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Triangle Episodes 25-26 BTS Photos/Videos

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JangSoo and Jerry saying Bye

YoungDal and JungHee...Saying Thanks...
Last time filming.

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JYJ "Just Us" Album Review (By Seoulbeats)


JYJ Offers a Simple and Mature Come Back with “Just Us”

Written by On July 30, 2014 20140719_seoulbeats_jyj

After waiting nearly three years for the follow-up to In Heaven, the men of JYJ return with their third and final full-length album before it’s off to fulfill their military duties. Just Us is meant to be an album highlighting their matured style and musical outlook. Man, oh man, do these guys know how to make a comeback.
The interlude is most certainly the most beautiful JYJ have ever conceived. While in the past solo and group intros were usually more dance focused or esoteric in that “pop star trying to be deep” sort of way, “Just Us” sets the stage brilliantly for the album’s concept. Simple music beautifully composed, their voices proclaiming independence from any expectations besides their own—Junsu and Jaejoong whispering, “Just us,” while Yoochun utters the group name.
The intro segues perfectly into the smoothness of lead single “Back Seat,” a sexy R&B-laced track that is about… just exactly what you think it’s about. The men of JYJ are pulling no punches. What you see on this album is what you get. Yoochun begins with an introductory proclamation in English, “All right, girl. Don’t be afraid. I’ma put you on my backseat.” The music is flirtatious, making use of a common R&B construction. The production team of Kim Tae-wan, Dong Ne-hyung, and Won Yeong-heon created a song that makes an impact with lyrics that get straight to the down and dirty: “Softly, with your arms, wrap them around my waist. Sweetly, with your lips, whisper in my ear. Don’t be shy, all right girl. Wanna touch your body all night.”

When the steam from the backseat romp fades and the fogged-up windows clear, we’re left with bitterness. “Letting Go” speaks of a lover losing interest. Well, our hapless protagonist has decided he’s not going to play the role of the sad and jilted lover. He’s taking matters into his own hands: “Your lips are saying that you don’t feel the same anymore. You spit out cold words, asking me to let go of you. Yes, now it’s over, since you say it’s over. Instead of being sad, I’m mad.” Penned by Junsu and Daryl “D Brown” Oldham, with a rap written by Yoochun, this love lost song is a rare breed. Instead of being down on bended knee, our protagonist decides he’ll be just fine without her: “Your life was nothing special. But it was made new like a beautiful poem. But you committed a sin against me, who was your world. You gotta do is what you go gotta do. So fuck off.”

Of course, given Jaejoong and Junsu’s solo efforts, it’s only natural they’d get their own moments in the spotlight. Junsu lends his raspy tenor to a beautifully composed piece about the phases of love—from the innocence of youth to the experience and inevitable pain of adulthood. Written by Mijin Gamseong and Im Han-Byeol, “Age 7” is a lovely piece about at first believing love’s something as simple as being held in the arms of your mother, then growing to realize love requires hardship and sacrifice: “After walking more in life and maturing, I began to calculate when it came to love, The times I loved you innocently. I long for those days more today.”

One of the album’s most poignant pieces is penned by Park Yoochun. Entitled “Dad, You There?”, most guessed the song’s subject matter. Yoochun’s expression of his complex relationship with his father before his passing and his feelings after is thoughtful, carrying incredible emotional depth. The lyrics find him reflective, wondering if his father is by his side, even in times when he couldn’t see him or feel his presence: “You used to do everything with me. After letting you go, I was left alone, but you were sent to me again. Without you, just an empty shell.”
The vocal arrangement of the piece is amazing. While Yoochun’s voice is tender, Junsu’s is powerful and Jaejoong’s is so emotionally charged, you’d think he’d written the song for his own father. The gospel-tinged shade of the song lends itself to a jubilee-style ending that manages to linger even as the song fades.

