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JYJ News Week of 8/13- 8/19/2018

What's New With JYJ?
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[JAEFANS FC UPDATE] [NOTICE] Information on ban on resale of tickets!! (We hope from now on EVERYONE follows the rules of Jaefans FC, some people's behavior is affecting Jaejoong's activities, let's think on him!!)


More JJ on Japanese TV

Trans: Please, watch it. / Please check it out.

スポーツニッポン🖋 ✴️ジェジュン💓恋愛見届け人💓 「AbemaTV」人気番組で初レギュラー 〜韓国人ソロ歌手のジェジュンが、インターネットテレビ局AbemaTVの恋愛リアリティーショー「今日、好きになりました。」(月曜後10:00)にレギュラー出演することになった。

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Sports Nippon 🖋 ✴️ Jaejoong 💓 love 💓"ABEMATV" the first regular-Korean solo singer Jaejoong in the popular program, internet TV station ABEMATV love reality show "Today, I like it. I was supposed to make a regular appearance at 10:00 after Monday.

[ abematv & kyousuki_official IG ] They shared news content and these pictures with the official announcement of Jaejoong's regular appearance!^^ •



Comedy Big League's Youtube and Naver videos! Let's give "like" and leave good comments Jaefans! Links: •

김재중도 인정한 ′황제성 굿즈′ 공개! (출처 : 코미디빅리그 | 네이버TV) here for

Translated from Korean by

Admitted to Kim Jae-Joong's Emperor's Sex goods ' public! (Source: Comedy big league | Naver TV) here for




Lee Gukju's 1st ❤️ "In college, he was an oppa that was 1 year older than me. He was really handsome.. good at singing, good at dancing.. with a face like JYJ's Kim Jaejoong. KJJ style ~ you know, someone with sharp (looks), handsome, flower boy style.."

(JJ shown laughing at end of vid)

JYJ 김재중, ‘코미디빅리그’ 출연만으로 화제성 최고…“관리 좀 받고 갈걸” 겸손함까지
JYJ becomes the talk of town by just appearing on Comedy Big League... “Should’ve received some facial treatment before going (on the show)...” He is so humble on top of it



Winning! Ganbatte!!!

この前撮影したAbemaTV「石橋プレミアム〜芸能界カジノ王決定戦〜」 みなさんぜひ見てくださいね 詳しくはこちら!!

This is the ABEMATV "Ishibashi Premium-entertainment world Casino King decision fight"


The article regarding Jaejoong's appearance on Comedy Big League is ranked #1 for most viewed NAVER TV Entertainment news and it is also displayed on the homepage for NAVER TV Entertainment

코미디 빅리그' JYJ , 이국주 첫사랑으로 깜짝 등장 '스튜디오 초토화' 'Comedy Big League' , Lee GookJu First Love's surprise appearance 'Studio Knocked Down' Top comments are about Jaejoong's visual shock 😍 can't blame them! 



20180818 ‪jj_1986_jj IG


Kim Jaejoong
From Beijing airport to Korea






Makes Surprise Appearance In Audience For “Comedy Big League”

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong made a surprise appearance during the August 14 recording of tvN’s “Comedy Big League” as a member of the audience.

In a preview for an upcoming broadcast, the studio audience starts buzzing with excitement in the middle of a skit, to the point where the actors on stage address the issue and introduce Kim Jaejoong, who is sitting at the front of the audience.

A source from tvN said, “Kim Jaejoong came to see the show because he is friends with one of the comedians. He wasn’t an official guest on the show, and we had no idea he would be there either. However, because of the atmosphere that night, he did participate in an impromptu skit.”

Kim Jaejoong’s agency also commented on the singer’s appearance, saying, “It was something he went to on his personal time to support his friend, comedian Lee Jin Ho.”

“Comedy Big League” airs on Sundays at 7:40 p.m.


Jaejoong shocks audience and producers with his unexpected appearance on 'Comedy Big League'

Jaejoong shocks audience and producers with his unexpected appearance on 'Comedy Big League'

By yckim124

JYJ'sJaejoong made the crowd go wild with his surprise appearance. 

The idol star was unexpectedly spotted in the audience during the August 14th recording of 'Comedy Big League'. The audience as well as the producers were not aware of his attendance beforehand.
tvN stated, "We heard Jaejoong has a personal connection to one of the comedians and came to watch. He was not invited as an official guest. He just came to watch. We also had no idea. However, he did participate in one of the segments on the spot. You can check out Jaejoong's appearance through the broadcast."
Jaejoong's agency, C-JeS Entertainment, also stated, "We believe Jaejoong went on his personal schedule. He has connections to comedian Lee Jin Ho so he went to watch in support of him."

'Comedy Big League' airs every Sunday at 7:40 pm KST. The episode with Jaejoong's surprise appearance will be airing on August 19.



180817 Weibo 【Park Yuchun I can’t hand with you in Qixi Festival, let’s form a hand heart! 🌹】 * Qixi Festival, also known as Chinese Valentine’s Day, is on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month on the Chinese calendar. 


