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JYJ News Weeks of 4/22- 5/5/2019

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Popular Culture Critic Kim Young Sam Talks About Violation of Park Yoochun's Human Rights

Regardless of Park Yoochun's crime, you should listen to this critic objectively.
He mainly talks about the difference between Park Yoochun'sinterrogation and the others', how he must had been treated according to the law etc.

Some quotes:
-"The first human rights violation is that Park Yoochun said he would join in the investigation voluntarily, so the search and seizure is not necessary. The first step of this case is already confiscating the property and body as the coercion. Regardless of this case can be done in bail, the police still put this person under detention for investigating. However, they said that the reason they need to detend one person only to avoid he/she escaping and destroying the evidence, right? That's why they detend him/her. Park Yoochun requested to be investigated and joined in the investigation voluntarily, so did it seem like he wanted to escape? 
-"They said they have to arrest him in order to prevent him from destroying the evidence. If so, why they still have to search uninformed thoroughly his house and confiscate his property? Clearly police have searched though but they still couldn't find any proper evidence. If police haven't found an evidence, it means that they can't the amount of drugs which they claimed to be in his house and car, right? And when they couldn't find anything, they announced that 1 gr of drugs missing is going to be found during investigation. 
-"Police used *PHOTO LINE* for Park Yoochun."
Photo line is known for being used for politicians, chaebols, in-power or retired high level officers,
in-power and high level officers in journalism and former presidents. They have to stand in front of the yellow line and put their hands together, which means, "I apologize to every citizen of our nation. I'm afraid of the public's anger and I will sincerely cooperate with the investigation."

-"Talking about Photo Line, this is something very violent. When the case still wasn't clear, they used photo line since the very first investigation steps. If they use it for Park Yoochun, then they should use it for any other civilians as well. Photo Line is only used for the official criminals.

-"The thing which violets his human rights most is that they used rope to tie his hands. Rope can be seen easily, so the media had to censor his hands in the photos but some bad journalists just published the raw photos without censoring. They applied the arrest warrant while the case still was being investigated and the fact that they used the rope to tie his hands even before the official confinement is an act of violating several human rights at the same time.

-"Looking at the drug testing process, it was too fast. Drug testing normally takes 2-3 weeks to be done but in Park Yoochun's case, it took only 3 to 4 days.  It's possible to produce the results but it's not a detailed result. To make a clear conclusion through intensive testing, it must take 2, 3 weeks. But the police gave information about the results through the media in only 3 days and arrested Yoochun less than a week."

"They gave Hwang Hana a lot of considerations but Park Yoochun hasn't got any. Police released Hwang Hana the last time she did drugs. After she was arrested for investigation, they focused on Park Yoochun again. Before that how did Hwang Hana use drugs, who took drugs with who, people forgot it and focused on PYC. As outsiders, people only know those informations because they can only see what the media want them to see. In the mind of Hwang Hana's side, they put all the faith in police. They thought that the words Hwang Hana said were all correct. But who is Hwang Hana? A drug user, seller, a criminal. Can her words be such trustworthy? I have a feeling that police secretly hide things for Hwang Hana."
(quoted some parts till @11.24)

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JJ in concert

Sendai Day 1 Jaejoong looks good and has a healthy look on his face as well. He said He is in his best youth and self-proclaimed 26 years old!
Jaejoong is emotional today, he cried during Keshou & I'll protect you musical version, but he was having fun too. Another version of I'll Protect You was born today "Not you"!

Jaejoong: Did everyone alreafy go to the bathroom? When I'm singing I don't want to see everyone going to pee, I'm here! That's impossible, isn't?

Jaejoong said he won't do Bazooka with signed balls & T'shirts again, someone said was hit on the head & complained to the office & to solve it asked for his signature. He refused to give it but He's sorry for fans who like that section
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"Trouble of Love" is immediately solved by Jejun's great advice! 


