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JYJ News Week of 12/19- 12/25/2016

What's New With JYJ?
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Junsu will be featured in <10+ Star> Korean Magazine January Issue as well as Cover Page!


161226 CJES IG and JYJ FB Update! Junsu won <Best Musical Actor Award> of 2016 SACA for 3rd consecutive year!

#Amazing #KimJunSu his #receiving #best #musical #actor #award of 2016 SACA for the #third consecutive year! Thank #U all & stay tuned in his #upcoming #musical #DeathNote

cjesculture님의 사진

Congrats for #the #musical #DorianGray TEAM! #KimJunSu as the #best actor award, #ChoiJaeWoong as the #best #supporting #actor award, #GuWonYoung as the #best #actress award, and #HongSeoYoung as the #best #rising actress award! They all appreciate your #love Thank #Uㅓ


[INSTAGRAM] 161225 Kim Junsu Instagram Update: Xmas-day Selca

[PHOTO] #Merrychristmas !!! instagram.com/p/BObd5IRgHm6/
 photo 15535372_1079040848872242_7262162013835493376_n.jpg
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161225 Junsu heading to Japan from Gimpo Airport!


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Junsu arriving in Japan
xiah eri


Merry Christmas Eve

JYJ Christmas over the years...



Junsu and CJES 
Save the Arctic campaign
“여러분 북극곰과 북극의 얼음을 지켜주세요!” 
#김준수 가 함께하는 #씨제스 #그린피스 #북극보호 캠페인!
북극 보호에 귀 기울여 주세요!
<Save The Arctic>

지금, 바로 풀영상 보러가기! GOGO!
TV-CAST ☑ http://tvcast.naver.com/v/1327903

#XIA #XIAJUNSU #예고편이_이정도 #작은관심을_큰변화로 #북극을 #함께지켜요 #그린피스코리아 #세이브디아틱
Something has come! Let’s follow #XIA #XIAJUNSU #KimJunSu Let’s check the released video of the #environmental #campaign #SaveTheArctic of CJES Entertainment #artists & Greenpeace Korea. Let’s join to the wonderful campaign!

Link: http://tvcast.naver.com/v/1327903 
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[VID] cjes.tagram의 동영상

Merry Christmas Eve from Junsu of JYJ

"소원이 모두 이루어지는 행복한 크리스마스 보내세요! 메리크리스마스"
#김준수 #XIA #XIAJUNSU #크리스마스이브 #산타클로스_준수의 #특별한 #크리스마스소원 #우리팬들 #소원 #전부다이루어져라 #메리크리스마스
Happy Merry Christmas! Check the #sweetest #voice of #KimJunSu Hope #U make all the wishes!


Kim Jaejoong is coming back soon...

[PART TR] Stars who completed MS come back to ignite Korean Entertainment Scene in 2017


[VIDEO] 161224 KBS World Radio “The World’s Favorite K-pop Song & Artist of 2016!” (Solo Singer) – Jaejoong #3

Kim Jaejoong ranks #3 in Solo Singer Category of KBS World Radio 2016 K-Pop Hit Songs & Artists, without promo and while serving in the army.
Kim Jaejoong appears from 2:47 to 2:58 min

 photo 00.png
 photo 01.png
 photo 02.png
 photo 04.png
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[NEWS] 161222 Accusers who ‘attempted extortion’ of Park Yuchun, demanded of 2 years in prison..Sentencing in January [Comprehensive]

 photo Park-Yoochun4.jpg
The prosecution demanded 2 years in prison for Ms. A, one of people in a group who made false reports against Park Yuchun. Also they demanded 1 year and a half for Mr. B who committed the crime together with Ms. A, and 3 years and a half for Mr. C who committed the crime in the middle of a period of repeated offenses. The sentencing will be done on January 17th.
In a hearing with the 15th criminal unit held at Seoul Central District Court on Dec. 22nd at 4 PM, there was a trial in regards to the charges of Ms. A and her associates’ attempted extortion. At the trial on this day, the behind-closed-door interrogation of the suspects was conducted and the prosecution had proceeded with their final punishments.
On this day, the closed-door interrogation for Ms. A and two other persons was conducted for about 2 hours and 30 minutes. On this day, it’s said the justice department conducted the interrogation behind closed doors for the accuser Ms. A and the protection of the victim’s privacy.
Concluding the whole trial, the prosecution demanded 2 years in prison for Ms. A who made accusations against Park Yuchun. In addition for Mr. B, male cohabiting with Ms. A, they said, “We are taking into consideration the cohabiting male became involved in this case upon hearing about Ms. A being sexually assaulted and sentence him to a year and half [in prison]”. Also for Mr. C, they stated the grounds for his punishment by saying, “It is hard to see him taking part because of chivalry without having any interests as a gangster committing the crime in the middle of a period of repeated offenses, and taking part in the crime without being paid anything”.
The defendants, through their final statements, conveyed their minds that they are wrongly charged to the justice department. Ms. A asked for clemency testifying in detail the account of the incident and regretted her actions in the past.
The trial to have Ms. A and group imprisoned presently is underway.

