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Park YuChun at BIFF 2014 "Birth of an Actor" Talk (Pics and Translations)

Yuchun: "Birth of an Actor" Talk at BIFF 2014

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Cr: Grace Park

Press Pics

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Tweets and Translations...
Cr: ohmyjunsu (O), inheaven_wJYJ (I), and WidM_info (W)

YC was asked what he did last night after arriving in Busan, he said "I really wanted to rest but I talked with Kwak Dowon sunbaenim- about films until dawn while drinking" (O)

YC said he likes comfortable clothing, and he loves flip flops. He came to Busan yesterday wearing flip flops, and to him, they are the most comfortable thing in the world. He also wears 'training outfits' (sports wear) a lot, as they are comfortable (O)

YC said Jaejoong is in Busan RT 재중이부산와잇데 유천이가 애기한 (O) 

Yoochun said he has cried listening to Junsu sing before, once again proving his hardcore Xiapwa status xD (via ) (O)

YC: Everytime I see JS, and I mean this, I feel like he's a musician from the heavens. He sings really well
Q: Is JS's acting so-so? 
YC: There's a lot of acting involved in musicals but a huge part of it is music too. It's nice to listen to 
~musicals by singers. I've cried twice listening to singers sing. One was Junsu and the other was The One hyung. Junsu is great on stage.~ (O) 

"Every time I see JS, I sincerely think he was born to be a musician. He sings so well...I love listening to his singing voice" 
YC: "There r 2 ppl who made me cry after listening to their songs&that's JS&The One. He is truly splendid every time I see him on the stage" (I)

YC: For JS, not lip service but he's just born to be musician.He really sings well. Musicals need acting but also music a lot."  
YC: Junsu is the first one I cried after listening in person. 2nd was TheOne. JS is just so wonderful when he's on stage. (W)

YC "I love JJ hyung because he has the gaze and the tones that I can't express in acting." (I)

YC: (Q: can you make rank for members' acting?) I like JJ cause he has eyes and tones that I can't express. (W)

YC said he felt the fundamental, basic charm of film even more while filming Haemoo. Made him more confident that acting was a good decision (O)

YC said 'I love Satoori~' in Busan satoori ^^ Sounds like 'Satoori Saranghande-ii RT 유천이 사투리로 사랑한데이~~~ 했는데 목소리 지림 기절 ㅇ<-< (O)
YC said he wants to act with Jung Yoomi from 'Discovery of Love' (NOT the same Jung Yoomi from RTP) (O)

YC: Currently saw 'Begin Again' and was really great. I wanna do films like (KOR film) 'A Passing Rain', '時越愛(A Love Story)', 'The Classic' (W)

Q: 3 of your best points as an actor, not a singer YC: voice, shoulders, eyelashes XD (O)

YC chose 1. voice 2. shoulders 3. eyelashes as his charms! (I)

 YC said he really likes Gwyneth Paltrow. He likes her freckles (O)

YC said he will be doing JYJ activities until the end of this year, and that he will look at scenarios/projects & plans beginning of 2015 (O)

Yuchun also commented at Open Talk that he will focus on JYJ activities until the end of the year! (I)

Yoochun said he wants to take on a romantic comedy film. Yes please! ^^ (O)

Q: Idol-turned-actor you consider a rival? YC: Im Siwan. I couldn't tell if he was a singer or actor when watching The Attorney & Triangle (O)

Q: Do you keep in contact with any actresses? 
YC: I keep in touch with Han Jimin. We have a very comfortable nuna-dongsaeng relationship ~
~ YC: Our relationship shouldn't be misunderstood. As a woman, actress and nuna, she's a charming actress.
YC also said: I keep in touch with Kang Hyejung nuna, even before she joined my agency. Someone like Hyejung-nuna, who takes care of ppl~ ~ around her so well, is very rare. (O)

YC was complimented as the best idol-turned-actor, and he said "I'm not sure. Acting up to now, I've never thought that I am good"  ~ "It's just that I've become better at focusing and matching my acting. Saying I'm good at acting, I'm not sure about that" (O)

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 A male fan said he's been a fan for 10 years and YC's reaction was 'wow~' xD RT : 남팬분이 10년째 팬이라고 하니까 와~ (O)

YC said he had a tough time due to the stigma of being from an idol background. It would've been sad if the public couldn't feel why he had~ to act. He felt pressure b/c of that. 
YC: However, the good thing about being from an idol background is that the style of music I like is helpful to my acting. 
YC: I'm actually listening to music more after taking up acting. It helps my emotions & music is definitely needed to create the atmosphere. (O)

YC "To be honest, what made it difficult for me was the [public's] preconception of me as idol singer." 
YC "It was sad that they didn't understand the need for me to start acting...there was pressure in that regard" 
YC "On the other hand, the upside of being a singer is that the music I like helps me when I act. Acting makes me listen to music more." 
YC "It helps me set the mood, and music is crucial in bringing out the atmosphere [in acting.]" (I)

YC: I went to a photoshoot in flip flops & a hat. I've never had much interest in accessories but I'm wondering if I should dress up more.  
YC: I didn't think much about things like my hair color but looking at my members now, I think maybe dying my hair a bit would be nice (O)

Response to what has changed since starting acting career: YC "I don't dress up as much as I did... before I had to show something..."
YC "I went to a photo shoot recently in flip-flops&hat...I've never had interest in accessories but now I feel like I should dress up more"
YC "I never thought about my hair color and stuff, but now that I see the members, I feel like maybe I should dress up a little more" (I)

YC: The thing I envied most about my character in Haemoo was the love. I want to experience a love that is worth losing myself in
 YC: I was so sincere in the scene where I put Han Yeri's shoes on for her after our the bed scene that I got goosebumps. I felt like crying~but the feelings I had were so strong. (O)

YC: That kind of love was the most envious thing of my character and wanna have love like stn I can forget myself like Haemoo.  
YC: It was so goose bumps that I felt from the bottom of my heart when filmed the scene I put Hongmae's shoes on her feet after bed scene. (W)

"In the scene where I put on shoes on Han Ye-ri after the love scene, I got the chills bc I was so sincere. I wanted to burst out in tears" (I)

YC "I want to fall in love that will make me forget myself like in " (I)

Fans were asked which scene YC did best, and they said bed scene. YC said he liked the bed scene/the bed scene was good XD (O)

YC: I can't do it well but I like acting that involves expressing emotions through my hands, and not my face & dialogue (O)

During promotion, Director Bong commented that Korean cinema was lucky to have discovered an actor like Yuchun hehe (I)

YC "I am so embarrassed to listen to Director Bong Jun-Ho's praises...I wonder if I am really in the position to hear such praises" (I)

Thanks to the kind and generous 'translators' for sharing...