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JYJ News Week of 6/29-7/5/2015

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Death Note Spot Clip

(Xia fever)


Park Yuchun on the cover of Hanryu TOP magazine

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Yoochun fan support ahead of his military enlistment...

[!!] This project is for Philippine and International Fans. Please send your letters for Yoochun on or before July 15. Please make it easy to read. This project is for Philippine and International Fans.

Please observe the one letter per fan rule.

For fans who would like to join our project, kindly see the following guidelines:

1. This Project is open to all Yoochun fans and JYJ fans who would like to send their love for 6002 on his upcoming enlistment.
2. The letter should ONLY consist of the following:
a. Love for Yoochun
b. Support for Yoochun or JYJ
c. Wishes for Yoochun
3. Please use a clean white A4 size paper. You can decorate on it as you wish, but please ensure that your HAND WRITTEN messages will be readable. Scan your letter and email to us.
5. Allot free space on the side as the letters will be bounded. You will not like your letter to be incomplete.
6. If you wish to put your photo, you may paste it on the lower part
7. Deadline of submission is until July 15, 2015 only.



Still have up to July 15th to send your letters to Jaejoong via JHolic
Jung-gu Myeongdong 2-ga, 54-6 
Seoul, Korea 100-810
Good morning everyone ^^
오늘도 많은 편지 도착!
From Japan. Indonesia. China. Israel.
고이고이 편지함으로 보내드리겠습니다^^♡

오늘도 명동하늘 매우 맑음!
Good morning everyone ^^
Even today, many letters arrive!
From Japan. Indonesia. China. Israel.
And we'll send you your inbox this ^ ^ ♡

Even today, very few of the heavens, Myeong-dong!

Another fan project...

~Message to Soldier Jaejoong 2nd Youtube Video Project~ 

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Junsu Twitter Update
Beware Cyberbullies

무슨일인지 그저께 어제 저의 메일이나 회사 호텔법무팀을 통해서 많은 악플러들의 법정대응을 부탁하는 요청이 많이 왔더라구요~10년전부터 겪어왔던거라 사실상 많이 무뎌진게 사실이고..전 생각보다 긍정적이고 강한편이라 악플에 쉽게 흔들리는편은 아니라

더 열심히 하면 진심을 알아주겠지란 마음으로 넘어갔습니다만..여러 자료들이나 상황을 살펴보니 상식밖에 좀 도가 지나치고는 있구나란 생각이 들었고 무엇보다 정작 저와 함께 길을 걸어주시는분들이 힘들고 지쳐한다는게 마음이 아파서 내가 괜찮다고

더이상 간과해서만은 좋지 않겠구나란 생각이 들기 시작했습니다.

물론 발전을 도모한 비평이거나 쓴소리..꾸짖음과 단지 비평을 위한 비평은 충분히 저도 구분할줄은 아니 그런 걱정은 안하셔도될듯 하구요~^^ 회사 법무팀과 함께 이일에 대해서 의논을 처음으로 한번 제대로 나눠볼 생각입니다.

혹시 팬분들이 자료들이 있다면 씨제스컬쳐로 보내주세요~그분들의 얼굴을 제가 직접 보고 얘기나눠보고싶네요..

제가 뭘 그리 잘못하고 미워하게 만들었는지.. 부족한 저땜에 아무튼 여러분에게도 여러모로 송구하고 죄송합니다.내일또 우린 웃는얼굴로 성남아트센터에서 만나용^^모두 힘냅시당 그리고 항상 자신의 일처럼 신경써줘서 너무 고마워요!정말~~

Translations by theyoungestmin

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Another Private First Class Kim Jaejoong army picture...


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News Articles:
Recent photo of JYJ serving in the army, "Never knew he would fit in that well ㅠ3ㅠ"

Recent photo of serving in army, crew cut+dog tag chain… explosive masculine charms!  

Via crystalmoon64

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Hong, Kim clash in 'Death Note' musical

In a scene from the musical "Death Note," staged at Opera House of Seongnam Arts Center, detective L, center, played by Kim Jun-su, confronts Light Yagami, second from right, played by Hong Kwang-ho.
/ Courtesy of CJeS Culture

Kang Hong-seok as Death God Ryuk in "Death Note"
Park Hye-na as Death God Rem in "Death Note"
By Kwon Mee-yoo
The musical "Death Note," one of the most highly anticipated theatrical spectacles of the year, has raised its curtain at the Opera House of Seongnam Arts Center in Seongnam, Gyeonggi Province, south of Seoul.

The show _ featuring music by Frank Wildhorn, lyrics by Jack Murphy and book by Ivan Menchell _ is directed by Japanese director Tamiya Kuriyama. It premiered in Tokyo in April, before staging its first licensed production in Korea.

The musical is based on the internationally popular Japanese manga series of the same name, written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata. It revolves around high school student Light Yagami, who picks up a "God of Death" notebook, which enables the user to kill anyone. As soon as he realizes the power of the "Death Note," Light decides to build an ideal world by killing criminals based on his own justice.

In the Korean production, top musical actor Hong Kwang-ho, who just returned from a one-year stint as Thuy in "Miss Saigon" in London's West End, takes the role of Light, while K-pop sensation Kim Jun-su of JYJ plays Light's arch-rival, detective L, a genius who tries to put a stop to Light's immature attempts.

The mega-hit comic has sold more than 30 million copies, becoming one of the most popular manga in the world. It also has spawned a few derivative works, including three live-action films, 37 episodes of television animation and a drama to be aired later this year.

The musical condenses 12 volumes of the comic into two hours and 25 minutes, including a 20-minute intermission. The original comics had enough time and space to develop the characters' personalities in depth, but the musical has to make a dash for the story's ending, after a hasty introduction to the characters and the setting. The ambiguous story influences the credibility of the characters and their relations and the audience has to fill in the gaps based on their imagination.
Hong Kwang-ho, center, plays Light Yagami, a high school student who believes that he can change the world, in "Death Note."

The actors bring liveliness and plausibility to the characters with superb singing and subtle acting. Hong, known for his powerhouse vocals, convincingly describes the ambitious boy who believes that he can change the world with his newly acquired "power."

Kim's presence as Detective L captivates the audience. With his signature metallic, husky voice, Kim suits such out-of-world characters, including his previous roles as Death in the musical "Elisabeth" and Count Dracula in "Dracula, the Musical."

The Death Gods literally steal the limelight. Kang Hong-seok plays Ryuk, a male Death God who plants the notebook in the world of mortals out of boredom. He accompanies Light, the new owner of the Death Note, and gets entertained by his attempt to "clean up" society. Wearing grotesque makeup, his heartless yet enthralling character dominates the stage.

Wildhorn, Korea's favorite composer behind musicals like "Jekyll and Hyde" and "The Count of Monte Cristo," offers rich tunes to portray the characters and the tangled plot. The duets of Light and L, such as "Where Is Justice?," explode with the tension and sense of rivalry between the two characters. Hong's clean, deep baritone sound sharply clashes with Kim's epicene, husky voice in the song.

Despite the grand setting crisscrossing life and death and justice and injustice, the stage set is rather simple. It consists of a two-story steel-frame structure and a revolving stage, the plain set effectively portraying dreary city life. The rotating stage shines when Light and L play a game of tennis, exchanging each other's beliefs as well as the ball. However, for those who expect visual spectacles worth their 140,000 won ticket price, the set might not fit the bill.

"Death Note" is extended through Aug. 15. Tickets cost from 50,000 to 140,000 won. For more information, visit or call 1577-3363.


Korea Times


JYJ's Jaejoong spotted looking handsome with military hair and dog tags to match

July 4, 2015 @ 4:24 pm

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A picture of JYJ's Jaejoong in the military recently surfaced where he can be seen looking devilishly handsome despite the fact that he was dressed in a simple military outfit with short hair to match.

Actor Jang Chang Geun uploaded the picture online on July 4 through his Instagram under the title, "Loyal 'Spy' team who went to go visit Jaejoong in the military.' It was also revealed that the idol enjoyed the reunion.

Meanwhile, Jaejoong is currently serving in the military band and his discharge date is set to December 30, 2016.

