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JYJ News Week of 10/17- 10/23/2016

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Korean celebs and their hot cars

By GhostWriter

Cars. For some, they're just a mode of transportation. For others, they're a badge of stylish SWAG. And for these Korean celebs who make it rain on the regular, an expensive, badass accessory on wheels is a fashion-must.

Check out this list of "Korean celebs and their hot cars" to see how they get around in style!
(Note: Keep in mind that the prices listed are all a general estimate and are subject to change depending on the location, year, options, etc.)
Yoochun - Ferrari California
Owns multiple vehicles but his most expensive one is the Ferrari Calfornia. Cost: $230,000 USD.

Jaejoong - Rolls Royce Wraith

Owns multiple vehicles but his most expensive one is the Rolls Royce Wraith. Cost: $420,000 USD.
Junsu - Lamborghini Aventador
Owns multiple vehicles but his most expensive one is the Lamborghini Aventador. Cost: $550,000 USD.


Sergeant Jaejoong Update

Seems like #김재중 is out for vacation: his handsomeness spotted by non-fans on streets of Seoul/cafe/restaurant ENVY m.dcinside.com/view.php?id=ja…

A friend of #김재중 shares photo of custom made NO.X Jaejoong Crystal Glass: Bacarrat is for fine liquor, no doubt  instagram.com/p/BL35E6ugac-/

june.shin1 INS http://www.instagram.com/p/BL3y5oxAdBS/
[IG TR] This is a little amusing kkk hand magic coin magic magic show https://instagram.com/p/BL3y5oxAdBS/  guess #김재중 knows we miss him so bad 
via crystalmoon64 


Our Jaejoong's hands???

Sure...Note the mole at right hand...And the recent picture, the left hand has the treble clef (music note) tattoo...

Jaejoong Postman to Heaven OST~ Love 愛よ [Eng 日本語 Lyrics かなるび]

Angel Wing

Jaejoong Life Support [Eng 日本語 Romaji かなるび Hangul]

Angel Wing


[ENGSUB] 161021 1st battle b/w KimJunSu & JinTaeHwa


Xia Girl21

Vlive: http://www.vlive.tv/video/15772/
Naver Tvcast: http://tvcast.naver.com/v/1189386


[OTHER INSTAGRAM] 161021 Musical Theater Director Yong Cho Instagram Update: Have respect for musical actor Kim Junsu

[PHOTO] 평소 뮤지컬을 즐겨 관람하지만 김준수 배우를 무대에서 처음 보았다는 지인이 이런 감상을 남겼다.
“김준수가 뮤지컬을 해줘서 고마워요”
나는 인간이 인간에게 느끼는 고마움이 인간으로서의 기본적인 예의와 배려심의 발로라고 믿는다.
배우는 무대위에서 행복한 순간이 필요하다. 그런 순간이 왔을때 무대위에서 죽을수도 있다는 말은 겉치레가 아니다. 숱한 역경을 딛고 여전히 스스로 무대위에서 행복한 빛을 발하고 있는 저 소년에게 경의를 표한다.
“당신의 빛은 결코 사라지지 않습니다.”
There Is a Light That Never Goes Out

I enjoy watching an ordinary musical but seeing actor Kim Junsu for the first time on stage, I am a friend left with this gratitude.
“Thank you Kim Junsu for doing the musical”
I believe a person is the manifestation of common courtesy and consideration as a human with appreciation felt for human beings.
An actor needs happy moments onstage. I am not merely saying those moments may die onstage when it comes. I am expressing my respect for that boy who has overcome an abundant of adversities and shined with happiness onstage still as himself.
“Your light will never fade away.”
There Is a Light That Never Goes Out
 photo 14736247_910466555764710_9130565013428240384_n.jpg
Source: mobylab  
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3  
Shared by: JYJ3


[NEW PICS] 161021 Junsu's B-CUTS in <Harper's Bazaar> Magazine November Issue!

161021 Harper's Bazaar IG update Junsu in <Harper's Bazaar> Magazine November Issue! 

161020 Junsu IG: " countdown 10 more shows from today!! Fighting^^"


[SCAN] Singers who has held concerts at Jamsil Olympic Stadium – JYJ

 photo CvDpiZ4UsAAvqA3.jpg
① Olympic Main Stadium (number of people it can accommodate : maximum 100,000 people)
Singers who’s made a triumphal embark Seo Taiji, H.O.T, god, Shinhwa, JYJ
Picture Credit: @jyj1215xia
Translations by: rilanna of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3


161013 First Trial of Defendant A & Her Accomplices on Charges of False Accusation & Attempted Extortion

Photo published for 161013 First Trial of Defendant A & Her Accomplices on Charges of False Accusation & Attempted...

