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JYJ News Week of 4/16- 4/22/2018

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JJ Twitter Update

Yup, looks like an arm of a owner! Fighting!

ココひどい😭 ネコの爪切るのは。。。 大変だ😥

180422 Tweets 【Koko is terrible😭 Scratch of the cat... it’s so bad😥
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[Eng Sub] Message to his fans & last comments

20180421 the Korean translation of the Kim Jae-joong Dream girls ' interview


180422 Greetings from Jaejoong by hyejiiiiin2 IG

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180422 Info (IG Related) 【Happy wedding! I’d like to go to wedding party as well, but I have schedule in Japan. Thus, I can just give my wedding wish to the groom and the bride here. My very best wishes to you for a lifetime of happiness.】 
Cr hyejiiiiin2
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Suwon Hwaseong Writing Competition - Kim Junsu


 How Do I Love You





JJ860126JJ weibo 晚上你们都在干吗? ​​​

184051 Weibo 【What are you doing at night? 】 * Pic 2 in Weibo is for V+ members only.
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Ahhhh now I can go to bed hoping for sweet dreams (it is 1:58 AM!) is L💚VE


[JJ860126JJ weibo] 형하고나랑^^ 형은 너무 좋은 사람

180421 Weibo 【Bro and me ^^ He is a very nice person】 * Jaejoong’s friend is Chen Bolin, who is a Taiwanese actor and he starred in lots of famous TV dramas, incl. <In Time with You>.
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Jaejoong was LIVE on Fuji TV

180420 Jaejoong TGMF2018



The curry w/rice was served to JJ prior to TGM stage.He thought it was too mild, so complained to his staff when he found out there was 3 levels of spiciness.Later he was told that was the spiciest one!

- does spicy food bother your throat before singing? JJ: Yes, but I’m M, so I feel like I have to fight against it and do well! (lol)

JJ likes the woman who can cook well. He teased the lady who can only cook two dishes. LOL The person who says can cook if she has to. That’s just an excuse because she can’t cook.JJ teased.
JJ hasn’t cooked recently in Japan but he made Katsu don long time ago and did well. 

JJ wants to do long live concert. Just singing for a couple of hours isn’t enough. Sing a lot and talk a lot are important for him to communicate with his fans. 

If JJ has a week off, he wants to travel to country side in Japan such as Shizuoka, Gunma, When he has 3 days off, he’ll stay at home w/o make up, just UW (if summer) and relax, didn’t wash face for 3 days one time.  

When I was newbie, used to practice for one month or so before live to be perfect, but don’t do that much recently. I want to make it more natural flow. That’s more fun. 

If it’s decided what I have to talk or how to act, it becomes too formal. Bc I don’t like that, I plan while I’m singing what to do/talk next so I forget the lyrics. Those mistakes are attractive part of the live isn’t it?

- BTW, what did you do when you forgot lyrics? Whoops, did it! Lol Normally, I often have the band so I ask, “excuse me, can we start over again?” -we caught the glimpse of you! You can only see those in the live!

at last, the mc told jj to come again, n jj opened his eyes so big n seemed very surprised n asked them if they will invite him again, n they said they will. jj looked so happy(^-^)
JJ implied he’ll see his fans before June. Wonder what occasion... 

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ヤッホー じぇじぇー

 180420 Tweets 【Yahoo(onomatopoeia) Jaejae】
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Chef Jaejoong!

JJ will release his first cookbook! He will challenge himself with French cuisine. He did this as a gift for the fans who are always with him. Aside from photos and recipe, a DVD will also be included. Details to be announced later.

Jaejoong will release a cookbook!


180420 Info (Kim Hyungjun IG) 【Thanks. I always salute all Korean police who working hard for nationals. South Gyeonggi Police Fighting!!】 What Junsu obtains is <Special Liberty Pass>, which only for the police made great achievement.

180421 Info Pics found for today’s stage. 

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180420 Greeting Video 【Hi guys, I’m PYC. First, I’d like to thanks who came to Musashino FM b4. I’m very happy to meet you again after long time. It’ll be the most memorable FM in my life. Next time, I’ll go everywhere to see you from early May to mid Jun. 】
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2018 PARK YUCHUN FANMEETING & MINI CONCERT HALL TOUR ‘再会’ 2nd Story ユチョンからメッセージが届きました!