So-So” is another track with an emotional depth indicative of the mature ear of the men who took the song on. Written and composed by Hwi Jang-nim, Jeong Jae-yeob, and AQX, the song depicts a man’s folly as he enters a relationship. With the conceit of the seven days of the world’s creation versus the Seven Deadly Sins, it’s a clever and incredibly powerful song, illustrating a man wanting forgiveness for being too blind and too wasteful with the emotions of the woman who has given him her heart: “Forgive my sins. If only I could turn things back, this misery would be so-so.”
20140729_seoulbeats_jyj_just_us3In the latter half of the album the tracks become both compositionally grand and vocally elegant. “Sad Dawn/Two Thirty in the Morning” reminds me a bit of In Heaven’s “Pierrot.” The music is triumphant—a drum-heavy foundation one could associate with a band like The Killers or Kings of Leon. Again the songwriter makes use of the conceit of time to illustrate a man who’s broken up with a woman he realizes a bit too late he can’t live without: “But why is it that when morning comes, my heart for you comes back like a habit? In the end, I called you.”
Jaejoong takes the reins as songwriter for four of the next five songs. One can’t deny that when the group sings a song one of their own members composed, the level of vocal excellence intensifies. “Let Me See” is very sparse in composition, making way for the loveliness of JYJ’s harmonization. One of the album’s most vocally exceptional tracks, the song’s contemplative, with a ballad’s melancholy stain: “Let me see let me see. When I’m falling down because I lack, because of you, even the piercing pain seems like a signal from you.”
Yoochun’s offerings illustrate wisdom beyond his twenty-eight years. In “30../Lazy Life,” he puts his life into perspective, reminiscing about times he’d meet up with Junsu and Jaejoong , even mentioning Junsu’s very distinctive “Eukyangkyang.” He talks about the nearness of enlistment, how his brother, Yoohwan, makes even the most tremulous feelings in his heart melt away. What’s most impressive about the track is Yoochun’s rapping. He’s actually improved beyond expectation, the laid-back, personal touch of the lyrics aiding his easy delivery.
Jaejoong’s next offering is another song about a woman who snares him only to try to let him go. “Baboboy” is actually quite a clever title. He’s the fool who’s fallen for this woman’s seduction, but it doesn’t seem like he regrets it one bit, proclaiming, “I may be a fool, but that’s just being a man.”
Then Jaejoong showcases more of his “rock spirit.” “Dear J” could’ve easily found a place on WWW, a powerful rock ballad that highlights his soaring vocal. This is an interesting piece, telling the story of the one he loves turning against herself and the two of them finding solace in each other’s arms: “No prison, open your eyes widely, your freedom is me. The first time in my life, we closed eyes together. My lover lover, you. Your freedom freedom, me. Don’t be in pain.”
“Creation” is as daring as its namesake, a powerful declaration of one’s fight for freedom, having the tenacity and fearlessness to face even the most harrowing fears ahead. Jaejoong speaks of the destiny the men have created for themselves, breaking from what held them back and forging a path without fear: “After spending energy and being twisted in pain, my miracle is hidden inside. That’s my creation.”
The album’s ending track “Valentine” was co-written by Chris Brown and Lonny Bereal and garnered a lot of attention, but probably not for the right reasons. Not only did the baggage attached to Brown’s name cause a stir, with “Ayy Girl” still a painful memory for many fans because of its obvious lack of real respect for the group it was offered to, many were hesitant. However, those fears were largely put to rest. The song could’ve easily been a B-side on one of Brown’s earlier albums. As the album’s only all-English track, the lyrics are simple, a guy imploring a girl to give him a chance: “It’s the rules we gonna break and the chance you gotta take if you wanna be in love.”
Remarkably their English is vastly improved from their debut, and the playfulness of the track meshes well with their vocals without being unnecessarily ostentatious. Reputation aside, Chris Brown and his team gave the boys a commendable piece of Top 40 R&B/pop.
20140729_seoulbeats_jyj_just_us4The hallmark of the JYJ sound is their vocal strength. Just Us is a testament to that tight-knit harmonic brilliance. It speaks not only to their vocal maturity, but also their undeniable connection as a group. It’s been three years since fans have had a complete project with all three voices, and they’ve come back sounding better than ever. Many, including the members themselves, questioned how they’d sound after so long—Yoochun hadn’t recorded more than one song with them, and Jaejoong and Junsu both had found varying levels of stylistic independence with their solo efforts.
Not only did Just Us allay any doubts, it provided fans with hope they haven’t had for quite some time. It’s a brilliantly constructed album from beginning to end, the combination of their own compositions and contributions from different writers and producers resulted in one of the best comebacks of 2014, and arguably one of the year’s best albums period. Like a rare few albums in 2014, JYJ’s comeback falls outside the small bubble of what most consider “K-pop” into the coveted realm of just beautifully rendered music.
(CJes, YouTube[1][2], pop!gasa, Soundcloud, Daum)

YooChun (DongShik in HaeMoo) Interviews and Pictures


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[TRANS] 140818 Park Yuchun, “Oh, we were surprised by you” – Tenasia interview

Q: The weather seems dark, rain is falling and the sea fog is marching forward.
PYC: I like this kind of weather very much. However, because I am worried about the upcoming concert, I am not able to fully savor the weather. Meanwhile we, the three members gathered together but the time we had to practice was insufficient. Jaejoongie-hyung’s drama, Triangle ended not too long ago, Haemoo for me and Dracula for Junsu. Each of us were busy. On Saturday (August 9) was our concert and there were so many preparations to be done so we were stressed.
Q: There are rather many fans who are going for the concert not because they like you as JYJ Park Yuchun but as actor Park Yuchun.
PYC: While carrying out my acting activities, I see many new faces.There’s a strange difference from the fans previously. The age is slightly different; there were more noonas. In fact, the singer-side fans [T/N: fans who like Park Yuchun as a singer] are mostly in their late 20s and early 30s since much time have passed. Occasionally, it’s amazing to meet fans who say, “I have been your fan for 8~9 years!” I would like to also ask them, “How did you endure for such a long time?” (laughs) And there are those who carry their baby along and they tell me, “I am married now and I am living well.” When I see these kind of fans, it feels rewarding.
Q: People’s behavior is very different depending on the age. Is Park Yuchun also different when he is in front of noona fans?
PYC: It varies depending on age group plus where I’m at. But regardless of gender, I prefer older people. When I am with older people, I am more comfortable. I had been like this since young. I started working since junior high and the people around me were hyungs and ahjussis. After work, the ahjussis I work with and myself will share a glass of soju and a bowl of makgeolli (laughs). So as I grew up, the qualms I have towards older people are lesser compared to that towards my peers.
Q: How do you feel when looking at the hyungs whom you have gotten close with as they get older?
PYC: There are many things to put into action but the feeling is as if you have not accomplished anything?

