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JYJ News Week of 2/13- 2/19/2017

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Jaejoong in apron and cooking!

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[TR] Teaser for Home-Cooking with Mr. Kim featuring to be aired on 2/21

아시아의 슈퍼스타 김재중★ 무대가 아닌 주방에 등장한 사연은?
먹방, 쿡방 안되는게 없는 '집밥 김선생'의 매력 속으로 드루와 드루와~
2월 21일! 씨제스 네이버TV로 단독 공개!

예고편 보러가기 ▶ http://tv.naver.com/v/1455599
#김재중 #재중 #KIMJAEJOONG #네이버 #네이버TV #NAVERTV #단독공개 #집밥김선생 #The_Homemade_Food_Master #티저 #Teaser #공개 #쿡방 #Cooking #전도사 #김선생 #등장 #스포일러 #Spoiler #재료 #오징어 #Squid #벌써재밌다 #2017년 #2월21일 #본편공개 #CJeS_NaverTV
The #Asian super star has come to you! It's only available thru #NAVER channel! Kim Jaejoong will surprise #U by #his #awesome cook! Upcoming 21st, come & join us on #CJES Naver channel!

cjes.tagram's video  

[Cjes IG] appears in kitchen instead of on stage?"Home-cooked Meal w Mr. Kim" is coming soon to take on world of cooking shows by storm
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Check the bio NOW! The #Asian super star has come to you! It's only available thru NAVER channel! Kim Jaejoong will surprise U by his #awesome cook! Upcoming 21st, come & join us on #CJES Naver channel! First of all, check the teaser video-clip! #yay



“Lucid Dream” Director Praises Park Yoochun, Calls Him An “Actor, Not Idol”

park yoochun 2

Director Kim Joon Sung of “Lucid Dream” sat down recently for an interview about the upcoming film with news outlet Sports Chosun. In the interview, he was full of praise for JYJ’s Park Yoochun, who plays the mysterious man that appears in the dreams of lead character Dae Ho (Go Soo).
Kim Joon Sung first revealed that he had initially intended for Park Yoochun’s role to be just a cameo.
“I thought it was a great honor when Park Yoochun joined ‘Lucid Dream.’ He had high value as an actor after he swept distinguished awards in Korea with ‘Sea Fog.’ The production team and I wanted to give such a Park Yoochun to the audience as a surprise gift. Back then, Kim Soo Hyun and U-Know Yunho‘s surprise cameos in ‘Miss Granny’ and ‘Ode to My Father‘ [respectively] attracted public attention, so we wanted to continue [that kind of] effect. But the casting was revealed too early, so it could not be a surprise gift anymore,” he explained.
park yoochun
He then went on to praise the actor, saying, “I had a general prejudice against idols, but it disappeared because of Park Yoochun. Worrying, his breathing when running, and his gaze, the acting was all that of an actor. He shines clearly as the actor Park Yoochun, instead of the singer Park Yoochun.”
The director continued, “Of course, there was the controversy about his incident before the film release, but I wasn’t worried. The points that Park Yoochun showed in the movie were so good, I had confidence that [the film] would not be affected by the scandal. It’s a pity that he could not attend the [press] preview, but he and I both support each other in our hearts. I hope we can meet again in the future with a good character and a good production.”
“Lucid Dream” opens in Korean theaters on February 22.
Source (1)


With friends at Tony Hong's Birthday party...
jj_1986_jj IG 홍석천탄신일

With Kang Minhyuk of CN Blue, No MinWoo, JinJoo Pearl, Fashion Designer Lie SangBong, Lee MinWoo of Shinhwa, JJ, Tony Hong

Via mstyle79 (Lee MinWoo of Shinhwa)

tonyhong1004 IG

(Korea fashion designer) 
Having fun w and Lee Minwu at Tony's b-day party Happy b-day, Tony

"Happy birthday to my dear friend, Sukchun! It's great to see Jaejoong especially since your military discharge and so good seeing Minwoo as well- it's been a while!"  #jyj #shinhwa

jj_1986_jj's video  
's singing voice is life!  

tonyhong1004 IG  

jinjoo.pearl IG UPDATE 


HQ Pics of Kim Jaejoong during The Rebirth of J concerts...

