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[scrapbook] SPY 011 ♡ KimJaeJoong

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Kim Jae Joong

JYJ News Week of 2/16- 2/22/15

What's New With JYJ?

(Wrapping bus around Seoul to promote Junsu's concert)

김준수 <FLOWER> 2nd Teaser


JYJ concert (Osaka) Talk (December 2014)

Video : Dirty Talk via JYJ...LOL
With English subs via Shia Kim


JYJ’s Junsu’s upcoming album “Flower” to include song by Naul

Kim Junsu third album JYJ
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Korean ballad singer, Naul, is the next artist that will participating in JYJ‘s Junsu‘s comeback album set for March 3rd.

On the February 21st, C-JeS Entertainment stated, “In Junsu’s 3rd official album, set to be released on March 3rd, a song by Naul is going to be included. Naul produced and wrote the lyrics to this song, and it is going to be an amazing ballad.”

Naul is acknowledged as one of the best ballad singers in Korea, and many of his songs including “Wind Memory” have swept Korean charts on many occasions.

Junsu officially announced his comeback with a new album on February 11th, along with various teaser photos for his album Flower. Other artists such as Epik High‘s Tablo and rapper Dok2 will also be collaborating with Junsu for his comeback. On February 16th, the track list for Flower was also unveiled, and will have a total of 13 songs.


JYJ’s Junsu’s upcoming album “Flower” to include song by Naul --


Jaejoong Instagram Update

못들은 53곡은 나중에 더 듣겠어
Artist I-con


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Other IG update
From No MinWoo

Hi - Ho 소리아이 들려줫는데 즐거운 시간이구나 느꼇음 🙈🙆🙈🙆 JJの 日本語の ヤンキーえんぎは すごく 面白いです 大好き 😂

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Gnite ✨새로운 소리아이들 좋대 하하핳 열심히 만들엇는데 기분좋음 新しい アルバムの曲 ジェジェさんも きょくいいんだって ははは 😘

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Junsu won Final Round of Soompi K-Pop Idol Vocalist Challenge - "Who is the best singer?"
via vichellelicious 

WHO IS THE BEST SINGER? JUNSU Now poll is closed, thank you for voting, Xiahpwas~

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[NEWS] Kim Junsu receives a song composed by Brown Eyed Soul's Naul for 3rd album <FLOWER>
via ohmyjunsu

JYJ's Junsu to sing his way into fans' hearts with the help of Naul in upcoming solo album... http://www.allkpop.com/article/2015/02/jyjs-junsu-to-sing-his-way-into-fans-hearts-with-the-help-of-naul-in-upcoming-solo-album-flower via @allkpop
It turns out Junsu has also worked with the talented Naul for his upcoming third solo album 'FLOWER'! 

SEE ALSO: Junsu drops track list for third solo album 'Flower'

It was also previously reported that Junsu will also be collaborating with Epik High's Tablo, Jung Sun Ah, as well as Dok2. C-JeS Entertainment told the press on the 21st, "Junsu's third solo album 'FLOWER', set to release on March 3, will include Naul's song. Naul composed and produced the song himself and with this, Junsu has completed a yet another sentimental ballad track." 

With such a lineup of names participating in his album, Junsu's album will undoubtedly be one of the highlights of the music scene this coming spring! 

Anyone else excited to hear Junsu's heavenly voice again?

[NEWS] 150221 JYJ Junsu puts Naul’s own song in new solo 3rd album ‘FLOWER’, “star-studded line-up”

 photo 1238677.jpg

JYJ Kim Junsu has received a gift from Naul, and will be putting the Brown Eyed Soul member’s own song on his solo album.

According to his agency C-Jes Entertainment on February 21, Kim Junsu is putting Naul’s song in his solo 3rd full-length album ‘FLOWER’. Kim Junsu has completed another emotional ballad through the track written and composed personally by Naul.

An agency representative said, “Recently ‘You From the Same Time’ did not miss the No.1 spot on music charts, from after its release up to now; and so we are looking forward to the song of whatever color might have been born from Kim Junsu’s meeting with Naul; to show the countenance of a ‘purely emotional artist’ properly”.

Meanwhile, adding to the sense of expectancy by making headlines at the featurings to be revealed from a star-studded line-up starting with Dok2 up to Tablo, Jung Sun-ah, and Naul; Kim Junsu’s 3rd full-length album ‘FLOWER’ will be released on March 3.

