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JYJ News Week of 6/6-6/12/2016

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160613 JYJ 김준수 KIM JUNSU XIGNATURE Pops in Seoul


벌써 지친 월요일...상큼한 XIA의 에너지를 온몸으로 받고 싶다면?
XIA와 함께하는 arirang TV 'Pops in Seoul' 잠시후 11시 시작됩니다~

‪#‎김준수‬ ‪#‎XIA‬ ‪#‎XIAJUNSU‬ ‪#‎정규4집‬ ‪#‎XIGNATURE‬ ‪#‎콘서트‬ ‪#‎의_여운이_남아있는‬ ‪#‎월요일‬ ‪#‎아리랑TV‬ ‪#‎팝스인서울‬ ‪#‎보면서‬ ‪#‎다시한번‬ ‪#‎파워업‬ ‪#‎준수와_함께하는‬ ‪#‎해피월요일‬
Good ‪#‎morning‬ Monday! Enjoyed XIA’s Seoul Concert in last weekend? Let’s refreshing with XIA thru ‪#‎ArirangTV‬ ‘Pops in Seoul’ at 11am! Stay tuned in ‪#‎Kpop‬ prince XIA & his Asia Tour Concert!


Corporal Jaejoong at the Civil/Bureaucratic/Military/Police Security Concert

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Junsu...after the concert

[EN] 160612 JYJ FB Live: Junsu, Go back safely~~ Returning way LIVE

xiah junjjyu

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Junsu leaving the concert venue on his way to the after-concert party...

(Cr ho_0211)

160612 Junsu leaving BBQ restaurant! SicSic brought in pillow when Junsu was inside  Rest well  (ParkimSnow)


XIA Junsu concert in Seoul
Day 2

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Break my Heart


XIARU 시아루  

Rock The World

160612 Fans scream whichever side Junsu walks to, so he did a 360° ballet turn on stage...

Junsu then proudly picked a 24 year old fan boy, and gave him a big 'in-the-air' hug!

Junsu: "I always want to change my clothes on stage, but I worry all of your nose will bleed."  We don't mind! 

Genie time

XIARU 시아루 

My Little Princess



160612 SicSic IG: "Don't do this kind of things in future, hyung...... I'll be very embarrassed...."

160612 Junsu dance <Couple> with Kang Sung-hoon!
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Kang SungHoon is the lead vocalist for SechKies who Junsu idolized when he was younger...Junsu is a happy fanboy.




Triple Encore

Magic Carpet


XIARU 시아루   

Thank you everyone! (xunism)
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160612 CJES IG update Junsu and Kang Sung-hoon after concert today! 

[NEW PIC] 160612 Junsu and Kang Sung-hoon at backstage! 2 handsome man! 

Before the Concert...
160612 CJES IG: "Junsu hyung, why are you sitting like that? Ah.. You're the cute leader.."

160612 JJ & YC flower wreath!  L: "Jaejoong & Yoochun" R: "Junsu songs, Junsu dance! You are the best!"

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[TRANS] 160611 Masayuki Furuya mentions Jaejoong and Yoochun, ‘they are well mannered’

Note: Furuya Masayuki works as a MC for Japan’s Korean dramas and shows channel. He is currently holding an event titled ‘Want to know more! Furuya Masayuki’s Hanryu now’ (T/N: Hanryu = Hallyu). In the past he has been MC for Jaejoong’s Jparty in Japan and Yoochun’s fanmeetings in Japan.

今日もまた、ジェジュンはいい香りがしますって言った バッグのイベントの時、僕がMCだと当日知って、‘良かった最後に挨拶できて。会えないと思っていたから’って喜んでくれたそうです。 ジェジュンは礼儀正しいって、もうべた褒め

 ユチョンさんのファンミの打ち上げで、隅っこで焼き肉食べてたら、 わざわざそばに来てくれて、こんな隅っこにいないで、とか気にかけてくれて礼儀正しい人でしたって
Today as well again, he said that Jaejoong smells nice. At the time of the bag event, he came to know that I am the MC on the very day, ‘That’s good that I got to greet you at the end. Because I thought that I won’t be able to meet you,’ seems he happily said that. Jaejoong is well mannered, praised him all over again. (T/N: the bag event mentioned here is the MOLDIR launch event in Shinjuku in January 2015)
At the after party of Yoochun’s fanmeeting, when he (T/N: Furuya Masayuki was eating grilled meat in the corner, he (T/N: Yoochun) especially came to his side, that he (T/N: Yoochun) minded that he was sitting in the corner, he is a well mannered person.