More Jaejoong in concert here:  JYJ CAFFEINE: JYJNews Week of 1/23- 1/29/2017 http://jyjcaffeine.blogspot.com/2017/01/jyjnews-week-of-123-1292017.html?spref=tw


[INSTAGRAM] 170218 Kim Jaejoong Instagram Update: Gifts + No Longer Human Book

[PHOTO] これはマジうまかったな! https://www.instagram.com/p/BQpEaaXBBRy/

[TRANS] This was really good!


[PHOTO] 생일 지난지가 언제인데 선물 감동..

[TRANS 1] Grateful I still get gifts even if my birthday has passed… #absinthe #sisleya #sply350

[TRANS 2] My birthday was when? I still get gifts. Thank you for belated birthday gifts, I’m so touched… #absinthe #sisleya #sply350


[TRANS] No longer human

Translator’s Note: Jaejoong is reading 人間失格 (literal trans meaning Disqualified from being human),
a Japanese best seller novel by Osama Dazai.
<Link> <Download Book>



[PHOTO] 그러하다..xxxx을 위해 99%의 기다림을 주저해서는 안된다..
X는 바로 당신 생각하는 것.
숨 쉬는것. 숨 쉬지않는것. 수만가지의 감정중 하나.
나의 x는 살아가며 셀수없을 정도의 희로애락을 느끼는것.. 이 책..마음을 정말 무겁게 만든다.

[TRANS]  It’s true… Do not hesitate to wait for 99% for xxx…

x is exactly what you think. Breathing. Don’t breathe. One of tens thousand of emotions. My x is alive, and I can’t count countless emotion and pleasures. This book makes my heart really heavy


Source: jj_1986_jj
Translated by: @rubypurple_fan, @crystalmoon0213
Shared by: JYJ3


From Jaejoong's stylist:
[Stylist IG] What more can I do?
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nohmy1118 힘든만큼 보람은있네

Feb 17

[Other IG] He came back Looks brilliant in his first photo shoot location in Australia! Chris Suede Trucker Jacket compliments his look

[Other IG TR] Fellow soldier from 55th Inf. Div. shares past photos w

[Other IG]
HC: Good job, be healthy 
JJ: <3 I know 
HC: Charming guy communicates using <3 Pray for you always Usual conversation between guys


(Lucid Dream, Park Yuchun JYJ, Go Soo, SF 스릴러)

TongTongTv 통통영상

[INTERVIEWS] 170216 Actor Go Soo talked about acting with Yuchun in ‘Lucid Dream’

Go Soo “Park Yuchun is very attractive as This Man in ‘Lucid Dream’, is a hero”

 photo AEN20170216010300315_02_i.jpg
Go Soo conveyed his impression from working alongside with Park Yuchun.
Ahead of movie ‘Lucid Dream”s opening, Go Soo said, “‘This Man’ is a very ominous character. I liked having worked alongside in acting with Park Yuchun,” in an interview conducted at one of Samcheong-dong’s cafes in Seoul on the 16th.
Go Soo explained, “As you know when watching the movie, isn’t the character ‘This Man’ so attractive? Even when I looked at the script, I thought ‘This Man’ is really good. He is a real hero no matter how I look at it. He can come and go freely from in dreams.”


