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JYJ News (Week of 8/25-8/31/2014)

JYJ Related News Week of 8/25-8/31

Junsu's mom shared a picture with JS for fans...

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Kim Junsu's business cards for his Toscana Hotel in JeJu

Junsu's twin brother Moo Young (formerly Juno) is Director of the hotel...

Link: http://blog.naver.com/miji102/220109320810

Jaejoong signing his autograph for a reporter (after concert)
Pics and vid From VN reporter



[NEWS] 140831 JYJ successfully complete Vietnam concert in heavy rain! The night in Saigon they’ll never forget

Group JYJ created a special encore stage with Vietnamese fans in heavy rain.
On August 31, C-JeS Entertainment disclosed, “JYJ successfully completed the Vietnam concert of their Asia Tour in the midst of 6000 Vietnamese fans’ cheers at Quân khu 7 Stadium in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on August 30,” and, “In particular at this concert held in an outdoor venue, singer and fan becoming as one created a splendid sight, even amid pouring heavy rain on the encore stage”.

 photo 2014083110160599694.jpg

JYJ is famous as the team gaining highest popularity among Hallyu stars in Vietnam.
On this day fans, who gathered from across the nation, sang along to songs in Korean and enjoyed JYJ’s concert.
One fan saw JYJ who she’s looking upon again in 4 years, and choked back her tears.
On this day, JYJ opened with live stages for all of 24 songs; like title song ‘Back Seat’ and their 1st regular album’s title songs ‘In Heaven’ and ‘Get Out’. As a talent band they also showed off a variety of colorful stages –such pop, rock, dance, R&B– within their own solo performances in a group-like way and captured local fans’ hearts.
The encore stage became an unforgettable memory for everyone, singer and fan.
Although everyone got drenched in the rain, they enjoyed the concert. JYJ said, “The rain came but we got more excited. It became a sexy stage because of the rain” and “It seems we’ll never forget the time we spent with Vietnamese fans”.
Passing through Seoul, Hong Kong, Beijing, and Vietnam, JYJ’s Asia Tour will continue onto Chengdu, China on September 6.

 photo l_2014083102001510300341484.jpg
 photo l_2014083102001510300341482.jpg
 photo l_2014083102001510300341481.jpg
 photo l_2014083102001510300341485.jpg
 photo l_2014083102001510300341486.jpg
 photo l_2014083102001510300341487.jpg
 photo l_2014083102001510300341488.jpg
 photo l_2014083102001510300341489.jpg
 photo l_20140831020015103003414810.jpg
 photo l_20140831020015103003414811.jpg
 photo l_20140831020015103003414813.jpg
 photo l_20140831020015103003414812.jpg

Source: Sports Khan
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3
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[TWITTER] 140831 Kim Junsu Twitter Updates: Rain at Vietnam Concert

 photo 140831kjstw1.png
[TRANS] Rain, Rain~ We had a very good time because of you!!
I’ll never forget this concert in Vietnam in my lifetime~~
Thanks, Rainㅎㅎㅎㅎ

[T/N: '이히히히히시히시시히시히!!!!' is not a special expression.. It's just an expression of his nice feeling.. There's no special meaning..;;;]
 photo BwS-BXYCQAAC5Fs.jpg
 photo 140831hyejin.png
[TRANS] JYJ concert in Vietnam today! Wet field!
It was exhilarating. Had a great time. Thanks a lot for everyone’s hard work ㅋ
 photo 140831kjstw2.png
[TRANS] Because of the rain actually today.. it burned this night white ㅎㅎ
[ALT TRANS] Thanks really to the rain today.. it burned this night white ㅎㅎ
Source: @1215thexiahtic
Translated by: @theyoungestmin + rilanna of JYJ3
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JJ updates his Instagram DURING Vietnam concert!
Like a fanboy over JS and YC ^^


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JYJ spotted wearing fans’ gifts during rehearsal for their concert in Vietnam


