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Manhole: Episode 6

Yes! This is what our comedy was missing: melodrama! This week, we’re trading in the antics for some much-needed gravitas, as Pil has to face the very real possibility that he may not survive the current timeline. The threat of death is quite an eye-opener, and Pil has discovered a lot of the courage he lacked before, but before he can do anything else, he’ll have to make it back to the manhole (body and soul) if he ever wants to make things right.

  EPISODE 6: “Love like it’s the last time”

Having possessed Seok-tae and his father, Pil and Mr. Yang (Gu-gil’s dad) are frantically wheeling out Pil’s body when they’re intercepted by Soo-jin. Soo-jin freezes to see Pil’s body in the cart, and Pil/Seok-tae tries to push past her, saying that he can’t explain but needs to go. Surprisingly, Soo-jin answers that she knows as she asks, “You’re Pil, right?”
Soo-jin and Pil’s spirits are abruptly transported to a technicolored tunnel, and Pil hesitantly asks if she can see him. Soo-jin replies that she can’t, but she can feel him. Reaching toward his face, Soo-jin quietly says that she knows it’s him from the eyes, saying there’s something she hasn’t seen for a long time.
Unable to hold back anymore, Soo-jin hugs him with tears in her eyes as she chides him for making her wait so long. Stepping back, she asks if he can stay like this by her side, forever. Pil pulls her back into a sweet embrace and answers, “I’ve always been by your side.”

Sadly, the beautiful moment is broken when Pil is suddenly wrenched out of Soo-jin’s arms. We return to the real world where an orderly has tackled Seok-tae, effectively knocking Pil out of his body snatch. Curses.
Soo-jin crouches down to ask if Pil is ok, but with Pil out of his body, Seok-tae’s consciousness returns, and he starts stammering that he has no idea what’s going on. Soo-jin realizes that Pil is gone and wonders what the heck is going on. The recently de-possessed Seok-tae and his father (also returned to his own body) wonder the same thing.
Over at the tunnel, the streetlight flickers over the manhole and the clock strikes midnight. Pil missed his ride.

The gang gathers at the bar to catch up, and we learn that not only is Jin-sook living the corporate life, Dal-soo never opened the DVD store and is currently “living off” his brother. Jin-sook sighs that Pil used to push her to open her own business, but she couldn’t do it after his accident.
Gu-gil chimes in that Pil had once told him that Jung-ae liked him since she was always looking at him, but Jung-ae snaps that she was staring at Dal-soo. She starts reminiscing about how she first fell for Dal-soo when he wore a stylish red jacket… which Dal-soo reveals had been lent to him by Pil. Gu-gil grumbles that he should have worn the jacket.
Jin-sook’s phone dings then, and she interrupts the group with news that there’s trouble at the hospital.

The gang comes running to find Seok-tae and his dad still being detained for trying to kidnap Pil. Seok-tae is whining that he really doesn’t know what going on, while his dad dazedly says that he must have been possessed by a ghost.
Pil’s mom and dad arrive and tell the guards to let the two go, since this was probably a misunderstanding from Seok-tae believing that they were going to pull Pil’s plug.

In the hospital room, Soo-jin gazes at Pil while Jin-sook thinks that it doesn’t make sense for Seok-tae to have tried to kidnap Pil when he knew that his parent’s weren’t giving up on him. Soo-jin, sounding like she’s still in shock, says that it wasn’t Seok-tae, but Pil. She adds that she not only saw him, but kissed him.
Jin-sook doesn’t understand her at all, but Mr. Yang starts scolding Pil for wasting time kissing her when he had other things to do (like stealing his own body). Pil answers that he just wanted to console her.
Pil hangs his head, and at his side, we see his hand fade in and out for a moment. Uh oh.

Pil’s dad confronts Seok-tae’s father, scolding his subordinate for not stopping his son from doing something so rash. Seok-tae’s father trembles from holding in his rage and glares to see people around them watching as Pil’s dad reams into him.
Seok-tae tries to convince his friends that he really has no idea of how he got from the BongBong pub to the hospital. But the others just yell that he shouldn’t drink so much.
At the manhole, Pil worries about missing the midnight ride while Mr. Yang grumps about his time travel theory. Pil concludes that he and Mr. Yang will need help in order for Pil to make his midnight deadline on the coming day.

Jin-sook takes Soo-jin back home, but Soo-jin keeps trying to tell her friend about Pil’s visit. She says that she really saw Pil in the mirror, but Jin-sook just worries that Soo-jin needs to get out more. Heh.
Soo-jin will not be distracted though, and thinks that Pil/Seok-tae was trying to take his body somewhere. She’s convinced that he’ll come back to try again, but Jin-sook is convinced that her friend is losing it.
Dal-soo and Gu-gil have a tug of war over Jung-ae’s cab door, arguing over who will escort her home. When Jung-ae insists that she can just go back on her own, Gu-gil caves, preferring Dal-soo to go with her than for her to travel alone at night. (Awww.) Gu-gil watches sadly as the two drive off, and Jung-ae looks back at him through the cab window, conflicted.

At Soo-jin’s house, Jin-sook gently warns her parents that something is off with their daughter, divulging how Soo-jin believes Pil visited her earlier that night.
Dal-soo walks Jung-ae home after their cab ride, and it’s a bit awkward with Dal-soo trying to flirt, and Jung-ae looking rather uninterested. Eventually, after walking her around her block three times, Dal-soo bids her goodnight. Jung-ae watches him go, wincing over her tired legs and wondering why something feels off.

Just then, Jung-ae gets a text from Gu-gil asking if she made it home safe. He tells her that he fixed the broken light in her stairwell so she needn’t be afraid of the dark. Jung-ae appears touched, and her heart starts beating.
At the pool room, Pil and Mr. Yang watch Gu-gil fret over Jung-ae. Pil tuts that when he goes back, he’ll tell his friend to move on, but Mr. Yang tells him not to. He says that no one knows for sure what will happen, pointing out that even Pil isn’t certain if Soo-jin will choose him in his own timeline.
Mr. Yang adds that he knows that Pil was hoping to possess Gu-gil since he’s stronger than Seok-tae, but he forbids him from using his son. Pil pouts, but Mr. Yang tell him instead to “trust in the power of love that transcends time.” Pil thinks back to the luminescent tunnel and how Soo-jin was able to feel him.

Jin-sook tucks Soo-jin into bed, but Soo-jin glares at her friend, annoyed that she won’t believe her about Pil. Soo-jin insists that she isn’t crazy, but then totally spazzes out trying to explain that she can’t explain it. Heh, she’s acting just like a certain flailing eccentric we all know so well.
On her way out, Jin-sook tries to reassure Soo-jin’s parents that Soo-jin is doing better now, and advises them to make sure that Soo-jin stays at home, in bed.
Pil is heading over to Soo-jin’s house just as Jin-sook leaves it. She walks past Pil on the way out, and he casually calls out to her to get home safe. His words echo strangely, and Jin-sook stops on the spot as though she really had heard him. Jin-sook looks in Pil’s direction as he stares back, wondering if she can feel him too. Eventually, Jin-sook passes it off as nothing and continues on.