‘Lucid Dream’ Go Soo “like acting alongside with Park Yuchun, his character was appealing”

 photo 201702160957258966557_20170216095820_01.jpg
‘Lucid Dream’ Go Soo conveyed his impression from working alongside with Park Yuchun.
Actor Go Soo did an interview for movie ‘Lucid Dream’ and told a backstory about having worked alongside with Park Yuchun, to Herald POP at one of Palpan-dong’s cafe in Seoul on the 16th.
On this day Go Soo said about working alongside with Park Yuchun, “I really like the character This Man. As you know when watching the movie, he is really attractive. I liked acting and working alongside with him,” and, “Even when I looked at the script, I thought the character ‘This Man is good. It is charming how he can come and go freely from in people’s dreams”.
Following, about attention being on the part whether or not the opening was postponed because of the controversy over Park Yuchun’s private life, Go Soo explained it’s not because of Park Yuchun: “In any case seeing that ‘Lucid Dream’ has a lot of scenes being in dreams, there are so many CG effects needed. To raise its completion in post-production, it came down to the movie’s opening being a little behind. The CG effects are good in term of immersion. It seems the scene where the building was collapsing and expressions were done well”.


‘Lucid Dream’ Go Soo “Park Yuchun not to blame for the opening being late..Liked working together with him”

 photo 201702161043406710_1.jpg
Go Soo said about working alongside with Park Yuchun: “I really liked the character ‘This Man’ since looking at the script,” and, “It was fun also working alongside with Park Yuchun-ssi. As you know when watching the movie, isn’t he very attractive”.
Following, at the end on there also being opinions that Park Yuchun’s sex scandal affected the movie opening getting delayed, Go Soo denied it, saying, “As our movie has a lot of scenes being in dreams, there are so many CG in them. It came down to it [the opening] being a little behind because of its [the movie’s] completion in post-production”.

Sources: Naver + Herald POP + Newsen Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3

Actor says film ‘Lucid Dream’ is all about paternal love

By Shim Sun-ah
SEOUL, Feb. 16 (Yonhap) — The new Korean film “Lucid Dream” might be reminiscent of the 2010 Hollywood sci-fi movie “Inception” for dealing with dreams but is, at its heart, a story of paternal love, its lead actor Go Soo said Thursday.
“I think this film is easier than ‘Inception’ and has quite a lot of things to see given its relatively low budget and other conditions,” the actor said during an interview at a Seoul cafe with members of the local press, including Yonhap News Agency.
The upcoming film tells the story of a broadcasting reporter named Dae-ho who slips into his own dreams with help from a psychiatrist to find clues to track down the kidnapper of his little boy taken three years ago.
Singer-actor Park Yu-chun from the popular K-pop boy band JYJ plays an unnamed mysterious man in a black suit who confuses Dae-ho by abruptly appearing in his lucid dreams and later in the real world. Encountered in the real world, the man lets the protagonist know of “shared dreaming.”
Park’s “This Man” is an important character who holds the key to Dae-ho’s destiny, Go said.
“It is a very attractive character that freely moves between dreams and the real world. It was fun to work with him and I think he delivered the role in a charming way.”

Source: Yonhap News  
Shared by: JYJ3


Partially Translations from Asahi digital news Interview ”I can`t tell the deep part of the difficult things to my fans. I`m thinking of..

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More IG Updates from JJ

jj_1986_jj's photo plug from (taking care of some business while in Korea).

 photo 16464671_252264031866775_2331703058842517504_n.jpg

[jj_1986_jj IG]

[jj_1986_jj IG] #앙짱#양말

Ahnjang's socks

[jj_1986_jj IG] instagram.com/p/BQmU4t-h5bq/

[jj_1986_jj IG] 선물 인증 instagram.com/p/BQmV0a9BjS7/

[PHOTO] This song is rrrrrreally good

Other IG and TW Updates

[hyejinjung1025 IG] Kim jae joong cosmopolitan behind the scene...  

[INFO] Cosmopolitan Korea is available on GMarket (w/ intl shipping option)

(Pre-Order) Cosmopolitan Korea March 2017 Issues featuring Kim Jae Joong in Australia. (Magazine weight is around 2kg) details via DM >>

though JJ's not on the cover, all the sales pitch on this magazine in Amazon JP is about him  #1 bestseller

[jonyonsu IG]


JYJ’s Jaejoong Dishes On His Military Experience with ‘Cosmopolitan’ Pictorial

David Song, Feb. 16, 2017, 8:55 a.m.