Team of drama “Spy” updates fans with new photo of JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong in the military

Posted on

A new photo of JYJ‘s Kim Jaejoong has surfaced on an online fan page for the artist and actor, revealing his unchanging appearance since joining the military.
Posted on July 4th through a fan page, it was revealed that during visitation hours on the camp, the team of the drama Spy came to visit him.
In the photo, Jaejoong is seen with his short hair and dog tags worn around his neck.
Currently, he is serving under the 55th division and is set to be dismissed on December 30, 2016. Spy was one of the last dramas he was in that aired at the beginning of 2015 before he enlisted.
Source: Sports Donga

Team of drama "Spy" updates fans with new photo of JYJ's Kim Jaejoong in the military --


Private First Class Kim Jaejoong with "SPY" friends...

김구닌 진급기념 면회~!! 
#김군인 #일병 #540일 #시간안가 #스파이 #민재형 #유라 #혜영이

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Note: Actresses Ryu HyeYoung (in hat) and Choi YuRa (in sunglasses) are with CJES also...

Scroll down..Lots more Private First Class Jaejoong pics...


Private First Class Kim Jaejoong...The Visual Shock of the Korean Army fluttering hearts to whoever he encounters...


JYJ3 Note: Dojasesang is a place where you can learn about the culture of ceramics and shop for all kinds of items made out of ceramics


[PHOTO] 지난 1일 뉴욕페스티벌 공연 중 일부 공연이
도자세상 도예랑 안에서 열렸었습니다
그 중 군악대 공연도 도예랑에서 열렸답니다!
먼데이키즈 이진성님과 JYJ에 김재중님도
군악대원으로 오셔서 도예랑 안이 시끌벅적 했었죠
김재중님은 어우.. 말이 안나오더라구요
몇 년동안 잠잠하던 심장이 뛰기 시작
아주 벌렁벌렁하는 심장 부여잡느라 고생했답니다
저희 도자세상 직원분들 사진촬영에도 흔쾌히
응해주시고 얼굴만큼 마음씨도 🏻
거기에 목소리까지.. 7월1일 김재중님 덕분에
저희 도자세상 직원분들 남녀노소 할 것 없이
하루종일 설레는 하루였었답니다
#여주 #도자세상 #뉴욕국제광고페스티벌 #NYF #도예랑 #공연 #군악대 #먼데이키즈 #이진성 #JYJ #김재중 #심장 #하트비트 #벌렁벌렁 #두근두근

[TRANS] There were performances for a part of the New York Festival show on the 1st [of July]
Among them, the military band also had opened at Doyerang!
Monday Kiz’s Lee Jin Sung nim and Kim Jaejoong nim from JYJ too
Kim Jaejoong nim is, oh.. How we were speechless
Our hearts started running after having been calm for years
For accepting us and having a warm heart like your face too 🏻
Up to your voice there.. Thanks to Kim Jaejoong nim on July 1
For our Ceramics World employees, men and women of all ages
It had become an exciting day all day
#Yeoju #Ceramics_World #New_York_International_Advertising_Festival #NYF #Doyerang #performance #military_band #Monday_Kiz #Lee_Jin_Sung #JYJ #KimJaejoong #heart #heartbeat #skipping #pit-a-pat

[PHOTO] 도자세상 최고의 그룹 아시아 스타가 방문했는데
가만히 있을 수 없어 저희 도자세상에서는 약소하게나마
작은 머그잔 하나를 선물해드렸는데요
도자세상 쇼핑백 들고 계신 김재중님이네요
#여주 #도자세상 #머그 #뉴욕국제광고페스티벌 #NYF #도예랑 #공연 #군악대 #JYJ #김재중 #심장 #하트비트 #벌렁벌렁 #두근두근

[TRANS] The Asia star of the best group paid a visit to Ceramics World
Even if we at Ceramics World cannot be still and are small and weak
We gave one small mug to present as a gift to him
Here is Kim Jaejoong nim who’s holding our shopping bag at Ceramics World
#Yeoju #Ceramics_World #mug #New_York_International_Advertising_Festival #NYF #Doyerang #performance #military_band #JYJ #KimJaejoong #heart #heartbeat #skipping #pit-a-pat

Source: dojasesang
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3

Scroll down for more pictures of Private First Class Jaejoong in red military band uniform...


Lucid Dream (Starring Go Soo, Sol KyungGu, Kang HyeJung, Park Yoochun) wrapped up filming...

유천이가 아니였어요 ㅎㅎㅎ 제블로그에 댓글로 써주셨네요 조명스텝입니다^^;  

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Yoochun with GoSoo


150703 Junsu with Seung-ah (Rainbow member) and Serri (DalShabet member) at <Death Note> backstage!
Via Vichellelicious 


Death Note Musical...excerpts...

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Junsu Twitter Update

공연끝나자마자 한컷! 오늘은 전반적으로 특히 남녀 커플이 많아 보였다. 정말 적어도 70쌍 이상은 족히 되어보였다. 한번쯤은 나도 공연하지않고 커플이 되어서 데스노트를 관극하고싶다ㅋ부럽다...흑 

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Translations via theyoungestmin


Private First Class Kim Jaejoong gaining admiration from other soldiers...

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Happy baby receiving gifts from KJJ DC Gallery (cr my daughter) 

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Jaejoong wows fans in military uniform

Updated : July 02 2015

A photo of Jaejoong, a member of K-pop boy group JYJ, in his red military uniform was revealed Tuesday.
He was spotted at the carnival held in Yeoju, Gyeonggi Province with a short haircut, still looking strong and confident.

He is currently serving in the military band in the 55th Bonghwa Division and is expected to complete his service on December 30, 2016.

By Ko Ji-seon (

Another recent photo of Private First Kim Jaejoong...

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Photo should be this way;)


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Scroll down for more soldier JJ pics...


Staff Picks: Best MVs of 2015 (First Half)

July 1, 2015 @ 6:30 pm

Now that it's July and summer has arrived, that means 2015 is already halfway over (That was fast)!  The year was a blur so far with all the dating scandals, debuts, and more - but the crazy (good) music video releases are what always has the K-Pop fans coming back for more. There have been many amazing MVs that boasted great cinematography, touching stories, and great shots of some addictive dance moves, but which ones made the Staff Picks list?

Check them out below and then let us know your favorite K-Pop MV so far in 2015.

Eric: Junsu "Flower"

Best MV is not hard. Amid all the similar (and sometimes incoherent) videos out there, Junsu's "Flower" stands above them all. As an unrepentant lover of sci-fi and fantasy, the MV caught my eye more than the rest -- the mutants forced to live in the wastes vs the nobles in the opulent mansion. Bright colors, cool special effects, interesting costumes, and unique imagery give punch to an already epic effort by Junsu and Tablo. The symbolism in the video is too deep to go into here, but suffice it to say the intricate setting is a wonderful place to lose yourself -- at least for the duration of the song
Staff Picks: Best MVs of 2015 (First Half) via @allkpop 


[OFFICIAL] Notice to refrain from sending post to Jaejoong

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'Related government authority's having difficulties as it's been overburdened due to letters and presents delivered to Jaejoong's unit as this may cause other soldiers and families unintentional inconvenience, pls do not send private mails and parcels to his unit.
Jaejoong himself also asked not to send any posts as he'll remember fans' warm hearts at his concert and from video msg.
'Fans' strong cooperation for this issue would be very much appreciated and we hope you can keep your strong supports in your hearts.
Via WidM_Info

Some foreign fans even come to Jaejoong's unit, apply for meeting him.Pls help him to continue his duty as a soldier.

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I believe cjes message is for the fans who DIRECTLY send letters and try to visit KJJ without his let's not judge all of them

On the other hand, fan supports are always done with the permission of the idol, whether the idol is in the army or not.
JJ is mindful of everyone. He doesn't want to inconvenience his fellow soldiers but he also understands how his fans miss him.