Pil goes inside Soo-jin’s house just in time to see Soo-jin sneaking out while her parents bicker over who should stay up and keep an eye on their daughter. Pfft. Might want to focus less on planning and more on action, folks.
Outside, Pil tries to block Soo-jin by standing right in front of her with his arms spread. She walks through him, but stops, having felt him. She looks around, calling out to Pil, but he can’t make her hear him without a body.

Both Seok-tae and his dad can’t sleep, with Seok-tae worrying about being possessed, and Dad raging over how Pil’s dad embarrassed him at the hospital. Dad is determined to prove his innocence and, saying he’s “thirsty for revenge,” sends Seok-tae to get water.
Seok-tae jumps up to get it, but soon as Seok-tae steps outside the room, he gives an almighty sneeze. Looks like Pil has hitched another ride, because Seok-tae is suddenly walking out the door, leaving his father suspicious.

Pil/Seok-tae sprints to Soo-jin, finding her as she’s on her way to the hospital. She brushes right by him, but stops a few steps later. Soo-jin turns back and sees Seok-tae gazing at her and asks if it’s him. Then Seok-tae disappears, and we just see Pil.
He stutters out that she really does recognize him. Wordlessly, Soo-jin grabs him in a tight hug, and Pil reaches around to hold her to him, smiling like all his dreams just came true.
Hidden behind shrubbery, Seok-tae’s dad watches his son hugging Soo-jin.

Pil and Soo-jin go to their lookout spot, and he tells her everything about the time-traveling manhole, adding that he leaves at midnight and comes back at noon. Soo-jin scoffs, asking if he’s Alice in Wonderland or something.
Looking around, Pil points to their bench and asks if she remembers when they were little, that time on the bench…? Soo-jin suddenly snaps at him to stop talking and covers her ears, saying she doesn’t remember.
Flash back to when the two were kids: Pil had promised her that no one else knew about this place, and called the bench her spot. Happy, Soo-jin had innocently kissed his cheek, making the tiny Pil freeze. So cute.

Back in the present, Soo-jin rants that the next day, he made that drawing of the two of them (where they were naked), and she got teased so much for it. Pil tries to argue that he was just a kid and thought that kissing meant you were married.
Soo-jin rounds him and says that they should get married, then. Pil gapes at her, stunned, and she adds that when he goes back through the manhole and fixes everything, then they should get married. Heh, Pil’s brain seems to have blown up.
Smiling, Soo-jin asks what she would be doing right now if he were to go back and return things to how they were. Wistfully, Pil answers, “You’ll probably be waiting for me, getting ready for your wedding.”

The two hold hands and resume walking, though Soo-jin starts stumbling from exhaustion, leading Pil to hoist her into a piggyback. Walking slowly, Pil admits that he thinks about her at least three times a day and says, “People… call this love.” Aww. Was that a confession?
Unfortunately, Soo-jin seems to have fallen asleep on his back, and Pil laments that when he can finally say it (the confession), she can’t hear him. But then Soo-jin sleepily murmurs, “I heard you.”
Pil smiles and sighs that even if she forgets after the manhole, he will remember. He starts to say that he needs to go back to the manhole by midnight, but Soo-jin drowsily shushes him. Pil grins, content to tell her later.

On the road behind them, Seok-tae’s father has been tailing the pair. He sees his son piggybacking Soo-jin and figures that something isn’t right: Seok-tae isn’t smooth enough to be dating her. Heh, true.
Seok-tae’s father confronts his son in the morning, but poor Seok-tae just has a sore back and doesn’t remember anything.

Without a body yet again, Pil watches over the sleeping Soo-jin. Looking at her in the morning sunlight, he reaches out and is amazed that he can actually hold her hand. He strokes her hair, and Soo-jin smiles in her sleep.
Pil holds her hand and remembers their moment in the tunnel when Soo-jin had hugged him and said she waited for him for so long.

Jung-ae and her mom are busy moving out of their apartment when she looks up and sees that Dal-soo and Gu-gil have arrived… wearing matching bright red jackets. PAHAHA!
As the boys load up the moving truck, her mom notes that Jung-ae only seems to be staring at one of them, though we don’t see who.
Dal-soo sighs that he’s hot, and Jung-ae immediately jumps up with water, only to walk right past him and hand the bottle over to Gu-gil. Aww, Dal-soo takes the loss in stride, but I guess we know which one she was looking at.

Seok-tae calls Jin-sook and confides that his father told him that he met with Soo-jin last night, but he has no memory of it. He stage-whispers that he was possessed by a ghost, but Jin-sook deadpans back what a shame it is that the ghost didn’t take Seok-tae with him.
Jin-sook says that Seok-tae must be happy to have been on a date with Soo-jin since he always liked her, but Seok-tae answers that he’s long since given up. Giving some major puppy eyes, he says that he likes Jin-sook. Jin-sook immediately calls out for the ghosts to come take Seok-tae back. Pah!

Pil wakes up, having dozed off unintentionally, to find Soo-jin gone. He rushes outside, but something is wrong. Everything is shifting around like a lava lamp, and Pil clutches his chest as he fades in and out. Over in the hospital, Pil’s body starts seizing.
At her studio, Soo-jin begins to take down the hospital pictures of Pil when Jae-hyun comes to visit. He tries to find out what happened the other night (when Pil possessed him and he woke up sans pants), but Soo-jin hedges around the question.
He reminds her of the first time they met, and we flash back. It had been pouring rain, and Soo-jin was just sitting at a bus stop with no umbrella. Jae-hyun had seen her at the bench and silently held his umbrella out to cover her. Soo-jin was so lost in thought that she didn’t notice, and they stayed like that for a half an hour.

Jae-hyun says she took ahold of his soul that day. Soo-jin admits that she had been having a hard time that day, and Jae-hyun asks if it was because of the person she took so many pictures of. She apologizes, saying that that person (Pil), is the only person she will ever have.
Jae-hyun accepts her decision sadly, adding that he feels like he’s now the one waiting for someone at a bus station. He leaves, and Soo-jin wonders where Pil could be.
At the hospital, Pil continues to seize, and the doctor orders his parents to be called in.

Pil staggers his way into Soo-jin’s studio, but he’s so weak that she can’t sense him. As he starts fading again, Mr. Yang rushes in. The older ghost tells Pil that his spirit has been gone from his body for too long and yells that he has to go back, or he’ll die.
Pil shouts that he won’t die, because Soo-jin will save him — he told her about the manhole, and she is the only one who can help him. Except, he recalls that he couldn’t tell her everything because she fell asleep. Pil tries to make her hear him, but he’s fading even faster now. Mr. Yang urges him to get back to his body, promising to find some way to help him.

Pil runs back to the hospital through otherworldly streets, fading more and more. As he runs, he thinks desperately to Soo-jin, “Please help me. Soo-jin, please. Do you hear me?”
In her studio, Soo-jin jerks up as if she has heard him. She utters Pil’s name and dashes towards the door, but she’s stopped by the arrival of Jin-sook. (No! Girl-bond later – save the boy now!)

