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JYJ News Week of 8/15- 8/21/2016

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Jaejoong Updates

3,000 showed up at Gyeryong Concert! CPL Kim Jaejoong from 55th Inf div received much cheers from the audience

8월19일 계룡시 어울림 음악회 3000여명 관람

The glorious Kim Jaejoong

Scroll Down for more Jaejoong pictures and videos from Gyeryong military concert...

Kim Jaejoong cute sign...
Jellery regular receives the popular octopus autograph through her cousin Long Live Octopus! 
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여러분 문어 아직 싸라있숩니다!! 젤러가 사촌오빠 통해 받은 재쥬이 문어싸인~!(출처 3단밀봉포순이)


[PICS + INFO] 160818 Official Photos of Kim Jaejoong’s Performances at Ground Forces Festival 2015

 photo 160818kjjgff15_01.jpg
 photo 160818kjjgff15_02.jpg
 photo 160818kjjgff15_03.jpg
 photo 160818kjjgff15_04.jpg
 photo 160818kjjgff15_05.jpg
 photo 160818kjjgff15_06.jpg
 photo 160818kjjgff15_07.jpg
 photo 160818 who shine the most.png
[PARTIAL TRANS] Who will shine the most in 2016 Ground Forces Festival?

JYJ3’s Note: Following this question, the Official Site shared these photos:
 photo 160818kjjgff15_08.jpg
 photo 160818kjjgff15_09.jpg
 photo 160818kjjgff15_10.jpg
Source: m-festival  
Shared by: JYJ3
JYJ3’s Note: Regarding Kim Jaejoong participation in Ground Forces Festival 2016, Kim Jaejoong’s Korean Fansite reported the following:
 photo 160818dc_jellery.png
Source: @DC_jellery  
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160821 CJES IG Update! Junsu wearing a mask on the plane!  

Hope U had a great weekend! #Gnight all! #Kstar KimJunSu doing facial #skincare on a #flight is #adorable right? Stay tuned in the upcoming #musical ‘Dorian Gray’


 Dashing Corporal Kim Jaejoong

Sharing Corporal Jaejoong

[IG TRANS] Let's be strong during military service - Lucky soldier receives JJ's autograph/would meet him again

[IG TRANS] came to our town. Soldier Handsome. He looks really handsome in person.
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Corporal Jaejoong at Gyeryong Concert
Full video

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Nice car...

It's OK to lay low for a while...Come back strong...


Rehearsal BTS of Dorian Gray...Starring Kim Junsu
그 남자의 근황이 궁금하다!
열혈 연습 삼매경 빠진 김준수 밀착 팔로우캠 공개!

그 남자의 연습실

Photo published for 김준수 – 그 남자의 연습실 (feat.김준수 근황 습격!)


Corporal Jaejoong at Gyeryong Festival/Harmony Concert


jeje kim  

Running in the Sky


Don't Walk Away



Buchu Mymy

Ment, Running in the Sky, and Don't Walk Away

Heard from Jaejoong!

It's hard to raise my arms wearing tuxedo, wow you are fanning so vigorously. The last song is Don't Walk Away 

I didn't sing my songs in army(except Onekiss in GFF 2015), for fans who came tonight will sing Don't Walk Away

You are supposed to wave like this, ok? Yes!!! Understood? Yes!!!! and his beloved fans

trained everyone there to shout from toddlers to senior citizens there lol  

reminds everyone to clap constantly including the ones holding camera, 'clap and take photos at the same time' lol
It's so hot so you are not waving enthusiastically. I should've led you better but it's hard to raise my arm wearing tuxedo

Kim Jaejoong   thanks the mayor and national assemblyman for inviting him to Gyeryong again to perform 

teasing fans lol "You are fanning so fast so vigorously" 

Love talkative acknowledging fans came out to see him in severe weather Will follow you anywhere you lead us 

thanks the mayor and assemblyman of city of Gyeryong for inviting him to perform there again 
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Corporal Jaejoong with AhnJang (manager)




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Kim Junsu as Dorian Gray

‘Grow Old Instead of Me’
CJeS Culture

들을수록 빠져드는 김준수의 '아름답게 멈춰버린 나' 뮤직비디오가 유튜브(YOUTUBE)를 통해서도 공개됐다죠?
지금 감상하러 가실까요?