Q: I don’t think so, but why? Are there many things which you have not done?
PYC: To put it precisely, I feel inadequate in the things which I’m doing. I often feel that it’s more important to do something for someone. I grew up believing that that’s the reason for my existence. But at some point, I began to feel that it’s becoming unmanageable. At that time, it felt like it’s a matter of course but much later after that, I started feeling confused. If I had invested a little bit more in myself, I would have found the ways to be happy. In that sense, I felt pitiful.
Q: What was it that made Park Yuchun a person who has such a strong sense of responsibility?
PYC: It must be the environment in which I grew up in when I was little. I grew up feeling like a parent/head of the family. When I met (Baek) Changju-hyung to establish a company, I thought about paying the staffs’ monthly salary and that was how I pushed myself to work. Fortunately now that there are many seniors (ie. Choi Minsik, Seol Gyunggu, Lee Jungjae etc.) who have joined the company, I feel at ease. Nevertheless, before this I carried with me the responsibility of providing for others.
Q: It seems like it was the environment which had forced you to mature ahead of your age. A precocious child can grow up properly but one day they may unexpectedly unleash the anger that has pent up in them.
PYC: That’s right. There was a seriously awful time when I exploded and that was when my father passed away. At that time, I completely lost control. How shall I put it…It was as if the strings which were holding me together just disappeared in a flash. Though I may not have lived for a long time, I lived my life thinking that I am living it the right way. I was confident and adamant in the life I was living. That was when I started having doubts in my beliefs and started thinking that they may be wrong. At that moment, everything in me clattered and the ceiling just caved in on me.
Q: How did you endure that period of time? Also, how did you get back up?
PYC: Acting helped me a lot. It was the time when I was filming Rooftop Prince. In the midst of a restless heart, I found a certain degree of comfort in acting. While filming that drama, I was able to feel lighthearted. Rooftop Prince to me, was a piece of work which gave me pleasure and confidence.
Q: If you could go back to the past, how would you live for yourself?
PYC: It’s a very small difference but before this, I believed that when I see someone else being happy, that is happiness to me. That may change a little and I think I would do something for my own happiness.
Q: Is acting something you’re doing for yourself now?
PYC: Haemoo is a piece of work which gives me a lot of worries. Before taking part in Haemoo, I had longings and desires to challenge acting expressions which are not easy to express. After Haemoo came to past, I realized that acting is not a turf to challenge. Acting is something that requires a lot of determination. After watching Kim Yunseok sunbaenim, Moon Seung Goon sunbaenim and the other seniors, I thought a lot about my directions in the future and also felt a lot of new things.

Q: Director Shim Sungbo once said, “Park Yuchun gives a good-natured impression.” What is the impression you have of yourself? Personally, I think people’s face/appearance changes in accordance to the changes in their lives.
PYC: That’s true. As compared to before, things have eased down. Last time, it was hard for me to approach people. The public relations team and head of the department in our company also said, “When we met Yuchun for the first time, it was not easy to carry a conversation with him. (laughs) But after I went into filming, I became more comfortable and my personality changed too. In the past, when multiple disputes take place simultaneously, I managed all of them with much urgency. But now things have changed for the better and I take things one step at a time while handling it properly with patience.
Q: In the past, were you a person who’s very conscious about how others look at you?
PYC: I was conscious. But above that, though I was conscious I still did whatever I should be doing. Hahaha. In the prime time when we had many fans, when I went out for drinks there were be more than 150 sasaeng fans standing in front of the stall (T/N: Pojangmacha). It was uncomfortable to drink while fans are looking. Nevertheless, what should be done was done and what I should be drinking, I drank. Hahaha.
Q: Hahaha. Actually, as we are having this conversation right now, I am being struck by surprise. Your image is very different from what we expected. I expect you to be someone who would conceal your heart and be very cautious in every word you say but you seem to be answering freely.
PYC: Ah, no way. That’s why there’s a need for this person (The PR team from the management company. The PR team became restless as Yuchun made his comments without reserve). Hahaha.
Q: You were with other senior actors in Haemoo. When you gathered, what do you all talk about?
PYC: Unexpectedly, we do not discuss about acting. We talk about very private matters. We talked about dating advice and the difference between man and woman. Hahaha. At times we discuss about social issues and also talk about female idols. One of the seniors said, “Recently, I’m into A Pink” and (Kim) Sangho-hyung responded, “You know A Pink?” He would also say, “How could you not know!” We like these kind of topics.
Q: I heard that when you received Haemoo’s scenario, you were caught between the determination of wanting to do it as well as whether you would be able to do it.
PYC: I was worried because I knew that it would not be easy. Moreover, I was concerned about the people around me and was concerned about not wanting to go against their will. At first, I full-heartedly said “Let’s run into it for once.” But many people just felt uneasy, “Yuchun for this type of movie?” In the end, I still made the right choice and did what I wanted to do. Fortunately, once I went into filming I was able to dismiss all those worries. Because I was busy living the life of Dongshik.
Q: What about now? Since the filming has ended, how do you feel now?
PYC: Firstly now, I need to get myself out from Haemoo…Until now, I am still deeply immersed in Haemoo. The aroma of nostalgia.
Q: What do you think is Dongshik’s source of strength?
PYC: Compared to love…To be honest, it’s life. The larger part of it was life. Even though Dongshik has given his heart to Hongmae (Han Yeri), if that had nothing to do with life then, do you think he would have wanted to protect her? Dongshik is a person who suppresses all his feelings but he is a person who has a strong will to live on. I see that his will was expressed through Hongmae.
Q: Do you think that Dongshik is someone who became stronger because of his instinct to live? Or do you reckon it’s the opposite?
PYC: I’m thinking whether it’s because he was frail and that made him stronger instead. No matter how I look at it, Dongshik is not the most down-to-earth person. Because he is not down-to-earth/realistic, he carries a lot of necessary elements towards others. I probably learned about the figure in me which I did not know about and learning it for the first time, I was very surprised myself. I wished to express such things.
Q: As you’ve mentioned, there were moments when I discovered the self in me which I did not know about. In reality, when did Park Yuchun feel something like that?
PYC: I felt it a lot this year. After filming for Haemoo ended (T/N: for the day), I went back to the lodging and fell into deep thoughts while having a glass of beer. Come to think of it, it could be because of that so I could not sleep and felt tired the following day. Last time, I used to think a lot too but this time, the feeling is very different. So, I came to realize that I did not notice the new changes in my personality.
Q: What type of personality?
PYC: I used to be someone who will read another person’s expressions. To put it in a nice way, it means I look at situations and read people’s expressions (T/N: His actions is dependent on the situation and how others see him). Anyway, the fact that I still look at people that way will not change. However, before this, I used to think that this personality of mine is ridiculously great but now, my thinking has changed a little. I think it’s necessary to use the way I look at others to also look at myself.
Q: When was it that you felt the happiest?
PYC: I am happy these days. The right way to put it instead of saying that I’m happy is that I feel peaceful. I have put down many things and I am giving up on/letting go of many things. (T/N: He may mean burden in this sense)
Q: Define giving up.
PYC: There are various ways to define. Even though I always have to set a good example, I feel like I’ve done all the things I want to do. Hahaha. Giving up in that sense? I am gradually letting go of the greed for great freedom/liberty.
Q: My question is, why do you want to give that up? The celebrities in our country has the tendency to hide themselves because of the attention they are getting from other people. Under such pressures, isn’t it healthy to be able to live freely?
PYC: Of course, that’s right. It’s good to have freedom while working but I think when it comes to things which are not related to work and wanting freedom in that, it becomes loneliness. Be it family members or people in the company, when you’ve caused them to feel lonely, my question is will there still be value in the freedom which you’re chasing after? It’s like having a wide warehouse now but because you cannot arrange it well, there seems to be no room for anything in there. I think I’ve arrived at the point where there is a need to manage my interpersonal relationships.

