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JYJ News Week of 12/12- 12/18/2016

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[NEWS] 161216 JYJ Junsu, Touched by 10,000 fans’ Surprise Birthday Celebration

To JYJ’s member Kim Junsu, 10,000 fans, who filled up Japan’s Saitama super arena, presented touching emotions.
On the 16th, C-JeS Entertainment conveyed, “Yesterday (15th), welcomed Kim Junsu’s birthday local fans, who came to the Tokyo performance of the Musical Gala Concert Japan tour, held a surprise event. The 10,000 fans, who filled the hall, holding a placard singing happy birthday song in chorus, to the sudden unfolding spectacle Kim Junsu’s eyes became red with the deep emotions and expressed his feelings.”
Kim Junsu to the unexpected fans’ surprise event, “I was quite surprised. To receive congratulatory words from so many people like this, I am really happy,” and, “I am really thankful and I am truly happy to be doing a concert on my birthday like this. Today seems like going to become a day I will definitely not forget,” he expressed his gratitude to the fans and warmed the atmosphere inside the hall.
Kim Junsu presented a perfect live together with Japan’s orchestra and with high acting of immersion level in each musical character kept up a stage of high degree of perfection. In the Tokyo performance held from the past 13th, 30,000 fans attended and were passionately enthusiastic in the acting and performance of Musical actor Kim Junsu, which had been difficult to get into contact with until now.
Especially, in the encore stage unfolding recent Kim Junsu’s solo album title dance song medley, all of the audiences stood up cheering explosively called ‘Junsu!’ repeatedly and directed making a wave spectacle by dancing together to the chorus of the 2nd full length album’s title song ‘INCREDIBLE’.
On this day after the concert ended, Japan tour team’s surprise birthday party continued as well. As Kim Junsu descended from the stage after the finale performance, the staff persons together with a large cake sang happy birthday song and Kim Junsu as well embraced a futhermore important memory.
Kim Junsu, “today, normally extrememly close people traveled together and even received the presents and feelings of congratulations, continued till surprises of the fans and the local staff, it was an extremely special day. I am truly a happy person,” and conveyed his happiness.
On one hand, sucessfully finished the Tokyo performance Kim Junsu plans to continue “2016 XIA Ballad & Musical Concert with Orchestra vol.5 in Japan” from the coming 26th at Osaka, Osaka-jo Hall. 

Source: Newsen
Jap translations by XIA Wonderland
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER


Kim Jaejoong Update

Crystal Moon'◡' Retweeted 안희정의 잘생긴 모험

Governor of Chungcheongnam-do Ahn Hee-jung, now a presidential candidate for Democratic Party of Korea, promoted Kim Jaejoong 's album in the past

Chungnam's idol Ahn Hee-jung promoting Chungnam's son 's album

 Waiting for Jaejoong

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Park Yuchun Update

Someone posted on dcpyc YC's autograph today. He attended re-education program/training

[161214] Photographer Lee Jun Yong shared a photo of Yoochun as ‘Rooftop Prince’ Lee Gak.


[NEW PICS] XIA Ballad and Musical Concert with Orchestra Vol.5 in JAPAN!

Brief genie time account.

161215 in the end of 들이나요 (Tears of Heaven), Junsu started singing while crying, his voice broke. I honestly teared up just listening

Those emotions.. seemed so real, that when he appeared next in talk ment n was smiling n laughing.. such amazing acting is what i thought

161215 Q. if you had to compare JYJ members to animals JS: Yoochun.. uhhhmmm.. WOLF! Jaejoong.. uhhhmmm (longer than for YC)... PANDA!
Junsu said the reason for the animals he chose was that simply thinking abt the member he these animals came into his mind. just like that

161215 Q. if you could date JYJ member which one? JS: neither. I want to date Junsu (laughs)

161215 Q. if something good or happy thing happens who do u tell it to first? JS: (thought for a bit) Junho! *twin love <333*