[TRANS] 160611 XIA Junsu mentions JYJ members Kim Jaejoong & Park Yuchun at his 2016 XIA 5th ASIA TOUR CONCERT IN SEOUL press conference

 photo 201606111723411134_1.jpg
Before holding ‘2016 XIA 5th ASIA TOUR CONCERT IN SEOUL’ at Olympic Park’s Gymnasium Arena in Seoul in the afternoon of June 11th, XIA Junsu(Kim Junsu) held a press conference for his concert.
At the press conference on this day, Kim Junsu mentioned about the support messages sent by JYJ members Kim Jaejoong and Park Yuchun who are in the middle of their military services currently. Kim Junsu said, “The members gave a lot of support while sending a wreath through today’s concert. I haven’t spoke to Jaejoongie-hyung over the phone this week since he is in a military unit right now but I think he is probably supporting me from within his unit”.
Continuing he disclosed, “Yuchunnie made a call to me about two days ago, and told me ‘I want to come to your concert at any cost’.”
Meanwhile Kim Junsu’s Seoul performances of his Asia Tour are being held at Olympic Park’s Gymnasium Arena in Seoul on June 11th & 12th. He is planning to present a stage live with a total of 17 songs from the songs in his regular 4th album ‘XIGNATURE’ –that was released recently– and all, including songs from his 1st, 2nd, & 3rd solo albums that were released in the past.

Source: Star Seoul TV  
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3  
Shared by: JYJ3

Note: Yoochun did attend the concert and Jaejoong's family (including mom and dad) watched Junsu's concert in Seoul as well.

Some pics from Junsu's concert

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[VIDEO + TRANS] 160611 Jaejoong mentioned by Mother of Long jump runner in ‘Japan Medal Story’


From 10:07 ~ 10:17

Narration: listen to Yuki kun’s thoughts about Tokyo Olympics 

Yuki: since it’s a place that my parents have not experienced, surely I believe I want to repay them by winning a medal there. 

Note: Both of Hashioka Yuki’s parents are former athletes who have held Japan records. 

From 12:56 ~ 12:00

Narration: Long Jump runner Yuki kun who said, “want to win a medal and repay my parents.” By the way, what is the number one repay for the mother? 

Mother: When you become famous, often don’t they ask like do you have any celebrity that you want to meet, at that time please say Jaejoong. (Giggle)

Naration: The mother is actually a big fan of Hallyu star Jaejoong.

Mother: This is the new album. Should I give it to you?

Host: Is it okay? To take something that is like a treasure to you is..

Mother: It’s okay, because I have 5 of them. 

Host: you have 5 of them?

Narration: The time can come when Yuki will win a medal and his mother could meet the star who she admires?

Studio host: I don’t really think those two [things] are connected.

Video: why hot
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER


XIA in Concert- Seoul
Day 1

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Short version


Dance break
3 flowers

No One Like You

Don't Forget

 3 flowers


Genie time
3 flowers

3 flowers

160611 Junsu sleeps on pillow request by fan boy!

Vichelle Wong

(Cr Gladys1226)

160611 Junsu paste post-its on his face and make declarations!  
Vichelle Wong

160611 Junsu says he's very delighted that a foreign dancer says he looks like 25 years old.
160611 Junsu went up 2nd floor during <Magic Carpet>! Lucky fans!
160611 Junsu high five with fan while going round 2nd floor!  

