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JYJ News Week of 7/20-7/26/2015

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Interview...Jaejoong in SPY

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[VIDEO] 150727 Jaejoong’s Picture Seen on Chinese TV Show “Say It Out Loud”

by Ces
Girlfriend - Boyfriend Face-off.  Girlfriend is a fan of Jaejoong. Starts at 30:21

jj14 jj13 jj12 jj11
Credit:  Chonqqing TV Shared by: PrinceJJ


[HD PICS] Junsu attended a wedding on 23 May 2015! Gorgeous~ (sohostudio96)
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Junsu Instagram Update 

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"Fun ~"



PFC Jaejoong...During his first mini vacation from the military a couple weeks ago...
Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul 

The army does him good... #WaitingforJaejoong


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Private 1st Class Kim Jaejoong "NEWS"

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Another autograph of :It's summer, be careful not to catch cold. Be well, healthy always

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Non-fan living in Yongin(in vicinity of 55th Infantry Division) shares her friends' encounters
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Junsu Updates
[New pic] Junsu at Backstage with his XIA L♡

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[NEW PIC] Junsu with His mom at backstage!

어머니와 함께ㅎㅎ 

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ID MYO/JYJ Dancer/Choreographer shares Junsu/Death Note backstage pics...

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Pics from other dancers...
(cr. eunvini, joohyejin83)

[NEW PICS] Junsu at backstage! ^^♡
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Junsu Event in Toscana

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Jul 24

- 大阪、名古屋、福岡発/済州はこちらへ ツアープラン 

Event Details! Toscana 1st Year Anniversary Special Tour! 

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JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun tells fans to not forget JYJ

JYJ’s held his ’2015 Park Yuchun Fan meeting Japan Tour -ALL ABOUT YU’ fan meeting on July 22nd and 23rd in Yokohama, where he interacted with over 24,000 fans.
The star began his fan meeting tour back in June with Osaka, before heading to Nagoya, and then Yokohama. The six fan meetings (2 in each city) drew more than 70,000 fans in total.
Park Yoo Chun made his entry by singing his self-composition ‘Walking With Her In Spring,’ and won a huge round of applause from fans. Fans screamed out his name, and Park Yoo Chun reciprocated by waving to them.
Thereafter, Park Yoo Chun reminisced about past memories with fans, and even shared some private photos. The highlight of the fan meeting was when Park Yoo Chun performed ‘Sunflower Promise,’ as a form of a song present for them.
The star did not rely on any translator, as he interacted with fans in fluent Japanese. He even did parodies of the Osaka dialect, and popular Japanese comedy shows, and brought much laughter to fans. Thereafter, he personally whipped up several dishes like rice rolls, takoyaki, and fried pancakes, and won much praise from fans for his effort.
Park Yoo Chun expressed, “I feel really blessed now. I can reminisce about all the times we were together, and I will keep today in my heart as well. I hope that everyone will not forget this day either. Even as time passes, JYJ will still stand here. Please remember me and JYJ. Thank you everyone, and please stay healthy.”
Finally, fans sang along with Park Yoo Chun to JYJ’s ‘You’re,’ with the former raising banners that wrote ‘we will wait for you’ to show their support.
Meanwhile, Park Yoo Chun will be in attendance on August 25th for ’2015 JYJ MEMBERSHIP WEEK’ in Seoul.
By: Alvin

Park Yu Chun successfully finishes his Japan fan meeting tour 

Park Yu Chun successfully finished his Japan fan meeting tour.
On July 23rd, a representative of C-JeS Entertainment said, "Park Yu Chun officially finished '2015 Park Yu Chun Fan Meeting Japan Tour - ALL ABOUT YU' in Yokohama yesterday (22nd). The tour commenced in Osaka in late June, and Park Yu Chun made another unforgettable memory with his Japanese fans in Osaka, Nagoya, and Yokohama."

During the last fan meeting in Yokohama, Park Yu Chun shared behind episodes that happened while shooting his dramas, and he also shared many different private photos. He took time to cook tasty snacks for his fans, and played many different games.

