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JYJ News Week of 2/8-2/14/2016

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Kim Jaejoong "The Beginning of The End"

김재중 - 2015 The Beginning of The End DVD 링크


[INFO] 2015 Kim Jaejoong’s Concert In Seoul “The Beginning Of The End” DVD to be released in March 2016

2015 KIM JAE JOONG Concert In Seoul「The Beginning Of The End」

The DVD is limited edition. Set includes 3 Discs + 100p photobook + mini posters.
Recorded on March 28th & 29th, 2015
Subtitles: Korean / English / Chinese (Traditional)
Date of Release: March 28th, 2016
DVD Content:
01. MINE
02. 9+1 #
03. Let the Rhythm Flow
04. Rotten Love
05. Shiny Days
06. Now Is Good
07. All Alone
08. Living Like a Dream (Dr. Jin OST)
09. Breathing
10. Good Morning Night
11. Kiss B
12. Don’t Walk Away
13. Luvholic
14. Brighter
15. Modem Beat
16. Just Another Girl
17. One Kiss
18. At the Age of 30
19. The letter from a private
20. I’ll Protect You (Protect The Boss OST)

JYJ3’s Note: Check our compilation tweets from those dates (Link1, Link2) Very touching moments! T.T
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Junsu Update
160215 CJES IG Update: "Meet me soon on V app!"

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2015 KIM JAE JOONG CONCERT IN SEOUL “The Beginning of The End”


More Kim Jaejoong Goodies...

<The Beginning of The End> DVD! 
• 3 Discs (FM-82mins, Con-99mins, Making-18mins) 
• 100pp Photobook 
• 3 Mini Posters 
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JYJ’s Jaejoong Enjoys Chart-Topping Success With the Release of “NO.X”

Despite not promoting due to his military duties, JYJ’s Jaejoong is enjoying popularity on many international music charts with his recently released album “NO.X.”
On February 13, Jaejoong’s agency CJeS Entertainment stated, “Jaejoong’s second studio album ‘NO.X,’ which dropped yesterday, has been conquering the iTunes charts in many countries. The album topped at No. 1 on the Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Philippines, Thailand, and Japan iTunes charts, and made it into the top 10 in Peru and Indonesia.”
Additionally, the title track “Love You More” has earned the top spot on weekly charts in Korea, as well. One of the songs from the album, “Do You Know?”, dropped last month on Jaejoong’s birthday and reached No. 1 on the iTunes charts in 16 countries.
Jaejoong recorded the entire album as a gift to his fans prior to his enlistment in March 2015.
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[HUMOR] An Open 'Happy Valentines' Letter to Kim Jaejoong inspired by NOX tracklist

Kim Jaejoong NO.X Updates...

This week's Hanteo no.1 album: Kim Jae Joong's NO.X

's 2nd album 1st batch sold out in an instant! Explosive worldwide popularity!

updated ^^ [RANKING] iTunes and Hanteo Ranking of Kim Jaejoong's 2nd Album, NOX

PrinceJJ Retweeted 백년해로

's album #1 in 9 countries' Overall iTunes Album Chart & #1 in 25 countries' Kpop Album Chart!

[Lyrics TRANS] Welcome to My Wild World


Jaejoong update
미션 달성!
인증샷 나갑니다 smile emoticon

Mission complete!
This is the pic that I promised smile emoticon

Jaejoong slays various charts with 'No.X'

February 13, 2016

Jaejoong's recently-released 'No.X' is already slaying charts!

The album is #1 on Hanteo's daily sales chart for the 12th, winning over competition such as WINNER, Ryeowook, BTS, and UP10TION. He's also ranked at #1 out of K-pop albums in 18 different countries' charts on iTunes, including Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, USA, Canada, Portugal, Turkey, Russia, Hungary, Peru, Argentina, and Colombia. He ranked #1 overall in 8 countries - Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam

Congratulations to Jaejoong!

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[INSTAGRAM] 160214 Kim Junsu Instagram Update: Puppy Lover

[PHOTO] 피카야..너무 귀요워!!!

[TRANS] too cute!!!

(JYJ3 Note: This is one of the puppies Mooyoung has had for a while –based on his many previous Instagram posts–, not a new puppy Junsu got; if you were wondering…)
 photo 12677654_485279394989596_1197737108_n.jpg
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Translations by: rilanna of JYJ3  
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[RANKING] Chinese Fans Fulfill Jaejoong’s Wish to Score 100% in YinYuetai M/V Site

by Ces
Watch & Listen to Jaejoong's wish at 6:18

To get 100%, the fans had to continuously watch and stream Jaejoong's music video.  The fans exerted great effort to achieve this, as a Valentine gift to Jaejoong.

Yinyuetai is one of China's largest Music Video Sharing Site, like Youtube and has a tie-up with Billboard.

No.1 Ranking with a Perfect Score:
Source:  Yinyuetai Shared by: PrinceJJ

[TRIVIA] Attaining a perfect score of 100 in YinYuetai (one of China's largest video sharing site like Youtube)

[RANKING] Chinese Fans Fulfill Jaejoong's Wish to Score 100% in YinYuetai M/V Site

[INFO] Jaejoong's MV 'Love You More' Ranks 1st on YenYueTai w/ perfect score of 100%!!! Perfect score is rare!   

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Jaejoong Update
JYJ added 2 new photos from February 13 at 7:00pm.
"지금 NO.X(녹스) 듣고 계신 분들, 스밍인증샷을 남겨주세요!"
인증샷이 천 장이 모이는 순간,
넘나 은혜로운 김재중의 비하인드 컷이 공개됩니다.

참여하는 방법 smile emoticon
1. NO.X를 들으며 김재중의 목소리에 빠진다.
2. 보고만 있어도 흐뭇한 스밍인증순간을 캡쳐한다.
3. 댓글로 인증샷을 업로드한다.

"For those who are listening to NO.X, please take and upload a proof shot of the streaming song!"
A gorgeous behind cut of Kim Jae Joong will be revealed once the proof shots reach to 1,000 pieces!
How to participate:
1. Listening to NO.X and falling into Kim Jae Joong's beautiful voice.
2. Taking a fantastic proof shot of the streaming the album.
3. Uploading the photo with a comment.

‪#‎김재중‬ ‪#‎KIMJAEJOONG‬ ‪#‎녹스‬ ‪#‎NOX‬ ‪#‎정규2집‬ ‪#‎다함께_스밍스밍‬ ‪#‎무한반복‬ ‪#‎인증샷_기다릴게요‬ ‪#‎오빠가_보고있다‬ ‪#‎비하인드컷‬ ‪#‎넘나_기대되는것‬


[Album & MV Review] Jaejoong - 'NO.X'

February 12, 2016


Track List:
1. Good Morning Night
2. Drawer
3. Love You More *Title
4. Love You To Death
5. Good Luck
6. Blame       
7. Welcome To My Wild World
8. Breathing
9. All That Glitters
10. Meeting Again, We Will Meet Again, But…
11. Run Away
12. You Know What?

Jaejoong salutes his fans with his second full-length album, 'NO.X.' He's currently serving in the military, but he still takes the time to serve up 12 tracks for your listening pleasure. Jaejoong collaborates on his title track "Love You More" with composer Tae Wan, who worked on JYJ's "Back Seat" and Junsu's "Flower."

The album kicks off with "Good Morning Night," a rocker starting off with a jangly beat, but soon ends up with Jaejoong's vocals over a crunchy guitar. It's a great contrast, a hard rock guitar softened by Jaejoong's tenor. It's quite a way to start an LP! It's got playful lyrics too, Jaejoong saying good morning to the evening, and telling you to enjoy the night.

He slows it way down for "Drawer," with piano and guitar again, but very tender. His voice is wistful and pleading, and rises when the music does. The whole arrangement is quite soothing, and the nice thing is even though there's some production thrown at it, he's not screaming to be heard over it all. On this track, he likens his heart to nearly-empty drawer.