2016년 초대형 창작 뮤지컬 <도리안 그레이> 9월 3일 개막!
김준수 '아름답게 멈춰버린 나' M/V ▼
‪#‎김준수‬ ‪#‎XIA‬ ‪#‎XIAJUNSU‬ ‪#‎뮤지컬‬ ‪#‎도리안그레이‬ ‪#‎아름답게_멈춰버린_나‬ ‪#‎뮤직비디오‬ ‪#‎유튜브_공개‬ ‪#‎성남아트센터‬ ‪#‎오페라하우스‬ ‪#‎9월3일_개막‬
The no. of ‪#‎KimJunSu‬ on the ‪#‎musical‬ ‪#‎DorianGray‬ ‘Grow Old Instead of Me’ is released on ‪#‎YouTube‬ as well! Let’s ‪#‎check‬ that out! Can’t ‪#‎wait‬ till Sep 3rd, the grand-opening day.



Crystal Moon'◡' Retweeted 봄안에 멈추다
[TRANS] Cafe had ice Americano last GFF Owner is very nice knowing I was a fan/chocolate JJ had shown in photo

Owner said fans r all nice so her image of 재중 improved even more. She asked JJ if it was hard for him, he replied yesㅠㅠ


All About YU
DVD available soon...



[INFO] 160818 C-JeS: Announcement in regards to 2016 MEMBERSHIP WEEK

 photo CqHuaxRUkAItdUN.jpg
This is an announcement in regards to 2016 MEMBERSHIP WEEK
Hello, this is C-JeS Entertainment.
We are sorry to inform you that 2016 MEMBERSHIP WEEK that had been scheduled in this coming September is tentatively postponed for inevitably.

We wanted to keep our promise with fans who continued turning up since 2012, but we have come to the difficult decision that Membership Week will be tentatively postponed after careful consideration on deciding it is meaningful when JYJ are together as a whole.
We will be distributing information individually about refund/cancellation, etc. to minimize the disruption to fans who were looking forward to 2016’s Membership Week currently.

Caring for JYJ, we would like to ask for a lot of fans who were waiting for 2016’s Membership Week to deeply understand once again.
Thank you.

Source: C-JeS | Cap credit: @XIAB1215  
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3  
Shared by: JYJ3


Junsu IG  Updates...

어제 공개된 김준수의 '아름답게 멈춰버린 나' 다들 감상하셨나요? 단지 음원하나 들었을 뿐인데 어느새 준수도리안 홀릭~
이런 블랙홀같은 매력의 준수도리안의 공연을 놓칠 수 없죠!
오늘 오후 2시!!! 뮤지컬 <도리안 그레이> 2차 티켓 오픈!!

오매불망 예매 시작을 기다리는 분들께 전해드리는 꿀팁~ 인터파크 예매페이지에서 음원 스트리밍 서비스 중이라는 사실!
[미리미리 예매 준비하기]