161215 JS: this is the first time I have my birthday in Japan right. Fans: no, 2nd time Also fans: 1st time JS: 1st? no? 2nd? no? (1)
JS: over here is 1st, over there is 2nd. ok, ppl who thinks it's 2nd, when are you thinking was the first? Fans: JYJ ichigo con in Osaka (2)
JS: ahhh, JYJ!, that's right. there was one. fans: noo, this is 1st JS: ok, why are you saying it's first? fans: that was 14th dec (3)
JS: ahh! that's right that's right. This is the first time it's exactly on the 15th Dec, my birthday in Japan. (4 end)

161215 Q. this pic was included in the photobk with JYJ trip DVD but didn't appear in the DVD. plz tell in detail what is happening (1)

JS: ahhh DVD. hmm.. *JS couldn't remember the specifics* you want to know what we were watching? it was some eizo (sounded like ero[tic])(2)

S: NOT Ero. I said Eizo!. (T/N: videos). There was a break in the shooting, I was very sleepy, there was only one bed so we slept together (3end)

161215 Adult psychology test. There is a parfait, how many strawberries are on the top? JS: 4! (1)The no. of strawberries is the no. of people you will date before getting married. Fans: ehh that's a lot. JS: that's too less!! (2)
JS: don't you think 4 is too less? if i marry at 77 yrs, then 4 IS TOO LESS!! how many of you had less than 4 before you married? (3)
JS: don't lie, it's ok I won't tell your husband. but if your husband is sitting beside you then it's ok to lie. 4 is too less no! (4)
One fan said she married her first love. JS: first love? so everything with him was the first? no wait, I meant like first feelings wise (5)
fan: how many have you dated till now? JS: how many? IT'S A SECRET! DON'T ASK! (6 end)

161215 Q. would you want to be born as Kim Junsu again? JS: I want to be born again as Junsu but my dream might have changed


Scroll down for more pics and videos

161216 CJES IG Update: "Tokyo fans, thank you everyone~ Osaka wait for me!"

Thank #U all in #Tokyo & see U #again in #Osaka Stay tuned in the #big shot, #KimJunSu & his upcoming #concert of 2016 XIA #Ballad #Musical Concert w/Orchestra vol.5 in #Japan #Splendid

2016 XIA Ballad&Musical Concert in SAITAMA 


[NEW PIC] Junsu at recording studio for <Cake Love>, collaboration with <The Black Skirts>!

1611215 Junsu and Black Skirts's special collaboration interview


161212 HIGHGRND hints about a collaboration between The Black Skirts and XIA Junsu


161215 CJES IG Update! Junsu gave us a birthday present on his birthday!
Park Becca


161215 JYJ FB update!! 

Image may contain: 1 person, standing

Happy 31st Junsu!


#HBD Thank #U & #love you #KimJunSu Let’s celebrate his #birthday and #hope he would have the #greatest day today!

fan pics as tagged

Never seen before! Thanks ! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KIM TWINS! 


시아준쮸☆♪〜 Retweeted 韓流ツイッター

JYJ Junsu, collab before enlistment. Participated as vocal in one man band Black skirt's new song


Junsu Update
161214 CJES IG Update: "Sexy even when wearing socks~"

Speechless…he looks #amazingly #hot even when he wears #socks #credit ? The #pic taken when he prepare the concert of 2016 XIA Ballad & #Musical Concert w/Orchestra vol.5 in Japan! Enjoy it!

161214 Junsu with <My Name> band members, Insoo and Seyong, at Ballad and Musical Concert with Orchestra Vol.5 JAPAN Backstage!