"Love You More," the title track, is a smooth, hard rock gem, polished to near-perfection by veteran producer Tae Wan. Jaejoong croons over an electrifying guitar. The JYJ member is in fine form here as he goes from smooth to scratchy, giving the vocals some serious punch. The song is about how he's overflowing with love, and he wants to love her more.

The ominously titled "Love You To Death" is characterized by needy vocals and the mood is somber. It's a mid-tempo piece with pounding drums which add to the overall effect. It's a piece to get lost in, as Jaejoong gives his voice a rougher quality. There's very dark language here -- it's obvious he's in pain over a breakup.

"Good Luck" is another rocker, starting out with a bluesy hard-rock beat and guitars to match. The bass in here makes it obvious that it's playful, and it nearly has a danceable beat. It's a nice switch from "Love You To Death." There's a frenetic energy to it, and the chorus has pretty much the same melody as the verses, so there's no build, just a bridge. I love how his tenor hits some high notes and also gives us some sweet vocal snaps. On this track, he's tired of her insistence that she's right.

"Blame" takes us on a trip to the '70s with a Santana-like soft rocker with organs and electric guitars. It's noticeably slower, and showcases Jaejoong's vocals nicely, with wistful croons and some explosive moments. The message is pretty simple, despite some nice imagery: he blames himself for a breakup.

"Welcome To My Wild World" opens to blazing guitars and an easily chanted hook. The English is awkward --the chorus is an approximation of the title -- but it still doesn't stop it from being a great pop-punk tune. There's a time change about 2:19 that's awesome and likely gives you the reason for this pandemonium. The song is playful and accessible, and here he sings about a wild time, probably being drunk and belligerent.

The next tune, "Breathing," is a slower soft rock number. It starts out acoustic, but gets some flowing electric guitars in there to guide the tune. It's sweet and smooth, with Jaejoong's vocals ebb and flow gently but urgently. It's a song about the ecstatic feeling he gets just by being with his girl.

"All That Glitters" is a little faster than "Breathing," but not by much. It's a mature tune; already epic-sounding, Jaejoong's voice propels this song to ethereal heights, switching from slightly hoarse to high tenor, with some snaps in the bridge. This tune screams regret, as Jaejoong beats himself up mentally, and can't stop dwelling on his pain.

We move on to "Meeting Again, We Will Meet Again, But…" Despite the awkward-sounding title, it's not a mistake. It's a heartfelt ballad, with piano and faux-orchestra. At the end they dial it back to just a piano and Jaejoong's angsty vocals. Breaking up, he knows he'll see her again, and here's the "but": he's sad because he knows how painful it will be.

"Run Away" is another ballad, but it's different than the others. He doesn't do much with his voice here, his even tenor beckoning and lulling us as it echoes around the tune, and it sounds a bit lonely. He's asking why, whenever he tries to love her, she runs away.

"You Know What?" is a mid-tempo, folksy tune, done to an acoustic guitar. Commanding drum beats help tell the tale. Jaejoong handles the vocal duties well. The melody is not bad, and certainly listenable, just not amazing. The lyrics, however, are clever and playful, explaining how he's blamed for everything while she gets off scot-free -- until his humorous reveal at the end.

This is a lively, cross-genre work of art. There are elements here of Britpop, blues, ballads, grunge, hard rock, and pop punk. There are definite callouts to earlier genres and eras, but without being obvious or slavish. One thing's for certain: Jaejoong puts together a very slick package, and is far from being boring or predictable, re-inventing himself with every comeback. I'm giving this an enthusiastic thumbs up.



Dancer, martial artist, painter, composer, each of these have their dreams, and each of them chase their dreams, moving in time to the music. The MV is interspersed with scenes of these characters pursuing their craft, along with performances from Jaejoong.

Jaejoong does his best. He's not really a dancer as much as a performer, and here he grabs the mike and sings his heart out. Other scenes are largely fan service and don't do much for me (being a straight male).

The wardrobe is okay. There's not much call for crazy costuming here, so the whole thing is more realistic. The apparel is appropriate for the vignettes in the MV. Jaejoong himself is in knee-high boots and various button-downs. I like the shirts they put him in, I might as well keep this for style suggestions.

It could all be a big mess, but it works. Each vignette has its own lighting and sets are realistic, if a bit spare. The camera work has that cinema verite feel to it, without being cheap or amateurish. All of it skillfully contributes to the message "follow your dreams." It's good without being grandiose, outstanding without being overwrought. Thumbs up. 



NO.X by Kim Jaejoong

Love you More MV making BTS
Veronicha _

NO.X Album Photoshoot
Veronicha _

NO.X Recording BTS


[REPORT] 160212 “Currently Enlisted” JYJ Jaejoong, Hologram Concert… That day certainly Jaejoong was there on stage

Report written by Kstyle News writer 望月美寿. Translated by xiahjunjjyu.
Currently serving the military, Kim Jaejoong held “2016 Kim Jae Joong 2nd Album Hologram real live Concert in Japan” on both days, 9th and 10 February. Kim Jaejoong, who is currently working hard in a special training in the intense cold. This time’s concert, labelled hologram concert, borrowing the power of the state of the art technology, is the idea that Jaejoong who is not here sings and dances. Yoyogi (National) Gymnasium, serving as the venue was packed filled with the fans who wanted to see a glimpse of Jaejoong. Will be reporting the performance on the 10th.
Before this time’s concert began, various thoughts flew about this concert which was also unusual. The excitement of the happiness of being able to hear the unreleased album “NO.X” made by Jaejoong first in this world and to begin with how does a hologram concert with the person himself absent actually feel like? Even if it is not real, want to meet Jaejoong! 3D Jaejoong might fly out (from somewhere)!? (laughs) Anyhow, the excitement for the zone of (having) no experience was staggering.

It was Real, it was Magical… Jaejoong amongst that Strange Atmosphere

After the appointed time of 7 p.m. passed, what was projected on the big screen was, zoomed in of Jaejoong’s beautiful powerful eyes. In the video of a scenery which makes you think of outer space, “even if you can’t see, the wish is reflected. If you want to hear my songs, if you want to see my form, I exist in this room right now, I will sing songs in this place,” such a cool narration was there…… at last virtual Jaejoong revealed itself! In a black lam shirt he started singing the rock ballad “Just Another Girl”. Encircling the surrounding was a real band live performance. With the white skin, front hair pushed up hairstyle, brilliantly designed shining bottom, Jaejoong himself dimly radiating, a strange atmosphere drifting in, to call it real it was real, to call it magical it was magical. Before the start, there was an announcement of  “on account of the circumstances, please watch while remain seated,” as well, I saw the state of the audience as well perplexed over how to react to the prince Jaejoong who was descending down from outer space.
However, after singing finished Jaejoong while smiling shyly said, “thank you very much,” both the uneasiness and the bewilderment vanished. MC in Japanese. You can tell that this stage was prepared for the Japanese fans. “It’s been a long time right. The me standing right here, is it a reality or a dream, I don’t really know but (laughs) this happy feelings of being able to be together in this same space can’t be helped right (laughs),” progressing a fun talk like always Jaejoong, it is like as though he is in front of our eyes. “The new album was released right. I want to let everyone hear the new songs quickly. Next is a refreshing, bright song. I will sing the feelings of a man in love,” he said and what he started singing was “You Know What?” which was released on his birthday, 26th January. Continuing on with a ballad which has an acoustic feel “Breathing” singing it like speaking, continued with”All That Glitters” the one with a beat that makes you move.

