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JYJ News Week of 11/14- 11/20/2016

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Kim Jaejoong Comeback News:

[News TR]
After discharged from ROKA in December to hold nationwide/overseas concert tours right away in January 2017 starting in Seoul

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[News TR] Too early to talk about 's future actives in detail, Cjes adds

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To be discharged in December : In process of planning concerts Too early to talk about future activities
After discharged from Army in December to come back with concert tour in January  

[NEWS] Kim Jaejoong to comeback with domestic concert tour in January. International concerts in the works


Jaejoong to come back with a concert in January after his discharge from the military on December 30th

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Jaejoong will be coming back to the entertainment business right after his discharge from the military!

Jaejoong is being discharged on December 30th, 2016. According to his label C-JeS Entertainment, he's going to start preparing for a concert as soon as he's out, and hold a concert in mid-January. He'll kick off in Seoul and then tour the rest of Korea, and possibly also go overseas.

C-JeS Entertainment is starting to plan for his concerts so they can be ready for him as soon as he's out. Are you excited to see Jaejoong promote again?

D-39  "I'm coming back soon!" 


Sergeant Kim Jaejoong

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[NOTICE] 161118 2016 XIA Ballad & Musical Concert with Orchestra vol.5 to be the last concert in Japan before enlistment

It was announced by the agency that this concert will be the last concert in Japan before [Junsu’s] enlistment.
As there are no plans on having an additional concert domestically in Japan here after, please certainly make sure of this last enthusiastic singing.
Source: http://junsu-live.com/
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER
Photo published for [NOTICE] 161118 2016 XIA Ballad & Musical Concert with Orchestra vol.5 to be the last concert in...


Kim Jaejoong!

Male idols' killer jawlines that wil slay you

Neck , jawline, whatever part, every inch of Jaejoong is blessed!


‘2016 XIA Ballad&Musical Concert with Orchestra vol.5’를 손꼽아 기다리시는 여러분을 위한 깜짝 EVENT가 왔습니다!
이름하여 김준수 연말콘서트 '최애 커버곡을 찾아라!'
여러분들의 손으로 결정되는 김준수의 최애 커버곡 투표가 시작됐습니다~
지금 바로 투표하세요!

투표 바로가기 ▶ http://naver.me/5ExLlvbK
A #surprise EVENT from #KimJunSu has come! Let’s #vote a #fave song among the lists of ‘2016 XIA Ballad&Musical Concert with Orchestra vol.5!’ thru the bio! Go for it!


[NEW PICS] Junsu <Harper's Bazaar> Japanese Magazine Jan-Feb Special Issue Cover and Inside Pages  
Last Letter From Junsu 
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Sergeant Jaejoong news...

[PART TR] FB posting and soldiers' comments re 'a discharge

Another comment by a fellow soldier: Sgt is preparing to go home!  


161117 Good bye, Dorian Gray Musical

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Photo published for 김준수 - 믿고 보는 배우 김준수 뮤지컬 300회!

Photo published for 굿바이! 뮤지컬 <도리안 그레이>!


[NEWS] 161114 The construction company that accused Kim Junsu, is fined 10 million won for false allegations..Annulment of the original decision

