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JYJ News Week of 9/26- 10/2/2016

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161003 CJES IG Update! Junsu relaxing at <Dorian Gray> Musical Backstage! 

Which #candy do #U wanna get? Let's #pick one 4 #KimJunSu What a #lovely cuttie! Can't miss his #great #performance on the #musical 'Dorian Gray' See U in a bit!

161003 CJES Culture IG Update! Junsu and Jae-woong at <Dorian Gray> Musical Backstage! 


Friends visiting our favorite soldier Sergeant Jaejoong

[IG TR] Friend uploads pic of visitor's badge: Feels like I came a bit too late but luckily, you look healthy
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[IG TR] Another friend visits : Went to see the soldier ajussi... Time flies


Pics of Jae at GFF2015 as tagged 

A year ago at Ground Forces Festival 2015
JYJ CAFFEINE: PFC Kim Jaejoong at Ground Forces Festival 2015 http://jyjcaffeine.blogspot.com/2015/10/pfc-kim-jaejoong-at-ground-forces.html?spref=tw


161002 CJES IG update old pic of Junsu in Prague for <Dorian Gray> Musical Shoot  Pretty scenery 

161001 Junsu IG: "Basil~wait for me oh♡"

161001 Junsu with FC MEN player, Choi Yong In, at <Dorian Gray> Musical Backstage!  

161001 Junsu with his church friends at <Dorian Gray> Musical Backstage!

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160930 CJES Culture IG Update! Junsu in <Dorian Gray> Musical! So alluring~

Junsu in <Dorian Gray> Musical NEW Program Book!

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[NEW PIC] Junsu at <Dorian Gray> Musical Backstage
September 29

Junsu took pics with other girls at <Dorian Gray> Musical Backstage  (youn__kyung+younju___)

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160929 CJES IG Update! Fanart contest from 29 Sept to 4 Oct! Winners get Junsu's signature on their drawing with a frame!

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A #event has come! Plz draw #KimJunSu as #Dorian of the musical "Dorian Gray' then add the two #hashtags #Dorian_fanart_event #Im_the_post_Basil then #upload it from 9/29 till 10/4! Selected winners will be rcvd the drawing back w/frame & signiture of #Junsu on it!


160928 CJES Culture IG Update! Dorian Gray's sexy dance!


QUIZ: How Popular Is Your Taste In Korean Celebs?

First things first. Who is your favorite idol turned actor?

QUIZ: How Popular Is Your Taste In K-Celebs?



「Lucid Dream」in which Yuchun appeared, the roadshow starts in Jan. next year. After rescheduling due to「false accusation 」case in June

'Lucid Dream' starring Park Yoo Chun announces rescheduled premiere date

By yckim124 


Upcoming film 'Lucid Dream' has announced its rescheduled premiere date. 

On September 27, the movie producers spoke with Sports Chosun and stated, "'Lucid Dream', which was originally scheduled to premiere this fall, has been confirmed to join the lineup next January."  

The producers also revealed that editing out Park Yoo Chun, who caused the delay in the release following his sexual assault cases, was impossible, because he played a crucial role next to the main character. After a long, thorough discussion with the production company NEW, 'Lucid Dream' made the final decision to continue on with the release without editing. 

As a result, 'Lucid Dream' will be hitting the theaters next January 5, 2017. 

Park Yoochun’s Upcoming Movie Gets New Release Date

Park Yoochun’s Upcoming Movie Gets New Release Date
Park Yoochun’s upcoming fantasy thriller, “Lucid Dream” (directed by Kim Joon Sung and produced by Road Pictures) will be released in theaters on January 4.
lucid dream
The production staff of “Lucid Dream” recently stated, “The movie was planned to be released this fall, but got pushed back to the January lineup instead.”
They continued, “After Park Yoochun’s sexual assault controversy in June, the production company and NEW had many discussions about the release date. We were preparing for a fall release, but we were thrown off track by the scandal.”
As Park Yoochun could not be edited out of the film, being a pivotal character to the plot, the production company decided to wait out the controversy before deciding upon a release date.
“Lucid Dream” was Park Yoochun’s last project before his military enlistment and was filmed last April. The film is distributed by the investment and distribution company NEW, which also backed the KBS drama “Descendants of the Sun.”
The film is about a man who seeks his son, lost for the past three years, through his lucid dreams. Other actors cast in the film include Go Soo, Sol Kyung Gu, Kang Hye Jung, Park In Hwan, and Chun Ho Jin.
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Dorian Gray...