Pil barely makes it to the hospital, returning to his room and finding the doctors performing chest compressions to keep him alive. He realizes that once he goes back into his body, he won’t be strong enough for his spirit to leave again.
Uttering a quick plea to Soo-jin to save him, Pil lays down on top of his body, and his soul meshes back with his physical form, stabilizing him for now.
Just after his spirit disappears, Pil’s parents run into the room and the doctor tells them that their son probably won’t make it through the night.

Soo-jin tells Jin-sook everything about seeing Pil and his story about being able to travel through the manhole. She says there was something else that Pil wanted to tell her, but she was too tired to remember. Jin-sook doesn’t believe a word of it, but they’re interrupted when Soo-jin receives a text from Pil’s parents, giving her the news that Pil doesn’t have long.
Soo-jin and Jin-sook run out, and as they’re hailing a cab, Jin-sook yells that it doesn’t make any sense that Pil’s spirit could be running around if he’s in such a critical condition. Across the street, Seok-tae’s father hears them and growls that he now understands what’s going on.
He hunts down his son and tells Seok-tae that he knows who is to blame for their previous disgrace. Pointing up to the blood moon, he says that last night was for humiliation, but tonight is for revenge.

Gu-gil and Dal-soo are back to bickering over Jung-ae as she stands between the two fighting boys. But the fight is put on pause when they all receive a message from Seok-tae asking them to protect Pil from his father.
Soo-jin and Jin-sook rush into the hospital room, and Soo-jin can’t believe that Pil might be leaving when she just saw him yesterday. Grabbing onto his arm, Soo-jin falls to her knees and begs Pil to open his eyes, sobbing that she waited for him all day.
That night, Pil’s parents, Jin-sook, and Soo-jin keep vigil by his side. Soo-jin looks at the “Run to me, Pil” picture, flipping it over to look at the date. She thinks back to his time travel theory about how he leaves at midnight and returns again at noon. Remembering that Pil probably won’t survive the night, she comes to a decision.

Soo-jin rushes out of the room and returns ten minutes later, telling Pil’s parents that the doctor is looking for them. After they run out, Soo-jin brings in a wheelchair and starts towards the bed. Jin-sook wonders what she’s doing, and Soo-jin asks her to help save Pil, saying that everything will be all right if they can get his body to the manhole by midnight.
Understandably, Jin-sook freaks out and pulls her friend away from Pil’s bed, shouting at her to snap out of it. Soo-jin yells that she can’t live without Pil, threatening to kill herself if Pil dies. That freaks Jin-sook out even more, but Soo-jin growls at her to either help, or get out of the way.
Jin-sook yanks Soo-jin away from the bed, saying that she cares about Pil too. Soo-jin asks, “Then why can’t you feel him?” Jin-sook argues back and calls her ridiculous, asking why only Soo-jin can feel him, then.

Jin-sook starts to go bring the others back in, but Soo-jin grabs her wrist. She brings up the fire from that day six years ago, reminding Jin-sook of how Pil knew that it would break out.
Looking at her friend, Soo-jin answers her question, “Why am I the only one who feels him? Pil… only thinks about me, and he only likes me.” Soo-jin says that she knew Jin-sook liked Pil, admitting that she hesitated in the past because of how Jin-sook felt, but she won’t anymore: “I need to protect him this time.” The machines start beeping, and Soo-jin rushes forward to unhook him. Looking absolutely heartbroken, Jin-sook whispers that Soo-jin is right: Pil only ever looked at her.
Out in the hallway, Mr. Yang is running around trying to jump into the body of a hospital worker so he can grab Pil, but he’s rejected every time. Heh, he keeps bouncing off and grumbling that these academic types are too strong-willed.

Soo-jin and Jin-sook have gotten Pil into a wheelchair and are slowly pushing him out of the hospital, but they’re brought up short when Seok-tae and his father (who is wielding two talismans like they’re nunchucks) step directly in their path.
Seok-tae’s father is convinced that one of the girls is actually Pil and is determined to regain his pride from yesterday. Execpt, while Seok-tae’s father is advancing on the girls, Seok-tae gives an almighty sneeze… then sneaks up behind his dad and knocks him out with a fire extinguisher. Mr. Yang is back!
The girls stare dumbfounded as Seok-tae – with Mr. Yang’s father’s voice – yells at them to get going. He then grabs Pil’s wheelchair and pushes him out of the hospital, with the girls trailing behind.

As the three of them wheel Pil towards a taxi, Dal-soo, Jung-ae, and Gu-gil arrive (answering Seok-tae’s summons to protect Pil) in time to see them load their comatose friend into the cab. They quickly tell their own driver to follow.
Soo-jin, Jin-sook, and Seok-tae/Mr. Yang succeed in getting Pil to the manhole, though they hit a snag when Jung-ae and her boys come running toward them through the tunnel. Jin-sook and Seok-tae/Mr. Yang run to interfere, while Soo-jin stays with Pil.

Soo-jin crouches down next to Pil, and in her mind, she asks him if this is going to be their last day. She hears his voice from last night saying that once he goes through the manhole, everything will turn back to how it was, and she won’t remember any of it.
Stroking Pil’s face, Soo-jin thinks that it feels like she’s sending him away forever, and she pleads with him to be sure to find her again. She hears his answering promise to find her wherever she is, telling her not to worry.

In the tunnel, Seok-tae/Mr. Yang and Jin-sook stare at the trio bearing down on them. Mr. Yang bails from Seok-tae body, moments before Gu-gil takes a running leap at Seok-tae and kicks him to the ground. Poor Seok-tae returns to his body to find himself getting beat up while Jin-sook tries to tell Gu-gil that he’s actually kicking his father.
As the others pound on Seok-tae, thunder crashes and the street light starts to flicker again. Soo-jin asks Pil, “Why couldn’t we be together? What is in the way between us?” As soon as she asks, we hear the midnight chime, and the manhole cover magically bursts off.

Wind whips all around as the magic time travel light zips out of the manhole. Soo-jin and the others stare at the light that flies around them before the light turns to wrap around Pil. Surrounded in a cocoon of colors, Pil vanishes into the light.
The light dives back into the manhole and the cover slams down on after it. The friends all gape at where their friend just disappeared to, and Soo-jin stares almost desperately at the manhole, thinking, “Don’t lose me.”
Pil’s reply from before echoes, “Of course, I’ll go find you wherever you are. So don’t worry.”