Jaejoong will appear on NTV's Another Sky 2 on May 10 at 23:00~23:30!! Looking forward to it!!♡

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YTV's Music Power ONCHIKA will deliver a summary of Jaejoong's concert in Kagoshima with an interview on May 9 at 1:59 midnight!

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Jaejoong also has answered to Wonki Hong (@/wonki_jbs) comment: jj_1986_jj: Best wishes for your birthday!

[ jj_1986_jj IG ] The end is so easy and someone gets hurt Jaejoong quoted what the voice said^^♡

Both parts of the video that was played during Jaejoong's concert in Japan: "But still, all those moments remain beautiful" . . . "The end is so easy and someone gets hurt"  
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[ALLDAY_XIA] ㅣ Kim Joon-soo (XIA) Japan tour concert abduction zip zip

[김준수] XIA With. 한류매거진 'KWAVE' M54호 Fashion Film


Junsu_Xia Official



Jaejoong will appear on TV Asahi Bananaman Drive 3 on April 30 at midnight 0:20!! Looking for the perfect Underpants for Jaejoong!


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JJ in concert
Kagoshima Day 2 Jaejoong thinks that the way to shake the penlight for ballads and medium tempo songs is sideways instead of vertically! He thinks it looks better that way
Jaejoong will go back tonight and tomorrow will go to NHK to record his covers that will be broadcasted on May 26, he will sing 3 songs! 
Jaejoong showed his armpit today as well, He rotated 360 degrees on the stage
About his appearance on The Covers: Jaejoong: The songs were delivered yesterday, so I have not practiced them yet. But I'm trusted by the people in charge of The Covers^^
Jaejoong said that the possibility of him of appearing on Kōhaku at the end of the year is 0.00003%, his coming appearance on The Covers might help him with it.
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Kagoshima Day 1 Jaejoong: Since there many people who have come for the first time to my concert, I will do a presentation of myself

Kagoshima Day 1: Jaejoong showed his armpit and said he doesn't shave that part, but when the tour it's over he will go back to Korea and will do a moustache/beard permanent hair removal with laser! It will take around 5 sessions!

Jaejoong said that he has been recording at least one show per day, there are many that will be broadcasted in the future. He has recorded a special program called "The night when a woman gets angry with a woman" from Nippon TV!  

Kagoshima Day 1 Jaejoong: There are more people sitting than usual! Good~ Kagoshima! I'm free~ Is it called democracy? Kagoshima freedom!!!

Always that Jaejoong goes on a national tour, he likes to look for local famous products & gourmet food. This time he wants to eat Pork shabu. Yesterday, He lightly ate famous Lawson's Beef jerky while drinking a little bit as well.

While Jaejoong was singing "I'll Protect you" [JAEJOONG Musical Tour 2019 ~Flawless Love~] was projected on the main screen!♡


spotted at Music Station’s social media, busy working hard in Japan
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Jaejoong singing Keshou on Music Station!♡ "still flowing in tears, our hearts are shouting until the Bus arrived, we're still flowing in tears"


JJ singing Keshou

Jaejoong singing Keshou on Music Station!♡ "still flowing in tears, our hearts are shouting until the Bus arrived, we're still flowing in tears" Cr.monaiyo\via JaeFans_Global


Beautiful soulful eyes of !

20190429 ‪jj_1986_jj IG

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[ SUMMARY] Tune's Jaejoong Special Live & Interview! *No in order* Jaejoong: "I put a love message in all songs" "I do not want to go back, I am happy now"


JJ on KinkiKids


[ALLDAY_XIA] ㅣ김준수 (XIA) 한류 매거진 'KWAVE' 화보촬영 현장

JJ in another Japanese variety show
It is Mitsutani. The next "LIFE!" 5/6 (Mon/holiday) 21:00! This is the first appearance of Korea's top star, Mr. Jjun. Mr. Mitsuyoshi of Uchimura who was the first co-star was acclaimed in the control ' criminal singer ' in the shooting scene of the criminal drama. First time.