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MYNAME's Seyong (FCMEN member) went to Junsu's concert in Tokyo today

(via meg0556) MYNAME members were sitting behind her, continuously saying 'Meotjitta' (Handsome/cool), took with them the gold tape (1)
Note: gold tape like ribbons thrown in the air during Incredible. refer to Seyong's insta vid (2)
When Junsu said (at the end of con) 'your child or handsome or wife is waiting for you at home,' MYNAME: 'don't have' 'don't have yet' (3)
When Junsu did the tamago gag (tamago no kimi wa suki kedo kimi mo suki), with a straight face they said, 'that's boring' (4 end)


[TR] Cjes Notice re KimJaejoong Mini Fanmeeting 12/31/2016 7PM at COEX Live Plaza

9 minutes walk from JHolic to CoEx
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Cjestagram Update

Finally, he’s #coming #back to catch up w/you face to face! #KimJaeJoong Let’s check info with regard to his #upcoming fan-meeting event on 31st! Hope time will go #super fast!


Junsu in Japan

[CJES IG] Handsome(/Cool) Yesterday was fun! Lets together have fun today too!

(via wa_cco)JS: Everyone's eyes is really sparkling, will imprint this hall's scene in my eyes & in the army remember before going to sleep


[HD NEWS PICS] 161214 XIA Ballad and Musical Concert with Orchestra Vol.5 in JAPAN!

Junsu sang Last dance (Elizabeth), Life after Life (Dracula) and the Game begins (Death note) in Japanese
Due to there being no guest at Japan concert, he instead sang December and Golden star

Videos (Japan concert)

Genie time


Life After Life (Jp version)


161213 Junsu IG: "I'll eat well~!"

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Block B's U-Kwon says he was inspired by JYJ's Junsu

Block B's U-Kwon revealed he was inspired by JYJ's Junsu.
At the December 13th press conference for the musical 'In the Heights', U-Kwon discussed which musical actors he looks up to. He shared, "There's Ock Ju Hyun and Bada sunbaenims, and I think the main male actor is Junsu sunbae. I have a lot of desire to become like him. I think I get motivation because he started off as an idol first."
On 'In the Heights', he said, "I was in my first musical with Dongjun and Sandeul. I think I'm motivated whenever they get into a new musical. I went to go see Sandeul's musical 'Cinderella', and he was really good. It made me think that I wanted to work hard and invite Sandeul to my musical. We're the same age, so I think that's why we support and motivate each other."
Good choice in inspiration! Don't you think?



[OTHER INSTAGRAM] 161211 Kim Mooyoung/Junho Instagram Update – Hello Hello

[PHOTO] 김준수라는 너무 멋진가수의 곡을 그동안 10곡이상 작사를 한거같습니다. 우연히 시작하게된 작사가.. 부담이 너무 커서 앞으로는 작사 못하겠다고 몇번이고 얘기했었지만 준수가 용기를 준덕분에 한곡 한곡씩 기회를얻어 작사를할수있었고 너무나 감사하게도 많은분들이 제가작사한 노래들을 좋아해주셨습니다. 많이부족한 작사지만 제가 작사를 계속해서할수있었던건 준수옆에서 항상 준수를지켜봐왔고 준수가 이 곡이라면 어떤메세지를 전달하고싶을까 이런고민에서 출발을 했기에 다른 프로작사가님들과 조금다른 그런작사를할수있었기에 계속해올수있지않았을까 생각합니다. 한곡한곡 작사한곡들이 준수의스토리와 작사했을 당시의 에피소드가 있지만 직접적으로 표현을안하고 간접적으로 표현한부분들이 많았기에 그런부분들은 얘기해드릴수있는 장소와 상황이없었고 저혼자만의 기억과 추억으로 남아있었습니다. *오늘 준수의 마지막 한국콘서트에서 여러분들이 준수에게 불러주신 ‘Hello Hello’ 이 곡은 제가 처음 음악을 받아서 들었을때 어떤 내용을 입히면 좋을까 스토리 구상단계에서 준수와 팬분들이 2년의 공백을 앞뒀을때의 감정과 하고싶은말 듣고싶은말이 뭘까 생각하며… 준수&팬 분들에게 선물로 드리고싶다라는생각을 하며 썼던가사였습니다.가사를 직접적으로 쓰지않았고 이내용을 어딘가에서 얘기한적이없었는데.. 오늘 마지막공연 이벤트로 준수에게 불러줄노래로 이노래를 선택해주셨고 정말많은여러분들이 합창으로 준수에게 불러주셨을때… 준수의 마음을 대변해서 쓴 이 가사가 팬분들도 느끼셨었구나..준수의 마음이 전달됐었구나.. 라는 생각이들며 너무감사했고 기뻤습니다.