Ack! No preview? But, where is he going?!
I was glad to see the show take a serious turn for this week’s episodes. As much as I don’t want him dead, this calmer and more mature Pil really was something to see. Before, I watched him because all the flailing was entertaining, but this time around I watched because I just could not look away. The gravitas of Pil’s situation and seeing how it affected not only Soo-jin, but everyone around him, brought together a lot of elements that were missing before. It highlighted how, in spite of his own lack of drive, Pil greatly influenced those around him to the point where his absence drastically changed the lives of all his friends. Not to mention Soo-jin, who became a mere shadow of herself without Pil.
I warmed a lot towards Soo-jin’s character this week, and I have to say I think it’s because she had to play the drama more than the comedy. UEE seems to shine when she does dramatic, heartfelt scenes rather than physical comedy. She has the potential to just nail the powerful and moving scenes, but her comedic timing falls a bit flat, making her appear more confused than funny. Granted, I haven’t seen her in any real comedic dramas, so this could just be a flaw in the character since Soo-jin herself isn’t exactly a goofball. But I felt a much stronger connection to Soo-jin while she was sobbing desperately for Pil to wake up than I ever did during their upbeat banter. I hate to say it, but it wasn’t until she started crying that she had my attention.

It’s fascinating that each of Pil’s small actions in the past have produced such dramatic butterfly effects, changing not only occupations, but the character’s temperaments as well. We saw a whole different side of Jae-hyun this episode. I know that we’ve seen proof in other timelines that he’s being unfaithful, but in this one, he really seemed like a sweet and caring guy, and his moment in the rain with Soo-jin was just lovely. (Though, there is also a part of me that’s freaked out that he’s trying to make Soo-jin his seventh bride…)
Then there was Jung-ae and Dal-soo, who seemed like they were a couple that would always find a way back to each other. Instead, she legitimately chose Gu-gil over Dal-soo this time around. Maybe the two of them really are better suited to one another, or maybe, there is no Meant To Be pairing, and the “right” person varies each time. If that’s the case, how will this end? Will there ever be a “correct” timeline? Is there even such a thing?


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Weibo Hallyu:8th greeting vid for Chinese Valentine's Day (tomorrow). Guess who he is!  

JJ: Hello! Guess who I am! Missing you all so much today..kkk..I love you (in CN)...Hope you spend Valentine's Day with your lovers

Morning J @KJJ_VotingTeam

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Battles The Summer Heat In Behind-The-Scenes Cuts From ""

On August 27, JYJ Kim Jaejoong’s agency C-JeS Entertainment released four behind-the-scenes cuts of the actor at the set of KBS2’s “Manhole.”

For his role as Bong Pil, Kim Jaejoong puts on a variety of outfits. He has to wear a suit for one of the scenes even though the weather is burning hot. From the looks of it, the mini fan is a necessity at set, as there is one in every picture.
Despite the heat, Kim Jaejoong is always smiling and giving energy to the cast and staff on set. It was said that he bought ice cream for everyone at the set during breaks, and when the shooting continued on until late at night, he shared the food that was sent by his fans.
Meanwhile, “Manhole” airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 10 p.m. KST.
Source (1)

No cooling off this hot actor as BongPil in

[JYJ FB] Enjoy hot weather if you can't avoid it! Fight off heat w heat! Check out handsome in suit #맨홀

Kim Jaejoong is Human vitamin/Happy virus at set

cheers up everyone at filming set with smile on his face and cracking jokes in extremely hot weather, spreading happy virus
shares ice cream w fellow actors/staffs during short break, gains energy to continue filming by eating night time snacks fans send 

via crystalmoon0213

manhole cast updates

JungHyeSung feat: Baro

Uee Fan support

IG  with Sujin





[Cjes IG]Honey drips from 's eyes Is he a beekeeper? Even size of his hands makes our hearts flutter Where's his next destination?



Our wonderful time traveler of !

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Photo published for [V LIVE] [맨홀]사랑하라 오늘이 마지막인 것 처럼 / [Manhole] Making film

Fateful first meeting X   

Looks so real but so light


[Cjes IG]Get on freely but once get on fan train, there is no getting off! Departing now! Watch making film

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Other IG...Photographing Jaejoong as BongPil in Manhole

[Photographer IG TR]

"Scenes like these, especially, take a lot out of actors. They must be in very delicate state of mind, and all the staffs are on high alert in order to catch every detail in the viewfinder.
Though I get to meet actors eye to eye all the time due to the nature of my job, I hide somewhere on days like these. I don't want to make them uncomfortable by giving out a message like "I'm watching you".
This photo reveals BongPil's desperation and love towards Sujin so I like it. It's too bad the ferocious flame in the background was not captured."

[Photographer IG TR] Probability of getting great shot becomes higher when photographed figure is good 

"Expectation for this episode is as good as how good Pil looks in a suit. Now, he learned the 'Rules of Manhole' and is full of motivation to right his life. But... a disappointing twist awaits him.
Though he goes through a process of shock, sadness, and resignation, Bong Pil will impress us after after he realizes a different definition of love and grows up by an inch.
It makes me miss my dad more tonight. He passed last year.
I realize that the probability of getting a great shot becomes higher when the photographed figure is good."
Translations via Crystal Moon'◡'‏ @crystalmoon0213


Manhole: Episode 5 ==>

Manhole: Episode 5

Manhole takes an unusually dark turn this hour, with less of the zany comedy we’ve grown accustomed to seeing from our reluctant Energizer bunny, Pil. He’s able to observe and hear what his friends and family truly think of him, and much of their views come as a touching, eye-opening surprise. Timing is everything in life, and for a hero who’s always had terrible starts, at least there’s a lucky manhole that permits him do-overs to finally get off on the right foot.
  EPISODE 5: “How Can You See Love?”

Looking sharp in a suit, Pil confidently walks through the tunnel and figures that he’s landed a job, everything is back to normal, and all that he has left to do is win Soo-jin’s heart. During his neighborhood stroll, he’s further reassured by the absence of trash and thugs, which he was surrounded by the last time he came back to the future as a gangster.
Everything appears hunky-dory until he notices a woman and a watering can that’s watering plants for her while floating in midair.
He rubs his eyes in case he’s seeing things and exhales in relief when he sees the woman holding the watering can like a normal person. But as he walks away, we see three levitating watering cans pop into view. Huh??

Pil arrives outside Soo-jin’s studio, but it’s closed. Jae-hyun, too, returns to the pharmacy after an unsuccessful trip there. His boss, the balding pharmacist, wonders why such a handsome man with a full head of hair tries so hard (ha), and Jae-hyun answers that it’s because he feels as though he and Soo-jin are fated to be together.
Elsewhere, Soo-jin dejectedly walks out of a hospital and enters a cab. She’s distracted and struggles to answer when the driver repeatedly asks for her destination.

Pil happens upon Jin-sook’s juice truck and is impressed that business is booming, but finds it odd that Jin-sook isn’t the one behind the counter.
As it turns out, Jin-sook has gone to work for a corporation instead. Dressed in business attire with a name tag around her neck, she meets Soo-jin outside a convenience store for a quick lunch. Jin-sook complains about leg pain, and Soo-jin chides her for not staying true to herself, knowing full well that she dislikes working under anyone and always harbored entrepreneurial dreams.

Jin-sook regrets landing a job and asks Soo-jin about her neighborhood, which Soo-jin describes as being the same, except empty. Jin-sook laments that she misses her usual gang and asks Soo-jin about Pil, but Soo-jin merely says he’s doing well… which doesn’t exactly sound convincing.
Pil finds that Dal-soo’s DVD store is on the market and wonders if he did anything wrong, but he concludes that all he did was save Soo-jin. After checking his pockets, he learns that he’s strangely without a wallet or a cell phone.