Singing ability and Expressiveness… Charm as an Artist

“Everyone, how was it? 3 new songs from the new album. Nothing like I’ve done before, it was with a feel different from (what i have done) till now right? I wanted to know about everyone’s reaction ever since the time I had made the album but…… (even if he paused after saying this, no reply will come so without thinking he gave a wry smile),” “everyone likes Jaejoong so, even if i sing a strange song you will still support me right (laughs) but, some times you make a composed conclusion musically, is what I believe,” and made us laugh. “Next is a ballad which will make you listen to it calmly and is a song with the point that it makes you feel, this is love,” the song he introduced as such was “다시 만나지만 다시 만나겠지만(Although We Met Again, We Would Meet Again)” and “서랍(drawer)” which traps the sadness in the chest (T/N: I don’t know why but in all the Japanese reports of the Hologram concert these two songs are titled as ‘Closer’ and ‘End of The Road’ respectively). Outfit was changed to a long T-shirt, the form of [Jaejoong] illuminated by a blue light, singing while sitting on top of a stone, was like a slightly lonely star prince, who was left behind on some planet. “다시 만나지만 다시 만나겠지만(Although We Met Again, We Would Meet Again) is a song written while thinking about the fans.
From here on, a short movie projected on the monitor screen portraying a young couple’s tragic love, after which, in the middle of stage form of Jaejoong reciting the piano suddenly appeared. Song is “Life Support”. Jaejoong who emotionally sings of lost love. Splendid. Singing ability as well as the expression prowess is remarkably upped! Fans grasping the penlight tightly and listening. The whole hall was absorbed in by Jaejoong’s singing voice. After this, clothes changed to a sexy black shirt, following the adult like cool image “원망해요 (Blame)” (T/N: in this report this song is called Blues for some reason..), “Love You to Death” was showcased. Jaejoong’s speciality high note and guitar’s collaboration was again wonderful.

Do you remember Jaejoong’s face?

Over here, songs were on break for a moment. “Do you remember Jaejoong’s face” so called Jaejoong’s portrait corner started, firstly Park Yuhwan appeared. Smiling he talked about Jaejoong’s charm, “he is a handsome man like a manga/comic character right,” drawing was revealed. Next, Gummy appeared, “we have been said to look alike. Jaejoong has thin outline but his face is masculine right?” and revealed her work. The last one to be displayed was Junsu’s. “Jaejoong has a sculpture like face right. The eyes are impressive. He is warm and charismatic,” he said and what he drew was one big eye and lips only! The great painter Junsu for whom Picasso would have been shocked as well, the venue inside burst into laughter. After this, the portraits sent by the fans were shown. Sketches, illustrations, from cute till sexy. From the various faces of Jaejoong, fans love could be felt.
From here the live was restored again. When in a narrow red skin jeans form Jaejoong appeared, the hall came into high spirits instantly. It is irritating that I couldn’t stand up~. What he sang was “Glamorous Sky”, which became a big hit as the theme song of the film “NANA”. On this day, the only Japanese song. Cool Jaejoong, who was moving around to the left and right on the stage. Unintentionally a voice appears (saying) Jaejoong. Continuing on, in “Good Morning Night” fans very much gave out shouts of enthusiasm and heated up even more. At the moment when the excitement had reached it’s climax, silver tape burst out and rained down incessantly on the audience seats.

With light talk breathing with the fans as well

Over here was Jaejoong’s MC. While gasping for his breath, he talked, “everyone, aren’t you tired? Lies~ You are tired right?” he spoke. It was like as if he is there, his breathing matching with the fans. Certainly his talk is good. “For the time being, the Jaejoong over here is not real okay, no matter how much I sing or dance I won’t get tired (laugh),” he said and invited a roar of laughter. “Everyone do you still have energy remaining?” “YEAH!” “Then, I will sing an even more fun song!” and he emotionally sang “Welcome To My Wild World”.  Waving his hands greatly, he induced the fans. Over here there was the introduction of the band members and, hot applause were given to the musicians who let us hear the best performance by hyping Jaejoong up. Over there Jaejoong re-appeared. Carried by the rhythm, swinging freely. The front of the leather jacket was all bare, the form of a thin macho with the abdominal muscles fully revealed was too sexy! What he sang was “Good Luck”. Outfit changed to a white jacket with a red pattern in it, “Everyone of Tokyo~! Are you enjoying yourself ? Till now I have sung a lot but regretfully this is the last song,” fan said, “eh~” “don’t want that~” after taking the pause of replies on the dot, “but, there is still a song left from the new album that i haven’t performed yet right. It is the album’s title track,” and what he sang was “Love You More”. Jaejoong looking comfortable in the burst opened rock sound, cool chorus part remained in the ears and won’t separate. In that hyped up condition, he plunged into the similar “Mine”. Stage too, the audience as well, were tension upped. Subsequently, the flames broke out with a bam.
During the encore Jaejoong appeared wearing a gorgeous silver jacket. He again emotionally sang a similar song “One Kiss”. And the last song was from the new album, a western music like composed ballad “Run Away”. The way of singing and the quality of voice was totally different from Jaejoong’s image up till now. It is a song which makes you feel of a new possibility and ability. The moment the singing ended, to the Jaejoong who became a smoke and suddenly disappeared, the fans unintentionally let out a voice of shock. To leave without even saying goodbye, it’s a bit lonely but, perhaps is it that after finishing his role Jaejoong returned to the virtual space. In the end again, “if everyone believes, then he is constantly together with us,” such a message from outer space (?) was heard…….

That day certainly Jaejoong was there on stage

In the video adorning the ending, recording scenes and concert making was projected. Jaejoong with no make up in the recording studio. The earnest expression while making the arrangements. And, in front of the green background Jaejoong emotionally singing all alone. But in his face at this time, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that many fans could be seen. Thinking about his form of talking with utmost effort is lovely. As a bonus, all the fans in the hall participated in the surprise project to Jaejoong. Sang “You Know What?” in chorus and, when putting up the cards all at once inside a pink heart the message of one alphabet “J” emerged. By the way, on the previous day the 9th, in the similar project, they celebrated Jaejoong’s birthday.
The first case with the real person being absent, before going, before seeing there was bewilderment as well in this time’s concert. However, after watching had ended, wouldn’t everyone have said in a single word of “I’m glad I went!!”. Above all Jaejoong’s charms as an artist left an overwhelming impression. The truth is, in this time’s new album, Jaejoong self composed and wrote two songs (“원망해요 (Blame)” and “Good Luck”) and handled lyric writing of 7 songs. This is his own music that he wants to do right now. Furthermore, I was shocked at the fact that he prepared for the fans this much in last year spring, in the terribly busy time just before his enlistment. That day, certainly Jaejoong was there in Yoyogi. Even if the flesh was not real, his soul was there with the fans. 10 months remaining to his discharge in December. Really anxiously awaiting for the day when we can hear Jaejoong’s live voice.
Writer: 望月美寿  
(T/N: I couldn’t find how her kanji/Chinese characters read as. They have several ways of reading it so I’ve left it as it is)

2016 KIM JAE JOONG 2nd Album Hologram real live Concert in Japan
Date and Time: 10th Feb 2016 (Wed) Start 19:00
Venue: Yoyogi National Gymnasium

01. Just another girl
02. 그거 알아? (You Know What?)
03. Breathing
04. All That Glitters
05. Closer  [다시 만나지만 다시 만나겠지만(Although We Met Again, We Would Meet Again)]
06. End of The Road [서랍(drawer)]
07. Life Support
08. Blues  [원망해요 (Blame)]
09. Love You to Death
10. Glamorous Sky
11. Good Morning Night
12. Welcome To My Wild World
13. Good Luck
14. Love You More
15. Mine
16. One Kiss
17. Run Away

Source: Kstyle News
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER


Kim Jae Joong’s Second Album Receives Enthusiastic Response

[by Bae Jung Yun] Kim Jae Joong’s Second Album ‘NO.X’ has unveiled.