‘Hello Hello’ 이 노래가사처럼 아주조금오래걸리는 이시간 여러분들이 늘한자리에서 응원하고 기다려주실꺼라 믿습니다. 앞으로는 힘든일 우는일없이 준수와 팬분들이 꽃길만 걸었으면 좋겠습니다^^ (아까 공연장의 감동을생각하며 생각나는대로 적다보니 정리가 잘안됐네요..ㅎ 모든분들 안녕히주무세요)

[Eng Trans via Jap trans]

T/N: there may be some discrepancies in the translations.

I believe till now I have (wrote) lyrics for more than 10 songs of a really splendid singer called Kim Junsu. Lyric writing which started by chance.. the pressure was really big that from here on I can’t write lyrics, this talk came up several times but thanks to the courage that Junsu gave me, I was able to gain the opportunity of writing each one song one song and really thankful that many of the people who came to like the songs for which I wrote the lyrics. Though they are lyrics with many insufficiencies, I was able to continue continue writing lyrics because I’ve come along always watching over Junsu beside him, what kind of message would Junsu want to convey with this song, it started off from those difficult struggles, thus I was able to do such lyric writing, which was a bit diffirent as compared to other proffesional lyricists, I believe wasn’t it because of this that I was able to continue. Each one song, though in the songs I composed there is Junsu’s story and episode of the time of the composition, as there were more parts which indirectly expressed without directly expressing, to talk about such parts I didn’t have a place or circumstance, it remained as mine alone remembrance and memory. *Today at Junsu’s last Korean concert, the song everyone sang for him ‘Hello Hello’, this song when I recieved it’s sound and listened to it for the first time, making it into what contents would be good, since the phase of organizing the story, thinking ahead of the emotions of Junsu and his fans’ blank space of 2 years and kept thinking of what words would want to be conveyed what words would want to be heard… It was the lyrics that I wrote while thinking of wanting to give a present to Junsu & those of the fans.
I did not write the lyrics directly (T/N: expressing.. i think is what is meant here), I had not talk about this anywhere but.. today at the last concert event this song was chosen as the song to sing to Junsu, really when many of everyone were singing the song in a chorus to Junsu… these lyrics which were written to speak as Junsu’s heart, the fans also felt it.. Junsu’s heart was conveyed.. I thought of it and am really thankful and was happy.
Source: kimmooyoung
Kor-Jap translations by @08JYYJ02 *JYJ ONLY* + hyangri *JYJ ONLY*
Eng translations by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER



Hello dear customers,
Greetings from Cafe JHolic.
Café JHolicからのご挨拶です。

Thank you for waiting on us.
Please wait just a little longer.
We will soon announce our new opening date during December.
Even though we are yet to open, here is the address to our new location.
Shinko Building 1st fl
Seoul, Korea


Bongeunsa-ro 627
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We look forward to see you soon.
Thank you for your patience and continued support.
Hello dear customers,
Greetings from Cafe JHolic.

Thank you for waiting on us.
Thank you very much for your time.
Please wait just a little longer.
We will soon announce our new opening date during December.
Even though we are yet to open, here is the address to our new location.

Shinko Building 1st fl
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Bongeunsa-RO 627
Shinko Building 1st fl
Seoul, Korea

We look forward to see you soon.
Thank you for your service for a long time, and thank you for your support.

