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JYJ News Week of 3/4- 3/10/2019

What's New With JYJ?
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JJ IG update

【ジェジュン Instagram】 #3_28

ジェジュン Instagram 20190310

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【ジェジュン JJ860126JJ weibo】


'50 Questions 50 Answers'... Kim Jaejoong Interview with Japanese 'With' Magazine

Approach to Jaejoong! 50 questions and 50 answers.

Q1. Please tell me the big three of the events that happened to you in 2018.?
J: The top news is that I have restarted activities in earnest in Japan for the first time in eight and a half years! That’s the top news! I was able to do a hall concert tour for the first time in a long while, the distance with the fans was close and it was a lot of fun. Last year’s top ranking of my news are all filled with activities in Japan.

Q2. What is your favorite among the photos of Instagram you uploaded in 2018?
J: This picture taken on February 4th is the best (explanation while showing Instagram). This was my first job with the staffs of my current office in Japan. It was the time when it had hardly decided what kind of work I do after this.

Q3. One of your charms is childlike. What is the occupation that you longed for when you were a child?
J: That is … When I was a little boy I had no dreams.

Q4. So, when did you want to become a singer?
J: It’s about the third year of junior high school. But to be honest, I thought that it was a dream that I could not reach at all. I never thought that I could become a singer, so I thought of becoming a hairdresser. Then I got the audition, I passed that!

Q5. What kind of child were you when you were small?
J: I think I was a plain type. But I may have been a little funny person (smile) I did not aim for a comedian, but while I was watching comedy programs I remembered everything, imitated at school, and liked to make my friends laugh.

Q6. When you were a child, who is your hero?
J: Hero … I did not have anyone.

Q7. What was your nickname?
J: That was … I did not have it. It has always been called “Jaejoong”.

Q8. Please tell me about your childish episode.
J: There was an old park in front of my parents house, and one broken car was parked in it. One day, when I played in that car alone, suddenly it caught fire. I ran away thinking it was dangerous, after that the car exploded. It was a real crisis (bitter smile). I did not get injured. But later, I was scolded badly by my parents that I was playing in the car. I had to be standing in the cold weather. It was probably about seven years old.

Q9. What do you remember that parents taught you?
J: My mother was hands-off style, my father was strict. It is natural for a child not to talk with his father, but I had an image that my father was always angry. When I go back home late to avoid seeing to my father at home as much as possible, my father got angry again…such a thing repeated. But a son and a father may be like that. Now we are the best friends in the world. Lol

Q10. What was your treasure when you were a child?
J: What is it? … It is my mom’s kimchi that I came to my mind right now. There was a period when I was away from my mother when I was 4-6 graders in elementary school. Then, there was no one even if I returned home, and there was nothing to eat. From that time, I became interested in cooking. But the most delicious food was mum ‘s kimchi. As long as I had it, I could have eaten as much rice as I could. As my mother pickles a lot of kimchi at once, no matter how much I eat, it would not run out. Moms kimchi is great.

Q11. If it is possible to return to the childhood, when is it better?
J: I do not want to go back (clearly). It is much better now than when I was a child.

Q12. What part do you want to change in your character?
J: Indecisiveness(Lol) 

Q13. On the other hand, what part do you like?
J: Indecisiveness(Lol) I think that it is good not to be disliked by people. Of the ten people, are there about two people who hate me? As a percentage. (Lol)

Q14. What is your charm point?
J: Huh? I wonder if I have? (Think for a while) Oh, armpits! I think that they are pure white with no wrinkles and I think they are beautiful by myself. (Lol) There are many people who have complexes in parts not shown to others and want to conceal them, but I want to boast about the parts not shown to others. My clean armpits with no wrinkles! In the future, depending on costumes I may show on the stage. (Lol)

Q15. Do you have any complex?
J: I am in trouble because I feel the pressure and stress easily. I often say, “I do not have stress” while laughing, but suddenly my physical condition worsens no matter how much I imply to myself. I want to train more mind.

Q16. What parts are you willing to be praised?
J: I am glad anything if I can be praised! For example, you sing well, etc. I will get power if you praise me about my work.