  1. DATE: Oct. 13, 2016

  1. Judicial Bench: Seoul Central District Criminal Court 15 Single Judge Choi Jong Jin

  1. Defendants:
1) Lee, so-called, A charged with false accusation & attempted extortion, imprisoned
2) Hwang (mob) charged with attempted extortion, imprisoned
3) Lee (Defendant Lee’s boy friend) charged with attempted extortion, not imprisoned
Note 1: Mob Hwang was indicted for 2 other fraud cases so that all 3 cases were consolidated together. By the Korean Criminal Procedure Article 300, to reduce repetitive procedures, the court may order the consolidation of the oral proceedings (i.e., trial cases) upon request of a prosecutor or defense counsels or ex officio.
Note 2: Defendant Lee (1) and Defendant Hwang appeared in the court wearing their prison uniform. In Korea, most of the defendants are not supposed to be imprisoned before they are finally imposed with prison sentence. Only defendants who committed serious crimes are arrested and imprisoned. As you know, Defendant Lee’s bail application was also dismissed due to the possibility of the destruction of evidences and flight.

  1. Length: The trial took about 25 minutes

  1. Procedure:
1) Confirm the identification of the defendants (The fact that Defendant Lee (1) and Defendant Lee (3) are living at the same address was pointed out by the Judge).
2) The prosecutors presented opening statements summarizing the nature of the cases.
3) The defendants denied all the charges.
Note 3: Statements of the nature of crimes and the evidences have been sent to the judge from the prosecutors. The defense counsel’s opinions on the charges against the defendants have also been submitted to the judge. In the first trial, those were orally confirmed. Please remember the nature of a public trial is to give an opportunity for the defendants to defend themselves and to have a fair trial. However, the judge is well aware of the cases based on the documents sent from the prosecutors so that the judge would not automatically accept the claims of the defense counsels.
Note 4: Defendant Lee (1) denied all the charges and claimed her previous false accusation against the victim (Yuchun). She also claimed that the police forced her to withdraw her report. But, such claim was totally baseless. She submitted her written complaint on June 10th and withdrew it on June 15th, both via her boyfriend, Defendant Lee (3). The police officially released the news on the withdrawal of the false report on the 15th, but Defendant Lee (3) said he submitted the written withdrawal to Gangnam Police Staff around 6:30 PM on the 14th in the interview with Sports Dongah (Sports Dongah (Exclusive), uploaded at 6:50 PM on June 14th 2016). Considering the above, Defendant Lee (1) submitted the written complaint and the written withdrawal via her boyfriend, Defendant Lee (3). The date of her appearance at the Gangnam Police was afterwards. Therefore, she had not had any opportunity to be forced by the police between the filing and the withdrawal of her complaint. Furthermore, the police examined the application of arrest warrant for Defendant Lee (3), boyfriend and Defendant Hwang because they had not answered the summon by the police (Yonhap News, June 25th 2016) while having interviews with various media (Sports Kyung, Aug. 29th 2016) such as MBC and Channel A.
Note 5: Defendant Lee (1) and Defendant Lee (3) claimed that they had no knowledge about the attempted extortion. Accordingly, they claimed that their charges would be abetting of extortion if their involvement of this crime was recognized (Seoul Kyungje, Oct. 13th 2016), which is to be certainly less severely published.
4) The witnesses were selected by the judge. In this trial, all the witnesses including Yuchun were called by the defense counsels and the judge accepted.
Note 6: Please remember Yuchun is a victim of this case and also the person who filed reports against the defendants for false accusation and extortion. During the trial, the judge called Yuchun as victim while A and her accomplices as the defendants.
Note 7: Again, to give fair trial opportunities, the judges tend to accept the witnesses called by the defense counsels. However, in the following trials, the judge and the prosecutors can also question the witnesses. Thus, their charges will be proved in the process. The judge reminded the prosecutors that they could apply for a closed court if necessary. Thus, there is a high possibility that Yuchun’s testimony will be held in a closed court.
5) The 1st trial finished.
There is an organization called as the Sentencing Commission (http://sc.scourt.go.kr/sc/engsc/index.jsp) to offer separate guidelines for different crimes. According to this guideline, these defendants are fallen under the conditions of the aggravated sentencing for attempted extortion (http://sc.scourt.go.kr/sc/engsc/guideline/criterion_23/threat_01.jsp) and false accusation (http://sc.scourt.go.kr/sc/engsc/guideline/criterion_07/falsecharge_01.jsp).
Aggravating factors