Sources: News1 + OSEN  
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3  
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[OTHER INSTAGRAM] 150221 Reporter Yoo Sukyung shares a photo with Yuchun

사람 냄새 나는 쿨가이

#ParkYuchun #jyj #Haemoo #interview
Cool Guy who smells human

#ParkYuchun #jyj #Haemoo #interview
Humane Cool Guy

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Source: sukyungyoo
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Kim Jae Joong leaves a brief message for his fans in celebration of lunar new year
Kim Jae Joong left a brief message for his fans in celebration of lunar new year.
On February 19th, a representative of Kim Jae Joong's management agency told that Kim Jae Joong left a brief message for his fans on his official Facebook in celebration of lunar new year.

Kim Jae Joong uploaded three new photos on his Facebook and wrote, "Still going through drama shoots! Happy new year, and have fabulous holidays." In the photos, Kim Jae Joong is showing the same charismatic look that he shows in drama 'SPY,' and he is also posing together with other staffs and actors.

Last week's episodes of 'SPY' showed Kim Jae Joong (playing as Kim Sun Woo) learning that Bae Jong Ok (playing as Park Hye Lim) became a spy because of Yoo Oh Sung (playing as Hwang Ki Chul)'s threat, and requesting Yoo Oh Sung to let Bae Jong Ok go.

Meanwhile, 'SPY' airs on every Friday at 9:30 PM.

Kim Jae Joong leaves a brief message for his fans in celebration of lunar new year

EN Star N News


[NEWS] 150220 MBC News ‘Entertainment Today': The Next-Generation Hallyu Star of ‘Chinese-speaking countries’ is?…Local Media Attention

 photo 3653337_14782.png

The three men –actors Choi Jin-hyuk, Ji Chang-wook, and Park Yuchun– are emerging as the next-generation Hallyu stars in China.

Group JYJ Park Yuchun’s popularity in China is also enormous.

He has proven great interest in receiving a barrage of questions from fans and the media about him hoping to enter into the Chinese market at Park Yuchun’s fanmeeting held in China recently.

Source: iMBC  
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3  
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[NEWS] 150219 SNS ISSUE: Park Yuchun in TOP 10 Popularity Ranking of Korean Actors in Japan

Park Si-hoo, Park Yuchun, Ji Hyun-woo, Lee Minho, Lee Seung-gi, Yu Ah-In, Song Joong-ki, Yoon Eun-hye, Jo In-sung, and Han Ji-min forms the Top 10 Korean actors and actresses who Japanese people loves, in today’s present Hallyu star ranking of the Korean Wave where voting aimed at Japanese people is in progress.

Park Si-hoo, Park Yuchun, Ji Hyun-woo, Lee Minho, Lee Seung-gi, Yu Ah-In, Song Joong-ki, Yoon Eun-hye, Jo In-sung, and Han Ji-min forms the Top 10 currently on February 19 in a vote ballot that is conducted constantly on the Korean Wave; and followed by Park Yuhwan, So Ji-sub, Park Min-young, Park Ha-sun, Jung Il-woo, Jo Hyun-jae, Cha Seung-won, Lee Jae-hoon, Bae Soo-bin, Lee Jin-wook recording from 11th to 20th place.

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The popularity ranking of these actors and actresses can be found in answer to popularity ranking of dramas. Looking at the ranking of Korean dramas conducted on the Korean Wave; they are Cheongdam-dong Alice, Prosecutor Princess, Boys over Flowers, Heirs, City Hunter, Full House, etc.

The popularity of a drama pulls up the popularity of its actor, or actress.

Source: Top Star News  
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3  
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John Egg shares an older picture of Jaejoong (a couple months back) with John Egg's children

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Junsu's mom shares a picture with her son...

