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JYJ News Week of 1/30- 2/5/2017

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[INSTAGRAM] 170205 Kim Jaejoong Instagram Update: 1 Million Followers

[PHOTO] #고마워
[TRANS] #Thanks
[VIDEO] #びび
[TRANS] #Bibi #Goodboy #Sarangheyo
Note: JJ said in the video: “thank you. Cut~e”

[PHOTO] #東京タワー
[TRANS] #TokyoTower #tokyo_tower
[TRANS] Ya-hoo
[PHOTO] #ゲームセンター
[TRANS] #GameCenter 31 years old 35 years old 2 oppas say ya-hoo
Note: ‘years old’ is said ‘sai(才)’ in JP. our bb oppa tweeted ’31 chai’ like real baby saying (via @ayano_kjj)
JYJ3’s Note: Kim Jaejoong reached 1 million followers on Instagram ^^
Source: jj_1986_jj  
Translated by: @rubypurple_fan  
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[OTHER TWITTER] 170205 PRESI-D Takuya’s surprise encounter with Jaejoong 

Note: PRESI-D is a rookie J-POP dance & vocal group, Takuya is the lead vocal of thr group. 
Yesterday the most shocking thing in my life happened!! I conincidentally met Jaejoong san who i’ve admired for a long time and was able to talk with him. 
As he was an artist I liked continuously from a long time ago, I was really happy ♪ I am thinking that I would like to talk about this time at this week’s saturday’s live day ♪  Even now while remembering about it increases my tension (T/N: the english word tension when used in Japanese implies “the highness of spirit”) 

After meeting Jaejoong san I thought of this once agwin that is really handsome/cool!! I wanted to try and talk about various things but he is really a good person that I became a fan again!! (He’s) always been a person I admired!! It would have been good if I told him that I covered his song

Source: @TAKUYA19861126
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER










[FANCAM + TRANS] 170103 Sweet Memory XIA Toscana Fanmeeting – Good night greetings  

[FANCAM + TRANS] 170103 Sweet Memory XIA Toscana Fanmeeting – Good night greetings