He enters Gu-gil’s billiards room and is stunned to see Gu-gil’s dad, Mr. Yang, standing before him in the flesh, red-nosed and with a bottle of soju in his pocket. Internally, Pil wonders what he did to bring Mr. Yang back to life when the man died in 2014 and had nothing to do with the fire on the beach. But Mr. Yang merely instructs Pil to pick up a stick so he can show him a new pool trick.
Pil apologizes for being forward before asking how the man is alive, but Mr. Yang just chides him for speaking nonsense.
Before Jin-sook returns to work, she urges Soo-jin to get whatever it is off her chest, reducing Soo-jin to tears. “We can no longer see Pil,” Soo-jin says.

Moments earlier, Pil’s parents had informed Soo-jin of their decision to no longer wait for Pil, and they’d advised her to stop feeling guilty, since Pil would’ve wanted her to be happy. Soo-jin just stood before them, utterly speechless and trembling.
Back in the billiards room, Pil is shocked by Mr. Yang’s affirmation that he died in 2014 as he asks wonderingly, “How could I be talking to a dead person?!” Mr. Yang explains that Pil was injured from the beach fire and has been in a coma ever since. However, Pil isn’t convinced, since he remembers successfully rescuing Soo-jin and emerging unscathed. Mr. Yang clarifies that although Pil rescued Soo-jin, he became injured in the process, and we go back to the beach fire to see a glass shard poking out of Pil’s torso the night of the incident as he was being rushed to the hospital, all his friends concernedly surrounding his stretcher.

Gu-gil enters the billiards room and plops himself between Pil and his dad, but naturally, he’s oblivious to ghosts. Pil calls out to him and repeatedly tries to touch him, but he merely glides through his friend, who doesn’t detect anything. Pil asks Mr. Yang if this means that he’s dead, and the man answers that Pil isn’t dead yet; his soul escaped his body, but it seems like his parents are preparing to pull the plug soon.
The two travel to the hospital, and Pil sits beside his own comatose body and processes the fact that he’s been in this state for six years because his soul hasn’t been able to re-enter his body. Mr. Yang warns that if Pil’s parents pull the plug today, he’ll really die. Pil doesn’t understand why Soo-jin brought him so many flowers when she’s engaged, but Mr. Yang informs him that Soo-jin hasn’t dated anyone since Pil fell ill, and it dawns on Pil that although he managed to call off the wedding, he’s now dying.

Pil’s parents meet with Soo-jin’s parents to request that Soo-jin move on from Pil even though visiting him at the hospital has become her way of life ever since the beach fire.
Pil is incredulous that his parents would pull the plug on him when he’s the only son in three generations and continues to express his frustrations when he notices that Mr. Yang is no longer next to him. Suddenly, the man reappears, and they teleport to Pil’s bedroom.
There, they watch as Pil’s parents mourn the imminent loss of their son. We learn that Soo-jin had been by Pil’s side daily, helping out his parents by shaving Pil and playing music for him, but her dedication sapped her energy and she became prone to headaches and even fainted once. Jin-sook would stop by, too, to help out.

Back in the present, tears fall from Pil’s eyes as he watches his parents sob and dread a life without their precious son.
Pil teleports to Soo-jin’s bedroom and gazes at the photographs she took from that beach day. He also sees a framed a photo she took of him running around the track when they were in high school.

In the cab, Soo-jin starts crying and narrates that there was something she wanted to say to Pil, but that he didn’t give her the chance. She thinks she may have hesitated too long and that she had too much on her mind. Meanwhile, Jin-sook splashes water onto her face, in denial about Pil’s imminent demise.
At the same time, Dal-soo, Jung-ae, Gu-gil, and Jin-sook all connect over text and phone and are alarmed that they may lose Pil as early as today.

Over at the manhole, Pil explains to Mr. Yang that all he did was travel between past and present via the manhole and that dying wasn’t the plan. Mr. Yang instructs Pil to take the manhole again, but Pil says it only works at midnight and that he’ll be dead before then. Pil begs Mr. Yang to save him, and Mr. Yang says he’ll try.
Just then, a truck pulls up and Seok-tae steps out with his coworkers. Pil notes that Seok-tae became a civil servant, and Mr. Yang says everyone went their separate ways after Pil fell ill and that all Seok-tae did was study. Pil and Mr. Yang watch as Seok-tae takes a look at the manhole and determines that it should be closed off.

But since Seok-tae can’t hear his protests to the contrary, Pil charges at him. Seok-tae sneezes, and we see that Pil has successfully possessed Seok-tae’s body. Pil/Seok-tae starts freaking out, and Mr. Yang instructs him to get out immediately before Seok-tae’s coworkers can catch on. Luckily, Pil manages to extract himself from Seok-tae’s body with ease.
Cut to a bearded man, host of a live-streaming mystery show, who explains what it means to be possessed. He says people with strong spirits can’t be possessed and warns that because bodies can be possessed forever, vigilance is recommended. Suddenly, he appears possessed and starts mumbling gibberish as a female ghost slips away in the background, ha.
Then a pale hand grabs the host from behind, and it’s his wife — the “ghost” from earlier — dressed in white and sipping on juice as she calls bullshit on his nightly hobby, hahaha.

Pil tries desperately, but fails to possess his parents’ bodies for one day to prevent his death. He’s frustrated, short on time, and out of solutions. Just then, his dad answers an urgent call from the hospital and informs his wife that something happened at the hospital.
Pil and Mr. Yang arrive at the hospital and find Jin-sook, Jung-ae, Gu-gil, and Dal-soo blocking the doctors from entering Pil’s room. Pil’s dad instructs them to stop, but they refuse, and Jin-sook asks to have a word with Pil’s parents privately.

Pil watches as his parents thank Jin-sook and Soo-jin for visiting Pil often. Jin-sook tells them that the neighborhood changed overnight because of Pil, and that everyone left because they feared Pil would die. She says she’s unsure whether Pil will ever wake up, but admits that she can’t return to the neighborhood sans Pil and begs Pil’s parents to wait just a bit longer.
Pil grows teary upon hearing this, but his parents tell Jin-sook that it’s been six long years, and they must let Pil go now.

Soo-jin sits in her studio and gazes at the photograph she took of Pil running. She flips it over to see what she’d written on the back: “Run to me, Pil!”
Pil’s friends and parents have gathered in Pil’s hospital room as Pil stares at his own comatose body and realizes that he’s about to die soon, but he knows that there’s nothing he can do about it. Mr. Yang states that you realize you love someone only after you lose that person and regrets that he didn’t tell Gu-gil that he loved him: “If you don’t say it now, you may never get a chance to say it.”

Soo-jin returns to the hospital and gives Pil’s parents the photograph of their son running at the beach. She explains that it’s the last picture she ever took of him and planned on giving it to him when Pil woke up, but since she wasn’t able to do that, she brought it today. Pil somberly watches as Soo-jin expresses her plan to get used to living without Pil.
She says Pil lied to her when he said that she would be fine and that nothing would happen to her since he vowed to protect her, but he’s unable to do that now. She adds that she’s not okay, Pil hasn’t woken up, and that’s why she plans on adjusting to a life without him.