JYJ member Jaejoong recently took part in a photoshoot with ‘Cosmopolitan’ magazine, and after his photoshoot in Australia came to a close, he sat with the publication for a quick interview! In regards to his experience at the military he stated, ‘I felt like I was getting healthier both mentally and physically as I adjust to the military lifestyle. I think I gained an experience that I can talk about all night long.’

Jaejoong then commented on his experiences with going through changes and commented, ‘Things change, but I want to be an unchanging person who is always at the same position.’ He then thanked his fans for always showing him support and love, and credited their support for his ability to be a star.

Jaejoong will be meeting his fans all around Asia with his upcoming fanmeet tour. Will you be seeing him?

JYJ's Jaejoong shares his experience in the military with 'Cosmopolitan'

JYJ's Jaejoong opened up about his experience in the military with 'Cosmopolitan'.

Following the photo shoot in Australia, Jaejoong sat down for an interview and said, "I felt like I was getting healthier both mentally and physically as I adjust to the military lifestyle. I think I gained an experience that I can talk about all night long."

He also shared his thoughts on going through many changes and said, "Things change, but I want to be an unchanging person who is always at the same position." Lastly, he thanked fans for the continuous love, saying, "Fans are the existence that allows me to shine. They're the light and life to me."

Jaejoong plans to meets fans all over Asia through his upcoming Asia fan meeting tour. You can find more of Jaejoong's photos and interview in the March issue of 'Cosmopolitan'.



[NEWS] 170215 ‘Lucid Dream’ Director Kim Joon-sung, “Park Yuchun ‘This Man’ is needed, he did well in acting”

‘Lucid Dream’’s director, Director Kim Joon-sung, explained about Park Yuchun’s character role.
The movie ‘Lucid Dream’ (directed by Kim Joon-sung, produced by Road Pictures) held a press screening and its press conference at CGV Wangsimni in Haengdang-dong, Seongdong-gu, Seoul on the 15th. At the location, lead actors Go Soo and Sol Kyung-gu, and Kang Hye-jung participated; together with Director Kim Joon-sung.
In the film Park Yuchun undertook the part of ‘This Man’, a mysterious man who is discovered when he appeared in ‘Dae-ho’(Go Soo)’s dreams. He plays a role as the presence who instructs the shared-dreaming form of ‘Dae-ho’.

Director Kim Joon-sung, who undertook the directing of ‘Lucid Dream’, spoke about actor Park Yuchun: “‘This Man’ himself in the lucid dreams is a popular, interesting character for dream-maniacs,” and, “‘This Man’ is needed to explain lucid dreams and shared-dreaming. Park Yuchun did well serving as a medium. I think he’s good at disappearing and appearing (in the film)”.
The movie is a memory-trace SF thriller where Dae-ho (Go Soo) –a reporter who specializes in the corruption charges of large conglomerates– uses ‘lucid dreams’ to look for his son who was deliberately kidnapped 3 years prior, and chases after the criminal by finding clues inside hidden memories.
‘Lucid dreaming’ refers to whether you perceive the fact it is a dream in the midst of you having a dream, being aware of the fact it is a dream from the beginning, or when a person controls his/her dream while he/she is having a dream in the first place.
‘Lucid Dream’ will open this [February] 22nd.

Sources: Tenasia + GET IT K  
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3  
Shared by: JYJ3



C-JeS Entertainment IG update: 17/02/16

Wonka BornfreeoneKiss

Jaejoong in Brisbane, Australis
Cosmo Korea photo shoot
Issue is out in March

[kimheejune IG] 김재중

More JJ in Australia for Cosmo Korea

Hot guy shows off eye catching, stylish street fashion in Australia
via crystalmoon0213 

who completed his MS, arms himself with explosive masculine charms

steals attention with his chiseled bronze body, boasting masculine charms


 (edits by mitsumani) 

[Other IG] Cosmo followed 's first vacation after military discharge Candid snapshots of will be unveiled in our March issue


Jaejoong IG Updates
Fan Gifts...