160611 Junsu saying his goodbye speech! He slipped and fell
Vichelle Wong


160611 Junsu to fanboy: did you guys come here because of your girlfriend? Fanboy: We are your fans!!!  
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160611 Yoochun watching concert today! He seems happy!  (小于儿Ether)  

160611 Junsu in black today!!!  (Cr Gladys1226)

Junsu: I'm going to the backstage after this song. 
Fans: No! 
Js: how am I going to change my clothes? 
Fans: change on stage. 
Junsu. SHY*
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160611 Jaejoong's family came to watch concert too! Thanks for the support! ^^
 photo 160612kkjj4.png

Parents, older sister, younger sister, Hyuna, & Gunnie went to see Uncle Junsu’s concert. Sexy Junsu.ㅋㅋ Took a photo. The cute photo with Junsu is my only one ㅋㅋ Junsu-yah, fighting not just tomorrow but also today!! The concert was awesome~~~

Source: @kkjj4  
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3  
Shared by: JYJ3

OMG! Yoochun is really here to watch Junsu's concert today!

160611 Junsu and Yoochun's car beside each others!!  (Cr tai_HyeJin)

Banners of 2016 XIA 5th Asia Tour Concert in Seoul at Olympic Park! What a pretty sight!


160611 SicSic IG Update! Huge banner of 2016 XIA 5th Asia Tour Concert in Seoul at Olympics Hall!

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[NEW PIC] 160611 Press Conference! Concerts fighting!

Talked abt JYJ's flower wreath, JS said: "JJ still in army, haven't speak to him recently, but he'll give me all his support in there."
Junsu continued to say: "Spoke to Yoochun 2 days ago, he says he really really want to come and watch my concert."  
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Photo published for [현장리포트] ‘XIGNATURE’ 김준수, “2~3년 전 ‘쇼미더머니’ 보고 힙합에 빠지게 됐다” - #김준수

JYJ’s Junsu Talks About Wanting To Become Closer With Labelmate Ryu Jun Yeol

JYJ’s Junsu Talks About Wanting To Become Closer With Labelmate Ryu Jun Yeol
JYJ’s Junsu talked about how close he is with his labelmate actor Ryu Jun Yeol.
During his “2016 XIA 5th Asia Tour Concert in Seoul XIGNATURE” press conference on June 11, Junsu mentioned Ryu Jun Yeol, who is housed under C-Jes Entertainment just like him.
He started off saying, “I came to know Ryu Jun Yeol because he is my labelmate. We both like soccer. One thing that disappoints me is the fact that I haven’t gotten the chance to really sit down and talk with him. Ryu Jun Yeol started filming ‘Reply 1988‘ right when he entered our company and was really busy. I was busy, too, and our schedules didn’t work out. I don’t know if he’ll come to the concert but he did promote my album through his SNS.”
Junsu continued, “I laughed seeing that because I was thankful. I heard he’s a very optimistic friend and I bet he’ll match with my personality. I want to have a cup of coffee with him and chat. I bought him a kimchi refrigerator but he says it didn’t arrive yet. I think he’ll send a picture of it when it gets to him.”
What do you think about their friendship?
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Tabloisdad IG update Haru with Xignature album

[OTHER INSTAGRAM + INSTAGRAM] 160611~12 Junsu comments on Lee Haru’s post

콘서트가면 싸인해주실까요? #xignature #xia #asiatourconcertinseoul2016 #넘사벽
Can I get your sign if I go to your concert? #xignature #xia #asiatourconcertinseoul2016


Haru-yah~ Come quickly to get a sign! But oppa should be receiving a sign from you!!ㅋ

Sources: tabloisdad + xiaxiaxia1215  
Translations by: rilanna of JYJ3  
Shared by: JYJ3


Corporal Jaejoong at the Civil/Bureaucratic/Military/Police Security Concert



cOOl bOaRdEr™




It's My World




Red Sunset
jeje kim

cOOl bOaRdEr™

(cr.ichikinosama) teddy0205A 

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ALERT: Gorgeous Corporal ahead!


Fan Accounts...

You can see/feel his affection toward his fans n how excited he was to see us, through his eyes, facial expression n demeanor
Where else can you find such a cute superstar? I'm cherishing every special moment ONE & ONLY gifting me even during military service

didn't talk much tonight maybe because there were more people performing?

said he felt like wearing tuxedo tonight coz it was special^^ In fact he was the only one wearing it

also said he felt like he had to act more formal or proper since he was wearing tuxedo ^^

MC just announced that Uptown Funk was choreographed by and fanboys cheered as loudly as fangirls lol

was wearing a sleeveless t-shirt during the rehearsal n will sing an upbeat song, a soldier reports
Soldier reported said was wearing sleeveless t-shirt on his "great" body Couldn't stop praising Envious/Awed at the same time?

