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JYJ News Week of 6/13-6/19/2016

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Kim Jaejoong's JParty 2015 DVD to be Released in July

2015 KIM JAE JOONG J-party in Seoul



2015 KIM JAE JOONG J-party in Seoul


Corporal Jaejoong

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[FANART] Sketches of Soldier by


[NEWS] 160620 Park Yuchun’s side “have the evidence to prove his acquittal”

 photo 78749124.2.jpg

Amid singer-cum-actor Park Yuchun being accused one after another on the suspicions of sexual assaults, the investigation to summon Park Yuchun is an inevitable prospect. The incident has magnified significantly while his agency have brought a counterclaim against the complainants, on the charges of false accusations.
According to this, Seoul Gangnam Police Station is proceeding with the investigation, compromised of a task force with female youths and 12 police offices.
The police are beginning the investigation toward whether or not there were sexual relations with coercion. About this a police representative disclosed, “There isn’t physical proof, but it is important the incidents in connections with sexual assault have consistencies in the victims’ statements. Also they are admissible as evidence if they are deemed to be objective and logical statements”.
Currently the police completed the investigation summoning those present on the day of the second incident as testifiers, together with the complainants involved. Following this, they will be summoning Park Yuchun soon.
Park Yuchun’s agency C-JeS Entertainment disclosed on the 19th, “We have noteworthy evidence to prove his acquittal. We have earnestly cooperate with the police investigation; and have the women who made accusations, at the same time, on the suspicions of intimidation and false accusations and with allegations to the police; to be submitted on the 20th”.

Source: Sports Donga  
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3  
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Junsu in Nagoya Airport going back to Korea...


名古屋, ありがとうございました~!
‪#‎김준수‬ ‪#‎XIA‬ ‪#‎XIAJUNSU‬ ‪#‎정규4집‬ ‪#‎XIGNATURE‬ ‪#‎2016_XIA_5th_ASIA_TOUR_CONCERT‬ ‪#‎나고야‬ ‪#‎名古屋‬ ‪#‎소년준수_강림‬ ‪#‎다음주_고베공연에서_만나요‬
Thank you 4 all your ‪#‎love‬ toward XIA & his shows in ‪#‎Nagoya‬ See you in ‪#‎Kobe‬ ‪#‎Japan‬ next week Keeping up his one-of-kind performance!


Junsu Having a Fansigning event on July 24th.

The XIA REGULAR VOL 4 <Xignature> Release Memorial Fan Sign twice 🎉
Our... The 24th. Meet at the coex, by the way.
Fan Sign society notice http://goo.gl/43yDBx
‪#‎Xia‬ ‪#‎XIA‬ ‪#‎XIAJUNSU‬ ‪#‎regular‬ th house ‪#‎XIGNATURE‬ ‪#‎release‬ memorial ‪#‎fan‬ sign hoe ‪#‎held‬ ‪#‎Finally‬ _ sign _ of _ house. ‪#‎Right‬ now ‪#‎notice‬ _ to _ check, and #24 days ‪#‎coex‬ ‪#‎in‬ _ meet.


[OTHER INSTAGRAM] 160619 Play J Instagram Update: Photo with Junsu during shooting for MTV Taiwan

[PHOTO] @ Goyang
#대만 #mtv #我愛偶像 #playj 的 #偶像週報 촬영날!!!
너 맞냐며 반갑게 맞아주신 #준수 선배님과 함께!! #xignature 대박!!!! #xia #시아 #시아준수 #김준수 #시그니쳐 #플레이제이 #워아이오우샹 #오우샹주보 #인증샷그램 #daily #day #콘서트 #taiwan #jyj #감사합니다 선배님^^

#Taiwan #mtv #ILoveIdols #playj ‘s #WeeklyIdols shooting day!!!
Together with #Junsu sunbae-nim who happily greeted me when I greeted him!! #xignature is awesome!!!! #xia #XIA #XIAJunsu #KimJunsu #XIGNATURE #PlayJ #我愛偶像(/I Love Idols) #偶像週報(/Weekly Idols) #proof-shot-gram #daily #day #concert #taiwan #jyj #thank_you sunbae-nim^^
 photo 13398886_1939649246261707_1063878880_n.jpg
Source: playj0209  
Translations by: rilanna of JYJ3  
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Junsu in Nagoya 
Day 2

[NEWS PICS] concert attracted 16,000 fans! 

160619 Genie Time OST Medley!

160619 Junsu drew this gorilla during Genie Time!

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Genie Time

OST Medley


PYC Update

New police statement: Ent facility related to gangs, investigating if rape allegagtions are to extort famous celebs

Source of new police statement:

Dispatch said Cjes used gangsters to pressure the accuser into settlement. POLICE say the accuser asked for settlement, Cjes refused.