Q17. You seem to be “Mr. perfect”, but when are you uneasy?
J: I think human beings are not perfect. However, I am strict about my work, but also to others … I’m worried if I do not prepare perfectly and I hope the staffs around me will perfectly arrange the situation. While some plans are going on, if “Ah? Prepare is not over yet?”, I’m very uneasy. Such a part is that I will not show to my fans.

Q18. Your talent, efforts, luck, surrounding support, by what do you think that your work is proceeding smoothly now?
J: I think that the biggest cause is ties with people. Without encounters, work will not be connected. In Japan I can do my best like now because I could meet my fans and thanks to my staffs making efforts for me.

Q19. When do you feel that you became an adult?
J: I always think that it is difficult to become an adult. I thought that I would be an adult when I became twenty years old, but it was not so. Then, I thought that I would be an adult when I became thirty years old, it also was not so. Lol The way to adults is long.

Q20. Do you think that you have many friends?
J: I do not have so many.

Q21. Do you have anything to keep in mind in your relationship with your friends?
J: To respect them. For me, there are few friends who can tell the deep part of my life, but I cannot respect the person who is satisfied with the current situation. I like people who are striving to grow.

Q22. Do you consult when there is a problem?
J: Of course. But I do not rely on or depend on anyone.

Q23. Do you have the case to be consulted by someone?
J: When I was younger than I am, I was consulted a lot. Recently not much.

Q24. When you are with friends, which is your type, listening to someone’s talk or talking about yourself?
J: I like listening to people’s stories. I am not the type to talk about myself.

Q25. What is your favorite season?
J: Autumn! Is not summer feeling bad? Because it is hot. I do not like sweating very much.

Q26. You are born in winter but do not you like winter?
J: I like neither love nor dislike winter. Lol

Q27. What is your favorite time of day?
J: It’s 11 o’clock in the evening. At 11 o’clock in the evening, both when I am drinking with friends outside, and when I think I am going to go to bed at home, there is peace of mind.
One hour before the end of the day is not ‘still’ or ‘already’, it is time for me to feel relaxed.

Q28. What do you do for your health?
J: I have supplements. Vitamin etc.

Q29 .Is there any electric appliance that absolutely needs except smartphone?
J: Nothing

Q30. Do you think you cannot live without a smartphone?
J: I do not think I will die without it, but it is very very useful if I have one. Lol

Q31. If you keep eating the same menu for a week, what would you like to eat?
J: White rice (prompt answer)!

Q32. How about a side dish?
J: I do not mind. It’s all right with only soy sauce.

Q33. What is the ideal menu for breakfast?
J: I hardly eat breakfast at all times. Even if I eat, just seaweed soup or miso soup is good.

Q34. What do you want to eat on the last day of the earth?
J: On the last day of the earth, I cannot imagine that there is food at home! Lol

Q35. What have you been crazy about recently?
J: Work! This year, I work more than last year!!

Q36. If you get hooked on something, what will you do?
J: I will concentrate on it without sleeping. In the meantime, when I started watching the new series of “Dragon Ball”, I was concerned about the last round and I watched all 130 and more episodes in a few days. Although I had the work the next day, I went to work without sleeping (bitter smile).

Q37. What kind of thing do you get absorbed?
J: I cannot think of it soon! Pass!!!! Lol

Q38. Do you know that Japanese has baby words?
J: Yes, I know.

Q39. Do you talk to cats with baby words?
J: No, I will not use it. I talk to my cats in Japanese, but they do not seem to understand the words well. I call them “nene~”” koko~”, but they don’t look me in their eyes. TT

Q40. Please tell me a cute episode of Nene, Koko.
J: Cats always wake me up in the morning. When they are hungry, drop what is in the room of the cat from next to next, and appeal to me as “get up!” “give me a meal!” As I sleep shallowly, I get up with a little noise immediately, so I feed the cats as they want, as soon as the cats rampage. Because I respond quickly to requests, I think that I am very friendly with a cat. Lol

Q41. Does your personality look like cats? Or a dog?
J: Is it a cat? No, both. Both a dog and a cat.

Q42. What is the most impressive music program that appeared in Japan last year?
J: I had a lot of fun at the FNS songs festival as I can collaborate with various artists. However I was nervous. Besides, NHK’s “Utacon”.

