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Park YuChun in Shanghai Fanmeeting...Compilation of Tweets and Pics

YooChun at Shanghai Fanmeeting Press Conference


Park YooChun's Housewarming Party/Fanmeeting in Shanghai

Full video with English Subs
by JYJFCTW Taiwan

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Link of Shanghai Press Conference 

At Shanghai Press Conference:
Tweets and Translations by fourc_pyc

 *Yoochun said he is currently busy with JYJ comeback. Recently finished with MV and album shooting.
 *Yoochun hope everyone will pay attention on 'Sea Fog' and not just on his acting in there. It is everybody effort!!
 *Yoochun said Shanghai is a city that full with charm.He feels very happy each time when he is here
*Yoochun said JYJ album mainly focus on the 3 of them. Have not decided on the solo part [via Chn translator @ press con]

Video (with English subs) from the Press Conference
via cn JYJ

'Revealing Photos'
with English subs
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Q and A
with English subs
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Interview with Shanghai TV

YooChun arriving at Venue

 Start of FanmeetingEmbedded image permalink

 Tweets/Translations from fourc_pyc

 *Fans request Yoochun to take a pic with everyone!
 *Yoochun hope that he will hv a daughter for the first child after he married
 *Why u like to wear flip-flop? Yoochun said because his toes need flip-flop.
 *Yoochun doesn't find Junsu cute. Junsu always very serious

 Clearer pic of Yoochun #YuchunShanghaiFM [weibo]
 140628 #YuchunShanghaiFM
 140628 #YuchunShanghaiFM

 140628 #YuchunShanghaiFM
 *Yoochun asked fans whether hv they watched Jaejoong's "Triangle"
 *Yoochun said he cried very badly in 'Sea Fog'
 *Yoochun said bed scene in 'Sea Fog' especially hard for him & he took it seriously. But not that serious as fans thought
 *MC said what is YC's secret to take such nice selfie? YC said he is not gd with selfie
 *Abt selfie, Yoochun said he needs to learn from Jaejoong

Fancam of YC singing an English song

 Yoochun selfie at #YuchunShanghaiFM [lucci]
 *Yoochun so shy after taking selfie 
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*Gummy is singing now while Yoochun changing
Note: One of Gummy's first song is the OST from Three Days
Finally get to hear Gummy sings "moon represents my heart". 

 *Yoochun feels that the night scene in Shanghai is very nice.
 *Yoochun "don't you feel shy when u say 'I love you' "
 *Yoochun "You guys can say 'I love you', simply show that u guys r full of love"

YC taking a selfie

Fans chanting YCs name 

*Yoochun finds difficult to understand girls.

*MC announced the 2 lucky fans that are able to go up stage to hv interaction with Yoochun
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 140628 #YuchunShanghaiFM

140628 #YuchunShanghaiFM

 140628 #YuchunShanghaiFM

 140628 #YuchunShanghaiFM

 Cooking time with YooChun...
140628 #YuchunShanghaiFM YC's cooking time~f:Kit

 140628 #YuchunShanghaiFM YC's cooking time~f:Kit
 140628 #YuchunShanghaiFM
 140628 #YuchunShanghaiFM YC's cooking time~f:Kit

Sandwich by Yoochun!! 

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* MC wants YC to leave his smell so he asks YC to bite 1 side. YC said whichever side he bites, the food gonna turn bad.

My Singer, Yoochun is finally BACK!!
 *Yoochun sings "Empty space for you"
 *Yoochun asked are there fans from other cities?
 *Yoochun said he read from internet that fans took 45hrs train ride to reach Shanghai.
 *Yoochun feels very happy to be able to stay with everyone at this place
 *Yoochun asked which "Park Yoochun" that fans like "Singer PYC" "Actor PYC" or just "PYC"
 *Yoochun said so u guys jux like this person called "Park Yoochun"
 *Yoochun is singing "Fairy Tales" in Korean version
 *Yoochun is singing "Walking with her in spring"
 *Yoochun said BLUE is a cold colour but because of fans, it becomes a warm colour [pic f:logo]
 *Yoochun asked when his support colour has changed. He said each time when he sees BLUE, he feels extremely warm.

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 Fan took more than 700 pics at  #YuchunShanghaiFM [pic f: logo]

End of Fanmeeting

More translations and pics...
*YC said at current society situation, both husband&wife need 2 work.They spent lesser time together so don't play w/phone during mealtime.

*Yoochun's autograph on the box that contained sandwich [cr:logo]
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 *Another fan shared a pic of her box of sandwich that came with Yoochun's autograph [猴子妈]

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*Yoochun said he is very touched abt the fan that travel on train for 100hrs on a round-trip.

JYJ Coming Soon

 In Chinese variety show "God Goddess" mentioned Yoochun as the "God of Drama" bcos all of his drama are popular [via天哥]

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