Some foreign fans have been harassing not only JJ against his wishes but also his fellow soldiers by making a visit at JJ's Division
This WILL reflect negatively on JJ's reputation as such visits waste the resources that's meant for families of JJ's fellow soldiers
Even if you did make a visit & made an application to see JJ, it would be futile attempt since you have to state your relationship to JJ
Save Jaejoong from those terrible headaches and don't visit him or send letters/gifts to him directly to his Division
For those of you who are still dying to send letters to JJ Cafe JHolic in Myeongdong is taking letters from fans right now :D

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[Cafe JHolic FB]


Park Yuchun's "All About Yu" fanmeeting in Osaka
Night 2 Fancams

Walking With You in Spring

Sexy dancing? lol

Eating Lemon and whistle (punishment)


YC forgetting the microphone and coming back for it...adorable


Park Yuchun Fascinates Osaka With His Charms

[by Woorim Ahn] Park Yuchun heated up Osaka with his white suit.

CJeS Entertainment said, “Park Yuchun shook up fangirls’ hearts when he showed up with all-white look at ‘2015 Park Yuchun Fanmeeting Japan Tour ‘All About Yu’’, which was held at Osaka Jyo Hall in Osaka, Japan on June 30. He made a shaved ice for the fans and spent a special day with them.”

The one became the hottest issue was his all-white suit. He appeared on the stage by singing ‘Walking In Spring With Her’, then the fans gave a big applause for him. He smiled at the audience and they all stood up to sing along with him.

In addition, he opened ‘YUCHUN’s Kitchen’ to make a special memory with the fans and cooked for them. He had on a cute chef gown and made one and only shaved ice. Through choosing several fans to taste it on the stage, he gave it to them one by one.

He also flashed back his previous work and told behind-the-scene stories about filming. Moreover, he called one of the audiences to invite her on the stage and held a special event for her to meet his fan in closer distance.

A representative of Park Yuchun’s Japan tour said, “Despite of bad weather, about 10,000 fans gathered in Osaka to see him since it was his first solo concert in the area. The audiences reacted to Park Yuchun’s every single move and facial expression and Park Yuchun tried his best to communicate with them as a repay for their love.”

Meanwhile, Park Yuchun will continue his fan meeting until July 1 at the same place. (photo by CJeS Entertainment)


BNT News

Park Yoo Chun successfully finishes solo fan meetings in Osaka
Park Yoo Chun successfully finished his fan meetings in Osaka.
On July 2nd, a representative of C-JeS Entertianment said, “Park Yoo Chun held solo fan meetings in Osaka on June 30th and July 1st, and he made another unforgettable memory with approximately 20 thousand local fans.”

It was the first time for Park Yoo Chun to hold solo fan meetings in Osaka, and approximately 20 thousand fans have attended the two fan meetings. Park Yoo Chun opened the stage with a song called ‘Walking Spring With Her,’ and the fans made a standing ovation as he appeared on the stage.

Afterwards, Park Yoo Chun shared photos from his childhood, and he also shared behind-the-scene episodes rom his previous dramas. He also took some time to cook special snacks for the fans, and he played many different games like group jump-roping and throwing balls.

The title of the fan meetings was ‘ALL ABOUT YU,’ and Park Yoo Chun talked about many questions that his fans sent in before the fan meetings.

Park Yoo Chun's setlist for the concerts included a song of his own composition called 'Walking Spring With Her (tentatively translated title),' Fukuyama Masaharu's 'Sai Ai (最愛),' and a solo track called 'Thirty.' For encore performance, he sang a song called 'Found,' and the fans sang the entire song along in Korean.

After finishing the two fan meetings, Park Yoo Chun said, “It was a great pleasure to meet up with so many fans in Osaka. Please wait for my comeback to this wonderful city, and hope everyone would take a good care.”

Meanwhile, Park Yoo Chun’s next solo fan meeting will be held on July 11th in Nagoya.

Park Yoo Chun successfully finishes solo fan meetings in Osaka

/Reporting by Lee Mi-Ji

Park Yuchun...Press Pics..."All About Yu"



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More Private First Class Kim Jaejoong Pictures...

Embedded image permalink

's shirt is a gift from KJJ DC Gallery  

Via PrinceJJ

Please scroll down for more Soldier Jaejoong pictures in red military band uniform...


Some translations from 'All About Yu' (Yuchun's fm in Osaka Night 2)

YC imitated JJ's laughter -> he puts his hand to cover his mouth while laughing.  

When asked who do you want to meet now, YC immediately answer JJ.  

What are you afraid of? Heights 
Stars you admire? Junsu and Jejung 
Person you want to meet? Jejung

YC says he can naturally tell JJ that he loves him but Junsu...JJ is gentle and he gets jealous easily. But he doesn't know what JS's mind

YC doesn't express his feelings to Junsu that much because he doesn't know what's in Junsu's mind. And he feels shy around Junsu
Via rubypurple_fan

JaeChun feels...


Junsu Twitter Update

오늘 보러 와주신 여러분 고마워요~ 브라우니 주세여!!!! 

[-Trans] Thanks to you who came to see me and our musical today~ Give me some Brownies!!!!  
via theyoungestmin

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[COMPILATION OF TWEETS] 150701 2015 Park Yuchun Fanmeeting Japan Tour ALL ABOUT YU in Osaka (Day 2)

