여우면_반칙 #씨제스타그램 (Can’t #make it tmrw #KinkyBoots event shooting , so plz #compose my #photo on it) That’s what #KimJunSu said taking this pic. He’s #superb #lovely Isn’t he? See U all in #Seongnam w/the #musical #DorianGray

  • Fanmade pic... Inserting Junsu's pic with fellow CJES artists (Ryu JunYeol, Jeong SunAh, Im SeMi) who were a the Kinky Boots event (starring fellow CJES actors Kang Hong Seok and Han Sun Chun as well)

    CJES IG Update


    Junsu IG Updates...




    160903  Dorian Gray starring Kim Junsu

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    160903 Junsu arriving Seongnam Arts Centre 

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    Dorian Gray and Kim Junsu receiving great reviews...
    역대급이란 말로도 설명이 불가한 김준수의 인생 캐릭터 샤리안의 탄생!
    '도리안 그레이' 김준수, 진정한 인생캐릭터 만났다 http://goo.gl/ondBcM


    [NEW VID] 160902 Junsu's Greeting Message for <SH CUP 2016>!

    SH Entertainment

    So, Kim Junsu (the soccer player) will be in Indonesia in November!


    Jaejoong's Moldir!


    [HD PICS] 160901 Junsu <Dorian Gray> Musical Preview Show! 


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    [PICS] 160901 Japanese Magazine Josei7 女性セブン featured CPL Kim Jaejoong at Harmony Concert

    Japanese Magazine Josei7 女性セブン Vol.33 (9/15 Issue) featured CPL Kim Jaejoong at 2020 Gyeryong Expo Harmony Concert
    You can buy this magazine via [Amazon]

    Josei7: “Kim Jaejoong’s Midsummer night Kim Jaejoong will be discharged from military service after 4 months! In the military event for the first time! his voice and skin condition is the best!”
     photo CrN5BdvUIAE94PG.jpg  photo CrN5BdxUEAAr_3F.jpg  photo CrN9s3bVIAAat-G.jpg
     photo CrN9s5AUAAASM-A.jpg


    Magazine Cover

     photo CrODG9tVMAEy5e7.jpg
     photo CrODHzUUsAAlrca.jpg
     photo CrODJDVVMAEK6Ga.jpg
     photo CrODJjvVUAA5P4Q.jpg
    Credits: @okke126, @0613amasajj  
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    [RANKING] 2016 Hanteo Sales Ranking – BoyGroups and Male Solo

    2016 Hanteo Physical Album Sales Ranking – BoyGroups and Male Solo
    Period: 2016/01/01 – 2016/08/22
    Source: @up10tionintl
    Edited and Shared by: JYJ3


    [INFO] was promoted to Sergeant today and () was trending on Korea twitter!

      CONGRATULATIONS Sgt. Kim Jaejoong D-120



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    [INFO + SPAZZ] 160901 Kim Jaejoong is promoted to Sergeant.. Congrats!


    Kim Junsu

    [DL LINK] 160901 CJES Naver Blog, 38 pictures and 17 gifs!   

    160901 CJES Culture FB Update! <Dorian Gray> Musical Official Goods!

    Junsu <Scene Playbill> Magazine September Issue Preview Pics!

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    Media should stop selling other people's private lives - Park Yuchun mentioned.


    Wednesday, August 31, 2016

    Media should stop selling other people's private lives - Park Yuchun mentioned

    From the panel discussion, "the reports of celebrity related crimes, what are the problems of this matter"

    Yoon Tae Jin, Prof. of Yonseo Univ. (Graduate School of Communication and Arts) pointed out that "the reason why the reports related to celebrities being accused of sexual assaults have been produced with outrageously large quantity is for 'selling no. of clicks' by the press" and "the media should stop disguising as 'the-rights-to know of the national citizens while fulfilling the vulgar curiosity of the public on other people's sex lives."

    In this panel discussion, the criticisms came out on the usual pratices of the media that they are careful of revealing the names or faces for 'public figures' while having no hesitation for revealing the names of 'open figures' such as entertainers or sports stars.