PROMAX Channel


180420 Info (Live Show MC’s Weibo) 【After six months😭I became fatter😭OMG is coming😿 I still looks chubby🙀


JJ Arrives in Japan

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20.04.2018 Jaejoong IG LIVE

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Hello dear Jaefans~♡ Our King Jaejoong's Special Program & Documentary is tomorrow and we wanna be sure you have the correct hashtag to support him^^ Our hashtag is: remember to use it in all your tweets! RT TO PASS IT ON!! FIGHTING JJ AND JAEFANS!♡



Cute... And the dog is adorable too (although I have a dog phobia!)

[Cjes IG] “Adopt a world without prejudice” Cjes X Black Dog Campaign
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"편견 없는 세상을 입양하세요"
씨제스X블랙독(Black dog) 캠페인🖤
#김재중 #검은개_입양_프로젝트 #블랙독캠페인 #씨제스_25인이_뭉쳤다 #아레나 #자선화보 #씨제스타그램 #cjestagram #blackdog #campaign #KimJaeJoong #金在中 #ジェジュン


百乐达斯城 weibo

Paradise city 1 year anniversary: lucky draw



[JJweibo]10년 차이는 별거없다!

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20180419 Yoochun Yizhibo Live

JYJ Persian Fans

Yoochun greets fans on a broadcast for the first time since controversy + reveals comeback plans

By yckim124

JYJ's Yoochun took the time to communicate with his fans on a live broadcast for the first time since his controversies.  

On April 17, Yoochun went live on Weibo. He awkwardly began the live streaming, stating, "It feels like I'm staring at someone right in the eyes so I can't look into the camera. It's embarrassing."

However, Yoochun quickly adapted and chatted about various topics with his fans. 
Viewers complimented his Chinese pronunciation and voice. Yoochun replied, "I've been trying to listen to Chinese a lot lately."

Yoochun also took the time to reenact some of the best scenes from his dramas including KBS' 'Sungkyunkwan Scandal', 'Missing You', and SBS' 'Rooftop Prince'. 

Next, he opened up about his plans for a comeback. Last month, he shared photos of him working in the studio, making fans more curious about his next plans. On this, Yoochun said, "I'm continuously working on producing. I want to show many sides of me as possible." And added, "I forgot how to dance and act but you never know when an opportunity might come so I'm trying to bring back the feeling by practicing."

Lastly, Yoochun said, "My peers told me that I've become very bright. I think you guys probably felt it too," and "Communicating live like this is so much fun. Now I understand why they have broadcast like this. I want to communicate more and get closer (to the fans)."



 180419 NEWS, made his recent status public through China's live stream, "Come back? keep working."】 Park Yuchun, began his live stream through Weibo’s live streaming app YiZhiBo in China... FULL ENG TRANS in PIC 1~!

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180419 Info Park Yuchun <Silence> (Full version) * <Silence>, which the original singer is Jay Chou, is a very famous Chinese song~~~

180419 Info Yuchun Live Tonight~! 1. Talk about dramas 2. Sing Chinese song <Silence> (Ori. Singer: Jay Chou) 3. Q&A (10 questions in total) 4. Stories from fans 5. Yuchun’s talking No. of viewers: 4,400,000💕


180419 Weibo 【KR: See you soon ^^ CN: 7 o’clock tonight, I wait for you in Weibo YiZhiBo. See you.】

180419 Weibo 【 7 o’clock today, see you in Live! I wait for you in Weibo YiZhiBo.❤️ See You!】

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19.04.2018 Jaejoong weibo

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[JJ860126JJ Weibo Update] Hello everyone~ Welcome to subscribe to my V+Weibo~👋☺ (You can subscribe to Jaejoong's V+Weibo now^^ you can do it with Weibo Blog only)

[TR] 180419 Weibo (V+ only): 'How are you? Are you healthy? Did you enjoy your meals?' (Translation for those who can't read Korean or Chinese. Weibo pic omitted since it's V+ only.)
 To join V+, click the button in this post 👉 CNY88 for half-year subscription. Then you'll be a member in a fan group of which the group owner is JJ. He can post only for members. Maybe more events soon.