In the middle of the fan meeting, Park Yu Chun said, "The last fan meeting of my 2015 fan meeting tour is about to finish. Let's have the most unforgettable time during the rest of today's fan meeting. Thank you so much for your supports. I love you and thank you."

Park Yu Chun originally planned to have fan meetings only in Osaka and Nagoya, but he decided to add Yokohama to his itinerary by many fans' strong requests.

Meanwhile, the last fan meeting of Park Yu Chun's '2015 Park Yu Chun Fan Meeting - ALL ABOUT YU,' was held at Yokohama Arena on July 23rd at 7 PM.

Park Yu Chun successfully finishes his Japan fan meeting tour

/Reporting by Kim Hye-in


Park Yuchun back to Korea...

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Park Yuchun "All About Yu" FM in Yokohama, Japan

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Doing Junsu's Incredible dance and famous laugh

Necklace on fan...lucky
min min  


 Fans singing "You're" as a surprise for YC



Last MC

More HQ Pics:



Press Pics

Yuchun's Weibo Update
[朴有天_Official weibo] 마지막까지 다들 수고했뜨으!

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Twitter Update from one of JYJ's bodyguard


[NEW PICS] Yoochun with Bodyguard at backstage♡


JYJ’s Park preps for military duty

July 24,2015

Park Yoo-chun
Singer and actor Park Yoo-chun of boy group JYJ will take a break from the entertainment scene as he is scheduled to enlist next month.

The celebrity spent his 20s singing on stage or acting in TV dramas and movies after making his debut as a member of the boy group TVXQ in 2003. He’s received many accolades during his career, most recently Best New Actor at the 51st Baeksang Arts Awards, one of the most prestigious entertainment awards in Korea, in May for his work on the 2014 film “Haemoo.”

Park will begin his military service as a civil officer for two years and four months on Aug. 27.

Before he parts ways with fans, he met with Ilgan Sports, an affiliate of the Korea JoongAng Daily, saying he wants to do another interview on the day he gets discharged, as he’ll be more comfortable then.

Q. You have about a month left before you enlist. How do you feel?

A. I don’t really feel particularly sad since I think I’m doing what everyone else is doing as well.

What did it feel like to see a fellow member who enlisted in the army before you did?

I met him recently because Jaejoong [another JYJ member] got out on a vacation from the army. Surprisingly, it didn’t feel like he was a soldier. He just looks more masculine with a nicer body. He became more charming.

But you are not really serving your military duty at a base. Weren’t you ordered to serve at a public office instead?

I hear serving in the army as a person with asthma is terrible. I tried really hard, took medicine and became healthier so that I could [serve my duty in the field]. I asked for a reassessment of my physical condition. I went to the designated hospital, but in the end, I was notified that I couldn’t. My life could be in danger, so I was denied.

Why do you want to serve in the field so bad?

If it’s something I inevitably have to do, wouldn’t it be better to really serve as a soldier while fulfilling my mandatory duty? I wanted to hide the fact that I have asthma. Plus, you get to serve four months less when you serve as a soldier, [while serving as a civil officer requires you to serve longer.]

You started as a singer. Any plans to release a solo album any time soon?

Not now - I feel like other members are more [talented] than I am at singing.

If you were to make an album, what kind would you make?

I wouldn’t want to do something too commercial. If I were to release an album of my own, I want to sing about my story. I do sometimes sing solo songs that I wrote during concerts, but I never released those as part of an album.

Any particular genre you prefer?

Hip-hop and rap. Because when you rap, you can really take enough time to tell your story.

Many celebrities have gone public with their relationships. What do you think about that?

I have changed my mind a bit about it. It depends on the situation, but if I go public with a person I’m dating, my partner will get hurt. So I’m more in favor of saying, “Let’s not announce our relationship when we’re in one.”

I’m currently not dating anyone. It is not easy dating someone while you keep it a secret.

You have been in the entertainment industry for about 12 years. What lies in your future?

I want to step down [from where I am] well. That doesn’t mean I’ll leave or anything, but I think I’m at my pinnacle as a singer and actor, and it would be hard to keep up where I am.