  • rilanna: He came out in a gray suit and his hair on the right side
    RT lovemickysmile6: 今日はグレーのスーツで髪が右側だけ上がってる #YuchunFMinOsaka
  • rilanna: Although he was in white yesterday, Furuya-san is getting this refined impression of YC today
    RT lovemickysmile6: 昨日は白だけど今日はこれまたシックな感じでと古家さん。そうっすね、今日は明るい感じにとユチョン #YuchunFMinOsaka
  • yochwennie: Yuchun’s fringe is swept to the side today ^^
  • rilanna: It’s been a bit of a long time since YC’s hair been this way
    RT xiaholic0420: 髪型ちょっと古いw
  • rilanna: how Yuchun is sitting perched lol in the hall lol
    RT lovemickysmile6: ユチョン、座りなさいってw会場にw #YuchunFMinOsaka
  • rilanna: Yuchun sat, saying “Please sit”
  • yochwennie: MC: Is our sea beautiful? (showing background pic of the sea)
    YC: Yes, it’s the same as yesterday. You didn’t have to ask again.
    RT xiaholic0420: ユチョン様に「座りなさい」と言われ着席w
  • rilanna: Yuchun was asked ‘what is a characteristic of Osaka’ and he replied “speaking in Kansai-ben” & “make-up is thickly applied”
    RT xiaholic0420: ユチョン様、大阪の特徴を聞かれ「関西弁で話してる(当たり前w)」「化粧が少し濃い」www
  • yochwennie: YC commented that the people in Osaka has heavier makeup than people in Tokyo [via 6002×2601, Cr lovemickysmile6]
  • rilanna: All about Yuchun! Picture corner
    photo of his childhood memories. some different photos from yesterday
    RT lovemickysmile6: ユチョンの全てを教えて!お写真コーナ
  • rilanna: Yuchun’s American photo lols it’s a photo from his 1st year of high school. Furuya-san asked ‘which 7-11 was he[YC] in front of?’ when living in America
    photo of his childhood memories. some different photos from yesterday
    RT lovemickysmile6: ユチョンのヤンキーな写真がww高校一年生のときの写真だそう。
    アメリカに住んでたときの 古家さんにどこのセブンイレブンの前ですか?
  • rilanna: a photo of Yuchun’s high school days lolss
    Yuchun did a superb tsukkomi and said “Let’s go to the next photo”
    RT xiaholic0420: ユチョン高校時代の写真wwwふるやさんの「どこ目指してたんですかw」と絶妙なツッコミにユチョン「次いきましょうw」www
  • yochwennie: Showing a pic of Yuchun’s hip hop self back in the US. YC couldn’t stop laughing after looking at it and said “뭐야..(what’s this?)”
  • rilanna: YC ate deep-fried food on a skewer yesterday. He didn’t have any pickled twice or such food?
    RT lovemickysmile6: ユチョン昨日は串あげを食べたそう。二度漬けとかしなかった?
  • rilanna: Drama history corner
    the video is the same one from yesterday
    RT lovemickysmile6: ドラマヒストリーのコーナーw
  • rilanna: RTP’s omurice scene
    YC was asked if he likes omurice
    YC said he likes curry more than omurice
    RT lovemickysmile6: オクセジャのオムライスシーン
  • rilanna: While watch a VTR of Rooftop Prince, YC said curry is better than omurice
    RT xiaholic0420: 屋根部屋のプリンスのVTR見ながら、オムライスよりはカレーの方が好きですとw
  • yochwennie: Watching the omurice scene from Rooftop Prince. MC: Do you like omurice? YC: I prefer curry rice.
  • yochwennie: MC asked if he likes Song Yuhyeon’s hairstyle. Yuchun says he doesn’t really like it because it looks dumb [via 6002×2601]
  • rilanna: It took 2 days to film the action scene on the train in ‘Three Days’.
    RT lovemickysmile6: スリーデイズ 新幹線の中のアクションシーンは撮影に2日かかった。
  • yochwennie: YC said that to prevent his cap from falling in the train fighting scene in 3 Days, they used clip to keep it in place
  • rilanna: The action scene in ‘Three Days’ was hard work.
    RT lovemickysmile6: スリーデイズはアクションシーンが大変だった。
  • yochwennie: Watching a scene from Miss Ripley when when they were discussing about proposals, YC still said that he wants to propose while driving
  • yochwennie: YC likes the wedding scene from Rooftop Prince the most because he has never before cried as much as he did in that scene
  • yochwennie: Yuchun looked at himself in the wedding scene of Rooftop Prince and said, “So young…” and he still recalls that
    he and HJM could not stop crying after filming that scene.
  • rilanna: It was difficult being expressionless as ‘TGWSS’ Mugak
    RT lovemickysmile6: 匂いを見る少女 無感覚、無表情が難しかった
  • yochwennie: YC dislikes the scene in SKK Scandal where he jumped into the stream. He was afraid he would drown and the water looked so cold it’ll kill
  • rilanna: A video message from Shin Sekyung!
    YC: I’ll give her a call when this [FM] ends today
    Hall: Ehhh~~~~~!!!
    Loud jeerings lolss
    RT xiaholic0420: シンセギョンからビデオレター!
  • yochwennie: Today’s video message is from SSK. YC says her message was too short, so he will call her later. Fans screamed and YC said he’s shocked
  • rilanna: Message from ‘TGWSS’ Tae-joon
    It was a message shorter than Shin Sekyung’s
    RT lovemickysmile6: ネムボソ テジュンくんからメッセージ
  • yochwennie: YC said he was looking at his debut pictures while eating yesterday and he wishes to go back to his debut days
  • rilanna: Looking at the photo from 10 years ago now, he wants to go back to those old days. He’ll like to be young
    RT lovemickysmile6: 昨日10代の頃の写真を見てたけど、その頃に戻りたいと。いやぁ若くて良かった
  • yochwennie: Watching clips selected by fans. YC: Are they the same as yesterday’s? MC: No, how can we show the same clips?
  • yochwennie: They are showing a funny clip of Jungwoo singing Magic Castle in Missing You
  • yochwennie: The song which Yuchun would pick (among Japanese songs) when he’s at the noraebang –> Toshinobu Kubota – Missing [via 6002×2601]
  • yochwennie: YC says he will be eating at a restaurant Heechul went before
  • yochwennie: YC said he wants to tattoo his eyebrows but fans objected so he said he won’t be doing it. He has been considering it for a few months.
  • yochwennie: YC says he can naturally tell JJ that he loves him but Junsu…JJ is gentle and he gets jealous easily. But he doesn’t know what JS’s mind
    YC doesn’t express his feelings to Junsu that much because he doesn’t know what’s in Junsu’s mind. And he feels shy around Junsu
  • yochwennie: YC also said he still feels nervous when he’s with Junsu even they’ve known each other for 10 years. He still treats Junsu with respect
  • yochwennie: Yuchun went for pedicure with Yuhwan after his movie filming ended. He had Captain America’s shield drawn on his thumb.
  • yochwennie: Asked what’s the most recent embarrassing event, YC said while filming Lucid Dream in Busan, he spent a few days with Yuhwan.
    They went for pedicure for the first time and he had Captain America’s shield drawn on his big toe.
  • yochwennie: Yuchun taking off his socks to show the Captain America shield drawing on his toe
  • xiaholic0420: 映画撮影終了後ユファンが釜山に来て一緒にペディキュアしに行ったとw親指にキャプテンアメリカのシール貼ったらしいw会場「見たーーい!」大阪の圧力で靴下脱いで見せてもらいましたがフットカバーしか撮れずw
  • yochwennie: YC said the manicurist kept touching his toe so he felt shy. Though it was a good experience, he would never do it again.
  • yochwennie: Asked if there’s a fixed song he must sing when he goes to the karaoke, YC says there’s no fixed song but there’s one song which he always picks. Toshinobu Kubota’s song but the notes are too high so it’s difficult to sing. [via 6002×2601 , Cr lovemickysmile6]
  • yochwennie: MC: Do you like your own voice?
    YC: I’ve never thought about this but I think it’s a little bit too low. But if it’s mixed with Junsu
    ….YC started imitating Junsu’s voice and JJ’s laugh.
  • rubypurple_fan: YC imitated JJ’s laughter -> he puts his hand to cover his mouth while laughing.
    RT JejuMegu1120: ユチョンがジェジュンの笑い真似したら、アッは♡アッは♡ゆって、手を口に当ててたw
  • yochwennie: Q: When the three of you are together you sometimes blank out.
    YC: JJ’s Japanese is good and Junsu is funny so that’s enough. I’ll blank out
  • yochwennie: Q: Have you done bungee jump?
    YC: /shaking his head/ If a drama has a bungee jump scene, I won’t star in it.
  • yochwennie: Q: What do you think if a girl proposes first?
    YC: It’s better for the man to do it first.
  • rilanna: Q: Place you wants to go to in Japan?
    YC: Okinawa
    Q: To be born again?
    YC: I don’t want to be born again
    Q: Favorite color?
    YC: Blue
    Q: If you have a 10-day vacation?
    YC: I want to watch fireworks
    Q: A woman’s hairstyle, long or short?
    YC: It depends on the person
    Q: The person he wants to meet the most right now?
    YC: Jaejoong!
    The color of Yuchun’s underpants today are wine red
    Q: What do you want to eat the most right now?
    YC: Uronhai (shochu and oolong tea)

