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JYJ News Week of 5/15- 5/21/2017

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JJ IG Update

Good morning and Great afternoon for me in !

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    Jaejoong IG Updates

    Thank you

    Look at that face! is a wonderful 'endorser'! Is the reason of his nice soft hair?




    Junsu...Police Promotion Unit



    Into The Mind


    XIARU μ‹œμ•„λ£¨


    Golden Star



    Under the Shade of the Roadside Tree


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    Hello We feel from this man. to be one of




    C-JeS Entertainment IG update: 17/05/20

    Wonka BornfreeoneKiss

    [Cjes IG] Was fun playing games w you tonight Have delicious food w family n friends everyone it's Friday night  
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    C-JeS Entertainment IG update: 17/05/21

    What's not to ? is adorable.He works hard to please his  


    Wonka BornfreeoneKiss

    [Cjes IG] I played Kartrider~ Placed last Why didn't you guys let him win for once at least the last round? Win next time JJ
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    He really wanted to win! What a #sad Stay tuned in his #next round!


    Paradise City's PR Ambassador Kim Jaejoong Special Fanmeeting


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    [PT TR] Global Star Ranking: Kim Jaejoong ranked at 4th this week

    [Other IG] "Thank you" OMG He is way too handsome Am I dreaming Fan Visual Shock Thought he was not a human being Gentle Mr. JJ
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    [V Report] Kim Jae-joong becomes addicted to online gaming

    Updated : May 20 2017
    Broadcast Date: May 19 Starring: Kim Jae-joong, Park Bo-young, and Hana and Nayoung of Gugudan
    Kim Jae-joong

    (Naver V app)
    Jae-joong showed himself playing the famous racing game “Crazyracing Kartrider” for the first
    time via his official Naver V app channel Friday.

    He even created opportunities for his fans to play the game with him.

    He seemed to be very into the game as he became quite competitive.

    Fans said that they found his childlike innocence charming.

    Although he tried his best to win, he ended up ranking second to last in the first round.

    On his next chance, however, he was able to come in first. He said that he felt like he had won a big

    After spending an entire hour playing six rounds with his fans, he seemed to be quite impressed with
    how well they had played, saying that it was more fun gaming with others than alone.

    By Yim Ji-min (


    JJ IG Update

    20170519 jj_1986_jj IG

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    Eat more πŸ’šπŸ‘ŒπŸ’š

    [IG] It's chicken today!
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    Gyeonggi Police Special Promotions Unit

    2017 LOOK AGAIN Day Campaign

    Intro and duet...

    KIMJUNSU μ†Œν’



    If Loving You Keeps Me Alive

    jj harumin

    KIMJUNSU μ†Œν’ 

    170519 Junsu took a Polaroid with a frame that says: "Your concern will stop sexual violence and domestic violence"
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    Our gamer boy

    Photo published for [V LIVE] κΉ€μž¬μ€‘μ˜ 'κ²Œμž„ 완정정볡'

    tries Crazyracing Kartrider for the first time in his life! How good is he? Not as good as he looks 

    V-LIVE transforms into a Game BJ Fights fiercely over items with fans  

    V-LIVE revisits his childhood: JJ plays game on Fiery Friday  

    V-LIVE "My first time playing this I'm playing real well today for a newbie!" Self praise King πŸ‘‘ GIF

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    JJ IG Updates

    Oh hello !  

    [IG] Silkworm Not gross! 
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    Covered up and still looking handsome. That's our Jaejoong

    So nice to wake up to ! πŸ’šπŸ˜ŠπŸ’š Fighting!

    Bang bang! targets right at ladies' hearts and says "Good day"
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    Real life elf?" looks mystical in a photo he uploaded  
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    Jaejoong will grace us via V app LIVE again!

    [V LIVE] "Completely Masters Game" coming on May 19 at 9 PM KST
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    Photo published for [V LIVE] κΉ€μž¬μ€‘μ˜ 'κ²Œμž„ 완정정볡'


    170517 Junsu performed <Into The Mind Of A Person>, another musical song, and <Dangerous> at a school today! πŸ™‚  
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    170518 Junsu appeared at <BTS> fan's old school today 😍 She wished she had graduated later

    More pics...

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    JJ IG Update

    "The weather is bad.."

    This is it? Normally, its salad then the 'meal' then maybe a dessert LOL πŸ’šπŸ˜ŠπŸ’š IDK if I want to eat more, I know I should eat less


    HERO - Kim Jaejoong Photobook DVD (English Subtitles)

    Ji-Hye Han

    Fan's comment on HERO Photobook DVD. (Trans:P2) There're demos of NO.X!

    HERO Photobook
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    Hey ! If this is your bed, you're sharing too much! LOL

    [OTHER IG] Cjes.tagram Update:
    Click link for video

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    What a #sweet #guy he is! Check the #behind the scenes after his #food travel in Taiwan! Stay tuned!


    JJ IG Update

    Oh there you are! hello Fighting!