160618 JYJ FB Update! backstage!  
Junsu fighting!
Vichelle Wong 

Junsu in Nagoya
Day 1

160618 Genie Time List! 
1) Life After Life 
2) Q&A about Nagoya 
3) MR songs in USB - I Believe & Passing
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Life After Life

I Believe

Junsu: those who came here the first time, why do you guy come? Fan: I heard you are sexy 

Junsu: what do you think after watching? 

Fan: Super Sexy 
Junsu: Super Sexy? Thank You.

Junsu: I'll look like 19 if I wear uniform. 
Fans: impossible,! 
Junsu: are you guys really my fans?! 

Fan (sitting far on top): please come here 
Junsu: My soul had fly there, flexible right

JS Your parents, grandparents and kids will be waiting for you. 
Fan: no kids 
JS: thats bad. What will your kids think if they heard that. 
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160618 CJES IG: "Nagoya!!! I'll see you soon"


Top Ten solo Jaejoong songs...


Corporal Jaejoong update

Drummer shares a clip of 's performance: Feel great I get to perform with JJ serving in army

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[TRANS] 160618 A Fangirl’s husband goes to Karaoke and tries to sing all Kim Jaejoong’s songs

jj www poster
 photo ClNxUejWYAAvqhB.jpg

Went to karaoke alone after drinking. I picked Kim Jaejoong’s songs only Is it possible to sing till the second verse? Feel like my vocal cord is being is being destroyed Just Another Girl is way to serious I almost died singing it…

For the song Makeup, whose perspective is Makeup? From a girl or a guy? How come I can’t find 9+1# anywehere in the karaoke selection ㅠㅠ

Source: KJJ DC Gallery  
Translated by: @crystalmoon64  
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160618 CJES instagram update! Watch XIA Genie time


The Lamp is XIA, to change the time.... Will this time!
This concert, and what you wish for all this time through them?
Vivid, time and Jesse forever. Here goes ~

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[NEWS] 160617 Park Yuchun suing women claiming sexual assaults, with making false accusations

 photo 200952193_700.jpg

According to the police, Park Yuchun’s counsel visited Gangnam Police Station on the afternoon of the 17th and declared the intentions that they will be suing the three women –who consecutively accused Mr. Park with allegations of sexual assaults– on the suspicions of false charges, next week.
Mr Park was given a shock to be accused with allegations of sexual assaults from the three women within 1 week.
A woman, who submitted a complaint starting the past 10th, had withdrawn her suit on the 15th; but the incident has expanded out of control, when women appeared in making claims against Park Yuchun in the past, on the 16th and 17th.
The police are picking up speed in their investigation made up of an exclusive task force on the incidents following the accusations toward Mr. Park.

Source: SBS News  
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3  
Shared by: JYJ3

[OTHER TWITTER] 160617 Film Critic Shim Young-seop Twitter Update – showing gratitude to supportive fans

 photo 160617chinablue9.png
You have been hanging in there a lot already. If you recant your support in the situation right now, the announcement by the media-presses before the release of the investigation will become corroborative as right. It is great thing in itself that you are enduring and not recanting your support right now.

Source: @chinablue9  
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3  
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Corporal Jaejoong singing Everyone
at the Civil/Bureaucratic/Military/Police Security Concert (6/10/16)

With English subs
Angel Wing

Corporal Jaejoong's amazing performance of Everyone/You...(6/15/16)

jeje kim
cOOl bOaRdEr™
3 flowers 

Please scroll down for much more pictures and fancams of Jaejoong at ROKA/US Army Concert


Junsu arrives in Japan...
나고야에 XIA가 떴다~!
‪#‎김준수‬ ‪#‎XIA‬ ‪#‎XIAJUNSU‬ ‪#‎정규4집‬ ‪#‎XIGNATURE‬ ‪#‎2016_XIA_5th_ASIA_TOUR_CONCERT‬ ‪#‎나고야‬ ‪#‎에_도착을_했습니다‬ ‪#‎공연_준비하러‬ ‪#‎고고씽‬ ‪#‎공항준수‬ ‪#‎는_잊어라‬ ‪#‎세젤멋‬ ‪#‎もうすぐ会おう‬ ‪#‎久しぶり‬ ‪#‎ドキドキ‬ ‪#‎懐かしかった‬ ‪#‎楽しみだね‬ ‪#‎早くみんなに会いたい‬
XIA-XIA-XIA, way to go! Stay tuned in his Asia tour concert in ‪#‎Nagoya‬ ‪#‎Japan‬

More pics of Junsu in Nagoya...