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Sea Fog (Fog Across the Sea) trailer
(DVD released soon)

Mpost/韓流 Mpost

[INFO] 150220 Park Yuchun in “Fog Across the Sea” Logbook Part.I ‘Official Making DVD’ to be released on April 16th

[JYJ3 Note: ‘Fog Across The Ocean’ is the Japanese title of ‘Haemoo/Sea Fog’]
photo 81zhGFnU-L._SL1500_.jpg
Title: パク・ユチョン in 海にかかる霧 航海日誌 Part.I〈公式メイキングDVD〉(初回限定生産)
Park Yuchun in “Fog Across the Sea” Logbook Part.I 〈Official Making DVD〉(Limited Edition)
Price: ¥ 4,320
Product Details:
Language: Korean
Subtitles: Japanese
Region Code: Region 2
Number of Disc(s): 1
Release Date: April 16, 2015

Short Product Description:
The making video collection set that approaches from the other side of Park Yuchun in his long-awaited, full-scale screen debut!
Contents included:
About 80 minutes
・Making collection set (Making 1&2)
・Interview collection set (Interview 1&2、Character Introductions)
Staff: Bong Joon-ho, Shim Sung-bo
Cast: Park Yuchun、Kim Yoon-seok、 Han Yeri & others
・Promotion (VIP premiere、stage greeting & etc.)
・Highlight video

Bonus Item(s) enclosed:
Postcard set

Source: Amazon.co.jp  
Info Credit & Shared by: JYJ3

List of Online Stores that are taking pre-orders: Amazon (JP) Tower Records (JP)
TSUTAYA online 7net
Lawson Goods


Jaejoong at SPY set
설날에도 열심히 촬영 중!
새해 복 많이 받으시고 즐거운 설 명절 되세요^^

hwaiting!! <drama shooting even during new year's day> [JYJ FB]  
via fourc_pyc

JYJ sends Lunar New Year's Greetings at filming set
via crystalmoon64 


Park Yoochun Talks Turning 30 and His Acting Career in Recent Interview

Park Yoochun Talks Turning 30 and His Acting Career in Recent Interview

Actor and singer Park Yoochun of JYJ recently had an interview with media outlet Sports DongA, in which he talked about his age and acting career.
With his critically acclaimed portrayal in the 2014 film “Haemoo,” Park Yoochun won numerous acting awards, including the New Actor award at the Grand Bell Awards and the Blue Dragon Awards.
As he sat down for the interview, he brought up his age the first.
“It’s such an ambiguous and awkward age. It wouldn’t have been so awkward if I won [those awards] at an older age. Receiving an award  standing in front of all my seniors, at a place where everyone has gathered, it wasn’t the best feeling. I felt embarrassed and ashamed.”
Despite the numerous accolades he has received for his work in the film, he said, “I still don’t think I did well,” adding, “when I think of filming that movie, my body starts to ache.”
The book he is currently reading also reflected his thoughts on his age: “I’m Only 30.” On the book, he said, “When you read it, you realize the meaning of the normal things in life. Not so long ago, I was out drinking with a close staff member and overheard the table beside us talking about their age. Then I realized, ‘Ah, I’m also going to be in my 30′s soon.’”
He continued to show his honest passion for acting. “When I started shooting ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal‘ in 2010, a close friend of mine told me that when you continue acting, you will start to want to act more. I didn’t understand it back then, but now I get it. I like that momentary, electrifying feeling you get when you act.”



SPY Episodes 11-12 bts Pics


SPY Episodes 11-12 Complete Recap here: JYJ CAFFEINE: SPY Episodes 11-12 Highlights http://jyjcaffeine.blogspot.com/2015/02/sp-episodes-11-12-highlights.html?spref=tw

review: Spy Episode 11

Seon Woo decides Mom should back off and let him handle the North Korean spies. There is logic in that since he officially has the capacity to do so while Hye Rim is just busting corners and years of her life trying to deal with Ki Chul with her rusty spook skills. But then again, there is no knowing the fierce resilience of a mother’s heart.
SW silently draws his gun but halts when KC mentions that he is alone. SW orders KC to erase all evidence of his parents’ involvement in this matter as he intends to handle it on his own. KC agrees to do so on the condition SW gets the infamous hard disc from JS. Comrade’s lackeys are unable to break into SW’s place and instead sets off the security alarm. HR scurries out to check but the lackey has vanished without a trace. Comrade texts YJ that the kidnap attempt has been called off and she is so relieved that she bursts into tears, causing poor YS to be bewildered. YS thinks YJ is crying because SW cancelled their appointment and sweetly tries to comfort the older woman, which only makes YJ feel worse.

