Sunday, June 15, 2014

Park Yoochun- Guangzhou fanmeeting. Press pics and fan pics

Press Pics

Park YooChun at Guangzhou Fan Meeting (with special guest, Gummy)

Fan pics as tagged

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YoungDal hugs JungHee...Jaejoong updates twitter (Bonus: having fun in car with staff!)

Jaejoong tweeted this...
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Spoiler alert from YoungDal himself...

"Youngdal... Embracing Junghee abruptly" (thanks for the trans Juls)

And...He is shipping himself with JungHee...hehehe

"He outlined under his name... Puts underline and star sign with her name and circle big on hugging" (from Juls)

>:D< :x

JaeJoong updates his Instagram



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