C-JeS Entertainment announced that “On February 11 at midnight, his new album ‘NO.X’ was released after 2 years and 4 months. He was participated in writing lyrics of 9 songs and composing 2 songs to make the album with high completion degree. The album contains various types of 12 tracks such as britpop, blues, post-grunge, hard-rock, pop-funk, ballad and others.”

Title song ‘Love You More’ is a pop-funk song with strong sound and dynamic groove. The lyrics are about a person, who actively expresses his heart of wanting to give everything and feeling lack even confessing his love every day. Highly addictive chorus will attract anyone who listens to this song.

In addition, threre are ‘Breathing’ and ‘Good Morning Night’ that he performed as a surprise in the concert before he joined the army, ‘Meet Again, Even We Meet Again’ expresses his love for fans, his own music ‘Blaming You’ and ‘Good Luck’ and others in this album.

The music video released along with the sound track definitely drew people’s attention. Dynamic and intense performance, which lead compliment of ‘That is Kim Jae Joong as I expected’ attracted many viewers. Moreover, it formed the image of young pople going forward to reach their dreams by using omnibus format. It is receving comment of raising dynamic mood by showing sensual beauty of image.

Meanwhile, his second full-length album ‘NO.X’ is available on online and offline stores. (photo by C-JeS Entertainment)


R&B queen Gummy cheers on JYJ's Jaejoong's new album

February 12, 2016

R&B queen Gummy recorded a special clip on Melon to cheer for close friend, JYJ's Jaejoong!

The singer praised Jaejoong's album 'NO.X' and title song "Love You More" by saying, "The album is full of songs that accentuate Jaejoong's voice. The title song does a good job of emphasizing trendy and punk. The first time you listen to it, you know right away that it's the title."

She also shed tears while listening to Jaejoong's "Meeting Again, Will Meet Again" and commented, "Jaejoong's honesty is deeply engrained... A lot of people will relate." 

Have you checked out Jaejoong's MV and album yet?



Kim Jaejoong NO.X
Amazing second album
귀를 사로잡는 목소리, 열두 트랙 몽땅 킬링 트랙!
이제 아이튠즈에서 김재중의 NO.X를 만나보세요 smile emoticon

All the 12 songs are the killing tracks that captivates your ears! Now meet KIM JAE JOONG's NO.X at iTunes!
‪#‎김재중‬ ‪#‎KIMJAEJOONG‬ ‪#‎녹스‬ ‪#‎NOX‬ ‪#‎아이튠즈‬ ‪#‎iTunes‬ ‪#‎음원공개‬

긴 기다림을 위로해주는 선물같은 재중의 앨범.
그리운 목소리, 자꾸 듣게되네요 smile emoticon

JAE JOONG's new album will console our long time waiting him. You will want to listen to his beautiful voice again and again.


김재중 'Love You More' MV making vid

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JYJ MV release quenches thirst for Korean/Japanese fans


NO.X songs lyrics...

[Lyrics TRANS] track no. 2 Drawer  
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[Lyrics TRANS] Love you to death  
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Release of 's 2nd full length album including tracks in variety of musical genre


[Lyrics TRANS] Good Luck  
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[Lyrics TRANS] track no. 6: All I Desire   
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[Lyrics TRANS] 'We will meet again, we would meet again, but...' song wrote to his fans
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Legendary 12 tracks from Brit-pop to pop punk 's 2nd full length album, unveiled!

[Lyrics TRANS] All that glitters   
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...My now favorite song...
[Lyrics TRANS] Run Away
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Scroll Down for more Jaejoong and NO.X and Love You More...


[HD] DRACULA, the musical - She, At last & Loving you keeps me alive (Korean 2016)

sddd02 (Channel Ssiaht)

Junsu IG Update...Bored at home

[FACEBOOK] 160212 JYJ Official Facebook Update: See Xiacula on V-app on Feb. 16!

 photo 12694491_912330945528937_4022452187211517428_o.jpg
 photo 160212cjesjyj-xiaculaonv-app.png
“We are inviting everyone to Xiacula’s castle
Welcome. If you want, will you come in.”

☞ The most beautiful live broadcast in V-app history [T/N: similar to ‘Dracula’ tagline, “The most beautiful kiss in Broadway history”]
2/15(Mon) 16PM (KST) V-App LIVE ☜

Before Master goes to sleep… Come onto V-app!
Filling up full of quality time with Xiacula-nim,
We are looking forward to everyone’s participation :)

How to participate ① 《Seated Dracula》
Fill in one word in “Kim Junsu is OO in Dracula”. The chosen sentences will be read personally by Master and for the two persons who wrote the one word that had the most IMPACT, you will be given a special gift!

How to participate ② 《Master is being watched》
Everything that is concerning about Master, ask as much as you like in comments! If you don’t ask in this opportunity, you will have to wait 400 years to once again.

– Period : ~up to midnight on 2/14(Sun)
– Ways to participate : (1) In a comment ; or (2) Prepartory content using opening remarks

‪#‎KimJunsu ‪#‎Xiacula‪ #‎Dracula ‪#‎DRACULA‬ ‪#‎V-app

Translations by: rilanna of JYJ3  
Shared by: JYJ3

[HD PICS] Junsu during <Dracula> Musical! 1st picture OMG!  (小于儿Ether)
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[M/V] 김재중(KIM JAE JOONG) - Love You More


LOVE YOU MORE with English subs
1theK (원더케이)

[Lyrics TRANS]  
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JYJ's Jaejoong wants to 'Love You More' in new MV!

February 11, 2016 

JYJ's Jaejoong is back with his "Love You More" music video!

This is Jaejoong's second album after his first, 'WWW', in October of 2013. The JYJ member spent half a year to complete this new album, composing 2 songs and writing the lyrics for 9 tracks.


JYJ’s Jaejoong Rocks Out in “Love You More” MV

JYJ’s Jaejoong Rocks Out in “Love You More” MV

Even though JYJ’s Jaejoong is currently in the army for his mandatory military service, he’s still thrilling fans with new music!
Jaejoong’s second full length solo album entitled “No.X” was released on February 12 at midnight KST, along with the music video for the title track “Love You More.”
The album was recorded prior to his enlistment, and is comprised of 12 tracks that cover a diverse range of genres from hard rock to ballads to blues. Two of the songs were composed by Jaejoong himself, and he also participated in writing the lyrics for nine of the others. The track “Do You Know?” was pre-released on Jaejoong’s birthday, January 26, to get fans excited for the upcoming album.
The composer of his title track “Love You More” is R&B singer-songwriter Tae Wan, who wrote a song for Jaejoong’s first album, as well as JYJ’s “Backseat” and fellow JYJ member Junsu’s “Flower.”

Meanwhile, Jaejoong enlisted on March 31 2015, and is expected to be discharged from the army on December 30 of this year.


Kim Jaejoong NO.X album photos
from various music sites (including mnet and melon)


Jaejoong Update

cjes.tagram's photo Minutes away... iTunes USA don't fail me!

[IG TRANS] Don't fall asleep early tonight! It will be midnight soon. Shocking album by   
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[FULL TRANS] With only 100% Hologram Concert, made his Japanese fans go wild


Celebrities with their nieces/nephews

Daum Cafe: Celebrities who are famous to be 'chuka babos' (tn: fool for your niece/nephew)

JYJ's Jaejoong

Celebrities with their nieces/nephews


Are you excited?^^ #Jaejoong's album drops midnight today (KST)! Pls buy his album! He worked really hard for this!