Not best audio/lighting but still shines n thankful that 55th commander opened up the event to public instead of holding it inside base
Last night : I'm all dress up in new tuxedo My fans'll love it Gonna surprise them w a big new song & new version of their favorite

Mid song ment: Who's gonna comfort me when I'm lonely? It's YOU -
2nd song: It's my only world
Brand new arrangement of It's my only world w 55th Band !!! Amazing!!!! in top top condition
Via crystalmoon64

Inside the venue


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[IG TRANS] Met Mr. So cool looking so handsome I'm covering my face



160610 Junsu 'Rock The World' Performance Video

Vichelle Wong

Photo published for XIA - ROCK THE WORLD 퍼포먼스 영상 (Performance Video)


Corporal Jaejoong


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[NEWS] 160610 XIA Junsu recording interiew with MTV Taiwan on concert day

 photo 201606100723032699157_20160610072724_01.jpg
Group JYJ member XIA Junsu(Kim Junsu) will be making a surprise appearance on MTV Taiwan’s ‘我愛偶像(/I Love Idols) Idols of Asia’.
Kim Junsu and MC Play J’s interview is scheduled to be conducted at Olympic Park’s Gymnasium Arena at 3:30 PM KST on the 12th. He was chosen as the main star of the second ‘Play J’s 偶像週報(/Weekly Idols)’ corner, following Jonghyun who recorded the past 7th.
Play J’s ‘偶像週報(/Weekly Idols)’ corner in ‘我愛偶像(/I Love Idols)’ is airing all over Taiwan and in the Greater China region through MTV Taiwan at 7 PM KST every Monday. ‘我愛偶像(/I Love Idols)’ became known as the best popular entertainment interview program in Taiwan.
Meanwhile Kim Junsu is holding his 5th Asia Tour, going to 8 cities –starting at Olympic Park’s Gymnasium Arena in Seoul on the 11th & 12th, and in Japan (Nagoya, Kobe, & Yokohama), China (Guangzhou & Shanghai), Hong Kong, & Bangkok– to commemorate the release of his regular 4th album ‘XIGNATURE’.

Source: Herald Corp via Naver  
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3  
Shared by: JYJ3


Child actress Jung Da Bin never dated before?

By alim17 

Beautiful child actress Jung Da Bin appeared on the June 9 installment of KBS 2TV's 'Happy Together 3' and admitted to being a 'motae solo,' or someone who's never dated.

MC Yoo Jae Suk first said, "You look like you'd be popular since you were young," but she replied, "I've never had a boyfriend.  I'm a 'motae solo.'  I don't think they see me as a girl.  I think they see me as a guy."

Jo Se Ho said to her, "Do you have someone you like?" and she replied, "I did.  I told him I liked him, but there was no response after that.  There was no reaction, so I thought, 'Well, as expected of me.'  He was just someone who was pretty when he smiled.  I can't say who he looks like out of the celebrities.  How would he feel if he saw this?  He's got a girlfriend now."  Well, you're only sixteen, there's still plenty of time!

She was then asked to choose an ideal type out of the men she's worked with in productions.  She said, "There are Lee Sang Yoon, Sung Joon, Yoochun, and Park Seo Joon. Out of them, I often said that Lee Sang Yoon and Yoochun were my ideal types."


[SPAZZ] Instiz: Interview with a male idol who makes female fans’ hearts throb – JYJ Park Yuchun

JYJ Park Yuchun
Q. What is the place you look at first of all whenever you see a girl?
A. Naturally the eyes. But I look for the overall feelings too.
Q. What do you like about eyes?
A. There might be a hidden side to the eyes that are gazing at me.
Q. What kind of husband do you want to be?
A. I want do like something trivial than trying to do something big.
For example, something like sealing the lids of side dishes or putting down the toilet cover.
[If you can create a smile on a person who is in front of your eyes right now?]
Yuchun: I’ll give a hug.
Q. What will you do if a girlfriend came to a party with very thick, sexy makeup?
A. I’ll say “Your bare face is pretty in private and you are pretty today too. Let’s go on our date to take a sketchy face painting here”
I’ll show up at the party with her like that.
Because I know my girlfriend has on makeup intentionally to look pretty
I won’t say I dislike it.
Source: Instiz(1,2)
Translations by: rilanna of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3
Thanks to luvbyeluv 6002 for the tip!