Q: In relationships, are you the type who will bring it to a definite close when a relationship comes to an end?
PYC: I failed in doing so. I wanted to do it that way but I felt sorry so, I was not able to do it. I wanted to just run away but when I thought about the many faces, I could not bring myself to do it. It will gradually get better in the future. I quickly put it aside and try not to think about it.
Q: After going into acting through Sungkyunkwan Scandal, there were almost no controversies with regards to your acting. It feels like Haemoo also sailed successfully and arrived safely (T/N: Premiered successfully without any interference). After the movie preview, the responses you received were all good.
PYC: Honestly, I didn’t know that. I was not touched by those words. I am wondering if my acting was really worthy of those high praise. I simply only lived as Dongshik without missing a moment but because I was complimented for that, all of a sudden I feel that there are inadequate moments when I lived as Dongshik.
Q: That’s the best thing, isn’t it? I don’t mean to say that you feel good but to be able to put yourself aside, assume your character and to just completely live as that character; not many actors are able to do so.
PYC: Is…is that true? That’s…that’s the way it should be, right? [T/N: He was stuttering] I think that is fundamental.
Q: It is fundamental but not in many cases. Anyhow, being able to completely immerse yourself in the character is a situation which you can say with confidence and for that, you should be feeling proud.
PYC: Now that you’ve mentioned, I think that’s how it should be! Hahaha. I do have confidence in that.
Q: By the way, do you have the habit of checking out complimentary words? You are being surrounded by evaluations at an early stage so, do you feel alerted by sweet words?
PYC: Honestly, yes. I am alert.
Q: Are you perhaps the type of person who’s easily deceived?
PYC: (Looks at the people from his management company who were in front of him) I do look easy to be deceived, right? (Firmly) No! Maybe it’s difficult to deceive me. I can pretend to be deceived and yet not be caught for pretending.
Q: You have the a slick/sly side.
PYC: I clearly have that side. As I get older, I think I’m becoming sneakier. I’m thinking how it would be like to be much sneakier than I am now.
Q: Looking at your filmography: Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Miss Ripley, Rooftop Prince, Missing You, Three Days and Haemoo, they are all of different genres.
PYC: It wasn’t intentional. I chose a film, did it and it just turned out the way it did. Also, after doing one, I naturally had the desire to show something different from before.

Q: Since you’re considering to look for something different, why don’t you dye your hair? (laughs) There have been many conversations going on about your hair color. The feedback from others is why you’re maintaining your hair black.
PYC: This is slightly dyed. It has been a long time. I do not want to change my outer appearance. What I have is good as it is. Acne scar is good, not having eyebrows is also good. I was told to get eyebrow tattoo but I would just like to live as how I look like. Before, I used to dress up but now, I do not have the interest to do so. Just place fancy stuff where they are supposed to be and that’s enough.
Q: What type of man or senior is attractive?
PYC: A senior like Yoo Seung Mok sunbae. Seungmok-hyungnim is very manly, and even though he can be crazy in acting, he is an attentive husband and good father to his daughter. All the seniors in Haemoo are like that. They are very masculine but also soft and homely men.
Q: I assume that kind of lifestyle is one you are dreaming of.
PYC: That’s right. I would like to live like that. It would be great to place family first above work. I know how difficult it is and that’s why I stay together with my family for the longest time possible.
Q: You seem to harbor such a great yearning to become a good father.
PYC: I do. Yearning to become a good parent.
Q: What kind of a son were you?
PYC: Ah…A very unfilial son. Now that I am working and earning money, I can provide a nice house but what is the meaning of all these when that person is no longer around [T/N: His father, I assume]. That’s why, I am trying my best to treat my mother well. At the same time, I separate my life from my mother’s because I think that is better for her.
Q: You said you will be going to the studio to practice for the concert after this interview. How is it like to be going back-and-forth between being an actor and a singer?
PYC: It happens naturally. It’s something which I do frequently. Above everything else, these 2 jobs bring me joy so, there is no burden at all.
Q: It seems like there are other countless Yuchuns existing between actor Park Yuchun and singer Park Yuchun.
PYC: No. I think there isn’t singer Yuchun either. Not even actor Yuchun. It’s just solely me. Many people are talking about the many facades of my figure. However, in the end that is just me so why do they want to talk about me separately? I am who I am.