[jj_1986_jj ins.]  
[jj_1986_] Jaejoong's Instagram Update:


[IG] This is almost like a vacuum cleaner... Good  
Translations via crystalmoon0213

IG - Dyson hair dryer. 2017 birthday gift from China Baidu KimJaejoong Bar


[Cjes IG] Australia Pictorial you've been waiting for: + Pictorial =  Professional Handsomeness Pictorial Genius ]
C-JeS Entertainment IG update: 17/02/16
source: instagram.com/cjes.tagram/

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JYJ added 4 new photos.
김재중 in Australia
역시 #패션 의 완성은 재중

예약판매▶ http://m.yes24.com/Goods/Detail/36110082?Mcode=505
#김재중 #재중 #KIMJAEJOONG #호주 #Australia #브리즈번 #Brisbane #화보 #pictorial #패션매거진 #fashion #magazine #코스모폴리탄 #Cosmopolitan #믿고보는 #화보장인 #프로멋짐러 #예약판매 #놓치지않을꺼에요

[JYJ FB] in Australia Kim Jaejoong completes any fashion style Cosmopolitan order link:

March issue cover: Lee Hyori


Jaejoong...Cosmopolitan Korea pictorial preview...
Cosmopolitan interview: Go press ❤️️"Kim Jaejoong came back!"
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Through military life, I became healthier physically and mentally

Naver Main! "Fans are the ones who make me shine"

"Felt myself becoming healthier physically and mentally in army" Cosmopolitan Pictorial Preview  
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Jaejoong new profile pic in his IG account

[IG] Arrived in Seoul~  



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Jaejoong at airport

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Other IG Update
[choi_.h.m IG]

[Other IG] Thanks to today became a day of healing for my ears Fans also displayed great manner Thank you - Choi Hongman


Oh is posting pics like his !

More scaps

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[SCAN] Kim Jaejoong featured in Japanese Magazine 'Josei Seven' No.28 February Edition 
(cr: oppagundam)


Kim Jaejoong

wraps up successful concert in Osaka, his Asia Tour's third stop

KJJ, "Performance that singer and fans enjoy together", 1st Osaka concert in 3 years (Motto! KOREA)
Kim Jaejoong, who last visited Osaka last Dec 2013, made the best stage to make 20,000 fans laugh and cry for 3 hours.
JJ: "It's been a long time. The Osaka fans are so passionate that I can enjoy the stage more excitedly. "
JJ: "Thank you for coming even if it's a weekday. I'd like to spend the last day in Osaka full of happiness and enjoyment."
JJ: “In Osaka,I wanted to show a different feeling from Seoul and Yokohama so I changed my clothes and hairstyle" w/c made the fans cheered.
In addition, he prepared Oyagi gags which made the fans laugh. He also fulfil fans’ requests, talked longer with fans, as he built up memories through constant communication with them.
JJ: I was so happy for 2 days in Osaka and I was glad to have met you after a long time. Although I have not been active for 2 years because of my military duty, I am grateful that so many people had come to see me. My fans tell me “JJ is my star”, but I don’t think so
To me, you are all stars. Thank you for welcoming me with your cheer and applause and I will come back soon.

Japanese fan, Yuri (30), who went to the concerts: “I was really happy and excited when I heard that KJJ will be coming to Osaka after 3 years.KJJ has a certain charm that makes your heart throb.I was once again impressed by the artist KJJ who always showed a good stage.”
KJJ will continue his tour in Nagoya on Feb 21 and 22.