Here's more info about Jaejoong's Weibo's event

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Jaejoong and the cast of Photo People 2

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[Other IG] Cho Seho Lee Taehwan Im Youngmin Nam Woohyun Why my voice soundsㅠㅠmoistㅠㅠ In a pleasant way, though~~^^ Wrapped up filming! Such good boys! “This is a video!” JJ: Oh, really? Then, I should move!
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Our and cast of ! Looking forward to the broadcast! 💚😊💚

  • jj_1986_jj수고했어 우리 동생들~^^세호형
    소중한 추억 감사해~
    이번 시즌2는 육체적으론 정말 고통스러운 촬영이였지만 그 고통이 정신적인 행복감을 이기진 못하더라
    포토피플 모두에게 감사해^^

  • 180418 IG 【Thank u my bros~^^ Seho bro, thanks 4 precious memories~ Albeit I’m very tried physically in Season II, but those pains can’t overweight my happiness psychologically. Thx everybody in Photo People. ^^
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    [IG] Good job my younger brothers~^^ Seho our older brother Thank you for the precious memories~ Season2 filming was physically excruciating but that pain couldn’t win over the happiness of our minds I thank everyone of you, ^^  
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    Just sittin’ there looking gorgeous!

    [Cjes IG] Good news: is coming soon! ‘s handsomeness is working hard again today at the photo shoot for
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  • cjes.tagram오늘 촬영은 무엇?!
    포토피플2가 다가오고 있다는 기쁜 소식💕
    #김재중 #金在中 #ジェジュン #근황공개 #포토피플2 #촬영장 #오늘도외모열일 #씨제스타그램 #Cjestagram
    Guess what’s today’s shooting. Photo People season 2 is coming soon! Can’t wait! #KimJaeJoong #photopeople2

  • ***

    JJ Update

    180419 onetheliszt IG UPDATE

    【ontheliszt KTkim IG】 노르망디가던중... 자유촬영중인 @ljunhyeok @thecard_

  • ontheliszt#ktkim #ktkimphotopeople #ktkimjustordinaryday #노르망디 해변가 자유시간 #포토피플 #navertv All crew were riding horses at beach @normandy #france #ontheliszt @potocall #potocallnyc

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    Yuchun Update



    The Road to

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    180418 Weibo 【Hi guys 😝


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    Jaejoong Update

    [Other IG] I’ve been an avid fan since my middle school days! I’ve reached the fan girl’s nirvana!
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    180417 Info (IG Related) 【I love him so much in high school. I’m a successful fan.】 Cr 1993.3cm

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    Park Yoochun Update

    180417 Weibo 【You guys didn’t forget Thursday, right? See you on Thursday!😘】 Remarks: Yuchun has his 1st live show on this Thursday & the platform is 一直播(yizhibo).

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    JJ news!
    Trans: Ladies and gentlemen! ! Sorry to keep you waiting! "Photo People in PARIS~Le Premier Pas~The Fascinating Paris's Trail and Art Exhibition in OSAKA" has been decided. Please check HP for details!

    "Photo People in PARIS~Le Premier Pas~The Fascinating Paris's Trail and Art Exhibition in OSAKA" will be open from May 8th,2018(Tuesday) to May 14th,2018(Monday) Link:


    [Click! Star Wars] Kim Jaejoong has won his 5th consecutive week on ClickStarWars voting site!!🎉🎉 Question: What star do you want to go to a spring picnic together with? Jaejoong won first place with 448,888 votes!♡ Continue voting for him!


    [V LIVE] It's XIA TIME! - 10thミュージカル<ドリアングレイ>控室密着取材Behind もう10番目のIt's XIATIME ヽ(•̀ω•́ )ゝ✧みんなでタイムマシーンに乗って16年度にGoGo 今すぐシャリアンのいるミュージカル<ドリアン・グレイ>の楽屋に一緒に行きましょう

    Policeman Junsu



    Handsome photographer of via KTkim

    Loved 1 and looking forward to from Japan with

    Handsome photographer/model of !

    More pics from KT Kim. Gorgeous photographer of 💚😊💚


    Other IG

    [tomo.miyazawa IG]


    [WD영상] Arriving at Gimpo Airport 4/14 WebDaily Celebrity LIVE: This must be a runway, not airport! Polite JJ bows to fans/media” Pls ❤️

    Click link below for more JJ airport 'runway' fashion...

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