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JYJ News Week of 4/11-4/17/2016

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Junsu Updates from Cjestagram

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[TRANS] The reason why Jaejoong and Suju’s members took turns in MCing at Jinhae Festival

The reason why Jaejoong and Super Junior’s Hyukjae, Shindong and Sungmin took turns in MCing at Jinhae
From MC Jung Ok Sim Facebook Update:
 photo 160413jungoksim.png
One of her facebook comments, someone asked the girl MC during Jinhae Festival if she was changing partner everyday, she said that they (Hyunkjae, Shingdong, Sungmin and Jaejoong) decided among themself on who to go first, second, etc. in MCing by playing rock, paper & scissors. And said that the reason (of them taking turns in MCing) is to show their faces equally to the fans.
JYJ3’s Note: You can check Jaejoong as MC fancams here
Source: Jung-ok Sim  
Translated by: @kerishee44  
Shared by: JYJ3


[PICS + TRANS] 160415 More Photos with Corporal Kim Jaejoong

oohlala888 Blog Update:

[TRANS] My dad’s friend went to Jinhae and met Kim Jaejoong
 photo attachImage_5626972.jpeg
JYJ3’s Note: Seems like Jaejoong went there with Suju’s members Eunhyuk and Shindong.

l22_ar Instagram Update:

[PHOTO]  내친구이자오빠 재중이오빠야 쫌만더고생하고 화이팅해👍🏼 감기언릉낫고 아프지마 내친구 커피숍 와주시는 오빠팬분들 얘기 전해드렸어요! 너무너무감사합니다
[TRANS] My friend and older bro Jaejoong be strong only short while left, I told him about his fans who visit my cafe thank you very much
Sources: oohlala888 + l22_ar via JJsPic  
Translated by: @crystalmoon64  
Shared by: JYJ3


Corporal Jaejoong!

Part I: Love for Nation Concert 
PartII: Talent Show & Celebratory Concert 

Will continuously update with HQ pictures and fancams...

JJ's throat was in pretty bad condition but told MC he feels better after seeing his fans and singing for them
Luckily, the commander said all the soldiers performed in this event will get vacation time deserves it n needs it to recuperate

performed: 1. Left hander 2. Addicted Love 3. Running in the Sky 4. Red Sunset

Full Performance (Left Handed, Addicted Love, Running in the Sky)


Left Handed (Cover song)

JJ126 :D  


Running in the Sky (Cover song)

Addicted Love (cover song)

mon 126

jeje kim  



tiamo hy 

 JJ126 :D

3 flowers 

Sunset Glow (original- Big Bang)

Corporal Jaejoong with other soldiers...

mon 126 


jeje kim 



yw yoon


mon 126

Pictures as tagged or credit on pics...






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Corporal Jae photobombing the photo op with a girl's group...


Other IG (pwrock100)

The tag must be written by our "It's me Jaejoong" so cute
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Corporal Jaejoong arriving at venue...


Corporal Jaejoong Update

Note: Our favorite soldier will be performing at this event

sang Left-hander and Addicted Love during the rehearsal, love how he keeps adding new songs, hope he sings more than these two though^^ 
[EN Lyrics] sang Jo Janghyuck's Addicted Love during rehearsal 

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Kim Jaejoong Update

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[INSTAGRAM] 160414 Kim Junsu Instagram Update: Dream

[PHOTO] 꿈을 꾸었습니다.너무 달콤해서..차라리 깨고싶지않았습니다.그 꿈속에서 여러분들과 영원히 두손 꼭 잡고 유영하고 싶었습니다.꿈에서 깨어났습니다..비록 잠깐이였을 달콤함이여도 함께 유영하며 마주잡고 와준 여러분들의 손길의 따스한 온기가 그대로 베어있어..괜찮았습니다
꿈이였다고 아쉬움을 느끼는것 조차 그건 욕심일테니까요..난 누구보다 행복한 사람입니다

[TRANS] I had dreamed a dream. It was very sweet..Rather I did not want to wake up. I wanted to swim holding tightly two hands forever with everyone in the dream. I had woken up from the dream..Even if it was a sweetness for a moment, I was swimming together with you and using the warm warmth, just as it is, of everyone’s hands clasped together..I was okay
It will be greedy to even feel regret it was a dream..I am a happy person more than anyone
Thank you.
 photo 12907375_1109880152411318_1806352464_n.jpg
Source: xiaxiaxia1215  
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3  
Shared by: JYJ3


[VIDEO + TRANS] 160414 JYJ Facebook Update – Thank you, How Can I Love You


Corporal Jaejoong in Japanese publications...

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Corporal Jaejoong amongst friends in the army...