    RT lovemickysmile6: 日本で行きたいとこ
  • yochwennie: Q: Favorite place in Japan?
    YC: Okinawa
    Q: Do you want to be born again?
    YC: No
    Q: Favorite color?
    YC: Red? Green? Blue.
    Q: What would you like to do if you have 10 days of holiday?
    YC: I want to see fireworks.
    Q: Underwear color?
    YC: Wine red.
    Q: The person who want to see the most?
    YC: Jaejoong
    Q: Do you prefer girls with long hair? Or short hair?
    YC: It depends
    Q: What food do you dislike?
    YC: Food with fishy smell/taste
  • rubypurple_fan: When asked who do you want to meet now, YC immediately answer JJ.
    RT JejuMegu1120: ユチョンいま誰に会いたい?の質問に
  • rubypurple_fan: What do you want to drink? Oolong Tea
    Fave hairstyle? Short or long? Depends on the person
    What are you afraid of? Heights
    Stars you admire? Junsu and Jejung
    Person you want to meet? Jejung
    RT babyskymicky: 今飲みたいのは?ウーロンハイ。
  • rilanna: He wants to meet Jaejoong because he didn’t get to meet him for while
    RT lovemickysmile6: ジェジュンとは当分会えないから会いたいですよね
  • rubypurple_fan: Fave place in Japan: Okinawa
    Current obsession: Dragon Quest
    Do you want to be reincarnated? No
    Fave color: Blue
    If you have a holiday for 10 days, what would you do? I want to go see fireworks
    RT babyskymicky: 日本でお気に入りの場所は沖縄。
  • rubypurple_fan: How about a marriage proposal from women? Not really. The proposal should be done by the man.
    RT babyskymicky: 女性からのプロポーズはどうですか?
  • rilanna: Next is the corner where Yuchun makes a call to a person
    RT lovemickysmile6: 次はユチョンがひとりに電話をかけるコーナー
  • rilanna: He did the the first [call], but it didn’t work, saying ‘the phone number you’ve dialed is currently in use lols
    RT lovemickysmile6: 一人目かけたけど、おかけになった電話番号は現在使われておりませんwww
  • rilanna: YC put the necklace on the person who greeted him (over the phone) in today’s ‘Moshi-moshi[T/N: how you say Hello on the phone in Japanese]‘ corner. […]
    RT xiaholic0420: 今日のもしもしコーナーで当たった方が選んだのはネックレス。ネックレスをつけてくれてそのネックレスをもらえます。羨ましいー!
  • rilanna: Yuchun is leaving now to prepare for the next thing
    RT lovemickysmile6: ユチョン 次の準備のため一旦退場
  • rilanna: Yuchun in a white collarless T-shirt? He reappeared with rolled-up jeans
    RT lovemickysmile6: ユチョン 白の襟なしポロシャツ?にジーンズをロールアップして再登場
  • rilanna: The next corner was with a long jump rope yesterday but today includes a ball with the 3 chosen people.
    RT lovemickysmile6: 次のコーナー、昨日は長縄跳びだったけど今日は選ばれた三人と玉入れ。
  • rilanna: There’ll be a signed two-shot check with a gift for each person [on stage]
    3rd gets a wind chime, 2nd gets a straw hat, & 1st gets signed beach sandals
    RT lovemickysmile6: それぞれにプレゼントとサイン入りツーショットチェキ
    3位の方は風鈴 2位の方は麦わら帽子、1位の方はサイン入りビーチサンダル
  • rilanna: Hit the mark in the most! 10-sec dance
    RT lovemickysmile6: 一番に命中!10秒ダンス
  • rilanna: Strikeout! Yuchun’s mission is ’10-sec Dance’ for hitting the mark in the 1st turn!! This is the moment
    RT xiaholic0420: ストラックアウトで1番命中したYCへのミッション「10秒ダンス」!!一瞬ですw
    Video Player

  • JejuMegu1120: ストラックアウトで1番命中したYCへのミッション「10秒ダンス」!!一瞬ですw
    Video Player

  • rilanna: There’s a hit the mark in 2nd turn! has to eat a lemon and whistle
    RT lovemickysmile6: 次は2番に命中!レモンを食べて口笛を吹くw
  • rilanna: His ‘so sour’ face is cute ; it’s so sour that he can’t whistle well
    RT lovemickysmile6: 酸っぱい顔がww可愛いww酸っぱくて口笛が上手く吹けない爆ww
  • rilanna: Hit the mark in the 8th turn! Russian [Roulette] Cream Cuff, 2 are mustard-filled out of 8 pieces
    RT lovemickysmile6: 8番命中!ロシアンシュークリームw8個中、2個辛子入りw
  • rilanna: Takoyaki were really burnt in YUCHUN’s Kitchen today
    RT lovemickysmile6: YUCHU’s キッチン 今日はたこ焼き ほんとに焼いてもらうってw
  • rilanna: For all the 3 people today, takoyaki from Yuchun Ah~ He is offering it to her
  • RT xiaholic0420: 今日は3人とも、ユチョンにたこ焼きをあーんしてもらいました #YuchunFMinOsaka
  • yochwennie: YC said he feels kinda tired after making takoyaki. It’s his last day in Osaka and it may take 2 years before he can meet fans again.
  • yochwennie: Fans called his name and he suddenly lost his train of thoughts
  • SaiAi & Chajatta were sung
  • yochwennie: While singing Found You, he yelled Junsu’s name again when it came to Junsu’s part XDDD
  • rilanna: Thank you for such a fun & happy time, YuchunTT
    RT xiaholic0420: 楽しかった幸せだったありがとうユチョンTT
    Video Player

  • 00:00

  • rilanna: Ill see you again Yuchun〜(╥﹏╥)
    RT JejuMegu1120: ユチョンまたね〜(╥﹏╥)
    Video Player

    • rubypurple_fan: YC left his microphone at the moving stage so he went back to get it~
      RT mickynews64: 아이코 (박수짝) 내 마이크 총총총 #박유천
    • yochwennie: YC’s Ending speech: Thank you for making good memories for me in Osaka. I would like to come again. Today is my last day in Osaka. When I come again, let’s meet with smiling faces. (He was going to say something else but he held back). Let’s save this for later.
    • Jen_BabyLove: Oh yesterday was flying hearts tonight is flying stars
      RT lovemickysmile6: 今日は星が上から降ってきた!
    • 6002×2601:
    • raiterie: 今日はお星様!大阪楽しかったー(;ω;)
    • Jen_BabyLove: FM over
      RT lovemickysmile6: 終わりました!
    • misa_jj:

    Live tweets trans credits: lovemickysmile6 + yochwennie + xiaholic0420 + rubypurple_fan + JejuMegu1120 + babyskymicky + 6002×2601 + raiterie + Jen_BabyLove + misa_jj + rilanna of JYJ3 

    Shared by: JYJ3


    More glorious pics of  Private 1st Class Jaejoong...


    Credit DC KJJ

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    The News...
    (Translations via crystalmoon64)

    in military band uniform spotted... Still handsome  

    Military band member still looks great w short hair in recent photo Press Daum main! 

    Jaejoong's sister's Twiiter Update

    늠름하게 군생활 잘 하고 있구나. 우리 막둥이 군악대복도 제법 잘 어울려~

    [TRANS] Our youngest is doing well in the Army. Looks pretty good in band uniform, too.
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    Private 1st Class Jaejoong "NEWS"
    ...In his Military Band Uniform!
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    in band uniform!
    Via crystalmoon64

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    Death Note Videos and Audios..

    [Live] The lies and secrets - Death Note Musical (Korea)(Eng trans) 

    star star

    [Audio] Where is the justice? (reprise)- Light Yagami & L /Hong Kwang Ho &Junsu 

    DeathNoteMusical Sub 

    [Eng Sub] The Game Begins- Junsu (Fancam) 

    DeathNoteMusical Sub



    Yuchun's "All About Yu" Fanmeeting in Osaka

    YC's message and SaiAi

    It's Good



    JYJ to Greet Fans Again This Year with “2015 JYJ Membership Week


    JYJ to Greet Fans Again This Year with “2015 JYJ Membership Week”
    JYJ fans will be happy to hear that the group will be hosting their “Membership Week” again this year! 

    C-JeS has announced that the “2015 JYJ Membership Week” will be happening for two weeks, between August 17-30, at the Seoul Museum in the Jongno District, under the theme “Time is…like that.” The “JYJ Membership Week” is in its fourth year this year. The event will encompass an exhibition that showcases behind-the-scene photos of the JYJ members during their drama shoots, concert preparations, album jacket shoots, and other previously unreleased photos that will be revealed to the fans for the first time.

    The crowning event of the Membership Week will be the fan meeting with Junsu and Yoochun planned for August 25 at the Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium. Despite their busy schedules, both members will be attending this fan meeting where they will play games, talk, and sing songs.

    Source (1)

    JYJ to Hold Membership Week and Fan Meeting in August in Jongro

    JYJ Membership Week
    JYJ Membership Week/ photo= Cjes Entertainment
    JYJ fan exhibition will happen again this year.
    On the 30th, C-jes Entertainment announced that <2015 JYJ Membership Week> will take place at Seoul Art Museum in Jongro-gu from August 17 to 30. The event includes photo exhibitions of JYJ and a fan meeting of Park Yuchun and Kim Junsu to brush up the good times between fans and the group in the past.
    This two-week long exhibition is held under the title of ‘Time…will have to keep going on’ displaying JYJ’s unreleased photos of drama filming scenes, album unreleased cuts and concert behind-the-scene photos.
    Moreover, Park Yuchun and Kim Junsu will have a special fan meeting which include games, talk shows, and songs. The fan meeting will take place at Jamsil Indoor Gymnastic Stadium on August 25.
    JYJ exhibition commemorates its fourth event this year and it has received tremendous love since it first kicked off in 2012. On the first year, the exhibition recorded the largest number of foreigners visit in South Korea as a single event, and became the center of attention by attracting 20,000 fans for three consecutive years.