Kim Jaejoong!
바로 오늘 자정이에요,
꽉 채운 정규 2집 앨범 녹스로 여러분과 만날 시간!
어떤 곡을 가장 먼저 듣고 싶나요? 😄
‪#‎김재중‬ ‪#‎KIMJAEJOONG‬ ‪#‎녹스‬ ‪#‎NOX‬
‪#‎정규2집‬ ‪#‎2ndAlbum‬ ‪#‎기다림‬ ‪#‎오늘자정‬

Right, it's nearly midnight today.
Hang on to the regular 2 album in the green as you and meet time!
What Father would like to hear first? 😄
‪#‎Kim‬ Jae-‪#‎Kimjaejoong‬ ‪#‎Knox‬ ‪#‎Nox‬
‪#‎Regular‬ Part2 Wallpaper #2 Ndalbum ‪#‎waiting‬ ‪#‎midnight‬ today.
Translated from Korean


Kim Jae-joong goes hologram 

Updated : February 11 2016

Kim Jae-joong of JYJ, who is serving his mandatory military service, filled the void by performing a concert via hologram in Japan.

His concert was held at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium in Tokyo on Tuesday and Wednesday, as over 15,000 fans gathered at the site to see the star’s virtual performance. The concert was recorded before Kim joined the service in March last year.

Kim Jae-joong's hologram concert (C-JeS Entertainment)
The concert, which Kim prepared as “a gift to his fans,” featured a selection of Kim’s songs, including those from his upcoming 2nd LP “No. X,” which will be released Thursday.

“It took over two years to prepare,” said an official from his label C-jeS Entertainment. According to the agency, it took them over a year to work with the pre-recorded contents to achieve completion.

“We focused on maximizing the sound quality as the new songs will be unveiled for the first time via hologram concert. Although this was our first attempt, the fans were very satisfied.”

The 30-year-old is tentatively scheduled to be discharged from his service on Dec. 30.

Kim’s second LP will be released online Thursday.

By Ahn Sung-mi (


Kim Jae Joong’s Hologram Concert Was Held in Tokyo

[by Bae Jung Yun] Kim Jae Joong’s perfect hologram made 15,000 fans go wild without his presence.

C-JeS Entertainment announced that “On February 9 and 10, Kim Jae Joong’s hologram concert ‘2016 Kim Jae Joong 2nd Album Hologram real live Concert in Japan’ held at the Tokyo Yoyogi Gymnasium was successfully ended with fan’s acclamation. He prepared this concert for fans before he joined the army. Japanese fans were touched and delighted from meeting entire tracks of his new album through this concert. The first ever attempted hologram concert drew attention from people.”

The performance was held for 90 minutes and it materialized perfect arena with its stage, direction, special effect and image same as original concert. Fan’s reacted wildly just like keeping in step with real Kim Jae Joong on the stage. He also showed off various outfits through the hologram. His new songs in the second full-length album ‘NO.X’ were shown off to relieve fan’s thirst of missing him.

The first stage was his first full-length album’s title song ‘Just Another Girl’. When Kim Jae Joong’s hologram showed up, the fans were surprised and cheered for seeing him again after one year. Moreover, he showed off 17 songs such as ‘You Know What?’, ‘Meet Again, Even We Meet Again’, the title song ‘Love You More’ and others with perfect sound. The fan service was also full of sincerity. There was the talk time and greeting from Kim Jae Joong during the middle of the performance and also free exhibition opened before the concert gave fans the present of happiness.

The performance director of C-JeS Entertainment said, “There were two years of preparations. The contents filmed before he joined the army increased its completeness through one year of post production and repeated suggestions. We mainly focused on increasing the quality of sound. The completeness of performance and satisfaction of fans were high although it was the first attempt.”

Since the performance has launched as a successful model, the response of Japanese local participants was very enthusiastic. A Japanese performance participant said, “Even Japanese participant from the Korean entertainment management company came to watch the performance. This performance is a good example of the company makes a profit by trusts Kim Jae Jooong’s fame in Japan and planned and invested for many years. It will become a model of future K-pop singers.”

The local participant said, “I could once again feel how influenced artist is he by attention from Japanese presses and explosive reaction of Japanese fans waiting for his goods.”

Meanwhile, Kim Jae Joong’s second full-length album will be released on February 11 at 12pm KST. (photo by C-JeS Entertainment)


Kim Jaejoong Hologram Concerts News Headlines
Translations via @crystalmoon64

Singer meets 15,000 fans in Hologram Concert   

consoles his fans missing him while in army w Hologram Concert; enchants 15,000 Jp fans 

enchants 15,000 fans and wraps up his Hologram Concert in Japan   

reborn as hologram capture fans' heart   

See and feel without him there

holds sensational, world's first 90 minute long Hologram concert in Japan

Enlisted introduces songs from his upcoming 2nd album at his Hologram Concert in Japan   


captivates 15,000 fans with 100% hologram only  


successfully wraps up his hologram concert in Japan that resembles a real live concert  

Actually, should be 15,000!!!

10,500 enthusiastic fans fill the seats of Jaejoong's hologram concert in Japan

February 10, 2016
On February 9th and 10th, Jaejoong's hologram concert, '2016 Kim Jaejoong 2nd Album Hologram real live Concert in Japan', has successfully took place with 10,500 enthusiastic fans.

The show went on for 90 minutes as Jaejoong showed variety of performances with the use of hologram which upgraded the show as he used it to change outfits. Jaejoong performed new songs of his upcoming release 'NO.X'. Thousands of fans showed great fascination and enjoyment especially more than ever as they have eagerly waited for his return from the military service.

In addition, Jaejoong also performed the songs, "You Know?" of his second album which was released to celebrate his birthday, along with the song he wrote for his fans, "We Will Meet Again", the title song "Love You More", and 17 other tracks of his album. His fan service was excellent as well as he often took time to communicate with his fans during the concert.

The performance director of Jaejoong's concert said, "The concert was prepared for 2 years. The content was filmed before his military service, and was worked on for a year to complete perfection. Due to long and detailed preparation, the hologram concert was able to maintain high quality as well as high satisfaction of the fans."

The new songs Jaejoong performed in the hologram concert will be featured in his upcoming album 'NO.X'  which is to be released tonight through various music charts. 

Kim Jae Joong’s Hologram Real Live concert draws 15,000 fans in Japan

Kim Jae Joong held his Hologram Real Live concert on February 9th and 10th at Tokyo’s Yoyogi National Gymnasium 1, and still drew 15,000 fans despite not being there in person.
C-jeS Entertainment revealed that Kim Jae Joong had actively prepared for this concert prior to his enlistment last year, and also performed his new album songs.
The 90 minutes long hologram concert was definitely on par to any other concerts out there, with the 3-D hologram and other advanced technologies helping to project a vivid image of Kim Jae Joong, and fans also actively interacted with their idol. Kim Jae Joong appeared in a variety of outfits, and performed his second album songs like ‘NO.X,’ which helped to alleviate any void that his absence had brought to this fans.
Kim Jae Joong started by performing ‘Just another girl,’ and the image of him appearing immediately got his fans roaring in approval, and many couldn’t help but start applauding as it had been more than a year since they saw him. Kim Jae Joong continued by performing ‘You Know?’ ‘We Will Meet Again,’ ‘Love you more,’ for a total of 17 songs.
He also actively engaged with fans, and also had a talk corner and a free exhibition, which served as a special gift to his fans. The concert has also become much talked-about, as Kim Jae Joong’s popularity is still as explosive as ever despite being in the army, and received great reviews from all quarters.
Meanwhile, Kim Jae Joong’s new album will be out at midnight of February 12th.
By: Alvin


Jaejoong Hologram Concert Night 2

Getting ready for another night of excitement

Yuhwan on JJ's face: Unrealistic, Charismatic, Masculine, Impactful eyes, Kissable Lips 
Gummy on JJ's face: Colorful, attractive face, humongous eyes, beautiful facial line, ppl say we look alike, sorry fans
JS on JJ's face1. Sculpture, flower boy like pretty face yet masculine
JS on JJ's face: We look alike I think, high cheekbone, jawline, lips the upper lip being more plump than lower lip 

Event tonight! LOVE J!  
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20160210 Kim Jaejoong Hologram Concert in Japan 원망해요 (Life Support)

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20160210 Kim Jaejoong Hologram Concert in Japan GLAMOROUS SKY

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20160210 Kim Jaejoong Hologram Concert in Japan Good Morning Night

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20160210 Kim Jaejoong Hologram Concert in Japan Good Luck

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20160210 Kim Jaejoong Hologram Concert in Japan One Kiss

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10160210 Kim Jaejoong Hologram Concert in Japan Run Away

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LIVE Jp band during Jaejoong Hologram concerts...