Video Link
T/N: The english translations for what was said in Korean was translated from the Japanese translations provide by MC Gong Daeyu in the source video
Junsu: it’s been a while since Death note. On SNS everyone was saying to post [something], I saw that. This time our meeting at Jeju Island, today is just simple greetings and tomorrow with everyone a fun and long various events, it would be good if you thought of it as a time for talk.
Junsu, in response to Japanese fans reaction when Daeyu was translating (in Japanese) “Everyone understands to quite an extent.” As the Japanese fans response was a bit low. Daeyu said that many may understand but for those who don’t understand Korean I will be translating.
Junsu: To be tender with everyone, the numbers are too many but this time will be the last time with everyone before enlisting thus I am looking forward to it. I will work hard tomorrow.
Junsu asked Daeyu to translate in Japanese what he says in Korean and translate in Korean when he says in Japanese as the two languages are mixed up in his head.
Junsu: Today there isn’t much to say as tomorrow we’ll meet. But since I have come here and I know that everyone has been waiting here for a long time so I will be getting questions from everyone, about three questions.
Qs: What did you eat during Seollal (Korean New Year)?
JS: for Seollal after a long while I went back home and my mother made ddok (rice cake) and grilled meat, we ate that together with the whole family.
Fan: please tell the menu
JS: menu? there were many things, sweet black soybeans, grilled meat, there were really many, rice cake and chijimi. There were many, but the main (dishes) was of this sort.
Qs: what had you been doing after Death note ended as you didn’t post on instagram and if there was a time when you thought of posting but refrained from.
After Death note ended, after a long time I went down to Busan for traveling. With the feelings that “I dont know when i’ll get to see the sea next so went to Busan”. I really like the sea right. Thinking of the sea I thought of Busan. I went to Busan but in I got gastritis and was in pain for a while thus was in the hotel or at home during that time. I think because i’ve been working for so long that’s why, every time when I take a holiday I become sick.  But I’m all better now. 2 days ago I got better and was thinking of posting on instagram but thought that I will be meeting fans soon at Jeju Island and decided to not post on instagram so as to treasure the time we meet and for that I refrained a bit.
Qs: You said you would explain about the ‘Flower’ music video and what ment you said on the Graduation Day in Death note when Light sings, when the time passes and now the time has passed so can you?
Junsu: The contents of the music video is not important, it’s mostly visually. I’m a bit confused if I can say this myself but when writing the lyrics I had an image. There’s not much to say about the ‘Flower’ music video and it’s up to you what to interpret. I was being careful That meaning of the song to say now, those who know ‘Flower’ know it. There is a lot of poetic meaning in the lyrics. I thought of writing it from the view point of a child who was ill treated. The part in the lyrics of ‘without being able to broaden my dreams, I failed’, it’s not that it failed but with the meaning that having a dream but did not have the opportunity to broaden, I used ‘Take my hand’. This I am saying again after 2-3 years, I believe while keeping this in mind and listening to the song again, everyone will come up with something different. And in the ending there is a sound of a crying voice so that is the meaning so please listen to it again.
(T/N: This part’s translation is a bit incomplete, I feel Daeyu summarised what Junsu said.)
Junsu: In Death note, there was really no meaning. It’s a bit embarrassing, over there every time there nothing pre decided and mostly I said the same thing every time. It wasn’t like saying some proper dialogues. But Han Jisang had a reaction at that time and I thought do I need to say something here. I did just greetings like, ‘I am L’ ‘Hello’ ‘how are you’. There wasn’t anything special.
(T/N: I believe this talk came up in the V live, link here)
Qs: [From a Japanese fan] Your hair has become a bit short. You will be cutting your hair before you enlist, when will you cut and when you cut could you post it [on instagram].
JS: you want me to give it? (T/N: the word for post in Japanese is same as ‘giving’ so Junsu misunderstood)
Fan: post on instagram
JS: oh, you said ‘give’ so I thought you wanted my hair
Then Junsu translated this convo and the question asked in Japanese in Korean for the KR fans
Junsu: My front hair is short right? but since Dorian Gray I haven’t cut my hair at all. To explain how it’s so short is because i’ve been dyeing my hair and every time I dry my hair it falled off. (Jap fans: Ehhh)
Junsu laughs, ‘oh this side is Japanese. Thats why when I speak in Korean over here responds but here is silent.’
Junsu: My hair from the side has grown but from the front is short. You are shocked right so am I. But don’t worry I’m not going bald. I discussed it with Kang ho (from The Red carpet) and will be cutting my hair on 8th feb itself or a day before  but mostly probably will be the day of. But kang ho thinks my hair right now is short enough but still will be cutting my hair before going to military.
The short greeting lets keep it till here. Tomorrow I will be answering everyone’s questions and hI will gifting you something it’s a face mask because your skin is precious and tomo we’ll be meeting at near distance so need to do face mask. With a beautiful form lets meet tomorrow. Do a face mask and sleep. Good night.
Fan: It’s still too early to sleep.
Korean fans said that they will be drinking now, some alcohol which is from Jeju Island and Junsu jokingly said that, that drink is not alcohol. Then asked who over here is weak in drinking and one fan said that she is and that with one glass she faints. Junsu said that with one glass he doesn’t faint but doesn’t feel so good. Then he asks Daeyu if we need to translate this as well, Daeyu hesitates and Junsu then asks in Japanese himself who over here is weak. One fan said I can’t even drink a glass and Junsu and Daeyu said ehh that’s a lie. One fan said that I can drink. Then Junsu said the strong drinker from Korean fans and Japanese fans, do a drinking competition and the winner will then go against Junsu. The fans said ‘whennn?’ Then Junsu said that after coming back lets have some fun competitions and things not just of drinking. And with that Junsu bids Good night and see you tomorrow.
Daeyu revealed that this event was originally supposed to be of 10 mins but it’s been 30 mins now.
Source: @hb_xiawase
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER


Jaejoong IG Updates

[JJ IG] /friend

[JJ IG] It was the best live!

