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JYJ News Week of 1/21- 1/27/2019

What's New With JYJ?

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Note: Late Posts due to I just returned from Seoul, South Korea

[ jj_1986_jj & ] Let's meet tomorrow^_^ # J-JUN •

[TRIPLE_J] EP.3 화보 촬영현장 속 JJ 탐구생활🔎ㅣ김재중(KimJaeJoong)



Happy Birthday Jaejoong

JAEJOONG_JJ Official  



20190126 ‪cjes.tagram IG


ジェジュン Instagramストーリー 20190126




with YuShirota,Yamapi, and Hangeng

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Photos from Jaejoong Birthday Party
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JJ IG Update


[Hangeng Weibo] Thank you @ JJ860126JJ for supporting our movie in Japan, Thank you 山下智久_Yama-P for your hospitality these days, It’s rare that we can meet.. Continue tonight~ Happy Birthday!

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[Weibo] Jaejoong X Hangeng X YamaP's beautiful frienship💜


[ Yu_shirota IG ] Happy Birthday Jejun!! #/Welcome to the age of 33 years #/One month different birthday #/I am sorry I can not drink alcohol #/don't eat my hair #/it's fine after a shower #/No, that's not a problem #/Same age

【unagi1202 IG】  생일추카해! 건강이최고! 항상행복하고!^^  !お誕生日おめでとう! いても元気で笑顔でいることを祈るよ! 久しぶりにしばたさんもナロ君も会えてよかった!


[JYJ LINE] Jaejoong Happy Birthday! Still the Best by Kim Jaejoong Shining✨Photoshoot Behind the scenes whole disclosure! Check it out: FB: IG:
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[ jj_1986_jj IG ] JJ to JJ So cute!💜 Our Jaejoong received a cake and a present from JJ Magazine

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ジェジュン Instagramストーリー 20190125



Han Geng materialized the strongest tag with his best friend Jaejoong at the public event Welcome Han Geng, after arriving in Japan for the first time in ten years for his Movie "Cyber ​​Mission". Source:


Jaejoong Promoting and Supporting Hangeng's new movie...

turns up to support during Japanese promotions for his movie !

[cybermission_movie IG] IG LIVE🎥 full:

24.01.2019 Hangeng & Jaejoong Instagram Live 김재중 ジェジュン 1

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veronicha __

190124 BANGER JP Twitter Update


190124 cybermission_PR twitter/IG UPDATE

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190125 international_ceo_kim IG UPDATE

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[庚心工作室 Weibo]


Junsu Update
[] 드디어 나도 전망대에 와봤다ㅎ바로 위인데도 이제야 와보다니ㅜ마지막 사진은 유명한 유리바닥에서 인증샷찍는중.. 고군분투했더니 피쏠리고 있는 얼굴이라 스킵ㅎ

Translated from Korean by
[] I finally saw the observation on the lookout and ㅎ, but now I'm struggling to take The final photograph of the ㅜ and the last photo of the famous glass floor, taking the certification shot.

"I've finally come to the observatory. It's right above [where I live] but I'm only seeing it now *tear* The last shot is me lying on the famous glass floor.. I'll skip my face which was red and puffy cuz it was a bit of a struggle lol"


JJ flying to Japan

as tagged

ジェジュン ツイッター 20190123



[ jj_1986_jj IG ] Army Comrades meeting and New Year's party~! Former comrades till the end~! Received many blessing for the new year~!

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ジェジュン kwj0903さん Instagram 20190123

(Trans) It’s good to see you all after discharge.😀 hyon, early Happy Birthday. I forgot it, but hyon, you are also a star. Star is always a star. At this moment we all become squids🦑

Instagram of one of the participants of the party (Trans) See you again in good heart next year. My love. 55 division, fellow soldiers

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【95jeonさん Instagram】 #😬 . (訳)


2019.01.23 Junsu's instagram "President Moon Jae-in and First Lady Kim Junk-sook have sent over this New Year's gift with my name Kim. Jun. Su. printed on it. I'm grateful for the present but, even more, incredibly honoured by the mere fact that he remembered me

A bit of info on the Presidential gift "The Blue House announced on the 22nd that President Moon would be sending New Year's gifts to 10,000 citizens including national persons of merit and socially marginalized groups."

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Junsu Update


The rest of the interview (parts not up on website)


앳스타일() 2019년 2월호 김재중 화보 촬영현장 via for atstar1magazine

[Other IG TR] Comments by fashion editor for atstar1 앳스타일 February Issue: There is no explanation date for

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[arm__chive IG] 2019 02 Directing for 김재중 # workreum @ arm__ing arm__chive


C-JeS confirms Yoochun will be releasing a new solo album within first half of 2019

Yoochun's agency has confirmed the JYJ idol will be releasing a new album.

C-JeS Entertainment
revealed the news to the press on January 21. However, while it is true an album will be coming out, they were hesitant to call it a full comeback as no other promotional activities outside of a concert tour are planned.

The album will be the first solo release from Yoochun since his 2016 mini album 'How Much Love Do You Have In Your Wallet.'

Meanwhile, Yoochun is also preparing to go on tour in Japan this March.
Stay tuned for more news about Yoochun's solo activities!


Park Yoochun Cjes Official IG update..Slow Dance.. Details below... 2019 PARK YUCHUN TOUR CONCERT in SEOUL Park Yuchun will have a special concert in Seoul.Also he will release new album. Full details below...

,Seoul South Korea.Park Yoochun in Seoul venue..

’s Park Yoochun To Return With A New Solo Album And Concert In March


appreciates everyone...

...more JJ
Unrealistic Visual Shock , Width of his eye 5cm·shoulder width 50cm: According to physiognomy people with eye width longer than 3.3cm are blessed with wealth. Shockingly, JJ’s is 1.7cm longer than that! 
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Had a wonderful time in South Korea! Squeezed in some last minute shopping last night at our favorite ’s 💚👌💚 Wishing an Advanced Happy 5th Anniversary as well.


JJ Update
[ studio_bobs IG ] First row/line goodbye Also a veteran. Thanks to that, I finished the shooting with a single shot. Thank you for taking good care of me and having fun shooting


21.01.2019 Jaejoong IG LIVE ジェジュン 김재중

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[1/21/19] Jaejoong’s Instagram Live: English translations! Topics: 
> J-Party/birthday 
> The weather 
> Promotions for Hankyung's movie 
> Flu/influenza shots 
> Male fans 
> Earrings 
> Weight gain 
> Instagram posts 
> Getting older

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