Q43. You are an actor too. What is the charm of the actor’s work?
J: I am scared before I start shooting. I get nervous. But once I become a character in a drama, living another man’s life is a lot of fun. It is fun to become another person and even if just breathing. It is a pleasure to live the life of a person completely different from myself.

Q44. How do you feel the enjoyment of variety shows?
J: Everyone laughs no matter what I say. Sometimes I feel confused that “What is so funny of this remark?”

Q45. Do you have your own rules for appearing on variety shows?
J: I say “I do not know” what I do not know. I do not do extra things such as intention to make people laugh.

Q46. Are you doing something to refine your tastes of comedy?
J: I do not know if it is an answer to the question, but when I appear on variety shows I try not to read scripts as much as possible. Because too much thinking makes me hard. I always try to work with a fresh feeling.

Q47. What is your favorite Japanese word now?
J: I like the greeting “Ohayo”. The relationship to say “good morning” is special. It is a greeting that you cannot do unless you live in “a” house? It is very pleasant to greet “Good Morning” at my workplace in Japan. It makes me feel like “Now, it will start from now!”

Q48. What do you want most now? 
J: Actually, I had something I really wanted, but those who lives on the lower floor of my apartment presented me them, so now I do not have what I want anymore. They are kitchen paper, toilet paper and soft tissue paper. Because I can not return home much, my necessities for daily life tend to be short. As the inhabitants of the lower floor were asked, “Are there anything you want?”, I said various kinds of paper, then I was given about a year’s worth of paper. Lol

Q49. Have you seen your first dream this year?
J: I have a dream for 365 days. But I do not remember the contents. For 33 years, there is no night without dreams. I do not remember the contents of my first dream, but I probably had a dream of something. Lol

Q50. What dreams do you want to achieve this year?
J: I will make a wish at the moment of blowing out the birthday cake candle. “Be healthy and cheerful. Wonder a lot, think a lot and act a lot,” I wish in my mind.



190310 Jaejoong Hong Kong International Airport


JJ Back in Korea


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Airport fashion that makes ladies’ hearts flutter

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샤토드 ✖️ 홍케니 🔜 #Today #천안 in #엘리자벳
오늘도 멋진 무대를 선사 할 두 사람💪🏻
낮공과 밤공 절대로 놓치지 않기✔️

Syatodeu ✖️ Hong Kong 🔜
#Today #천안 in #엘리자벳

Two people who are going to prehistoric a great stage today 💪🏻
Low day and night ball never let go ✔️

Come together on the stage after a while 💋

Everyone! Don't miss #musical today.
Let's meet on #stage at 2p.m & 7p.m !

#김준수 #강홍석 #KimJunSu #KangHongSeok
#XIA #金俊秀 #キムジュンス #ジュンス
#Musical #Elisabeth #죽음 #루케니
#씨제스컬쳐 #천안예술의전당 #대공연장
#오후2시 #오후7시
Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, selfie and closeup

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, selfie and closeup

#토드 님은 지금 몹시 행복하셔..🖤
오늘도 관객들을 만나 행복하고 신난 #준수 의 기분이 여기까지 전해지쟈낭 😆
(+롱다리는 보너스🕺🏻)

잠시후 오후7시 밤공도 함께 해〰️'-'
#Everyone! Don't miss Junsu`s #musical today. Let's meet on #stage at 7p.m !
#김준수 #KimJunSu #XIA #金俊秀 #キムジュンス #ジュンス
#Musical #Elisabeth #씨제스컬쳐 #죽음 #샤토드
#천안예술의전당 #대공연장 #오후7시

#Todd is very happy now.. 🖤

I'm happy to meet the audience today, and I'm happy and excited.
#Compliance with the feeling of compliance 😆
(+ long is a bonus 🕺🏻)

After a while, I'm going to have a night night at pm. ️

#Everyone! Don't miss Junsu`s #musical today. Let's meet on #stage at 7p.m !