[JJ IG] Definitely will come again! I was happy.

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Jaejoong IG Update!

[jj_1986_jj IG] 등이 아파..호주에서 탄게 아직도 아파ㅜ

Kim Jae Joong Behind the Special Seoul Concert

Wonka BornfreeoneKiss

A to Z of Return Concert of The word "happy" not enough to describe the emotion

looks more cheerful than usual, excited about meeting his fans? No make-up! Still look like god of handsomeness

Get ready! You may experience heart arrest coz gets handsomer as you scroll down! Rehearsal starts in 1 min

Right before the rehearsal! Is trying to use mind control method? 

even checks the floor meticulously and he does it in such cute way

C-JeS Entertainment IG update: 17/02/04

인생 최고로 특별했던 재중의 개학식!
그 날의 대기실부터 공연까지, A to Z 개봉박두!
개학식 다시보기▶

#김재중 #재중 #KIMJAEJOONG #2017_KIMJAEJOONG_ASIATOUR_in_SEOUL #The_REBIRTH_of_J #아시아투어 #ASIATOUR #콘서트 #Concert #서울 #Seoul #개학식 #AtoZ #출근길 #대기실 #리허설 #공연 #비하인드 #Behind #Picture #WaitingRoom #rehearsal #영상 #Film #고려대학교 #화정체육관 #씨제스타그램
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Models with Jaejoong at his Seoul concerts

[gost_agency. IG]




2013 WWW Concert DVD Available soon...


170204 Kim Mama IG: "Quickly come~ come to convention centre...... Welcome everyone that's coming for Jeju Island Fanmeeting~^^♡"

170203 Junsu at Toscana Hotel! Look like a school boy with this hairstyle!  (ongals_official+pop032md)

170203 Junsu's gift to fans: "Our first day ♡ Welcome you~ >_<"

Junsu at Toscana fanmeeting

Translations during Junsu's greetings at Toscana...

MC Daeyu translates into Japanese what Junsu said in Korean & the JP fans respond with "eh". JS laughs hard, "oh this side is Japanese?"
"And this side is Korean? Ahh thats why when i talked in Korean this side was responded and the other side was silent" (2 end) LOL Junsu!

After DN ended, Junsu went down to Busan for traveling. "I dont know when i'll get to see the sea next so went to Busan as Sea=Busan"
Then perhaps due to working for so long Junsu got gastritis and was in pain for a while thus was in the hotel or at home during that time
But he's all better now. 2 days ago he got better & was thinking of posting on insta but thought that he will be meeting fans soon
And so decided to not post on insta. This ment was in answer to a fan question
Qs: what did you do after DN ended as you didn't post on insta & if there was a time when you thought of posting but refrained from

Junsu said he has discussed with Kang ho (from Red carpet) and will be cutting his hair on 8th feb itself or a day before
But kang ho thinks junsu's hair right now is short enough but Junsu wants to still cut before going to military.


Jaejoong arriving at Haneda airport in Japan


's popularity soars after discharge 500+ Japan fans show up at airport to welcome him: JJ waved n walked slowly

