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JYJ News Week of 10/2- 10/8/2017

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JJ IG Updates

Appreciate you  


Lovely picture from   in France LOVE this


Our sweet is a great sunbaenim to young dongsaeng   in


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How can I sing “Can’t We” here?

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Pretty and handsome of


Jaejoong at a friend's Birthday Party

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[PICS/SNS] 171008 Kim Jaejoong with Photo People’s Cast in France

ljunhyeok Instagram Update:

[PHOTO] #포토피플#Paris#이준혁#김재중#조세호#김선아#심소영#사무엘#건희#정혜성#벌써추억#ㅠㅠ#우리다시만나#평양냉면집에서#ㅠㅠ#leejunhyeok https://www.instagram.com/p/BZ-HFsSDBf9/

#Photo People #Paris #Lee Junhyuk #Kim Jaejoong #Jo Seho #Kim Seon-ah #Shim SoYoung #Samuel #Already memories #ㅠㅠ #We’ll meet again


hwang55555 Instagram Update:

[PHOTO] 눙물의 첫 파리 촬영 #포토피플 https://www.instagram.com/p/BZ8g846DccF/

Full of tears: 1st Paris shoot #PhotoPeople



Gunheenim Instagram Update:

[PHOTO] 준혁형님 세호형님 재중이 혜성이 선아 소영 그리고 막내 무엘이!! 일주일동안 정도 진짜 많이 들었는데 우리 크루들 한국가서 만나요! 참 피디님들,작가님들,촬영팀,음향,조명, 모두 잘챙겨주셔서 감사합니다 🙇🏼마지막으로 KT 선생님 정말 고생 많으셨어요 ㅠㅠ😻포토피플 만세 🙌🏻#이준혁#조세호#김재중#정혜성#김선아#심소영#사무엘#건희#포토피플#사랑해요 https://www.instagram.com/p/BZ8FTwZAxjA/

JYJ3’s Note: Gunhee thanked Photo People’s Cast & Crew for their hardwork & Patience, including KT


JYJ3’s Note: Jaejoong Focus from the last 2 photos:

Translated by: @crystalmoon0213 + JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3

We see Jaejoong in the back taking pics (and his amanger KyungTae taking pics of him)

[sun_kyong INS]




Junsu IG Updates


171005 Junsu IG

171007 Junsu IG Updates  
changed his DP! 

"Look at the sky now!! So beautiful~ (very happy as there's no haze

171007 Junsu IG Update: "Found a camera fool" So handsome and cute!

171007 Junsu IG Update: "Today's sky is really like a fantasy"  

171007 Junsu IG Update: "Ahh!!  falling apart while playing golf, starting to doubt the confidence I have in my motor nerves ㅜㅜ"

171007 Junsu hanging out with his brother and friends 

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JJ IG Update

[IG] Can’t believe that it was only 2 days ago Thanks to the crew who shared incredible experiences and precious memories^^
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Jaejoong is back in Korea

171007 Kim Jaejoong ICN CR ANOHANAfans

171007 Kim Jaejoong ICN #김재중 #Jaejoong #ジェジュン #金在中

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Kim Jaejoong is a kind sunbaenim to his dongsaeng Kim Samuel (15 y/o idol and in Photo People w/ JJ)...
JJ was met w/ CJES staff/bodyguards and gave Samuel a ride as well...

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Fan Account (KJJ_Shi)...JJ at CDG/France airport

I'm happy to share what happened this morning with thank you so much


JJ IG Update

[IG] Gyongtae is shopping Now let’s go back to Korea
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JJ and his managers

[KyoungTae Moon FB]


[Deauville FB] Photo People has 10-12 episodes!!! Looking forward!!!

[Other IG] Photo People shooting was really nice because I was with extra nice people~ Thank you everyone~ Cho Seho

Other Insta Story



JJ IG Updates

The little pleasures in ! Imagining saying “apple” to my ear 

"#Apple x 1000000000"

From #house

20171006 jj_1986_jj IG

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[News] JYJ’s Jaejoong turned photographer at Paris Fashion Week!