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Comedy Big League 김재중이 코빅에...? ♥ 180819 EP.276


Oh my god...... Jaejoong will be appearing on Comedy Big League (Korean show). He was formally introduced and I think he will also be mentioned in a comedy segment. It will be airing on 8/19/18 at 7:40 pm (KST).
The identity of the very special guest that surprised everyone...? Just for one day, I want to be the cushion in your room... ❤️ 김재중 ✨ "My first love in college.. JYJ's Kim Jaejoong.. with his face.. why would someone like him like me?" (Rough trans)


[ HanGeng Weibo] JJ860126JJ come back again for a longer time, this time was too rush, and let's have more fun! 山下智久_Yama-P Temporarily missed the gathering, make up for it next time!


20180817 ‪jj_1986_jj IG Story


180817 IG Story 【After 4 years】in Green 【Beijing】in pink
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[JJ Weibo] 🇰🇷🇨🇳🎀 ​​​


Hello photographer of in Tokyo

[ Official IG] The one and only Photo People Cruise 🛥🛥 Their handsomeness overflows everyday everywhere!! Can we find any yacht tour that includes these six? WATCH n Give ❤️ ->->
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Gorgeous ! 💚😊💚 rocks!

20180816 ‪jj_1986_jj IG

20180816 moon_jy_ IG

(JJ's make up artist)

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Note: JJ posted this while already in China...But this vid was taken while he was in Korea...


Jaejoong, Casino ban lifted "I've never done it before, I might be the type of gambling a lot of money (unintentionally)"



Jaefans* Global™
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Honey Holic Special Fan Meeting 2018!! Scheduled on late November, 2018 Venue: TOKYO DOME CITY HALL We invite 2,300 people by lottery among users. Tickets will be distributed within multiple contents delivered from August 27 to October. More details soon


180815 Jaejoong arrives in BeiJing

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방패술 연습중  

Other pics

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Police Junsu Update

★18화 HD (180802)★ 동생아 반가워 :: 시아준수X김형준


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윤서정-칵테일 사랑 메이킹필름 (feat. 시아준수) cocktail love/making film/feat. xia

윤서정 컬쳐플러스


ジェジュン、芸能界バカラ対決に「ゲーム運ないけど仕事運ある」と自信 - AbemaTIMES

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Jaejoong, entertainment world Baccarat Showdown "game luck but work luck" and confidence-abematimes

Jaejoong in The Entertainment World Cards game and his confidence "Althought there's no luck in the game, there's luck in the work".



180814 Jaejoong attended 코미디빅리그(Comedy Big League)

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【delayhan._.1225さん Instagram】 ?

Comedy Big League

[ _yeaeun_97 IG ]

At the filming of “Comedy Big League” was introduced and said hello, hope this part makes the broadcasted version of the show

[Other IG] I get to see here, unbelievable! He doesn’t forget to take the merchandise, either. Even back of his head is so cool

[Other IG] The day my dream came true: Got to see my favorite comedians perform live and in the audience

[Other IG] got a “killer face,” in person! I was staring at him forever, captivated, he looks really really handsome

Audience: He looks so handsome even from this far~~~ SCREAM~~~~ I hear you, girls and boys

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Hello !!! Loving this concept! 💚😊💚


Jaejoong and senior actor Kim Eung-soo (who played JJ's father in Dr.Jin)... Continuing cell phone story...

JJ gifted his 'father' a smartphone during Dr Jin filming and taught him how to use it as well...
Ever since then, Kim EungSoo has been very grateful to Jaejoong and always mentions the cell phone story when he can.

キム・ウンス "JYJキム・ジェジュン、私の2G携帯電話を見て1時間でスマートフォンプレゼント" 俳優キム・ウンスが最近行われたKBS 2TV「1対100」で、グループJYJキム・ジェジュンに感謝の気持ちを話した。

Translated from Japanese by
Kim Unsu "Jyj Kim Jaejoong, a smartphone giveaway in one hour to see my 2g cell phone" actor Kim Unsu was recently held at KBS 2TV "one to 100", I spoke to the group Jyj Kim Jaejoong for gratitude. 

今使っている携帯電話もキム・ジェジュンがプレゼントしたものか?」とMCの質問に、 今使っている最新機種もジェジュンが除隊後に変えてくれたものだ"と答えた。

Translated from Japanese by

Is that the phone you're using now, the one that Kim Jaejoong gave you? In the MC's question, the latest model that I'm using now also changed the one after Jaejoong discharged, "he replied.

Kim Eung-soo played the role of Jaejoong's father in Dr. Jin. In 2012, Jaejoong bought him a smartphone. But recently, K.E.S. shared that JJ bought him another new model after he discharged from the military. Jaejoong's generosity is truly heartwarming
This is the article about Jaejoong buying Kim Eungsoo another smartphone after discharging from the military. Jaejoong is very rich, but being rich doesn't = being generous. He's consistently shown his big heart with his actions 

1 VS 100 Kim Eungsoo: His son from drama Dr. Jin got him his 1st smart phone 5 yrs ago, JJ called him after army service, “Dad r u still using same phone?” “How can I not? U bought it for me” New one delivered 3 days later MC: U got a filial son!
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Oh hello JaeHulk! Missing this so much! Army was !


Jaejoong's appearance brings 2 shows to the top on thetv's TOP3 weekly ranking!!!👏👏👏👏 Period: from August 6 to August 12 1st place "Ittenmono" 31,636 pt🎉 3rd place "Neta Parade" 23,998 pt🎉

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