Jae & all those soldier fanboys actually made it into Ent. news (Thailand)
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How Can I Love You
DOTS ost
By Kim Junsu


's Junsu Tops Music Charts With "Descendants of the Sun" OST
JYJ’s Junsu Tops Music Charts With “Descendants of the Sun” OST
Although the highly popular KBS drama “Descendants of the Sun” is nearing its final episode, the original soundtracks (OSTs) continue to perform well on music charts.
The song “How Can I Love You” was released under the name XIA Junsu on April 14 at midnight KST. Less than an hour after its release, it achieved an all-kill on all major music charts, taking No. 1 on MelOn, Mnet, Naver Music, Genie, Olleh, and more.
Part of the song was aired as a surprise for viewers in Episode 8 of the drama and since then anticipation for the full digital single has been building among fans. It is Part 10 of the full “Descendants of the Sun” OST, which has been performing well on music charts since the drama started airing.
Like many songs in the drama, Junsu’s OST is a love song dedicated to the couples in the show. In March, Junsu held a ballad spring concert in Nagoya and Tokyo and several fans were spotted with placards reading “I want to hear the ‘Descendants of the Sun’ OST” in a testament to the singer and the drama’s popularity.
Junsu has also contributed OSTs for Song Joong Ki’s previous dramas, including “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” and “The Innocent Man.”
Source (1)

JYJ's Junsu sweetly sings 'How Can I love You' in 'Descendants of the Sun' OST Part. 10 MV!

By yckim124

The final MV of 'Descendants of the Sun' OSTs is here!
On April 13, JYJ Junsu's "How Can I Love You" MV unveils its cover. The clip plays some of the most romantic scenes from the drama. Junsu's lovely vocals make them even more sweet. 

Get ready to fall in love with Junsu and 'Descendants of the Sun' once again in the new MV!

'Descendants of the Sun' OST once again tops the charts with Junsu's 'How Can I Love You'

By yckim124

The final OST of 'Descendants of the Sun', in usual fashion is dominating music charts!

According to the results on April 13, JYJ Junsu's "How Can I Love You" took the #1 spot on Melon, Mnet, Buzz Music, Naver Music, Genie, Monkey3, Olleh, and Soribada. The new release immediately grabbed listener's and managed to reach the top within several minutes.

'Descendants of the Sun' OST Part 10 was previewed on episode 8 of the drama. Fans all over the world eagerly awaited for the official release ever since then. Meanwhile, the MV for "How Can I Love You" is scheduled for release today on April 14!

XIA – How Can I Love You (Descendants of the Sun OST)

How can I love you
Do you know?
Can you tell me?
So my heart can fill in with your heart
Can you open the way?

How can I stand with you
It has already started
I can’t stop
When I open my eyes, I can only see you
You became my everything
Oh Love

Everyday I’ll give you
all of my love
This is my first love
How can I express it?
Everyday I’ll give you
all of my heart
Words I prepared for you
I can say them with confidence
Even though you’ve stopped in fear
I love you

How can I stand with you
Close your eyes
I am next to you
Will you take a step to me
So I can touch your cheeks?
Oh Love

Everyday I’ll give you
all of my love
This is my first love
How can I express it?
Everyday I’ll give you
all of my heart
Words I prepared for you
I can say them with confidence
Even though you’ve stopped in fear
I love you

Everyday I’ll give you
all of my love
This is my first love
How can I express it?
Everyday I’ll give you
all of my heart
Words I prepared for you
I can say them with confidence
Even though you’ve stopped in fear
I love you


Amazing entertainer soldier- Corporal Jaejoong

[IG] is right all the time, must be the nicest guy on earth, but then, am I a grandma?

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[IG] Job well done Big bro at Honor Guard Festival It was so fun because of you ThanX

More selfies with Corporal Jaejoong...Everybody's favorite soldier...



Casual Kim Jaejoong
seolvely92 INS

as tagged

Cr jjyukihito0126

Cr anne0626


Corporal Kim Jaejoong loved by soldiers...

 photo tumblr_o5gvwoP0HW1rd60xqo3_400_ilovekimjaejoong.gif

 photo tumblr_o5gvwoP0HW1rd60xqo1_400_ilovekimjaejoong.gif
 photo tumblr_o5gvwoP0HW1rd60xqo2_400_ilovekimjaejoong.gif



Junsu's recording of How Can I Love You (DOTS OST)

160412 CJES IG Update: "The first recording!" Can't wait for full release! 

Last OST of ‘Descendant of the Sun’ Is by Kim Junsu!

[by Woorim Ahn] Drama ‘Descendant of the Sun’ dropped its last OST’s teaser video.

The last OST is sung by JYJ’s Kim Junsu and the title is ‘How Can I Love You’. On the 8th episode of the drama, Kang Mo Yeon (Song Hye Kyo) chose this song to relieve people suffered from the earthquake and the song caught the viewers’ attention.

