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Jaejoong's Manhole FM for Jp fans
(Fans have dinner, then enjoy FM with Jaejoong (even shook hands and take group pics), then went to Manhole filming site to watch for a little bit...)



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Manhole staff pic of fans gathered at filming site...



Manhole: Episode 14

Rules? Who needs rules! We are time-traveling aficionados, powered by sparkling rainbow lights and mysterious tiny aliens. We make our own rules. Problems arise, though, when our main man Pil relies too much on time travel to fix his problems, instead of his own wits. We’re winding down to the final hour, and Pil is realizing that rather than saving his relationship with the girl he loves, it’s Soo-jin’s life that is in real danger.


While retrieving an extra suitcase from the trunk of Jae-hyun’s car, Soo-jin finds Jae-hyun’s bag with his black cap and mask. She freezes, thinking back over Young-joo’s warnings about Jae-hyun’s dark side, and of the police description of the attacker wearing a black hat and mask – just like the ones she’s now holding.
As Soo-jin struggles to accept that her husband could be the one hurting everyone, Jae-hyun walks up behind her, grimacing slightly to see that she’s found his Bag of Evil. He glares at his wife for a moment, but then his face morphs into a sweet smile, and he slips back into his good-natured persona. Gah! That’s so creepy.

Jae-hyun calls Soo-jin’s name, and she instantly looks terrified. Dropping the hat and mask back in the trunk, she slowly turns around and asks what the bag is for. Jae-hyun smiles easily and answers that it’s just his gym bag before he zips it up and shuts the trunk.
Soo-jin starts to ask him something, but she’s shaking and stuttering so bad that she can’t get it out. Jae-hyun asks what’s wrong and reaches out to hold Soo-jin’s hands, except she reflexively pulls away when he touches her. Unfazed, Jae-hyun grabs the suitcase and Soo-jin’s wrist, pulling his stunned wife back to their apartment.
Jae-hyun starts packing for their trip to England, and Soo-jin just stands in shock, remembering all the clues that point to Jae-hyun being the elusive assailant: Gu-gil’s description of his wrist scar, Pil finding Jae-hyun’s keychain in the tunnel, and now the black hat and mask.

When Jae-hyun looks up at her, Soo-jin murmurs that she has something to do in the kitchen and walks away from him.
Jae-hyun gets up to follow and pretty much stalks Soo-jin as she retreats into the kitchen, following her with this dead-eyed smile as he tells her they should revisit all their old haunts when they’re in England. Jae-hyun eventually closes the gap, wrapping his arms around the freaked-out Soo-jin and threatens promises, “We’ll have a great time there.”
Soo-jin extricates herself and tries to get some distance by doing the dishes, but blanches to see a knife on the cutting board.

Jae-hyun picks up the knife and stares at it a moment, smiling. (Uh, he’s smiling at a knife. Run!) With the knife raised, Jae-hyun turns to Soo-jin, that creepy smile still in place. There’s a tense moment as Soo-jin’s eyes flick from the knife to her husband, then she reaches out and gently pulls the blade from his hand.
Forcing a smile, Soo-jin tells Jae-hyun to go take a shower, and she tries to act cheerful as she reminds him to pack warm clothes for their trip. Still smiling enigmatically, Jae-hyun agrees.
After his shower, Jae-hyun comes out to find that Soo-jin has left the apartment. Surprised, he searches every room before running outside, frantic to find her.

Over at the manhole, Pil paces, remembering Seok-tae telling him that he needs to apologize to Jae-hyun and Soo-jin for his “unwarranted” attack on the physician. He starts to call Soo-jin, but he can’t go through with it.
Soo-jin is riding in a cab when Jae-hyun calls her phone. She remembers Pil’s warning that he was dangerous and starts to call Pil for help, but stops when she recalls how she had yelled at her friend to never bother her again. Trembling, Soo-jin desperately wonders what she’s supposed to do now.

And so, Soo-jin ends up going to Jin-sook’s restaurant. Jin-sook immediately notes her friend’s distress when Soo-jin asks to talk, but since the restaurant is busy, she asks her to wait a moment. Jin-sook dashes off for an order, but instead of waiting, Soo-jin turns and leaves.
Soo-jin tries her parents’ house next, but when she calls her mom over the intercom, she hears her mom call out to Jae-hyun… who is right inside the house, waiting for her. Panicking, Soo-jin runs away. Jae-hyun rushes out a moment later and sees the direction she ran in, then gets in his car.
Moments later, Soo-jin flags down a passing cab and speeds off, unaware that Jae-hyun is following her.

Pil walks over to Soo-jin’s apartment complex, presumably to apologize, but can’t do it. As he turns away, Soo-jin calls him. He picks up and she desperately asks him for help, saying that she’s really scared.
Soo-jin jumps out of the cab at a crosswalk and waits for Pil. He drives up on the other side of the street, and the two try to cross to each other, but there’s too much traffic. While Pil and Soo-jin are stalled, Jae-hyun catches up to the pair and glares to see that his wife is meeting with Pil again.

There’s finally an opening and Pil starts to run across the street to Soo-jin, but Jae-hyun suddenly guns his car, speeding towards Pil.
Soo-jin notices the car and dashes out into the street as well. She grabs Pil, twisting and throwing him out of the way just in time… and leaving herself right in the path of the oncoming Jae-hyun.
The car rams into Soo-jin and she goes flying over the hood, landing on the pavement in a bloody heap.

Pil scrambles over to her prone form and desperately yells at her to wake up. A hundred yards away, Jae-hyun screeches to a stop and looks back, expecting to see Pil injured, but he seems legitimately horrified that he hit Soo-jin instead. (Well look at that, psychopaths can feel. Who knew?)
Jae-hyun burns rubber to flee the scene, and Pil is left crying over Soo-jin.

Pil goes with Soo-jin to the hospital, begging her to wake up as he promises to save her somehow. She’s wheeled into surgery as Soo-jin’s mom and dad arrive at the hospital, with Mom nearly fainting when Pil has to tell her daughter is in the OR. Then Jae-hyun runs up, playing the concerned husband and asking what happened.
Mom cries that Soo-jin got into an accident, quickly blaming it on Pil and yelling that he is the reason that her daughter was hurt. Dad wants to know if Pil caught the driver, but Pil admits that he couldn’t catch him.
At her restaurant, Jin-sook frets that Soo-jin isn’t picking up her phone after leaving so abruptly before. Just then, Seok-tae rushes in with the news of their friend’s accident.

Thankfully, Soo-jin’s surgery is a success, but the doctors worry that she’s still unconscious. Pil listens to Soo-jin’s parents crying and leaves the room, unable to see Soo-jin like this.
Jae-hyun stands next to Mom and Dad. Looking down at her, he thinks, “Soo-jin, so why did you suspect me? You should’ve trusted me when I denied it.” Oh yeah, it’s all her fault.
The gang (minus Dal-soo) all rush to the hospital to find Pil out in the waiting room. He tells them about what happened, revealing that Soo-jin had called him to ask for help. Feeling responsible, Jin-sook adds that Soo-jin came to see her that night as well, but she didn’t have time to help her.