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[INFO] 160615 Xinhua News China site: Asia's Top 10 best looking male stars- is #1

Asia's top 10 best looking male stars 
10- Hu ge /China 
7. Joe Odagiri[Japan] 
3. Luhan/China 
1. Kim Jaejoong) [Korea]


[NEW PIC] 1606017 CJES instagram update!

Thx 4 your #unwavering support. See you in #Japan Keep following XIA’s 5th Asia tour concert!

Junsu at airport on his way to Japan
Vichelle Wong



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[TRANS] 160616 C-JeS release official statement after second sexual assault accusations against Yoochun

Note: Today Local news outlet YTN reported a 2nd woman submitted charges of sexual assault against Park Yoochun to the Seoul Gangnam Police Station.
 photo ClDf_UVUYAAh3-x.jpg photo ClDi0WpUkAEc0rt.jpg

Source: CJeS  
Translated by: @ohmyjunsu  
Shared by: JYJ3

[bnt pictorial] A Refresh of Kim Junsu

[by Park Seung Hyun, translated by Woorim Ahn] 
Kim Junsu was an idol group member, a musical actor and finally became a musician. The mass public is anticipating for his next step as he showed his various sides.

He will meet fans in Asia over Seoul as they are waiting for him. He is always there with mischievous smile, but he took out his serious thoughts for music to stay with the mass public for a long time.

He took a pictorial with bnt in a total of four different concepts. He showed a unique charm in a forest for the first concept and on the following one, he made a mysterious mood like a child.

He highlighted invisible tension to appeal his masculine and sexy charms and for the last, he showed his laidback mind while showing off his masculinity.

During the interview, he revealed the reason why he chose ‘ROCK THE WORLD’ as title song because he wanted to challenge different genres. In particular, he mentioned that he likes hip-hop and rappers regarding his collaboration work with hip-hop artists.

Moreover, he worked with Ben because he is a fan of her for another title song ‘Sweet Melody’. He said it would be good if people listen to it when they are on their way to beach.

He chose musical ‘Mozart’ as the best role he has had so far. In particular, he could express his true feelings without making up through Mozart’s life, feelings and struggles in his life.

Soccer can’t be missed out as a topic while he talked about himself. If he couldn’t be a singer, he said he became a soccer player. He doubted whether he could succeed as a soccer player, but he mentioned that he would try his best to achieve his goal.

Kim Junsu is still running to keep his position as a musician after a long run in his twenties. Just like his clear and unique voice, the vocalist named XIA will be always next to the mass public. (photo by bntnews DB)

Contact: news@bntnews.co.uk

bnt News UK

Kim Jun-su soars to new heights

At arena concerts, singer proves he has the power to draw crowds of fans

June 16,2016
 photo 15194323.jpg
Kim Jun-su, also known as Xia, performs during his solo concert at the Gymnastics Arena of Olympic Park in southeastern Seoul over the weekend. The two-day concert series kicked off his Asian tour to promote his 4th album, “Xignature.” [PARK SE-WAN]
Kim Jun-su, also known by his stage name Xia, is a singer with a global fan following, a member of the popular K-pop trio JYJ and a successful musical actor with strong ticket power.

But the artist had a rough start.

After six years of training with SM Entertainment, Kim finally made his debut in 2003 as one of the original members of the boy group TVXQ.

However, a few years later in 2009, Kim and fellow group members Kim Jae-joong and Park Yoo-chun decided to file a lawsuit against the agency over unfair contracts.

Kim Jun-su
During the three-year legal battle with the top entertainment company, the three singers, who formed a new group with a new agency, faced touch times, being unable to hold concerts or appear on TV in Korea. The group had no choice but to go abroad, where they hit it big.

Now, with millions of fans worldwide, Kim performs on any stage he wants. As a successful solo artist who recently released his fourth album, Kim picked the Gymnastics Arena of Olympic Park, known to be only available to world-class artists due to its grand size, as the venue for his concert in Seoul to kick off his Asian tour.

The two-day concert was held last weekend, and Kim managed to fill up the 10,000-seat arena on both nights, not as part of JYJ but as a solo artist.

His performance included new songs from his latest album, “Xignature,” which was released on May 30. To provide the best experience for his fans, even those sitting at the far end of the venue, Kim flew out above the crowd using wires from time to time, giving the screaming fans a chance to see the singer up close.

Kim is known as an artist who doesn’t do television appearances. He says he believes the best way to interact with his fans is on stage through concerts.