  1. Attempted extortion
Special Sentencing Determinants

  • Active Role in Organizing the Commission of the Crime
  • Offense Caused Significant Damage to the Victim
  • Habitual extortion or repeated extortion
Thus, it should be also examined whether any defendants may be fall into this category.
General Sentencing Determinants

  • Two or More Co-Offenders
  • Premeditated Crime
  • Condemnable Motives
Definition: “The sentencing determinants are grouped into special and general sentencing determinants. Special sentencing determinants have important effect on sentencing and on determining the applicable sentencing zone as well. General sentencing determinants have less affect and cannot be used to determine the applicable zone, but can be used to decide a specific sentence within the sentencing zone.” From http://www.scourt.go.kr/sc/engsc/guideline/manual/stand/standard_03.jsp

  1. False Accusation
Special Sentencing Determinants

  • Causes Serious Harm
Additional Punishment
According to PUNISHMENT OF VIOLENCES, ETC. ACT (https://goo.gl/t81HHQ in Korean and https://goo.gl/MD4246 in English), Article 2 (Assault, etc.), if two or more persons jointly commit certain crimes in which extortion is included in such category, the punishment shall be aggravated up to the half of the punishment prescribed in the respectively applicable provisions of the Criminal Act.

☆☆☆ The info is based on the DC PYC postings & blog postings by Korean fans who attended the trial.

Trans by: Uttunfan

Shared by: 6002SKY



Kim Junsu for Harper's Bazaar
JYJ added 4 new photos.
화보 인터뷰 "김준수에 관한 몇가지 편견" #뮤지컬 #도리안그레이 #편견_불공정에대해_답하다 ✔️✔️
#상상_이상의 #옴므파탈 #남성미 200% #김준수 #여심_뒤흔드는 #바자 #패션화보 #11월호 📷 by #김영준포토
Some #prejudice onto #XIA #XIAJunsu #KimJunSu especially regarding the #musical #DorianGray He gave #sincere reply for it! It’d make #U #melt away Don’t miss his #newly released #fashion #pictorial of on #HarpersBazaar #Korea #Nov #Issue 📷by #KimYoungJun

Junsu is an homme fatale in 'Harper's Bazaar'

By beansssJYJ's Junsu took on the homme fatale look in 'Harper's Bazaar'!

The singer worked some of this fall's trendiest menswear, including a silk blouse, a suede jacket, and more. Meanwhile, Junsu is currently greeting live audiences through his ongoing musical, 'Dorian Gray'. 

More of Junsu's pictorial cuts, plus his interview, can be found in the November issue of 'Harper's Bazaar'.


Junsu Updates

[PHOTO] cjes.tagram님의 사진

Wow! It’s like a well-made #fashion #pictorial See the pic of #KimJunSu taken at his waiting room of the musical ‘Dorian Gray’

Soccer player Junsu again...

161020 Junsu IG: "ㅎㅎ. In the end again"


[VOTE] Vote for Kim Junsu for ‘Popularity Award’ in the ‘5th Yegreen Musical Awards’

Photo published for [VOTE] Vote for Kim Junsu for ‘Best Actor’ in the ‘5th Yegreen Musical Awards’

Vote for Kim Junsu (Dorian Gray) in the the 5th Yegreen Musical Awards
Voting period 17th Oct to 1st Nov 2016
To vote you need a Naver account, go to http://www.naver.com/ and click [Sign up]
Sign up process is in english so follow the instructions.
Once you have successfully completed signing up, to vote click on the following link
Need to type the name of the actor – name of the musical in Korean
First one is for Actress
Second one is for Actor
Vote for Kim Junsu-Dorian Gray
Third one is phone number but it is not needed to enter so leave blank
and you have successfully voted.
Source: Naver via XIA Wonderland시아원더랜드
Compiled and shared by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER


Junsu as Dorian Gray...Backstage

[PHOTO] cjes.tagram님의 사진

What a #lovely moment! #Cheers for #KimJunSu & the musical 'Dorian Gray' the #pair #ParkHyeNa & #KimChanHo Thanks for coming by!