Any Vietnamese JYJ fans out there? JYJ members have uploaded photos of themselves wearing Vietnamese traditional hats, or “nón lá,” while they were rehearsing for their Vietnam concert.
During their rehearsal, JYJ members wore Vietnamese traditional hat known as nón lá. It is known that the hats they wore were made by their Vietnamese fans and given to JYJ members as gifts. Vietnamese fans were touched when they saw the photos that JYJ members uploaded on their SNS on August 30.
Group JYJ kick started their Asia Tour for their 2nd album “Just Us” on August 9 in Seoul. They have since then completed their concerts in Hong Kong and Beijing with Vietnam next on their list. JYJ will hold their concert in Vietnam at 8pm on August 30 at Quan khu 7 in Ho Chi Minh. 
Meanwhile, the title song of JYJ’s 2nd album “Back Seat” has topped many online charts, with more than 120,000 albums pre-ordered. 
Source: Ten Asia , TV Daily

Before Concert
JJ TW and IG updates

 photo 140830kjjug.png

[TRANS] So hot this afternoon in Vietnam #vietnam #hot #暑い
#아뜨거-so hot #jyj #준수짱-Junsujjang #유천짱-Yuchunjjang #jj #모자이-Acapisgood

 photo 10632225_858347260856230_1434142010_n.jpg


[PHOTO] #8시에만자면안잡아먹아먹지

[TRANS] #If_we_meet_at_8_o’clock__I_won’t_prey_on&eat_you_up

 photo 10617024_713101908757689_954147797_n.jpg

Source: @bornfreeonekiss + bornfreeonekiss2 Translated by: @rubypurple_fan + @theyoungestmin + rilanna of JYJ3 Shared by: JYJ3

[TWITTER] 140830 The Great ‘Kim Jae Joong (s)’

by Ces
[TRANS] So many great people ~ 
Source: @bornfreeonekiss I Translated by: @crystalmoon64
Shared by: PrinceJJ
JJ searched his name on internet n found other people named Kim Jaejoong, doctor, movie director, government official, etc

More Here: JYJ CAFFEINE: JYJ and Vietnam (Press Con/Interview/Pics) http://jyjcaffeine.blogspot.com/2014/08/jyj-and-vietnam-press-coninterview.html?spref=tw


The 3 men from group JYJ have a showdown of charms in 3 colors.
On the morning of August 29, OBS ‘Unique Entertainment News’ captured JYJ on camera departing through Incheon Airport for their concert in Vietnam.
On this day, Park Yoochun attracted attention with styling that displays his dandy charms to its advantage in a neat white shirt and black suit pants.
Next, Kim Jaejoong showed off revealing fashion, being the most glamorous and sexy out of the members, in a gradation T-shirt, baggy pants and impressive sunglasses with a red frame.
Lastly, Kim Junsu added chic charms in an outfit that can easily be deep/profound, giving a point with a blue jeans jacket unified with black from top to bottom.
Meanwhile JYJ are underway with their 2014 JYJ Asia tour ‘THE RETURN OF THE KING’.
Source: OBS News
Video Credit: OBSKyungIn
Translated & Shared by: JYJ3

Update from JJs Instagram

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Update from JJs Twitter

Death Note L Parody

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JJ updated his IG (with friend GunHee)

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The Jae Strut!!!


Video via My4DbiasKJJ

JJs friend, GunHee, posted a pic with Jae on IG

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JJ enjoying a go-cart in Jeju

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JEJU sites Jaejoong visited: Sangumburi crater  

More updates from Jaejoong's Twitter:

[Trans] Nolman~ (JJ is referring to the octopus restaurant ) RT : 놀맨~
Trans by rubypurple_fan

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막찍어도 그림이구나..
"Becomes master piece no matter which angle I shoot from" 
bornfreeonekiss: 막찍어도 그림이구나..
Trans from crystalmoon64

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제주의 아름다움
"The Beauty of Jeju" per JJ;)

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Update from Jaejooong's Twitter (with friend GunHee)