review: Spy Episode 11 http://wp.me/p3scju-3N8 via @wordpressdotcom

review: Spy Episode 12

Seon Woo and Yoon Jin have a Spy Spar and well, this is how they ended up. And I have a request: can someone please burn that hard disc everyone is coveting? Just so that we can move on to another mission. But anyway, the tables have turned and now it’s up to Seon Woo to save his mother.
SW rushes to “save” YJ. He exchanges the hard disc for YJ and Comrade happily takes his leave. SW is apologetic while YJ, unable to bear the guilt, blurts out that he is frustrating. Hasn’t he figured it out? She’s with the North Koreans – in cahoots with KC. ER. Okay, the big reveal was kinda weird and anti-climatic. SW is flustered. Of course. He doesn’t connect the dots…YJ states that the past three years was all orchestrated: she meeting him, she making him fall in love with her.

review: Spy Episode 12 http://wp.me/p3scju-3NU via @wordpressdotcom


Spy: Episodes 11-12
by | February 17, 2015

Love and truth don’t quite go hand in hand as everyone seems to get a gun and a little extra motivation this week, leading to a few confrontations that end with more than just empty threats and dark promises. Blood is shed, hearts are broken, and Sun-woo gains some clarity of focus he didn’t even know he was missing before everything in his life got turned upside down. Now that he’s no longer wandering in the dark and this is what we can expect from him, this show just got a whole lot more interesting.
As for the recap double header, I’m just filling in for gummimochi this round, and we’ll return to our regularly scheduled programming next week the week after next, due to Lunar New Year pre-emptions.
Link here:

Complete Recap here: JYJ CAFFEINE: SPY Episodes 11-12 Highlights http://jyjcaffeine.blogspot.com/2015/02/sp-episodes-11-12-highlights.html?spref=tw


Soompi K-Pop Idol Vocalist Challenge: Final Round

Soompi K-Pop Idol Vocalist Challenge: Final Round

This is it. The final round. Welcome back to the K-Pop Idol Vocalist Challenge!
Both matches last round ended with no small margins, with both EXO Chen and JYJ Junsu moving on to the final round after having emerged victorious by roughly 35 and 17 percent, respectively. While there was some back-and-forth in the initial stages of the semifinal round, the latter half seemed to stagnate, with the singers’ relative leads and positions maintaining themselves for the remainder of the round.
Here are the results from the semifinals:
FTISLAND Hongki vs. EXO Chen
Chen: 67.95 %
Hongki: 32.05%
JYJ Junsu vs. TVXQ Changmin
Junsu: 58.76%
Changmin: 41.24%
(click for full image)
soompi kpop idol vocalist final round
We now have EXO Chen vs. JYJ Junsu and, in a race for third place, FTISLAND Hongki vs. TVXQ Changmin.
How will the singers fare with these new (and final) matchups?
You will have until Saturday, February 21 at 5 p.m. KST to vote. You can vote once every 12 hours. Good luck!
Turn the page to start! We’ll begin with Hongki and Changmin.


[INFO] List of Online Stores Selling Kim Junsu’s 3rd Album “FLOWER” (Pre-Order Now Available)

photo 201502161309770752_54e16e0dc0140.jpg
Physical Album Price (RRP): KRW 17,800
Official Release Date: 3rd March 2015

List of Online Stores that are taking pre-orders:

Note: Purchases from these online stores will count towards Hanteo and/or Gaon charts.

1. C-JeS Store
(Membership required)

2. Synnara
(International Shipping available, please follow this guide)

3. Aladin**

4. Yes24**

5. Interpark**

(**pages are in Korean)

7. KTown4U (DVDHeaven) – CD Only | CD + Poster

10. YesAsia

11. Tower Records (JP)

12. Rakuten (JP)

Important: Please note that JYJ3 is in no way related with any online store, including the ones mentioned above. Be selective when choosing which store you are buying the album from. Please also be advised that JYJ3 is not responsible for any group purchase advertised in the comments section.