[News Part TR] Kim Jaejoong returns and Kim Junsu leaves

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Youth that Never Returns 
Go for it, because you’re young enough
Jo Eun-ho 

CONTRIBUTED BY C-JeS Entertainmnet 
 “TEN YEARS is longer than you think. You should try everything before you turn 30!” Kim Jun-su said with a smile. As a globally popular singer and actor, Kim has released albums such as …IS YOU and XIGNATURE, held a concert, and performed in musicals including Dracula and Dorian Gray this year. His hard work and careful dedication to his craft has led to huge success in both his albums and musicals. The Yonsei Annals started the interview by congratulating him on winning the popularity award with the character Dorian Gray in Yegreen Musical Awards. Although he is a superstar, his attitude during the interview was sincere, and his answers had powerful messages full of meaning. The interview focused on three aspects: music, musicals and Kim himself.


Annals: What inspired you to become a singer? From when did you dream to be a singer?

Kim: When I was young, I wanted to be a soccer player. My friends liked singers and groups such as Seo Tae-ji, Solid, and DEUX, which I wasn’t really interested in. However, when H.O.T., another famous Korean idol group made a debut a few years later, I thought that being a singer would be attractive. I decided to become a singer and stopped playing soccer. H.O.T. sparked my interest in the entertainment industry. After I found my passion for singing and dancing, I had an audition when I was in 1st grade of middle school and entered an entertainment agency.

Annals: This year, you released two albums: …IS YOU and XIGNATURE. Could you tell us about your philosophy towards music?

Kim: In former days, the public loved individuality. Many singers had their own style, and they made mega hits when the style suited them. Therefore, singers were more open to challenging themselves with various genres, producing diverse songs in the process. However, nowadays, music tends to follow certain trends that make the songs similar. For example, the current trend is hip-hop. In spring and autumn, ballads are a big hit. In other words, many singers tend to follow trends rather than focusing on their own unique style, which I find unfortunate.

I feel cautious saying this, but I consider myself standing on a bridge between individuality and conformity. There are singers who do not bother testing their individuality, but singers from my generation were open to experimenting with both sides. This is quite difficult, but in a sense it’s fun. Sometimes I have a feeling of doubt, but I also feel lucky to be on both sides. Actually in the past, I assigned great importance to my signature and individuality, at the same time communicating with the flow of the contemporary period. Overall, I guess that a singer who has experienced both sides can have rich diversity in music.

   Annals: You recently finished the musical Dorian Gray. Performing in a purely domestic original musical was a notable challenge. Was there a special reason behind this challenge?

Kim: I performed in seven musicals, and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that over half of them were original ones. This is because although some are licensed musicals, they were modified while being imported to Korea. I made my debut as a musical actor by Mozart, which provided me an opportunity to reveal myself to the world again. I attended several Musical Awards, and was thankful for the fact that I could sing.

At that time, I didn’t know how I could influence the musical field. However, as time passed, I realized that I could contribute largely to this field by performing in original musicals. As people came to watch my performance, I provided support to those musicals by making the field more widely known. Therefore, I decided to challenge myself by starting with Tears of Heaven, although it was hard for a rookie to perform in original musicals. I made a promise, which was that I would perform 50% of my works in original musicals. I regretted saying this at first (smiles), but I found myself working hard as I continued to receive lots of love from the audience.

I gained much from performing in original musicals. Licensed musicals have their own frames that I am forced to follow. Thus, there is a limit to how much I can individualize the character I play. However, there are no such limits in original musicals—I am free to do whatever I want. In addition, if these original musicals later become licensed, then I would be the basis which all subsequent actors would have to follow. The idea makes me thrilled.

   Annals: There are many musicals in which you performed. Among the characters you have acted so far, which is the one that appeals to you the most?