His fourth album was even planned out with a live concert in mind. That’s why there are more than 10 different genres of songs on the album, so that the audience at concerts won’t get bored listening to the same types of songs.

After the Seoul concerts, Kim will tour around eight cities, including Guangzhou, Shanghai and Hong Kong, holding 15 concerts in total.

Prior to the Seoul concerts last weekend, Ilgan Sports, an affiliate of the Korea JoongAng Daily, interviewed Kim. Here are some edited excerpts.

Q. This will be your first time performing at the Gymnastics Arena on your own. How do you feel?

A. I just have a feeling of gratitude for the fans who always come to my concerts wherever I have them. Because I don’t do any television shows, it’s really exhilarating for me to hold such a big concert on my own, as it’s the only way for me to meet with my fans.

That’s why I feel like I should really prepare for it, to not get exhausted at the concert and really please my fans.

What can you tell us about your fourth album, “Xignature”?

Every time I release an album, I put the most importance on holding concerts. Because I have to design the concert according to the album, I have no choice but to pay more attention to the songs, how many genres there are and what order they are in and things like that.

Because I also want to differentiate the upcoming concert from the previous one, the new album also has to be unique and more different. I believe providing the audience with different experiences each time they come to my concerts is the least I can do to show my appreciation.

There are more than 10 new songs on the album. Wasn’t that too much for you?

I wanted this album to include as many songs as possible. In fact, this is counter to the current music market trend of releasing fewer songs at once, as only a few songs become hits. But I wanted to try out as many genres within the album as possible and just follow my own path.

It was quite a surprise that your title track was a dance tune and not a ballad. Is there a reason for this?

I hear a lot from others about why I insisted on dance music. But like I said earlier, when I think about staging a concert, it’s difficult to picture myself singing a title track at my concert that is a ballad. I wanted something more exciting and toe-tapping, so I went for a dance tune, all for the concert.

BY HWANG MI-HYUN [sharon@joongang.co.kr]
Korea JoongAng Daily


More HQ pics of Corporal Jaejoong at 3rd ROK Army Band with 8th US Army Band Concert


Scroll down for more Pictures and amazing fancams...


160615 C-JeS instagram: JUNSU - "내게기대"(Lucky Romance OST)

cjes.tagram https://www.instagram.com/p/BGrbAOzOzHo/ 

Photo published for [Mnet] 운빨로맨스 OST Part 6 - XIA(준수)
<Lean On Me> FULL OST <Lucky Romance> drama!

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XIA준수 - 내게 기대 (Lucky Romance OST)

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[NEWS] 160616 Kim Junsu’s supportive shot for Ryu Jun-yeol in ‘Lucky Romance’…releases theme song ‘Count on Me’

 photo 979504_237958_1119_1.jpg

‘Lucky Romance’ OST participated by singer Kim Junsu(XIA) has been released.
Through various domestic music sites at midnight on June 16th, MBC Wed-Thur drama ‘Lucky Romance’ OST Part.6’s ‘Count on Me’ was released. The song is Je Soo-ho(Ryu Jun-yeol)’s main ballad theme.
‘Count on Me’ sung by Kim Junsu(XIA), as the song representing the thoughts of Je Soo-ho(Ryu Jun-yeol) whose heart keeps growing for Sim Bo-nui(Hwang Jung-eum) –the female lead in the drama–, will be inserted in the moments and romantic scenes where the two leads gradually fall for each other, and is expected to amplify immersion with the song.
It is a song that expresses a heartfelt love in achieving a harmony of a lyrical melody and magnificent orchestration tune.
Kim Junsu set the record for box-office success in drama OSTs; and has being called the ‘King of OST’. He has sang ‘How Can I Love You’ from ‘Descendants of the Sun’ OST, ‘Nice Guy”s ‘Love is Like a Snowflake’, ‘Six Flying Dragons”s ‘The Time is You’, and more.

Source: Asiae  
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3  
Shared by: JYJ3

160616 CJES instagram update!!
With XIA’s #honey filled voice, U could get how #Sooho #RyuJunYeol had a crush on #Bonui #HwangJungEum on MBC #LuckyRomance The absolute #love b/w them is about to start! Stay tuned in XIA’s new OST & tonight episode 8!

1606016 JYJ Line update!

More Junsu Updates... 

[instagram} - XIA JUNSU backstage concert in Seoul "‎XIGNATURE"‬ ‪

edchoikorea https://www.instagram.com/p/BGl92cyAgi0/

Junsu with SungHoon of SechsKies
JYJ facebook https://www.facebook.com/CJESJYJ/vide...