[OTHER INSTAGRAM + INSTAGRAM] 161018 Junsu comments on Lee Kikwang’s Instagram post

기광아 모처럼 바쁜와중에 시간 내줬는데 어제 축구는 본의아니게..이겨서 미안하당..^^크크크크 에이형 ㅋㅋ뭐 ㅋㅋ즐겁게하면된거죠~_~ㅋㅋ 우리 대결은 다음번으로..담엔 안질거에요..!!!!우 우현이랑 같이 이갈고 오려무나! 우하하하
The two are both mine


Kikwang-ah, when we had spent time together with our busy schedule and unintentionally played soccer yesterday..I’m sorry for winning..^^keu-keu-keu-keu

Hey hyung ㅋㅋWha ㅋㅋ It turned out I had fun~_~ㅋㅋ For our match next time..No way, I don’t think so..!!!! Wooyah!!!!! Fighting in your performance today too, hyung!!!!

We should go play together with Woo-hyunnie!


Sources: gttk0000 + xiaxiaxia1215  
Translations by: rilanna of JYJ3  
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Kim Jun-su receives best musical actor nod for 5th annual Yegreen Awards

Published : 2016-10-18 16:46
Updated : 2016-10-18 17:14

The nominations are in and Kim Jun-su in his leading role as the devilishly handsome Dorian Gray in the eponymous new original musical has earned him a bid for best musical actor of the year at the upcoming fifth annual Yegreen Musical Awards.

Last month, K-pop mega star Kim and his management agency CJeS Culture unveiled their first original production, “Dorian Gray,” which has also earned itself a Yegreen nomination for “Best Musical of the Year.”

The production is a musical adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s 19th century philosophical novel “The Picture of Dorian Gray.” When first published in 1890, Wilde received severe backlash from the British public, many of whom referred to the literary work as indecent and amoral. The story tells the tale of the alluring Dorian Gray, whose newfound fascination with hedonism leads him to sell his soul in the name of beauty.

Kim Jun-su is nominated for the Best Musical Actor award for his role in the new Korean original musical “Dorian Gray,” which has also been nominated for Best Musical of the Year award at this year‘s Yegreen Musical Awards. (CJeS Culture)

Alongside Kim, actors Kang Pil-su (“Aranga”), Koh Sang-ho (“Trace U”), Park Eun-tae (“Frankenstein”) and Jo Seung-woo (“Werther”) are vying for the title of best musical actor.

The Yegreen Musical Awards are the first to focus on homegrown musical shows. A total of 86 musical works (61 original works and 25 licensed productions) have been selected this year, covering both large-scale and independent low-budget productions staged for more than 10 days in Seoul between July 2015 and October 2016.

“Unlike other awards, this awards ceremony is important because it focuses attention on original location productions,” said Kim Seung-up, president of the Chungmu Art Center and one of this year’s Yegreen Musical Awards judges, during a press conference held in Seoul on Monday.

“It recognizes our efforts to develop new productions, revive old ones as well as obtain international licenses to be able to stage a wide variety of performances in Seoul,” Kim said.

In the category of leading ladies, former K-pop star-turned-musical actress Ok Joo-hyun has been nominated for her sinfully seductive role as real-life Dutch exotic dancer Mata Hari in the world premiere production “Mata Hari at the Moulin Rouge” earlier this year. 

Yegreen Musical Awards judge Han Jin-seob prepares to announce this year's musical awards nominees, during a press conference, held at the Chungmu Art Center in Seoul on Monday. (Chungmu Art Center)

The highly anticipated grand musical came from the collective minds of Tony Award-winning Broadway megastars: director-choreographer Jeff Calhoun, with music by Frank Wildhorn, lyrics by Jack Murphy and writer Ivan Menchell.

“Mata Hari at the Moulin Rouge” has also earned a nomination for the year’s best musical along with “Gone Tomorrow” and “Aranga.”

Actresses Kim So-hyun (“The Last Empress”), Park So-hyun (“Turandot”), Jeon Me-do (“Werther”) and Cha Ji-yeon (“Lost Face 1895”) have also earned nominations for best actress.

The upcoming Yegreen Musical Awards ceremony is slated to be held on Nov. 7 at the Chungmu Art Center in Seoul.