Jae-hyun comes out and joins the group, outwardly every inch the grieving husband as he says that he’s so shocked and laments that he and Soo-jin were supposed to go to England tomorrow for their anniversary.
Seok-tae tells Jae-hyun to remain positive and assures him that Soo-jin will wake up soon. While listening to them, Pil seems to come to a decision and runs out. Gu-gil worries that he might cause trouble in his grief, so the friends all hurry after.
Pil returns to the manhole with a new sledgehammer and starts whaling on the cover, yelling at it to take him back to before the accident so he can save Soo-jin. But the streetlight gives only a weak flicker, and Pil checks his phone to see that midnight has passed.

Desperate, Pil keeps pounding away regardless, and that’s when his friends run up and pull the hammer away. Seok-tae yells at him to come to his sense and go catch the hit-and-run driver if he’s so angry, but Pil snaps that catching the culprit won’t do anything to save Soo-jin.
Turning to Seok-tae, Pil whimpers that he can’t live without Soo-jin and asks his friend to open the manhole. Falling to his knees, Pil begs, “Please let me have a chance to save her.” Everyone stares dumbfounded at Pil’s supplication, while he continues to cry piteously, pleading with Seok-tae.

Jae-hyun stops by the police station the next morning to ask if they have any leads regarding Soo-jin’s hit-and-run accident. Pil’s sunbae regretfully tells him that the accident occurred in a remote area and they haven’t been able to find the driver yet. Jae-hyun does an appropriate sad face impression at the news, fooling the good-natured cops.
Pil visits Soo-jin, sitting beside her bed and apologizing for not keep his promise to stop bad things from happening to her. Holding her hand, Pil tells her that he doesn’t care if she’s mad at him or refuses to see him: “I just need you to wake up again.”

The sweet moment is broken when Jae-hyun steps into the room and yells to see Pil sitting beside his wife. Pil murmurs that he just came to check on her, but Jae-hyun snarls at Pil to never come here again “since Soo-jin has me.” (Ugh. Ya creep.)
Jae-hyun takes up Pil’s seat and Pil starts to shuffle out, but he pauses to ask if Jae-hyun knows why Soo-jin called last night, pointing out that if she was scared, she should’ve gone to her husband, not her friend. Jae-hyun snaps that he doesn’t know why she called him, adding that Pil can ask her… when she wakes up.
Seok-tae is distracted at work, thinking back to Pil’s pleas to open the manhole. Hesitantly, Seok-tae approaches his boss to ask if he can perform construction on the closed manhole, claiming that there have been requests to reopen it.

Sadly, when Seok-tae joins Jin-sook for lunch, we hear that his request was denied. Seok-tae worries about what Pil will do now, and Jin-sook adds that while it is an impossible story, if the manhole could really save their friend, she’d break it open herself.
At her words, Seok-tae turns to Jin-sook and says they should just open the manhole, then. Likening it to how some people worship at temples or pray to gods, Seok-tae figures they have nothing to lose by supporting Pil. (And thus, the Church of the Manhole is born.)

Dal-soo arrives at the hospital after hearing about Soo-jin, but he runs into Gu-gil out front, and the two head to a bench to talk. Gu-gil wonders why Dal-soo cares about Pil, pointing out that he left them a long time ago. Dal-soo argues back that he’s still a part of this family, too. Pouting, Gu-gil asks why Dal-soo left Jung-ae then, and Dal-soo morosely replies that as long as he still has ties to his family, he can’t make Jung-ae happy.
Gu-gil calls that nothing but an excuse, arguing that Dal-soo just didn’t love Jung-ae enough to fight for her. Dal-soo admits it, and sighs that if it had been Gu-gil, he knows that he would have fought for her to the end. He says that it’s too late in this life for him to make Jung-ae happy, but he hopes that Gu-gil can do it instead.
Unseen by both boys, Jung-ae stands around the corner, listening to their conversation and barely holding back tears.

Gu-gil comes in to visit Soo-jin and offers to stay with her so that Jae-hyun can get some rest. Jae-hyun agrees gratefully, but when he tucks Soo-jin in a final time, Gu-gil once again notices the scar on Jae-hyun’s wrist. This time, Gu-gil doesn’t brush off the coincidence, and Jae-hyun clocks him staring at the scar.
Returning home, Jae-hyun thinks about Gu-gil’s reaction and grabs a bathroom vase, shattering it against the sink.
Seok-tae and Jin-sook head to the manhole, armed with shovels and dressed to get dirty. (Hee, Jin-sook sits perched on the wheel barrow Seok-tae is dragging, innocently asking if she’s too heavy as Seok-tae gasps.) They find Pil still trying to break through the manhole with his hammer, so Seok-tae lugs a motorized drill out of his wheel barrow and plops it down next to him.

Seok-tae warns Pil that he still doesn’t believe in all this time-traveling nonsense, but he’s doing this because he’s touched by Pil’s efforts to save Soo-jin. Pil smiles at his friends, and Jin-sook good-naturedly grumps at him to get out of the way. Before they can start up the drill though, Gu-gil comes running over and grabs Pil, desperate to tell him something.
Freaked out, Gu-gil stutters that he saw the same scar from his assailant on Jae-hyun’s wrist. Pil asks if he’s certain, and Gu-gil answers that he is, but he hopes it doesn’t mean anything. Pil says it’s too much of a coincidence with the other evidence and marches off to confirm his hunch, leaving Gu-gil wondering if he did the right thing.

Pil confronts Jae-hyun in front of the hospital. Pulling him to a secluded area, Pil yells at Jae-hyun that a victim identified him as the assailant. Jae-hyun just laughs, guessing that it was Gu-gil before snarling that that now Pil has gotten his friends to frame him as well.
In reply, Pil grabs Jae-hyun’s arm and yanks up the sleeve, revealing a new bandage on his wrist. (Uh-oh). Pil rips off the bandage, and we see fresh cuts covering Jae-hyun’s inner wrist, effectively hiding his older scar. Flashback to the bathroom, where we see that Jae-hyun had used the shattered pieces of the vase to make new cuts on his wrist.
Pil snarls that Jae-hyun cut himself on purpose because he knew Gu-gil had seen his scar, but Jae-hyun just tells him to prove it. In anger, Pil cocks back a fist, but Jae-hyun warns him that if he hits him again, he won’t let it go this time.

Jae-hyun sneers that Pil is a civil servant and should use his head instead of his fists, daring him to find proof. Jae-hyun turns to leave, but Pil yanks him back, glaring as he promises to find that proof and expose Jae-hyun for who he truly is.
After the confrontation, Pil runs to the police station and starts looking through the surveillance footage, in spite of his police sunbae grumbling that he can’t be here, given his suspension.
Jin-sook and Seok-tae are busy at work over at the manhole when Gug-il arrives, excitedly tugging along a suited-up Dal-soo. The others are shocked to see him, but Dal-soo insists that he wants to help, then looks at the drill and wonders what on Earth they’re doing. Good question.