JYJ's Junsu to rock 8 cities with solo Asia tour

2016/06/09 13:34

SEOUL, June 9 (Yonhap) -- Junsu of South Korean pop trio JYJ will tour eight major Asian cities starting this weekend, following the release of his fourth solo full-length album "XIGNATURE," his agency said on Thursday.
Junsu, also known by his full name Kim Jun-su and stage name Xia Junsu from his former boy band TVXQ, will perform a total of 15 concerts in eight cities in South Korea, Japan, China and Thailand, according to C-JeS Entertainment.
This is the fifth Asia tour by the 29-year-old singer.
Junsu of South Korean pop trio JYJ of C-JeS Entertainment rocks the open showcase for his fourth full-length solo studio album in southeastern Seoul on May 30, 2016. (Yonhap) 
Junsu of South Korean pop trio JYJ of C-JeS Entertainment rocks the open showcase for his fourth full-length solo studio album in southeastern Seoul on May 30, 2016. (Yonhap)
Junsu will kick off the solo Asia tour on Saturday in Olympic Stadium in southeastern Seoul. Then he will throw concerts in the Japanese cities of Nagoya, Kobe and Yokohama, the Chinese cities of Guangzhou and Shanghai, Hong Kong and Thailand.
"We originally planned seven concerts in Japan, but because of strong requests from the Japanese fans, we added two more concerts," said an official from C-JeS Entertainment.
"(Junsu) is totally occupied with practice to bring a legendary stage performance to his fans in Asia."

   In the upcoming Asia tour, Junsu will perform songs from "XIGNATURE," released on May 30, in addition to hits from his previous albums.

Junsu speaks to the crowd during the opening showcase for his fourth full-length solo studio album in southeastern Seoul on May 30, 2016. (Yonhap) 
Junsu speaks to the crowd during the opening showcase for his fourth full-length solo studio album in southeastern Seoul on May 30, 2016. (Yonhap)

XIA와 함께 뜨겁게 놀 준비 되셨나요?
곧 여러분들을 찾아갑니다!

*김준수 <2016 XIA 5th ASIA TOUR CONCERT> 공연일정
6/11~12 올림픽공원 체조경기장
6/18~19 일본 나고야
6/30~7/2 일본 고베
7/5~6, 7/8~9 일본 요코하마
7/16 중국 광저우
7/23 태국
7/30 중국 상해
8/6 홍콩

‪#‎김준수‬ ‪#‎XIA‬ ‪#‎XIAJUNSU‬ ‪#‎정규4집‬ ‪#‎XIGNATURE‬ ‪#‎2016_XIA_5th_ASIA_TOUR_CONCERT‬ ‪#‎5번째_아시아투어‬ ‪#‎11일_12일‬ ‪#‎체조경기장‬ ‪#‎에서_시작됩니다‬ ‪#‎핫썸머‬ ‪#‎믿고듣는_콘서트‬ ‪#‎다들_아시죠‬ ‪#‎신나게_놀아요‬
Upcoming XIA’s 5th Asia Tour Concerts! Here is a list up for the schedule. Let’s shake the world w/XIA!
6/11~12 Seoul
6/18~19 Nagoya, Japan
6/30~7/2 Kobe, Japan
7/5~6, 7/8~9 Yokohama, Japan
7/16 Guangzhou, China
7/23 Thailand
7/30 Shanghai, China
8/6 HK


[OTHER INSTAGRAM] 160608 Sports Donga Instagram Update: Photo of Yuchun’s backside