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JYJ’s Kim Junsu on Wrapping Up “Dracula” the Musical

JYJ’s Kim Junsu on Wrapping Up “Dracula” the Musical

After his last performance as the titular character in the musical “Dracula” on February 9 at the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, JYJ‘s Kim Junsu reflects on the show’s successful conclusion.
Addressing his fans and everyone else who came out to see the musical, he says, “Your cheers gave the strength to work hard until the end. Thank you so much for your love.”
“Going forward this year, I hope to take on a variety of activities this year, so please look forward to it.”
Meanwhile, Kim Junsu played Dracula in Korea’s first production of the musical in 2014. He returned to play the leading role again for the second production, which ran from January 23 to February 9.
Congratulations to our favorite fictional vampire on a successful run!
Source (1)

JYJ's Junsu thanks fans after last performance of musical 'Dracula'

February 11, 2016

Musical 'Dracula' wrapped up its last performance on February 9th. As always, JYJ's Junsu (XIA) showcased his explosive vocals and haunting acting, receiving unending applause from the audience. 

Afterward, Junsu thanked the fans with, "'Dracula' is a piece I want to be with forever. Thanks to all of your cheers, I was greatly encouraged and was able to give my all until the end. Thank you so much for your love and support. Look forward to seeing me through many different activities in the coming year." 

Junsu's captivating role in Dracula will be well-remembered!

Kim Junsu Successfully Finished His Last Performance as Dracula

[by Kim Young Shin] On February 9, Kim Junsu acted in musical ‘Dracula’ at the Grand Hall of Sejong Arts Center for the last time.

He played the protagonist with powerful voice and heart-rending expressions in the musical. The audience gave a big round of applause for the actor who threw himself completely into the role.

After his last stage, he told the audience that “Musical ‘Dracula’ is a piece that I’d always want to play in. I could passionately carry on because you supported me with loud cheers. Thank you so much for your affection. I’ll come back this year with many other activities, so please look forward to it.”

Kim displayed mature acting skills through the musical which depicts a romance that transcend times. The actor received favorable responses as he brilliantly portrayed the emotion of the character which lived for 400 years.

Meanwhile, Kim Junsu is to embark on Japan concert tour in March. (photo by CJeS Culture)


Dracula and his girls...

160211 amone_seoyoon shares a picture of Junsu at <Dracula> Musical Backstage! 


Yuchun's upcoming movie "Lucid Dream" update
[KOREAN CINEMA TODAY] Hottest Upcoming Korean Films. 'Lucid Dream/루시드 드림'. via

Lucid Dream 루시드 드림
CAST KO Soo, SUL Kyung-gu,
GANG Hye-jung, Park Yoo-chun
RELEASE DATE the first half, 2016
CONTACT Contents Panda Tel +82 2 3490 9336
Fax +82 2 515 1055 E-mail

A fight of life and death begins, going back and forth between dream and reality. The project is already noteworthy with the cast alone: KO Soo, SUL Kyunggu, GANG Hye-jung, and PARK Yoochun. This film is a fantasy thriller about lucid dream, The main character is Dae-ho (KO Soo) who lost his son three years ago. Struggling to find his lost son, he encounters the lucid dream phenomenon. Bang-sup (SUL Kyunggu), an elite policeman, and So-hyun (GANG Hye-jung), a friend of Dae-ho and a psychiatrist, are the two that help him. And as a mysterious man (PARK Yoochun) goes around Dae-ho, the case goes deeper into a mystery. Lucid Dream is a feature film debut of KIM Jun-seong, whose shorts have received an attention. With an original subject, lucid dream, combined with the mystery story structure, it has long been the center of the film industry’s attention. In addition, the tense acting competition between the three major actors-KO, SUL and PARK-is stimulating the audience’s curiosity.
by HA Sung-tae


Jaejoong's letter to fans in <Memories of 100 Days> Photobook 

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(cr.松鼠蘑菇君 from weibo)

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as tagged

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[JYJ OFFICIAL LINE] 160210 JYJ JP Official Line Update – Thank you for coming!

Thank you for coming.
We will thank you all, (T/N: or show gratitude) who waited for this day more than anyone, listened to the music, each one thing of the prepared stage, all of it, you thought of it as precious.
☞ 2016 Kim Jae Joong 2nd Album Hologram real live Concert in Japan

Source: JYJ JP Official Line
Translations by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

Cjestagram Update

The best gift only can pull off, he came back live to us!
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Kim Jae Joong is coming back tonight smile emoticon
Today and tomorrow, Jae Joong's hologram concert where you can meet his 2nd album NO.X will be opening! Thanks to the fans for waiting. Looking forward to his album after the concert? Stay tuned for the 2nd album being released on FEB 12. Good night!
☞ 2016 Kim Jae Joong 2nd Album Hologram real live Concert in Japan


Love You More
Jaejoong Hologram concert

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[TWEET COMPILATION + TRANS] 160209 2016 KIM JAEJOONG Hologram real live Concert in Japan (Day 1)

[TWEET COMPILATION + TRANS] 160209 2016 KIM JAEJOONG Hologram real live Concert in Japan (Day 1)

Note: I ask you to refrain from making any comments regarding any of these JP fan’s thoughts or opinions. I suffer from such comments at times and makes the purpose of my hard work on translating rather bitter sweet..
今日のステージ🌠 Trans: Today’s stage🌠
ナレーションは日本語だ! Trans: Narration is in Japanese!
ジェジュン登場!ほんとにステージにジェジュンがいるみたい❤ Trans: Jaejoong entered! it’s really like Jaejoong is there on stage❤
一曲目 JAG Trans: First song JAG [Just Another Girl]
ジェジュン、日本語だよ!!! Trans: Jaejoong, [speaking in] Japanese!!!
ジェジュン、新しいアルバムが出たじゃないですか、ってまだです(笑) Trans: Jaejoong (said) the new album is out right, uh not yet (laughs)
クゴアラだ! Trans: It’s Ku go ara! (You know what)

ジェジュン、ピアノひいてる🎹 Trans: Jaejoong, is playing the piano🎹


ジェジュンの目が映し出されただけで大盛り上がりな会場。 Trans: The venue, which greatly hypes up with just only Jaejoong’s eyes being projected.