[PICS + TRANS] 160615 Lovelyz’ fans share their impressions after seeing CPL Kim Jaejoong

JYJ3’s Note: Today at 3rd ROK Army Band with 8th US Army Band Concert, JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong along with Super Junior’s Eunhyuk, Shindong & Sungmin, and popular girlgroup Lovelyz were scheduled to perform, you can check the full poster here
After the KOR-US Army Concert ended, Lovelyz’s fans praised Corporal Kim Jaejoong.

1.- Group Lovelyz’ soldier fan’s 1st impression of Kim Jaejoong:

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong sang “Everyone” and a song I don’t recognize (refering to “It’s Only My World”).
He is so handsome and sings so well. I’m a guy but I automatically came to respect him…
And he sang “Running in the Sky” as his encore song.
The audiende response was amazing, he is a veteran leader.


2.- Lovelyz’s fan @yalublyuKEI:

[TRANS] I saw him for the first time, he is handsome indeed, celebrity alright #Kim Jaejoong


3.- Lovelyz’s fan @umyoujiae:

[TRANS] I didn’t mean to but took photo coz he looked too cool

[TRANS] I feel proud that Kim Jaejoong’s fans tell me they like his photo I took


4.- Lovelyz’s fan @jinee_yk:

[TRANS] I’m going crazy after seeing pro idol Prince Kim Jaejoong, I want to tell him to take my life, but being his fan seems too hard.


5.- Lovelyz’s fan @Joshep_Kim:

[TRANS] I’m a Lovelyners yet got more worthy pictures of Kim Jaejoong
What?! But he sure looks real handsome

Translation Credit: @crystalmoon64  
Shared by: JYJ3

Corporal Jaejoong at ROK-US Army Concert 

mon 126

suhi g

It's Only My World


mon 126

suhi g

Running in the Sky
jeje kim 


Profile photo/info in Concert program...
via Crystalmoon64

Was teary singing Everyone but smiling a lot during Running in the Sky responding to fans' loud cheers n overwhelming love



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Junsu reveals JYJ's thoughts on entering 30s + his job if he wasn't a singer

By yckim124 

JYJ's Junsu engaged in an interview following the photo shoot for 'International bnt' where he talked about entering his thirties, his love for soccer, and more!
Junsu spoke on entering his 30s as he said, "When I was in my late 20s, I used to worry about becoming 30, but now I am actually 30 and I really enjoy it." He also revelaed JYJ's thoughts on getting older as he stated, "Me and my members always say, 'Life starts at 30.'"

Next, Junsu brought up the topic of soccer and said, "If I didn't become a singer, then I would probably be playing soccer." He continued, "I don't enjoy drinking. I usually meet my soccer team FC MEN players and play games or go chat at a cafe." 

Junsu's XIGNATURE concert...BTS


[PICS] 160615 today at the ROK-US Army Concert Venue (Yongin Art Hall) (cr 小于儿Ether)

Star Lurom

More pics...


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Junsu in BNT


[TRANS] 160613 Talk Star: Sechskies Kang Sunghoon, “Kim Junsu’s fan, to the extent to go see all the concerts”

[Sports world = reporter Yoon Kibaek] 

Sechskies Kang Sunghoon self appointment himself as an ardent fan of singer Kim Junsu.
Kang Sunghoon on the passing 12th, attended “2016 XIA 5th Asia Tour Concert in Seoul (2016 XIA 5th ASIA TOUR CONCERT IN SEOUL)” held at the Olympic Park’s Gymnastics Arena and, at the time of the Genie time event came up on stage and had time to talk together with Kim Junsu.


Firstly, Kang Sunghoon said, “DBSK Junsu, JYJ Kim Junsu and until solo Kim Junsu, parting with being a senior singer, actually was one of the fans,” he disclosed, ” before for (something to do with) my brother I went to Japan, right (at that time) there was a JYJ concert in Tokyo dome. After finishing my work went to see the performance directly, to that extent I am a fan of Kim Junsu,” and caught attention.
Especially Kang Sunghoon opened up regarding his and Kim Junsu’s special connection. Kang Sunghoon, “after Sechskies reunited and did comeback, frequently exchanged contact with Junsu. Together with that, there is something we promised each other. When each (of us) held a concert, will go to see each other’s concert directly and also cheer [each other] on,” and, “normally Kim Junsu’s songs that I like and enjoy singing is, ‘Love is like a Snowflake’ (T/N: Drama Nice Guy OST), ‘Reach’ etc., I like. More than anything, want (you) to give lots of love to the new song released this time ‘Rock the World’,” he conveyed these addressed words filled with affections and received big cheers from the fans.
In the end Kang Sunghoon regarding Sechskies’ activities, he disclosed, “as Sechskies has returned as singers, we are preparing a good concert and album,” and he added, “as today is Junsu’s concert, want you to see and listen and have lots of fun. It would be good if it became an enjoyable time till the end,” and received hot applause.