In that case, I need to find a way to step down well. That’s the homework I need to do from now on.



PFC Jaejoong "NEWS"

[TRANS] 's fellow soldier shares an episode^^  
via crystalmoon64

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's Army 55th Infantry Division leads local green environmental efforts

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Additional "NEWS"

They were weeding again today n wanted ice cream. This person's friend(JJ's superior) wished he could buy him.  

[TRANS] Continuation of the weeding episode


[TRANS] Episode of a soldier enlisted at the same time with  

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 Via crystalmoon64

"Mom Goes to the Army" Replay is available, and look who's on the cover photo^^

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Junsu’s Vogue photo goes viral

Updated : July 23 2015

Junju in a white suit (Vogue Korea)

Singer Junsu from popular trio JYJ has been featured in fashion magazine Vogue Korea’s August issue, which was published Monday.

Nicely dressed up with a clean-cut white suit, the 28-year-old artist wears big furry angel wings.

The singer is currently performing as lead character L on the hit cartoon-based musical “Death Note,” which runs until Aug. 15 at Seongnam Arts Center in Gyeonggi Province.

By Ko Ji-seon (

멋쁨돋는 ‪#‎만찢남‬ ‪#‎박유천‬ 으로 변신중~!
마지막까지 아낌없는 응원 부탁드리며
오늘 밤 ‪#‎요코하마‬ ‪#‎박유천의모든것‬ 에서 만나요 ♡
#‎Yuchun‬ ‪#‎ALL_ABOUT_YU‬ ‪#‎YOKOHAMA‬