뮤지컬 ‘도리안 그레이’_ Creative Team Interview 공개!

CJeS Culture



Musical actress Jeong SunAh with Junsu at Dorian Gray show

CJES IG update 
(Note: Both musical actors are from CJES)

A #superb support from #JeongSunAh for #KimJunSu as #Dorian She #truly enjoyed his #performance Let's keep #fighting for the #musical #DorianGray


Sergeant Jaejoong!

heumcj ins  

heumcj ins


[Tournament] Battle of the Best Vocalist in SM Entertainment of All Time

By allkpop 


The former TVXQ member was known as one of the best idol singers in the industry. He has a very unique, raspy sound to his singing, and he can go from soothing and beautiful in ballads to powerful and rough in everything else from dance to rock. He is also a huge player in the musical world right now.

Although everyone goes crazy over Junsu, Jaejoong cannot be forgotten! He has a chillingly beautiful, light sound to match his delicate looks. When he sings a ballad, like "Footsteps" - you'll fall in love automatically all over again.



Close-up pic of Junsu at Hong-seok's wedding today! Oh my pretty boy~


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(CJES musical actor) Kang Hong Seok's wedding (to reportedly Junsu's cousin)



Almost a complete version of Junsu singing <Loving You Keeps Me Alive> at Hong-seok's wedding  Full vid
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Junsu sang <Loving You Keeps Me Alive> at Hong-seok's wedding! Woohoo so handsome! 

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[INSTAGRAM] 160926 Kim Junsu Instagram Updates – At Kang Hong-seok & a noona’s wedding

[PHOTO] 결혼 축하해주러 와서 대기중 한컷!ㅎ
정말 친누나 같이 매일 함께 놀고 커왔던 나와 동갑내기 누나가 결혼한다니..마음이 싱숭생숭.
아무튼 잘살아~~누나!ㅎ

[TRANS] A cut on-standby upon coming to celebrate a wedding!ㅎ
A noona of the same age as me, who was really like an actual older sister to me and I grew up playing together with every day, is getting married..My mind is wandering.
Anyways, live well~~Noona!ㅎ
 photo 14482141_101171460349394_8614028873199255552_n.jpg
[PHOTO] 우리가족과 오늘의 주인공들과 단체컷!
홍석이형과 이렇게 친척이 될 줄이야..ㅋ
홍석 매형!축하해^^

[TRANS] A group cut with my family and today’s main leads!
Hong-seokie hyung and this relative came to be..ㅋ
Older brother-in-law Hong-seok! Congrats^^
 photo 14359457_1191408624256095_5645082418592350208_n.jpg
Source: xiaxiaxia1215  
Translations by: rilanna of JYJ3  
Shared by: JYJ3


[VIDEO] 160926 Jang Geun Suk mentioned Kim Jaejoong on TvN Variety Show “Candy in My Ear”

Note: TvN Variety Show “Candy in My Ear” is a show where 4 k-stars (one of them is Jang Geun Suk) go about their every day lives while communicating with an anonymous “Candy” on their other end of their phones. The “Candy” changes from different episodes and JGS was guessing who she is.

On this episode, Jang Geun Suk answered the “Candy” question about “Who is AP’s close artists friends?” 
JGS: “Close to brother Jisung (Actor) and Kim Jaejoong (Singer)”.
[Note: I’m not sure, but seems to me Jisung introduced Jang Geun Suk to Jaejoong? Back then in “Protect The Boss” Drama (2011), Jang Geun Suk visited the set bearing chicken for the cast and crew Link, and Jisung did the same later Link.  it could be Heechul too, either way, both Jang Geun Suk and Jisung became close friends with Jaejoong at the end ]

 photo Candy01.jpg
 photo Candy02.jpg
 photo Candy03.jpg
Candy: “I’m close to one of them”
 photo Candy04.jpg
After Candy’s reply, JGS was guessing it could be Boa, in fact he was thinking in her since the beginning, because the “Candy” voice sounded like her.
[Note: I’m sharing this because people are speculating Jaejoong and Boa are still friends]
 photo Candy05.jpg
 photo Candy06.jpg
Note: The “Candy” identity will be revealed in the next episode.



It starts at 13:17, check the eng subbed video here:

Credit Video: Pei
Shared by: JYJ3

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