#김준수 #KimJunSu #XIA #金俊秀 #キムジュンス #ジュンス
#Musical #Elisabeth #씨제스컬쳐 #죽음 #샤토

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing, shoes and indoor
Image may contain: 1 person, dancing, standing, shoes and indoor


Together with Jaejoong always! We were happy from the beginning to the end yesterday! It was a fun birthday party since it could be enjoyed with more fans as an Asia Tour Fan meeting!♡ 
JJ: "Everyone I'm so thankful and I love y'all! We will meet more often in the future!"


【JYJ FB②】 Let's cherish the of yesterday with ! We'll you!




[ jj_1986_jj IG] Thank you very much for the congratulations (blessings) and love that everyone sent me through J-Party, I heartily appreciate it Thank u for everything!
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ジェジュン cjes.tagram Instagram 20190309_1

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HONG KONG – Today (9 March) marked the last stop of Kim Jaejoong’s JParty, with the first in Seoul on 20 January followed by in Japan on 28 January.
His birthday was 26 January though.

That, however, did not matter. Hong Kong and mainland Chinese fans flocked to the show and even prepared a special video montage VCR for him. Kim Jaejoong was also emotionally overwhelmed while viewing the short clip with the audiences.

During the QnA session, it was also made known that Jaejoong would not appreciate people touching his things. But he could make an exception, if it was sharing toothbrushes with his lover. Did you know? Jaejoong also keeps his loose money in plastic storage bags. Unusual, huh?

One fan also asked if there will be any chance that Jaejoong will return to Hong Kong again to stage his concert, or even Macau. He said that the thought did surface to him, but his only concern was whether everyone had time to come, but since such a request was made known to him, he hinted that he will be heading back to Korea for pre-preparation, and will even work harder on his Chinese album.
After the party was a mini concert. Jaejoong dressed in a rock-style inspired full black attire giving a live rendition of “9+1#”, “Rotten Love”, “Kiss B”, “Welcome to my wild word” as well as other ear-catching classics.
The last song he sang to end the set was “I’ll protect you”, which gave a good closure to his birthday party celebration with the fans and his mini-concert performance.
The song will drop on 10 April, and do support Jaejoong when it is out!

Words: Avier Tan / Jayla Lau
Photos: Jayla Lau

Hong Kong Fanmeeting Tour: Full of pride for 15 years of love

Unparalleled love for his fans, “I try to read every single comment!”



Jaejoong's JParty in HongKong

190309 金在中 김재중 KimJaejung JYJ -《2019 KIM JAE JOONG J-PARTY & MINI CONCERT IN HONG KONG》직캠/CAM [HD]

K-Star HK

190309 Jparty Jaejoong fanmeeting in Hong Kong


[FANCAM] 190309 Jaejoong J-party in Hong Kong - Learning Cantonese


[FANCAM] 190309 Jaejoong J-Party in Hong Kong - Flower Arrangement Challenge


190309 J-Party & Mini Concert in HK 9+1#




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Press Pics
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190309 J-PARTY & mini concert in Hong Kong



[ jj_1986_jj IG story] THANK YOU FOR THE 🌹 (Roses)


[JYJ LINE] Special meeting with Jaejoong who is waiting in the thown! Finally, today He will meet his fans in Hong Kong!! Today, at 7:30 pm at ASIAWORLD EXPO!

JJ in HK wearing a fashionable outfit even for rehearsal. After a while we can spend time together, looking forward~ Please wait a little longer! We'll play together soon! IG: FB:


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Other sns updates about Jaejoong and his Sweetest Love!

「tyjdryo] Sweetest Love」 Super fun dance, By the time We finished We were exhausted We continued dancing for a day. By the time We finished We were exhausted.

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[yuuukiiinaaa IG] Talking about age JJ is Yuki's older brother for one year🙌 and is JJ monitoring this?! He said I say that all the time😂😂 Pic caption: Thanks JJ♡

【平 祐奈さん IG】 ジェジュンさんのMV【Sweetest Love】に出演させて頂きました♪ NEWアルバム「Flawless Love」は4月10日発売です🐯 Check it out!! さん


Jaejoong updates

Trans: If the Sweetest Love PV is released on TBS radio banana moon from 1 o'clock tonight, I'm also thinking on releasing it on YouTube. #/bananamoon #/Bananaman #/Yuki Himura #/Jaejoong Tweet:
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....And here it is!!!