23July2015 [TRANS] Park Yuchun’s Interview with Japanese Magazine ANAN no. 1964

Around the end of June, somewhere in Shin-Yokohama. When he came into the room, he first said “please take care of me today.” (T/N: more like a polite expression than the literal meaning of it) His warm smile immediately brightened up the whole room. Then he started taking pictures, hummed a song, and joked with the hairstylist, just like an innocent teenager. When the staff praised him “so handsome”, Yuchun turned shy. Showing his handsome form, suddenly, he revealed his cute expression. The staffs would not move from their view. The whole interview was fun.
During the interview, ANAN’s staff said Yuchun doesn’t look like 29 years old. He immediately said, “That’s right” and added “just like a middle-school (high school) student.” The staff frankly replied, not like a middle-school student. Because Yuchun has a sense of humor, the whole interview was relaxed and happy. He doesn’t only “reply”, but rather, he “conversed” diligently (with his heart). After the interview, he also politely expressed his thanks to everyone.
During the interview, it seems that the person who enjoyed it more was Yuchun himself. Humming “anan, anan” by himself, imitating the sound “Xiu Xiu” when the hairstylist puts hairspray and talking to the staff.
Q: Please introduce the drama “The Girl Who Sees Smells” YC: It’s about a young man with no feelings meeting a girl who can see smells. (laughs)
Q: Is the content very funny? YC: No, when I was acting it, it’s really painful.
Q: Yuchun-ssi is not scared of pain? YC: (His voice became louder a bit) I’m scared of pain.
Q: You’re referring to the physical pain, right? YC: Scared of pain, very scared. Pain is pain!
Q: Heard you were injured while filming? YC: The muscle near my ribs was injured. But the role requires action scenes. I can’t complain. That one is quite difficult.
Q: How about mind and spiritual pain? YC: It’s not very strong, and not very weak. Mundita? How do you say it in Japanese? (asks staff) Accustomed? Numbness? It’s not right. How do you say it? It’s not paying attention to it, it’s ignoring it.
Q: You mean you’ve learned not to pay attention to it? YC: Yes, somewhat like that.
Q: How do you overcome mind and spiritual pain? YC: Is there a way to overcome it? (turns to staff) Usually, what would everyone do? Drink? Watch TV? Play games?
Q: Would you tell or pour out your grievances to others? YC: Usually I won’t. When eating out with friends and listening to everyone’s usual small talks, that kind can heal more.
Q: During the Japan tour last year, what kind of scene did you see up on stage? YC: Was it last year? To summarize it in one word, it would be very beautiful, and also very touching. Thinking about how we can be on stage and look at everyone, I don’t know until when it would be.
Q: Something that left a deep impression on you? YC: I have many memories with Japan. During the second encore of the concert in Tokyo Dome when we cried while singing “Begin” together.
Q: Did you cry during the rehearsal? YC: I was okay during the rehearsal. But at the concert venue when the music played, I couldn’t stop the tears from falling.
Q: Among the songs of JYJ, which song is the one you cherish the most? YC: (smiled brightly) wow! Recently, I have many activities as an actor and lesser activities as a singer. These kinds of question are very few. Very happy! Personally, the one I cherish the most is still “Found You”.
Q: This time’s drama is about smell…you feel your smell is..? YC: Smell? Is it really the smell?
Q: Both can be. Your personal smell or your internal smell. YC: Internal smell? Ah, it’s the smell of a person. It’s because I’m also an ordinary person, an ordinary person’s smell.
Q: You’re a celebrity! YC: Really. Really, the people working in the entertainment industry would usually live the life of an ordinary person.
Q: Being in the entertainment industry for 10 years and maintain this kind of mentality is not easy. YC: Is it? I’m not sure.
Q: What kind of existence are fans for you? YC: It’s hard to explain because our activities in Japan are very limited. I feel I can’t do anything if fans have already forgotten us. But the fans have always been supporting us, loving us. During last year’s tour, I was really surprised. That’s why it’s hard to explain the kind of existence. They’re people who are very important.
Q: Do you have any words or requests for your fans? YC: requests?
Q: Like don’t change your hearts…that kind. YC: I feel it’s okay if they change their hearts. Really. Really, it’s okay.
Q: Is it because you have confidence that your fans won’t leave? YC: It’s not confidence. But if I’m not around, telling fans “you have to wait for me” these kind of words, I feel it’s a bit selfish.
Q: Come back after I return from my enlistment… these kind of words? YC: It’s okay if they don’t return too.
Q: Very modest… YC: It’s not like this. Although I wish that after I return from my military duties, seeing my hard work, they would become interested in me again and support me once again. But I feel it’s not right to let everyone wait for me when I’m not around.
Q: Lastly, your words for your fans YC: I will work hard. (He seriously thought for a while, then brightened up) Take care everyone. We’ll meet again.
Talking about Yuchun’s self-made song “Walking in the Spring with Her”. It’s not an official publicly released song. Yuchun said, “My Company hopes that they could release it, but personally, I don’t feel like releasing it.”
When asked about the reason, Yuchun said, “Isn’t it very special if you can only listen to the song during fan meetings and concerts?”

pictures credit: rimebleu

Japanese to Chinese translations by: 小荷

Chinese to English translations by: ParkYoochunSGFC

Shared by: ParkYoochunSGFC

Note: Our translations are best-effort and based from original Chinese writings.  If any mistakes are found, it is unintentional.  Thank you for your understanding.


Letter to my fans in (via: ParkYoochunSGFC)


News about PFC Jaejoong's surprise appearance on TV
K STAR 한류스타 리포트 & 생방송 스타뉴스


JYJ FB Updates...Pictures of Yuchun and Junsu
JYJ Official

스포였던 ‪#‎김준수‬ 의 날개 화보!
짜잔 공개 후! 다들 심쿵 하셨나요~?
신비로운 ‪#‎샤엘‬ 의 무한매력을 느낄 수 있는
‪#‎보그‬ 화보 많은 사랑 부탁드려요
Spoiler Alert! Pictorials of ‪#‎Junsu‬ with wings! Didn't it make you skip a heartbeat after it was revealed? Check out the pictorials from ‪#‎Vogue‬ and feel the mysterious attractiveness of ‪#‎L‬!