Cut to a flabbergasted Dal-soo as he asks the others if they truly believe in Pil’s time-traveling manhole theory. Jin-sook answers that they’re just supporting their friend, while Gu-gil argues that they have to try anything and everything to save Soo-jin.
However, Gu-gil does point out that even with the drill, it’ll still take them years to break through the solid concrete. He gets a sudden idea though and looks wide-eyed at Dal-soo, who stares back.
In the hospital, Soo-jin’s parents are sitting next to her when their daughter’s fingers start to twitch. They call out to her, and Soo-jin slowly opens her eyes. Jae-hyun arrives just then, and Mom and Dad eagerly tell him that she’s awake. He rushes to her side, and Soo-jin groggily looks at him when he asks if she recognizes him. Her parents ask if she remembers what happened, but she breathes out that she doesn’t.

The doctor reports that Soo-jin’s waking up is a great sign and adds that she should make a full recovery. Jae-hyun asks about her lost memories and the doctors assures them that it’s normal after traumatic accidents, and she should regain her memories with rest. Jae-hyun looks less than thrilled at the news.
Alone in her room, Soo-jin thinks back to the accident, and we see that she actually does remember not only the hit-and-run, but that Jae-hyun drove the car. Soo-jin starts panicking and tries to get out of bed, but her injuries are too severe, and the door opens before she can get up.
She immediately lies back down and fakes sleeping when Jae-hyun walks in. He “wakes” her up and says he sent her parents to get food, then nonchalantly asks if she really doesn’t remember anything about the accident.

Looking scared, Soo-jin lies that the last thing she remembers is finding the tickets for their trip to England in Jae-hyun’s jacket. Jae-hyun asks if she doesn’t recall anything else, and Soo-jin innocently asks what happened.
Jae-hyun is relieved and tells her not to worry about it, saying they should forget all the bad memories. Soo-jin seemingly falls back to sleep, so he starts to tuck her in so she can rest, but pauses when he sees the bandages on his own wrist.
Thinking back to Pil’s promise to find evidence against him, Jae-hyun rises and stalks out. When he leaves, Soo-jin opens her eyes and forces herself out of bed.

Soo-jin limps into the hallway and sees Jae-hyun leaving the ward. She starts to head out, but a nurse stops her, trying to return her to her room. Desperate, Soo-jin asks to borrow her phone, claiming that it’s an emergency.
Over at the police station, Pil is still reviewing security footage when Soo-jin calls. He’s shocked that he’s awake, but she quickly asks him to meet her in front of the hospital, saying she has to tell him something right away. (Not this again. Just tell him over the phone, woman!)
Meanwhile, Jae-hyun drives to a darkened junkyard. Taking out his black clothes and broken keychain, he tosses all of it into a rusty barrel and sets it ablaze, destroying all incriminating evidence.

Soo-jin paces painfully in front of the hospital, but since Pil gets stuck in traffic, Jae-hyun arrives first. Seeing him, Soo-jin immediately spins and runs back into the hospital, except Jae-hyun has already spotted her and gives chase. Pil gets there a moment later and starts tailing Jae-hyun.
Soo-jin staggers to the elevators, but Jae-hyun rounds the corner before they come, calling her name. Terrified, Soo-jin heads for a side hallway and manages to hide in a shadowed doorway when Jae-hyun follows. He walks off in the wrong direction, and Soo-jin makes a break for the stairs.
Soo-jin starts slowly climbing up, but she trips on a step and jars her injury, making her cry out in pain. The noise echoes loud enough for Jae-hyun to hear it, and he makes for the stairwell. Behind him, Pil continues to follow, and soon all three of them are hiking up the staircase in a merry-go-round of suspense.

Over at the manhole, the friends are digging with… is that a backhoe? Gu-gil operates the machinery, and Dal-soo yells for him to hurry up before someone reports them for the noise.
Soo-jin has now made it up the roof, Jae-hyun right on her heels. She finds herself cornered, and Jae-hyun prowls towards her, realizing that she does remember everything. Soo-jin warns him not to come any closer, but Jae-hyun yells, demanding to know why she lied to him.

Lowering his voice again, Jae-hyun soothingly says there’s been some kind of misunderstand and claims that he can explain everything as he slowly walks toward her.
Soo-jin answers that she does remember everything, including that Jae-hyun was the one driving the car that hit her. She repeats that he should go, but he doesn’t move.
Soo-jin screams at him to leave, and just then, Pil runs up, calling her name. Jae-hyun spins to stand in front of Soo-jin as Pil calls out for her to walk to him, and Soo-jin gives a small nod. But before she can move, Jae-hyun whips around behind her and wraps his arm around her neck. Crap.

At the manhole, the friends all cheer when a fountain of water springs up from the manhole, indicating that Gu-gil has successfully gotten through. Dal-soo breaks off the cheering, though, when he asks what the next step is. Stunned, Gu-gil squeaks out that he has no clue, and Seok-tae agrees that Pil never told him what happens after they open the manhole. Pfft.
Returning to the hospital rooftop, Jae-hyun warns Pil not to come closer while Pil yells at him to let Soo-jin go. Jae-hyun snarls that this is all Pil’s fault: “If it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t be here.”
Jae-hyun tells Pil to get lost if he doesn’t want Soo-jin to get hurt again, but Pil answers that he’ll expose the truth of Jae-hyun to everyone, saying that it’s all over now. With a crazy gleam in his eye, Jae-hyun figures that if that’s the case, they can all just end this together… and he starts leaning towards the edge of the building.

Meanwhile, the friends all bicker over how they started the construction without knowing the next step. Seok-tae takes out his phone to call Pil, but suddenly, there’s a crash of thunder as the streetlight starts flickering. Everyone gapes to see the strange rainbow lights of time travel start to fill the manhole.
Up above, Soo-jin bites down on Jae-hyun’s arm and break his grip. (Good girl!) She wrenches away from him, but instead of going to Pil, she runs to the edge of the building. (Umm, not-so-good girl.) Climbing up onto the ledge, she tells Jae-hyun not to come any closer, or she’ll jump.

Pil yells at her to get down, but Jae-hyun gets this freaky look of concentration and slowly glides towards her. He makes a grab for her hand, and Soo-jin manages to evade him, but the motion unsteadies her, sending her over the edge.
Luckily (magically?) Pil manages to catch her hand, resulting in her dangling over the edge of the building as he struggles to hang on.
At the manhole, the light zips out of the tunnel and past the friends. It travels over to the hospital ledge, and wraps around Pil… and Soo-jin. Omo!

The light speeds back through the tunnels and vanishes into the manhole, leaving all the friends wondering if they really just saw what they thought they saw.
In the manhole waterslide, we now hear both Pil and Soo-jin’s voices traveling through the tube.
There’s a sudden white light, and then we return to a frozen image of the night of Soo-jin’s accident, when Pil and Soo-jin were crossing the street to one another, and Jae-hyun was trying to ram Pil with his car.

