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JYJ News Week of 10/3- 10/9/2016

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Junsu as Dorian Gray

Photo published for 뮤지컬 <도리안 그레이> - 김준수 배우 밀착 팔로우 캠

[PHOTO] cjesculture님의 사진


Waiting for JYJ


Waiting patiently for Kim Jaejoong


Waiting for Park Yuchun
2016 *1004* --yuchun drama week-- keep . . 

Watch Yoochun's dramas again at online sites, including DramaFever....


[NEWS] 161009 So Kim Junsu proved his presence with masterful vocals in latest featuring

 photo 1475976152-71.jpg
Musician Kim Junsu(XIA Junsu)’s featuring was distinct.
Kim Junsu is gaining hot responses over showing his his best-ever featuring in Crucial Star’s single ‘또 있을까 싶어 / Ain’t Nobody Like You’ that was released on October 8. Embarking on the first hip-hop featuring of his life, Kim Junsu(XIA Junsu) displayed fantastic chemistry, adding a sorrowful voice to Crucial Star’s rapping and sentimental vocals, and had captured the hearts of listeners.
 photo 201610091001029910_2.jpg
Kim Junsu(XIA Junsu) took a shot at a supporting role in his agency colleague Crucial Star’s newly-released single and has proven to be a presence vocally in a piece once again through his featuring in ‘또 있을까 싶어 / Ain’t Nobody Like You’.The color of captivating vocals shown in the chorus with the calmness of an introduction received appraisals at him perfectly putting in the emotions of autumn and added to public interest.
Crucial Star’s ‘또 있을까 싶어 / Ain’t Nobody Like You’, which is attracting attention for having a featuring by Kim Junsu(XIA Junsu), can be found on every online music site; and Kim Junsu is continuing with great success on the musical stage amid favorable reviews through musical ‘Dorian Gray’ currently.

Source: Newsen  
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3  
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[OTHER INSTAGRAM] 161008 C-JeS shared a clip of Junsu in the recording studio for “Ain’t Nobody Like You”

[VIDEO] 김준수의 녹음실은,
‘일 하는 남자의 섹시함’으로 해석 된다

#김준수 #XIA #XIAJUNSU #녹음실 #비하인드 #크루셜스타 #CrucialStar #또있을까싶어 #피처링 #녹음중 #일하는_모습에 #또한번_덕통사고 #프로페셔널한_준수모습 #씨제스타그램

Enjoy the pic of #KimJunSu at the #recording studio! He’s there 4 the #song “Ain’t Nobody Like You” of Crucial Star. It’s working man’s #real #sexual #attraction #AWESOME instagram.com/p/BLS805ojItG/

What Kim Junsu’s recording studio is,
It can be interpreted as the ‘Sexiness of a Working Guy’

#KimJunsu #XIA #XIAJUNSU #recordingstudio #behind #크루셜스타 #CrucialStar #또있을까싶어/Ain’tNobodyLikeYou #featuring #in_middle_of_recording #at_his_working_image #going_mania_once_again #professional_Junsu_image

Enjoy the pic of #KimJunSu at the #recording studio! He’s there 4 the #song “Ain’t Nobody Like You” of Crucial Star. It’s working man’s #real #sexual #attraction #AWESOME


Source: cjes.tagram  
Translations by: rilanna of JYJ3  
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Junsu, the soccer player...

Here the Fix FC Men Player that confirmed come on SH CUP 2016. Nov 5 st Patriot Candrabhaga Bekasi Stadion.

Well known celebrity football club FC MEN  comprises of Korean top stars from idols to actors such as JYJ XIA Junsu, Beast Gikwang and Doojoon, Myname Seyong, Bigstar Sunghak, Lee Wan and many others are heading their way to Indonesia for the first time to have a friendly match with the Indonesian Artist All-Star team.
Before their visit here in Indonesia, FC MEN has held several charity matches in Japan which caused quite a sensation since over 40,000 audiences filled the stadium. This time in Indonesia, they will not only do a friendly match to tighten the Korea – Indonesia relationship, but also a fan-sign event which will be a special event for Kpop fans in Indonesia!
SH CUP 2016 in Indonesia is proudly brought to you by SH Entertainment.
Event Details:
Date: 5 November 2016
Venue: Patriot Candrabhaga Bekasi Stadion

Time: TBA

Ticket Categories: 