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JYJ Official


Park Yuchun "All About Yu" fanmeeting in Yokohama, Japan

Himawari No Yakusoku Via  dtet rtet

X Gun via dtet rtet

Talking about his dislkie of taking Selcas...He thinks it's amazing how Junsu and Jaejoong do them so easily (even after shower)...LOL (via dtet rtet

Sai Ai (via dtet rtet)


Junsu Instagram Update

He is NOT liking the 'power' he got (in a game)...LOL

정말 팬분들의 바램 대로 77살을 떠나..평생 솔로라니..이건ㅜㅜ 가혹해..그래 갖을수없다면 다 부숴버리는거야!ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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Translations via theyoungestmin

솔로부대 대장이라니..내가 들은 대장중에 제일 별로잖아..


JYJ’s Jaejoong Makes Surprise Cameo Appearance on Army Reality Show

JYJ’s Jaejoong Makes Surprise Cameo Appearance on Army Reality Show
JYJ‘s Jaejoong has been out of the public eye since March 31, when he enlisted in the army for his two years of military service. However, fans can now catch a glimpse of the top star in the latest episode of the reality show “Mom Goes to the Army” (working title)!
The July 21 episode of the show features a mother whose son happens to be in same army division as Jaejoong, as well as Monday Kiz‘s Lee Jin Sung. While the guys are eating, the show does a close up on Jaejoong’s face, and Jaejoong also compliments the mom on her cooking. Since he’s a member of the military band, you can also see him clapping during one scene while holding a pair of drumsticks.
You can watch a compilation of clips of Jaejoong and Lee Jin Sung’s cameos in the video below!


Another article from KpopFighting
JYJ’s made an appearance on the July 21st episode of Defense TV program ‘Mom goes to the Army Season 2,’ and it was definitely a pleasant surprise for fans who weren’t expecting it.
A son of the featured mom on ‘Mom goes to the Army Season 2′ was in the same unit as Kim Jae Joong, and the latter was thus seen in the video. Lee Jin Sung of Monday Kiz also appeared in the same episode. Kim Jae Joong even got a one-shot, and was given a ‘shining’ special effect caption.
In the video, Kim Jae Joong is seen holding a drum stick, or eating, and looked really cheerful as he got along well with others. In addition, Kim Jae Joong also looked as handsome as before with his short hairstyle.
Kim Jae Joong is currently serving under the 55th Infantry Division, while fellow JYJ member Park Yoo Chun will enlist in the army on August 27th.
By: Alvin


JYJ singer to narrate documentary

July 23,2015

Singer-actor Park Yoo-chun from the all-male trio JYJ will take part in narrating a documentary about Yoo Ye-eun, a visually impaired pianist.

“Park has been offered to join the project and he did not hesitate to accept the offer,” said the TV personality’s talent agency, C-JeS Entertainment, on Wednesday.

“The Destiny of Piano” (working title) is a documentary that centers on Yoo, who became a viral sensation on the Internet in 2007 after appearing in the reality program “Star King.” At the time, she was being talked about across the nation for being able to competently play the piano even while visually impaired.

The upcoming documentary will draw upon the lives of Yoo and her family after she rose to fame through the reality program. New aspects of the pianist that could not be portrayed on the program will be included.

Meanwhile, the 29-year-old celebrity is currently on a fan meet-up tour in Japan.

Park clinched several awards for his film “Sea Fog,” which was released last year. His new thriller movie, “Lucid Dream” (working title), is also expected to be released within this year.

By Jin Min-ji

JYJ singer to narrate documentary via

‪#‎요코하마‬ ‪#‎박유천의모든것‬
준비가 한창인 ‪#‎리허설‬ 현장!
손하트 ‪#‎박유천‬ 이... 다 했잖아요
두근두근! 잠시 후에 만나요~


JYJ Park Yoochun Reveals His Alcohol Tolerance and Talks Military Service in Latest Interview