‪#‎김준수‬ ‪#‎XIA‬ ‪#‎XIAJUNSU‬ ‪#‎뮤지컬‬ ‪#‎도리안그레이‬ ‪#‎MUSICAL‬ ‪#‎DORIANGRAY‬ ‪#‎도리안‬ ‪#‎본투비도리안‬ ‪#‎녹음실에서도_잘생김_뿜뿜‬ ‪#‎라이브_무대_보고싶다‬ ‪#‎티켓팅_성공기원‬ ‪#‎이선좌_물렀거라‬ ‪#‎2차티켓오픈‬ ‪#‎오후2시‬ ‪#‎인터파크‬ ‪#‎예스24‬ ‪#‎하나티켓‬ ‪#‎9월3일_개막‬ ‪#‎성남아트센터‬ ‪#‎오페라하우스‬
How was the no. of ‪#‎KimJunSu‬ 'Grow Old Instead of Me' on the one-of-kind musical 'Dorian Gray' which released ‪#‎yesterday‬ U ‪#‎love‬ it? Don't miss today at 2pm the 2nd ‪#‎ticket‬ ‪#‎sale‬ FYI, thru ‪#‎interpark‬ page, U could ‪#‎enjoy‬ with ‪#‎music‬ ‪#‎streaming‬ service of it. Let's keep #waiting till Sep 3rd together!

160818 CJES IG and CJES Culture IG Update! <Dorian Gray> Musical 2nd ticketing open today, 2pm KST!
160818 JYJ FB and CJES Culture FB Update! <Dorian Gray> BTS and Recording Studio!

160818 CJES IG and CJES Culture IG update again!

cjesculture + cjes.tagram
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뮤직비디오 릴리즈 됐으니 슬슬 핸드폰 털어볼까요? (feat.오유토)
뮤직비디오 보러가기
‪#‎김준수‬ ‪#‎XIA‬ ‪#‎XIAJUNSU‬ ‪#‎뮤지컬‬ ‪#‎도리안그레이‬ ‪#‎뮤직비디오‬ ‪#‎아름답게_멈춰버린_나‬ ‪#‎짤털신호탄‬ ‪#‎의상이_은혜롭다‬ ‪#‎순수도리안_싱크로율_백퍼‬ ‪#‎새끼손가락마저_도리안‬ ‪#‎성남아트센터‬ ‪#‎오페라하우스‬ ‪#‎9월3일_개막‬
Check the released ‪#‎DorianGray‬ M/V starred by ‪#‎KimJunSu‬ thru above ‪#‎TVcast‬ bio! You’ll def ‪#‎love‬ his ‪#‎voice‬ & ‪#‎wonderful‬ ‪#‎outfit‬ as well. Keep waiting w/us till the grand ‪#‎opening‬ on Sep 3rd!

160817 Junsu IG

Selfie with a peacock


Corporal Jaejoong Updates

Oh Yu-Seong, 's fellow participant of GFF 2015 was discharged today thanks ppl he met in army (including Kim Jaejoong)
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[오유성 FB]

[오유성 FB]

This is from GFF 2015 when Jaejoong joined Oh Yu-Seong on stage...It's Only My World


In all fairness, I think Kim Jaejoong is way more handsome than Bloom and Timberlake...Jus sayin'

Guys talking about handsomeness of in close proximity: Handsome, Orlando Bloom/Justin Timberlake like jawline

얼마전 남초사이트에서 김재중 본 군인들 댓글후기


Amazed by Kim Jaejoong's handsomeness...

[TRANS] A muggle(or ex-fan possibly) shares a photo and comments about Kim Jaejoong

Scroll down for more Corporal Jaejoong at the 71st Korean Liberation Event


Junsu featured at KEJ


Junsu as Dorian Gray

[CJES weibo]


Handsome Korean Soldier Corporal Kim Jaejoong!

보면볼수록 놀라운 김재중의 최근 근황.jpg [TRANS] Current status of amazing : Amazing because he is so handsome!
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[TRANS of few comments on the posting]

[TRANS of few more comments]

Scroll down for more
Corporal Jaejoong at the 71st Korean Liberation Event


Junsu as Dorian Gray

CJeS Culture

드디어 공개됐다!
불멸의 아름다움을 얻어 쾌락과 욕망에 빠져드는 귀족, 김준수의 '아름답게 멈춰버린 나' 뮤직비디오 공개! 지금 바로 만나보세요!
2016년 최고의 기대작 뮤지컬 <도리안 그레이>

뮤지컬 <도리안 그레이> 김준수 M/V


Our Corporal Kim Jaejoong!