Source: Sports World
Kor-Jap trans: XIA Wonderland시아원더랜드
Jap-Eng trans by xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER
Video Credit: XIARU 시아루


[INFO] 160615 C-JeS Notice: Warning about the circulation of false information concerning Park Yuchun

 photo 160615cjesnotice.png
Shared by: JYJ3

C-JeS Releases Statement Regarding Dropped Sexual Assault Charges Against Park Yoochun

C-JeS Entertainment has released an official statement regarding the news that came out earlier today, June 15 KST, that the sexual assault charges against Park Yoochun have been dropped by the alleged victim, Ms. Lee.
C-JeS Entertainment reiterates that it has not received any official notification from the police regarding either the filing of charges, nor the withdrawal, and it found out about those out through news outlets.
C-JeS Entertainment states that as a management agency, it understands that a celebrity receives love from the public and it has to cooperate with the news media and that the celebrity’s personal life will be at stake. It also understands that it will have to deal with the threats and speculation that stem from the malicious use of such aspects of a celebrity’s fame.  However, an investigation of a major crime is different, and one news outlet (referring to JTBC which first reported the story) just reported the initial submission of charges, using real names, without finding out about the entire story through police investigation. From then on, the celebrity was marked as a criminal and careless media judgement began, without any official reports from the police. C-JeS points out that it has continuously asked for focus on the police investigation into the truth instead of just complaining about its frustration about the charges because the charges had been filed by the alleged victim and the case needed to be investigated so that the truth can be revealed.
It asks the media to report based on police findings as a case like this can change a person’s entire life. When the first report came out of June 13 (KST), the investigation had not even started yet and the contents of the filed charges had not been officially released yet. However, false and speculative reports came pouring out and in one day, damage beyond repair was done on Park Yoochun’s name and image. It blames the report, not the person who filed the charges.
The agency concludes with the reiteration that it has not received anything official from the police and that it will wait for the final judgement of innocence from the police investigation. It promises to submit diligently to the investigation. It also states that it will not talk about the merits of the case through the media and will wait for the results from the police investigation before it speaks.
Source (1)


via ohmyjunsu


Junsu for BNT


[사진] Tomorrow 6월오픈 JYJ 김준수 BNT 화보 (cr. jys_stargram IG)


160615 CJES IG Update! Junsu's OST <Lean On Me> for <Lucky Romance> drama will release at 10pm KST tonight!
via Vichellelicious 

[PHOTO] cjes.tagram님의 사진


Breaking: Police Confirm Sexual Assault Charges Against Park Yoochun Have Been Dropped

Yesterday, June 14 KST, a report from local news outlet Sports Donga claimed that Ms. Lee, the woman who had filed sexual assault charges against Park Yoochun, withdrew her charges that day. Initially, the Seoul Gangnam Police Station said Ms. Lee had not dropped the charges, but today, June 15 KST, it confirms that she has.
Sources from the Youth and Women criminal investigation section told several news outlets that Ms. Lee personally cancelled the charges of sexual assault today, testifying that the sexual relations were not forced. The sources added that because they had been investigating the case as a sexual assault, with Ms. Lee dropping it, they will be in discussions on how to proceed now with the case.
In response to this new development, reps from C-JeS Entertainment have stated in interviews that it has not received any official notification about the cancellation. It had previously stated in its first and second official statements, in response to the first report about the charges being filed and a second saying the charges have reportedly been dropped, that it had not received any official notifications regarding either from the police.
C-JeS Entertainment has said it will release another official statement soon.
Source (1) (2) (3) (4)

Park Yoochun arriving at work...


[TRANS] 160614 C-JeS’s released official statement following report of dropping of charges – Full text

[TRANS] Park Yuchun’s side “Withdrawal of charges? Underwent fatal defamation…Will prove his acquittal”

 photo 160614cjesposition.png
▼Full text of C-JeS’s official position below

We would like to tell you our position in regards to the report of the dropping of charges against Park Yuchun.

Park Yuchun has not been delivered nor received the details of the official accusations from the police station, and also the details from the police likewise in the case of the withdrawal of the charges.

As we have informed you of our position yesterday, the matter of the accusations was one side’s unilateral claim and has not been distinguished to have authenticity. As we have said continuously, this is the situation in which Park Yuchun has been cleared of suspicion and suffered fatal defamation due to the hasty reporting.