JYJ Park Yoochun Reveals His Alcohol Tolerance and Talks Military Service in Latest Interview
JYJ member and actor Park Yoochun recently sat down with media outlet Daily Sports for an honest interview about his career so far and his future, over a couple of drinks.
When asked about his alcohol tolerance, Yoochun admitted that he can drink about three to four bottles of soju, humorously adding, “I used to be able to drink a lot more. Back then, wow.” He then chose Kim Jaejoong as being the strongest drinker in his group.
The interview went into depth about his impending mandatory military service. “I’m not particularly sad. I’m just thinking, ‘everyone else goes too.’ It shouldn’t be such a big deal.” He further commented about how hard he tried to qualify for active service. “I’m not bluffing for the interviews, I really did request a reexamination. I tried to eat well and get healthier to enlist [as an active soldier]. But in the end, the hospital said I couldn’t. I was so disappointed. Apparently asthma is like rat poison in the army. If you are not careful, it could be life-threatening, so they told me I couldn’t do it.”
The interview also revealed Yoochun’s thoughts about his career. On having a solo album, he said, “I do want to try, but it feels as though singing is something that [the other] members should do. I don’t think it’s what I need to be greedy about. I always have plans, but I can’t seem to act on them.”
Yoochun seemed to be very down-to-earth about his future as he honestly revealed his plans for the future. “I want to go down really well. I’m preparing to do that right now. By going down, I don’t mean leaving this industry, but I think I’ve reached my peak as a singer and an actor. I think it will be difficult to maintain that. So I need to get down as best as I can. That’s my homework for the future.”
Yoochun will be enlisting for his mandatory military service in August.
Source: (1) (2)

Scroll down for more pics and interview translations...


PFC Kim Jaejoong's surprise appearance in a TV show "My Mom Goes to the Army"

"This place(the 55th Infantry Division) drew huge interest from the public coz popular star was placed there( )"

Great camera angle, photos, BGM(Dad, You There? by JYJ) and special effect! "He shines!" Thank U!


Soldier 's surprise appearance on KFN-TV... He shines!
Soldier 's surprise appearance on KFN-TV... He shines! Naver Main!

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[PART TRANS] "Above all, his short hair style couldn't hide his handsomeness"

Translations via Crystalmoon64

Jaejoong makes a surprise appearance on 'Mom Goes to the Army'

July 21, 2015 @ 11:45 pm

Fans have been sorely missing JYJ's Jaejoong since he entered the army, so it was definitely a pleasant surprise when he made an appearance on a recent episode of a TV show!

Jaejoong briefly appeared in the most recent airing of the program 'Mom Goes to the Army', as he was in the same military unit as one of the sons of the featured moms. Monday Kiz' Lee Jin Sung also appeared in the episode.

His handsome looks definitely caught eyes, and he knew just how to flatter the moms there by remarking on how good their cooking was! 

Scroll down for more videos and screen captures...


Yuchun Interview

[TRANS] Excerpts Yuchun's The Daily Sports Interview (1)

Q. Do you drink often?
A. No. Recently I haven't be drinking much. After TGWSS & Lucid Dream, I pretty much stay home all the time. I don't go out. I don't drink 6 days a week like I used to. (laughs)

Q. What do you do at home?
A. I don't do anything special. I just watch movies and stuff. You don't have to do anything at home and time will just flies. I do something, I eat, I sleep, I watch movies. That's pretty much the routine.

Q. [JJ was] the first to enlist among the members. It must have felt a little different meeting Jaejoong on leave.
A. It was amazing how he didn't feel like a soldier at all. He got bigger and more masculine. I don't know if he was made for the military but it was good to see him looking good.

Q. You are not on active-duty but on alternative duty.
A. I'm not trying to make it sound good for the interview but I really did try to get reexamination. I took my medicine and tried to go for active-duty after I gained back my health. I went to the hospital designated by the The Military Manpower Administration like they asked me to but they ultimately said no. It was disappointing. They say asthma can be deadly in military service. Your life could be at the stake so they couldn't make it work.


[TRANS] Excerpts Yuchun's The Daily Sports Interview (2)

Q. People say you are hard to get in touch with.
A. I don't answer [my messages]. (laughs) I don't talk too long on the phone either, but sending messages back and forth, that's just not my style. I'm just too lazy to use my thumb.

