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JYJ Fansigning Events on 9/29/14 and 9/30/14

JYJ: Album Fansigning Events


JYJ’s Fan Signing Event Gathers Fans from Around the World

2014.10.01 11:25 Newsen Lee Min Ji 
 Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung 

JYJ successfully wrapped up its second round of fan signing events in celebration of release of the second album Just Us.

JYJ held its fansigning event on September 29 at Yongsan I’Park Mall.

C-JeS Entertainment stated on October 1, “The second round of fan signing events, which was held thanks to the heated response to the first round, gathered not only the selected fans but those who were not selected as well, bringing together fans from all over the world.”

The first round of the event, which was held in the beginning of August in IFC mall, had gathered a greater number of fans than expected and the Yongsan fan signing event also proved the fans’ passion to see JYJ.

The event gathered fans across all ages, nationalities and genders, from Muslim fans wearing hijabs to male fans and from young children to mothers in their 50’s.

JYJ’s Fan Signing Event Gathers Fans from Around the World
The fans showed explosive response to every gesture made by JYJ and continued to send their message of support to the members throughout the event.

After wrapping up the event, JYJ said, “We were happy to carry out our activities in a long time after releasing the 2nd full length album Just Us. We’re epically happy to have made special memories by interacting with the fans.”

Meanwhile, JYJ sold over 130,000 pre-ordered copies of the 2nd full length album Just Us released at the end of July, which ranked number two on Hanteo’s monthly chart. In Japan, it topped Oricon chart without officially releasing the album in the country and it also ranked number one on iTunes of seven Asian countries and on Tower Record’s monthly chart.

The group also carried out JYJ Asia tour The Return of the King in August, capturing the heart of 100,000 fans in eight cities around Asia. JYJ will be launching a solo concert on October 5 in Youngdong-daero.

Photo credit: C-JeS Entertainment

*On 9/30/2014* (Closed Event)

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[FACEBOOK] 140930 JYJ Official Facebook Update: Yoochun’s message for fans after today’s fansign event

 photo 140930cjesjyjfb.png

[TRANS] This is Yoochun
Here is everyone who was with us today for a short time, thank you very much
I hope everybody will always be healthy and happy
I heard stories about fans helping and caring for each other and was touched
I hope you always help each other that much

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Source: CJESJYJ Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3 Shared by: JYJ3

JYJ holds second signing event for fans

Updated : September 30 2014
JYJ holds second signing event for fans
K-pop group JYJ celebrated the release of its second album, “Just Us,” during its second fan meeting in Yongsan-gu, central Seoul, on Monday.

The trio thanked and spent time with its fans, its agency said. The members also posed for photos while holding signed copies of their latest album.

JYJ posed for photo at the signing event on Monday (Osen)

The special event was organized in response to fans’ fervent support at the first signing event in August. Agency officials said there had been intense competition among fans to attend the event.

The group has recently performed in Seoul, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Taipei and Ho Chi Minh City.

By Yoon Ji-soo (thankque@heraldcorp.com)

*On 9/29/2014*

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Hugging a fanboy
Via JYJ Normally

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Fan Boy Hugging JYJ


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[TRANS] 140929 Fanaccount – Jaejoong at JYJ Fansign

by Ces

In DCJJ, Jaejoong fans split into three sects: Uraegie (my baby), Uroppa (my oppa) and Halbebe (Grandpa-baby) - because each fan views Jaejoong differently.

As for Halbebe, Jaejoong was nicknamed this because he sometimes acts like an oldie but also exudes baby-like charms at the same time.

Today at the fansign event, this fan wrote names of the three sect in her post-it note and asked Jaejoong to choose one nickname that he prefers.

1번. 우래긔♡ Uraegie (my baby)
2번. 우로빠♡ Uroppa (my oppa)
3번. 할베베♡ Halbebe (Grandpa-baby)

And Jaejoong said "Ah~~~~~~ I'm neutral in this ㅠㅠ", hesitating to give a definite answer. (T/N: Remember JJ gave DCJJ his autograph "Jellery.. I'm watching you..ㅡㅡ^"? haha. He sure knows how he's called & spazzed by his fans. x'D)

After much contemplation, he decided to mark a dot at 'Halbebe' x'D

At a signing yesterday, a fan asked Jaejoong :

Fan: "Oppa, are you happier 10 yrs ago or now?"

Jaejoong: "Now."

Q1:Will there be a solo?

Q2: how is your health/body?
A: I put on weight 

Q3: Do you like me?
A: Yes

4) Drawing

It seems that fans are asking JaeJoong to draw squirrel, Naver Line's cony etc .. JJ told his manager: lately many ask for drawing ^^;

Jaejoong's drawings ^^

(Supposed to be Cony & a squirrel - JJ said his 'squirrel drawing' turned out like a rabbit ^^;)
5) Feeding His Manager

Jaejoong fed his manager Royce Choco Potato Chips
6) Jaejoong wore a red badge "I don't need girlfriend" given by a fan at the fansign 
Source: DCJJ, weibo (link), tiamo_hy, chichi-kjjholic, Studio_Jay (19860126) Translated by: @jaetaku, @shadowjaejes, @kaloocapri, @The_Little_Pear