Source: Tenasia
Translated by: @yochwennie(1,2,3)
Shared by: JYJ3


Promoting HaeMoo and cheering on Park Yuchun


JYJ Greetings for Yuchun and HaeMoo
with English Subs
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YuChun's Greetings

Sweet supportive JJ Hyung;)

[TWITTER] 140818 Kim Jaejoong Twitter Update: ‘Sea Fog’ aim for 2 million!

photo 140818kjjtw.png
[TRANS] Sea Fog has passed 1,000,000~!!
Let’s go right for 2,000,000~!!
Source: @bornfreeonekiss
Translated & Shared by: JYJ3


Interview with Yuchun and HaeMoo Director Sim SungBo



[INTERVIEW TRANS] 140818 Park Yuchun, “Haemoo is not over yet. Even though 6 months have passed, I still can’t get over it.”

Park Yuchun says in today’s interview, “I am always able to get out of a role once a piece of work ends but for ‘Haemoo’, it was somewhat difficult.”
“It has been 6 months since filming for ‘Haemoo’ has ended. I even took up ‘Three Days’ after ‘Haemoo’ was over but it’s amazing how it (T/N: ‘Haemoo’) still remains. It struck me that I was immersed in that character to that extent,” he hinted the affection he has for the character of Dongshik.
“I was nervous about many things concerning the drama. However, I was able to immerse myself completely in the movie and I totally lost myself in Dongshik’s character. Emotionally, it was comfortable,” he explained.
[T/N: Repetitive information about Haemoo was omitted. Translation is done based on Yuchun's answers.]

Source: WStar news Translated by: @yochwennie Shared by: JYJ3

[INTERVIEW TRANS] 140818 ‘Sea Fog’ Park Yoochun “First bed scene? There was no pressure [...] Receive praises from Junsu for being spontaneous …embarrassed”

Before film ‘Sea Fog’’s opening, actor Park Yoochun had an interview with’s Wstarnews; where he disclosed his thoughts about his first bed scene and mentioned his JYJ members.

Park Yoochun said “There was no such thing as pressure” at his first bed scene.

He said, “I was busy thinking about the piece of work by myself and worried about how to do it somehow. I didn’t worry about how the audience might accept the bed scene. It wasn’t the bed scene, but really with the certain emotions in that moment; I worried about how to show it [T/N: the emotions] and didn’t care about the responses around me”.

Park Yoochun drew attention mentioning his members’ reactions after the movie [VIP] premiere.

Park Yoochun said “Jaejoongie hyung did not watch it because he had filming for drama ‘Triangle’, Junsu sent me praises at being spontaneous” in the interview on this day.

Continuing he added, “I was praised in a text, so I replied ‘shut up’ back to him. (Laughs) I was embarrassed. Why I said that, that’s between men…. but although I replied like that, it actually helped. To get praises like that from my members”.

Source:  Wstarnews(1,2) Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3 Shared by: JYJ3

[INTERVIEW] 140817 Park Yoochun, the gap between an adult and a child

Park Yoochun was told of his uncanny boundary between an adult and a child  at our first meeting.

Singer-cum-actor Park Yoochun (29) has a strong boyish image. He is the image of a mischievous boy up to a mild image with a round face shape. He probably will further live the life of an idol ever since his teenager years. Meeting to begin his interview for film ‘Sea Fog’, Park Yoochun is a young man and a boy, located at the uncanny boundary between an adult and a child.

Showing a good-natured smile and continuing to speak cleverly nonstop, he exhibits the image of a boy. Interviewed by the media over 60 times, Park Yoochun was a little bit tired from meeting reporters. “What’s the fresh questions” at too many similar answers to surely similar questions, or he replied that he wants interesting answers for him to laugh. <The Fact>’s coverage is more than curious about coverage on stars’ passions in particular. Park Yoochun is always going on about facts when showing a mischievous smile.

We had questions pertaining to the movie for Park Yoochun who showed a boyish smile. Park Yoochun confessed to the time he lived as Dong-shik to break out with a smile then. We asked about the fact that he was clumsy at the first press preview, the fact that he got seasick and it wasn’t easy to film on the ship, and even the love story between Hong-mae (Han Ye-ri) and him. We felt an earnest atmosphere than ever from Park Yoochun’s way of speaking.

Wrapping up with an open ending, we asked for the leading actor’s opinion about his film ‘Sea Fog’. Park Yoochun said, “I think it was hard to have to face the sea that I didn’t want to remember when I had to leave Hong-mae. It became futile to live for the sea. I didn’t want to forget those times?”, providing his answer to seem like he didn’t know yet did know.

Although it was a short interview a little more than an hour long, he quietly bore the image of Park Yoochun becoming a full-fledged actor. We are wondering about his next work that he seems to take awhile to choose the next project with JYJ concerts.

Source: The Fact Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3 Shared by: JYJ3

[INTERVIEW TRANS] 140817 JYJ Yuchun Talks About Jaejoong

“While listening to my older brother, I felt like his voice is stacked so many layers”

“We often do this”

We asked Yuchun about Jaejoong. After finishing the recent MBC drama [Triange], Jaejoong was passionate about acting too like Yuchun. In an interview recently on [Oh!MyStar], Jaejoong said “Yuchun watched my drama from episode 1 all the way till finale, real time”, conveying his appreciation. And so we also asked Yuchun about Jaejoong.

“Actually, we don’t talk much about acting. The reason why I watched all Jaejoong brother’s works is because I understand and appreciate the feeling of someone monitoring your work.  Of course there was also the reason that I wanted to watch [Triangle] too (laugh). My heart swell when I think about my brother but on the other hand, I was filled with thankfulness. Frankly, I thought he could have immediately gone into other productions after [Dr. Jin], but well, Jaejoong brother is so multi-talented. I do sometimes think about what happens if we delay our album release and he did more acting works.