【Trans】About brother Jaejoong A to Z①(JJ2019.6)

About brother Jaejoong A to Z
He is popular in the variety programs, talk is very funny and good at speaking Japanese, has sweet looking and great singing ability…He is a kind brother who responds to the troubles of 20's readers in JJ. This time, we respond to the requests that the readers want to know the personality of Jaejoong. By playing with his favorite animals, we explored the true intention of Jaejoong as he is♡

I think that when I make a song, I am an artist who often expresses things indirectly. For example, I write lyrics that you wonder "does this man love this woman?" I am ashamed of direct expression. It may be so even in real life. I can't say "I love you" to fans as easily, so the music and personality may be the same.

Daily beauty habits ... When I have a meal with my friend recently, I apply Vaseline instead of beauty essence and cream. Vaseline will remain until I wash my face, so I can keep my skin moist. Lol.

I like cats better than dogs. The reason I kept my lovely cats Nene and Koko was because I was lonely ... I went to a pet shop nearby and when I tried to keep Nene, Koko next to it was watching me all the time. My eyes met Koko's, I couldn't leave it alone, so I brought both of them home.

My current dream is not to die! Lol. I'm kidding…The other day, when I was talking with my friend who always smiles, I asked him, "Don't you have a hard time at work?" he said, "I do, but I don't show." For example, if you come out of the countryside and there is no one you can consult around, I think it will be hard enough to want to die. Because I have fans who support me, I can always give my courage and I do my best, but I sometimes have a very hard time, so I think the environment is important. Everyone has a hard time, but is working hard. I want to create a good environment so that I can be happy as well.

I used to clean my cat's toilet as soon as I got up every morning, but I bought an automatic toilet recently, so now I don't have to. However, it is a little inconvenient because it requires special sand. (Wry smile)

When I look at the fans from the stage, I always see a lot. Sometimes I think they are important "fans" that support me, sometimes they are my favorite "friends", sometimes my loving "family". It is mysterious♡



If I can change my personality, I want to be a stress free man!

Is it the third time I am on JJ? I'm happy ~ ♡ JJ is a special magazine for me. The names are similar. Lol. This is a fashionable magazine and I am very happy. My friends also said, “I saw JJ” and “Interview of JJ was interesting”. JJ appears on JJ, I look forward to working with you.

Kim Jaejoong
It is most difficult to talk about myself. If I compare me to something, it's not a glass, but “an egg”. Raw egg in the shell. The shell and contents of the egg are weak and likely to be broken immediately. If it is glass, the inside is visible but the inside of the egg is not visible. And when the eggs are warmed, they grow into chicks. In the same way, I grow big with the love and support from people around me. Basically I don't like being alone.

【Trans】About brother Jaejoong A to Z②(JJ2019.6)

Love is difficult. Recently I think that love is destiny. Even if you have instinctual emotions, if the environment or situation changes, you will be leaving. Some couples break up after 10 years of dating, and some get divorced even after getting married. On the contrary, there are couples who get married in two weeks after they met. So I think love is destiny.

I want to spend more money on the stage. Lol.


My strength is that I will never forget my gratitude even if I become stronger by getting support from various people. I have the feeling that "I will be stronger with everyone".

Pain in the heart. In the old days, when I had a hard time I try to get over it, but now I accept it and I give up. You may cry if you want to cry. Recently I am very lonely. I used to play with my friends and take a walk when I was lonely, but now I am at home alone without doing anything. I moved recently, so I have nothing at home and furthermore I am lonely. Lol. I don't know much about my neighborhood and I can't afford to go out. I wanted to find to drink in the neighborhood for a while, but I haven't yet. I am at home after all. It is very lonely.



My favorite season is spring and autumn.

Recently, I am relaxing at home on my day off. When the next day is off, I drink and eat a lot. The other day, as I went to eat Korean food with 5 friends and staffs, we ordered 10 servings. I ate a lot and my face got puffy. Lol. Korean food is large in quantity, so if I eat it all I will become fat, so I eat it before my day off.