ジェジュン (JAEJOONG 김재중) 「Sweetest Love」(short ver.)

JB ‘s

設楽さん日村さんバナナムーンのスタッフのみなさんありがとうございました。SweeteasLove PV解禁しました。

Trans: Shitara-san, Himura-san and all the staffs of Banana Moon thank you so much. Sweetest Love PV released. Link:  
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New Japanese Music Video features multitude of famous celebrities

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[UCC] Kim Jaejoong dances in "Sweetest Love" MV

Kim Jaejoong's fresh new song Sweetest Love(short ver) is out. The album Flawless Love will be out the 10th of april. He said: 'I am doing a dancing performance after a long time, I would like to show a strong dancing performance in my tour and also on TV"
· アイノカゲ (Ainokage)
· Sweetest Love   
· Your Love
· Beautiful Woman
·  君だけになる前に(Kimi dake ni naru mae ni)
·  Sign
·  Defiance
· One


·  Good morning night
·  Run Away

· 化粧 (Keshou)
· 守ってあげる (I Will Protect You)
Blu-ray / DVD:
1. Sign (Music Video)
2. Your Love (Music Video)
3. Defiance (Music Video)
4. LAVENDER (Music Video)
5. Sweetest Love (Music Video)
6. IMPOSSIBLE (Music Video)
7. Making of Sweetest Love (Music Video)
8. Making of IMPOSSIBLE (Music Video)
9. Sweetest Love (Music Video) ~JAEJOONG only~



[ jj_1986_jj IG story] I will go and will come back~

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The most popular works of Mnet in 2018 awarded in "2018 Mnet Japan Awards" for Drama Division and Variety Division! Variety Division: 2nd Place is JAEJOONG Photo People in Paris with 552 votes!🎊🎉🎊

DC Kim Jaejoong Gallery’s Position on Cases of Libel Against Kim Jaejoong


Jaejoong arrived in HongKong

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Jaejoong going to Hong Kong!

JYJ 김재중(KIMJAEJOONG), 우윳빛깔 뽀얀 피부 [뉴스엔TV]


Milky white skin So polite, so considerate, PERFECTION

The visual that makes you press your camera 📸 shutter   

[Oh! Motion]The Priginal Gace Genius Shining! 

Flawless visual

Giving a sweet heart as a gift  

[BEHIND] Can’t hide this perfection with a mask, “Your only option is to fall for him..” On his way to Hong Kong for a fanmeeting
비하인드- behind press
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D-1 finally tomorrow Jaejoong and HK fans will meet! Let`s PLAY ▶️ Super Adorable Jaejoong-ah~ ZIP💛 Tomorrow evening, at 7:30 pm Jaejoong will play with you!

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Jaejoong's first solo album photo covers! Promotional photo (1st pic) Version A (2nd pic) Version B (3rd pic) Version Fanclub (4th pic) SO EXCITED!!!!
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JAEJOONG 1st solo album "Flawless Love" (Release Date on 4/10) Cover photos & detailed disclosure! "This album is a work full of Flawless Love (perfect love) that Jaejoong wants to give to everyone."


Jaejoong turns into Yuki Himura? Appears on the MV with Yûna Taira. Jaejoong: "I'm doing a dancing performance after a long time, I would like to show a strong dancing performance in my tour and also on TV"

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[ jj_1986_jj IG]


[J_STAGE] 2019 J-Party ’Kiss B’ Live🎤 ㅣ김재중(KimJaeJoong)


[J_STAGE] 2019 J-Party ’Kiss B’ Live🎤 “It’s not so fun staying far from you on the stage, I’ll go closer to you now!”
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Hello and sexy


From 0 to 180 degrees of GORJAESNESS 😍 back, side, front view, there's no bad angle for Jaejoong! kimjaejoong🎤
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[YOUTUBE] Air theme Channel: 
[MXI] Kim Jaejoong: 



Channel official SNS: 


Junsu's "Last Dance"(Der letzte Tanz) number from <Elisabeth> will be released online on 2019.03.11 6 P.M KST! Pre-orders for the album have started @