Kim: All characters are special to me, which makes it difficult for me to choose one. Mozart is my debut musical, which gives me a huge meaning. Kim Jun-hyung (Tears of heaven) is the character I acted in my life’s first original musical. Tod (Elizabeth) gave me the first huge award, the Male Actor award. Yoon Ji-uk (December) helped me clear the prejudice that I could only work with song-based musicals, since I had to perform long lines as in a play. Dracula (Dracula) was the one for which I got the most favorable comments from the public. L (Death Note) was perhaps the most widely known character I performed, since a lot of people, even those who were not my fans, came to see. I especially liked that there were many male audiences than usual. Dorian Gray finished recently; I really liked the character Dorian Gray, too. I cannot say that one is above the other. However, if I must choose one, I would choose Mozart, since I made a debut with this character. Nevertheless, my love towards the seven characters is equal.

Annals: Since your debut as a musical actor in 2010, you have gathered over 500,000 audiences until now. Is there any specific reason why you decided to perform in musicals and continue doing so for seven years?

Kim: At first, I had a vague thought of wanting to perform in a musical someday.  Coincidentally, I was casted as Mozart in the musical Mozart in 2010 and thus began my career as a musical actor. After that, I was so happy to be on stage. I was deeply moved and thankful for the fact that I could sing on stage again. Standing on musical stages gave me a different kind of thrill from performing at music shows. I started to fall in love with not only the musical stage but also with the musical itself. Naturally, I developed a deep interest for musical music, which made me listen to musical tracks more than any other type of music. Now, being a musical actor is my second job. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that I am focused more on being a musical actor than being a singer.

   Annals: Could you tell us how your career as a musical actor affected your music? Is there any connection between your musicals and your songs?

   Kim: It depends, but yes, my album tracks are affected by my musicals. My last title track, “Tarantallegra” was a song that I wrote with the emotions I felt while performing Death, also known as Tod (Kim’s character in Elizabeth). Thus, as you listen to the timpani and string instruments in the track, you will realize that these instruments are most likely the ones that are used in musicals. Yes, indeed my musical and music are related. In my XIGNATURE album, “Tonight,” “…IS YOU,” and “XITIZEN” include musical atmospheres.

   Annals: Could you tell us about the hardships and delights during your career? Also, what encourages you to go on?

   Kim: There are always hardships, but compared to now, those in the past were much bigger. Now, I am mostly happy so I am trying to be thankful. Everyone has tough moments in life—regardless of what they do and what kind of lives they live. Anyone has likes and dislikes, right and wrong, and happy and tough moments. It is impossible for one to have only favorable times. Wanting that would be greed. Though I am happy with my life, being a celebrity has its own adversities. Still, I am thankful and happy that I can continue my work now. My energy comes from fans and those who fill the whole concert hall when I am on stage. I feel that I never get exhausted when I see them.

   Annals: There are a lot of people who admire you because of your prominent challenges and efforts. Do you have any messages for the readers regarding the topic of “challenge”?

   Kim: How could I say something about challenge to students who are so smart? (Smiles and considers) As someone who has more experience in society, I want to tell you not to be afraid of failures and to just go for it. Many people stand on the crossroad of dream and reality. I always tell people to do what they want, because “you are young.” There are things you must do when you grow older so you should do what you like when you are still young. While working on something you like, it might even become your future job. Who knows? Working on something you like will not only make you happy but also be extremely efficient as well. It is okay to test your possibilities as much as you want—at least until you turn 30 years old (laughs). You won’t regret it in the future. Challenge yourself to the limit and don’t give up.

<저작권자 © The Yonsei Annals 무단전재 및 재배포금지>

[ENG SUB] 161211 JYJ FB Live: Year end concert Goodbye

xiah junjjyu
Video source: JYJ Official Facebook
Jap trans by XIA Wonderland, Eng trans and subbed by xiahjunjjyu


Junsu's musical 'Death Note' sells out within a minute!