等身大なので小さいですがジェジュンですー涙 Trans: Because it is life sized, it is small, but it is Jaejoongーtears

本当にそこにいてくれるみたいだねーT^T Trans: It is really like he is there right ーT^T

でも、双眼鏡は必需品ですみなさまw Trans: But, binoculars are needed everyone w (T/N: w is Japanese slang to denote laughing)

さっき連続して歌った曲は発売された曲ですが、とジェジュンが語ると、周りから「出てねーし」と冷静に突っ込むジェジュペンww Trans: When Jaejoong said that the song sung just now in succession just now is the [new] song released, from (my) surrounding Jaejoong fan calmly retorted, “it’s not ou-tt” w


Trans: It’s Yuhwanー

ユファンくん、兄貴より絵が上手ですw←ジェジュンの似顔絵 Trans: Yuhwan kun, is better at drawing than his elder brother w ← Jaejoong’s portrait

コミネーサンも登場 Trans: Gummy entered as well

うーん、絵はあんまりー、なコミネーサン Trans: unn, Gummy, her drawing is a bit-

ジュンちゃん登場ー!彫刻のように美しくてでも骨格は男らしいですと。 ジュンちゃんの、絵心はご存知の通りw自分でも絵が下手だと言ってますw Trans: Jun chan enteredー![he said] (T/N: about Jaejoong) Beautiful like a sculpture but (with a) manly build. Jun chan’s artistic taste is as you know w He’s saying, Even i am poor at drawing w

ファンの皆さんの絵は上手ー Trans: The drawings by the fans is really goodー

(T/N: Yuhwan, Gummy and Junsu appeared on the VTR)

「みんな疲れてない?」って声かけてくれるジェジュン。「12曲歌ったよ。」あれ?もう? Trans: Jaejoong who voices out, “Everyone is not tired?” “I sang 12 songs” huh? already?


Trans: “Still have energy remaining? everyone.” everyone in the hall (saying) yeah❣


Trans: “I will sing a fun song ok. next song is.. what was it?” said Jaejoong and vanished w


Trans: It seems the people of the band are not hologram (laughs)

派手なジャケットで登場したジェジュン。「みなさん、楽しんでますか?」 「楽しんできましたが、やっと‥じゃなくて、残念ですが‥。」言い直すwやっと撮り終わる的な?(笑)

Trans: Jaejoong who entered (wearing) a fancy jacket. “Everyone, are you enjoying?” “we were (able to) enjoy but, finally.. ah not that, it’s regretful but…” correcting himself w maybe (he meant) finally finish filming? (laugh)


Trans: Piano play makes you go fu-uu rightー


Trans: This song, (T/N: one kiss)  putting out his voice different than till now, Jaejoong’s way of singing. Really nice.


Trans: We will sing Happy Birthday is Korean.

ジェジュンだ( ;∀;)本物?本物じゃないよね?ホログラムすげぇ Trans: It’s Jaejoong ( ;∀;) Real thing? it’s not real right? Hologram amazing

ジェジュンがグランドピアノ弾きながら歌ってるよぉ( ;∀;) Trans: Jaejoong is singing while playing the grand piano( ;∀;)

[via JYJ FB]
グラマラススカイヽ(;▽;)ノ赤の革ジャンヽ(;▽;)ノブランケットの写真と同じ? Trans: Glamorous skyヽ(;▽;)ノ Read leather shirt ヽ(;▽;)ノ same as the picture of the blanket?

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 11.08.42 PM

ここのジェジュンは本物じゃないからねwどんだけ歌っても踊っても疲れないんだよww Trans: The Jaejoong here is not real so w no matter how much he sings or dances he won’t tire ww


Trans: Certainly the band is real!


Trans: Jaejoong’s band members are all Japanese musicians ヽ(;▽;)ノ


Trans: With the live performance by the band [singing] Saengil song🎵 Surprise for Jaejoong 💝


なんとバンドのホログラムもいます(*^^*) Trans: There is hologram of a band as well (*^^*)

ジェジュン日本語うまいヽ(;▽;)ノ 今度のアルバムは今までとちょっと違った感じ。どうでしたか?→まだ聞いてないから(^-^)/ Trans: Jaejoong’s Japanese is really goodヽ(;▽;)ノ This time’s album is a bit different than the previous till now. how was it?→ we haven’t heard it yet so (^-^)/

次はさっきよりじっくりした曲やります。歌詞は韓国語だけど、これは愛だと感じれる曲です Trans: Next, I will do a song which is more calm that the previous one. Though the lyrics is in Korean, it is a song that will make you feel that it is love.

ホログラムだから瞬間早着替えヽ(;▽;)ノ 前髪おろしてて可愛い💕 Trans: Because it is hologram, change of clothes is fast as a momentヽ(;▽;)ノ front hair is lowered, cute💕


Trans: This time’s, i think it feels like totally different to the previous albums i put out but everyone what do you think about it? ←Jaejoong who paused after asking the question (laugh)

これが愛だ!って感覚でわかる曲です。韓国語でもね byジェジュン

Trans: This is love! it is a song in which this feeling will be understood. Even though it’s in Korean, by Jaejoong


Trans: Smoke is hologram as well w


Trans: He is singing while making a really nice face ーTT

ジェジュンの顔は漫画の主人公のような非現実的な顔 byユファン ポッポしたくなる唇〜って言いながら似顔絵描いたよ!

Trans: Jaejoong’s face like the main character of a manga (T/N: comic) is unrealistic face, by Yuhwan. his lips make you want to kiss~ while saying that he drew the portrait!

ジェジュンの顔は彫刻みたい。暗いところで目を開けると目しか見えない!byジュンス 似顔絵に目が一個しかない爆 Trans: Jaejoong’s face is like a sculpture. In a dark place if he opens his eyes, you can only see his eyes! by Junsu. In the portrait there is only one eye LOL
ぐっもーにんないと! Trans: Good morning night!
今日一番の盛り上がり! Trans: Today hyped up the most!
ジェジュンホログラムでも手上げるとこ間違えてるしwww. Trans: Jaejoong even with hologram is raising his hand at the wrong part www.
みんな疲れてる?疲れてるじゃーん!ボクはホンモノじゃないからね。じぇんじぇん疲れない!爆 byジェジュン Trans: Everyone are you tired? you are tired! I am not real so right. Not tired AT ALL! LOL by Jaejoong
これからみんなでいっぱい声出していっぱい踊りたい!byジェジュン ←でも今日立っちゃいけないんですがw Trans: I want to voice out more with everyone, want to dance more! by Jaejoong ←But today we are not allowed to stand w (T/N: one of the rules posted by the hologram concert organising staff)
右手でマイク突き上げ左手は股間w お得意のポーズ!爆 Trans: Pushing up the mike with the right hand, left hand on the hip w his speciality pose! LOL
東京のみんなぁ!元気ですかぁ?ボクもまぁいろいろがんばってるんですよw byジェジュン Trans: Everyone of Tokyo! How are you? I too, well, am working hard on various (things) w by Jaejoong
最後の一曲もっともっと盛り上がっていきましょう!byジェジュン Trans: Let’s get more and more hyped up with this last one song! by Jaejoong


Trans: Mine!


Trans: (T/N: during One kiss) this time the smoke is real. LOL

ホログラムジェジュンがしゅっと消えた。。 Trans: Hologram Jaejoong disappeared in a flash..

Source: @Rinmaze + @gototheseaside + @richun64 + @oksumish + @shachong
Tweet compiled and translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

[COMPILATION OF TWEETS] 160209 Kim Jaejoong’s Hologram Concert in Japan (Day 1)
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Junsu's last Show as Dracula
od_musical님의 인스타
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Last bows as Dracula...

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Junsu did an adlib for the last Dracula shoe today and made both Mina and the audience laugh xDDD
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JYJ’s Junsu Shows Off His New Friendship With Byun Yo Han

JYJ’s Junsu Shows Off His New Friendship With Byun Yo Han

On February 8, JYJ‘s Junsu posted a picture with Byun Yo Han, who came out to support the musical “Dracula.” His caption says, “My friend Yo Han-ssi, whom I really like, even though it’s still a little awkward between us, came to see the musical “Dracula”~ Hoping for the day where I won’t have to add -ssi (a formal way of addressing someone in Korean) at the end of your name…let’s become closer one day at a time~ Ah, but I really like this man’s personality…” showing off the affection that Junsu already feels for his new friend.

The two catch people’s eyes for their casual clothes and sharp looks that are still noticeable, even though Junsu is wearing sunglasses and Byun Yo Han has a hat and mask on.

Later on, Junsu uploaded two more pictures of Byun Yo Han, continuing to emphasize how much he likes Byun Yo Han, and also showing his support for “Six Flying Dragons.”