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Junsu's Xcalibur update

Other Junsu News:

Mar 5

[trans] If Kim would appear on ‘Yoo Hee Yeol’s sketchbook’ cover songs best 5


박유천(ParkYuChun) - ‘Magic'(feat. 1st Solo Album 'Slow Dance’ Making)

190308 Park Yuchun(朴有天박유천 ユチョン)簽售會signing session( 說明附翻譯Translation in the description


190308 Part of the translation of the Yuchun signing session before the end of the signing session: (5 and a half minutes of video) 
YC: Today (fan signing event) will be held next week, so... if you can, I hope we can meet again. 
Fan: If I come again, are you okay? 
YC: Yes. Thank you very much for coming. In fact, I have a lot to say to you~~~ This coffee is for you who buy it, I will enjoy it, it is good to drink. There are still a few minutes from the end: What should I say? 
Fan: "Please give us a hug!" 
YC: "Hug? I hugged the male fan before, because he asked, this is a special event, not my fault." Fans: ___! ! ! ! 
YC: There is a staff member who made eyebrows (like small blades), so I wonder if I have to do it too... 
Fans: Don't ever! 
YC: I was wondering if I should do this after the concert. 
Fan: No! This is very painful! 
YC: Is it?? YC: I mean, I have been thinking about this because I always wear makeup when I am doing video... 
Fans: ᅲ ᅲ ᅲ ᅲ You don't need it!! 
YC: Um... Ok, then say I won’t do it. Then said that the recent sleep is not good, Under the stage: 唉~~~ "I haven't signed a fan for a long time. It's really embarrassing to see you so close. Thank you for coming, even people from the US and other countries, fans from the United States, really great. I used to live in Virginia~~ "supplement" 
Yuchun: A fan has been writing to me since the beginning of high school (high school grade 3). I was deeply impressed and, as time went on, I was close to more and more fans. Thank you all for coming today. Then ask the time is now, 8:10, Yuchun said that there will be traffic jams on Friday, fans say it does not matter! He said that if you don't go to Jiangnan, I am afraid it will be fine. 
Fan: How have you been recently? (Use the official language.) 
Yuchun: Are you a reporter? Are you talking about honor? 
Yuchun: I want to change the color of my hair. This color was made before I went to Japan. I mixed red, pink, and wine red. The fans said to change it to gold. 
Yuchun: If I change my hair color frequently, my hair will dry up and itchy... I will forget the look of black hair.


Yuchun in Kobe, Japan
for Slow Dance









190306 《和她一起在春天漫步 그녀와 봄을 걷는다》~2019 PARK YUCHUN TOUR CONCERT ‘SLOW DANCE’ in JAPAN


190306 《閉不上的心 감기지 않는 마음》~2019 PARK YUCHUN TOUR CONCERT ‘SLOW DANCE’ in JAPAN




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Yuchun update
20190306 Cjes Instagram 박유천 'Slow Dance' in Japan "여러분들의 모습에 감동했습니다. 저도 소중한 여러분과 함께해서 행복한 시간이었어요" 오늘도 고베 월드홀에서 7시에 만나요!



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20190307 JYJ Japan Line 오랫동안 기다리고 준 여러분과 콘서트에서 만나서 좋았습니다. 앞으로도 여러분과 함께 하고 싶습니다. 감사합니다. 나머지 콘서트도 함께 합시다!


ジェジュン Instagram 20190306


ジェジュン cjes.tagram Instagram 20190305

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Jaejoong IG Story


JJ's sister IG update

[0409k IG] 즐거운 태국 여행.^^♡♡♡♡


Jaejoong back in Korea




JAEJOONG|コンサートチケット情報・販売・予約はローチケ[ローソンチケット] から

Translated from Japanese by
Jaejoong | Concert ticket information, sales and reservations from Tike [Lawson ticket]


Yuchun on his way to Japan
Slow Dance concerts



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190302 《Rainy Blue》~2019 PARK YUCHUN TOUR CONCERT ‘SLOW DANCE’ in SEOUL (朴有天 박유천 ユチョン)


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click link below for more YC in Seoul for Slow Dance

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