Pil and Soo-jin’s future selves both poof back into their old bodies and stand there looking around. Time restarts, and Pil sees Soo-jin standing still, too stunned from her first trip through time to move out of the way of the approaching car.
Yelling her name, Pil sprints towards Soo-jin as Jae-hyun bears down on them.

Is it bad that I’m going to laugh if next week opens with Pil getting hit instead of Soo-jin? But hey, at least the manhole brought Pil back to a time where he can actually do something! Now if only he uses this fifth (sixth?) chance in the past to be proactive and use his brain, then hopefully he can catch Jae-hyun before he burns all the evidence.
I feel that I should at least mention I am not good with scary. And I mean, really not good. There are still parts of Bring It On, Ghost! that I can’t stand to watch (and it has nothing to do with Taec’s acting ability). So please understand when I say that while I praise Jang Mi-kwan’s portrayal of a psychopath, good gawd, get Jae-hyun away from me! How is it possible to be so incredibly creepy and magnetic at the same time? I really want to put Jae-hyun in a room with Min Joon-gook and just see what happens. If locusts and four horsemen come out, then we’ll know for sure that at least one of them is the devil.

There are so many other problems surrounding the rules of time travel (like why Soo-jin can go along with Pil this time, even though there had been other cases where he was touching someone and still went into the manhole alone), that I really don’t want to waste the brain power worrying over it. I don’t think that even the manhole knows how it works, and since we haven’t seen hide nor tail of those pesky aliens since they first enchanted the thing, why bother?
Regardless of why, though, I’m actually excited that Soo-jin went back with Pil this time around. Finally, someone else will remember Pil’s version of history, and maybe she and Pil can actually accomplish something together now. It does raise the question though, that since they are now in a position to get a happy ending, will Pil stay in 2018, or will he eventually have to go back to when it all started? And if he does, will this whole timeline once again become a moot point?
Going into our final week, I’m a bit hopeful that we could have some solid plot movement, if only for no other reason than we have a lot to wrap up and only two episodes with which to do it. Here’s to hoping that they actually will answer everything. (Please?)


Handsome Pil! Stunning Our of KDrama

The &   ! KDrama  

[Cjes IG] Is he investigating or posing for a pictorial? Every village needs one officer Bong! Cute Charismatic Charming

His handsome sculpture-like visual, is it for real? Behind photos showing his many charms

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Manhole staff Update
translations by crystalmoon0213

4 cameras used for the accident scene... Daily “Live” filming(film and air drama on the same day) - staff IG Hwaiting

[Staff IG] Most difficult ep ever due to sleep deprivation Set alarm every 10 min Still finished w/o problem ep14 Thriller/Melo/Comedy?

[Other IG] Good guy 28th is the finale This summer is really... because of Wed/Thu drama Let’s fight till the end

[Other IG] filmed at Raramuri for 2 days This time nothing has been changed about Raramuri ‘s uncle’s place

[Staff IG] Came back to the beach we came for ep 4~ The ocean looks more beautiful in autumn #맨홀#김재중

[Staff IG] Bong Pil and Sujin Uee! Pls let them just walk on flower filled path~

[Cjes IG] Forever best friend Bong Pil & Gugil in Older brother in drama but same age in real life Kang Hongsuk


Manhole: Episode 13

Unfortunately, one impulsive move further alienates Pil from his friends, family, and especially Soo-jin. He finds himself more alone than ever now that no one seems to believe him, which happens right as Jae-hyun’s sinister tendencies creep to the surface. With the manhole out of commission and no one on his side, Pil’s desperate to reverse his current reality, but nothing seems to ever work in his favor.


Gu-gil happens upon a masked assailant — whom we know to be Jae-hyun — viciously kicking a man on the ground. He frantically calls Pil to report the assault, but when the attacking noises stop and he goes to check on the injured victim, Jae-hyun re-emerges and proceeds to attack Gu-gil, knocking his phone to the ground.
Pil’s still on the line, unaware that Jae-hyun is pummeling Gu-gil, but he quickly leaves the manhole and heads to the scene, sensing that something’s gone awry.
In the middle of their scuffle, Gu-gil tries to remove the assailant’s cap, but Jae-hyun grips the brim tightly, which is also when Gu-gil spots Jae-hyun’s long, silvery scar on the inside of his wrist.
After Jae-hyun beats Gu-gil unconscious, he overhears Pil’s voice coming from Gu-gil’s phone, and he finally registers that he just beat Soo-jin’s friend senseless and that Pil is on his way over. Jae-hyun hides as soon as Pil arrives then quickly heads home, carefully stowing his black assailant garb in the trunk of his car and dusting himself off.

At home, Pil’s uncertainty of Jae-hyun’s true nature weighs heavily on Soo-jin’s mind. Jae-hyun arrives, and she notices the sweat on his face, but he attributes it to exercise. Soo-jin then answers a call informing her of Gu-gil’s injured state, so she and Jae-hyun rush to the hospital, with Jae-hyun feigning concern.
At the hospital, Pil stays with Gu-gil, who’s looking quite bloody and battered. Seok-tae, Jung-ae, and Jin-sook rush to Gu-gil’s side, and Jung-ae in particular is visibly upset; Soo-jin and Jae-hyun arrive soon after, and luckily, Gu-gil comes to, appearing to be in weak, but stable condition. Pil asks Gu-gil if there’s anything he remembers about the assailant’s face, but Gu-gil says no, since everything happened so fast.
Pil vows to catch the guy who attacked Gu-gil, and a glimmer of unease crosses Jae-hyun’s face.

The police are at the scene of the crime, which has been cordoned off. Pil arrives and learns from his older colleague that zero evidence was found, no thanks to a meticulous criminal, but Pil spots a nearby security camera and suggests that they examine the footage.
They go through the footage at the station which caught Jae-hyun at the scene, but because he’s dressed in black and his face is concealed by a mask, no one’s able to identify him apart from his slender, tall frame.

The next morning, while in the bathroom, Jae-hyun notices a small cut on his neck from the scuffle. As Soo-jin’s preparing breakfast, the news is on, and she watches the report on Gu-gil’s assault, which includes the assailant’s characteristics as well as a screen capture of the video footage.
When Jae-hyun steps out, she notices his cut, but he assures her that he’ll tend to it and nonchalantly asks if Pil discovered anything further about the incident. He veils his relief when she replies that she hasn’t spoken to Pil about it yet.
Pil goes around the neighborhood with the security footage photo, asking people if they’ve seen the assailant. But no one’s able to offer any input, not even the assault victims themselves.

Soo-jin visits her mom, who’s alarmed to learn that the latest assault victim is Gu-gil. She wonders who the lunatic is and recommends that Jae-hyun leave work earlier just to be safe, adding that Soo-jin should be good to such a fine man like him. (Psshh.)
She gives Soo-jin some homemade side dishes she prepared for Jae-hyun, and Soo-jin decides to give some to Gu-gil when she visits him at the hospital.
Dal-soo and his secretary pull up to Jung-ae’s juice truck to order juice for their meeting like last time, but they find the truck closed. The secretary calls Jung-ae and learns that she’s not working today, which makes Dal-soo wonder if something’s wrong.