    Press Pics...Yuchun's "All About Yu" fanmeeting in Osaka, Japan.

    사진 : 박유천 오사카 팬미팅 현장 / 씨제스엔터 제공

    박유천, 오사카 팬미팅서 화이트 수트 입고 '1만 여심' 녹여

    박유천, 오사카 팬미팅서 화이트 수트 입고 '1만 여심' 녹여

    박유천, 오사카 팬미팅서 화이트 수트 입고 '1만 여심' 녹여

    Fan Pics

    as tagged

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    as tagged

    Pictures with winning fans...

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    News Reports regarding Death Note
    ...Nice to see glimpses of Death Note, the musical.


    [COMPILATION OF TWEETS] 150630 2015 Park Yuchun Fanmeeting Japan Tour ALL ABOUT YU in Osaka (Day 1)

    • smile0051: #YuchunFMinOsaka
    • Soon~
      RT bambi6002: 間もなく~
    • tamanidoonatsu: A call comes from YUCHUN to fan!
    • tamanidoonatsu: Fans submit the paper which there wrote a phone number and he chooses them and calls
    • tamanidoonatsu: They are desperate for the search of the method to record a call now.Lol
    • rilanna: Yuchun appeared top to bottom in a white suit!
      RT lovemickysmile6: ユチョン 上下白のスーツで登場! #YuchunFMinOsaka
    • rilanna: Yuchun’s super smile (*´>ω<*)♡
      RT lovemickysmile6: ユチョン めっちゃ笑顔(*´>ω<*)♡ #YuchunFMinOsaka
    • rilanna: He said his white suit is dazzling w
      RT lovemickysmile6: 古家さんに白のスーツが眩しいと言われてるw #YuchunFMinOsaka
    • rilanna: Yuchun is drinking a tropical drink in a white suit ^o^
      RT mikiko6002: ユチョン白スーツでトロピカルドリンク飲んでます^o^
    • yochwennie: Instead of kimochi (which means feelings), Yuchun accidentally said kimuchi (which means kimchi)
    • rilanna: We are watching a scene from each drama^o^
      RT mikiko6002: 各ドラマ名シーン見てます^o^
    • rilanna: For the video of dramas, Yuchun was embarrassed while watching seriously
      RT lovemickysmile6: ドラマの映像、ユチョン真剣に見つつ恥ずかしそう。たまにニヤニヤしてるw #YuchunFMinOsaka
    • rilanna: First corner tells us everything about Yuchun!
      Reveal photos of Yuchun from his birth till now
      RT lovemickysmile6: 最初のコーナー ユチョンの全てを教えて!
    • yochwennie: Showing Yuchun’s baby photos but he looks reluctant
    • JyjloveM0604:

    • KISS_JYJ:

    • rilanna: A message from SKKS’s Ahn Nae-sang^o^
      RT mikiko6002: 成均館のアンネサンさんからメッセージ^o^
    • rilanna: Message from SKKS’s Ahn Nae-sang.
      ‘Yuchun-ah, do you remember me?’
      RT lovemickysmile6: ソンギュン館の共演者のアンネサンさんからメッセージ。
      ユチョナ、僕のこと覚えてる?ってwww #YuchunFMinOsaka
    • rilanna: A message even from Song Joongki^o^
      RT mikiko6002:ソンジュンギからもメッセージ^o^
    • rilanna: A message from Song Joongki! SKKS’s filming was so fun.
      Yuchun-ah, you have to stay healthy and come back without getting hurt(╥﹏╥)
      RT lovemickysmile6: ソンジュンギくんからメッセージ!ソンギュン館の撮影はホントに楽しかった。
      ユチョナ 元気で怪我せずもどってきてねって(╥﹏╥)
    • yochwennie: Song Joongki’s message to Yuchun: Be healthy, don’t hurt yourself and come back safe
      Song Joongki called him “Yuchun-ah…”ly.
    • yochwennie: Song Oksook, who played Suyeon’s mom in Missing You, called and said she’s close with Taeyang too.
      If there’s time, she wants to have dinner together with Taeyang and Yuchun [via KISS_JY]
    • rilanna: A scene chosen by fans that made them laugh.
      The ‘Chwaa’ in Ep 3 of ‘TGWSS’
      RT lovemickysmile6: ファンが選ぶこれは笑えるシーン。
      匂いを視る少女 3話のチェーwwww
    • rilanna: Yuchun reenacted ‘Chwaa’ lol it was ad-lib
      RT lovemickysmile6: チェー再現してるユチョンwあれはアドリブだと #YuchunFMinOsaka
    • yochwennie: YC said that he practiced 2~3 hours for the fighting scene in the elevator (3 days, ep 16) and filming took 7~8 hours.
      He was beaten and actually bled. He wants to film action scenes but thinks he can’t do and doesn’t want to do it anymore.
    • yochwennie: Fans selected a scene from Yuchun’s drama which they do not wish to see the most. YC didn’t get what that means and thought fans didn’t want to see him. MC explained to him that that’s not what i means. It means a scene they don’t like to watch eg. kissing scene
      The scene which was selected was Miss Ripley’s proposal scene. YC said he will never propose that way.
    • yochwennie: Yuchun also says that he dislikes watching his proposal scene the most. If he proposes, he will do it casually and say, “Marry me.”
    • rilanna: Yuchun wants to do an ordinary marriage proposal。
      「Get married to me」 while eating a meal or such
      RT mikiko6002: ユチョンは普通にプロポーズしたい。
    • yochwennie: MC: How many pairs of shades do you have?
      YC: Not many. About 20~30 pairs.
    • JyjloveM0604:
    • yochwennie: Yuchun said if he were to propose, he’d be driving and then casually/naturally say, “Let’s get married. As simple as that is good enough.
    • Jen_BabyLove: Yuchun did Lasik and says that maybe because of that, his tears fall easily during crying scenes
    • yochwennie: Q: One thing only you know?
      YC: Tears can only flow from one eye. It’s not done consciously at all.
      YC: It’s difficult to explain but perhaps it’s because of Lasik. [via 6002×2601, Cr lovemickysmile6]
    • yochwennie: MC asked YC why does he always touch his earpiece when singing. YC says if it’s worn properly, he can’t hear fans’ voices.
      And he can also sing better if the earpiece is slightly looser.
    • yochwennie: Fans noticed that Yuchun’s big toes stick out whenever he wears flip flops. YC says that’s how he is.
    • yochwennie: Your big toe sticks out when you wear flip flops.
      YC: Because I’ve got good stamina (laughs).
      Because it’s too strong, I can’t eat eel or garlic. [via 6002×2601, Cr lovemickysmile6]
    • yochwennie: YC’s habit: When the THREE of them are together, he has the tendency to lean his arm on JJ ^^
    • yochwennie: YC says he will unconsciously lean his arm on JJ if JJ is next to him and but if it was Junsu standing next to him, he won’t want to lean
    • yochwennie: Yuchun said his butt is flat so it doesn’t look nice when he wears pants because there’s no shape unlike Junsu. He’s envious of Junsu’s butt
    • Jen_BabyLove: The 100 questions corner, Yuchun can only answer 6 questions per minute
      RT babyskymicky: 1分間で6個しか答えられないユチョン。百の質問コーナーで
    • rilanna: Q: What do you wash first in your bath?
      YC: Shoulder
      RT lovemickysmile6: お風呂でまず先に洗うのは?
    • yochwennie: YC’s bath procedure: Wet his hair, apply shampoo then leave it on and start brushing teeth. Then, wash off and start washing his body.
    • yochwennie: Yuchun takes only 3 minutes to bathe [via KISS_JYJ]
    • rilanna: Q: What’s the closest role to you?
      YC: ‘The Girl Who Sees Smells”s Mugak
      RT lovemickysmile6: 自分に近い役は?
    • rilanna: Q: Which different role is the opposite?
      YC: ‘3days’
      RT lovemickysmile6 : 逆に違う役は?
      ユチョン:スリーディジュ #YuchunFMinOsaka
    • yochwennie: Q: Which role most resembles you?
      YC: Mugak.
    • yochwennie: Q: Which role is most different from you?
      YC: Taekyung.
    • yochwennie: Q: When you bathe, where do you start first?
      YC: Shoulders.
    • yochwennie: Q: What’s the most surprising thing you saw in Japan?
      YC: People wearing short skirts and cycling.
    • yochwennie: Speaking about girls cycling with short skirts, Yuchun says if he comes across it, he will look because men will unconsciously look
    • yochwennie: he says they could have worn short pants on the inside [via 6002×2601]
    • yochwennie: Q: Do you like mountain or sea?
      YC: Sea
    • yochwennie: Fans wrote their phone numbers when entering the venue. Yuchun is picking numbers to call now.
    • yochwennie: J-fans say they like YC with long hair. YC says he prefers short hair then there was bickering.
      In the end, YC says he can’t keep his hair long anymore because he is running out of time … [via KISS_JY]
    • rilanna: Yuchun walk out to prepare for the next (game)
      Only 3 people will be chosen to jump rope with Yuchun next
      RT lovemickysmile6: ユチョンさんは次の準備のため退場しました #YuchunFMinOsaka
    • rilanna: the 3 chosen people each held hands as a pair & opposite of Yuchun, and jumped rope with him
      RT lovemickysmile6: 選ばれた人3名がそれぞれユチョンとペアになって向き合って手を繋いで縄跳び。
    • rilanna: Yuchun in gray? He changed into a knitwear
      RT lovemickysmile6: ユチョン グレー?のニットにお着替え
    • yochwennie: YC is supposed to skip with fans hand-in-hand and face-to-face. The pair with the longest time wins. Fan 1 – 1, Fan 2- 2. Fan 3 – 0
    • yochwennie: The second fan was wearing skirt and Yuchun checked with her to see if she was alright ^^
    • rilanna: the person in 3rd place gets a signed folding fan; and a commemorative photo of the 2 of them, with Yuchun, and the photo has his autograph
      RT lovemickysmile6: 3位の人にサイン入り扇子とユチョンとツーショット記念写真、写真にもサイン!
    • rilanna: the person in 2nd place gets a signed bottle and a two-shot photo with his autograph on the photo
      RT lovemickysmile6: 2位の人に サイン入りボトル、ツーショット写真と写真にサイン #YuchunFMinOsaka
    • rilanna: 1st place winner gets autographed sneakers!!
      RT lovemickysmile6: 一位の優勝者には サイン入りスニーカー!!
    • rilanna: Yuchun picked a number of gifts from all of us to strike out on golf
      RT mikiko6002: ユチョン、ゴルフでストラックアウトをしてみんなへプレゼントの番号あてて
    • xiahfuji:

    • rilanna: Next is YUCHUN’s Kitchen lol he won’t use olive oil today
      Yuchun will be making patbingsu [red beans ice dessert], and 3 people chosen will get to sample it
      RT lovemickysmile6: お次はYUCHU’S キッチンw今日はオリーブオイル使いませんと古家さんw
    • rilanna: Tired Micky
      RT xiahfuji: お疲れミッキー♡ #YuchunFMinOsaka #박유천
    • yochwennie: Bingsoo making.
      1st bowl: Ice cream + oats + cherry + condensed milk + red bean
      2nd bowl: Ice cream + orange + mango + nuts + dry fruits/veg
    • yochwennie: Yuchun said to the fans “You don’t seem like you’re keen on eating this. But just say it tastes good, okay?”
    • rilanna: Two-shot commemorative photo with the 3 people who got to sample the patbingsu
      RT lovemickysmile6: パッピンスを試食してる3人とツーショット記念写真。
    • yochwennie: Q: Answering a question with a question?
      YC: That’s perhaps my personality. [via 6002×2601, Cr. lovemickysmile6]
    • yochwennie: YC: I don’t like going to haunted houses. It’s not my style. There are more fun stuff than that. Not something scary but I’d like to star in horror movies. Someday I would like to try acting as a ghost. [via 6002×2601, Cr babyskymicky]
    • yochwennie: Q: Which hairstyle do you like? Long hair?
      YC: Personally, it’s B or G for me. I prefer short hair. [via 6002×2601]
    • [Yuchun is singing] SaiAi
      RT lovemickysmile6: 最愛 #YuchunFMinOsaka
    • yochwennie: Yuchun says do not forget him and JYJ ㅠㅠ
    • yochwennie: Yuchun would like to thank fans and his members whom he has been with for 11 years. He could come to where he is today despite going through unfamiliar grounds because he has fans+members. He wishes that everyone would live well and healthy. [via KISS_JYJ]
    • yochwennie: Yuchun says that everyone should know that he only has 2 months left. He feels that if he still has time, he would do something more.
      He hopes that fans won’t forget him and JYJ. And to also support his other 2 members (JJ+JS) who are also working hard. [via KISS_JYJ]
    • yochwennie: YC was singing Found You and when he arrived at Junsu’s part, he shouted, “JUNSU!!” [via KISS_JYJ]
    • rilanna: YC is traveling down a row of the venue with a truck[/trolley]. the BGM is flowing out the 3-person ‘Chajatta’
      RT lovemickysmile6: トロッコで会場1周!BGMは3人のチャジャッタが流れてる(´; ∀ ;)
    • rilanna: For people in the arena in the stands, Yuchun is giving them handshakes
      RT lovemickysmile6: スタンド最前列の人、ユチョン握手してるよー♡
    • rilanna: YC also had a bazooka [gun] to send stuff flying
      RT lovemickysmile6: バズーカーも飛ばしてます
    • rilanna: FM has ended!
      RT lovemickysmile6: 終わりましたー!
    • yukarin33333: (๑ơ ₃ ơ)げっつ(笑)
    • rilanna: She had gotten to capture a signed ball
      RT Micky_megpyon6: サインボール撮らせて貰いました!

    Live tweets trans credits: smile0051 + bambi6002 + tamanidoonatsu + lovemickysmile6 + mikiko6002 + yochwennie + JyjloveM0604 + KISS_JYJ + Jen_BabyLove + babyskymicky + xiahfuji + yukarin33333 + Micky_megpyon6 + 6002×2601 + rilanna of JYJ3  
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    [INFO] 2015 Global K-Star Ranking – 06/15~06/21 & 06/22~06/28

    ‘Global K-Star Ranking’ used a combination of data from Chinese portal site Baidu’s ranking on Korean male stars, Chinese website 123fan’s polling system on Korean celebrities, Weibo’s ‘Star Influence Chart,’ and the number visitors and their searches on SSTV to announce the results. The rankings tend to vary weekly according to the hot topics pertaining to each starlet. (via Allkpop)


    June 15 ~ June 21  photo 328556_100893_3156.jpg

    #3 – Kim Jaejoong


    June 22 ~ June 28  photo 330010_103156_1228.jpg

    #4 – JYJ Kim Jaejoong
    #10 – JYJ Park Yuchun


    Comparison from 3rd to 4th week of June  photo 330010_103157_1228.jpg

    Source: SSTV/Star Seoul TV(1,2)  
    Shared by: JYJ3

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    Kim Junsu...Diamond Bay CM

    20 min CM

    30 minute CM


    Park Yuchun in Rehearsals ahead of his Osaka FM
    Via YC's Weibo and JYJ Official


    Private Jaejoong "News"

    [TRANS] Another fellow soldier of expresses his appreciation ^^  

    Embedded image permalink

    [TRANS] writes words of encouragement to his fellow soldier.

    Of course he ( ) is very influential(charismatic) but has genuinely nice personality -FB comment by fellow soldier
    Translations via crystalmoon64

    JYJ Membership Week To Be Open

    [by Yanchingsally Chu] JYJ will hold its membership week in August.