(Republic of Korea Army) FB update 

대한민국 육군 (Republic of Korea Army)

[TRANS] ROKA appreciates great performance by Army Honor Guard and CPL
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71주년 광복절을 맞아 독립기념관에서 펼쳐진 육군 군악의장대와 김재중 상병(영웅재중)의 멋진 공연! 최고 실력의 의장시범과 독립군가, 진군의 북소리 등 모두가 함께 광복의 의미를 되새기는 좋은 시간이었습니다.



Corporal Jaejoong at the 71st Korean Liberation Event

Full Performance
Short Hair
Running in the Sky

tiamo hy
Huyền Nguyễn

Corporal Jaejoong's arrival at venue

HQ Pics of Corporal Jaejoong's Performance

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Scroll down for more videos and HQ pics on Corporal Kim Jaejoong at the 71st Korea Liberation Day Celebration


[EDITORIAL] 160811 There should be severe punishment for false allegations in accusation cases of sexual violence

On the past [August] 8th, Seoul Gangnam Police Station disclosed that they will be forwarding their case to prosecutors upon conceding the charge of false allegations toward the female who accused singer-and-actor Park Yuchun of sexual assault. There has been quite a stir with a series of sex scandals with famous celebrities including Park Yuchun, Lee Jin-wook, others recently. These celebrities have received the public’s loves and should set an example more than ordinary people even do in their private lives, as public figures; but the act of tarnishing their reputation to the public’s trust due to inaccuracies is reprehensible. However seeing this case, we feel it has reached to the brink where there also is a need to prevent them from being dishonestly accused under false pretenses in regards to a sexual violence case.

Sexual violence crimes are serious crimes that bring great damages, to the extent of killing a victim’s character, as a crime that infringes upon the victim’s sexual self-determination[/independence] and right for the pursuit of happiness. It tries to raise the alarm in regards to such sexual violence cases, to enact the ‘Act on Special Cases Concerning the Punishment, etc. of Sexual Violence Crimes’ (shortened hereby to the Act on Special Cases of Sexual Violence) from April 15, 2010 that’s supposed to prevent this, and to do an aggravated punishment in regards to sexual violence crimes. But when there happens to be a victim who becomes falsely accused due to the act of abusing the legislative intent of this Act on Special Cases of Sexual Violence, the side effects must be rectified no matter what, too.

With the police’s investigation results in the scenario of Park Yuchun’s case, some of the accusers have been indicted under the suspicions of false allegations; and also in the scenario of Lee Jin-wook’s case, the police are in the middle of investigating whether false charges were made or not after he was cleared of suspicions. In the scenario of sexual violence crimes, the nature is considerably dependent upon the victim’s statement, and not only that, but if it was in a photo of the injured region or a diagnosis of bodily harm, etc.; an investigation would be conducted once charges were acknowledged. Although a suspect in this process has the difficulty of having to try to prove his own innocence when the questioning with the victim was not done properly, because of the protection provision for a victim of the Act on Special Cases of Sexual Violence; in the scenario where accusations where made after some time, it is also a virtually impossible scenario where there is proof from back then. In addition, there are a lot of scenarios where the mere fact that one was involved in a sexual violence crime concludes with a hurried agreement, before making accusations or after making accusations; even when it is different from the truth, on account of one being mortally wounded in image.

The famous celebrities in the scenarios of these cases had appointed lawyers to fully prove their innocence. However there may be the scenario where an ordinary person does not have a defense properly to facing charges and get punished under false allegations, based on their situation to be unable to appoint a lawyer. The necessity to protect victims who have been in sexual violence crimes and severely punish criminals definitely exists. However it is also necessary we should make sure it does not happen to a victim who’s falsely accused by another due to this. Therefore, investigative agencies have to indict based on actively investigating in an accusation case of sexual violence crime and toward whether the accuser’s allegations are false or not, no matter what; and in the courts, as severe punishment to this, the Act on Special Cases of Sexual Violence will display its functions properly then.
The Act on Special Cases Concerning the Punishment, etc. of Sexual Violence Crimes is a Special Criminal Act of the Republic of Korea which aims to contribute to a strong social order in ensuring a victim’s life and personal safety in a sexual violence crime by stipulating it as a special case concerning the penalties and the process of a sexual violence crime.