Instead, Jung-ae is at the hospital feeding Gu-gil some homemade food. Gu-gil’s looking much better, and he loves that Jung-ae is taking care of him. Soo-jin arrives with the side dishes, and Pil arrives soon after, which makes Soo-jin feel uncomfortable.
Gu-gil tells Pil that he remembers seeing a scar on the assailant’s wrist, and he illustrates it on a sheet of paper, which reminds Pil of the scar he saw while tussling with a violent man inside the tunnel on a prior manhole trip. Pil’s certain the man with the scar who got away last time is the same guy who beat Gu-gil.
As they’re heading out, Pil offers Soo-jin a ride home, but she curtly declines and says she can no longer be friendly with him because of his antipathy toward Jae-hyun.

At home, a visibly unstable Young-joo hums to herself and gazes into a mirror, where we see red bruises on her neck, the wounds she sustained after Jae-hyun throttled her for contacting Soo-jin. But Young-joo laughs and ominously states that if she can’t have Jae-hyun, no one can. Yeesh.
As Soo-jin’s stowing side dishes in the fridge, she acknowledges to herself that she feels iffy because Jae-hyun has a scar on his wrist, but her thoughts are interrupted when Young-joo calls and suggests that they grab tea.

They meet at the park, and their conversation starts out pleasant enough, with Soo-jin complimenting Young-joo on the pretty scarf around her neck, which Young-joo says was a gift from her boyfriend who eventually married another woman despite their long dating history.
The atmosphere changes, and Soo-jin tries to sympathize with her by saying that she’ll meet someone better, but Young-joo says she still loves the man and doesn’t need anyone else. When Young-joo asks if Soo-jin would relinquish her husband if she found out there was a woman he loved more, Soo-jin says no, and Young-joo snaps.
Livid, Young-joo says that Jae-hyun was originally her man, and she screams at Soo-jin to return him to her since she’s Jae-hyun’s lover. Rattled by Young-joo’s sudden insanity and warning that she (Soo-jin) can’t handle Jae-hyun, Soo-jin gets up to leave and calls Young-joo crazy. Young-joo grins and asks if Soo-jin knew that Jae-hyun was convicted of assault and hospitalized in a mental institution before, but Soo-jin refuses to believe her and walks away.
Shaken by the encounter, Soo-jin tells herself to stay alert and pay no more mind to crazy Young-joo.

Jae-hyun rubs his temples at work, annoyed that he was caught on the security camera and that footage is swirling around the internet. He calls a travel agency and expresses his desire to fly to the UK. Trying to flee, are we?
Soo-jin reels in silence at home and recalls Jae-hyun not knowing who Young-joo was as he was looking through the photos she took. Jae-hyun arrives and notices Soo-jin looking unwell, and Soo-jin tells him that she met up with Young-joo today, who claimed she dated Jae-hyun for awhile. Soo-jin’s eyes brim with tears and she asks if this is true, and Jae-hyun admits it is.

She wonders why he acted like he didn’t know Young-joo when he landed on that photo of her, and he says that he didn’t want Soo-jin to know about her and that he warned Young-joo to stay away from Soo-jin—a warning she didn’t end up heeding because Young-joo is mentally unstable.
Jae-hyun says he suffered because Young-joo stalked him even after they broke up, but he apologizes to Soo-jin for not being transparent sooner and accepts the blame. Soo-jin understands that there’s only so much he could’ve done for an unstable woman and they embrace, with Jae-hyun promising to make sure that Young-joo doesn’t come near Soo-jin from now on.
Meanwhile, Seok-tae’s taking a break outside the office when his colleagues inform him that the cement sealing the manhole has shattered. That night, he runs to the manhole to inspect it and is incredulous that Pil went so far as to use a hammer to gain access to the manhole.

Pil informs his colleagues at the police station of the wrist scar clue and is instructed to relay this detail to the detective so that Pil can resume patrol duties. Just then, Seok-tae bursts in and demands to know why Pil messed with the manhole.
They converse outside, and Pil explains that he was desperate and had no other choice, since Seok-tae understandably wouldn’t believe him. Seok-tae calls Pil crazy, but asks him why he wants to time travel so badly, and Pil solemnly answers that he’s unhappy: “This isn’t the reality I chose. No matter how much I try, I can’t change anything in this reality.”
But Seok-tae doesn’t buy Pil’s sincerity and warns him not to mess with the manhole again.

While laying out Jae-hyun’s clothes the next morning, Soo-jin finds two plane tickets to London inside his coat pocket. Jae-hyun admits that he wanted to surprise her for their upcoming wedding anniversary since she wanted to take photos there, and Soo-jin is touched by the sweet gesture. Because Soo-jin’s mother’s birthday falls on their trip dates, Jae-hyun enlists Soo-jin’s help to pick out a birthday present for her and suggests that they go out and shop for one together.
Gu-gil is discharged and returns to the billiards room, although Jung-ae’s not thrilled that he’s returning to work so soon. Jung-ae answers a call from Dal-soo’s secretary and says she’s not open for business today either, but Gu-gil takes the phone from her and says she can definitely deliver forty cups of juice to them today. Jung-ae protests since she doesn’t want to leave Gu-gil alone, but he assures her that he’ll be fine and encourages her to make the delivery.

The secretary informs Dal-soo that the board meeting is about to start and that he ordered juice for it as instructed. Dal-soo instructs him to do that for every meeting, but when Dal-soo learns that the juice truck was closed the other day because Gu-gil was assaulted and hospitalized, Dal-soo rushes out, ignoring his secretary’s pleas to stay put and not miss the meeting.
As Dal-soo’s waiting for the elevator, Jung-ae steps out with her juice cart, and her face falls upon seeing him. She realizes that Dal-soo was the one secretly ordering juice from her and is angry that he felt the need to support her because he pitied her. Dal-soo tries to explain that he still cares for her and the gang, but she doesn’t buy it because he cut all of them out from his life when he moved out of their neighborhood.

Just then, Dal-soo’s mother appears, and luckily, she doesn’t spot Jung-ae behind her son. She’s here to attend the board meeting and grab lunch with Dal-soo afterward, so he has no choice but to leave Jung-ae and follow his mother.
Jung-ae is in tears as she wheels the juice cart out of the building. Meanwhile, Pil sits outside the police station and wonders why he and Soo-jin keep growing apart until his colleague hands him a stack of wanted posters of the assailant to post all over town.