  • VVIP – IDR 3.000.000 (Receive fansigning event pass)
  • VIP – IDR 1.500.000
  • GOLD – IDR 1.000.000
  • SILVER – IDR 500.000
  • BRONZE – IDR 200.000
  • CATEGORY 1 – IDR 75.000
Ticket Purchasing:


161007 JYJ FB Update! x CRUCIALSTAR Full Song! 

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[TRANS + VIDEOS] 161007 Yamapi mentions his “korean friend” (Kim Jaejoong)

Note: Tomohisa Yamashita also widely know as Yamapi is a Japanese idol, actor, singer, and TV host. He recently spoke about his “korean friend” Jaejoong in his radio show “Sound Tripper” on October 6th.


QA: R. Kelly – I Believe I can Fly
After playing the song, Yamapi relates he has this korean friend and when they go  to karaoke, this friend surely sings this song around 3 times that Yamapi jokes “I get it, you can fly”. But Yamapi says it’s really a good song.
(Full Trans here)


Videos of Jaejoong singing “I Believe I Can Fly” in 2004


Translation Credit: kurisukepi  
Video Credits: Angel WingChunnieLoveForeverMiAgne  
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161007 CJES IG Update! Junsu smiling beautifully at <Dorian Gray> Musical Backstage! 

The #title of this #pic would be “Portrait” When #U keep your #eyes on it, U def can’t help but #smiling Let’s kick off #TGIF with #KimJunSu & the musical ‘Dorian Gray'


[NEW PIC] 161005 Junsu at <Dorian Gray> Musical Backstage! Happy boy!  (luv_ahin)

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Kim Jaejoong J-Party in YOKOHAMA DVD 予定販売数10,000セット 税抜き定価 7,400 円(8%税込み時7,992円) 10月11日21:00より 注文受付を開始します 


"KIM JAE JOONG J-party in Japan" DVD to be released, 3 Discs, photobook 100P, 6 mini posters order start 11/10 21:00, delivery mid of November.
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'Ain't Nobody Like You'

CJES Crucial Star

Crucial Star drops MV teaser for 'Ain't Nobody Like You' featuring JYJ's Junsu

Crucial Star revealed a soft MV teaser for "Ain't Nobody Like You". 
Previously, Crucial Star featured in JYJ Junsu's 4th full album 'Fun Drive', so it looks like this time, Junsu will be lending his voice for Crucial Star's new track. In the preview clip, Junsu's soulful voice floating over a comfortable, mellow beat catches our attention.

You can listen to the full release on October 8!

161005 Junsu's collaboration with <Crucial Star> will be released on 8 October, 12am KST!

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D-325waiting for Yuchun 

Park Yuchun 
Serving his country in Civil Service...

as tagged



Jaejoong’s Military ID Photo Discovered By Fans – And He Looks HOT

JYJ‘s Jaejoong has been praised for being one of the most handsome idols in the history of K-pop. 
And while makeup and styling has definitely contributed to his looks, fans were amazed at how handsome he looked in his military ID photo. Even without any professional styling, Jaejoong proved just how strong his visuals were, exuding his signature aura from just a simple photo. 

현재 난리난 군인 JYJ 김재중 증명사진.jpg | 인스티즈 

현재 난리난 군인 JYJ 김재중 증명사진.jpg | 인스티즈 
현재 난리난 군인 JYJ 김재중 증명사진.jpg | 인스티즈

현재 난리난 군인 JYJ 김재중 증명사진.jpg | 인스티즈
현재 난리난 군인 JYJ 김재중 증명사진.jpg | 인스티즈
Although Jaejoong still has quite a bit of time left in his compulsory military duty, fans were happy to be able to see that he’s doing quite well and looks incredibly healthy. Until he completes his service, fans can continue to enjoy his latest music video for his song “Love You More,” which was made in preparation for his enlistment:
Source: Instiz / koreaboo



Dorian Gray Update From CJESCulture

Upcoming 10th, this month! The #greatest #OST will be yours! U could #enjoy the #beautiful #voice of #KimJunSu as #Dorian #everyday Let’s be #with him & #ParkEunTae #ChoiJaeWoong #HongSeoYoung #KimTaeHan #KooWonYoung thru the #OST of the #musical #DorianGray

161004 CJES IG Update! <Dorian Gray> Musical OST will be released on 10 Oct, after Junsu's performance! 

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