Source: OSEN via Naver  
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3  
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JYJ "Expects to engage in solo activities instead of group activities" after discharge

(경)재중 돌아오기 D-7(축)
드라마부터 영화, 앨범과 공연까지 마성의 매력 뿜뿜의 이남자
미리 복습해봅시다▶http://naver.me/GQ0Ug0r7
Love You More 다시보기 ▶ http://www.vlive.tv/video/19388

김재중과 함께하는 Q&A #EVENT 🙌

2016년의 마지막 날! 김재중과 함께하는 토크타임!
김재중의 전역 첫 팬싸인회에서 물어보고 싶은 질문들을 댓글로 마구마구 남겨주세요!

여러분의 질문을 재중이 직접 뽑아서 답변해드립니다😍
👉질문 모집 기간 : 12월 23일 ~ 12월 27일
#김재중 #KIMJAEJOONG #복습포스트 #신난다 #팬싸인회 #질문 #이벤트 #12월31일 #코엑스 #라이브플라자
Congrats! it’s just 7 days left! Kim Jaejoong is coming back! Here comes an Q&A #event Till 27th, plz leave your questions anything you’d wonder regarding him, then he’ll give you answers for that at his upcoming #fan #meeting on 31st! #Yay

Travel down the memory lane




161222 Seventh Trial of Defendant A & Her Accomplices on the Charges of False Accusation and Attempted Extortion

  1. Date and Time
Dec. 22, 2016, 4 PM

  1. Judicial Bench
Seoul Central District Criminal Court 15 Single Judge Choi Jong Jin

  1. Defendants
1) Lee, so-called A, charged with false accusation & attempted extortion, imprisoned
2) Hwang (mob) charged with attempted extortion, imprisoned
3) Lee (Defendant Lee’s boy friend) charged with attempted extortion, not imprisoned
Note 1: During the trial when the Korean fans were waiting outside of the courtroom, the fans pointed out to the reporter who kept using the word, accuser for the Defendant Lee for her news article that she should use the term defendant instead (The tweets by Korean fans).
Note 2: Many of Korean newspapers still mislead the information on the relationships among the three defendants. Many of them still report Defendant Hwang is Defendant Lee (A)’s cousin, but it is NOT true. Mob Hwang was introduced to the other two defendants to plan and execute their crime when they premeditated it (Refer to this posting by 6002Sky https://goo.gl/7rFudU). And, Defendant Lee (A) and another Defendant Lee (BF) were living together at the same address and such fact had been pointed out by the Judge at the first trial.
Note 3: Mob Hwang was indicted for two other fraud cases. Thus, all three cases were consolidated together and he has been tried for three cases at the same court. Under the Korean Criminal Procedure Act, Article 300, the court may order the consolidation of oral proceedings (i.e., trial cases) upon request of a prosecutor or defense counsel or ex officio to reduce repetitive procedures.

  1. The Interrogation on the Defendants
The interrogation on the defendants was held in the closed court for the protection of the privacy of the victim, Yuchun. It has lasted for about 2 hours and 30 minutes.

  1. The Final Statements from the Defendants
Through their final statements, the defendants delivered to the Judicial Bench that they have been unfairly charged. Defendant Lee (A) gave the detailed account of this case and asked mercy with the regret for her past behaviors.

  1. The Demand of Prison Terms by the Prosecutors
1) Lee (A): 2 years
2) Hwang (mob): 3 years and 6 months
Note 4: The Prosecutors explained that Defendant Hwang committed one more crime while he had been already involved in other crimes and it was hard to believe he participated in this crime without any form of compensation although he insisted he did out of his chivalrous spirit.
3) Lee (BF): 1 year and 6 months
Note 5: The Prosecutors explained they demanded the above terms for him considering the fact that he came to involve in this crime because his girl friend who has been living with him told him that she had had been sexually assaulted.

  1. The End of the Trial
The final decision by the Judicial Bench will be delivered on the 17th of January.

Source: OSEN

Translated by: Uttunfan

Shared by: 6002SKY
Photo published for Seventh Trial of Defendant A & Her Accomplices on the Charges of False Accusation and Attempted...

Prosecution demands jail sentences for the individuals who blackmailed Yoochun

By alice101Yoochun

Prosecution asked for harsh sentences for the individuals who blackmailed Yoochun of JYJ -- 2 years for one person, 1 year and 6 months for another person, and 3 years and 6 months for a person who has a repeated offense record. 

On December 22 at Seoul Central District Court, prosecution made their final demands for sentencing for the three individuals after an non-public questioning of the defendants. The process took about 2 hours and 30 minutes.

The prosecution stated, "The boyfriend of the individual who initially falsely accused Yoochun of rape should receive 1 year and 6 months since he was involved after believing his girlfriend's testimony." However, for the third individual, the prosecution demanded 3 years and 6 months since he has other criminal records.  The defendants asked the judge for lighter sentencing while describing the details of the incident and expressing their regrets. 