Naver Main: Eternal Hallyu power of fills airport w people

[PICS + FANCAMS] 170203 Kim Jaejoong at Haneda Airport, Japan


 photo Rinmaze_01.jpg
 photo Rinmaze_02.jpg
 photo Rinmaze_03.jpg
 photo Rinmaze_04.jpg
 photo Rinmaze_05.jpg
 photo Rinmaze_06.jpg
 photo 005IY0MEgy1fcdjv455zfj31400qoqax.jpg
 photo 005IY0MEgy1fcdjv2z4zxj31400qojzs.jpg
 photo C3u5v5PUcAE7G51_a_melody_t.jpg
 photo C3u6K0dVYAAtMh6_a_melody_t.jpg
 photo C3u1yCGVcAE3NHk_ai_LV6002.jpg
 photo C3u5cy0VcAAhYbJ_ai_LV6002.jpg
 photo C3vDqbCUoAE3k8V_ai_LV6002.jpg
 photo C3u2XXsUEAAy112_jae_g0126.jpg
 photo C3u2XXtUEAADCf-_jae_g0126.jpg
 photo C3u2XXsUYAEwL50_jae_g0126.jpg
 photo C3u2XXtUoAAFzbs_jae_g0126.jpg
 photo C3vSSwqUYAAB72O_non2905.jpg
 photo C3vSSwrUEAAtVq8_non2905.jpg
 photo C3vSSwrUMAA2VtW_non2905.jpg
 photo C3u28ibUYAEt_gF_1219bigboy.jpg
 photo C3u-w6AUMAAo_os_okke126.jpg
 photo C3uzQzVUMAAmaWm_emiJ2145.jpg
 photo C3v3hrWUoAAP98__ochan219.jpg
 photo C3vu5K-UcAYKvQj_ochan219.jpg
 photo C3vCEg3VMAEs2Pp_ma6oo2.jpg
 photo C3vlt6AUEAAzD5H_1003himama.jpg
 photo C3vlt5_UMAAVTMF_1003himama.jpg
 photo C3vTt84VUAEq6ZS_6nami0hiro0jae2.jpg
Non-fan (@3qiao) took photo of the crowd, asking who’s coming to Japan~ (via @rubypurple_fan)
 photo C3utoRQVcAA_VBV_3qiao.jpg


Pics Credits: @Rinmaze, @a_melody_, @ochan219, @LV6002, @jae_g0126, @1219bigboy, @emiJ2145, @ma6oo2, @non2905, @1003himama, @3qiao Fancams Credits: stjejeje, yu_cocoa322 IG, @luv_khj, @6nami0hiro0jae2, @jjkafurin, @ai_LV6002, @Jessie18026158, @non2905, @emiJ2145, @jj_mipo, @potimama_hero, @jae_g0126, @soya_0303, @ma6oo2, @judykjj  
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Gorgeous is gorgeous...Wish I can attend the Japan concerts

Kim Jaejoong at Gimpo airport on his way to Japan...

Crystal Moon'◡' Retweeted TOPSTARNEWS (톱스타뉴스)

Eye catching fair skin and red lips

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170203 Junsu heading to Jeju Island from Gimpo Airport!  
Junsu is having his last fanmeeting before enlisting in the military...

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JJ IG Update
Oh ...

[IG] The humidifier Ahn-jjang gifted me~ Will make a good use of it, pretty^^
via crystalmoon64

[IG] Good job, filming crew~
Translations by crystalmoon64

Jaejoong arriving in Korea from Australia

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[SNS] 170202 Actor Ling Feng Song and Tony Hong share photos with Kim Jaejoong

170202 Actor Lin Feng Song Weibo Update:

Turned phone album suddenly watched a few photos … a lot of memories … …

Note: Ling Feng Song & Chen Wen of Chinese Webseries <Shangyin/Addicted> visited Korea last December 17th. Had a dinner at Tony Hong’s restaurant and took photos with Jaejoong (via @jaetaku)


170123 Tony Hong Instagram Update:

[PHOTO] 추억 #김재중 이 마지막휴가 나왔을때 ㅎㅎㅎ 군인었을때도 멋있고 콘서트에서도 멋있고 그때도 착하도 지금도 착하고 콘서트 고생했어

Memory Kim Jaejoong’s last break during Military Service,
was cool as soldier, cool during concert,
was good person then, is good now! Great concert

Sources: 林楓松qltonyhong1004
Translated by: @crystalmoon64 [Trans 1] + JYJ3  
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[Idol Hidden Masterpiece] Perfect transformation of from a boy to a man, Shiny Day: Go Press <3 Naver Music


Congratulations Jaejoong and Yoochun...

