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JYJ News Week of 12/24- 12/30/2018

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[UCC] Jaejoong, TWICE, and IZ*ONE To Perform At An Year End Music Show In Japan

TBS' music show 'CDTV NEW YEAR EVE Premiere LIVE' announced the artist lineup. JYJ's Kim Jaejoong, TWICE and IZ*ONE are the Korean artists to perform.

The show will be aired on 31 December 2018 (11:55 PM ~ 5:00 AM JST)



[ALLDAY_XIA] EP #1-8 : 먹으러왔샤🍴- 화보 VS 먹방😎ㅣ김준수(XIA)

JUNSU_XIA Official


Chef Jaejoong
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[ toxxnim IG ] Unforgettable taste! *sobs* Stir-fried pork👍👍It's the best dish I've ever had #/Chef King Kim Jaejoong.... 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

midoyot JJ

[ moon.stagram_ IG ] Playing hard (too immersed in the game).. but You should have dinner *giggles*


[ jj_1986_jj IG ] Cute^^ #/Cute#/Nene #/Coco

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[ jj_1986_jj IG ] Christmas is a good moment to eat homemade meal... I'll cook and eat something delicious so I can work hard 'til the end of the year!

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[TOPSTARNEWS] Kim Jaejoong, surprise video call to fans.. "Merry Christmas"!



Jaejoong on CDTV Christmas Festival 2018!




Translations from the words of 'muggles' (non fans)
via Rubypurple_fan
Muggle reaction 1: JJ? Who is JJ? He is so beautiful and he has a great voice too!
Muggle reaction 2: I first saw JJ when he sang Forget Me Not at FNS. I cried while listening. Now he made a cover of Dreams come true’s Yasashi Kisu Wo Shite. Are you coming out with a covers album? I will definitely buy it.
Muggle reaction 3: i stopped what I was doing when I heard this voice. Who is JJ? He sang it beautifully.
Muggle reaction 4: JJ’s powerful voice... it’s wonderful to listen to. I feel his emotions. Did he chose this song? Somehow he can make the lyrics so painful.
Muggle reaction 5: I sing this song at karaoke but after hearing JJ sing, how can I? I can’t imitate his version
Muggle reaction 6: release a covers album pls. I will buy 3.
Muggle reaction 7. Even if he’s Korean, the covers he did in FNS and CDTV are so amazing. I like it.
Muggle reaction 8. His vocals can be both soft and powerful. This is amazing.
Muggle reaction 9: JJ is so good that even my husband pushed me to join his fanclub

[DREAMS COME TRUE BLOG] Comment about Jaejoong's 'Kiss me gently' Cover on CDTV!!💜😭  



[ dct_masatonakamura_official IG ] "We'll continue supporting Jaejoong's big success from now on" He's the composer & she's the original singer^^

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まもなく登場! さん! 今夜はDREAMS COME TRUEの名曲「やさしいキスをして」を披露してくれます! 生放送中!🎄🎄🎄

Translated from Japanese by

Coming soon! Mr.! Tonight is a dreams come true masterpiece "Kiss Me with a gentle" will show you! Live on! 🎄🎄🎄

聖なる夜にアーティストからの贈り物🎁🎶 さんからコメントを頂きました~! 🎄 生放送中!

Translated from Japanese by

I received 🎁🎶 a comment from the artist's gift at the Holy Night ! 🎄 live on!



Yoochun Update
CJES Weibo

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[cjes.tagram IG] 181224 ; Off-work V Live



Jaejoong High Touch event


181224 Jaejoong Hi touch event ジェジュン


Our and


"Christmas Eve with everyone"

Ruby ルビー @rubypurple_fan

JJ Twitter Update


Translated from Japanese by
Rest a little! I'll see you later. ^_^

ありがとうございました。赤坂に向かいます クリスマス音楽祭

Translated from Japanese by

Thank you very much. Head to Akasaka Christmas music Festival


[INSTAGRAM] 12242018 Give LOVE donation event with celebrities! Junsu participated on this event! You could win Junsu's watch together with his autograph!

[lucy_eunhyes + holimholic IG] 181216 

[shinbee2002 IG] 181219

".. I remember the first time all the little Rudolfs met Kim Junsu, how they talked excitedly about how awesome he was." cr. child actor's mother(?)'s IG  


Hello !!!



Merry Christmas from ! 💚😊💚  


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