Sources: Law Times + Korean Wikipedia  
Translations by: rilanna of JYJ3  
Shared by: JYJ3


160815 CJES IG update Junsu BTS of <Match for Junsu in Japan> 

XIA’s #selfie time! Just #speechless whenever we’d see his good-looking face.

[사진] cr. lee_si_kang IG 



[Report] 160813 Captain Junsu, enchants with dribble shot! Debut player MYNAME Seyong contributes to victory too! “F.C.MEN presents MATCH for JUNSU in JAPAN” opens!

For Captain Junsu who will be parting from the team for a little while, on August 12th (Fri) at Tokyo Ajinomoto Stadium, “F.C.MEN presents MATCH for JUNSU in JAPAN” was held. FC MEN is, U-KISS Soohyun, DGNA Karam etc., idols or actors or models etc. who are popular in Japan as well, is formed from Korean celebrities and it was the debut match of FC MEN participant for the first time MY NAME’s Seyong.
In this time’s match, “FC MEN” was separated to two teams, Captain Junsu, Seyong (MYNAME) were ‘Team F’ and Soohyun (U-KISS), Karam (DGNA) were ‘Team C’, playing against ‘Team M’ and ‘Team N’ of Japan’s side.
And in the last match selected respective members of FC MEN and Japan team played and unfolded an exciting match.
In Japan team before played against FC MEN as the captain of ‘Love Me JAPAN’, celebrity serving as a fortune teller Love Me Do, actor Masanobu Katsumura, model and talent JOY, Keita Tachibana from dance vocal unit w-inds  etc., splendid members had gathered.


This time was a footsal battle, in the venue where the distance from the members has become nearer fans gathered in great numbers, from the warming up before the match, there were already sending cheers to the members.
The first match was ‘Team C’ against ‘Team M’. 5 minutes into the start permitted Team M a head start point and the Japan team began with force. Even when J-BRO Park Jungjin determinedly attacked it did not result in a goal. Team M decided the second point, and the mood was increasingly lifted. Both teams showed attack stance, even with hitting a shoot score remained unchanged, 0-2 first half match ended. In the second half match, soon after start hitting shoots etc. attacking Team C. Actor Lee Wan dodged the opponent with a splendid dribble, Karam (DGNA) aimed at the goal positively. Thus in the second half 5 mins into the start, with Lee Wan’s powerful shoot, Team C scored the firts goal and a great shout of joy erupted in the venue.


Even after that as well both team’s shoot flew past each other but goal was decided by Team M. Furthermore, carrying on the force Team M acquired it’s 4th point and pulled the score apart. Though there was also a regrettable goal that struck the goal post, though giving a close game Team C, in the time when there was just a little bit of time left in the match, Lee Wan decides a clean shoot. In that force, Kangho, Choi Yongin aim for the goal as well but without scoring the match ended. Result was with 2-4, Team M’s victory.