Kim Jaejoong !!!! ALBUM OF THE YEAR: “No.X” by Kim Jaejoong !!!


[NEWS] 170202 ‘Lucid Dream’ This Man/Park Yuchun, unexpected anticipation↑

Park Yuchun is making his comeback onscreen through ‘Lucid Dream’. At the film ‘Lucid Dream’ (by Director Kim Jun-seong) press conference held at the CGV cinema in Apgujeong-dong, Seoul on the 2nd, ‘Lucid Dream’ character pictures were revealed. Of the corresponding pictures, Park Yuchun’s image was shown and caught attention.
Park Yuchun makes an appearance as ‘This Man’ in the film. Although it is an amount close to Park Yuchun making a cameo, his role itself is a main character who cannot be edited out of the film at all and makes an appearance in ‘Lucid Dream’. You can, of course, check out his image even through the previews.

 photo 1485827010260RRRvr.jpg
In the picture, Park Yuchun shows a different image with a clean, sharp style, clothe in a black suit and wearing pomade in his hair.
Also, in the overseas promotional footage, he raised up his presence; undertaking the narration, introducing the film and influencing ‘Lucid Dream”s protagonist.
About ‘This Man’, Go Soo explained, “This Man is a person who moves freely and does what he likes in dreams, and is a person who passes to and from the chaos for the protagonist,” and raised anticipation.

Source: Naver  
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3  
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[News PT TR] goes overseas after saying hello to his Korean fans... 1 month of Japan tour


[ENGSUB]170201 Kim Junsu & Ryu Jun-Yeol Snowy Bowling Match.

Xia Girl21



Gamers and Junsu
Feb 1

가수 겸 뮤지컬배우 님을 만난 , 선수 EVERMORE and Edge met (Kim Junsu)  

Big Bang's T.O.P and JYJ's Junsu to enlist on the 9th

By jennywill 


Big Bang's T.O.P and JYJ's Junsu will be enlisting at the same time.

Both singers will be enlisting to the Chungnam Nonsan Army Training Center on the 9th. They'll go through 4 weeks of basic training and enlist as conscripted policemen. T.O.P will be in the army band, and Junsu will be in the promotional unit for the Gyeonggi Southern Police.

Junsu will be enlisting privately. T.O.P has not made a decision on whether he will be greeting fans before he enlists.


JJ IG Update
[JJstagram] 이제 한국으로 돌아갑니다~ Brisbane 안녕..또 만나^^

[IG] Now, I'm going back to Korea Bye Brisbane... See you again ^^
translation via crystalmoon64 

Wonka BornfreeoneKiss
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170202 This is chocolet89 ' s Fan acc when she saw jaejoongie in Brisbane Airport

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[Eng Sub] Jaejoong Treasure Book PR

Angel Wing

Photo published for [INFO + VIDEO] Jaejoong’s Treasure Book

Book Title: JJ Treasure Book 「J's Love and Rebirth」 
Release Date: April 2017 
Price: ¥16,800 ~160 pages in total (~100 photos)
Reservation starts today, Feb 1.
The photo shoot was held last Jan 24 and 25 in Seoul (-11 degrees). It was snowing those days~
1st publication since discharge. Lots of unpublished photos.

For ifans: send an email to with the ff details: country, city, Address, name, zip/postal code, tel number, qty.
They will contact you via email to confirm the bank transfer account details and the total price = item price + shipping via EMS.
Credit card is not accepted for international orders.
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Crystal Moon'◡' Retweeted TOPSTARNEWS (톱스타뉴스)

Give three cheers to JJ's chiseled abs

, ‘소녀팬들 쓰러지게 만드는 윙크’

Crystal Moon'◡' Retweeted TOPSTARNEWS (톱스타뉴스)

's wink that makes fan girls faint


[V LIVE] 170201 Ryu Jun Yeol (류준열) & Kim Jun Su Eye-Candy Bowling Match

Ryunies 86

Click link here 


Jaejoong IG Updates

Our spoiling us a little bit!  