Yoochun has been free from sexual assault charges back in July and is in the process of seeking legal reprimands against those who falsely accused him of rape. 

The final sentencing will officially be handed down on January 17 by the court.

[Non-fan Accounts] 161218 Yoochun at the training program for public service workers

Non-fan Accounts

Yuchun has participated in the regular training program for public service workers and some of the trainees from the same program left non-fan accounts. Those were found at DC Galleries.


The Posting & comment 👉

I hadn’t known who Park Yuchun was. I have come to know him when I went to my regular training as a public service worker. He (Yuchun) had told many funny stories and some episodes during his childhood. I have heard those beside him. Anyway, he have made a favorable impression on me.

Personally, I think Park Yuchun is such a great guy. Based on the episodes he has told, he was such a fine guy during childhood and now. His fans will be very happy when he finishes his public service term.

Comments by other people from the same training program (found at the comment section of the same posting) 👉

1) He was really handsome and I have come to know he has so many fans today.

2) He looked so young and people would believe he were a college student. I also got his sign.

2. At the other gallery

The Posting & comment 👉

He was just the same as the other trainees, nothing particularly different, doing as the other trainees did in the training program. He was diligent all along the program and very eager for participation. He narrated for public campaign and it was played at the gathering time. He received the excellence award for it. There was a long line for getting his sign on the last day.

Comment found at the comment section of the same posting 👉

Since Wednesday, many trainees just entered the room and got his sign.

Source: roserose0830

Translated by: Uttunfan via 6002sky


Sergeant Kim Jaejoong Update

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[New TR] comes back on 30th, completing his MS

Daum Main! Go press ❤️ Comes back after 1yr n 9 mo of MS

[PART TR] Oppas coming back in December




Junsu keeping warm and cozy with Jaejoong's blanket

161221 CJES IG Update: "Covered with Kim soldier's blanket as his recent pillar of strength." 

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Such a #warm hearted #moment it is! #KimJunSu he’s now sleeping #prince covering himself with a #blanket of #KimJaeJoong Heart-beat’s super fast!


[NEW VID] 161221 Junsu <The Way Things Are> MV for <Death Note> 2017 Musical!

Vichelle Wong


[EN] 161215 [INTERVIEW] XIA(준수) - 'CAKE LOVE' (Prod. By 검정치마)

xiah junjjyu 


161220 Junsu as goalkeeper during FC MEN practice! 

161220 Junsu at a football practice with FC MEN members today!
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Japanese Women Rank The 10 Hottest Male Idols Of Korea
A recent online survey conducted among Japanese women revealed which 10 male idols of K-Pop Japanese women are most attracted to.

The charm and attractiveness of Korean men spread far and wide beyond the country, reaching into the hearts of men and women around the world. Women in Japan, overblown by the attractiveness of Korean men, couldn’t help but create a list of their favorite top 10 Korean flower boys.
1. JYJ’s Jae Joong



[AUDIO] XIA (Junsu) – Cake Love (PROD. BY The Black Skirts)

Xia Girl21

161219 Junsu IG: "Tonight 12am! Junsu wrapped around Black Skirts"

[NEW PICS] 161220 Junsu in recording studio for <Cake Love>



Opening date for new Samseong location: December 23!!!

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☆iPhone users can download GDA app from now on. Pls download this app n vote for JJ. u can vote 15 times a day~

KimJaejoong is currently at No.1 but tight competition! Who will be the winner in the end???


Death Note Showcase...


20161219뮤지컬 데스노트 쇼케이스 / MUSICAL DEATH NOTE SHOWCASE



[NEWS PICS] 161219 Junsu at <Death Note> 2017 Musical Showcase!

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[LIVE STREAM] <Death Note> 2017 Musical Showcase at 8pm KST today!   

161219 Junsu IG: "Here is really! Wow" instagram.com/p/BOMRBnkAOyJ/

샤엘의 아우라 느껴지셨나요?
역시 레전드 of 레전드

#김준수 #XIA #XIAJUNSU #뮤지컬 #데스노트 # #L #화면으로봐도_카리스마뿜뿜 #미리보니_더설렌다 #예술의전당 #오페라하우스 #1월3일 #개막

Image may contain: 1 person

161219 DEATHNOTE SHOWCASE, The Game Begins!


Xia Girl21


Xia Girl21

Xia Girl21

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[cjesculture IG]


JYJ's Junsu and Han Ji Sang had a photoshoot with 'Dazed and Confused'!

Junsu and Han Ji Sang play L and Light respectively in the 'Death Note' musical, and they pulled off the black-and-white photoshoot amazingly. When asked how they would portray their characters in a musical, Junsu said, "I want to show a side of L that I haven't been able to in the first performance," and Han Ji Sang said, "I want to portray in detail the process of a person who holds the power of a god going crazy."

[NEW PICS] 161219 Junsu featured in <DAZED> Korea Magazine for <Death Note> 2017 Musical! 

[NEW VID] 161219 Junsu <DAZED> Korea Magazine TEASER SPOT! 

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