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Triangle DVD Now Available for Preorders at various online sites...
including at http://t.co/ufWgFaAGv0

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[TWITTER] 140827 Kim Jaejoong Twitter Update: Scuba Diving & Weight Loss

 photo 140827kjjtw-1.png

[TRANS] I had fun~^^

 photo BwCzWvcCYAAaaBS.jpg  photo BwCzY5yCcAEhYw1.jpg  photo BwCzbAMCAAA_lwd.jpg


 photo 140827kjjtw-2.png

[TRANS] How is this..I lost 4 kilo[grams]..
I eat 5 meals apiece a day..I’ll try to eat more

 photo BwDOZKDCUAANMVz.jpg  photo BwDOdXyCYAEZXDs.jpg

Source: @bornfreeonekiss Translated & Shared by: JYJ3

[OTHER TWITTER] 140827 Tony Hong shares photos of Jaejoong

 photo 140827Tonyhong1004.png

[TRANS] For cool Jaejoongie’s fans

 photo BwCPZSmCYAAAH1O.jpg


 photo 140827Tonyhong1004-2.png

[TRANS] Jaejoongie’s butt. Looking at the sea and shouting. Seok-chunnie [T/N: Tony] hyung. Aren’t I cool? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

 photo BwCoW34CUAA-KsX.jpg

Source: @Tonyhong1004
Translated & Shared by: JYJ3

[Movie Point] The Greatest Scenes and Lines in the Film ‘Sea Fog’

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This post is also available in: Japanese, Korean


 (Spoiler Included)
#1. “This is the first class!” – Engine room was the first class of the ship ‘Jeonjin.’ 
Engine room is the heart of Ship ‘Jeonjin’ and the place where ‘Hong-mae’ and Dong-sik’ fall in love.
Dong-sik’ brings ‘Hong-mae’ who tries to hide from a fishery patrol ship to the engine room. He handed a blanket, a pillow, and napkins to her. Then, he said in Chungcheong accent, “This is good place~. I will make a bed for you, then this place becomes the first class of this ship~. You just take a rest here~.“

Dong-sik’ also said to ‘Hong-mae’ who gobbles up Bbanggamae (It refers to ramen noodles. Crewmen call it  ‘Bbanggamae’ in Korea.) that Dong-sik’ made for her, “Actually, original Bbanggamae is all about seafood. You should put crabs, sea squirt, octopus, sea cucumber, and oyster in order to make original one. You also put hot red pepper to make it tastes better. That is the real and original Bbanggamae of crewmen. You know what I mean?”
#2.”Sea fog is gently coming.”
The scene the section chief of maritime police ‘Chief Kim’ looks through the ship ‘Jeonjin’ after he finds out something fishy is going on in the ship arguing with captain ‘Kang’ maximizes the feeling of tension in this movie.
In addition, line of ‘Chief Kim’ saying “Sea fog is gently coming. I will see you guys on land.” is chosen as one of the greatest lines in the movie since this line was used as a foreshadow of unexpected accident that happened to the crewmen.

#3.“Haven’t you ever gotten on an Airplane? They provide this as soon as passengers get on the plane.”
The line that Kyung-goo(Yoo Seung-mok) says to Chang-wook(Lee Hee-jun) while he gives out cup noodles to stowaway made audiences burst into laughter.
When Chang-wook asks Kyung-goo, “Are you giving them out already?” Kyung-goo(Yoo Seung-mok) answered, “Haven’t you ever gotten on an Airplane? They provide this as soon as passengers get on the plane” giving out cup noodles to stowaway who just got on the ship ‘Jeonjin.’
Meanwhile, the film ‘Sea Fog’ showing remarkable acting has already attracted a million audiences.

 Written by Han Jihee, Photography by NEW, Translated by Park Kayla

[TRANS] 140827 Kim Yoon-seok & Kim Sang-ho mentions Yoochun in their interviews

Q. How was maknae Park Yoochun in his scenes?

A. He acted to expose his bare skin. He didn’t have any difficulty [with it] at all. He deserves getting praised for that kind of courage. It is his debut work in a movie and he completely exposed his bare skin. He has the aptitude for acting.