Simply, the fact of the withdrawal of the charges through reporting will need confirmation, but this is believed to have clearly unfolded through the police investigation hereafter due to us counteracting and the details that are to prove Park Yuchun’s acquittal.

Once more, until the time the results of the police investigation comes out, we would like to earnestly ask for your restraint in making baseless assumptions toward the one-sided claim that lacks the confirmation of facts.
Thank you.

Source: My Daily via Naver  
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3  
Shared by: JYJ3


C-jes releases statement regarding Park Yoo-chun (Full Translation)


The following is a full translation of the official announcement by C-jes Entertainment regarding the allegations against JYJ member Park Yoo-chun.

This is C-jes Entertainment.

Our agency wishes to rearrange the way reporters are addressing Park Yoo-chun‘s case, as many reports are being written based on unconfirmed sources or speculation.

The news broadcast on Monday night by JTBC is a report that is not based on the official investigation records by the police, and is a defamatory act against Park.

The authenticity of the accusations on Park have not been confirmed. Several media outlets are reporting on the case as if it has already been proven to be true. These reports are far from the truth and are also acts of defamation.

Moreover, the spread of false information or rumors online will be dealt with seriously, based on libel laws.

Park Yoo-chun has not received any official details over the lawsuit and will fully cooperate with the investigation until the police call him in. Please refrain from making any false accusations based on one-sided claims until official reports by the police are released.

By Kim Ji-young (christinekim@heraldcorp.com)

BREAKING: Charges Of Sexual Assault Reportedly Dropped, Park Yoochun’s Side Responds

Local media source Sports Donga reports that Ms. Lee has dropped the charges of sexual assault against Park Yoochun.
Ms. Lee’s boyfriend spoke to Sports Donga today, June 14 KST, stating, “We submitted a document to an affiliate of the Seoul Gangnam Police station today at around 6:30 p.m. stating [we] are dropping the charges.” He continued, “An accident happened when A (Ms. Lee) was drunk. When I heard about the accident that day, I got mad and that’s why [we] filed the charges. However, [I] thought it was our fault for not finding out the exact situation of what happened before and after and that’s why the charges were canceled.”
The boyfriend continued, “[I] didn’t want outsiders to know when I was filing the charges, but as the incident got reported, the situation got of out hand. A is under a state of shock, and too large of a damage was incurred by the other side.”
According to the report, A’s side was planning to directly submit the cancellation to the Seoul Gangnam Police Station, which is in charge of this case, but the police allowed A’s side to relay the cancellation from an undisclosed location in Seoul.
In response to this report, C-JeS Entertainment, released an official statement on behalf of Park Yoochun, stating, “Park Yoochun has not received neither the initial notification of charges filed nor of the cancellation from the police.” It continued, “As we stated yesterday, the charges were one-sided claims that had yet to be verified. As we continuously stated, Park Yoochun is above suspicion, and due to a rash report, he has received serious damage to his name.”
It states that the cancellation news also needs to be confirmed, but the news points to Park Yoochun’s innocence, as the agency has continuously argued, and they believe that through police investigation, Park Yoochun’s innocence will be clearly revealed.
The agency once again asks people to refrain from speculative, one-sided reports before the investigation results come out.
A source from the Youth and Women section of the Seoul Gangnam Police told several news media outlets that A has not yet dropped the charges.
Yesterday, it was reported that 24-year-old Ms. Lee, an employee at an entertainment establishment/liquor bar, accused Park Yoochun of sexual assault which allegedly occurred on June 4, and submitted evidence to the Seoul Gangnam Police Station. The police stated they were investigating the incident, and C-JeS stated that the woman’s claims were false and were an attempt at “malicious blackmail out to ruin a celebrity.”
Stay tuned for updates to this developing story.
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No rush to Judgement...


Ben talks about being starstruck by JYJ Junsu's collaboration offer + her hit OST

By yckim124
During an interview with 'International bnt', solo artist Ben talked about her recent collaboration with JYJ's Junsu, her OST for 'Oh Hae Young Again', and more!
Recently, Ben featured in Junsu's new song "Sweet Melody". She shared the story behind the collaboration as she said, "I was really surprised to be contacted by the sunbaenim, who I was a big fan of since middle school. I was also honored when he told me that he is my fan. I thought I was dreaming." She added, "I was looking forward to seeing him at the recording, but I couldn't because he finished ahead of time." 

