Sunday, May 17, 2015


It was the 1st time I made mistake when  guessing what will happen on this eps from  the  video preview  XD..From the hair pin till the kidnapping. What an eps.13? Hehe....N I like the twist...

For ChunFace of the Day (13), I chose these one....The very different expression from our ChunNi...The Deathly Gaze n the puppy face expression....

Which one do U like the most?  I can't choose.  Hehehe.... But I seriously love the bad guy ChunNi.... hahaha...

Choi Mu Gak

Ahh, Det.Kang ...welcome in to ChunNi's  fanboy world.  LOL...n...Owww ChunNi... why U like doing that? Hehe...ChunNi's tounge n His dimple.

What are U doing with ur Walrus's doll MooGakkie? XD.... n what happened with ur thumb ChunNi? He got injure in RTP's era when they couldn't use his hand for the shoot but now they still use his hand.


I like that CR want to spill her secret. N I'm agree with her. Her ability isn't the reason why MG has been oddly smart in the investigation. Coz if he couldn't make deduction from everything she see, it become only something she see. Couldn't solve the case. The conclusion is MuRim is a couple that complete each other.

N off course, ability like that need a prove. But.....

Did I see MooGakkie's flying kiss? LOL....So, he want a kiss? Hehe...Yes,Writernim.... U own Us another kiss scenes. A passionate romantic kiss scene,please.... I think CR is ready now... hahaha....

He said "muahh " but I think we also can say that he said "MuRim"...LOL...coz the similar lips shape when he pout his lips to say that MU...  hahaha...

I like that CR always look at MooGakkie everytime got question. N yeah, our MuRim can trust them to not talk to anyone about CR's eyes. N it's good they only shock when see her eyes but not thinking CR is a monster.

Ahhh... MooGakkie n the Gang. Hehehe... n LOL...our MuRim has the same gesture. I don't know if I like to see our MuRim back to their life as an aquarist n a gag woman. It's not coz I disparage those jobs but I think their ability could help people. Just like CR said before. 

OMG.... what did I see? LOL

They're walking like that? Hahaha....Our MuRim is so cheesy... hahaha....Mu Gak looks like carry a sick person. LOL... So careful. N Cho Rim enjoy it. XD

Cho Rim is so happy with that 24/7 witness protection program.  LOL... n their expression when heard about being overprotective. Hahaha.. They're  look like saying  "Really? " when look at each other. LOL....N their face after that also LOL.. MG looks like being forced to let off his hug n CR looks like sulking n sullen. XD...

Oh my...His smile..... n MuRim is so adorable.

I'm agree with U Cho Rim....It's been 3rd time he doing that.... n now it's time to stop him doing that anymore. Hehe... n it's cute to see him just following you.

N off course it's not MooGakkie if he's just doing what CR want without make fun. Hahaha... n it's the 1st of his prank on this eps....n I always love to see his  change expression.

N coz we know TGWSS isn't like an ordinary Kdrama, so CR will not get what she wants. XD... He didn't following her...hahaha

As always, MuRim eating scene always interesting.XD....It's the 2nd time of his prank n I think the 1st time for ChunNi that the girl feeding him (I forgot if Ripley also had this kind of scene or not) n as always... cute change expression.

Isn't that cute? He always thinking how to prank her? Hahaha....n's so sweet that he thinking like that. It's always lady 1st...From sleeping till regain senses.....

Why I always laughing when CR making sound of that "Slurp"...hehehe

N....hahhaa... it's remind me the beginning of this drama. CR looks like a "dog"...hehe... n Korean with their stuff for dog....hehe... n MooGakkie, yeah, it's pretty but not just the hairpin. Hehe...N from all CR's pic I like that pic. Btw, I think it's the 1st time ChunNi's character buying something for his girl n we see him paying it with money. LOL

I think this scene kinda "classic" scene. Bicycle Date Scene.

N off course it's officially ChunNi's 1st bicycle date scene with the lead female. N once again, Writernim make this classic scene into a new one...The girl is on the front n we got Meany MooGakkie. Hahaha...n I love his laugh. MG or maybe I can say ChunNi... he looks so happy.

Ahhh....cute selca... "unfortunately" the final selca is the one that he smile coz I think the 2nd one when he pout his lips more cute. Hehehe

N Wahh....we got a new info about CR's ability.  She still could see smells  in the dark but couldn't see it when it rains. N I got feeling this new info will take part on the story later (like the one in the dark scene).

N it's also the 1st time for ChunNi  when he n the girl wrap arm around each other. Usually only ChunNi who put his hand around the lady. Oohhh.... why all the ladies before being so passive?  Hahaha....

N his 3rd prank . How come the repetition scene can still look so funny n cute? Hahahha... OMG... that's expression... Hehe...Ur life will become so colourfull Cho Rim....Hehe

The Things

Ahhh...that scent.  No wonder the 1st time  we got   JH's scent... I didn't see that scent shape. He only has that scent at his house. Particularly at  his library (his secret chamber).

Our foods of the day.

Ahh....yummy big lunch... n Thanks Writernim to give ChunNi another eating scene. Coz it's fun to see the way he eat. Everything will looks so delicious.

N I love this scene. Girl's date...

I love on this drama, I don't get annoying 2nd lead female. N she even can be friend with our 1st lead.  It's so refreshing to see it.

The Case

Like we guess before, CR save for the 3rd time in a row. But the tension...aigoo..

Duhhh... Cho Rim.... I know U're so shock n scare... but ur reaction is so obvious different with ur usual behaviour.

Thankfully MG come n could make an excuse n U can go from that place.

So, JH is suspicious to CR though MG deny it.

N luckily.... Thanks for ur smart decision Cho Rim for not took the camera away.

The " funny" thing about that scene was JH annoyed n mad coz the camera still there n he took it. XD

I like this scene. Their expression are awesome.

Ah yeah... hope SBS will release MG n JH's BTS....Wanna see the BTS from that scene. Was it so contrast between  the scene n the BTS ? After the deathly gaze changing into laugh?'s kinda similar with the riddle on RTP. Someone should die coz both of them couldn't live together at the same time.

Hhmmmm.....I like this annoying MooGakkie. LOL

Btw, MooGakkie......there so many pep volunteer to kidnap U. Hahaha

N ahhhh....finally we got JH's background...

So, he should be become a Docter.  It's make sense that he didn't pass the psikology test n he work in sushi resto... he should has knife skill. N Bingo  MG....U're so right about his reason become a chef.

Ahhh....s**t. I knew it's JH when the thing that we can see only his "white' hair n his back n aisshh....unfortunately MG didn't see that room divider isn't closed like it should be.

I knew it's not CR when the thing that we can see only the hair. N it's black hair n it's scary to see just hair.

Though I knew it's not CR, I still surprised when see it's YM.

It's like JH who shock to hear different voice. N I like this twist.  Coz when I watched the video preview. I thought JH could kidnap CR n she lose her hairpin n then MG agry coz of that.  Hehehe....

N OMG... MG beat JH so strong that make JH rolling on the floor n even  MG kinda jump n missed the steps. N that's one the 2nd time he pointing a gun to JH but this time JH is conscious.

After got 3 times nerve wracking situation between CR n JH. It's time to get that from MG n JH. 

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