Shared by: JYJ3

News about Junsu's solo comeback in March

There is news that JYJ member Kim Junsu will be making his solo comeback in March.
This will be his comeback in 2 years after his solo 2nd album in 2013. What kind of music will he be returning with, this is the situation that the netizens and fans’ interests are focused on!
<Recording> An official from Kim Junsu’s agency:
“He is slated to release his 3rd full-length solo album after 1 year and 8 months; he plans to head out on an Asia Tour, starting in Osaka, then Tokyo, Nagoya, and etc.“

Also, as for the featuring in his title track [‘Flower’] this time, there is topic that Epik High’s Tablo participated in it.
From Entertainment Inside, we will be cheering for his comeback~
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3
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SPY Preview Episodes 13-14

Preview!!!! http://t.co/Z7G3wFG5OI


Soooooo exciting!!!


Preview SPY Episodes 13-14
With English subs
by Angel Wing

[TRANS] KBS 2TV ‘SPY’ Ep. 13 & 14 Text Preview – will air Feb. 27

photo pre13.jpg

Ep. 13 Text Preview: If he wants to rescue Hye-rim(Bae Jong-ok), Ki-chul(Yu Oh-seong) is asked to break a code with Woo-suk(Jeong Won-joong) and gives the hard disk to Sunwoo(Kim Jaejoong). While the given time pressingly elapses for Sunwoo, Joong-hyuk(Kim Min-jae) tries to intimidate/threaten Sunwoo, by holding Sunwoo’s younger sister Young-seo(Lee Ha-eun) hostage.

photo pre14.jpg

Ep. 14 Text Preview: Sunwoo(Kim Jaejoong) narrowly cracks the code of the hard disk within the time limit, but when he comes to turns over the hard disk to Ki-chul(Yu Oh-seong), Ki-chul is placed in a dilemma where he gets swamped with spies. At this, Sunwoo, at the same time, saves Hye-rim(Bae Jong-ok) and has to figure out a way to be able to also live his life in South Korea…

Source: KBS Spy  
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3  
Shared by: JYJ3


JYJ Kim Jae Joong's ʺSPYʺ to be Aired on DATV in Japan in April

Feb 16 2015
KBS drama "SPY" will be aired in Japan.

According to a rep on February 14, "SPY" will be aired in Japan through DATV in April.
They commented "It will be aired on April 5 first, then will be officially start airing at 10 p.m. on April 26. Because of Kim Jae Joong's casting, it is known that it was exported to Japan even before it finished airing in Korea."

"SPY" is about a former spy, who has become an ordinary housewife, going back to being a spy once again to protect her family. It is based on the popular Israeli drama "MICE." 



Wake up! 3rd Promo Video of Director's Cut DVD is here! Pre-order Survey->

Sunwoo Kim

(BGM: Jaejoong's Luvholic from the album WWW)

Other Video

Fan made video (SPY OST)
The Key to Her Heart (by Reuby)
with English subs
by Angel Wing


Jaejoong 'modeling' Moldir sweatshirts...


Black http://me2.do/5eElWxMN


Video: PYC Loving YU fm in Chengdu Full Video



JYJ CAFFEINE: Park Yuchun Fanmeeting Tour in China~LovingYU http://jyjcaffeine.blogspot.com/2015/02/park-yuchun-fanmeeting-tour-in.html?spref=tw

Video: PYC Fanmeeting in China (from 0:03-0:50)


Park Yoo-chun: "I'm only thirty", "I want to be an actor"

Park Yoo-chun's 2014 was more competitive than anyone else's.
He's 10 years into showbiz but last year was hotter than ever. He took home various rookie awards for the movie "Haemoo" which was his first movie debut.
Thanks to that, he's one of the most anticipated actors of this year. A survey conducted last year about the best Korean movies resulted in his name being the most anticipated actor of 2015.
We met Park Yoo-chun prior to the Seol holidays. Everyone thinks about age when the year changes. Park Yoo-chun wasn't an exception. He talked about 'age' first.
"I am at an imprecise and ambiguous age. If I had been older when I received the awards it wouldn't have been this awkward. It's not always a great feeling getting an award in front of all your seniors. It's embarrassing".