The Rebirth of J
videos...day 2 in Osaka, Japan

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One Kiss

Kiss B

Let The Rhythm Flow

Welcome to My Wild World

Good Luck

Good Morning Night


All I Desire

Run Away

I'll Protect You

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Junsu in Military Basic Training

Junsu in Nonsan Training Centre!  
25th Regiment  
2nd Company  
2nd Platoon  
Soldier No. 76 
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Pretty Seohyunah at uncle 's concert in

via junggunyoung665 (ID MYO/JYJ dancer/choreographer)


[COMPILATION] 170214 Kim Jaejoong – “The Rebirth of J” in Osaka (Day 2)

  • JJ greets in Kansai-ben:
    JJ: maido (thank you for your continued support)
    Fans: Ookini (thank you)
  • JJ asked the fans: do other artists change clothes on stage?!
    Fans: no
  • JJ: Ah a rumor came from Yokohama~? If you don’t have a towel, either you get a new one or a sweaty one from me~
  • JJ is coming back to Korea tomorrow.
  • JJ: I feel better since yesterday.
  • JJ: The best drink in the world is water. After a day’s work is done, the best drink is beer!
  • JJ actually asked the fans: what do you drink after work?
    Unanimously, everyone said Beer!
  • JJ: I don’t like sparkly clothes. I like plain clothes.
  • JJ: I’m scared because the internet is so advanced now. Everything I do will be on twitter! That’s why it’s hard to say the same thing.
  • JJ: All the things I said yesterday, you already know right?! That’s why I can’t talk about the same thing. It’s hard work.
  • JJ: i want to show a cool figure to everyone. Pls let me know your comments thru SNS.
  • JJ: When I was in my 20s, I don’t want to be called cute. But now that I’m in 30s, I feel happy when people say I am cute.
  • JJ: I tried doing the prince hairstyle today. But sometimes the hair parting becomes 8:2. (Cos he’s jumping around)
  • JJ: Everyone says I’m your star but I think otherwise. All of you is the star for me.
  • JJ: Everyone is my star
  • Board says: pls throw a kiss for everyone at the venue.
    JJ sent flying kisses thru camera.

  • Board: How many girlfriends did you have in 10 years?
    JJ: …. well then
  • JJ: JP culture is different, In Korea, men don’t say i love you to each other.
    Fan boy: love you
    JJ: love you too but I like women
  • Board from another 20 yr old boy: I want to be a cool adult like JJ hyung. JJ: follow me!
  • Board: i am having difficulty getting a boyfriend.
    JJ: hurry up and find one. Please be in love properly.
  • JJ: I like to have a Live for 5 or 6 hours. But might have an issue with the venue.
  • The dress code ment was shorter compared to yesterday.

  • JJ: I hope to have more fun and longer talk with you so I won’t forget my Japanese.
  • All That Glitters

  • Good Morning Night

  • How many now? 10 times?
  • JJ: ok. This is it
    Fans are still shouting for 1 more.
    JJ: I am dying. Ja, ok then 10th time!
  • Fans: 1 more.
    JJ: we still have Nagoya and Saitama! Because I did it 10+ times today, I might have to do it 20 times in the future
  • Fans: 1 more
    JJ: stop! So noisy
  • JJ: I know everyone’s feelings but it will take longer until the live ends. I am so tired now.
  • JJ: My songs have various genres from rock to ballads so it’s hard work.(No one shouted one more after this )

  • Love You More

  • JJ: I enjoyed the 2-days live in Osaka. I thought it is enough but it’s not.
  • JJ: 3 hours by 1 person…I can sing and talk a lot~~
  • JJ: Live is tiring but I get a lot of energy from everyone. I will return to Korea tomorrow.
  • JJ’s parents went to the toilet during the ment. When his mom came back,
    JJ: Umma, do you feel refreshed?
  • JJ said the same to his Appa when he came back.
  • JJ: everyone, please focus on me in the future.
  • JJ: I read yesterday on the internet, JJ’s Japanese is so poor for a Japanese. But… I’m Korean
  • JJ: I really had fun in Osaka for the past 2 days. I am pleased to meet everyone. Thank you for coming to see me.
  • JJ: I am looking forward to seeing you again
  • JJ: fans singing is too perfect. Beautiful to hear everyone’s voices as one
  • I’ll Protect You