Pil follows Soo-jin to the elevator, and his eyes glisten with tears at her agony. Soo-jin slinks to the floor and starts crying when she thinks back to when Pil rescued her from the burning store and vowed to always be there for her. Sitting across from her inside the elevator, all Pil can do is cry silently.
Pil’s parents reassure their comatose son that he’ll be okay, but they question whether or not they can let their son go this way.

Moments later, the crew watch as Pil’s parents speak to the doctors, who instruct the nurses on continuing treatment for Pil. They’re surprised that Soo-jin was able to convince the parents to keep Pil alive for a little longer, and note that ultimately, Soo-jin saved Pil, much like Pil saved Soo-jin that day on the beach. Just then, Seok-tae arrives, having just seen the group text — a little late, buddy! — and dramatically yells at the doctors to keep Pil alive. Pshh.
Pil sits with Mr. Yang atop the hospital building and wonders if his and Soo-jin’s love story is a forbidden one since they ended up saving each other, but Mr. Yang says that makes their love story sad, so Pil revokes the idea. Mr. Yang points out that the sun is setting, which means midnight is nearing, but Pil admits that he neglected to come up with a plan and that he needs a body to enter the manhole.
Mr. Yang recommends Pil possess Seok-tae again, and Pil agrees that it’s a good idea since he was so easy to inhabit. However, Pil needs Mr. Yang’s help, and he goads him to find a body he can inhabit, despite Mr. Yang’s reluctance. They agree to meet at the hospital at 11:00 p.m.

Pil teleports to the BongBong pub where his buddies chat over glasses of beer. Soo-jin’s the only one not present, and Jin-sook says that all calls and texts went unanswered, which makes sense, since today was probably torturous for Soo-jin.
Seok-tae’s had too much to drink, but he slurs that Soo-jin liked Pil since high school, which comes as news to Pil. No one believes him since they think he’s got it the other way around, but Jin-sook just says that Soo-jin needs Pil today, not them.
Pil reflects on Soo-jin’s pain from earlier and determines that she needs him right now. He runs outside, and a series of thoughts flood his mind: “Why did we get this way? We’re never around when we need each other. When we’re together, we spout nonsense… why couldn’t we say that we liked each other? Since when did we start missing each other?”

He crosses the street, runs across the bridge, and wonders where he should return to to start over again. Just as he suspected, Pil finds Soo-jin sitting by herself on the bench they used to play on as kids. He takes a seat beside her, and even though she can’t detect his presence, Pil asks if she likes him.
He thanks her for feeling that way, and suddenly, Soo-jin says out loud that she lost the chance to speak up. “You were always beside me, so I thought I could tell you whenever I was ready to speak, but I should’ve said I liked you that day on the beach.” Soo-jin’s voice cracks as she expresses her regret.
Pil walks beside her as she heads home and wonders, “Why didn’t I see love? We could have been together.” He adds that Mr. Yang was right; if you don’t speak now, you never get to say what you wanted to say. “I’ve learned many things now that I’m dead,” Pil concludes.

As Soo-jin sits inside her studio, Pil is touched by the wall of photographs she took of him at the hospital. He notices the broken fan and regrets that he’s unable to fix it for her like he did when he was a gangster. Just then, there’s a knock on the door, and Pil is less than pleased to see that Jae-hyun stopped by.
Jae-hyun says that Soo-jin passed by his pharmacy four times — and each time, she was crying. He claims that he came because she seemed like she could use some comfort. Pil tells Jae-hyun that he can’t provide comfort, but a ghost’s words fall on deaf ears. To Pil’s surprise, Soo-jin admits that she needs comfort and that her sobs and laughter can be attributed to a certain someone who’s always made her react this way.

Soo-jin turns Jae-hyun’s attention to the photo wall and says that she took a picture of Pil everyday, and even though he was always emotionless, she saw a different face every time. That’s why she continued to snap photos of him for six years, in the hopes that tomorrow, he’d wake up and look at her. We flash back to a scene of Soo-jin tearfully singing him happy birthday at the hospital with birthday cake and camera in tow.
Tears fall as Soo-jin admits that the cure for her sadness is Pil’s awakening. She says she can tell what Pil’s thinking just by looking at his eyes, but that he hasn’t opened them for all this time. Suddenly, Jae-hyun sneezes, and… Pil has successfully possessed Jae-hyun’s body in order to communicate to Soo-jin.

“I know why you’re suffering, but everything will be fine, so don’t worry. I’ll always be by your side, so don’t fret.” Pil (in Jae-hyun’s body) says to Soo-jin. Soo-jin is reminded of Pil’s last words to her on the beach and is surprised to hear such familiar words coming from Jae-hyun. Pil tells her to stop crying since it’s hard to watch, ordering her instead to smile like crazy.
It’s almost 11:00 p.m., so Pil gets up and promises Soo-jin that he’ll fix everything; all she needs to do is stand there so he can run to her. He kisses her farewell and runs to the BongBong pub, where his friends still remain.

Jin-sook receives a text from Soo-jin claiming that she’s seen Pil, which concerns Jin-sook and convinces her that the neighborhood is haunted. Pil isn’t thrilled that Seok-tae is passed out drunk, but he has no choice, so he quickly possesses him. Seok-tae sneezes and wakes up, and Pil expresses relief that Seok-tae wasn’t too intoxicated to move.
Pil/Seok-tae tries to teleport through the door, but he ends up bumping into it after forgetting that he’s now a physical being, ha. His dad spots him running out of the bar and finds it odd that Seok-tae is running faster than his normal speed, so he decides to follow him.

Pil struggles to run in Seok-tae’s unfit body, but luckily, he still ends up at the hospital in the nick of time. But upon seeing Seok-tae’s suspicious dad approaching, Pil panics and runs to avoid him.
Soo-jin tries to make sense of what just happened, certain that Pil had spoken to her, but none of it makes any sense — how did Jae-hyun say the very things Pil said to her and how did he know what happened the day of the incident?

At the hospital, Pil/Seok-tae runs into Seok-tae’s dad, but instead of calling Seok-tae out on his weird behavior, he takes a swig from a soju bottle and ends up with Mr. Yang’s signature red nose. This clues Pil in that Mr. Yang possessed the body of Seok-tae’s dad, and now that the two have successfully possessed other people, they change into nurse uniforms and push a cart to the hospital room with the intention of moving Pil’s comatose body out of the hospital.
Unfortunately, they find doctors and nurses in the room, but Pil manages to explain that he’s here to pick up laundry, so they all leave. Pil and Mr. Yang quickly and carefully move Pil’s body to the cart. But as they’re pushing the cart out with Pil in tow, they run into Soo-jin, who’s surprised to see them… and the body of Pil in their laundry cart.