-Singer-cum-actor Park Yoochun had his first debut onscreen with ‘Sea Fog’. The idol-turned-actor had set out as the movie’s protagonist, evaluate his acting as a sunbae(/senior)

“I discovered friends called idol-turned-actor lately starring a lot in whether movies or dramas, etc.. I don’t think this current situation is bad, sometime ago. I’m envious of the ways they rather dance well and are good at acting as well. For the instance like Yoochunnie, I thought his learning abilities are quick. It was much easier [for him] to accept what was written in scenarios. He was full of senses too. He must have been born with these components, I think it is innate for Yoochunnie. I’m looking forward to the acting he’ll put forth in his next piece of work.”

Sources: SBSfunE + News1 Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3 Shared by: JYJ3

[Kpop news] Interview with Yoochun (JYJ), “Haemoo ( Sea Fog)”
Katie  |  sstvpress@naver.com

승인 2014.08.26  18:13:36

[SSTV l Katie]  Debuted as idol group TVXQ ( 동방신기, 東方神起), Yoochun (JYJ) has now made his name an actor through dramas; ‘성균관 스캔들’ ‘ 옥탑방 왕세자’ ‘쓰리데이즈’. Now he is back with his 1st movie - “해무 (Haemoo, trans. Sea Fog)”.

Based on an successful original play, Director Sim Seong-bo well illustrates aggravating tension among people out in the heavily fogged sea as their plan goes wrong due to tragic accident. Screenplay is by Bong Joon-ho and Sim Seong-bo. Director Bong Joon-ho participated in making of ‘살인의 추억(Memories of Murder)’, ‘괴물(The Host)’, ‘설국열차(Snowpiercer)’ and Director Sim Seong-bo wrote scenario for ‘살인의 추억(Memories of Murder)’. Also, senior actor Kim Youn-seok is starred.
“I get nervous every time I do an art piece. I was even more nervous because people kept reminding me ‘this is the 1st movie’. (grinned). And when making a movie, they take only one to two scenes only in a day. Instead they take one scene in many times in various angles. At first I could get along with the pace. Then later I got used to it, and was able to focus on the character. I usually put character aside easily, but I think 동식(Dong-sik, character name) will last long”.
The First Reading.
Yoochun not only worked with experienced actors as Kim Yoon-seok, Lee Hee-joon, Moon Seong-geun, Kim Sang-ho and Yoo Seung-mok; But also had to show sharp confliction with these actors in the later part of movie.
“Until I met them, I was extremely nervous. At the first reading, I was afraid that they might point out my awkward Yeosu dialect. But as we acted together, such nervousness and pressures greatly lessened. I got many helps from the senior actors. I was able to get closer especially through casual drinking gatherings, where we talked about movie and ordinary things. Secluded film setting also had positive effects. I think that’s why I was able to focus on acting, forgetting about pressures I had at first”.
Yoochun continued by explaining why he took the Dong-sik role, and at the same time thanked senior actors.
“First and the most, I was drawn to the character. I liked his simplicity and how he acted upon his thoughts without delay. Either right or wrong, it felt fresh and envious. And of course, I was expecting on working with many senior actors. I always wanted to work with senior actors. I WANTED to act with total immersion”.