By on

There were a number of Korean celebrities spotted at Paris Fashion Week this year, including JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong. However, the singer did not attend the show as a regular guest—instead he was making his debut as a photographer!
On September 19, it was revealed that Jaejoong would be participating in a new web-series alongside Samuel, actors Lee Jun Hyeok, Jung Hye Sung, and Kim SunA, comedian Jo Se Ho, model Shim So Young, and hair designer Gunhee.
The show, Photo People, brings together this eclectic bunch of celebrities and teaches them the basics of photography. Jaejoong and the rest of the cast attended Paris Fashion Week to put their skills to practice.

Yohji Yamamoto, Fashion Show, Ready to Wear Collection Spring Summer 2018 in Paris
Jaejoong has also recently updated his Instagram with some pictures on him in Paris. It is evident that the singer is enjoying his visit to Paris and has also caught the attention of some local residents.

[Photo]  jj_1986_jj 

[Photo] jj_1986_jj 

More Photo People
[annchangwha4030 IG] #정혜성#김사무엘#심소영#사진이아니라,그림같네~~스텝들,고생한다.좋은결과가꼭!있을검니다!^^  

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Junsu IG Update

171005 Junsu IG: "Have a happy, bountiful, joyous Chuseok~~^^(photo by backlight Junsu)" 

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JJ IG Updates

Our favorite photographer !!! LOVE the scenery!

Nature photography by ! is LOVE


Uri w/Gunhee &    
appreciating some new shoes.

[Other IG] Have a fun Chuseok! This year I’m spending Chuseok with 3 Minute instant curry in Paris!

[IG] Hair Gunhee’s Chuseok gift(for me)
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Sleeping Jae


170923 Junsu with a fellow policemen who's leaving the police force  

170923 Junho Weibo Update: "Long time no see~^_^" 

170926 Junsu filming for <Shoot For Love> charity event!  Captain XIA 12!

170926 Junsu filming for <Shoot For Love> charity event!  Handsome smile! 


171001 Junsu with singer, Moon Yoonjin, at backstage of a performance  Her childhood sunbaenim 

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JJ IG Update

Nice looking group of in Paris! & friends 

Other IG


JJ IG Updates

Our ultimate   Sorry Seho is !

[IG] Hyeong(Older Bro Cho Seho) and I agreed that we both have rather short neck

Gorgeous & his manager KyungTae!   is

[IG] Have a happy Chuseok(Korean Thanks Giving Day) everyone~

[IG] Gyongtae JJ, Ang-jjang was cut off Sorry

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JJ IG Update

Sweet photographer of

Other IG updates

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[Other IG] Picture from Gunhee! So cute! Sorry to say cute to Junhyuk! ... Jaejoong’s so chic that even his back is so cool
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[soizic_c IG] Yesterday was a really good day. And a really BIG thank to @celingraph because without her, i wouldn't be able to meet him

JYJ Guardian Angel @JYJGuardian

[OTHER IG] An Chang Hwa Instagram: JJ & Jung Hyesung in 1 mission team

KimJaejoong Indo @bornfree1kissID


2017 Kim Jae Joong Asia Tour Fanmeeting in Hong Kong 19 November 2017

 eeriin♡ @erinary_s 


Jaejoong in BKK, Thailand


More Model/Photographer Kim Jaejoong in Paris

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Manhole staff updates...

[xxthexxs IG]

[sud601 IG]   

[Staff IG] Finally... Fun project is over relieved and sad ...
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jinwoo_k891 맨홀 수고하셨습니다 재중이형


[Staff IG] Good job w Jaejoong-hyeong (older brother) See you again
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cr soojeong_0126


Jaejoong and comedian SeHo in Paris

Shooting with one of the team of a korean variety show


JJ IG Update

Hello ie!!! Our budding photographer is taking this job so seriously. LOVE that!

Pictorial like snapshots of wearing all black in Paris, full of masculine charms/superior visual
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Jaejoong spotted in Paris
(Translations by crystalmoon0213)

[Other IG] What r you guys doing here? Cho Seho (Kim Jaejoong) JJ’s mission involves passers by, seems like

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[Other IG] Took photos w Cho Seho& They took so many photos of us They r training to become photographers Will send us photos Scream!!

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Gorgeous , handsome photographer! 


Photographer Jaejoong

[alexandredalivoust IG] Behind the scene


[Other IG] Look at me JJ Top stylist Gunhee SongJaejoong<— Rebuttal to HairGunhee?

translations by crystalmoon0213


Photographer Jaejoong♡

Published on Oct 1, 2017
Original: https://youtu.be/y2HNKWobe38

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