I had predicted that Jaejoong brother’s solo activities will succeed. This is because while I listen to his songs, I felt that his voice is stacked with many layers. Maybe I should describe his voice as a slowly growing tree ring. If I really need to compare, the impression is similar to senior An Chi Hwan.

After 2004 (the year TVXQ debut), I think we came to do rather well. There is this song titled [30] in our songs, and the lyrics is about our imagination of what our lives will be after 30 years old. The overall meaning is about [not something that we imagine but isn't it fine just being ourselves?], and this depicts exactly what we feel right now. Whether JYJ changes or stay as it is now, there is meaning in it and we are grateful. We have no greed but just to do well from now. While doing the work we are given honestly!”

Source: Kstyle Translated by: @Jen_BabyLove Shared by: JYJ3


[Interview] JYJ Park Yoo Chun Shares Heart Warming Advice from Choi Min Sik and Sul Kyung Gu

2014.08.16 16:00 Newsen Lee So Dam Translation Credit : Yeawon Jun

JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun shared the heart touching moments he had with Choi Min Sik and Sul Kyung Gu.

Recently having starred in the film Sea Fog, Park Yoo Chun met with Newsen for an interview in a café near Samcheong-dong and shared his honest thoughts on the project and his acting career.

As soon as Sea Fog was unveiled through the preview, positive feedback poured out on Park Yoo Chun. The praises didn’t stop even at the VIP preview after party.

Park Yoo Chun humbly said, “When I heard that the project has a good feeling and that people will point their fingers at it, I thought maybe I did well.”

[Interview] JYJ Park Yoo Chun Shares Heart Warming Advice from Choi Min Sik and Sul Kyung Gu

Following JYJ, many actors recently signed with C-JeS Entertainment, including Choi Min Sik, Sul Kyung Gu, Lee Jung Jae, Park Sung Woong and more. Being with the actors helped Park Yoo Chun greatly. As he enjoyed having conversations with them during MTs (membership training), their advice became his blood and flesh.

Park Yoo Chun said, “Sul Kyung Gu sunbaenim visited me at the filming site of Sea Fog. He told me many things then. Choi Min Sik sunbaenim also came to the after party for the VIP preview and gave me much advice and praised me. I felt so grateful.”


[Interview] JYJ Park Yoo Chun Shares Heart Warming Advice from Choi Min Sik and Sul Kyung Gu

“Despite his busy schedules, Choi Min Sik sunbaenim came to the after party at around 4 a.m. after all his schedules were finished. I felt like he was a really cool person. When he came to say ‘hi’ to me, he pinched my face and said, ‘You had a hell of a time.’ Even though we didn’t talk about many things, his playful greeting gave me a lot of energy.”

Park Yoo Chun continued, “Then he went on to speak with other people but I personally felt like I’ve been consoled,” as he expressed his appreciation towards Choi Min Sik.

“Sul Kyung Gu sunbaenim and I were drinking once and he said, ‘I hope what you felt in the beginning stays with you for a long time. Keep in your heart, how you felt when you saw your face on the screen for the first time and your heart felt like it was about to burst.’ Those were the moments when Sul Kyung Gu and Choi Min Sik sunbaenims’ words stuck to my hear.”


[Interview] JYJ Park Yoo Chun Shares Heart Warming Advice from Choi Min Sik and Sul Kyung Gu

Park Yoo Chun said, “I thought, ′I want to grow old like the two actors.′ I thought about how great it would be if the two sunbaenims and I can stay healthy inside and out, so we can continue our acting careers for a long time,” as he promised himself that he would not forget the first thoughts he had as a movie actor.

Photo credit: Newsen



[Interview] Micky Yoochun "Sea Fog", like a sponge

Is there another lucky actor like him? There is an idol actor who's come out with a movie produced by Bong Joon-ho and starred by Kim Yoon-seok, Moon Seong-geun and other outstanding stars. This actor has performed well, no, much more than that. We are talking about Micky Yoochun from JYJ who takes on the role of the youngest crew member, Dong-sik.
There are stereotypes about idols these days without a doubt. Their popularity might've started off with fandom but whether or not idols establish their positions as actors is completely up to them. However, Micky Yoochun grabbed the opportunity given to him and worked hard to make it work out his way.
Micky Yoochun didn't seem like he was over Dong-sik yet. Those who worked with him mentioned that he was highly absorbent and we understood what they meant. Even while interviewing him, he was so honest about everything and then when it came to the subject of Dong-sik, his eyes would change as if he was possessed by the character once again.
'You are one lucky guy. Dong-sik is the most remembered character from the movie'. "Maybe that's because he was in the movie until the end", he said. "I didn't know this while making the movie but now I think I was blessed to have had "Sea Fog" as my first film. I didn't even think about the number of times I appear in the movie but many people who have seen the movie tell me that".

"I was glad but because everyone is saying nothing but good things about it, I feel nervous and wish it would quickly be released. It's been a while since we've completed the movie and it takes patience".
Dong-sik gives all his love to a girl named Hong-mae (Han Ye-ri), a Chinese Korean descendant. When she falls into the water my accident, he hesitates for zero seconds and dives in after her.
"I wonder if that's the kind of love the society needs these days. Everything has a price. People say they want to love but there are so many restrictions made by people. They say they like something about someone but they don't realize when they start to fall in love. How many people do you think actually analyze the process of falling in love?"
Micky Yoochun delivered his theory of love into Dong-sik. He said, "Dong-sik is the same thing. I wondered if Dong-sik would be able to do that when she fell in the water but maybe he was thinking that life is precious. He might've developed feelings for her then because he saved her and he's a man. Love fires up sometimes but being in a limited amount of space together for a long time could do that to any young man and woman.
The question of his bed scene came up and he joked, "It was no bed scene. There was no bed".
"It was hard bringing out my emotions. I guess I wanted to lean on someone because of the will to live, the wish to live and the feeling of being alive. I know I acted the part but I wonder if I could do that if it was me. It's amazing. I think I'd be very nervous. I'd been too busy hiding".