Love : will I be able to have such love?
 Among many reasons why Yoochun chose Dong-sik, a significant reason was because Dong-sik was a character who expressed what he thought and felt. Perhaps, it was an irresistible charm to someone who always had to look out due to heavy attention caused from early and big popularity.
 “Yes, it must have influence from my career. But being able to directly pursue when one thinks and feels (instead of backhanding) is what I have always admired. I express it out through acting sometimes, and its like … vicarious satisfaction? (laughed). Yes, it definitely consolidated me this time. Especially the part falling in love with Hong-mae (played by Han Ye-ri). I wonder if I would ever be able to have such love in my life”.
 At the end of the interview, Yoochun added “I hope I am invisible in “Haemoo” and “When time passes, I want to hear ‘was Yoochun in that movie?’”.

more news on: http://www.ahatv.co.kr/news/articleList.html?sc_serial_code=SRN12&view_type=sm

SSTV Katie sstvpress@naver.com

[TWITTER] 140826 Kim Junsu Twitter Update 2: Chicago the Musical

 photo 140826kjstw4.png
[TRANS] I enjoyed watching musical ‘Chicago’^^
I felt happier as there were so many actors who performed with me in ‘December’, and even Choi Jungwon-nim and Ivy-nim were there!
Songs were so good but I felt more excited because the music was mainly composed of wind instruments, not string instruments.
The mood of Jazz and the dynamics of tempo were also nice~
 photo 140826kjstw5.png
[TRANS] Above all thing, while I was watching it, I thought I also want to perform the musical which I can dance as much as I like.
I truly hope to dance on the musical stage.
Actually, I’m more confident about the dancing than singing a song… cryㅜ
Anyway, thank you so much to actors of musical ‘Chicago’ who gave me energies.
 photo news_1409059122_455408_m_1.jpg
 photo news_1409059138_455409_m_1.jpg
 photo Bv-ATHSCQAE2jpy.jpg
Source: @1215thexiahtic
Translated by: @theyoungestmin
Pic Credits: Dailian + @Aileen_xiah
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Jaejoong's Tattoist shared this picture. She thanked him for wearing her designed shirt...
cr: @tatooshy

[TWITTER] 140826 Kim Junsu Twitter Update: Behind-the-scene cut from Dracula

 photo 140826kjstw1.png
[TRANS] I’m uploading this only now~ this was when I filmed the shadow scenes ㅎ
I didn’t wear the grandfather maskㅎ
‘Welcome, enter, if you please’~
Behind cut!
 photo Bv8HAd3CUAADdDN.jpg
 photo 140826kjstw2.png
[TRANS] My world stops without you..
 photo Bv8Hmg0CYAABSE2.jpg
T/N: This is when Jonathan arrives at his castle. A giant shadow of Dracula is projected on the wall as he says ‘Welcome. Enter, if you please’
 photo 140826kjstw3.png
[TRANS] You are the only person.
The only light in my futile life.
You are the only one who can complete me
My love
 photo Bv8PPydCIAAH8Qt.jpg
Source: @1215thexiahtic
Translated by: @ohmyjunsu
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More update from JJ
 photo 140826kjjtw2.png
[TRANS] Korokoro
(ころころ-means he feels his face is chubby..;;;)
 photo Bv7-yfCCUAAfs5F.jpg
Source: @bornfreeonekiss
Translated by: @theyoungestmin
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[TWITTER] 140826 Jaejoong Twitter Update – ‘Thing Called Love’, Selca & Food

by Lena
Note: Earlier, Jaejoong updated his Instagram, but then deleted the post right after. He posted the following video:
140826 2
[TRANS] Korokoro (ころころ-means he feels his face is chubby..;;) 
140826 2
140826 3
[TRANS] OMG~ I wanna eat that!ㅜㅜ I wanna go there 
140826 3140826 4
140826 5
Credit: @bornfreeonekiss, bornfreeonekiss2
Video reuploaded by kim nadia
Translated by @theyoungestmin
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[SNS] 140825 Kim Jaejoong Instagram & Twitter Update

cr: uploader

 photo 140825kjjtw1.png
[TRANS]  Hope to walk-sung by Cho Yongpil
Wow.. what a true masterpiece is..
 photo 140825kjjtw2.png
[TRANS]  Good for Lyricist Kim Yina-nim.
Credit: bornfreeonekiss2 + @bornfreeonekiss
Translated by: @theyoungestmin
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 JJ posted this video on IG but has since deleted it...
Song is Sun and Moon


But later posted this video


 photo 140826kjjtw.png