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What do you think when you see this pic?

If U said its Fallen Leaves, u’re right. Yes, this is Fallen Leaves’s Review. But if u see more deeper, the leaves already “DIE” but the Purple Flower still there. Its like ZeeRo’s collaboration for JYJ’s song review. This is really the last review from Zee. Like what I wrote on Mirotic’s review, that probably that Mirotic would be her last review but fortunately I can force her to make a last review for my bday gift. Thanks Zee for finally U want fullfill ur promise. So, on the next review (if I have mood to make it, lol....) there will be ONLY ME on the review.  Fallen Leaves....I like this song from the 1st time I heard it. I like the orchestra music n beautiful harmony from our boys.  Its kinda a “sad” song coz its about goodbye. So, its kinda suit with our situation. Coz the theme of this edition is about 7. So, we decided to make review only for 7 performances. Btw, if we dont count Mirotic review, so this is our 7th review of JYJ’s song (I count YC’s solo song – I Love U – as JYJ’s song review, hehhe....).
So, lets begin.....

Yes I see it as Fallen Leaves, the worn out leaves..But it's different lah with ZeeRo, haha only the end for our song review collaboration only ok...So ehem ehem..this is gonna be the last collaboration with Ro, really really the last ya..haha….Reading Ro’s foreword, aigoo I’m not going anywhere lah, we will always be in touch, it’s just I stop doing this reviews and collaborations with RYZ on publishing the JYJ Caffeine Magz. Please don’t mention the “separation”.  It’s a big word ya know.  Besides, we are doing this just for fun. So in order to fulfill my boss’ order I MUST do this one last review with her on her blessing day today.  So you know lah why we choose only 7 reviews, cos Ro is so obsessed with number 7.  And this song is the saddest song from JYJ I think, even by listening to the intro music you kinda have a down feeling and all. last one from ZeeRo collaboration, FALLEN LEAVES sung by the talented JYJ, enjoy it 

JYJ - Fallen Leaves 낙엽 (YC focus) [eng + rom + hangul + karaoke sub]
All 3 in White.  Okie, for the song like this, face expression is the most important n off course NO SMILE at all. Can see ChunNi’s collarbone with the clothes like that n the unique thing on his sleeves, lol.... Btw, I have no idea, if this vid is from the same day or not, coz until 3:51, U can see that ChunNi’s BIG BLACK STONE RING, but at 4:01, we cant see it again, lol....He wore different ring n on diferrent finger and LOL....the time that I thought he did magic, I realize this video really a combination from 2 days concert. LOL.....Actually from the beginning. If U watch at 0:27 (far shoot), ChunNi wore white fur but at 0:33 (close shoot) he didnt wear the fur, lol.....And I prefer his clothes without that white fur, hahha....
First of all, nice observation Ro  Yes they all look veryyyyyyyyyyy nice in white suits! Haha yeah ChunNi’s collarbone how can I miss it? It was too outstanding  All the videos from this concert was combined by 2 different days so yea there’s a lil bit difference and I was also confused at first then I knew it’s a combination from different day. BIG BLACK STONE RING, that’s a gift from ladies  And that unique thing at his sleeves is not a thing lol, it’s his inner clothes, somewhat like a cardigan, a net fabricated cardigan..i don’t know..whatever lol but it does look good on YC 

110520 JYJ Vancouver Fallen Leaves [HD]

Can hear Chunglish on the beginning n can see his dimple. At 4:55, the wink that he always do when sing, lol....
“Thank you so much for being here with us tonight.  We couldn’t do this without you guys.  So now uhm we’re gonna slow it down, if you don’t mind.  We will _____ to you guys. (I don’t get what he said lol) I hope you enjoy ___.  The next song is Fallen Leaves.” <<------ Chunglish introduction for the song. After he said that he licked his lips.  Dude stop it you make me wild O.O He always does that wink when he sings, it’s his automatic habit. Haha

 110522 JYJ New Jersey 038 Yoochun Talk and Fallen Leaves
Once again can hear Chunglish. LOL at the talk before the performance. For a song like this, singing with closing eyes is good to more appreciate the song.
Ok not gonna write what he said this time.  Yes Ro singing song with eyes closed is the best way to get into the feels and emotions.  This song is such a sad song and JYJ sang it beautifully. By looking at them while singing this song, we can feel how they were really into the song. Of course they would feel that way cos they had gone through a lot of hardships in their careers and also in their lives. Actually not “HAD”, they are still going through all those hardships up until these days. 
JYJ - Fallen Leaves 6/3/2011 San Jose World Tour


LOL at the talk on the beginning, hhaha...At 4:50, ChunNi’s habit when singing high note, his body tend to the back.
JYJ body postures when singing high notes.  JJ crouches his head and lowers his body.  JS lifts up his head and his body leans a bit to the back. And YC also tends to lean his body to the back.  Yoosu got pretty much same postures? Am I right? Haha correct me if I’m wrong about the body postures.

I like ChunNi’s clothes n his hairstyle At 4:03, if U pause it, ChunNi’s face is so funny, lol....its because the left eye’s wink habit. Lol....and cool ending, hehe..
As always, these hairstyles of JYJ are my favorite! They look stunning hot here during this concert.  Hhmm I think they sang Fallen Leaves the best here.  They are absolutely very talented singers.  Haha chunface there at 4.03  But JS, did he cry at the end? Awww don’t cry sweetie…nice stage with JYJ name on it!!
JYJ 2011 Europe tour 12 Fallen Leaves

image 1:12...I envy ChunNi’s leg, lol....From 2:45 till 2:57, ChunNi sang with close eyes.

Haha not just Chunnie, all JYJ members have super slim legs.  Gosh I envy it too, we should exchange our legs bebes!! Owh JJ with Muwon hair here, so hot! Junsu as usual, often gives me goosebumps listening to his voice.  AMAZING!!

130402 JYJ in Tokyo Dome - Fallen Leaves
All in White again. An on this performance, ChunNi did a lot of wink & singing with close eyes. From 5:44, ChunNi just stand with Lee Gak’s style n at 5:54 finally he realize what JJ & JS did. LOL.....
Ahh white again, they look so refreshing here.  Lol from 5.44..YC was too immersed in the song, didn’t realize what JJ and JS were doing so he stood still and didn’t bow.  Haha…they all looked like they were holding in the tears while singing T.T
JYJ Fallen Leaves(piano ver.)

JYJ - Fallen Leaves 낙엽 piano cover

Btw, I add 2 piano version from Fallen Leaves. Btw, I dont make the mp3 version for this  vid. But if any of u want the mp3 version, just tell me. Okie.
Are you a Soompi’s MP3 converter? Haha just kidding, so nice of you to offer the service. Hehehe
Btw by listening to this song, we can recognize the difference of singing styles between Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu.  That’s why when JYJ are together they sound the best cos their voices for me complement each other.  Of course they are great too as solo, but maybe I’m too fond of JYJ voices harmonization so to hear all 3 of them in one song, it feels so good.  They are the best Korean group for me. Whatever people say, still JYJ FOREVER!! I wish the best for their future and may they get their freedom that they deserve to have!! HATERS TO THE LEFT PLEASE!


To Z n for all of U that read our review.

No problem Ro, it's a pleasure to collaborate with you..Till here, so uhmmm   
Credit vids to the owner.