Second match was ‘Team F’ against ‘Team N’. Amongst the erupting big applause and cheers with the entrance of Captain Junsu, the match started. Junsu showed an attack stance as well, aimed for the shoot. And 6 mins into the start it was Team N who gave the head start point. However, a fire was lighted by this head start point perhaps, Team F’s attacks increased in force. Actor Lee Sikang aimed to goal from about halfway distance of the court and hit a shoot, Won Donghyuk hit the shoot as well which was flicked by the [goal] keeper. First time participating Seyong (MYNAME) as well sliding his body persistently or showing an exciting shoot. Amongst that 12 mins into the start, the one who decided a splendid goal was Captain Junsu. To the pass from Lee Sikang with a composed state decided a clean shoot. A big cheer rose from the audience and showed the most excitement till now. While delightedly doing a triumphant pose Junsu even exchanged a high five with Love Me Do of the opposing team.
Unfolded a match where neither yielded a step to the other and without changing the score the first half ended with 1-1. In the second half as well Junsu or Seyong (MYNAME) showed persistent play in front of the goal (post). The go and forth of the forceful ball and amongst the unfolding of an intense match, Won Donghyuk’s injuring his knee also happened. Immediately after the match resumed, with a pass from Junsu Lee Sikang decided a goal, the [score] went towards FC MEN. After that as well attacked to hit a shoot but it did not result in a score. The shoot Junsu hit as well regrettably failed to goal and showed a form of depressingly bending down and feeling regretful. Till the end sticked to an offence play and while keeping [the score at] 2-1, the match ended. There was Junsu’s great efforts as well and it was Team F’s win.

In the last match, FC MEN team faced the match with Junsu, Lee Sikang etc. as the starting members. Members who formed a circle and put in the fighting spirit. The cheering voice rose from the bench as well. As the match begins, Japan team as well since the opening showed an offence play. FC MEN team as well not admitting defeat, the ball passed to Junsu, who aimed for the goal, shoot a powerful hit but it hit the goal post and did not score. A dynamic play in rapid succession like the ball could even soar till the audience seats. And then around 10 mins into the start first time participating Seyong (MYNAME) with a bullet shoot decided a goal. The venue hyped up with the first goal, the energy of the FC MEN team as well increased. After that as well actor Lee Sikang exchanged the dribble with the opponent and with a shoot as it is decided a goal. Following Junsu as well from a dribble with a forceful shoot decided a goal and separated the score. After that as well, hitting the goal post showed a regrettable play, positively aiming for the goal Junsu. 3-0 and while FC MEN has the upper hand, the first half ended. There was a member change and the second half started.

Karam (DGNA) aimed for a goal with a forceful shoot but regretfully it was repelled by the (goal) keeper. Japan team as well determinedly hit a shoot but with (goal) keeper Jay Lim’s stretched body save they did not earn a point. Junsu entered the court again and like wagering on a last spurt, went to aim for a shoot. In the end even though hit a shoot, regretfully it crossed over the goal post not resulting in a point, the match ended. FC MEN team who protected the 3 points decided in the first half till the end, achieved victory with 3-1. Both teams till the end showed offence play, it became a match that made the venue hot.

Seyong (MYNAME) of the winning team, “coming to Japan for footsal, it is a happy feeling,” and when asked to whom do you want to convey these feelings to, “I want to convey it to our team captain XIA Junsu sempai (T/N: senior),” and expressed his feelings towards Captain Junsu. Additionally, Junsu regarding today’s match looked back and expressed his words of gratitude, “I believe we were able to have an enjoyable match and Thank you very much for coming to cheer.”
Additionally regarding his own play gave strict evaluation, “I think it was bad. Honestly I have not been playing soccer so much recently, I don’t think I was good.” However, “it was enjoyable! From now on as well with everyone, I believe I want to continue [playing in] matches forever,” and showed his smile.



And in the present corner, to 10 selected people, a small soccer ball with the member’s sign was given as a present directly by Junsu’s hand. In the interval of the match passed it among the Japan team and were able to see Seyong (MYNAME) and Karam’s (DGNA) form.
Both teams differing from the match with a peaceful atmosphere, enjoyably deepened their interchange.
In the end the members from one end of the audience seats to another courteously greeted and with smiles waving their hands left the stadium.

Source: Korepo
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER


Corporal Jaejoong at the 71st Korean Liberation Event

jeje kim

Short Hair 

KiMoo 愛



Running with the Sky
jeje kim

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