Credit: @rubypurple_fan
Pics Credits:  Jezriya, Yuki, Rinmaze, allalone86jj, Raphaela_www, kimjaejoongnet, bornfree_reico, Pierrot_in_JYJ
Fancam Credits: @jezriya, @yakamoz109, jejumegu1120, @anne0626, @kimjaejoongnet
Compiled & Shared by: JYJ3

C-JeS Entertainment IG update: 17/02/15

Wonka BornfreeoneKiss



Jaejoong Update

Our unleashed in for

[Cjes FB] made his 10,000 Osaka fans go wild! Who's gonna have fun with JJ again tonight?
Translations via crystalmoon0213


Other headlines:

Successful first day concert in Osaka: satisfying audiences' ears and eyes

holds first concert in Osaka after discharge: proves that he is the master of fan service

endless encore+impromptu birthday song Who wouldn't fall for him, the master of fan service

Fancams: The Rebirth of J in Osaka

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Love You to Death

Just Another Girl

Pics during The Rebirth of J in Osaka

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Other IG Updates...Jaejoong and his family...

Awww overload. with his family. … 




Jaejoong IG Updates

[IG] Now, I'm gonna get changed and take a shower
via crystalmoon0213

LMAO we wanted proof shot of the shower and we get this!

[JJstagram] I ate these ^ _ ^ They are delicious! Let's work hard tomorrow too, Osaka! Today was fun!
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C-JeS IG update: 17/02/13

Wonka BornfreeoneKiss

[Cjes IG] Osaka concert was fun! See you again tomorrow cuteness explosion
Translations via crystalmoon0213

The Rebirth of J in Osaka
Ending vid



Other IG



[COMPILATION] 170213 Kim Jaejoong – “The Rebirth of J” in Osaka (Day 1)

  • Aditional Official Goods and Aditional seats were incorporated in Kim Jaejoong’s Concert in Osaka.
  • Fans waiting outside the venue

  • Flower Bouquets

  • Official Concert Goods

  • Insithe the Venue

  • Start!
  • JJ: I thought about sightseeing or eating around Osaka. But I fell asleep for 12 hours.
  • Changing clothes on stage

  • Color of the jacket for Osaka is Red.
  • Hot red leather jacket with spangles on hotter

  • He lost~1.5 kgs since he arrived in Japan. A fan from the venue shouted: “tell us how to lose weight!”
    JJ laughed.
  • He gave away towel again
  • JJ: is everyone having fun?
    Fans: /screams yes
    JJ: Me too
  • My cough has stopped but I still have a cold.
  • Before when some told me ‘Jejung is cool!’ I dont have much reaction. But now when you say ‘Jejung is cool’ I can’t help but grin. Cant stop
  • Makes me weak (flutter) when you say ‘Ehhhh’
    Pls dont say it. (But fans still say it lol)
  • I Love You To Death


  • Backstage Ment

  • JJ: there was a test to find whether one is S or M.
    I’m M!
  • One board says: After ten years, marry my daughter and call me Umma.
    JJ: Umma~~
  • JJ: After going to the Live, all of you get hungry right? Restos are full so I can’t even go. I went back to hotel and just have a ramen cup.
  • 2 hours and ~10 more songs in the setlist. No wonder JJ said he talks too much that it feels like a fanmeet instead of a concert lol.
  • A fan asked JJ to say ‘Kotomi, work hard’
    JJ: Good luck with your konbini?!(convenience store)
    JJ misunderstood
  • Kotomi san was jumping up and down and her undergarment was shown. JJ covered his eyes
  • Jaejoong’s nieces and nephew

  • The mic stand comes out. There’s a note saying to proceed with the next song but JJ said he will not follow.
  • The con has been going on for 3 hours already so I guess the staff is worried about the time~ 10 PM already in Osaka
  • JJ: It’s not fun if I just stand on stage by myself. But because everyone is here we are having lots of fun.
  • Backstage, I asked how long was the Live now, staff told me 3 hours 15 mins. Really?!
    Then I changed my clothes so fast.
  • JJ: I’m talking way too much Can’t tell whether this is a fanmeeting or a concert 
  • JJ: I think my fans are the cutest of all fans My friends tell me that too, My male fans are handsome too
  • JJ: When you sing “Good morning Night,” you guys look like in a trance 

  • JJ:worries about taxi fare for fans coz it’s getting late Fans: No problem!!!!