OST producing company said, “The song was originally had a different title, but as many global fans paid attention to this song, we got to change the title in English” and revealed the reason why the song’s title got changed.

‘How Can I Love You’ by Kim Junsu will be released on April 14 at midnight and its music video will be posted on YouTube and Naver TVcast on April 14 at noon.

Moreover, ‘Descendant of the Sun OST Vol.2’ will be unveiled on April 21. Including ‘How Can I Love You’, ‘Talk Love’, ‘With You’, ‘Let’s Love’, and others are included and a total of 18 tracks are consisted as soundtracks.

Meanwhile, ‘Descendant of the Sun’ airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10pm KST. (photo by Music & New)

Contact: news@bntnews.co.uk



[NEW PIC] 160412 Instagram update!

Park Yoo Hwan gives update on older brother Yoochun taking a break from military service!

In his latest Instagram post, actor Park Yoo Hwan gave fans an update regarding his older brother, JYJ's Yoochun

Yoochun, who is currently carrying out his mandatory military service, seems to be out for a brief break. He met up with his younger brother and friends to enjoy a tower of... onion rings or crackers or whatever food it may be stacked so high in front of them! 

160411 Gangnam Weibo update! Yoochun was said to be learning Chinese language


[TRANS] 160412 Hogwarts x JYJ: Gryffindor House – Park Yuchun & Kim Junsu

I am Hogwarts Sorting Hat.

 photo tumblr_nliyr83OHA1qlpk32o1_500.gif

What happens if
C-JeS artists put on the Sorting Hat?

Follow along to the full-fledged.nerd-power.encourage.post

The dormitory we’ll looking into today is the very Gryffindor

 photo tumblr_mz1w3qpEJ01qiph9eo1_500.gif

The dormitory where courageous, bold, brave wizards are assigned to.
The place teeming with mischievous-est wizards gathered together in a group!

Those who were chosen here from C-JeS are…

 photo original_10.png

 photo Atildeacircfrac14regordmIcirc.png

Gryffindor that’s full of particularly hot & attractive guys and girls…
Which seems to make our hearts race already?

We invite you to romantic-filled Gryffindor dormitory
Come quick!

Welcome to the Gryffindor

 photo original_3.png


Legendary Yuchun-sunbae, Park Yuchun

As for this upperclassman
This person was shot at for the legend of his good looks with complete visual from the day of his entrance ceremony

 photo ezgif.com-video-to-gif_4.gif

 photo original_20.png

Calling out
“Yuchun sunbae”

 photo ezgif.com-video-to-gif_1.gif

“Did you call me?”
With such eyes this way like this
A senior who hands out regards to greetings that aren’t even ever hoped for…♥

(Heart racing)

“Yuchun-ah! It’s late! Are you not going to class?”

 photo ezgif.com-video-to-gif_2.gif

As you look at the disheveled face he has ‘Good morning’ Yuchun sunbae says a greeting murmured in a low-bass voice

Ah this is why the dormitory is said to be Gryffindor Gryffindor

 photo original_4.png

Getting 1st place in the award ceremony for the dormitory victory cup at the end of the [school’s] year
Yuchun sunbae (who is the class president, as it turns out) receives the award as Gryffindor representative

“Thanks to all the underclassmen that I am able to receive this award…”

 photo ezgif.com-video-to-gif_3.gif

Blinking eyes slightly nervously
He looks cool even in looks…

Yuchun-sunbae, can you please not graduate?”

 photo 11695885_811802565581776_8113463459690759746_n.jpg

At the grumbles of childish underclassmen
In the middle of responding to warm smiles

 photo tumblr_mzzdqej1Mz1tqsmsto1_r1_500.gif

Yuchun sunbae………. You are the love

 photo 10255736_891032960992069_7322427471962604941_o 1.jpg

Receiving recognition for special magical abilities to sees smells
He is due to get to work being a scout at the Ministry of Magic’s Gangnam branch office during vacation

Heub-heub[*hold back tears*] Although we are sorry to overlook the sunbae-nims for the time being… Fighting!

 photo original_3 1.png

Gryffindor Quidditch team captain, Kim Junsu

Close with Park Yuchun sunbae and people the same age as him,
Shaking off the toll of celebrity fame in Hogwarts, as well,
The current Gryffindor team captain (Position is champion seeker)

 photo plusmntimescedilsup21.jpg

(This is really his Hogwarts portrait, it looks like it can move)

Ahead of the first game this year in the Quidditch stadium
In the middle of the interview with Hogwarts school magazine

Junsu-sunbae, do you predict a Gryffindor championship this year?”

 photo ezgif.com-video-to-gif_2 1.gif

Ahahahaha What is a winㅋ It has to be my wayㅋ But we will winㅋ
Competitive spirit is like a Hogwarts beater…

 photo original_18.png

While playing as much as possible along with Quidditch practice
For close upperclassmen

 photo ezgif.com-video-to-gif_3 1.gif

Sometimes he would show cute aegyo ㅇ<-<

He also pulls a lot of mischievous pranks in his first meeting with students
He mostly has a high talent being clever with spells for playing tricks

 photo ezgif.com-video-to-gif_7.gif

Sometimes he does an act we don’t understand but…
He is so cute even like this ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

 photo ezgif.com-video-to-gif_5.gif

Faintly looking at him, I unconsciously asked him Junsu sunbae Sunbae, do you know you are cute yourself?”

 photo ezgif.com-video-to-gif_4 1.gif

Pu-heub Meee?”