If you got a ticket to a showing of musical 'Death Note,' then you were one of the lucky ones!

On December 12, 1,000 tickets for seats to musical 'Death Note' went up for sale at 3 PM via Interpark... then within a minute, they were all sold out!  That's right.  It took less than a minute for 1,000 people to get seats to a showing of 'Death Note,' starring Han ji Sang, Junsu, Park Hye Na, Kang Hong Suk, Ben, Seo Young Joo, Lee Soo Bin, and more.

The musical goes on stage in 2017. The showcase will be on December 19 at the Lotte Concert Hall.


[NEW PICS] 2017 XIAIARY by Healing XIA! Never seen these before! 
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Vote for Jaejoong 



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ジェジュン Jaejoong Fans 2016 Christmas Project

Angel Wing


[FB] 161212 JYJ Official Facebook Update – XIA is in Tokyo!



See you tomorrow Tokyo!
Right now XIA is (in) Tokyo! Lets have fun and play tomorrow~

#KimJunsu #XIA #XIAJUNSU #YearEndConcert
#2016_XIA_Ballad_Musical_Concert_with_Orchestra_vol5 #Japan #Tokyo(T/N: in Korean) #Tokyo(T/N: in Japanese) #Already_theHot_Heat #ReachedTokyo #HotPopularity #LetsMeetTomorrow #ThumpThump
The big-shot #KimJunsu is in #Tokyo #Japan Let’s get the #party started together! See #U all #tmrw thru 2016 XIA #Ballad Musical #Concertw/Orchestra vol.5! #YAY
Source: JYJ Official Facebook
Translated by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER


161208 Sixth Trial of Defendant A & Her Accomplices on Charges of False Accusation and Attempted Extortion 

Photo published for 161208 Sixth Trial of Defendant A & Her Accomplices on Charges of False Accusation and Attempted...

1. Date and Time
Dec. 08, 2016, 4 PM
Note 1: The trial started at the scheduled time at 4:00 pm (more exactly 3:58 PM).
2. Judicial Bench
Seoul Central District Criminal Court 15 Single Judge Choi Jong Jin

3. Defendants
1) Lee, so-called A, charged with false accusation & attempted extortion, imprisoned
2) Hwang (mob) charged with attempted extortion, imprisoned
3) Lee (Defendant Lee’s boy friend) charged with attempted extortion, not imprisoned

Note 2: This case is the case of false accusation and attempted extortion. The above three people stand the trial as the defendants. Many of Korean newspapers still mislead the information on the relationships among the three defendants. Many of them still report Defendant Hwang is Defendant Lee (A)’s cousin, but it is NOT true. Mob Hwang was introduced to the other two defendants to plan and execute their crime when they premeditated it (Refer to this posting by 6002Sky
Note 3: Mob Hwang was indicted for two other fraud cases. Thus, all three cases were consolidated together and he has been tried for three cases at the same court. Under the Korean Criminal Procedure Act, Article 300, the court may order the consolidation of oral proceedings (i.e., trial cases) upon request of a prosecutor or defense counsel or ex officio to reduce repetitive procedures.
Note 4: Defendant Lee submitted the letter of apology twice on the 6th and on the 8th. Defendant Hwang submitted the letter of apology on the 7th.
4. The Testimony of the Witnesses
Two witnesses testified at the 6th trial. The witness testimony was held in the closed court for the protection of the privacy of the victim, Yuchun.

Note: 5 The first witness (called by the Prosecutors) testified from 4:03 to 4:22 PM.

Note: 6 The second witness (called by the Defense Counsel) testified from 4:22 to 4:56 PM. This second witness was the policeman who was present at the time when Defendant Lee withdrew her report. The CD taped at that time was replayed at the court and submitted as evidence.
5. The End of the 6th Trial
The trial ended at 4:57 PM. The 7th trial will be on the 22nd of Dec.