    κΉ€μž¬μ€‘, 'νŒŒλΌλ‹€μ΄μŠ€ μ‹œν‹°'의 ν™λ³΄λŒ€μ‚¬ λ˜λ‹€!
    λΈŒλžœλ“œμ™€ ν•œλ₯˜λ₯Ό λ™μ‹œμ— μ•Œλ¦¬λŠ” μ§„μ •ν•œ κΈ€λ‘œλ²ŒμŠ€νƒ€ JJ!
    #κΉ€μž¬μ€‘ #μž¬μ€‘ #KIMJAEJOONG #νŒŒλΌλ‹€μ΄μŠ€μ‹œν‹° #ν™λ³΄λŒ€μ‚¬ #λͺ¨λΈ #ν•œλ₯˜ #λ₯Ό_μ•Œλ¦¬λŠ”λ°_μ•žμž₯μ„€κ²Œμš” #κΈ€λ‘œλ²ŒμŠ€νƒ€ #ParadiseCity #리쑰트 #Resort #ν˜Έν…” #Hotel
    Congrats his appointed as an honorary #ambassador of #paradise city! Stay tuned in his #further activities for it. #awesome

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    Always proud of this man !

    What a #wonderful Congrats his appointed as an honorary #ambassador of #paradise city! Stay tuned in his #further activities for it

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    Paradise City appoints global Hallyu star as their promotional ambassador

    I'm honored to represent Paradise City, new landmark of Northeast Asia I'll do my best to promote its charms

    Dynamic image of global star is excellent vehicle to promote Paradise city's brand image as K-Style Destination

    will engage in various activities incldg CF/social media channel/fanmeeting beginning May for 1 yr in/out of Kr

    appointed as promotional ambassador for multi resort complex Paradise City

    [Korea] Paradise City Opens, First Resort Complex in Northeast Asia

    • Date05/15/2017

    Photo: Paradise City exterior (Credit: Paradise City)
    Paradise City opened on April 20 in the international business complex of Incheon International Airport on Yeongjeongdo Island, Incheon. It is the first resort complex to open in Northeast Asia and is now welcoming in visitors from home and abroad as they travel through this transportation hub of Asia.

    With a grand size of 330,000㎡, equivalent to 46 soccer fields, Paradise City is comprised of a hotel, casino, and convention center for a complete art-tainment facility. More amenities are planned to be opened in 2018, including a plaza, spa, club, wonder box (family themed entertainment), performance hall and more.

    Paradise City is made up of 12 floors and the hotel is equipped with 711 rooms in a variety of styles, from simple guestrooms to suites and a pool villa option. The hotel occupies the central space of Paradise City, making it convenient to reach any of the three 120m-long wings, which branch out in a Y-shape. The wings house a family area, casino, and convention center.

    The first floor holds six restaurants and bars, including the Michelin 2-star Chinese restaurant Imperial Treasure. Other features of the first floor include the nation’s largest casino Paradise Casino, a luxury hotel, and a convention center with the nation’s largest ballroom. Paradise City Hotel & Resort guestrooms fill floors four through ten, while the third floor has three lounges, and indoor and outdoor swimming pool, spa & sauna, fitness center, kid’s zone, Ten Pins bowling alley, Sony PlayStation Zone and more for a fun entertainment area.

    Fans of art will be thrilled by the work on display from world-renowned designers and architects. A grand total of over 2,700 works of art can be seen, including over 100 famous pieces from artists such as Alessandro Mendini, Damien Hirst, Kusama Yayoi, Lee Kangso, and Oh Soo-hwan.

    More Info Paradise City Opens, First Resort Complex in Northeast Asia ☞ Directions:
    1) Shuttle Bus
    - Incheon International Airport Passenger Terminal 1F Gate 3C, departing every hour at 10/25/40/55 minutes (First bus 05:10 / Last bus 23:10)
    - Incheon International Airport Passenger Terminal 1F Gate 14C, departing every hour at 00/15/30/45 minutes (First bus 05:15 / Last bus 23:15)
    2) Public Transit: Subway + Maglev Train
    - Airport Railroad Express (AREX) from Seoul Station to Incheon International Airport -> Maglev Train to Hapdongcheongsa Station, Exit 2 -> Walk approx. 8min to the right of E-Mart
    3) Public Transit: Subway + Bus
    - Airport Railroad Express (AREX) from Seoul Station to Incheon International Airport -> Walk approx. 8min to Incheon International Airport Bus Stop ->Bus No. 302, 306A, or 306 to E-Mart Bus Stop -> Walk approx. 8min to the right of E-Mart
    ☞ Paradise City reservation website: (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese) ☞ 1330 Korea Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)

    Information courtesy of Paradise City



    [JYJ Line] How was the weather in JP today? Have a wonderful week~!
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    I would say, the couple looks casual, happy, and content...
    Blessings to them...

    [★BREAKING] Yoochun ❤️ Hwang Hana : Dispatch Catches Yoochun On Date With FiancΓ©e

    Korean Drama News TTB

    Yoochun and Hwang Hana were spotted on a date at a restaurant in Gangnam



    Policeman Junsu

    170513 "Very harmonious and blessed troop"

    [NEW HD PIC] 170513 Junsu at Gyeonggi Police Agency's Event 

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    Power of Kim Jaejoong
    2011λ…„~2016λ…„ KPOP μ†”λ‘œμ•¨λ²” νŒλ§€λŸ‰ TOP 10  μ†”λ‘œμ•¨λ²” 3μœ„ & 5μœ„ (*λ°©μ†‘μΆœμ—° NO) BEST SELLING ALBUMS BY KPOP SOLOS SINCE THE CREATION OF GAON 

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