He picked the scene where he embraces Hong-mae in the fish room because "My face doesn't show much". He then gave an unexpected answer to the fact that people say he's very absorbent.
"Maybe that's because I wasn't a good student. I don't remember being at school. Maybe that's why I'm absorbent. They say I'm like a sponge but what's in a sponge? Nothing. My JYJ members tell me I've become innocent after "Sea Fog". While there are innocent people who become tainted as they go along, they say otherwise for me. I wonder if that's even possible but I'm proud".
While two-character (in Korean) movies worth 10 billion won (~US$10 million) have been flooding the theaters these days, the audiences are highly excited. "KUNDO : Age of the Rampant" and "Pirates" has been out for a while and currently "The Admiral: Roaring Currents" is causing a syndrome. It's not that much of a great news for "Sea Fog" but Micky Yoochun says, "I am happy to have just been in that movie because the film itself is amazing".
"I think this movie makes you think a lot. Those of you who think about a movie after watching it will definitely not be disappointed".
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JYJ’s Park makes big-screen debut

Aug 07,2014


After taking part in several TV dramas, Park Yoo-chun, a member of the boy group JYJ, is making his cinematic debut in “Sea Fog,” which will be released next Wednesday.

Park will play a lead character alongside veteran actor Kim Yun-seok of “The Thieves.”

“Sea Fog” is based on a true story of seamen who face trouble while carrying Chinese stowaways to Korea in the late 1990s. Park takes on the role of Dong-sik, a young sailor on the vessel who learns to stand up to the ship’s captain, Cheol-ju (Kim).

While the captain makes decisions for survival, Dong-sik focuses on protecting Hong-mae, a stowaway in her early 20s.

“I’m just too excited. My heart might even pop out of my body,” Park told the JoongAng Ilbo, an affiliate of the Korea JoongAng Daily, in a recent interview. 

Park Yoo-chun

Q. Why did you choose to do “Sea Fog”?

A. The story is one that’s not very accessible. When I first read the script, I was in pain thinking about two different things - that I wanted to do it and whether or not I could make it work. But I was sure I could grow more [by making the film].

Did you have any problems using a Jeolla dialect?

The movie director told me not to feel too worried, but I thought my character needed to be much more vivid as the movie is based on a true story. I watched documentaries about seamen and I practiced speaking the dialect with staff members from Jeolla.

What was the most difficult thing for you to do while filming?

The hardest thing was to erase myself to solely show the character I was playing. I think I was trying to bluff and be pretentious when I was filming in the engine room where my character hid Hong-mae. I thought that no matter how shy Dong-sik was, he must have had some pride in being a seaman. I wanted that sentiment to show naturally.

Did you understand the tragedy shown in the movie after each seaman started to show his or her own desires?

I was able to understand the other seamen as well as Dong-sik, and that is why I felt sad. And because of that, there were many scenes I had a hard time filming. I even felt that the ship used for the filming looked so sad and desolate. Without Hong-mae, Dong-sik probably would have not been able to do anything [in the middle of the tragic scenes]. I was very jealous of Dong-sik’s ability to love someone so dearly.

What was it like to work with some veteran actors?

I was happy on site. They were all very warmhearted and I had a lot to learn. The movie helped me to naturally fill my thirst for acting.

Is there another movie genre you would like to try next time?

I want to do an action and a thriller. But first and foremost, I want to do a true-life love story about a very immaculate man from the countryside.

BY Lim Ju-ri [

[Interview] JYJ Park Yoo Chun Makes Another Leap Through 'Sea Fog'

2014.08.03 17:00  Newsen Lee So Dam  Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung

JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun shared the story of being touched by director Bong Joon Ho.

Having made his big screen debut through film Sea Fog, Park Yoo Chun met with Newsen for an interview on July 30 in a café near Samcheong-dong.

In the film Sea Fog, Park Yoo Chun took the role of the youngest member of the ship’s crew named ‘Dong Shik.’

When asked if he has seen the numerous positive reviews on his acting, Park Yoo Chun said, “I’ve read some articles. But I’m the type to not read the comments much so I haven’t seen many. It’s tough to read the comment. It’s become a habit of mine since a long time ago. It was amazing to see my face on a big screen. Even one eye was up to 1.5 meters on the screen. I was surprised and embarrassed.”
[Interview] JYJ Park Yoo Chun Makes Another Leap Through Film ′Sea Fog′
“Instead of the comments, I heard what people around me said. There was an after party after the VIP preview for Sea Fog and everyone told me that they enjoyed watching the movie, saying that a good movie has been produced. They also told me that it’s amazing that I chose a film like Sea Fog as my debut project and that they see me differently. I felt awkward to hear things like that. Until now, every time I attended an after party for a movie preview, I felt comfortable since it wasn’t for my project, but this time I felt comfortable and uncomfortable at the same time. It felt a bit like the project was being judged. When I heard that it’s a good movie and that I won’t get negative comments, I thought, ‘maybe I did well.’” (laughter) 

Sea Fog is a project that many actors in their 20’s wanted to do. When Park Yoo Chun was cast for the role of ‘Dong Shik,’ many people were shocked and wondered whether he can pull it off. When the curtains opened, however, Park Yoo Chun was Dong Shik and Dong Shik was Park Yoo Chun. 
[Interview] JYJ Park Yoo Chun Makes Another Leap Through Film ′Sea Fog′
“Many people asked me, like when I chose to act in Sung Kyun Kwan Scandal, how I chose to act in a project like Sea Fog. Since I debuted as a singer, they expected me to only take on cool and clean-cut characters and were shocked when I didn’t. I chose the projects based the scenario and the character. I worried about thing after that. For Sea Fog, I was only worried whether I can pull it off since it was a heavy toned movie.”

