Sunday, May 10, 2015


Hug n kiss for Writernim.... Thanks for give ChunNi a birthday scene. Though it's kinda a sad scene. But at least a birthday scene one month early before his real birthday. Thanks also for make Us like a "crazy" people... 1 second laughing n 1 second later so tense....  1 second smiling Coz the romantic n cute scene 1 second later crying...It's so rarely to get this kind of experience.

For ChunFace of the Day (11) I chose these one.

OMG ChunNi..... So U really can make that kind of expression.... HAHAHA....It just U don't wanna show it to Us. Hehe...n with MooGakie character U finally can give Us that. I couldn't believe what I saw.HAHAHA.....I hope they give us the BTS when he make that expression. Couldn't imagine the scene when Det.Ki took that pic. Hahaha.... So might be only....hei, MooGakie... I wanna take ur pic n then later he put that cute expression n off course didn't forget to take that cute pen as ur accessories. LOL....n I think U're imitate the pose? A popped out eyes n big smile. LOL... 

N I like that now U're good taking selca ChunNi.... Hahaha

The 2nd one is that smiling face but we can see his sad eyes. U're so awesome ChunNi.

Choi Moo Gak

See his dimple n tounge more than usual on this drama.XD

I like that MG  tell Let.YM about he love CR. N actually till now, MG never say I like You to CR. So hope later we will get "I LOVE YOU" moment from MG. The "sarange" moment in RTP was.unique,  romantic but so sad....Please give Us another unique moment but not Sad.

Ouucchh....that scene was so tense. I really like this kind of convo scene. Both of them wore that Poker Face. N Yes....our Smartie MG finally realize about that Spy App. So, whoever send those msgs... Thanks for that. N I like the way he told JH that he know about it. N JH reply it with that smile.... aiishhh...

Oh....this scene... So Awesome.... I knew something will happen when see MG has lunch with Det.Ki alone.  But didn't predict that a drastic change in expression will happen. I'm  used with a roller coaster feeling/ emotion from this drama but not in just a second.  After laughing so hard when see MG's PP in Det.Ki's phone...n see MG's cute expression....n damn just a second later his expression change drastically.


The touch of a hand that could so soothe for this situation.

As always, no secret between our  MuRim. MG is the 1st person she wanna talk about what she just knows though at the end  she decided to not tell him about that. She thinks its not the right time.

I always wonder who will be the one who 1st know about CR is Choi Eun Seol. So I'm glad that Writernim chose for both of them know about it almost at  the same time n I like that MG get to know about it by himself. MG is on Victim's side.... so it's better to find the truth by himself so there won't be any misunderstanding or else if he got it from someone. N for CR,'s  also better to heard it from someone.

I like this moment. He took his time to think about what he just knows.

Though it's sad that he ignore CR but he really need to do that. He had time to think before n now he see her. N what his heart saying after see it's time to think what should I do?

I like they shoot MuRim from the back then their face. Their face show us many thing on their mind.

CR:  A guilty feeling. She love MG n now she knows the bad thing that  happened in MG's life coz of the same name.

MG: He lost his sister coz a murderer mistook her coz the same name. N after that his life changed. N now he knows that the girl that he loves is someone who supposed to be no longer exist in this world. Off course MG will not blame her coz of that. It's not her fault. He lost someone before n now his life became alive again coz of this girl. .I like that he went to the aquarium to recall his life before. Yes, he miss his life before but now he can start another life with the girl that he loves. He has found his happiness.  He won't lost his girl. So, that's his decision. No need to  think long time for take that decision. She's someone that so important to him. I like that Writernim didn't drag it.  So, we got this scene. 

MG's birthday scene.

OMG..... I can't believe that we got this scene. When I wrote about CR's birthday date on eps.10 review, I said that I hope we will get a birthday scene for CR coz the timeline on TGWSS still on March n CR's birthday in May... so I think it's kinda easy to add that scene. Hehehe.... n I also  want to write about my wish  that might be this time ChunNi will get birthday scene but I canceled it. LOL.... n we really got it.