Recently I moved, so I changed most of the furniture but brought all the clothes. I have lots of branded clothes and cheap clothes.

I would like to travel in Japan now if there are consecutive holidays. To Kyoto and so on.

What I wanted was a cat tower and an automatic toilet for cats, but I bought them. What I want now is tissue paper and toilet paper, and then kitchen paper. Lol. Even if I buy them, they will soon disappear. There are a lot of them in my house in Korea, but not in Japan. I want it anytime, as it will soon disappear. Everyone is the same, isn't it?



Last year solo activities from scratch started. The year has passed so early. It was a year I was really nervous. I am still nervous and I have to do my best. I think I should always be grateful that I can work in Japan. The more I get used to, the more I should not get used to it.

【Trans】About brother Jaejoong A to Z③(JJ2019.6)

I am glad to hear the response♡ I also have worries, so please give me advice!
Q: Thank you for always responding to the reader's worries.
J: Thank you, too! I always enjoy it. It seems that my bros are also reading the article about worries consultation. Lol. Is my answer helpful?

Q: Of course there are also responses from your fans, and readers who do not know you.
The other day, there was also some letters that “I want to give advice for Jaejoong's worries."
J: Really? That's good! I would like to ask! I have a lot of worries~ Lol.

Q: Oh? What are you worried about?
J: For example, I cannot love.

Q: But you are so popular.
J: There is no such thing. I have no woman to love now and I have no plans to love for the time being. From my past experience, I think that even if I fall in love, she will definitely refuse me. Because it has been so far.

Q: Did you have such an experience?
J: if I tell love to someone, I will be refused with a 80% possibility. She thinks that I am lying. Even if I really love her. For example, when I love someone, I go to dinner with many fellows and her. I'm kind to her, because I love her, but she thinks me a flirt. So I don't treat her specially, I am kind to everyone, then I seem to be kind to everyone = a playboy. What should I do?

Q: Well. Is difficult. In any case treat as a playboy!
J: So I always pretend I don't love anyone. Then it is said that "Jaejoong is a good person" and it's the end. Even if I don't plan to fall in love, will I write lyrics? I often write lyrics about love, so I sometimes wonder if it is good I'm not good at love. Lol. That’s my worry!

Q: A good looking guy also has worries...
J: I am waiting for your advice! Lol.


[AWARD] Jaejoong won an award on FAN N STAR "Hall of Fame"!🎉🎊 He entered the Hall Of Fame by winning 10 consecutive weeks on FAN N STAR Individual artist weekly ranking! Period: March 12 - May 21 (2018)! Thanks for voting!^^



Jaejoong's video message on his Hall of Fame Award: "Hi. It is Kim Jaejoong. Congratulations on the first award of the fact music awards ceremony. Fans chose me as the 1st place several times by their votes. Thank you very much"

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Jaejoong entered The Fact Music Hall of Fame! #1 in FAN N STAR Individual ranking for 10 consecutive weeks! Proud~ Award-winning video: Please look forward to him wearing uniform! "Thank you very much for your support! I'll return home after finishing the Arena tour in Japan"
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With English subs



Aleebeach udagawa IG

[ yuuukiiinaaa IG ] I bumped into @/jj_1986_jj kun🙌😳 (She's Kinoshita Yukina, she appeared in Jaejoong's MV !♡)
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JJ on the radio

Some translations:
Jaejoong: I went to various theme parks, but the most scary thing is the ferris wheel, I hate that it is quite slow!
Jaejoong: I have not done it in Japan, but actually, mountain climbing is my hobby, I do it usually in Korea.
How to make school fun: Jaejoong: Make new friends quickly, School will be fun if you spend time with your favorite teacher and friends.
Muscle training: Jaejoong: The longer you sit for a day, the faster your muscles will disappear, If you keep standing and reduce carbohydrates, you will have a good diet!