[PHOTO] #뒤태#주인공 누구일까요🤔

#정답 : 국가의 부름에 응답 중인
#박유천#ユチョン#parkyuchun 입니다. 너무 오랜만이죠? #패션센스 여전합니다.
#찰칵 📸
#스냅백 쓴 #뒷모습 너무 귀엽죠? 🤗 #可愛い#かわいい
아, 그리고 허락 받고 찍은겁니다.
걱정하지 않으셔도 됩니다
하루 빨리 #jyj#김재중#김준수#완전체 그날을 기다리며…
#스포츠동아#스동#엔터 달려갑니다.
#댓글#좋아요#팔로우#팔로미#follow#followme#lfl#f4f ♡

#backside Who is the #lead_character ?🤔

#Correct_answer : Responding to the call of the country
It is #박유천 #ユチョン #parkyuchun. Hasn’t it been too long? #fashion_sense is unchanged.
Wearing a #snapback , isn’t his #appearance_from_behind too cute? 🤗 #kawaii(/cute) #kawaii(/cute)
Ah, and it was taken with permission given.
Don’t be worried
As soon as possible #jyj #KimJaejoong #KimJunsu #complete_unity Looking forward to that day…
We are running #SportsDonga #S[ports]Dong[a] #enter[tainment] .
#comment #like_it #follow #followme #follow#followme#lfl#f4f ♡
 photo 13329187_1094289837274704_1373641098_n.jpg
Source: sportsdonga  
Translations by: rilanna of JYJ3  
Shared by: JYJ3


160607 [JYJ FB] XIA JUNSU - ROCK THE WORLD (Dance Practice)

JYJ facebook https://www.facebook.com/CJESJYJ/vide...

160608 C-JeS instagram: #XIGNATURE #XITIZEN

cjes.tagram https://www.instagram.com/p/BGXvYS5uzKV/

160608 C-JeS instagram: 샤토끼 ^^

cjes.tagram https://www.instagram.com/p/BGYq_DXOzDX/

160608 [JYJ FB] XIA+ ‪#‎Batman‬ + ‪#‎Superman‬ time!

JYJ facebook https://www.facebook.com/CJESJYJ/vide...

videos via jjyyjj


[LIVE STREAM] 160608 Junsu on <V LIVE> broadcast for <XIA's Lucky Test> now! 


More Junsu...
[DL LINK] 160608 CJES Naver Blog, 44 pictures and gifs!  

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[NEW PICS] 160608 Junsu BTS of <V LIVE> App Exclusive on 31 May! 


Junsu Updates on IG

[TRANS] Playing soccer after a long time~~!! It’s nice weather to do exercise suddenly! Bu the way, my hair ㅋㅋ Kang-ho hyung, is it ok?

(JYJ3 Note: Kangho owns Red Carpet salon and is Junsu’s longtime hairdresser. He was last captured in Junsu’s photos in the Czech Republic)

Junsu ship a guitar sculpture all the way from Czech Republic to Korea!  It was love at first sight~

Via Vichellelicious
[TRANS] Walking along the street on the last day in (the) Czech (Republic).. (and) this captivated me, that day, in a moment in the shop I happened upon by chance.. It’s a work of art. There hasn’t been anything that’s come into my sight at that moment. It finally came from across the water~~ Pretty~~~~#kostaboda

Translations by: rilanna of JYJ3 Shared by: JYJ3


A recently posted picture of Kim Jaejoong that shook everyone

Everyone is talking about this because he's seriously so handsome in this picture..

For your information.. He didn't even have any make up on his face when this photo was taken..

-It's not even a picture for musical show's poster..


-He's not even a humanㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

-As expected from Kim Jaejoongㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

-Whoa.. His skin is still perfect..ㅠㅠ

-I thought it was a picture taken for a musical show's poster...

-..Pardon? N..No make up..? Is he even a human...ㅠㅠ

-No make up and no photoshop but the picture still came out that way.. He's not a person...

-He's...not a person... He's my man...

-Is he a human?.. Is he a person for real? Daebak..

-What in the world...

-How could a person look like that...

-It's a visual that doesn't make any sense..

-He was born to be a celebrity..

-He's.. really handsome...

-I thought it was just an edited photo....