Q. It must be frustrating for your friends.
A. Jaejoong hyung once said, "When Yuchun doesn't answer your texts, you already have received an answer." They say Jaejoong hyung's feelings were hurt. What do I do?

Q. That must be the same for talking on the phone.
A. I don't go over three minutes. When talking on the phone, make it short. Lately I talked to Jaejoong hyung in the unit for about 27 minutes. Exactly 27 minutes I hung up and was so tired. That was the first time in 10 years.

Q. What did two men have so much to talk about?
A. It was mainly hyung talking by himself. He talked about this and that and won't hang up. I think he missed people in the military so much that he talked a lot.

Q. Jaejoong may have been hurt.
A. Once, we were talking on the phone and hyung asked me why I wouldn't answer his calls. So I said, "I was filming the show. I will call you back," and then he said, "Yuchun-ah, I don't have a phone..." I was so sorry. What did I say to someone who doesn't own a phone? (laughs)

Q. You must worry about changing your characters
A. I don't think about changing my public image. That's easier said than done. I don't work to meet up the expectations of what public images others have of me. It's hard to keep the balance but I tried to make it work.

Q. Your character in Haemoo was a surprise.
A. I don't plan on making a certain atmosphere. I just let it flow naturally. I took on a lot of roles like chaebol or princes that were far from normal. So I was interested in doing something normal and realistic like the plain character I could show in Haemoo. And that's what I did.

Original Article:

[TRANS] Excerpts Yuchun's The Daily Sports Interview (3)

Q. You started as a singer. Do you have any plans of solo album?
A. It's not like there's no plan for an album, but I just feel like singing should be done by [other] members. It's not an area I should be covetous. I always have plans but I just can't seem to act on it.

Q. Is there a specific style you want to go for?
A. If there is good music and the right opportunity, it would be great to release a song. But I don't want it to be commercial. If I have an album released, I want to tell my story. They shouldn't pay for what they listen to. I sometimes write songs and sing solo at concert, but I do not release the tracks for that reason. Actually, I just recently had an offer for a recording, but I decided not to. I don't like things to be official.

Q. You have been in the show business for 12 years now. What will happen in the future?
A. I want to make it a gradual downhill from here. I am getting ready to go down that road. By going downhill, I don't mean leaving show business all together, but I think I've reached my prime as a singer and an actor. I think it would be hard to maintain this status. If it is so, you want to make the fall as gentle as possible. That's my homework.

Q. A word to your fans?
A. I just like them. There is no need for words. When fans ask me, I would answer the same. It's not because they do something for me, I just find them beautiful and lovable.

Original Article:

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방송에서 인연을 맺은 유예은 양을 응원하는
마음으로 ‪#‎기적의피아노‬ 내레이션에 참여한
‪#‎박유천‬ 의 훈훈한 소식 전해요 
News that ‪#‎Yuchun‬ participated in a narration of Documentary with a supportive heart after he encountered Yeun Yoo at a show! Check it out!


Park Yuchun is the narrative voice in documentary movie about visually impaired piano prodigy (in theaters Sept.)
Yuchun agreed to narrate the movie receiving no guarantee with good intentions about message of the movie.
Yuchun & the prodigy Ye-Eun have also met and performed once back in 2008 during Act I days.  
Via inheaven_wjyj 

Yuchun and JYJ with Ye-Eun in 2008


Yuchun...Drunken Talk with isplus...


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Excerpts From Yuchun's interview with isplus:
Yuchun says he doesn't drink much anymore. After TGWSS and Lucid Dream filming ended, he's usually at home. He doesn't go out to drink six times a week like he used to anymore <laughs>
Q: What do you do at home? YC: Nothing special, I watch movies. I don't do anything at home but time still passes by. Eat, sleep, movie.
YC said it's amazing that JJ doesn't have the feeling of an army person at all. But his body has become even better and manlier.
Q: Yuchun-ssi you have about 1 month left. How does that feel? YC: There's nothing particular pity, regrets or sadness. Because it's a thing that all men must do. There's no need to make a bid deal out of it.
Q: You're 30. You should be dating. YC: I am not seeing anyone now. Honestly. It's not easy to hide about a relationship too anyway.
Q: So, can I ask if you're dating recently? YC: That's rather...Do I have to answer? I'll just pass (laughs)
credit yochwennie


