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Always curious what will I get on my fav number of episode while I think Writernim looks like know what I want. LOL...n tada I got more than I expected. When I heard about the kiss scene rumour. I was kinda surprise but had hope that it will happen on eps.7....n yeah, OMG....I really got it. Thank You Writernim for the gift. XD....n on this eps like always we got a rooler coaster emotion, the moment of “You do that to me so I do that to U” and “it happened to CR so it happened to MG”. This episode review theme is all about our MuRim. My thought for the Mystery part will be on next eps review.

Started  for Chunsa of the Day (7) I chose this one...

My fav...ChunNi’s side view....n the 1st time it’s not an alone pic coz I don’t want to cut SSK’s face n fit with the theme review. 


Our MuRim in JH’s eyes..’s really hard to recognize them. We got a new knowledge from this drama.

Do U notice MG’s pen? I did notice it before but haven’t written it coz I think it wasn't the right time to make comment about it. XD... It's a FROG n definitely MG didn't buy it. "Unfortunately" no scene that show Us when CR gave it to him n no teasing scene from other Det. about that. Hehe....Coz it's weird a guy use that kind fancy stuff.XD

N on this scene he play it while thinking how to make an excuse so he can just go from there n see CR. It's more fun have dinner with her than with them. HAHA

N it's so sweet that he came to see CR at her workplace. He's busy with the case n though CR said no need to think about their skit, he still comes.  So actually he doesn't has excuse to come to that place. It's purely Coz he wanna to see her and ask her for dinner. N unfortunately CR isn't on her good day.

Finally I saw her tears... Oh my...just imagine if  someone doing like that to U (put finger on forehead) ...what will U do? It's so understandable... CR isn't a cry baby but she cry coz of it. I really wanna know the real reason why she insist still on the group. I like that MG just watch it in silence. No need to confront it at that time.

Ohh....I like her...thought she will like a jerk to CR but she's really helpful. She's MuRim shipper... Hehe....always give MG important info.

Haha...this one is the 1st one that I mean about "U do that to me n I do that to U" ( the DO) moment.... XD

N since when MG can feel awkward?  LOL.... U just love her MooGakkie....and like to have someone accompany you.

Yummie....Our 1st food of the day.

Yeah, for the spicy’s better to wear plastic gloves. Especially for CR who wear contact lens. Coz when we want to remove the lens, our eyes can feel the spiciness too.

I like that MG is smart to chose this food for their dinner. So she can cry without should tell the reason.

n he even doesn't care about what happen to his car. He still right there for her.

The 2nd DO’s moment. NO CHOICE. HAHA....

I don't know if it's an adlib or not but it's really work.... CR must be so surprise to get a question like that from him. So, it give her time to think for the reason. is her reason... what a nice lady U are ChoRimmy....

n It’s time to surprise her.

MooGakie.... thanks for make that decision.

N Wow....what a promise?

This time, case of the day is about CR'S friend. N LOL....what are U doing MooGakie?... U look like Mr. Want to know all.... hahaha ...I knew that there will be a scene coz of that handcuffs...coz it was the 1st time I saw it on his pocket. Haha...

N there U go....we got this "unplanned" date. LOL ...Thanks Ae Ri....XD n the fun thing about this “date” is our  MooGakie is really like a Robot that we can turn on n off like what we want. LOL...MG is kinda like ChunNi...Don’t really like selfie but when must do it. Do it in proper way. Hahaha....Just say Three, he will change. LOL

Ahhh that BLUE phone....aigoo...Samsung only release that colour in SK? Aiihh....I already have the BLUE selfie stick but not yet for the BLUE phone. 

Our 2nd Food of the day n I don’t like it. LOL.....always look so tasty when watch it in K-Drama but when eat it, it’s definetely not my taste, hehe..

N MG’s love for number 3, hahha....

N his expression. LOL....n We got the 3rd “DO” moment. XD

LOL..taking pic at the bathroom? N Meany MooGakie. Poor CR..

N the last 2 adorable selfie. N the last pic looks like ChunNi & Se Kyungie own selfie. XD coz it looks so normal pose. Hahhaa...

This one is ChunNi vs MooGakkie...U know what I mean? Yes....coz of that smile.

But I don’t know who is this? Hahha

Ahhh....I knew she must be looking at a pose that she didn’t want to do it n there U go...the kiss pose.