(Cardiac arrest)

 photo tumblr_nbnyhkVrD11s704iko1_400.gif

This is cute

Ha The gif going on here
The paranoia is endless

 photo original_3 2.png

The introduction of Junsu-sunbae overflowing with cuteness stops here!

(Please look forward to JJ who you’ll meet in the cold-handsome looking dormitory)


~ This was Gryffindor up to here ~

 photo tumblr_nss4qr1T5a1rgr6a1o1_500.gif

Source: C-JeS Naver Post  
Translations by: rilanna of JYJ3  
Shared by: JYJ3


More Corporal Kim Jaejoong at Jinhae Festival
Day 4

Short Hair

Left Handed

Full Performance (evening show)


Short Hair


Left Handed



as tagged

Much more fancams and pictures of Corporal Jaejoong at Jinhae Festival here:
JYJ CAFFEINE: JYJ News Week of 4/4-4/10/2016 http://jyjcaffeine.blogspot.com/2016/04/jyj-news-week-of-44-4102016.html?spref=tw


Junsu's photoshoot pictures will appear in <男人风尚LEON> Magazine May Issue!

[NEW PICS] 160412 Junsu BTS Photoshoot for <男人风尚LEON> Magazine May Issue!

Via vichellelicious


How Can I Love You?
Kim Junsu's OST for DOTS (Descendants of the Sun)
Available now... 
[VID] cjes.tagram의 동영상  



It looks like everyone will have to clear all of the top spots on music charts by the end of the week.

Because once JYJ Junsu (XIA)'s OST for 'Descendants of the Sun' Part 10 hits, nothing will be able to stop it from knocking out all other music releases! K.O.!

Titled "How Can I Love You", the 10th OST seems to be gearing up to bring the greatly-loved drama to a close soon.

Junsu's full release for 'Descendants of the Sun' OST Part 10 hits April 14!


[Other IG] at Jinhae Festival, tagged "Jaejoong hyung" ^^

Crystal Moon'◡' Retweeted 몬

[FB] He also thanks for giving him $50 spending money for snacks also lol

Many selfie faces of Corporal Jaejoong


Jaejoong puts on an energetic performance for the army crowd

Leave it up to JYJ's Jaejoong to get the crowd going! 

At a recent ROK Army Logistics Command Event, Jaejoong stepped onto the stage for an energetic live performance. You can hear the fellow soldiers sining in unison, raising their fists into the air. 

At one point, the show turns into an all-out party when Jaejoong shouts into the mic, "Are you just going to stay sitting?" inducing the front row audience members to get up and jump around.

Looks like Jaejoong still has what it takes to give people an awesome show! 

Tip: kim

[Full] 160411 Jaejoong at ROK Army Logistics Command Event Running In The Sky

Veronicha _

Left Handed
Veronicha _

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[TRANS] When you get awaken in the middle of night, millions of thoughts flash through your head, right? -

Veronicha _

[IG] MC at ROKA Logistics Command Event

[IG] Happiest time since I'm placed here! Shocked coz was so handsome  
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Crystal Moon'◡' Retweeted MERRY J 'ᴗ' MiMi 'ᴗ'

They even have banners w written on it w 3 lines lol We better be ready next year
(Note 3 lines means Corporal,,,Thus, Corporal Kim Jaejoong)

Did you notice that soldiers wrote on sketchbooks n handmade these banners at the spot? Fan event of a sort^^


[IG] Pls someone hold my aunt's hand steady, someone( ) must've shaken her heart too

160411 The Republic Of Korea Army Logistics Command cr. hanee_yell


Kim Junsu as Dorian Gray
역시 세상에서 가장 아름다운 남자는
B컷도 준수하군요 😉
더 많은 사진은 ☞ CJeS Culture 씨제스컬쳐
Happy to share with you guys that behind cuts of KIMJUNSU of a new musical DORIAN GRAY are just revealed! KIMJUNSU, the most beautiful guy on the planet looks always fantastic in the revealed behind cuts as well.
☞ 2016. 09 GRAND OPEN!
☞ 성남아트센터 오페라하우스

Previous Week's News:

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