Jaejoong's handsome photo got almost 23,000 likes on FB with more than 2,300 comments 

Crystal Moon'◡' Retweeted 인스티즈 연예소식

Hot new ID photo of creates sensation! Seriously handsome! And this is with no makeup!
새로 공개된 군인 JYJ 김재중 증명사진.jpg

Wow, no makeup? 
Wow, it's too much, too handsome 
How can a human being look that handsome  
god Jaejoong 
Thought was a musical cast 
Seriously, at heart attack level 
Like a drama poster 
Looks like a fanart but no! 
You sure he is human? 
Who can look this good in ID photo? 
Album jacket?  
I'm another idol's fan but want that photo Daebak! 
Can be his album photo 

So many comments; can't translate all but are all praises 4 his out-of-this-world handsomeness/flawless skin

Reaction by soldiers on FB: JJ's plan is turning every soldier into a squid. please be discharged ASAP!!! 

This photo is going viral among muggles in Korea now FB
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Compare soldier Jaejoong to celebrity Jaejoong...

2006 vs 2016


[INFO] 's photo featured again in Korea Army Magazine (June 2016 edition)


Corporal Jaejoong Update

3rd ROK Army Band with 8th US Army Band Concert on 6/15 at Yongin Art Hall
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Junsu Updates
xiaxiaxia1215님의 사진

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[CJES IG] 쇼케이스 버전으로 안무연습하고 여러분도 이렇게 뻗으셨죠? 그래서 공개했습니다! 거.울.버.전!  


‪#‎EVENT‬ ‪#‎MV‬ ‪#‎뮤직비디오‬
🔥여러분들의 화력체크 타임🔥
우리가 XIA의 콘서트를 준비하는 자세!
뮤직비디오 조회수 300만뷰 돌파 시! XIA의 'ROCK THE WORLD' 안무.ver 영상이 공개됩니다!
(조회수는 네이버 TV캐스트 기준입니다.)

뮤직비디오 지금 보러가기! http://tvcast.naver.com/v/900248
‪#‎김준수‬ ‪#‎XIA‬ ‪#‎XIAJUNSU‬ ‪#‎정규4집‬ ‪#‎XIGNATURE‬ ‪#‎ROCK_THE_WORLD‬ #뮤직비디오 #MV ‪#‎MUSIC_VIDEO‬ ‪#‎300만뷰_돌파_시‬ ‪#‎안무버전_공개‬ ‪#‎떼춤약속‬ ‪#‎함께해요‬ ‪#‎목표까지_고고씽‬
‪#‎Fever‬ ! XIA’s enthusiasm is ‪#‎contagious‬ indeed. Check how he prepares forthcoming this weekend ‪#‎concert‬ and thru the link, go for 3M viewer-rating of MV ‘Rock The World’ if it hits 3M on ‪#‎TVcast‬ , a choreography ver. of the MV will be out!
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160606 CJES IG Update: "Spent a very enjoyable time~~ Good night everyone!!!!!"

Junsu at Kpop & Korean Star Talk Show with Dongho!  

160606 Junsu IG: "Kang-ho hyung's hand is so warm"


160606 CJES Weibo Update! K-Pop & Korean Star Talk Show with XIA via <小米直播> at 8pm tonight! Woohoo!


Xia meets Xia
[JYJ FB] 뭐? XIA가 CF를 찍었다고?! 본격 앨범 홍보 광고! 1가구 1김준수의 바램이 현실로 이루어진 순간...! 그 순간, 그 광고 함께 보시죠! 

Photo published for 김준수 - 나는 XIA랑 동거중이다 CF패러디

[EN] 160606 Kim Junsu - I am currently coexisting with XIA CF Parody

with English subs

xiah junjjyu


Junsu singing at a wedding of a fellow musical actor

[NEW PIC] 160606 Junsu sings at a wedding ceremony again! Bright gold hair~ ^^

[NEW VIDEO] 160606 Junsu sings <Uphill Road> at wedding ceremony!  (cej9)
[NEW VIDEO] 160606 Junsu sings <Uphill Road> at wedding ceremony!  (jypopo)
[NEW VIDEO] 160606 Junsu sings <Uphill Road> at wedding ceremony!  (syk)
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