    Its agency C-Jes Entertainment revealed, “2015 JYJ Membership Week’ will be open from August 17 to 30 at Seoul Art Museum in Jongno-gu, Seoul. A photo exhibition showing the pictures of Park Yoo Chun and Kim Junsu will be held. Also, Park Yoo Chun and Kim Junsu will hold a fan meeting. We are preparing for the event to create great memories for both the members and the fans.”

    In the two-week membership week, a photo exhibition with the theme ‘Time… will have to keep going on’ will be held. Pictures of the filming scenes in dramas, the behind-the-scenes photos of its concerts, the unreleased still cuts of its album and more will all be displayed in the exhibition.

    Moreover, despite of their packed schedule, Park Yoo Chun and Kim Junsu will hold a special fan meeting together during the membership week. They will play games, give out presents, chat with their fans and perform at the event.

    Meanwhile, the fan meeting will be held on August 25 at Jamsil Stadium. (photo by C-Jes Entertainment)


    BNT News 

    Note: This article is misleading...I have read (through friend's translations) that Jaejoong is included (and well he should be) in the Photo exhibition as well.
    Jaejoong will not be able to participate in the FM (but hoping we can at least see him somehow or hear his voice) as he is in active military.
    Jaejoong even mentioned/hinted that they (JYJ) are preparing a song (at least) and there's a MV as well...


    Kim Jun-su features in theater arts magazine for 'Death Note'

    Updated : June 30 2015

    (Scene Playbill)
    K-pop singer and musical actor Kim Jun-su, a member of trio JYJ, has been featured in cultural and theatrical arts magazine Scene Playbill.

    Kim is currently cast in the musical “Death Note,” based on the cult Japanese manga and anime series of the same name.

    Kim lays private detective L, who investigates a supernatural notebook that grants its user the ability to kill people by writing their names in the notebook.

    “It wasn’t easy to act L at first because everything from the tone of his voice to his expression to his gait and bodily gestures are very unusual,” said Kim, a fan of the original manga series. “However, I’m acting by searching for the point where the original character and what I wish to feel and express meet.”

    (Scene Playbill)
    Kim is an award-winning musical actor, who won Best Musical Actor at the 18th Korea Musical Awards in 2012. He also won Most Popular Musical Actor at the event for four straight years between 2010 to 2013.

    The 28-year-old star notably won plaudits for musicals “Mozart!” and “Elizabeth” in 2010.

    “I was able to take on this musical because of the star-studded cast. Please particularly look forward to one duet that I sing with top musical actor, Hong Kwang-ho,” said Kim.

    Kim’s costar Hong plays an evil high school student, Lighto, in the same “Death Note” production.

    (Scene Playbill)
    The “Death Note” manga series was published between 2003 and 2006, followed by a popular anime TV series. The Japanese-language musical adaptation ran earlier this year.

    The Korean musical adaptation of “Death Note” lifted its curtains on June 20 and will be running until Aug. 9 at the Seongnam Arts Center Opera House, Seoul.

    The full interview and photoshoot with Kim has been published in Scene Playbill’s July issue.

    (Scene Playbill)
    (Scene Playbill)
    By Yoon Sarah ( Kpop Herald


    [TRANS] 150630 JYJ Japan Notice: 『2015 Park Yuchun Fan Meeting Tour ~ in Japan』additional stop confirmed!

     photo 150630jyjjapan.png

    64098-335447 - Copy
    <Event Name>

    [Yokohama Arena (Yokohama)]
    22 July 2015 (Wed) and 23 July 2015 (Thur)  Open: 18:00 / Start:  19:00
    *Each day’s content may contain some difference.

    <Ticket Price>
    10,000 Yen (all fixed seats, excluding tax)

    <Ticket Sales Date>
    Fan club priority pre-sale
    3 July 2015 (Fri) 15:00 ~  6 July 2015 (Mon) 23:59

    <Eligible for fan club priority pre-sale>
    Official member of JYJ Japan Official Fanclub
    (on condition that you become a member by 3 July 2015)
    * for new members and those renewing membership, please transfer FC fees by 3 July banking hours. If the fees come in after 12 June, you will not be eligible.

    For ticket-related:
    Lawson Ticket   0570-000-777 (10:00 ~ 20:00)

    <Event Official Site>

    Source: JYJ Japan  
    Translated by: Jen_BabyLove of JYJ3  
    Shared by: JYJ3 

    Park Yuchun To Hold Additional Fan Meetings In Yokohama

    [by You-bin Ha] Park Yuchun adds two more fan meetings in Yokohama.

    Park Yuchun’s agency C-Jes Entertainment said, “Park Yuchun will hold extra fan meetings ‘2015 Park Yuchun Fanmeeting Japan Tour ‘ALL ABOUT YU’ in Yokohama Arena on July 22 and 23. He will start his fan meetings in Osaka and will continue in Nagoya and Yokohama”.

    His Japanese fan meeting was planned to be held four times, twice in Osaka and twice in Nagoya, but fans didn’t stop asking for an extra event.

    The fan meeting will be organized under a special concept ‘All About Park Yuchun’ and plenty of diverse events such as talk time and singing time will be organized. Fans supported him since his debut and Park Yuchun wanted to make a special time with them to repay their love.

    The staff said, “Park Yuchun’s popularity in definitely hot all around Asia and he proved it in China last winter and now in Japan. The ticket for extra fan meetings will be available soon but we expect that the competition will be keen”.

    Meanwhile, Park Yuchun will start his fan meeting tour today in Osaka Jo Hall. (photo by C-Jes Entertainment)



    Kim Junsu's Video for Scene Playbill Photoshoot...



    [NEW PIC] Junsu <Scene Playbill> BTS Mag Shoot for July 2015 Issue!  

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    Court Rules in Favor of JYJ Junsu in Jeju Hotel Legal Dispute

    Court Rules in Favor of JYJ Junsu in Jeju Hotel Legal Dispute
    The verdict is in for the legal battle between JYJ member Kim Junsu and the construction companies that was in charge of building his hotel on Jeju Island.
    Previously, construction company A and B sued Kim Junsu for not paying them the 5 billion won that they have invested in building the hotel. However, the court has ruled in favor of Kim Junsu, stating that the claim made by the construction companies lacked evidence.
    The court ruled on June 28 that there was a lack of evidence to prove that the money was officially lent to the star. Kim Junsu’s legal representative announced, “There is an IOU that exists between Kim Junsu and the construction company, but there is a another IOU that states that the document is to be used for internal finance, and does not state the actual money owed.” Therefore, Kim Junsu never owed the companies the 5 billion won they claimed he did.
    Regarding the claims made by the construction company, Kim Junsu is planning on suing them back for libel.
    After the verdict was announced, Kim Junsu voiced his frustration with the Jeju media via Twitter. “The few Jeju media outlets that always spread the negative articles about the hotel without even reading them… Why are you all so quiet today,” he said, “I’m not asking you to be on my side. I’m asking you to be unbiased when you are publishing articles.”
    Source: (1) (2)


    Park Yuchun's arrival in Osaka, Japan
    こんばんは OSAKA!
    Good evening to OSAKA!


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    Yuchun at Gimpo airport on his way to Osaka, Japan for a fanmeeting...

    150629 Yoochun at Gimpo heading to Japan OSAKA!  
    Have a safe flight! Fans are so near to him! (Ma6oo2) 
    Via XIAkiss

    as tagged


    MBC KPop is missing Kim Jaejoong as well...#WaitingforJaejoong

    (Amazing photos/footage compilations...)

    Living Like a Dream (Dr. Jin OST)

    Coincidence (Triangle OST)


    Kim Junsu...Scene Playbill

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    Embedded image permalink 


    Updated News...
    [KR news] JYJ Membership Week&Exhibition, Park Yuchun and Kim Junsu to hold fanmeeting in August
    Via rubypurple_fan

    JYJ Membership Week...With Yoochun and Junsu (a few days before YC enlists)

    2015 JYJ Membership week Photo Exhibition : 8/17-8/30 at Seoul Art Gallery with exclusive photos of  
    2015 JYJ Membership Week Fanmeeting - 8/25 at Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium with Yuchun & Junsu  

    Previous Week's NEWS

    JYJ CAFFEINE: JYJ News Week of 6/22-6/28/2015