    * public figures: such as politicians 

    ■ the no. of reports up to now by the criteria of Naver search

    333 for Lee Gun Hee video

    635 for Lee Jung Hyun recording

    3,034 for Park Yuchun case

    *Translated partly from the source

    Source: Media Today via Naver

    Trans by: uttunfan_


    Jaejoong Update

    [TRANS] Non-fan visits restaurant frequently visits and shares photo of his autograph

    Owner says JYJ's Kim Jaejoong is a regular here.
    Seems like he stops by time to time.
    So many Japanese fans also come here looking for the seat Mr. Kim Jaejoong usually sits.
    via crystalmoon64 


    Junsu Update

    [PHOTO] cjes.tagram님의 사진

    '공연킹' 김준수의 쉼 없는 활약!
    상반기를 뜨겁게 달군 김준수의 엔진은 하반기에도 풀가동! 여러분도 씐나게 즐길 에너지 풀충전!

    '올해 90회 공연' 김준수, 콘서트-뮤지컬 넘나드는 전천후 열일 http://goo.gl/2n1EkF

    ' Performance King ' Xia's chest an active!
    The first half of the moon, hot military xia's the engine in half again! You meet possessed the energy to enjoy the full charge!
    ' this year's 90th show ' Xia, concert-musical too, is an all-weather hot day
    Kim Jun-Su ten days... half of the yen musical 'Dorian Gray' challenge
    #Xia #xia #XIAJUNSU #during the first half of the #heat a machine #half of #in _ year. #Dorian Gray #Year-end concert #infinite hope


    The hottest kiss scenes starring your favorite idols 


    Jaejoong in 'Triangle' 



    160830 CJES IG Update! 
    Junsu as Dorian Gray

    160830 CJES Culture FB Update!
    드디어 이번주 목요일,
    우리는 최고를 만난다!
    개막 앞두고 연습실 현장 전격 공개! 함께 해주세요~^^

    #뮤지컬 #도리안그레이 #MUSICAL #DORIANGRAY #김준수_도리안 #박은태_헨리 #최재웅_배질 #홍서영_시빌 #인터파크티켓 #예스24 #하나티켓 #9월3일개막 #성남아트센터 #오페라하우스 #씨제스컬쳐
    Upcoming #thursday Finally, we’ll be able to #encounter the #best #performance ever! Take a #glance at #practicing moment of ‘Dorian Gray’ #KimJunSu #ParkEunTae #ChoiJaeWoong #HongSeoYoung U won’t #miss the 1st day of the musical, Sep 3rd!


    [NEWS] 160829 Park Yuchun’s first female accuser indicted on charges of ‘false allegations & attempted blackmail’

    The first female, who accused singer-and-actor Park Yuchun of sexual assault, has been handed over for trial on charges of false allegations and attempted blackmail.
    It was disclosed that Seoul Central District Public Prosecutors’ Office indicted the 24-year-old Ms. Lee to detention under the suspicions of false accusations, when she said she suffered sexual assault after having sexual relations with Mr. Park.
    Also, 33-year-old Mr. Hwang –a former gang member who had extorted money and other valuables from Mr. Park as a justification in this case– and Ms. Lee’s boyfriend 32-year-old Mr. Lee will be handed over for trial on charges of attempted blackmail, too.
    It’s reported upon investigating that the boyfriend Mr. Lee had conspired to receive money from Park Yuchun last June 4th with the pretext for settlement money after hearing Ms. Lee’s words about suffering sexual assault.
    It’s reported upon investigating that there were threats made; when they met with Mr. Park’s manager the following day [June 5th] together with gang-affiliated Mr. Hwang who was introduced by an acquaintance, when meeting with Mr. Park’s side every day till the 8th of the same month [June] after demanding money, and in having said they will let the media-presses know of the matter.
    However things turned out contrary to what they intended and Ms. Lee is under suspicions of making false allegations with her accusations of sexual assault against Mr. Park.
    The prosecution, like the police, are making a decision on Ms. Lee just having sexual relations and trying to reach an agreement with Mr. Park; and not having suffered sexual assault.
    The prosecution are investigating toward whether the other 3 females, who had accused Mr. Park of sexual assault, made false allegations; following Ms. Lee.

    Source: YTN News via Naver  
    Translations by: rilanna of JYJ3  
    Shared by: JYJ3

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