Jae-hyun takes Soo-jin and her parents to a massage chair store and encourages them to pick one out. And of course, the parents are delighted that Jae-hyun continues to spoil them.
After shopping, they all grab lunch together, and Soo-jin’s parents thank Jae-hyun for the massage chair and gush over him even more when they find out he’s taking Soo-jin to London for their wedding anniversary. Jae-hyun excuses himself since he has to return to work, but he forgets to take his phone, so Soo-jin decides to stop by the pharmacy on her way home.
Jae-hyun is dismayed to find Pil outside the pharmacy distributing wanted posters. In the middle of unlocking the doors, Jae-hyun drops his keys, and Pil picks them up, which is when he notices that the keychain is broken. Pil says he found a broken key chain part inside the tunnel while investigating an assault incident, but Jae-hyun is unfazed and says that he passes through the tunnel often to get to work, adding that his keychain broke awhile ago.

Remembering Gu-gil’s observation about the wrist scar, Pil asks to see Jae-hyun’s wrist, and Jae-hyun answers that Pil’s bitterness toward him is making Pil unjustly suspect him of being the culprit. Jae-hyun continues to push buttons by claiming that Pil probably wishes that he was the culprit just so that Pil can take Soo-jin. When Jae-hyun dares Pil to catch him, Pil loses it and punches Jae-hyun in the face, yelling, “You did it, didn’t you? You attacked Gu-gil!”
While Pil continues to throw punches at Jae-hyun, passersby outside the pharmacy call the police to report that a police officer is beating a pharmacist, which is coincidentally when Soo-jin arrives. She rushes inside and pulls Pil off of Jae-hyun, who’s got a busted lip and a gash on his face. Jae-hyun fills her in on why Pil suspects of him of being the culprit, and she’s so appalled that she tells Pil that their friendship is officially over.

Pil warns Soo-jin that Jae-hyun is dangerous, but she doesn’t believe Pil and yells at him to get out.
Outside, his older colleagues arrive and reprimand him for beating a civilian in broad daylight, an act that can cost Pil his job. They order him to beg for forgiveness from Jae-hyun, but Pil refuses to do such a thing.

At home, Soo-jin treats the wounds on Jae-hyun’s face and apologizes for not knowing how much Pil hated him. However, she cautiously asks if Jae-hyun can forgive Pil just this once and not report him, since Pil could lose the job that he only recently acquired. Jae-hyun’s annoyed, but he begrudgingly agrees to let it go.
Inside the bathroom, Jae-hyun wonders why Pil wanted to see his wrist. He angrily flings a glass against the sink, shattering it. Soo-jin witnesses this burst of rage through the door crack and is visibly unnerved.

Pil walks through the tunnel that night and wonders why things are getting so complicated and why his suspicions always go to Jae-hyun, but he knows it’s because he’s worried about Soo-jin. Midnight strikes again, but nothing happens at the site of the sealed manhole.
The next morning, Soo-jin’s mom visits Soo-jin and flips out when she sees Jae-hyun’s injured face, demanding to know who did that to him. Uh oh.

Cut to: Soo-jin’s parents angrily barging into Pil’s house and demanding to see Pil, furious that he beat up their precious son-in-law. This is news to Pil’s parents, so they ask Pil for a reason behind his actions. But Pil’s in no mood to talk, further frustrating his parents.
Word has reached Jung-ae, Gu-gil, Jin-sook, and Seok-tae that Pil beat up Jae-hyun, and all of them are shocked that Pil would do that to such an upright guy. Pil happens to walk past them, and they all chide him for allowing his jealousy to get the better of him. Fed up with their ignorance, Pil walks away.

Meanwhile, Pil’s older colleague visits Jae-hyun at the pharmacy and apologizes to him on Pil’s behalf while also expressing how grateful he is for Jae-hyun’s leniency.
At the station, Pil’s older colleague reminds Pil how lucky he is that Jae-hyun didn’t press charges, but because beating a civilian is still unlawful, Pil gets slapped with a one month suspension.

Soo-jin replays the image of Jae-hyun angrily flinging a glass and figures that it’s possible for people to act that way when they’re angry, although she doesn’t seem fully convinced.
Moments later, Pil spots her at the park and wants to talk, but Soo-jin has no desire to associate with him anymore and coldly explains that she only asked Jae-hyun to not report him because she thought of Pil’s parents, who were so happy when Pil became a police officer. She states that this is the last favor she’ll do for him since they’re no longer friends.
Pil goes to the manhole that night and sighs that no one believes him, and because Soo-jin hates him more and more. “How can you take me away from this awful place? What can I do?” Pil asks. Seok-tae finds him there and instructs him to stop pestering Soo-jin and let her go for the sake of her happiness, and Pil just crouches before the manhole, feeling utterly defeated.

Gu-gil visits Jae-hyun at the pharmacy to buy ointment and expresses concern for Jae-hyun’s battered face. When Jae-hyun hands Gu-gil the ointment, however, Gu-gil spots the scar on Jae-hyun’s wrist and does a double take.
When he walks out, Gu-gil notes that the scar looked just like the one he saw the day he got attacked, but laughs off the notion that Jae-hyun could be the assailant. OMG, you big dolt!

Meanwhile, Soo-jin excitedly packs a suitcase for the upcoming London trip and offers to retrieve Jae-hyun’s suitcase from the trunk of his car. But after handing her the keys, he realizes that the trunk also contains the duffle bag which holds his black assailant apparel. Uh oh.
Soo-jin opens the trunk of the car and takes out the suitcase, but the duffle bag catches her eye. She unzips it and finds a black cap and mask and recalls from the news that the assailant was wearing the same thing.
She then thinks back to Young-joo’s warning that Jae-hyun has a history of assault and was institutionalized, and she starts to tremble. “It can’t be… it can’t be you, Jae-hyun,” Soo-jin tells herself right as Jae-hyun arrives and stands behind her, looking menacing.

Ack. Soo-jin, run! Run away!
As if Pil wasn’t already a sufficiently frustrating character, now everyone else, even the insignificant friends of his, plus Soo-jin — who was pretty reasonable (or uncomplicated) up til now — are annoying me with their sudden loss of brain cells. Pil could’ve totally nabbed Jae-hyun with concrete evidence and clever planning, but I was so disappointed that even as a police officer, Pil hasn’t learned how to act smarter without letting his emotional impulses take over his rationality. He used his fists first in a heated moment instead of using his brain, and look how well that worked out for him. Soo-jin also chose to ignore her gut and multiple red flags in order to convince herself that Jae-hyun wouldn’t hurt a fly. Did it really take the discovery of a black mask and cap in his trunk to jolt her to reality? Two very ordinary, unspectacular articles of typical K-drama villain clothing?
Gu-gil is another example of a character who literally stares right at conclusive proof (the scar), but thinks nothing of it. Face, meet palm. Also, the love triangle involving him, Dal-soo, and Jung-ae is so unbearably dull that I’ve lost interest in who Jung-ae will end up with in the end, because between Dal-soo and Gu-gil, neither one stands out as “the one,” or even a catch. I’m not sure what the end goal is for this trio, but Jung-ae has two unremarkable potential beaus, and she deserves better. Interesting how now that Jin-sook has been conveniently paired up with Seok-tae, she’s taken a narrative backseat to the not-at-all compelling conflict of “Jung-ae’s Choice.”