  • JJ: Now I listen to it, I realize my Japanese was still very rusty back when I filmed that message…

  • I’ll Protect You

  • JJ tonight was the CUTEST (aegyo-explosion) I’ve ever seen so far

Credit: @rubypurple_fan, @crystalmoon0213
Pics Credits: @crystalmoon0213, @PPeha, @preciouskorea, @kimjaejoongnet, @marumaruJJko, @kyonchijj0910, @kyonchijj0910, Kiss_JYJ, toxxnim
Fancam Credits: @ZHZH_KJJ, @crystalmoon0213, @PPeha
Compiled & Shared by: JYJ3

[OTHER INSTAGRAM] 170213 CJeS Instagram Update: Kim Jaejoong’s Osaka Concert Backstage

[PHOTO] 今日もジェジュンはリハーサル中!
大阪のファンのみんな、 準備はいいですか?
오늘도 재중은 리허설 중!
오사카 팬분들 준비되셨나요?

#김재중 #재중 #KIMJAEJOONG #2017_KIMJAEJOONG_ASIATOUR #Japan #The_REBIRTH_of_J #일본 #日本 #오사카 #OSAKA #大阪 #콘서트 #Concert #コンサート #아시아투어 #アジアツアー #비하인드 #Behind #리허설 #rehearsal #보고싶었어요 #会いたかったよ #곧만나요 #もうすぐ会いましょう #귀여움 #かわいい #씨제스타그램
He’s doing rehearsal for upcoming concert now! R U #ready for #tonight Thank U all for welcoming him & looking forward to it! See you in a bit at Osaka Japan! He must be #fabulous as always. Let’s rock it!
 photo 16464183_639244392925422_1345333737365176320_n.jpg

Source: cjes.tagram  
Translated by: @crystalmoon0213
Shared by: JYJ3


[INFO] Some new official goods for 'The Rebirth of J' Concert in Osaka today ()


[OTHER INSTAGRAM] 170213 Photographer Kim Mi-sun shares photos of Junsu before he enlisted

[PHOTO] 군대가기전 촬영한 시아준수,, 가족사진찍기 전 독사진,, 멋지네 ~ 역시 포스가 남달라  #김준수#파이팅#군대잘다녀와요#기다릴게#올제#올제스튜디오#mensfashion #mensphotography #프로필촬영#좋아요 #멋지다 instagram.com/p/BQceRnFALhS/

XIA Junsu who did a shooting before going to the military,, solo photo before family photo was taken,, he looks cool ~ As expected, the photo is extraordinary  #KimJunsu #fighting #please_go_and_come_back_well_from_the_military #will_wait_for_you #OLZE #OLZEStudio #mensfashion #mensphotography #profile_shooting #like_it #it’s_cool

 photo 16585517_1831327033783258_6140132692865318912_n.jpg


[PHOTO] 자연스런 시선처리 , 웃는 모습 , 색감 ,, 다 조아~  #김준수#파이팅#군대잘다녀와요#시아준수#기다릴게#올제#올제스튜디오#mensphotography #mensfashion #프로필촬영 #멋지다#좋아요 instagram.com/p/BQcfe-KANRD/

Processing of natural gaze, smiling image , color sense ,, like all of it~  #KimJunsu #fighting #please_go_and_come_back_well_from_the_military#XIAJunsu #will_wait_for_you #OLZE #OLZEStudio #mensphotography #mensfashion #profile_shooting #it’s_cool #like_it

 photo 16583166_1646178602344346_8819322202504560640_n.jpg

Source: cecilsis Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3 Shared by: JYJ3



Gorgeous as always

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