By Julie Jackson (juliejackson@heraldcorp.com)

Kim Jun-su receives best musical actor nod for 5th annual Yegreen Awards http://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20161018000521


화보알파고! 화보장인! 김준수의 옴므파탈 변신일대기!
HARPER'S BAZAAR 11월호 예약 판매로 가장 먼저 만나보세요~

YES24 https://goo.gl/eDGv71
알라딘 https://goo.gl/fqlRas
인터파크 https://goo.gl/z7mQrP

A #real homme-fatale #KimJunSu U might wanna get pre-order #chance of his starring Nov #issue #fashion #pictorial of #HarpersBazaar Go & check above bios!


Life of Joy
From Dorian Gray

CJeS Culture


Park Yoochun summoned as key witness for sexual assault trial next month

Photo published for Park Yoochun summoned as key witness for "Miss A" trial next month — Koreaboo
Singer and actor Park Yoochun received a new hearing date and will stand as witness at the Seoul Central District Court. 
On October 13th, Seoul Central District Court stated that, “We have called Park Yoochun as to testify as a witness on November 24th.” The trial was for the three individuals accused of attempted extortion. One of the individuals involved in the case is identified as Miss A, the same woman who initially filed a sexual assault case against the singer and actor.
It was also stated that the trial is likely to take place in private and it is up to the prosecution to apply for a private report.
Park Yoochun will testify against Miss A who initially filed a report against him for sexual assault with the charge eventually withdrawn after it was picked up by the media. During the investigation, however, it was detected that Miss A and two other accomplices may have tried to extort money and made false accusations in the process of filing the charge and was eventually arrested.
The singer and actor was investigated and under close scrutiny after allegations of multiple sexual assaults were made against him.
The case continues.
Source: Dispatch

[OTHER INSTAGRAM] 161017 Koo Dong Hun shared a photo with Yuchun from ‘Three Days’ Taekwondo filming

[PHOTO] 코뼈부러지고 얼굴부은 상태로 연예인이랑 촬영
#추억#추억팔이 #연예인 #박유천 #믹키유천 #태권도 #드라마 #촬영 #셀카 #국기원 #쓰리데이즈 #인스타그램 #다시 #경호원 #컨셉

Filming with an entertainer with my face swollen after suffering a broken nose
#memory #throwback #entertainer #ParkYuchun #MickyYuchun #taekwondo #drama #filming #selca #Kukkiwon #ThreeDays #Instagram #again #bodyguard #concept
 photo 14677282_1048423628610231_7770385786028949504_n.jpg
Source: koo_dong_hun  
Translations by: rilanna of JYJ3  
Shared by: JYJ3


Junsu Updates...
161017 Junsu IG: "Feel like playing football so much...so after the performance..ㅋhehe"

via vichellelicious

[FULL VID] 161017 Invitation to Junsu's <Dorian Gray> Musical Waiting Room! So cute!

Vichelle Wong

English subs



Junsu's selfie before V app Live


R #U ready for the #upcoming #Vapp live of #KimJunSu ? #Follow us now for sudden #attack at his #waiting #room of 'Dorian Gray' Let's #get started in 10mins!


Junsu Fanmeeting in Toscana Update

XIA’s Last FANMEETING 開催決定!! 2017年2月10日から2月12日まで トスカーナホテルと済州ICCコンベンションセンターでジュンスのファンミーティングが行われます。10月からチケットを販売する予定 です。皆さんの多くの関心お願いします。詳しい内容はでご確認をお願いします。

XIA's last fanmeeting to be held in Toscana Hotel & Jeju ICC convention centre from 10th Feb to 12th Feb 2017. Ticketing from Oct


Sergeant Jaejoong Updates...

as tagged

[IG TR] Yuda shares photo of 's autograph +witty comment written in Japanese

[IG TR] A fan shares backstage photo w at last year's GFF


Music producer congratulated Kim Jaejoong for 'Winning' the 'Best SM Vocalist of All Time'

  • niddybeatzCongrats to the homie JaeJoong on becoming the #1 Vocalist of all time in SM Entertainment history. That really speeks volume. Happy we was able to work together on some amazing records. #CookieMonster #Valentine #JYJ #CJES


[ENGSUB]161016 Junsu talks about "Dorian Gray" Musical Fanart Winners

Xia Girl21


Junsu at <Dorian Gray> Musical Backstage yesterday!  (hyuncheong)

via Vichellelicious

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