"Where would you like to go with Jaejoong?" 
1st hot spring 
2nd travel to Korea 
3rd hiking 4th theme park 
5th eating walk 
6th Shopping 
Many people want to go a hot spring with him!♡

There are many ways how fans call Jaejoong for encore: Jae~Joong, Jae~Jo~ong Which one makes Jaejoong happy? Jaejoong: Jae~joong, Jae~joong! That's good!

The "I love you I love you" that it's repeated in it can be heard it as "Jaejoong Jaejoong" too: Jaejoong: I'm talking about Jaejoong. I made it hard to listen on purpose


I wish he would come out and say something and apologize in his own words. His supporters deserve that since they will only believe him. It will help clarify misconceptions. We all have our biases but still there’s heartbreak and sadness all the way around.
I will forever treasure my JYJ concert experiences in Seoul and Thailand. There will always be a special place for them in my soul and my heart. I loved their story. I loved their music. I loved the brotherhood and their fight. To end like this is painful.
I feel bad for the fans. I feel sad for his family. I wish him well and hope he gets proper help. Anybody can learn and overcome from his mistakes. Just have to acknowledge it first. Truth truly does set you free. We need that in order to heal.
My profile has a statement “Highly protective of J,Y,&J” And I meant that. I will continue to protect and support their history and legacy. No outside scandals can change that. I will listen to the songs. I will rewatch fancam and videos. I will laugh & cry and remember.💚💙💗 

Park Yoochun’s Agency Terminates His Contract + Says He Will Retire
C-JeS Entertainment has decided to part ways with Park Yoochun.
The following is the official statement from C-JeS Entertainment:

Hello, this is C-JeS Entertainment. While trusting Park Yoochun’s statement that he is not guilty [of taking drugs] and observing the investigation process, we found out through news articles yesterday that [Park Yoochun] tested positive for a drug test that was initiated by the National Forensic Service.
We waited for the investigation results to come out while believing the testimony of Park Yoochun, who was an artist under our agency, but we feel terrible that we encountered such a result.
We came to a conclusion that we won’t be able to recover our relationship of [mutual] trust with Park Yoochun and decided to terminate the exclusive contract.
Just as Park Yoochun stated during the press conference, he will be retiring from the industry. Further scheduled promotional activities will be canceled, and he will follow according to the Department of Justice’s decision.
The agency deeply acknowledges the gravity and responsibility for the matter. We will do our best to go through reform and take strict measures to prevent such an incident from arising again.
We bow our heads in apology for causing worry with such an unfortunate event.
Park Yoochun is under suspicion of taking Philopon with his former girlfriend Hwang Ha Na. He previously stated at a press conference that he has never used drugs.
Questioning will take place on April 26 to determine the validity of the pretrial detention warrant request for Park Yoochun.
Source (1)
Top Photo Credit: Xportsnews
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Jaejoong will appear on TV Asahi Banana Drive on April 30 at 0:20 midnight! Jaejoong: So far, more than 3000 underpants have been sent to me by fans! Please do not miss it!^^


jj_1986_jj ins 냥 귀엽고 멍 귀엽다 😻🐶🐱

[ jj_1986_jj IG ] Cute kitten and cute doggie  
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JJ Magazine


Jaejoong on Weekly Woman 
(Credit: MorningJ金在中主页)


【nylonjapan Instagram】 may issue THE KING OF WOODS model @ jj_1986_jj shirt,turtleneck @ namacheko


Japan variety show

#김재중 일본 예능 열렬! 핫샌드 #ジェジュン #jaejoong japan #金在中

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[ALLDAY_XIA] EP #2-10 : 굿바이샤토드 - 준수의 북적북적 엘리자벳 대기실🎪 With.엑스칼리버ㅣ김준수(XIA)




Jaejoong at Music Fair

190420 Music Fair - セカンド・ラブ(Second Love) / 김재중 jaejoong ジェジュン

baby kim

#김재중 뮤직페어 Sweetest Love #jaejoong japan #ジェジュン #金在中

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Sweetest Love MV Making - 딸기를 발견한 김재중 jaejoong ジェジュン (소리 많이 작음 & 발번역이지만 한국어 자막有)

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