N they should chose from 2 difficult choices. Hahaha...It’s awkward moment for both of them coz they have feeling to each other. So it’s better to not do it. But if they don’t do it, a question must be popped out. It just a kiss for investigation so why U reject to do it. Thanks to MG for trying to break the awkwardness. 

So it gave CR a courage to do it. LOL....

but off course even though they said, OK...Let’s do one dare to start n do it, hahaha...

N they must to argue before do that. hahaha...

N yeah, finally after got nothing from 3 Days....We got ChunNi’s 1st kiss scene on TGWSS. Hehe...I was wondering before what kind of 1st kiss from our MuRim. So this is what we got.

Hhmm.... a typical Korean kiss? Kinda “stupid” kiss with the lip touching n open eyes? No emotions? Probably there were some of U who think like that. I don’t know if I make a defence or not but I think that kiss wasn’t like that (I think I was just happy for everything they give to us). I can say I’m agree about that IF it was their 2nd kiss. Before a kiss scene happened, there was a moment. So, the kissing scene is depend on the story line. N we know what was happen. I think I call it as Accidentally Kiss.  Their position was so close with opened eyes coz both of them was waiting nervously what will happen n then coz the road isnt that smooth so they just bumped into each other. Just a second kiss. 

So, what would the best emotion for that scene? I think only shock. No need other emotion for that kiss scene. But why they chose that kind of kiss for MuRim’s 1st kiss? Not a natural kiss where the kiss scene is not accindental? Then the 1st kiss will be so much meaningful if both are ready. I think it’s because of the character itself.  MG is emotionless so can’t really hope he want to do that so need a situation that make him want to to do it. For CR, we also can’t really hope she would initiate the kiss. So, they made the situation like what happened at the moment before the kiss. N I was so glad that the kiss happened accidentally coz if MG just kiss CR with so much emotion, I think it will be out of the character n I can say it’s a Fan Service. I think I will be dissapointed if they give Us a kiss scene like that. The kiss scene happened in public area so I don’t want an emotional kiss for MuRim’s 1st kiss. An accidentally kiss suitable for their 1st kiss n I think it’s meaningful coz they realize their own feeling coz of it. N don’t forget, MuRim is a funny couple. LOL....They already built up the storyline for this “date” scene as a “romantic” n funny. Hahaha....So, after the touch of the lips happened, we got this..

They made an excuse to break the awkwardness. N it’s MuRim....adorable n funny, the kiss scene ended with this....hahaha

Push up from MG n CR who felt so hot....hahaha....It’s funny that MG try to look at her to see her reaction n when CR try to not look at him. They’re back to like nothing happened. XD

N then the investigation started again. I said before that CR always looks comfy with her sneaker but I wanna see her someday wear a heel. N yeah, she wear it (she’s already wear heel when she work at JH’s resto but never when she’s with MG) but not at the right time.

N LOL....ChoRimie....why U have that thought? Hahaha.....I cant imagine ChunNi with heel.   OMG....hahaha...

I think MG has a thing with RED colour, lol....Please Writernim....don’t forget to give us a scene that MG give his real gift to CR. (Writernim as a Chunsa, lol.....remind Us about JYJ with the number 3 n the RED colour).

We knew how is CR’s feel but we don’t know yet about MG’s.....but coz of that kiss, finally we got expression from him. He had happy expression with that little smile when the shop owner mistaken him as CR’s boyfriend n then dissapointed when CR said he’s not.  N I love the little detail with MG throw the shoes. Ahh....Poor U, RED Shoes....XD

N with the succesfull to solve the case, they will celebrate it with another dinner. N I think CR doesn’t need MG’s answer cos he will obey her. Hahhaa....

But unfortunately the dinner couldn’t happen. I like that even though MG was so shock but he still can say this to CR

He really cares about her n don’t wanna make her scare. As his promise before, he will never put her in danger when she’s with him so he said this

Don’t worry MG....our CR is a brave girl, she can help U.  I like the way MG look at her.

N hope, later MG can help her to find what is that scent.

N hahaha...MG’s phone manner....n CR try to change it. XD

Unfortunately their dinner date couldn’t happen n ouucchh....poor our MooGakkie, he can’t feel it but his body can’t resist.

N this one was “it happened to CR so it happened to MG” moment. 

A very interesting eps like always....

Thanks Writernim for give me a memorable 7th eps n it’s really coincidental that the number of pics for this eps review is 43...

4 (me n ChunNi’s number) + 3 (JYJ number) = 7 (my fav number)....LOL

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