 photo starmt 3.jpg
The court reversed the verdict from the 1st trial that found the construction company innocent over the suit on charges of false allegations accusing group JYJ’s Kim Junsu of fraud charges, and sentenced them to a fine of 10 million KRW.
According to Gumsung Law Firm on the [November] 14th, the Seoul Central District Court’s criminal first division overturned the original ruling in an announcement on the appellate trial held on November 10th. They “have fully acknowledged the intentionality of the false allegations (made by Mr. Kim from the construction company),” and sentenced Mr. Kim with a fine of 10 million KRW. [T/N: Admin will use ‘Construction-Kim’ in future mentions, to try not to cause any confusion]
The court judged, “The fact relevance about the construction cost (by the construction company’s representative) was done with fake charges to completely make different loan assertions; and in actuality through this, there was no loan but the intent of false accusations to try to get paid the construction cost”.
The court stated in their sentencing: “According to the evidences submitted by the prosecution, Mr. Construction-Kim had made accusations of fraud against Kim Junsu with the statement ‘He borrowed money to deceive to me’. He had said the false charges with the purpose of trying to get Kim Junsu criminally punished. We fully recognize the falseness in the contents of Mr. Construction-Kim’s complaint accusing him (Kim Junsu)”.
Also they said, “Mr. Construction-Kim hindered the nation’s fair proceedings and the function of punishment by doing a criminal action with fake facts. With the fact of these accusations being made public through the presses, the crime in considering the point that popular entertainer Kim Junsu’s reputation appears to have been damaged is not heavy”.
Previously, it is true that the Seoul Central District Court criminal 5th unit had made a sentencing declaring  Mr. Construction-Kim innocent when he made his accusations with fake facts in the verdict of 1st trial held the past July 14th , but the intention of the false charges as the only evidence submitted for inspection is inadmissible.
However in the appeals trial this time, the court took Kim Junsu’s side. Gumsung Law Firm stated, “This verdict from the court has confirmed the point that Kim Junsu had not even taken out a loan with the substantial amount of about 4.9 billion KRW from Mr. Construction-Kim. They clearly stated Mr. Construction-Kim is applying to the act of false allegations that is impermissible by the law when he had introduced his complaint with false information. This has a considerable significance”.
Also they emphasized, “The court’s strict demeanor –to punish the act that falsely make accusations with the intent of getting intoxicated in personal self-interest, and which dealt a blow in the price of an entertainer’s fame as a calumny– gives credit distinctly to the point that they recognize the right for an entertainer’s personal rights and honor to be protected. The wrongdoing to gain a profit from exploiting and taking advantage of the price of an entertainer’s fame any longer must be eradicated from our society with the opportunity of the verdict this time”.
Meanwhile about the fraud charges, the prosecution has cleared Kim Junsu of suspicion. Following the judgement on Mr. Construction-Kim’s accusations falling under false allegations, they have charged Mr. Construction-Kim.

Source: Star News via Daum  
Translation by: rilanna of JYJ3  
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[INFO/TRANS] 161112 Park Yuchun’s acquittal : Details on the 3rd trial of the group of false accusers (Nov. 10)_Park Yuchun’s case

The case Park Yuchun was accused in the past June 10th emerged as under charges of false allegations. Park Yuchun was proven to be acquitted of the first accusation as well as of all 4 counts of sexual assaults. On the other hand, first accuser Ms. Lee is standing trial with the same conspiring group after being arrested and indicted under false allegations and attempted blackmail. Now she is the defendant(/the accused). She is the defendant who is being tried for false allegations and attempted blackmail. Defendants Ms. Lee and Mr. Mob-Hwang are standing trial after being arrested, indicted, and imprisoned in a detention center.
There is so much the natures of their crimes are bad.

For female accuser Ms. Lee and the group (Ms. Lee, her cohabiting male Mr. Lee, and mobster Mr. Hwang) who falsely blackmailed and made false allegations against Park Yuchun,
The 3rd trial was held as a hearing with Judge Choi Jong-jin at Seoul Central District Court on November 10th.
This trial’s defendants and charges are as follows. 
Defendant 1. Lee ㅇㅇ : She has been in a detention center since being tried for false allegations and attempted blackmail toward Park Yuchun as a call girl.
Defendant 2. Lee ㅇㅇ : He was indicted without detention under attempted blackmail toward Park Yuchun as the man cohabiting with Defendant 1.
Defendant 3. Hwang ㅇㅇ : Alias Mob-Hwang. He has been in a detention center since being tried for attempted blackmail toward Park Yuchun.
                            Besides the attempted blackmail toward Park Yuchun, he is also in the middle of a similar trial on 2 counts of fraud charges toward other people.
                            The presses have called Mr. Hwang Defendant 1’s older male cousin but it is not true.
                            If it is true, the judge would have sharply pointed it out.
                            The judge did point out that Defendant 1 and Defendant 2’s home address is the same from the time of the 1st trial, and that is because it was confirmed by Defendants 1 and 2. 