Park Yoo-chun reached the Grand Slam with the rookie award presented to him by the Korean Film Journalist Association. However, he says, "I don't think I did so well. I still ache at the thought of 'Haemoo'".
"I'm reading a book that speaks my heart, it's called 'I'm Only Thirty'".
"I realize the meaning of a normal life. I was having drinks with a close staff friend of mine and overheard the table next to us talking about 'age'. I realized then that I was in my 30s now".
His passion for acting is great. He also thinks the chance for him to really make an impact on his name is through acting. He said the following when he won the "Best Movie Award"; "I wanted to be known as Park Yoo-chun and not Micky Yoo-chun from the group TVXQ. I was being greedy. Many people have helped me to be where I am today and I am going to work harder to make sure I am worthy of the name 'actor'.
Receiving awards reminds him of the first time he started acting.
"I started acting in 2010 with the drama "Sungkyunkwan Scandal" and a close friend of mine said I am going to want to act more the more I do it. I didn't know what that meant but now I do. I love the feeling I get when I'm acting".
For Park Yoo-chun who's all over the world as a singer when he's not acting, a holiday is overrated. He's been at it for over 10 years but compared to the hectic life he spent in 2014, this is a 'pleasurable' time for him right now.
"I watch movies at home, read some scripts and eat. That's all I do. I feel nervous in thinking I should be preparing for something or plan out for the future but it's not easy. So I let it go. I want to just go with the flow".
His stimulation comes from 'people'. Recently, he met with Kim Yoon-seok and Lee Hee-joon for a recording of the DVD commentary of "Haemoo". He's a people person.
"I was at a ski resort and there's a little bar around there that has LP discs. I wanted to meet the owner. He was wondering when I'd come and I finally had. I was touched by his welcome. It sounded like my father".
Source : sports.donga.com/3/al...
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JYJ Kim Junsu’s 3rd Album Title Song to Feature Epik High’s Tablo

2015.02.17 10:50 Newsen Lee Min Ji Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung 

JYJ’s Kim Junsu and Epik High’s Tablo have met.

C-JeS Entertainment revealed on February 17, “Flower (translated) has been confirmed as the title song of Kim Junsu’s third full length solo album Flower, set to be released on March 3. Epik High’s Tablo participated in the rap portion of the song, which Kim Junsu participated in writing and composing, completing a fantastic collaboration song.”

The agency rep added, “Flower, with its magnificent string sounds and choir, is a song under the genre of baroque hip-hop and it was produced by adding melody and lyrics to the message that Kim Junsu wanted to convey, expressing music with a whole different genre compared to the first and second album title songs.”

JYJ Kim Junsu’s 3rd Album Title Song to Feature Epik High’s Tablo

Tablo, who featured in the new album title song Flower also participated in writing the rap, increasing the quality of the song.

Tablo said, “I was happy to be working with Kim Junsu, whom I’ve always liked,” and Kim Junsu also shared, “A very good song has been produced, containing the rap that suits the title song very well. I was a big fan of Tablo hyung’s genius hip-hop lyrics and thought that he could metaphorically convey the message of the title song. I felt ecstatic the moment I received the lyrics to the rap. I’m so grateful.”

Meanwhile, the musical actress Jung Sung Ah participated in the aria of the title track Flower, adding her unique voice to the song. The title song Flower will be released on March 3.

Photo credit: C-JeS Entertainment



SPY bts Pics


Junsu-Tablo collaboration in Junsu's new album FLOWER



[PICS] 150216 Preview Photos of Jaejoong in Josei Jishin Magazine

by Ces
djtaba74cf4b39jw1epbj9oxhhhj20go0m8q48 74cf4b39jw1epbj9rpqrej20go0ciaan 74cf4b39jw1epbj9vyyexj20go0ci3z1
Credit: Namijeje + DJTaba  
Shared by: PrinceJJ

 More HQ pics

as tagged


[News Info] SPY Ranks 11th Overall, 2nd Among Dramas in Content Power Index

by Ces
On February 16th, CJ E&M and Nielsen Korea announced the Content Power Index Ranking for the first week of February (February 2 to 8).

KBS 2 TV Drama ranks 11th overall (Note:  Also ranks 2nd in Dramas, 1st is MBC's Wed-Thurs Drama)

CJ E&M and Nielsen Korea partnered to assess Contents Power Index (CPI). CPI calculates rankings based on topical interest (news subscription), audience response (direct search rankings) and SNS involvement (social media buzz rankings).

Source: Asia Today  
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Second Promo Video of Director's Cut DVD Pls participate in Pre-order Survey, NOW!