But Pil is damned if the manhole’s sealed, damned if it’s open. Sealed or open, Pil still remains insufferably the same, inexplicably unable to push himself beyond his capacities to prove everyone wrong. I also don’t believe that if the manhole were open, Pil would know exactly how to right every wrong. After all, he has no idea how the manhole even operates. I doubt the manhole itself knows how it functions; it’s an arbitrary time travel water slide! Pil can’t just conveniently select a certain year and travel to the time period of his choice. He has no control over the manhole, so I don’t understand why he sees it as the only ticket out of his lousy reality.
The only characters that somewhat grab my attention are the two crazies: Young-joo and Jae-hyun. As for Pil, I have a feeling he won’t snap out of his slump until Soo-jin is in grave danger, and judging from that final shot, danger is terribly close. Pil better get moving, because I think we’re all pretty tired of tapping our feet and checking our watches. Where are the googly-eyed aliens when we need some comedic relief?


CJES IG Update

I like this Anti Youth Violence campaign. 💚👍💚. He's calling others to join him, incl , , ,

170922 KimJaejoong -- cjes.tagram IG UPDATE

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[Cjes IG] participates in Youth Violence Prevention Campaign, 3 Strand Braid: Don’t be a bystander, please pay attention!Don’t just look on, protect them! No more youth violence! I call on Park Sungwoong/Moon Sori/Ryu Junyul/Baro to participate next
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JJ IG Update

170922 Jaejoong IG UPDATE

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JJ IG Updates

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If I give up meat that I like and eat vegetables that I hate, will I become happier? There is no solution...

[IG] Huh? You are.. Fatty(the stuffed animal or object(?) 😂) No wonder I felt like I was getting fat while sleeping

Nearing conclusion of KDrama w/ & ! Hwaiting You're doing amazing!

[IG] We are trying to gather strength! (Doing best in difficult situation)
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Beautiful picture from our ! 💚👍💚 and team Fighting!!!

Beautiful... Hoping for happy ending for Pil/ 💚😊💚. best wishes in filming the next few days!

170923 Jaejoong IG UPDATE

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JJ IG Updates

[IG] What is this dumb drawing? It is very realistic though... 
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Our favorite photographer working hard! is !  


Policeman Junsu Update

Jeongok Port Safety Culture Festival 119 Games Southern Police Promotion Team


[사진] IG 경기남부경찰이 공을 차는 이유는...?


Kevin Oh – With You (Manhole OST)

I know that I might have to let you go
I know that I can’t turn time back

It’s alright, it’s alright, it’s alright
I try to act like I’m calm
But suddenly, I’m pacing around you

With you, I was too young back then
If you If only you
With you, it was always you for me
If only I held you, how would it be?
You and I

I know I’m nothing to you
I know I can’t do much for you anymore

Don’t go, don’t go, don’t go
I try shaking my head
But you’re getting farther away, step by step

With you, I was too young back then
If you If only you
With you, it was always you for me
If only I held you, how would it be?
You and I
With you

Love you, what I really wanted to tell you
Love you, Love you, I’m loving you
With you, it was always you for me
If only I held you, how would it be?
You and I

Maktub – Love Came (사랑이 찾아와) Manhole OST

Love came to me and knocked on my heart
It softly entered, came next to me and gave me butterflies

The love in front of me whispers in my ears
Making my heart pound, making a smile spread, it whispers to me

This is how you feel like, you’re like a small tremble
You’re my other half
Who touched my heart like this
Love is like this, it’s you, I like this trembling feeling
I like that you’re the love that’s always by my side

You came to me, looked at me and said hello
Then you softly entered, came next to me and gave me butterflies

My heart is on my lips, it always confesses to you
Make my heart pound, make a smile spread, come to me

This is how you feel like, you’re like a small tremble
You’re my other half
Who touched my heart like this
Love is like this, it’s you, I like this trembling feeling
I like that you’re the love that’s always by my side

I love you, I love you, love for you
I wanna confess my heart though it’s a bit late
If you accept, I will love you

I’ve fallen for you, I like you because it’s you
I want to hug you all the time, I want to give you everything
I only know you alone
I’m in love, I love you so I can only see you
Again today, I’m falling for you


Manhole Episode 14 Highlights...


Is happy ending a possibility for this couple? in deep sorrow, seeing Uee covered in blood

x Uee goes on time travel together to the moment before Uee’s accident

gets restored and goes back to the past to save Uee

goes back to the moment right before Uee’s accident and sacrifices himself to save her...


Translations by  

Episode Scaps

Actually the level of creepiness and thrill in epi 14 right now is well done!


Oh NO!!!

My heart breaks for Pil...


Trying to help Pil even though they don't understand...

C'mon GooGill

Get him Pil! 





Will she not remember or pretending to not remember?

Ok so she remembers...but that creepy guy is ahead of the game! Ugh!!! Pil Go!!!

Pil on his way but gang is close to opening up the manhole!

The prickly but magical Manhole has opened up! Ottoke!!!

Pics from twitter


Ready for and his KDrama !


Manhole Updates

[맨홀 OST Part.9] KEVIN OH(케빈 오) - With You (Official Audio)


170921 맨홀 예고

Manhole Episode 14 Preview

KBS 한국방송 (MyloveKBS)

Ep 14 Preview  
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Is happy ending a possibility for this couple? in deep sorrow, seeing Uee covered in blood
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CJES IG update

[Cjes IG] What am I supposed to do for you to take me out of this hell? Poor Pil  gets more handsome each day Pls make him happy
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JJ IG Update

[IG] I got tired waiting Filming on the street is over! 

Finally going to bed? Oh my !

JJ indicated it's 6:30 AM! 

Our photographer  

[IG] Clear day
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(Pic posted 5 hours after the last pic)

Handsome without even seeing his face! is !


Jaejoong Fans are awesome!

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[Other IG TR] sends coffee truck tonight to team, filming all night again

[Other IG] Real Strawberry Juice  
Sold Out Get energized with delicious drinks during this all-nighter!!


“Legendary Ticket Power!” Fanmeeting tickets sold out in 1 minute!

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Kim Jaejoong’s Seoul Fan Meeting Sells Out In One Minute

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong has proved his popularity once again.
CJ Entertainment stated, “Ticketing for Kim Jaejoong’s Seoul fan meeting opened today [on September 20] at 8 p.m. KST through Melon. As soon as the ticketing site opened, all seats were reserved within one minute. Fans have already begun requesting for additional fan meetings and seating.”
Kim Jaejoong has been appearing as the time-traveling character Bong Pil in KBS drama “Manhole.” Anticipation for this fan meeting appears to be high as it is his first since the drama began. A source stated, “Although Seoul is only his first city on his [fan meeting] tour, we would like to thank fans for showing so much interest and support. Amidst his busy drama filming schedule, Kim Jaejoong has been showing a lot of passion for his fan meetings by voicing a lot of his opinions to the production team. We are working hard to prepare for the fan meetings so that they will become precious and warm memories.”
Kim Jaejoong previously announced he would be greeting fans through his “2017 Kim Jaejoong Asia Tour Fan Meeting,” which will be held in various places such as Taiwan, Macao, and Hong Kong. The Seoul fan meeting will be held on October 29 at 5 p.m. KST at Kyunghee University Peace Hall.
Source (1)


Manhole Episode 13 Highlights


vs Jang Migwan spotted at each other’s throat Will Bong Pil be able to win Sujin’s heart?