“A picture of Yo Han-ssi who flew over before the start of the show. I really like this person. I just really do. I’ll watch Yi Bang Ji through live broadcast today~~~~” 

“Yi Bang Ji~ Fighting!”

The musical “Dracula,” ends its run this Lunar New Year weekend, with its last performance on February 9. It tells the story of Dracula, played by Junsu, and his love story that transcends time.

Byun Yo Han is currently starring in SBS’s “Six Flying Dragons”  and receiving much love for his role as Ddang Sae (Yi Bang Ji’s childhood name)


We do miss you Kim Jaejoong  
cjes.tagramWe miss U 
☞ 2016 Kim Jae Joong 2nd Album Hologram real live Concert in Japan 
☞ 2/9 ~ 2/10 19:00 PM 
#KIMJAEJOONG #2ndAlbum #NOX #Hologram #Concert #Japan #씨제스타그램

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[JYJ Official Line] 160209 JYJ JP Official Line Update – Jaejoong’s Hologram Concert finally begins!

Today and Tomorrow, is the time to be able to meet Kim Jaejoong’s new album NO.X most prior!
The hologram concert which Jaejoong prepared for ao hard before his enlistment while thinking of the fans, will finally begin
☞ 2016 Kim Jae Joong 2nd Album Hologram real live Concert in Japan
☞ 2/9(Tues) ~ 2/10(Wed) 19:00, Yoyogi National Gymnasium

Source: JYJ JP Official Line
Trans: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER


[amberin_life IG] Rehearsal  

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Hologram concert goods...

Long lines...

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Kim Junsu backstage...Dracula

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enjoying "Fruitful Trip" Ep.3 

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More pics:

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[PHOTO] cjes.tagram님의 사진

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[NEWS] 160208 “Prepared for more than 2 years”..Military enlistment shown by JYJ ★ The practice of fanservice

 photo 2016020514370857692_1.jpg
The military enlistments of idol stars who are in their 20s, are continuing. There is no grief for fans any more, over the military enlistments of their oppas. They are putting forth special fanservices, like having their music be released to their wistful fans during their vacancies.

In particular, group JYJ is catching attention in their indisputable fanservice so that the gap of their enlistment cannot be felt. JYJ Kim Jaejoong, who’s in the middle of his military service currently, will be releasing his regular album on February 12th. Kim Jaejoong had even released a surprise new-released track on January 26th, his own birthday, ahead of his regular album. His regular album this time was filled with a special meaning, as a gift prepared for fans before he had enlisted.

Park Yuchun is in the middle of his military service as a public service worker currently; and had released an album with music recorded and laid out before he enlisted, and photos taken before he enlisted.

Park Yuchun’s first solo album ‘How Much Love Do You Have in Your Wallet’ that was released on the 18th last month, was filled with Park Yuchun’s heart that was sang with his smooth timbre and gave happiness to his fans.

To be able to see the whole image of group JYJ and its members who had suspended their activities for a while with the two members’ enlistment, the variety program came out.

Their agency C-JeS Entertainment had released the highlight video of JYJ’s Web variety ‘Fruitful Trip’ that include episodes of their variety challenges, since February 1st. JYJ’s candid and ordinary images –not their image while on stage and the [movie] screen– are contained in the videos. Shot as a form of real variety, you can watch the members’ chaotic but comical variety as they welcome a surprise 1-night-&-2-day vacation in these videos filmed back in March 2015, before Yuchun and Jaejoong had enlisted.

These videos are to quench the thirsts of fans who are looking forward to the image of JYJ doing activities together; by releasing, as fanservice, parts of the full-version video due to be released as a DVD.

Like this, Park Yuchun and Kim Jaejoong are catching attention with the active fanservice so that their hiatus cannot be felt. These sorts of activities (of theirs) already had been planned in a calm and orderly way from before they had enlisted.

A representative from their agency C-JeS Entertainment spoke to Star News: “Jaejoong and Yuchun, as JYJ members, have planned from before they enlisted for more than 2 years,” and, “Whether it is DVD or publications, and other things, they have thought about producing in advance and doing fanservice while they are in the army; even if they are inactive

Continuing, it was disclosed: “Although the preparatory period is for over 2 years, their music recordings, photo shootings and etc. were accomplished just before they enlisted into the army. The members have their wishes which they want to show their latest images, somehow, to their fans”.

In regards to the variety ‘Fruitful Trip’ that was released recently, it was added: “There were photos taken when they set out on the trip after their conscription had been decided, so they are more dear to the members,” and, “Since it will take a long time till they do activities as JYJ again, those moments filmed made them really happy”.

Meanwhile, the representative had reported about the statuses of Kim Jaejoong and Park Yuchun while they are in the middle of their military services. Kim Jaejoong was in the middle of a cold weather training with the army recently. It was said Park Yuchun is doing his service faithfully, as well

Source: Star News via Naver  
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3  
Shared by: JYJ3


160208 Junsu Instagram Update: "Lee Bang Ji~ fighting!"

Via vichellelicious

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Note: Junsu watching Six Flying Dragons drama starring Byun Yohan


Junsu's mom IG Update
160208 Kim Mama cheered on Junsu for working on the 1st day of Lunar New Year!  Fighting tomorrow!
Via vichellelicious

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Junsu with actor Byun Yohan (of Misaeng and Six Flying Dragons)

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Byun Yohan’s Instagram Update:

[PHOTO] 뮤지컬 드라큘라. 충격과 공포. 고마워요. 준수씨. 새해 선물 잘 받았슴돠둘이 합쳐 태극기.

Musical Dracula. Shock and awe. Thank you. Junsu-ssi. Will accept the New Year gift well Two of us are the national flag of Korea combined.

— Junsu commented on actor Byun Yohan’s post —  photo CarfroOUYAACu14.png
[TRANS] The national flag of Koreaㅋㅋ Ah, it’s (our) patriotism for the New Year

Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3  
Shared by: JYJ3

[INSTAGRAM] 160208 Kim Junsu Instagram Updates: Actor Byun Yohan came to watch ‘Dracula’!

[PHOTO] #뮤지컬드라큘라 를 보러와준 아직은 어색하지만 너무 좋은 내친구 요한씨~
내가 이름뒤에 씨를 안붙이는 날이 올때를 기약하며..하루빨리 친해져보아요~
아 근데 성격 진짜 좋다 이남자…ㅋ

[TRANS] Although it still felt awkward that he came to see #musicalDracula , it’s my very good friend Yohan-ssi~
With a promise to when the day comes that there will be attached a ‘-ssi’ after my name..Look at us becoming close immediately~
Ah, by the way he has a really nice personality, this guy…ㅋ
 photo 12547570_832901796836673_1177036568_n.jpg
[PHOTO] 공연시작 전 날라온 요한씨의 사진한장.
정말 이사람 좋다.아 그냥 너무 좋다ㅋ
나도 오늘 이방지의 활약을 본방사수 하겠어요~~~~–j/

[TRANS] A copy of the photo of Yohan-ssi who came flying over before the start of my performance.
Really, I like this person. Ah he is just too niceㅋ
I will be tuning in to watch Yi Bang-ji
(T/N: Byun Yohan’s character’s name in ‘Six Flying Dragons’) today too~~~~
 photo 12552308_226720267664842_1898931105_n.jpg
Source: xiaxiaxia1215  
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3  
Shared by: JYJ3


Junsu greeting everything for the Lunar New Year...Year of the Mokey

[XIA WEIBO] 여러분 모두 새해 복 많이 받으세요!!  사랑합니다

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2016 KIM JAE JOONG 2nd Album Hologram real live Concert in Japan Exhibition Hall (cr. )

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Kim Jaejoong Hologram Concert Goods

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The amazing Hologram concert updates   

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