[IG] 박유천 협찬사진 언제 찍은거 (cr. objektseoul)


PFC Jaejoong shown on TV with his 55th Infantry division for the Docu program "My Mom Goes to the Army"


 PFC Jaejoong cuts
kyungtak kim

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[CAPS] 150721 Jaejoong Seen in “Mom Goes to Army Season 2″ TV Show

by Ces
CaptureCKcE7kVUMAAu9bUjjarmy7 jjarmy6 jjarmy5 jjarmy4 jjarmy3 jjamry2 jjarmy1 CKcINVAWIAAMdTD CKcHlTuUkAERReJ CKcHojDUAAAR_HB (1)
Credit: @emiko_51, @mushroomee
Shared by: PrinceJJ


More Scaptures of PFC Jaejoong...

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  photo 47XJyHk.gif
 photo AJFDXfZ.gif

Jaejoong sister's Twitter Update

국방TV 다들 보셨나요? 잠깐이지만 팬분들은 처음 보는 일병 김재중의 모습 건강해보이죠~ 군복무 잘 하고 있으니깐 걱정하지마세요~

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[TRANS] She smiles naturally after seeng her son's handsome fellow soldier. "Delicious, this is my 2nd"

Translations via crystalmoon64


Another Jaejoong picture while he was on leave from the army...
hobakfamily_ceo_ さんのInstagram写真にジェジュン Thanks U for coming YANGPAI with

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Kim Junsu has Instagram now...

Profile pic


Yuchun's Arrival at Haneda airport in Japan

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꾸러기 ‪#‎박유천‬ 이 갑니다~
요코하마! 준비됐어요? 😆

‪#‎Yuchun‬ ‪#‎ALL_ABOUT_YU‬ ‪#‎YOKOHAMA‬

Yuchun...on his way to Japan for his Yokohama "All About Yu" fanmeeting...


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as tagged


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Eye Candy: 13 male idols who rock their guy-liner

July 20, 2015 @ 3:32 pm

8. Jaejoong - JYJ

Those eyes... can pierce any soul.... (too cheesy? sorry)

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Junsu: Death Note backstage pictures today!  

Junsu with Mucha CEO "Kim Jeong Ju"

Junsu with model, Kim Min Sun

Junsu with Kim Min Sun's friend

Via Vichellelicious 

[TRANS] 150716 Yang Hyung-mo’s “I Love the Stage”: Singing twofold increase watching only the ‘Strongest Casting’ Hong Kwangho-Kim Junsu

 photo 2015062509108099923_2.jpg
● Hidden symbols here and there … Fun watching the two top ‘Hong·Kim’

‘L’ acted by Kim Junsu reminds us of an angel’s name. Even L’s clothes are stunning white and flutters like wings. In Hebrew of the Old Testament, ‘L’ is used in God’s name. All the angels’ names that appears in the Bible –like ‘Gabriel’, ‘Michael’, ‘Raphael’, etc.– contains ‘L’. The angel(L) in Death Note also fights against a righteous light(Light) ironically.
In Kim Junsu’s case, he shows the talent to the fullest at infusing into an even spectacular drama and an ordinary number.

Source: Sports Donga via Naver  
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3  
Shared by: JYJ3


JYJ Membership Week 2015 Invitation by JYJ (Japanese version)
with English subs by Angel Wing

JYJ Official Facebook page changed it's Cover Photo
JYJ Official


Private 1st Class Jaejoong news...

Soldier's mom must be really impressed how nice our Jaejoongie is...

[TRANS] Sister of 's fellow band member shares another episode of her mom's encounter with JJ
Via crystalmoon64

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Note: This soldier's mom is the same one who shared how happy she was to be given a fan by Jaejoong (shared here last week) and took pics with JJ with her soldier son (as above).


JYJ Membership Week 2015

Japanese version


Previous Weeks's News here:
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