N MG already back into his cute character.  He's soooo cute when saying... Today is my birthday.... I like to see it. So, that's his decision.... Start a new life n off course he won't say anything about it to CR coz I think MG want CR remember it by herself n if she doesn't remember,  he will still by her side to protect her.

N when I heard CR's aahhhh.... I knew CR's decision.

Btw, I like that MG talking about that "aaaahhhh"....wonder what kind or reaction is that.

Ahhh....poor U our baby MooGakie.. self serving birthday.... but I think if we get CR's birthday scene.... he must be so busy prepare it. XD...

N OMG... Writernim... Ur script also mention about this.

I don't know why, left handed is unique n special for me. So when the 1st time I knew that SSK also left handed, it's cool for me. N coz this is the 1st time ChunNi's costar also left handed, finally we get a scene that mention about it. N mention about it on the convo is so properly.

N Writernim's fav... number 3 and 9. XD 

N Wahhhh....indirectly propose.... Hahaha....

I'll be waiting for MG's direct propose..... Writernim... Please make it as unique as the love confession.

N OMG...this adorable romantic scene.  HAHAHA....

N finally ur 1st praise to her, MooGakie...

N I felt....Ohh....MooGakie, U're really trying hard to not make the truth ruin ur relationship with her.

N there U go....ChunNi's 1st birthday scene. N though just a little... we can hear he's singing.... Hahaha

N Wahhhh......Aein.... I like that he suggest her to call him "Aein"....Btw, though I want CR call him with other thing than Officer Choi...I like that she wasn't right away call MG with "oppa" when they started dating.Coz I think it's better for CR  not using "oppa"  coz that call better only for Choi Eun Seol..his sister. A special word. So, for Choi Eun Seol - his girl.... better for another call. AEIN....n this is also the 1st time ChunNi's character get that call.

Hhhmmm....wonder... what is MG's wish?

N there U go, a "heavy" convo started.

I love U MooGakie...It's a awesome n wise thought. Coz yeah, we can't change our past n we're not living in the past....The important thing is right now.

Kyaaa  Cho Rimmie..... Why U ask him to go.

So, we can't see ChunNi dancing. XD

It's so sad to see them. MG really trying to looks happy but his eyes looks so sad. Meanwhile CR is not the usual CR. So quiet n only response if MG say or do something.

Oh....No....she will give him her present....

OMO....she let off  his hand twice.. n btw, I like that MG look at their hand when CR did that.

N there U go....CR's decision...

The 1st time his girl ask for break up. I knew it will coming.... n don't know why I like it. XD... Maybe I just want to see ChunNi's broken heart scene.

N Ohh...Cho Rim... U even can't look to his eyes when U said U don't like him anymore.

Oohhh.... Poor our baby MooGakie.. the present that he get on his birthday is a broken heart. N I don't blame him to use high note when he ask her reason.

I like that MG didn't chase her to get the real answer. Coz he know he won't get it that time.

A shock n confuse coz of CR'S reaction. N CR.... why u're not waiting till MG eat all those food. N it's really 9 dishes. For the vegetable soup, it divided into 2 bowl. Beside their rice.

Coz I think when MG saying there are many things that  he doesn't know about CR. It's time when CR no longer could hold her sadness.

N finally MG know the real reason. Btw, ChunNi looks more fresh on this scene.

The Things

Ouuww....kinda long time I don't make  FOOD screencap.  XD

N use that pic as his phone wallie... n Ahhh....S6 can glow in the dark.

The Mystery

Ahhh....I can understand ur reason for not telling her the truth.....

Wahhhh.... the twist... so that "00" wasn't his parents. N another 1,3 & 9...No wonder Det.Oh took that case too personally.....Coz the reason was his wife.....n now another question arise,Why the 1st murder was separate?

N our 2nd in a row....the ending... MG-CR-JH

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