Uee found out Jang Migwan was the assailant Will be able to catch him?

Uee realizes Jang Migwan is the assailant Can she be with again?


X Uee were filming romantic comedy... Now turns into a chilling thriller

Let’s save Sujin from danger and walk on flower filled path Bong Pil

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Pil doesn't want to stay in the future but can't leave either epi 13 w/

At least Pil got some hard hits in there! Ugh! epi 13 w/

And all I can think about is how handsome is. Pil of KDrama epi 13

Heartbreak again for Pil! epi 13 w/

Creepy... Soojin in grave danger! epi 13 w/ and

Pics from twitter


Ready for KDrama epi 13 w/ Jaejoong! 
cjes IG update 

[Cjes IG] JJ checks photos he took JJ is deep into photography these days  What a focus Training hard Photographer
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BongPil vs JaeHyun


[MV] MAKTUB(마크툽) - LOVE COME(사랑이 찾아와)



Kim Jae-joong to become fashion photographer

Updated : September 19 2017

(C-Jes Entertainment)
Kim Jae-joong of JYJ will launch a career in fashion photography.

Kim’s agency C-Jes Entertainment said Tuesday that the singer-actor will appear in an upcoming variety show “Photo People” (tentative title) which will show him taking up the challenge to become a fashion photographer.

Kim has been learning photography from KT Kim (Kim Kyung-tae), a former Vogue Korea photographer, since last month.

The singer will head to Paris on Sept. 29 to attend 2018 Spring/Summer Paris Fashion Week as a photographer.

“Kim Jae-joong learned photography in his spare time while filming ‘Manhole.’ As it is an area he is trying for the first time, he is showing his passion as he goes out alone taking photos on his days off. (Fans) will be able to see new facets to Kim Jae-joong through the show,” the agency said.

“Photo People” is scheduled to be released in December via Naver TV.

By Kim So-yeon (

Scroll down for more news/pics of JJ as a photographer...

[PICS] 170918 Kim Jaejoong Attended Ferrari’s 70th Anniversary Event in Seoul

Venue: Shilla Hotel
 photo IMG_3968.jpg  photo DKF2pnxUQAEo1GZ.jpg
 photo IMG_3817.jpg photo IMG_3824.jpg

Source:  ogn0120
Shared by: JYJ3

More pics:

as tagged


[Cjes IG] Let's meet on that day💕 If you are curious about Fan meeting, go to Melon Ticket at 8 PM tonight! 5 PM on 10/29

2017 Kim Jaejoong Asia Fanmeeting Tour ticket opens tonight at 8 PM A bloody battle expected

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Manhole Episodes 11/12 BTS





170920 맨홀 예고

Manhole Episode 13 Preview

KBS 한국방송 (MyloveKBS)

ep 13 Preview: 
Seoktae: Why do you want to do time slip? 
Pil: Because I'm not happy...


20170919 cjes.tagram IG

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[Cjes IG] Manager(aka Kyungtae) films his hyung kick-boarding but never runs to keep up w Thanx for video Come quickly Kyungtae

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Soooo cute! The is not bad either! is !

We'll protect YOU ! 💚🙏💚 of KDrama

JJ: I'll protect you

[IG] It's just a photo but the more stress you have, the more shaking you see, I hear... I see magnitude 9 as of now

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Will LOVE and support always! is

The #iconic big-shot will come to #Paris for #2018ss #fashion week! Need some new? #Follow him being as #fab #photographer

[Full TR] challenges himself to become a professional photographer Will go to Paris after wrap up of drama


's Kim Jaejoong, , Jung Hye Sung, And More To Join Photography Variety Show

Several celebrities will be taking on photography for new variety show “Photo People”!
On September 19, it was revealed that JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong, Samuel, actors Lee Jun Hyeok, Jung Hye Sung, and Kim SunA, comedian Jo Se Ho, model Shim So Young, and hair designer Gunhee will be participating in the web variety show.
The cast members have been learning basics from photographer Katie Kim for the past several months. They will be traveling to France for a week on September 29 and put their skills to use for taking photos at Paris Fashion Week.
“Photo People” will be released online in December and is aiming for 10 to 12 episodes that are each an hour long.

n Samuel Kim to join web variety show Photo People

[Full TR] to challenge himself to become a professional photographer with Samuel Kim and others in Photo People
Correction: The photographer training them is not Katy Kim(x) but KT Kim Sorry
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ontheliszt ins 1st meeting with all crew.


170919 Junsu IG  
1st pic: "Yap! Hehe" 
2nd pic: He thanks his brother for standing by him, through thick and thin. Wants 3cm of his height. 

170919 Junsu IG  
1st pic: " seems like his hand's placement is dangerous(?) Ahh.. hehe" 
2nd pic:""

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Junsu performance at a Police Community event...
Gwanggyo Lake Park Yard Theater 
Family Love Walking Tournament Southern Police Promotion Team 

Love is like a snowflake ~ Fresh Blood Kim Jun-su

170916 XIA - Love is like snowflakes (2017 GwangJyo Lake Park)

170916 XIA Junsu - Fresh Blood (2017 GwangJyo Lake Park)

170916 XIA Junsu - Getting into his Head (Death note)

Xia Girl21



Golden Star  and It's Over



JJ IG Update

Nice rewarding hobby. Can't wait all these amazing photos from


Gorgeous as Pil in KDrama

Check out our ! Handsome Pil is KDrama

Translations by crystalmoon0213
People of the world! Please look how lovely our Pil is! No one should be left out!

Your support gives me energy in this tight filming schedule 

Bong Pil's puppy-like cuteness continues even in this hot weather

is so cute when he looks at the cellphone in this pose (well, he looks cute in every pose in fact)

His physique is praiseworthy always... His shoulders are always right!

His shoulders made me fall in love once Tendons in his arm made me fall for him twice

Waiting for Sujin's studio opening holding a flower pot Were you always this cute from the moment you were born?

 Not sleeping... Thinking about Sujin

I even witnessed wearing police uniform in my life time... It was a good life...

 How come I can't get over this photo?

You've done enough handsome and doing that sentimental look now... What do we suppose to do?

You r good at handsome college student look as well

You must be cool fan! The fan works hard with until dawn

Textbook Born to be lovely
Explosion of hotness

You will give Pil lots of love next 2 weeks too, right? See you on Wednesday! 

저 만나볼까나.

Why did go to the future? Will the reasons be revealed?


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