Sunwoo Kim

(Set to Kim Jaejoong's song 9+1# from WWW album)


[Other SNS] 150216 Coffee Truck Support for Jaejoong in Spy

by Ces
7 8 9 10 11
남들과는 다른셀카 ㅋㅋ 또 언제볼지 아쉽다고 하니 셀카 찍어준 ㅋㅋ재중씨 감사합니다!!

[TRANS] Told him I don't know when I'll see him next and he took this distinguished selfie! Thank you Jaejoong-shii!!
Credit: bluestick38 ; coffeewang38  
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Go SungHee's IG update (with Jaejoong and other SPY co star)

이렇게 즐겁고 감사하고 행복한데!
I miss you guys too. Thank U, always..❤️
#스파이 #윤진 #고성희 #종한 #조창근 #선우 #김재중
#언제나 #화이팅

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Other IG Update

The child actress plays Team Leader Song's daughter in SPY

#지아니 #김재중
#아역배우 #키즈모델
#드라마 #스파이
#데일리룩 #키즈패션 #kidsfashion
드라마 '스파이'촬영 중

김재중씨 넘 멋있다...

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Park Yoo-Chun, in Chengtu on Valentine’s Day

  2015/02/15(Sun) 22:26

The singer Park Yoo-Chun heated up Chengtu on Valentine’s Day. C-Jes Entertainment noticed, “On 14th Park Yoo-Chun had a fan meeting ‘2015 Park Yuchun Fanmeeting Tour Loving YU in China’ at China University of Science and Technology in Chengtu. Park Yoo-Chun had warm talks and surprising event with fans, and gave roses bouquet that he made by himself. He presented unforgettable sweet memory of Valentine’s Day to fans.” Park Yoo-Chun had the event to draw caricature of him, and reminding memories for 10 years.
Park Yoo-Chun said, “I hope this day became happy Valentine’s Day, to remember as good memories. I reminded my first intention and passion by your love. I will try to get closer to you. I love you.” Meanwhile, Park Yoo-Chun will keep the fan meeting in Shanghai on March 1st.



PYC fm in Chengdu: Q & A with English subs

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Kim Junsu's new album FLOWER

Kim Junsu's 3rd album includes 13 tracks not only written by Junsu hinself but also songs by Naul (BES), ‘Automatic’, and ‘Alex Von Soos'
Title song is produced by XIA Junsu himself, and the concept and image of the album art is also carried on throughout the music video.
Poweful dance performance is also in preparation :D
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XIA Junsu 3rd Album is a 13-track album

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Track list released for Junsu’s solo album

Updated : February 16 2015

(CJES Entertainment)

Junsu, member of K-pop sensation JYJ, unveiled a track list on Monday for his upcoming solo album “Flower.”

“The upcoming album includes various genres of tracks ranging from ballad to hip-hop to showcase Junsu’s unique voice,” said an official from C-Jes Entertainment.

The release of the track list is raising anticipation among fans about his third studio album to be unveiled on March 3.

Presales of Junsu’s 13-track album began at 1 p.m. on Monday through online music stores.

Along with the album, Junsu will embark on his third Asia concert tour, with the first show to be held in Seoul on March 7.



JYJ’s Junsu Releases Track List for Third Full-Length Album “FLOWER”

JYJ’s Junsu Releases Track List for Third Full-Length Album “FLOWER”

The track list for JYJ member Kim Junsu‘s much-awaited third album entitled “FLOWER” was revealed earlier today. The album is scheduled to be released in early March, but fans of the JYJ power vocalist were teased even more with the reveal of the track list image for the upcoming album.
There are a total of 13 songs included in the album: “Reach,” “Butterfly,” the title song “Flower,” “My Night,” “Out of Control,” “X Song,” “License to Love,” “Musical in Life,” “Love You More,” “F.L.P,” “Hello Hello,” “I Really Hate That Word,” and “Love Breath.” The songs in the album will consist of various genres, all the way from trendy songs to ballads. It was also earlier reported that other singers will be featuring in Kim Junsu’s solo comeback album, including rapper DOK2.
The album was made available for pre-order in record stores on February 16 at 1 p.m. KST.
Meanwhile, Kim Junsu’s third album “FLOWER” will be officially released on March 3, followed by his Asia Tour, which will start from Osaka and move on to Seoul, Shanghai, Tokyo, and other cities.