 photo ___.jpg
On November 10th, the 3rd trial for the 3 people in the defendant group for making false allegations and falsely blackmailing Park Yuchun was held at 4:30 PM [KST] and came to a close at 6:35 PM [KST]. The examination of witnesses was composed in the same manner as the past 2nd trial, behind closed doors to protect victim Park Yuchun’s privacy. This day consisted of the examination of witnesses in regards to the 3 people. 1 person of the 3 witnesses was the madame of the associated business establishment.
And unlike the past 2nd trial, the court shut down the hallway right in front of it and was conducted behind secured, closed doors so the details of the examination of witnesses was not heard from the outside in the hallway. Due to that, there was just one related news reported on this day. It was a report that emerged around early in the morning on there being a 3rd trial, but the details about the 3rd trial was not reported at all.
If it was conducted behind closed doors like this from the beginning of Park Yuchun’s case, The violation of human rights toward Park Yuchun, the victim of false allegations and attempted blackmail, wouldn’t have happened. It has become clear now that Park Yuchun has been acquitted, It cannot be helped but to have doubts about the details of Park Yuchun’s case that was reported like crazy by many medias since the beginning of the case. It is dubious that the police official even was a real police official, The falsely defendants’ interviews also are not believable since it has been sent to the prosecution for them to be tried for attempted blackmail with their false allegations.

 photo ___3___.png “Park Yuchun, 3rd trial on ‘false allegations of sexual assault’ today (10th)”
There may be a misunderstanding seeing only the title of this article that came out solely on November 10th, but This trial’s defendants are the 3 people in the false-accusing group. Their charges are false allegations and attempted blackmail, and mobster Mr. Hwang is in the middle of a similar trial on fraud charges with 2 counts of it. Park Yuchun is the victim.
This is the fact of this trial.

At the 3rd trial on this day, a lot more of Park Yuchun fans attended than the time of another trial. They were waiting in an orderly manner outside of the court while the examination of witnesses was underway. Many fans had said it was the good thing they came even if it was not opened to the public.  They hope the defendants get properly punished. Attempted blackmail is a bad crime but false allegations are a bigger crime. Because it is a crime to kill a person’s character.
Next, the 4th trial will be on November 24th.

Source: nowbluecho  
Translations by: rilanna of JYJ3  
Shared by: JYJ3


Suicide Squad’s Jared Leto confesses he’s a K-Pop fan on Snapchat?

Photo published for Jared Leto Snapped These Pictures of TWICE, Jaejoong, and Sehun
Our favorite K-pop groups and idols have a special place in our hearts. For actor Jared Leto, that place is his Snapchat story.
TWICE, JYJ‘s Jaejoong, and EXO‘s Sehun were featured on Jared Leto’s Snapchat story early November after his recent visit to Japan.
Netizens tweeted pictures of Leto’s Snapchat and were left to speculate about his motives. Some rejoiced and claimed that he was a secret K-pop fan while others brushed it off as casual snapshots.
Jared Leto is an American actor who played the role of the Joker in DC Comics‘ recent fantasy/crime movie Suicide Squad. Some fans speculated that Leto was a fan of Sana after seeing her cosplay Harley Quinn for TWICE TV‘s Melody Project. 

Fans exclaimed that Leto had “good taste” in idols from his pictures. As evident from this snap of JYJ’s Jaejoong, they were certainly right!



Sergeant Jaejoong Update

[TR] A fan (or an ex-fan?) visits sister' boy friend at 55th inf div and encounters

He also reminded her when the shuttle came... what a kind person is
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45 Days...#WaitingforJaejoong

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Junsu won against Toscana's contractor false accusation...

"JYJ Junsu legal action" general contractor, in appeal trial on charges of false accusation fined 10 mil Won penalty


[NEWS] Courts find 'C' construction company guilty of slandering Kim Junsu and ordered to pay 10 million won penalty  

It's been a long time coming but justice has finally been served to CJ Construction
Recap: CJ Construction tried to extort money from Junsu after Toscana was completed, then filed a false lawsuit for the sole purpose of ruining his reputation as he is a public figure.

Recap Summary here:


2016 XIA Ballad&Musical Concert with Orchestra vol.5

[SPOTVID] 161113 2016 XIA Ballad & Musical Concert with Orchestra vol.5

Xia Girl21

Vlive: http://www.vlive.tv/video/16977

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