Ben next talked about her hit drama OST "Like A Dream", which is currently sweeping music charts. She commented, "People congratulated me more than the time I released my album. I was also able to remain #1 on music sites for a long period. I am touched that I can hear my own song everywhere I go, and I too enjoy watching 'Oh Hae Young Again'. I sometimes even cry watching the drama with my song playing in the background." 

More of Ben's photos and interview can be found in July issue of 'International bnt'. 



XIA XIGNATURE backstage pics
via XIAkiss

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Breaking: JYJ’s Park Yoochun Accused Of Sexual Assault, Park Yoochun’s Side Responds

JYJ’s Yoochun (Park Yoochun) has been accused of sexually assaulting a woman in her 20s. Park Yoochun’s side argues it is the one-sided claim of someone looking for money.
Park Yoochun was accused of sexual assault on June 10. The woman accusing him is 24-year-old Ms. Lee, an employee at an entertainment establishment/liquor bar. Ms. Lee’s boyfriend personally submitted the charges to the police in her stead that day.
Ms. Lee claims that Park Yoochun came to the bar on the night of June 3 as a customer and that he sexually assaulted her in a restroom inside the establishment. As evidence, Ms. Lee has submitted the underwear and clothes she was wearing that day to the police.
The police have obtained the CCTV recordings that capture Park Yoochun’s movements in regards to the incident and after examining the evidence, they plan to summon him for questioning.
In an official statement, C-JeS Entertainment asserts that it will be revealed through police investigation that the woman’s claims are false. “We will not compromise to malicious blackmail out to ruin a celebrity,” states the agency and adds, “Park Yoochun will diligently submit to the police investigation so that the truth can be revealed.”
The agency also states that Park Yoochun has not yet received the official notice of the suit from the police. It asks for refrain in writing speculative reports until the investigation is complete as such reports can cause serious harm to Park Yoochun’s name.
Source (1) (2)
More specific details are coming out.
The Seoul Gangnam Police Station revealed that they are currently investigating the charge submitted by Ms. Lee, accusing Park Yoochun of sexual assault.
According to the filed complaint, Park Yoochun is accused of sexually assaulting Ms. Lee in the bathroom of the room in a Gangnam entertainment establishment/liquor bar in which Ms. Lee and Park Yoochun were drinking in around 5 a.m., June 4.*
The two met each other for the first time here, and they had only known each other for about one hour. The filed complaint describes that Ms. Lee expressed her unwillingness. She was sexually assaulted, however, and the charge of sexual assault was submitted to the police on June 10, around a week later after the alleged incident took place.
The police has requested that the National Forensic Service conduct a DNA analysis on the evidence of underwear and clothing that Ms. Lee submitted.
There was no CCTV inside the room in which the alleged incident took place. The police were only able to examine the CCTV recordings of the hallway, and they did not find anything suspect in the recordings.
The police will soon call in Ms. Lee for the investigation, and then summon Park Yoochun for questioning.
Park Yoochun began his mandatory military service last year in  August, and he is currently serving as a public service worker at a district office in Seoul.
Source (1)
*The original Korean report stated that the incident took place on the night of June 3, and new reports specify that it is early hours of June 4. The dates are not a typo. The understanding is that while technically, time past midnight on June 3 is June 4, descriptively, many still see it as the night of June 3.


[TRANS] 160613 C-JeS’s official position on accusations against Park Yuchun

[Short Summary] There was a TV news report by jTBC tonight, about Park Yuchun sexually assaulting a female waitress on June 3, 2016.

Below is the translation of C-JeS’s statement published in Sports Chosun:

[TRANS] Park Yuchun’s side “The accusations of sexual assault are groundless & unfounded…one-sided blackmail”

 photo 160613c-jes.png
 C-JeS official position below

Receiving the present report, we would like to give you our related position on the accusations against Park Yuchun. The opposition’s claim is a one-sided claim based on false information, and will be discerned through police investigation from henceforth. We will not compromise on malicious blackmail that wants a damage wager as collateral from a celebrity. Henceforth, Park Yuchun promises to earnestly engage in the investigation to uncover the truth.

Additionally, on this case, we have not received the truth of the accusations formally from the police yet.

Furthermore, we would like to request your self-control on the unconfirmed report about the hasty speculations and truths till the investigation has wrapped up, as there has been harm to Park Yuchun’s reputation seriously with the report of the accusations itself.

Source: Sports Chosun Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3 Shared by: JYJ3


160613 CJES IG update dance team celebrating and cheering for Junsu after concert!
cjes.tagram https://www.instagram.com/p/BGlS72tuzOo/ 



Corporal Jaejoong update

D-200 to discharge 2016-12-30 D-80 to Sergeant promotion 2016-09-01


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