[IG] Filming in Australia was fun^^
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Whoah !

[JJstagram] A photo sent to me by the person who took my photo when I was taking a picture of myself 
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Korean Media


Nice (you made changes just like you told me at .

Art Director Kim JaeJoong has personally named
the bear Kumamo which means the
"Protector bear" We hope that Kumamo
will protect JaeJae, Moldir, and our loving customers forever♥

moldirkorea's photo

See details about this bear here:
JYJ CAFFEINE: Our Surprise Encounter With Jaejoong!


[OTHER INSTAGRAM] 170201 C-JeS Instagram Update: Kim Junsu vs. Ryu Jun-yeol’s bowling game COMING SOON

[INFO/PHOTO] 오래 기다리셨습니다! 오늘 오후 5시!
김준수-류준열의 역대급 볼링매치 개봉박두!
씨제스 TV캐스트, 씨제스V 채널, 김준수 V를 통해 공개됩니다!
#김준수 #류준열 #두근두근 #정유년 #범띠_대결 #볼링 #대결 #이전에_없던_신조합 #씨제스_TV캐스트 #씨제스V #김준수V #눈호강볼링게임 #junsu #xiajunsu #ryujunyeol #씨제스타그램 Can’t wait #more I know, U would been #waiting so long! Finally #today at 5pm! The greatest at the same time #hilarious #bowling #match b/w Kim Junsu & Ryu Junyeol will be started thru #CJES #TVcast #V #channel & that of #KimJunSu Guess #who will be rock it! It’d be #something else indeed, stay tuned in it!

You’ve been waiting a long time! Today at 5 PM!
Kim Junsu-Ryu Jun-yeol’s greatest bowling match COMING SOON!
It will be revealed via C-JeS TVcast, C-JeS V channel, Kim Junsu V!
#KimJunsu #RyuJun-yeol #pit-a-pat #Year_of_the_Rooster #attribute_of_those_born_Year-of-the-Tiger_showdown #bowling #showdown #new_combination_never_before #C-JeS_TVcast #C-JeS_V #Kim_Junsu_V #eye-candy_bowling_game #junsu #xiajunsu #ryujunyeol #C-JeS-tagram Can’t wait #more I know, U would been #waiting so long! Finally #today at 5pm! The greatest at the same time #hilarious #bowling #match b/w Kim Junsu & Ryu Junyeol will be started thru #CJES #TVcast #V #channel & that of #KimJunSu Guess #who will be rock it! It’d be #something else indeed, stay tuned in it!

 photo 16229240_1761439007517099_4657820753234755584_n.jpg

Source: cjes.tagram  
Translations by: rilanna of JYJ3  
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[ENGSUB] 170131 Idol-star who waved musicals (Kim Junsu cut)

Xia Girl21


eats nighttime snack without mom noticing : Only educated people add ramen noodle to Kimchi casserole

Spoon that used during After Mom Went to Bed will be given to a fan


Kim Jaejoong (jj_1986_jj) IG update: 17/01/31

Jaejoong IG Update

Wonka BornfreeoneKiss


[Other IG] with stylists in Australia goldcoast~~ (cr hyejinjung1025)


20170131 cosmopolitankorea IG 


[VIDEO/SNS] 170131 Kim Jaejoong’s Greetings for Cosmopolitan Korea

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코스모폴리탄 Cosmopolitan Korea Facebook Update:

Check out video Kim Jaejoong sent from Australia, he’s handsomer after discharge. His pictorial will be in Cosmopolitan March issue

[TRANS] Cosmopolitan readers! Greeting you for first time since discharge! I flew to Australia for cool photos. I’m up for March issue! I’m wearing clothes that fit the season for March issue. Please look forward to it. See you soon – Kim Jaejoong


cosmopolitankorea Instagram Update:

[PHOTO] 전역 후 리즈 갱신한 #김재중(@jj_1986_jj)이 호주에서 보내온 영상을 공개합니다 그와 함께한 특급 화보는 코스모 3월호에서 확인하세요 #기대하시라 #개봉박두 #kimjaejoong #jaejoong

Check out video Kim Jaejoong sent from Australia, he’s handsomer after discharge. His pictorial will be in Cosmopolitan March issue
Translated by: @crystalmoon64
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[OTHER INSTAGRAM] 170131 C-JeS Instagram Update: Preview stills from ‘Lucid Dream’

[CLIPS] 믿고 보는 배우들의 SF스릴러 신세계
#루시드드림 #자각몽 #꿈속에_범인이_있다 #기억추적스릴러 #한국_SF스릴러장르_신세계 #실종사건_담당형사 #설경구 #정신과의사 #강혜정 #의문의_남자_디스맨 #박유천 #고수 까지 #믿고보는배우들 #폭발적_시너지 #2월22일_대개봉 #SeolKyungGu #KangHyeJung #ParkYuChun #Film #LucidDream

SF-thriller New World of actors who you have to see to believe
#LucidDream #lucid_dreaming #there_is_the_criminal_in_your_dreams #memory-trace_thriller #Korean_SF-thriller_genre_New_World #detective-in-charge_of_disappearance_incident #SolKyung-gu #psychiatrist #KangHye-jung #mysterious_man,_This_Man #ParkYuchun up to #GoSoo #actors-you-have-to-see-to-believe #tremendous_synergy #grand-open_on_February_22nd #SeolKyungGu #KangHyeJung #ParkYuChun #Film #LucidDream

.  photo 16405727_1713539772239135_3730693302945579008_n.png

Source: cjes.tagram 

Translations by: rilanna of JYJ3  
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CJEStagram update

Heart attack! OMJae!!! ask and we shall receive

[Cjes IG] Today, we get run over again by 's handsomeness, fresher than the Australian sky ㅇ-<-<
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Korean Media:
"He looks more refreshing than the blue sky"… 's everyday photo is as good as a pictorial

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[IG] When I was a soldier weighing 78kg... Photo is...
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JJ IG Update and CJES IG Update

Both look yummy...Jus' sayin' at looking delicious

[IG] Where is this, and who am I? I woke up to this hot weather this morning in the opposite side of the world
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From Korean Media

"Widest shoulders+Youngest looking face" 's selfie wearing sleeveless T shirt


Hot Jaejoong 
JYJ FB Update
It's a sizzling hot day... Guys, Australia is really hot! #KimJae-joong #Jaejoong #KIMJAEJOONG #Australia #Brisbane #pictorial #selfie #ProfessionallyGoodLookingGuy #photo #fashion #film

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JJ and CJES IG Updates

Whoah! beer & nekkid

jj_1986_jj맥주 살때 신분증은 필수😂#외국에서는 다들 그런다고 함...

[IG] added hashtag: You need to show your ID when you purchase beer + It's like that every where outside of Korea, I hear

In #Australia he's been doing photo shooting for #upcoming #fashion #magazine #pictorial Stay tuned in him! Looks #superb w/greenery #credit ?

Here's some humor to cool off everyone after seeing those photos  (cr. )

From Korean Media

Shooting a summer pictorial: 's brilliantly handsome face


[Eng Sub] Jaejoong 2017 Rebirth of J ~ Japan Tour PR Video: Yokohama, & Osaka, Nagoya


JJ's sister's Kakao talk ID

Uncle Jaejoong with little Gunnie


170129 "CJeS Culture Show" Behind the film

Xia Girl21



[New PT TR] Idol Recommended Playlist


Re telling my story to my hubby & he said he will tattoo this pic on his back! LOL ( account)

More vids from Jaejoong's The Rebirth f J


I'll Protect You

Happy Birthday JJ

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