Pil tells Soo-jin that he needs to leave now and that she wouldn’t understand even if he explained to her, but she looks directly at him and says, “I know. You’re Pil, right?”
Suddenly, Soo-jin and Pil are transported to the tunnel, and they face each other. “Do you see me?” Pil asks. Soo-jin shakes her head and answers, “I can feel you.”

Epilogue. A bewildered Jae-hyun finds himself in the middle of nowhere with his pants down, unsure of how he ended up there.

In regards to this episode, I feel the same way as Jae-hyun in that epilogue; I’m perplexed by the unexpected turn Manhole took, but admittedly, I’m more intrigued than before. And this may not be saying much considering the series just began, but this was the strongest episode yet. What’s strange is that it was also the darkest episode we’ve seen thus far.
Like Pil, I thought the black suit meant the slacker finally found a job or was trying on formal attire in preparation for the wedding, but once I saw the floating watering cans a la Harry Potter, I did get the sense that Pil’s enthusiasm would be short-lived. Despite how abrupt the drastic shift in tone was, it was great to finally see things from Soo-jin’s perspective, and believe it or not, I think I’ve now come around to her and Pil’s love for each other.
Up until now, we only had Pil’s subjective sentiments to work with, but in this episode, we saw how much Pil meant to Soo-jin through her actions at the hospital and her genuine feelings that manifested as Pil’s death neared. It took seeing Soo-jin at what may well have been her lowest point in order for me to believe her and Pil’s love was mutual and real. And it was also Pil’s chance to learn that Soo-jin loved him, too. Funny how death brings everyone closer to their truths as if they were afraid to confront their true feelings prior.
The writing for the show isn’t anything to write home about, and I think that’s what’s keeping me from fully enjoying the show. There are several lines of dialogue and themes that are used repeatedly — i.e. Pil’s words of reassurance to Soo-jin, Mr. Yang’s lesson on once-in-a-lifetime chances to speak up — that no matter the context in which they’re delivered, still strike me as cheesy, rudimentary, and on-the-nose. Obviously, Pil isn’t some academic, nor is communication his forte, so I don’t expect him to blow me away with well-articulated professions, but I do wish his speech were more elevated so it aligns better with his sincerity. For me, “You’re always going to be okay and nothing will ever happen to you” just doesn’t cut it, even if a pretty face is saying it.

The most poignant scenes in this episode were probably the quietest. I loved all the moments in which Pil silently walked closely behind or beside Soo-jin, who was totally unaware of his presence. I especially loved the shot of the two in the elevator, both overcome with anguish, so close, and yet so very distant. It was a moving moment that expertly captured Soo-jin’s sorrow and Pil’s inability to do anything about it despite his promise to ensure that Soo-jin will always be protected and okay.
I’m surprised by how quickly Soo-jin believes Pil is with her even though he’s in the form of Seok-tae. It’s rather unbelievable, but her acceptance does speed up the narrative, and we don’t have to waste time on Pil frantically and unsuccessfully trying to explain to her how he’s a spirit who’s capable of possessing other bodies. I’m all for quick-paced shows so I’ll suspend disbelief on this one for now.
Because Pil’s had a glimpse of what death is like, he has a greater sense of urgency that will hopefully propel him to get his act together, speak up when he has the chance to, and be bold and deliberate in his actions so that there are no more regrets, what if’s, and missed opportunities. He has friends and family that genuinely care for him, and he knows he shouldn’t let them down, so go Pil, go! If near-death isn’t the best life lesson there is, I don’t know what is.



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[KBS FB] Pls 'LIKE' 
Perfect Jawline Pil kisses Sujin in body he borrowed 


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[Making] Sandeul(산들)(B1A4) - Tell me(말해줘)

[MV] Sandeul(산들)(B1A4) - Tell me(말해줘)



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Policeman Junsu in another Police promotion event 'Happy Together' concert...


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[1Click Scene] Kim JaeJoong kisses Uie…"Then, I'll run to you" (Manhole Ep.5)

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Manhole | 맨홀 - 이상한 나라의 필 : Ep.6 Preview



Welcome Back Park Yoochun

C-JeS Comments On JYJ’s Possibly Returning To Entertainment Industry

JYJ’s Park Yoochun was discharged from the military on August 25, and following this, his agency C-JeS Entertainment released a statement regarding his plans moving forward.
Park Yoochun enlisted back in August of 2015 as a public service worker at the Gangnam district office. Following his discharge, he formally greeted and thanked his fans, saying, “Today marks the 24 months I have spent fulfilling my military duties. During my enlistment, I learned a lot of things and had some time to think. I want to take this opportunity to sincerely apologize to my fans. Thank you so much. I know how much everyone has worried and cheered for me. I now hope to take some time to reflect on my past actions.”
The singer-turned-actor has yet to make any formal plans for promotions. However, he has confirmed his wedding date with fiancée Hwang Ha Na on September 10. According to his agency, Park Yoochun wants a quiet private wedding ceremony.
The agency also commented on Park Yoochun’s possible return to the entertainment industry, saying, “As of now, his promotional schedule has not been set. His return will require some time and patience. As he mentioned before, we agree that he needs some time off for reflection.”
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The greeting of Park Yuchun "I’ve been missing you so much”


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Photo published for [V LIVE] 박유천의 인사 "여러분, 보고 싶었어요" (feat.소집해제) 






Manhole Episode 6 Highlights



Uee feels in Baro's body... Pls stay with me  


Sujin confesses her love to "Then, let's get married!"

confesses his love to Uee ever so sweetly

Photo published for 김재중, 유이에게 달달하게 속마음 ‘고백‘


Is this real???? disappears into the in front of Uee

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Tears from BongPil

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Junsu will be performing at <Happy Together Concert> tomorrow, 25 August, at 5pm KST!

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[Cjes IG] Sweet piggybacking scene! Can wake up from comma? Tearjerker Get your handkerchief ready! Sweet/salty romance

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[Cjes IG] "I'll turn back everything. You just stay put." 's spirit kisses Sujin to relay his true feelings ep 6 tonight


Piggybacking date? Will + Sujin become a couple?

There will be an incredible plot twist in tonight's episode of #김재중 

Versatile actor portrays variety of characters in superbly


Manhole Episode 6 teaser...

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Ep 6 Preview: I feel strange... Sign of 's imminent death?


Manhole Episode 5

Fatal side effect of time slips? fell into a coma after saving Uee

's spirit slips into Baro's body to prevent the destruction of

Uee knows 's identity as a time traveler "I can feel it"

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[Spoiler] "Man-Hole" Kim Jae-joong kisses

On the latest episode of the KBS 2TV drama "Man-Hole", Kang Soo-jin (UEE) revealed her feelings for Bong-pil (Kim Jae-joong). Bong-pil was drinking with his friends when he heard that she liked him. He set out to look for her right away and found her with Park Jae-hyeok (Jang Mi-kwan).
Kang Soo-jin was showing him Bong-pil's pictures and said, "I take pictures of him every day. He has no expression or any reaction, but I see a different face every day. I take pictures of him thinking about the way he looks at me. I've been doing that for six years. I know what a man is thinking when I look into his eyes but he won't make eye contact with me anymore".
Bong-pil heard her and possessed Park Jae-hyeok's body to say, "I will be with you no matter what. Don't cry, smile. I will bring everything back to normal. Just stay there and I will come to you". He kissed her.
Kang Soo-jin told Yoon Jin-sook (Jung Hye-sung) that thinks she saw Bong-pil.
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Manhole Episode 5 
Video Highlights


Manhole ost 
Sandeul from B1A4

말해줘 - 산들 (B1A4) - 들어보세요.