Note 7: On this trial day, few members of the feminist organization who have supported the defendants attended the court. One person from this organization put her hand on the Defendant Lee (A)’s shoulder and tried to talk to her. The court service officer restrained that person and told her it wasn’t allowed to talk to the Defendants.
Note 8: There were three news reports on this 6th trial. – Lee Eun Ho (BizEnter) posted at 8:43 AM – Yun Seong Yeol (Star News) posted at 12:01 PM – Im Ji Yeon (Herald POP) posted at 6:31 PM As the list above is showing, two news reports were posted before the trial time and the reporters from these two newspapers didn’t attend the court. The reporter from Herald POP was the ONLY one who came to the court for the 6th trial.

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[INFO] 161212 2016 XIA Ballad & Musical Concert with Orchestra vol.5 in Japan – Official Goods

Introducing the official goods for 2016 XIA Ballad & Musical Concert with Orchestra vol.5 in Japan.
<Saitama Performance>
Each show 12:00~ / Sales planned to be in a specially set tent outside venue.
<Caution points>

  • Please confirm the selling price of the items at the venue.
  • Depending on the situation, there may be a restriction on the amount of each item [being bought]. We ask for your cooperation in advance.
  • There is a limited amount of each item so on each day sales will end once sold out.
  • The actual product may differ in design or color so we ask for your cooperation in advance.
  • Return of goods or refund will not be accepted. Please necessarily check at the place regarding the items you want, the quantity, change etc.
  • We will not deal with any enquiries regarding claims made after moving away from the selling place or on a later day.
  • Payment is only accepted through cash. Credit card will not be accepted for use.

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161212 Junsu heading to Japan from Gimpo Airport now!   

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[NEWS] 161211 JYJ’s Junsu bids farewell in final concert before joining military

 photo 2281033.jpg
SEOUL, Dec. 11 (Yonhap) — Junsu of South Korean K-pop trio JYJ bid farewell to his global fans in his last concert before starting his compulsory military duty.
The musical performer beamed during the “2016 Xia Ballad & Musical Concert with Orchestra Vol. 5” held in eastern Seoul from Friday to Sunday. The 29-year-old has arranged to serve his two-year military service starting February.
On the second day of the goodbye concert, the musical performer tugged at his fans’ heartstrings as he cried out “Chungseong,” a military greeting term for senior officers, meaning “loyalty” in Korean.
 photo 1481337502-64-org.jpg
 photo 2016121102000556800124803.jpg
“It is ironic to say these things after singing ‘Tears in Heaven’ in a military uniform,” the K-pop artist told fans. He called the concert his “last break” before leaving for “a duty for all Korean men.”
In the concert, Junsu sang the best songs of his six-year musical career, including hits from “Elizabeth,” “December” and “Tears in Heaven.”
Tickets for the three-day concert sold out fast, drawing some 20,000 viewers to meet the globally followed K-pop star.
 photo 2016121014474308222_1.jpg
 photo 438123_261642_2445.jpg
After being trained in Nonsan in February, Junsu will be dispatched to the public relations unit of Gyeonggi Nambu Provincial Police Agency, according to a government notice.

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How was #moments at the #previous concert of #KimJunSu 2016 XIA #Ballad #Musical w/Orchestra vol.5? Was real #something sharing love indeed! Thank #U all!

161211 XIA Ballad&Musical Concert with Orchestra vol.5

Night 3



Multi angles



XIARU 시아루 

...from the musical December



Genie time




...from the musical Tears of Heaven

XIARU 시아루 


...from the musical Dorian Gray






...from the musical Elizabeth


...from the musical Dracula



Rock the World, Flower, Tarantallegra, Incredible


Hello Hello (Fans singing)



More pics from Junsu's Ballad and Musical Concert in Seoul

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[NEW PICS] 161211 Junsu at Ballad and Musical Concert with Orchestra Vol.5 Backstage!  (kkeh1+ossoyeon)
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