Park Yoo Chun shared, “My image can change based on my acting. So the agency was worried about Sea Fog in the beginning. There are some brutal and violent scenes and no one knew how they could affect me later on. But as an actor, Sea Fog was something that I really wanted to do so I said I want to act in it. I didn’t want to regret anything, although I didn’t know how I would be depicted in the movie. Now I think I’ve made the right decision.”
[Interview] JYJ Park Yoo Chun Makes Another Leap Through Film ′Sea Fog′
Director Bong Joon Ho had said about Park Yoo Chun, “I’m happy that our movie industry has gained a great movie actor.”

About this, Park Yoo Chun said, “I’m still not sure what he was praising about me. I feel awkward to hear those things. Maybe it’s because I wasn’t greedy as I acted.”

He said, “As I acted as ‘Dong Shik’ in Sea Fog, I wasn’t greedy. I didn’t need to. I was only concerned about harmonizing with director Shim Sung Bo and the other senior actors. I didn’t struggle to show something more in my acting. I practiced my scripts at the site and rehearsed together, discussing about certain parts from the scenario and enjoyed acting based on that. So Sea Fog is an embarrassing but not an embarrassing project for me.”
[Interview] JYJ Park Yoo Chun Makes Another Leap Through Film ′Sea Fog′
About director Bong Joon Ho, Park Yoo Chun reminisced, “Despite his busy schedules with Snow Piercer, he came to visit the filming site frequently. He didn’t tell me this directly and I heard it through someone else but I remember it the most.”

He shared, “As director Bong Joon Ho monitored the scenes, I heard that he said, ‘Dong Shik started becoming cuter and more lovely in the monitor, but now it’s time to say goodbye. I miss Dong Shik.’ I really can’t forget that. As soon as I finished Sea Fog, I had to start filming Three Days and director Bong Joon Ho told me, ‘Let’s have a drink after your drama ends. I think the drink will taste delicious if we drink as we look back on the hardships of now.’ He is an awesome person. That really cheered me up.”
[Interview] JYJ Park Yoo Chun Makes Another Leap Through Film ′Sea Fog′
He concluded, “It still doesn’t feel like Sea Fog is over. Since it is about to time for it to premiere, it doesn’t really feel like it’s completely over yet. I became a bit relaxed when I heard people’s comments at the after party for the VIP preview but I still feel like I’m filming Sea Fog. If I talk about Sea Fog and look back at the time, I really miss those moments. I feel like I have remnants of Sea Fog left in me.”

Meanwhile, Sea Fog will premiere on August 13.

Photo credit: Newsen 

Yoochun Talks About Upcoming Military Enlistment and How JYJ Considered Enlisting Together as a Group

Yoochun Talks About Upcoming Military Enlistment and How JYJ Considered Enlisting Together as a Group

JYJ’s Park Yoochun, who will soon be making his big screen debut through “Sea Fog,” recently sat down for an interview with Star News on July 30 to discuss his very first film, as well as his thoughts on his upcoming military enlistment.
The new film, “Sea Fog,” is receiving attention, as it will be Yoochun’s final project before entering his military service. The JYJ member expressed, “If I could, I would like to do one more project before going. But that’s not something I can simply jump into because I want to—the timing has to be right.”
For now, Yoochun is expected to leave for service within this year. However, he carefully shared his wish to enlist next year, if possible.
He continued, “It would be great if I could do another project before going. But on the other hand, it’s also a good thought to go to the military soon and comfortably return to acting when I get back. I’m anticipating that the range in which I can act will widen when I come back from the military.”
Yoochun also talked about the enlistment of the other JYJ members, Jaejoong and Junsu: “At first, we thought about enlisting together, but we decided that’s not what we wanted to do. It seemed like a good idea, but after thinking about it, we decided that it would be better to do individual activities while each of us go separately.”
Meanwhile, Yoochun will be starring alongside actors Kim Yoon Suk, Lee Hee Jun, Moon Sung Geun, Kim Sang Ho, and more in “Sea Fog,” which is set to premiere on August 13!       


[NEWS] 140730 Park Yoochun, “JYJ have affection (for each other) album is our gift to each other”

Group JYJ member and actor Park Yoochun attracted attention when he express that the members’ recently-released album is their gift to each other.
Meeting with OSEN at one of Samcheong’s cafe on the morning of July 30, Park Yoochun explained: “JYJ members have affection for each other. This album is our gift to each other.”
Toward JYJ’s 2nd full-length album ‘JUST US’, he said: “I enjoyed the process we took to make it. Although it has been a while and I didn’t do a solo album either; I enjoy being together with my members to record and talk to about working [on the album] after a long time.” and “We don’t meet often when the other two are busy but we enjoyed work together and was even excited. We were always working on it [T/N: the album]; we were excited, so it seems.”
Continuing he said, “I don’t know what the responses to the album are yet,” and, “While at a wrap-up party, I heard Junsu had gone to fully watch my movie from a text. Then we talked about our album, I don’t even know about what else, but we especially feel affectionate for each other this time. It seems like this album is our gift to each other. It’s likely this album will truly remain very much in our memories.”
Meanwhile, the movie ‘Sea Fog’ starring Park Yoochun will open on August 13.
Source: OSEN
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3
 Shared by: JYJ3

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