Sandeul(B1A4)산들(B1A4) - Tell me(말해줘) (Official Audio)


Manhole Review Episodes 3 and 4

[HanCinema's Drama Review] Man-hole Episode 3

Bong Pil may be a lazy son-of-a-gun in his original life, but he's clever enough to quickly figure out how the manhole affects his life. It's not always for the better as episode 3 proves. Rather than a lazy neighborhood bum, time travel through the manhole has changed him into a dangerous thug, feared by his friends, disowned by his family, and estranged from the woman he loves.

What this show has done well is establish a mechanism of action for time travel and maintain it. The manhole works in twelve hour increments that then wildly affect ten years of change on not only Bong Pil's life, but the lives of his friends and family. And despite all the knowledge we've gathered on this manhole, it still surprises. Where will episode 4 reveal about Bong Pil's new whereabouts?

manhole 1manhole 2
Until then we can only review what we do know. When he jumps forward in time his body, mannerisms, and habits have all changed to accomodate his new lifestyle, but his memory remains unchanged. He has no idea who he is in the new reality and it's fun to watch him literally run around trying to make sense of things. While he does so we get insight into his friends who don't have much screen time at all. It's mostly about Bong Pil running around like a nut. But now we see that Seok-tae is a cowardly snitch, Jin-sook is a headstrong and loyal friend, Dal-soo and Jung-ae were always meant to be, and Soo-jin is still a creative photographer with consistent feelings for Pil. We also get to see into Jae-hyeon who is not all Soo-jin believes him to be. In fact, he appears to be a cheater of the nastiest degree.

manhole 3manhole 4
In the coming episodes it would be nice to balance Bong Pil's desperate search for answers with some character development and other plot threads. He is in nearly every scene and that could weaken the drama if that continues. It's not a one man show, but the story of how this man's decisions and traveling affect the world around him. So...we need to see that world.

Let's hop on over to episode 4 and see what else this drama has in store for us.

Written by: Lisa Espinosa AKA Raine from 'Raine's Dichotomy'

[HanCinema's Drama Review] Man-hole Episode 4

Bong Pil has gone down the rabbit hole - er, manhole - once again. With a new set of time travel rules piled atop the old, we have even more factors at play, including Pil's growing determination to take care of and win his woman.

The spastic Pil we met in the first episode is still present, but the manifestation of a goal has already begun to shape the time-traveling Pil for the better. I'm sure we'll see many version of himself as the manhole continues to take him back and forth through different and changing points of his life, but it is the core of Pil that I'm most invested in. He was aimless and not willing to chase after what he wanted: Soo-jin. But through all of this, he's seeing himself with different skills and attributes that he likes. Maybe he'll start to also chase after making himself the man he wants to be.

manhole 1manhole 2
This episode delivered a teeny bit more of his friends. Seok-tae is still a rather selfish outlier while Jin-sook is the mommy figure, Jung-ae and Dal-soo are flirting with each other, and Goo-gil is stuck in between. What we see in this episode is that Jin-sook just very may well be another player for PIl's heart. She's a sweetheart who is always there and her affability will make her a drama-watcher's piece of heartbreak. We learn more about Soo-jin's feelings for Pil, which are strong, and we even get more time with them together. As time passes, hopefully we'll get more insight into their past and how it informed Pil's original present.
Kim Jae-joong's penchant for dramatic is still there, but it has been tamped down as Bong Pil finds his purpose. There hasn't been enough time spent with the other actors to really get a feel for them save for Jung Hye-sung who is doing a magnificent job.

manhole 3manhole 4
A few cute moments revolved around soundtrack usage. "Secret Garden"'s "That Man" was played, which came out the year Pil traveled to, and Yoon Mi-rae's "Always" from "Descendants of the Sun" also played, adding some modern day pizzazz and a reference to always being there for the person one loves.

Until episode 5, don't fall down a manhole!

Written by: Lisa Espinosa AKA Raine from 'Raine's Dichotomy'

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[Cjes IG] One second before first kiss? Please make 's wish come true
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One second before a kiss? Will and Sujin be able to confirm each other's feeling?

+ Uee + Jang Migwan: Tears+Kiss ??? Curious scene

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Manhole | 맨홀 - 이상한 나라의 필 : Ep.5 Preview

with English subs 

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ep 5 Preview

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2017 Kim Jaejoong's Message for Manhole Drama's Fanmeeting


[Eng Trans/日本語文字起し] JYJ Japanese Official site Greeting video JYJ公式  の挨拶動画


Jaejoong Kave Grand Opening Event [Eng Sub]

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Cjes.tagram Update:

[Cjes IG] never let script off of his hands all week! Let him love pls! What will happen to Pil who is in a coma? 
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Baro reveals that he became close to chitchatting

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[PT TR]Viewer ratings/popularity totally unrelated? enters CPI(Contents Power Index)chart as No.2!



Manhole Episode 4 Highlights
with English subs

Single-hearted Bong Pil ends up with another woman? [Manhole / 2017.08.18]

Sujin warns her ex-boyfriend not to bully Pil! [Manhole / 2017.08.18]

[1Click Scene] Kim JaeJoong, "Should I just kiss her?" (Manhole Ep.4)

Pil and Sujin find out how they feel about each other! [Manhole / 2017.08.18]

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International support campaign for Manhole

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Sunbaenim Kim Jaejoong! LOL

INT with Kim Jaejoong, Uie, Jung HyeSung, Baro [Entertainment Weekly / 2017.08.21]

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[Cjes IG] Rainy Monday, 's selfie heals Monday blues! The most handsome man in the world! See you in 2 days
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 WATCH: "" Cast Battles Police Cars, Fireworks, And Falling Mirrors In Behind-The-Scenes Video

KBS2’s “Manhole” has released a behind-the-scenes video of the actors both having fun and working hard while filming the drama.
JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong (Bong Pil) begins by introducing his character as a good-for-nothing. He pulls off several stunts like fighting and jumping over police cars, showing how difficult it was to film that part.
He then turns into a high school boy who prepared a special birthday party for his one-sided love Soo Jin. In the scene, the fireworks he prepared go haywire and end up summoning the police. UEE (Soo Jin) is surprised by the huge fireworks and says, “This is like war!”
The last part of the video shows a cute scene where Bong Pil comforts a surprised Soo Jin after she accidentally knocks down a large mirror. The actors Kim Jaejoong and UEE appear to be close as they study the script together.
Watch the entire behind-the-scenes video below!

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This is interesting! epi 5 teaser! 's BongPil will be enlightened even more! drama is GOOD!

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